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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1990, Page 4

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - April 10, 1990, Brandon, Manitoba Editorials extraordinary life it happens once in a while but not often enough. A regular person overcomes extraordinary Odds and becomes a reluctant hero a or at the very least a role Model for others who suffer the same plight. In Canada wheelchair athlete Rick Hanson fit into that Mold by overcoming his disability conquering the geographic Barrier of the world and bringing new respect to people with severe handicaps. Before him the late Terry Fox tried to Cross the nation despite losing a limb to cancer. And while his cancer caught up with him near Thunder Bay the legacy of or. Foxes run has resulted in creation of an on going fundraising Effort to help beat the disease that shortened his life. In the United states however a youngster became a Symbol because he fought two Battles a one against a horrific disease the other against the hysteria surrounding it. After a Gallant struggle he finally lost one of those Battles. Ryan White who at 13 fought in the courts for the right to go to school despite contracting the disease aids died this weekend. He was 18. Ryan a Haemophilia a had the aids virus passed on to him through a blood transfusion. However in his Effort to have a Normal life and go to school like other children his age he ran up against prejudice from education officials parents and others who believed the virus could be picked up through casual Contact. In the end Ryan won that Battle when a school in Arcadia ind. Accepted him. And he spent the rest of his life battling prejudice and dispelling misconceptions about aids. Almost unwittingly Ryan broke new ground a making it easier for the 2,000 american youngsters who suffer from aids to Deal with Public ignorance. He became a National spokesperson for children with aids appearing at hearings and fundraisers. He also helped develop an education program for others who suffer from the disease. In Short he left a legacy that will last far longer than 18 years he spent on this Earth a extraordinary accomplishments for someone whose Only goal was to Lead an Ordinary life. Improving judges the move by Manitoba a Justice minister to evaluate provincial court judges should receive support from the Public As Well As those who sit on the Bench. On sunday Jim Mccrae said judges will soon be graded on knowledge of Law judicial management skills behaviour and attitude. The process brought on As a result of recommendations by the Manitoba Law Reform commission will make judges More accountable for their behaviour without being subject to Public Witch Hunts. Because of the nature of the Job judges must be protected from Public criticism of their decisions so they can make difficult judgments without fear of reprisal. However some remarks by judges in sexual assault cases and in other instances indicate there is need for More accountability. Or. Mccrae Hopes the new system will catch weaknesses before they result in problems that trigger official complaints about a judges conduct. And it should. No matter How competent All judges will Benefit from receiving grades from time to time. No one is perfect and a Little criticism will make judges More aware what they Are saying and doing. Or As chief provincial judge Kris Stefanson said in reaction to the announcement a i think basically we re prepared to look at anything that will make the judicial system b isms Sun serving Western Manitoba since 1882. Published daily except holidays by Canadian newspapers company limited 501 Rosser ave Brandon Man member of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulations the Canadian daily newspapers publishers association second class registration no 0304 subscription rates Home delivery a seven Days a week $4.20 biweekly mail a $220 50 annually. Member Manitoba press Council. Unresolved complaints Over Content May be referred in writing to p o. Box 171, Winnipeg Man r3c 2g9. Main switchboard a 727-2451 circulation a 727-0527 out of town toll free a 1-727-5111 fax a 725-0976 Rob Forbes publisher Brian d. Marshall managing editor tuesday april 10, 1990 Peter Dalla Vicenza editorial Page editor Jim Lewthwaite news editor 109th year a no. 82 phone now Cousin owl. Home ims in Winnipeg coid?.flo we in Victoria we hem a honed our 1,000 letters to the editor Toronto a the eroding relations Between the United states and Japan May be repaired by the newest Deal Between the two countries on their trading relationship. My by jul John Harbron private schools Quot Good Deal Quot it was with considerable interest that i read your editorial pay private schools Hurt Public education March 12,1990. Allow me to respond to some of the misconceptions that Are very evident in your views. For a number of years we have asked the government to change the word private to a Independent to allay the View that All Independent schools Are schools for the wealthy and Rich. For that is exactly the picture the word a private evokes in the minds of people. I venture to go on record that there Are Only two Independent schools in the province of Manitoba that fit into that particular a private category. Throughout the editorial you hold to the firm belief that All Independent schools Are wealthy and Rich. Have you really done your Homework and research have you visited Bethel Christian Academy in your City or heritage Christian school the latter has just moved into a a new facilities a former army Barracks and that hardly fits the picture of a wealthy for the Rich Only school. Have you visited some inner City Independent schools in Winnipeg recently they Are not that different from Public school inner City schools and you know the problems of inner City schools have to contend with. On the other hand to imply that by funding Independent schools the Public schools will become a system for the poor is Ludric Ous. Have you visited Shaftsbury school in Tuxedo a a school attended by students from the Rich and wealthy the government has in its latest schools in Manitoba directory listed non Public schools under the heading Independent schools and i am grateful for this change for it reflects reality and not fiction. What will All these Independent schools do with these extra funds to which they As taxpayers contribute Well for one thing class sizes can be reduced and extra teachers can be hired. That is an economic Benefit no one has considered much. As Well More remedial teachers and Para professionals can be employed so that children who need the extra attention can receive this resource help. Special needs children can receive the assistance of a paraprofessional on a daily basis. With the extra funding the children first of All gain and then adults who can be employed to provide such assistance gain and in the end we All gain. Furthermore teachers salaries which Are Well below what the teachers receive in the Public school system can be improved. For most parents whose children attend an Independent school the Promise of immediate fee reductions is not on the horizon but by keeping fees the same As in the past a portion of those fees can then be utilized to improve the facilities for funding is not provided for capital expenditures Only for the educational program. Your fear that Independent schools will flourish under the new legislation is totally unfounded. This has not happened in other Western provinces where funding has been in place for Many years and it has not happened in Manitoba As the funding increased Over the past to years. There Are still Only about 8,400 attending Independent schools who receive funding and that figure has remained virtually the same the last number of years. Furthermore the government has adopted the same criteria As British Columbia and Alberta. Any newly established school has to be in operation for a number of years a in Manitoba two years a before funding will be considered. I detect a note of intolerance in the editorial when you suggest that a if they want to drop from the mainstream they should pay the but Why Are those parents not educational tax Dollar contributors to the province Freedom in this country is often promoted under the notion that you Are free to do As you choose but when Freedom to do and choose is penalized then Freedom has a very hollow ring to it. Your editorial overlooks the fact that Independent schools Are a a Good deals for Manitoba. If the students attended the Public schools the Cost to the province per student would increase by 50 per cent and in eight years by 20 per cent. Furthermore the local property tax Levy would increase As additional staff would have to be hired by the local Public schools to accommodate those students. Currently the local tax Levy and that runs into the thousands of dollars paid by parents whose children attend Independent schools is a a a gift to the local school division to use and to do with As they see fit. John Doornbos Winnipeg capitalist system not perfect and the Walls came tumbling Down. Not Jericho a but the Iron curtain and capitalism came marching in dressed in a cloak of free Enterprise and democracy a Mcdonald a that is a right in the heart of socialism and communism right into Moscow. Bread meat and vegetables were in very very Short Supply within russian stores. But slip Down to Mcdonalds and Presto All you can eat a now but far off there is the rumble of Battle tanks and the Whir of helicopters mingled with other sounds of military forces on the move. A Small Baltic country is trying to gain Freedom from oppression. If that Small country succeeds will it end up with Mcdonald a and what it stands for a system that has sucked North America almost dry. If that Baltic country fails to achieve Freedom it is Back to big Brothers and oppression and be a slave for the state a will Mcdonald a stay if it does gain Freedom will it be a slave to the Ruble i wish that Little country Well but Hope and Pray it does not end up with an Economy and a system of government like Canada where majority opinions Are ignored. F. R. Cameron Winnipeg borderline wants his maps to vote with the party and Root their conscience of by i. Bui a hat does. He i my a Bour a conscience the nation difficult times ahead for Federal tories Ottawa a the Reid South am poll is worse that it seems for prime minister Brian Mulroney. Ifs bad enough on the surface. The Federal tories Are breaking new ground for unpopularity. Instead of showing signs of recovery they keep sinking deeper with each poll. But the numbers Are All the worse when they sum up the results of a two month recovery Campaign by the prime minister himself. In the past two months Mulroney has made 24 speeches judged important enough by his own office to justify the release of a text. That a a hectic Pace almost up to the Speed of an actual election Campaign. And it does no to count a flood of off the cuff speeches delivered As he toured the country from Halifax to Calgary. It would have been from Halifax to Vancouver but he had to cancel a West coast appearance because it conflicted with a televised address to the Don Mcgillivray nation delivered from Ottawa the record of Mulroney a frantic speech making suggests he Learned sometime in january that tory party standing was Likely to drop Well below 20 per cent in the opinion Polis. Mulroney had been fairly complacent last year about a standing in the 20-plus Range. He told his caucus that the unpopular but necessary things the government was doing would drop the party Back to the Range it has been in 1987. But there was nothing to worry about. Head fought Back to win in 1988 and he could do it again. But poll standings significantly below 20 Are something else. Since Mulroney reacted by launching a recovery strategy de signed to recoup some of the lost ground and to display himself As an accessible take charge Leader clearly in charge of the National Agenda. He has ranged the country on speaking Tours addressing faithful tories in such places As Kitchener Brandon Rimouski Halifax Toronto Montreal and Calgary. He shuffled his Cabinet giving 15 minister new assignments. He held his first regular press conference in Ottawa in More than three years. He preempted National prime time television for an address to the nation. He made two major speeches in the House of commons a place he normally avoids. He gave a 90-minute interview to Canadian press on feb. 9. Interviews with carefully selected members of the Media Are a sure sign of a Mulroney publicity drive. He trod the International stage with a visit to Mexico and Barbados and acted As Host at the open skies conference in Ottawa. He made a bid to appear in a favourable Light As a supporter of scientific research by accepting the Weizmann award in the sciences and humanities at a ceremony in Toronto. And Mulroney a political hand was evident in the a no new taxes budget presented feb. 20 by finance minister Michael Wilson. The prime minister launched a new attempt to get the Meech Lake Accord ratified by putting the a companion Resolution proposed by new Brunswick a Frank Mckenna before a com Mons committee for a Quick series of hearings. Mulroney has been busier than at any time since the 1988 election Campaign. Yet the counteroffensive has had its bad times. One came after the Canadian press interview when the prime minister casually said interest rates were near their Peak and should Start falling after the budget. This sent the Dollar into a tailspin and Wilson had to Issue a Friday night statement to steady the markets. Interest rates of course kept on raising. Another bad turn for Mulroney a drive was the outcome of the feb. 13 by election in the Quebec Riding of Chambly. Despite two Campaign Tours in the constituency by Mulroney himself the new democratic candidate Phil Edmonston won a massive majority and the tory ran a poor third behind the Liberal. The failure of Mulroney a attempted Mckenna manoeuvre to dislodge Clyde Wells and Gary Filmon from the Throat of the dying Meech Lake Accord provided other moments of confusion and loss of control on Mulroney a part. But the latest Reid poll is an even worse blow. Like the Chambly result it suggests Mulroney a Campaign magic May be losing its Edge. And that a not a Welcome message for a party supported by Only one voter in seven. Southam news the chief japanese Concession to the . A one promised by Japan since the mid-1970s but never implemented in a meaningful Way a is to open the highly protectionist japanese Domestic Market to More u. S. Goods and services thereby reducing americans immense $40-billion Trade deficit with Japan. Japan is americans second largest trading partner after Canada. An interim 28-Page report issued by japanese prime minister Toshiki Kaifu includes these pledges a Japan will tighten its antitrust Laws which will affect the big japanese corporations that control Industry. A reduce restrictions against construction of Large retail store units thereby allowing . And foreign retailers to enter the big and Rich japanese consumer Market. A increase government spending on Public works projects to give overseas contractors mainly from the ., a larger scope of work to bid on. Japan whose own huge direct stake in the United states is concentrated in Auto making plants and Banks has its own list of legitimate grievances against the . Economic system. In return for reducing protectionism and some of the monopolistic practices of the big japanese Zaibatsu company cartels that dominate Industry the japanese government wants concessions from the . During the 1970s and 1980s, major changes in the two nations trading relationship were proposed several times but with Little Success on either Side. These include real reductions in the huge . Budget deficit and a shift by Industry to longer term strategies including updating backward . High technology from traditional Short term strategies that provide for Only a Quick rate of return on investment. Japan is concerned about pro ductility because of its own investments in the . During the 1970s and 1980s, i major changes in the two nations trading relationship were proposed several times but with Little Success on either Side. Japan accused the United states of wanting to remake japanese Industry in the More open . Model. The . Insisted technological renovation in the . Was difficult because its big Domestic Market already was awash with cheaper High tech japanese made consumer products such As cars radios to sets and the All essential computer Chip. In 1981, Japan accepted voluntary restrictions on its car exports to the . And then in 1985, it agreed to Stop dumping computer chips on the world Market and import More of them from abroad. However during the late �?T80s, voluntary restrictions on car in ports were replaced by the a Domestic output of the new japanese car plants in the . Some Are joint ventures with the lagging . Auto makers. Meantime the All embracing nature of the big japanese corporate cartels with their close historic ties to government and High prices for japanese Consumers had changed Little. During the late �?T80s, the unsavoury nature of the proximity of such cartels to government was exposed when the Many scandals that plagued the last three japanese governments revealed senior bureaucrats and even some Cabinet ministers had accepted Industry payoffs. Indeed some of the . Negotiators remain sceptical that the Kaifu government can Stop Many of the anti free Market activities of the cartels. Last year Kaifus party received about $200 million . In political contributions from the biggest japanese corporations. Democratic senator Lloyd Bentsen the colourful Texas millionaire businessman who is chairman of the . Senate a influential finance committee is not convinced Japan is yet willing to end to its Long standing protect zionist practices. Bentsen in a Reuters business report april 5, said agreements a and we had plenty of them throughout the 1980s a were like nothing so much As a drugstore Cowboy All hat and no cattle. A Thomson news service

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