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Brandon Sun Newspaper Archives Apr 5 1986, Page 4

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Brandon Sun (Newspaper) - April 5, 1986, Brandon, Manitoba Eft Owlet it Sef trat editorials mrs. Aquino s Power Corazon Aquino faces a trying time in the Philippines and in the court of world opinion As she tries to govern in the Mode of a benevolent dictator. This is the image mrs. Aquino will need to retain As she rules under an open ended interim Constitution which give her Powers that in theory even former president Ferdinand Marcos did not have under martial Law. The Marcos backed National Assembly has been abolished much to the Chagrin of even some of the assemblymen who worked to put mrs. Aquino in Power. While the a a people a Power which put the new president into office is still a positive Force in and about the capital City of Manila the mood in the Countryside is less supportive. Ann Medina of the Csc recently reported that among the filipino poor in the hinterlands mrs. Aquino so a people Power enjoyed Only the briefest of honeymoons. It is easy to see Why. The communist guerrillas have killed some 200 people since her takeover a sign they Are not Likely to Lay Down arms. Private armies controlled by still abound and have yet to be brought under the authority of Law. The country a Economy is in a shambles. The Philippines president promises a new Constitution which will contain a charter of human rights that will be put to a popular vote. But there is no timetable for adoption of the promised Constitution and the election of a new Assembly. One restraint is that president Aquino has promised All government actions a including arrests a will be subject to judicial review. It would have been impossible for the new president to bring about needed economic and social reforms with a National Assembly that was aligned with the former dictator. But absolute Power in the hands of one person is an awful temptation. When president Marcos came to Power 20 years ago he too came with the Label of reformer. It will take great courage on the part of the new Philippines president to ignore any who advise her that she should delay the restoration of a full democratic cons Titu powerful Plantation owners Tion to her country. Bac Bencher Power three cheers for tory my Don Blenkarn and a number of his colleagues for staking out their opposition to a major corporate takeover. Or. Blenkarn is chairman of the commons finance committee. Traditionally backbench ers such As he have not had much clout with the Cabinet. But prime minister Mulroney should Start heeding government members who Are chairing some of the new committees. Or. Blenkarn for one is beginning to emerge As a bit of a hero among tory maps for demonstrating that an Ordinary my can carry some weight. Or. Mulroney said he supported the sort of parliamentary Reform that has been implemented albeit cautiously. This gives committees of maps considerably More latitude than they had before to launch investigations. The proposed plan of the giant Ilasco Ltd. To Purchase Gen Star of Vancouver would allow an enormous concent a a i apply for Reagan s workfare program. Next thing i know in a fighting the sandinista a a generic drug system threatened Tion of corporate Power in the hands of one company. Gen Star Only recently acquired Canada Trust. When it did it merged it into a Trust company Canada permanent which it already owned. The combined operation has More assets than a number of Canadian chartered Banks. The level of corporate concentration in Canada is alarming. Officials of the Toronto Stock Exchange estimate that eight families control companies which directly or indirectly control the Fate of 80 per cent of the companies listed on the Exchange. Recent Canadian history has demonstrated the horrible Cost to taxpayers that can accrue when Banks or Trust companies Are run entirely to serve the interests of those who control them rather than the depositors. The Cabinet should take heed of the growing anti monopoly sentiments among government maps. Ottawa a in the �?T50s a member of my family required regular treatment with the new a wonder drug cortisone. The Cost was burdensome. Canadian drug prices were then among the highest in the world. At the doctors suggestion i used to drive to the ., where cortisone could be bought More cheaply. Today Canadian drugs though far from cheap Are Well below Levels. The change is due to Competition through the compulsory licensing of generic drugs. Since 1969 canadians have had Access to generic drugs produced under licence without Brand names and Selling for about half the Price. Some 80 per cent of drug sales in Canada Are still branded but generic Competition has brought Brand name prices Down to More reasonable Levels. Now the bad news. From the Ottawa trial balloon factory come reports that the government wants to repeal this legislation. The aim is to reduce Competition from generic drugs to enlarge the profits made in Canada by foreign drug companies. These companies Are making handsome profits As it is. Its just that they a like a whole lot More. They talk about jobs and Patent rights but their research is already Well rewarded through royalties. Employment in the Industry has increased More in Canada than in the Since generic drugs were licensed Here. The Federal governments Eastman report published last May found that a profitability in the pharmaceutical Industry is relatively High and has remained so Over the entire period from 1968 to t an Independent newspaper serving Western Manitoba since 1882. Published daily holidays by the Sun publishing company limited 501 Rosser ave., Brandon Man. Member of the Canadian press audit Bureau of circulations the Canadian daily newspapers publishers association Commonwealth press Union. Inland press association and International press Institute second class registration no. 0304 subscription rates Home delivery a six Days a week s3 20 biweekly less than six Days. 35c a copy mail a so annually. Lewis d. Whitehead editor and publisher Fred Mcguinness associate editor Paul m. Drohan managing editor Murray l. Lyons editorial Page editor the Brandon Sun is a member of the Manitoba press Council. Unresolved complaints by readers As to Content of this newspaper May be referred in writing to the executive Secretary Manitoba press Council to Box 171, Winnipeg Man., r3c 2g9christopher Young 1982. The profitability of pharmaceuticals clearly exceeds that for All manufacturing University of Toronto professor Harry Eastman latest in a Long line of experts and commissioners to study the problem also found that Canadian Branch operations Are no less profitable than those in other countries where these multinationals operate. The Canadian system of compulsory licensing for generic drugs has done such a Good Job of keeping prices Down while encouraging research through profits that americans have begun to notice. A congressional sub committee recently heard recommendations from two National associations of retired people that the Should adopt the Canadian system. Congressman Henry Waxman chairman of the subcommittee concluded that a if the Industry cannot contain its greed then perhaps Congress should look at programs in countries like Canada and Europe that have succeeded in holding Down the response of the companies has been to intensify their High pressure lobby to kill the Canadian system. For years the Canadian government has been subjected to this distasteful Campaign to squeeze More profits from the sick the elderly and the taxpayers. The liberals nearly caved in when Andre Ouellet was minister for consumer affairs but Judy Erola replaced him and resisted the pressure. Ouellet like the present minister Michel Cote could be squeezed by the drug lobby because about half the Canadian jobs Are in Quebec. There a no drug Industry in Sudbury where Erola came from. Now the drug companies Are trying to capitalize on the Mulroney governments desire to please Washington. Pressure is said to have been applied a at the highest Eastman said compulsory licensing of generic drugs saved Canadian Consumers and taxpayers $211 million in 1983, a a definite the Federal government striving to Cut its deficit should be the last to consider proposals that would sharply raise the Cost of health care. The provinces which pay 60 per cent of Hospital drug costs and subsidize drugs for pensioners and welfare families would lose even More. Hospitals where drugs Are free under medicare Are heavy purchasers of generic drugs. Working people would pay More both As Consumers and As taxpayers. For those with drug insurance higher prices would mean higher premiums. The greed of the drug companies As Waxman called it would be gratified by you and me. If the Federal government elected to protect the interests of canadians proposes to Sanction such a raid it will deserve the harshest criticism and the toughest Battle it has known since the election of 1984. Southam news old style Senate choices pending saturday april 5, 1986 105th year a no. 65 Ottawa a the traditional Public image of the Canadian Senate has taken a terrible beating recently but prime minister Brian Mulroney seems ready to restore it. For More than a Century the Senate has been regarded As a a a political infirmary and a bribery fund a to quote one 19th Century editorial. Lord Dufferin called it a an absurdly effete body in 1874. Harold town 90 years later called it Canadas Only a really Well run Home for the aged and j. S. Woods Worth in 1926, described a senator ship As a the penalty for Deba Ching a government Mulroney last year called senators a political just How much this Well established Public image has been shaken is Clear from the latest Issue of the Senate bulletin a collection of newspaper clippings about the upper House and its denizens. Its usually hard work for the Senate information service to find enough clippings to make a respectable volume. They have to rely on such things As the appointment of senator Michael Kirby to the Board of the Quaker Oats company. This time there was no problem. Virtually the whole volume is devoted to 71 separate news stories and comments on the a senatorial conduct of one member Jacques Hebert on a hunger strike in the foyer. Senators Arentt supposed to be concerned enough about anything to go hungry for it. If they were to continue such antics our whole concept of the Senate would be Mcgillivray it would be especially hard on the cartoonists. Their Symbol of a senator is a fat Man in striped trousers. Confronted by Hebert who was getting thinner by the hour some of them Drew him fat anyway just to show he was a senator. But Mulroney is about to show that things Haven to changed by his appointments to three Senate vacancies one each for Newfoundland Ontario and Quebec. One Story has it that the prime minister will appoint Norm Atkins Michel Cogger and Frank Moores. These would be appointments in the spirit of the old time Senate. Atkins a top National organizer for Mulroney and the tories is the conservative equivalent of senator Keith Davey who was sent to the Senate 20 years ago by prime minister Lester Pearson. Cogger a appointment might be parallel to Pierre Trudeau a gift of senator ships to Kirby and Michael Pitfield. And Moores would be the Best appointee of All if Mulroney wants to maintain the traditional image of the Senate. The former Premier of Newfoundland played a key role in the machinations that gave Mulroney the leadership of his party and is now reaping benefits As an Ottawa lobbyist. Some people in Ottawa have said that the Atkins Cogger Moores Story is wrong and that some of Mulroney a More awkward Cabinet ministers Are about to the named to what sir John a. Macdonald called the House of a sober second but this too would show that the prime minister Isnit angry with the Senate any More. A year ago he was furious with the a Bunch of Liberal discards in the Senate who had the temerity to Block a borrowing Bill for a few weeks. Mulroney got the tentative agreement of All provinces except Manitoba and Quebec to a constitutional amendment that would clip the Powers of the Senate to hold up legislation passed by the commons. The Resolution which also said the prime minister would hold a Federal provincial conference on Senate Reform before the end of 1987, has never been passed by the commons. Ifs been sitting on the Agenda since june 7, 1985. To pass it needs the agreement of the commons and of at least seven provinces containing 50 per cent of Canadas population. The governments of both Ontario and Quebec one of which is needed to make up the 50 per cent have both changed to Liberal since Mulroney launched his Reform bid. But Mulroney seems about to show that he likes the Senate As it is or at least As it was before Hebert took to drinking Mineral water in the foyer. As Robert Macgregor Dawson the eminent political scientist once said the Senate continues not because it is loved but because it is so convenient for the party in Power. Southam news letters chamber spokesman criticized its True a Little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Or. Stanion senior vice president of the Canadian chamber of Commerce says a the unemployment insurance program is costing the government $10 to $11 billion a year. If that program could be handled More efficiently a saving of even five per cent would be a substantial Brandon Sun March 27, 1986. What he conveniently overlooked unless he is incompetent is the fact that the total government share of this Burden is Only 25 per cent or about $2.7 billion. The rest of the programs costs Are paid entirely from the premiums and do not add to the Overall Federal deficit. If or. Stanion were serious about the deficit he would encourage the Federal government to reduce unemployment. Some economists predict that the Federal deficit would be eliminated if the unemployment rate were reduced below 7.5 per cent. If or. Stanion were serious about the deficit he would encourage the Federal government to eliminate the billions of dollars of subsidies to National and multinational corporations Many which pay less income tax than the Ordinary working person. If or. Stanion were serious about the deficit he be attacking social programs but would be demanding a system of fair taxation for All people including those making Over $100,000 per year and All companies without their lucrative tax loopholes. Or. Stanion asks a do people earning $100,000 a year really need baby bonuses a no they done to need it and under a fair taxation system it would All be taxed Back. I ask or. Stanion do Multi billion Dollar corporations who pay Little if any taxes need another billion dollars of workers taxes in free handouts if or. Stanion is really serious about the Federal deficit he and the corporations he represents should quit feeding at the Public trough. Ross c. Martin president Brandon and District labor Council not just children of civilians i take exception to the statement by . Phillips that and will no longer pay for the education of civilians children. The vast majority of people residing in Spruce Woods and cottonwoods Are either sex military or serving military personnel so Why such a biased policy this government has shown its disdain for the sex Serviceman with its policy of considering pension payments against unemployment payments. Now Here we go again. Because we Are no longer serving members our civilian children Are going to have to be bused 20 Kilometres to attain an education when there Are excellent schools within walking distance. It seems to me that it would make much More sense to change the zoning boundaries rather than disrupt the lives of these kids. I also feel it was inappropriate for or. Clermont to state that the responsibility of the 53 students is something forced upon us. How would he feel if he was one of the students being forced to leave the school of their Choice having to read such a statement from the vice president of their future school division. I Hope that the provincial government and the and will seriously reconsider their respective stands on this Issue. R p. Lefebvre Douglas letters policy the Sun welcomes the views of readers in the letters column All letters must be signed addresses and Telephone numbers should be included to verify the authenticity of the writer letters will be edited for length libel and Good taste. Please keep them Brief and to a subject of general interest resurrection of our churches As a meaningful Force is still possible the urgent question facing organized religion in North America this past easter was not did god raise up Jesus from the dead instead it was can the churches themselves find resurrection will they allow god to raise them from the current a a death of irrelevancy vagueness and general Lack of bite on the inner lives of the vast majority of people unless there is such a rebirth renewal or bursting Forth from the Tomb they will end up one Day As Mere cultural relics of a bygone Era cared for by some form of heritage Grants. People will attend services occasionally As one now goes to see various kinds of ethnic performances a scottish sword dancing for example. But this is a far cry from a living Faith. It is no use trying to take Refuge As some do in pointing to the apparent Success of the born again movement and its High profile expression by the to evangelists. This strident Bible thumping is of8 atom Harpur not a sign or first wave of a Christian Renaissance. Just As moribund patients often exhibit deceptive appearances of new vigor before the end so too with religious movements headed for ultimate extinction. Certainly the fundamentalists have Many attractive qualities few would question their motives or sincerity. And for those who find its rigid tenets acceptable this system can be made to work a for a time. The real problem is that a starkly literalist approach to Faith god and the Bible will ultimately let its followers Down with a thundering crash. I have seen it happening time and again in the lives of individuals. It is Only a matter of time Given the current information and knowledge explosion until this approach will be wholly untenable for All except the few whose dedication to naivete outweighs All else. They will claim to be remaining True to the word of god. But in fact they will be persevering in their obdurate decision to ignore Jesus Clear command to love god with All ones mind As Well As with heart and soul. What then should the churches do what direction should be taken in order to a Rise again a certain things Are virtually self evident. The so called mainline churches have done and Are doing a quite remarkable Job on some aspects of social Justice a native rights refugees South african racism and world hunger to name a few. Where they Are failing badly is in making Contact with the deep spiritual hunger of today a men. Women and Young people. There is much evidence from All sides that people Are ready for some new kind of breakthrough where the human spirit is concerned. We know that the global crises facing us Over pollution famine the population explosion and the threat of wars both conventional and nuclear can Only be resolved if our moral awareness begins to catch up to our leaps in technology. What Are we looking for is leadership and inspiration of a kind the churches could give if they Only understood and believed their Good news More deeply themselves and could find words and ways to make it known. The god of the Jude Christian tradition is More than a god enough for us in a space age if Only a a he could be liberated from the prisons of our Man made dogmas creeds and rituals. These need not be abandoned. What is necessary is simply to see them As they Are a very partial and inadequate symbols and images of a reality we can never fully comprehend but that pulls us Ever Forward. It is going to be too late for action very soon in the realm of the churches letting go their Petty scandalous differences and living and acting together As one body. They done to have to merge or meld into an undifferentiated mass. They do have to Stop the nonsense about not recognizing each others ministers sacraments and rites. They have to Stop barring others from full communion at the altar. They must cease their political and economic aggression against religious and other rivals. All talk about ecumenism has become Boring and irrelevant to outsiders at the moment because there has been far too much rhetoric and too Little real Progress. You can to shape a unified planet by inviting people to join a sadly divided cause. Going to Church Temple or synagogue has got to be made a vastly More satisfying experience than at present or the majority will go on staying away in droves. Sermons have to make More sense be More in tune with Peoples genuine needs instead of making Folk feel guilty and then saying a we just happen to have the remedy for that guilty and More open to proper dialogue or feedback. Hymns should be singable instead of two octaves too High for anyone but a boy Soprano. Lessons from Remote parts of the Bible should be dropped entirely or else fully explained. Above All there should be some free time for meditation or just sit Ting still. Most often there seems to be a conspiracy Between minister choir and Organ to fill in every available second with noise. No wonder it frequently seems so difficult to near a the still Small voice of god within copyright 1986 by Tom Harpur distributed by Toronto Star Syndicate. Harpur is a Toronto author and broadcaster

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