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Brandon Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 2

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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Brandon, Manitoba A a a a to a a a it the tis a i a Cost of i >4841 a a Al t to. to by �?T4 i a 7 Brandon daily Sun c Kef. It sixth Vear a. Or Brandon. Man. Saturday. September 21. Ph7 20 pages with comics no. 207 Many believed asian flu cases mounting no vaccine until next month outbreak of influenza a population can by at feted Thi the n the Pieta t of to pit at patently More widespread than could throw an inconvenient Mon sent pro it w a a is Norma for this time of Vear key wrench into the Complex life emerged rom a Cana a in p it a hav e hit Many comm unities of a Canadian town or City Survey from of f in t it a across Canada til Ordinary citizen who in Ottawa and Els two Ltd one indications Are stron2 that catches flu Sian or otherwise from informal Ion Oro \ much of it is asian flu a Brand will simply have to wait out the Federal health department new Strain of influenza which expected two or three Days of gals turned up in the far fast within fever ache and other i Ion because the necessary Tux it i. The last year and has spread forts for another two or three tory tests to determine the pre arc virtually unchecked Bro i g h Days he Likely will feel weak sence of asian flu Are cont pm x re v Many countries the be get treatment is plenty of and take time a Wen k of no o a asian flu is relatively mid but rest a liquid diet and it or hips Only checks halt a to ibis capable of spreading at top pills for his pains headache and taken q. Speed wherever it appears since Chest cold some cases proven it is a new Type of flu. The Nat death rate Light an announcement Friday by w i ural immunities which put a fortunately the experts say Federal health minister j not Check rein on other flu Strain Here is relatively Little stomach Monteith said is an Ila Ca Ato have not yet been built up sickness accompanying the pre been proven in four in Vinco a it vaccine developed sent outbreaks. They mid that the Ontario Quebec. Albert an asian flu vaccine believed asian flu death rate found in sex British Columbia reports from ii. Effective e As a preventive has Peru Nee abroad is about one in the provinces indicated these to Pav been developed and distribution every 3,000 cases tailed Only a handful of cases pure in Canada will Start next month a a some 600,000 doses Are expected to be available up to the end of the year with another 000.000 or More produced in the first three months of next year. This will be used As far As it can be stretched to inoculate doctors nurses and other persons essential to the smooth operation of Community life. Reports from abroad of cases ii i applies will in distil Miosik provinces on the of their population. I n w make the n general speaking a1 tabs and other health a in. Been in top in Iii of slut and communication and firemen High list followed by Iii Public utilities in Netty mime but in f get known e Sian ll., i he exec end during t Federal half the it i Wiik my in que ease in Vav inter rement will if provincial it it unit tin will inuit r v a e to by St Ait bin is e aval Priori me supplies Are i v available from the in some provinces supplies Able for i groups no v. At in to o bos ivol vaccine mailable Manitoba senator Haig is named to pc Cabinet a Tad in Mont i Al and one in que Bec City have imported vaccine for their staffs armed forces priority some 15,000 doses from the first Batch of Canadian vaccine Ara earmarked for the armed Force especially Canadian nato personnel in Europe there Are some conflicting re ports on the number of doses v Ariot provinces will receive under the Federal provincial plan. On the basis of division by hip Ottawa cps a a three Way the Queen opens parliament oct senator Ham will succeed Hon ablation Alberta for instance where asian flu has reached Epi move by prime minister die Fen h i Here Are to Liberal senators Ross Mac Donald of Brantford would receive about ->2.000 of the Domic proportions indicate that Baker Friday gave him a new whether senator Haip will Lead gut. Who was Liberal solicitor too of does expected to be Between to and 15 per cent of the Cabinet minister and government the party throughout the session general it is Cisterna y loth avails a in a end of Hie Senate Leader brought an Addi is problematical. He has not Senate Leader to be a Cabinet year. A repo from Sun tonal progressive conservative been in Strong health and it has member to give him Access to however quoted provincial offi win into the Senate and opened the been reported the eventual ministerial session dais As saying they had been ill Jwj Way or has external affairs min Leader might be Hon. J. M Mac is Winnipeg resident Laboratory officials in ister to enter parliament. Donnell another minister without. Pronto borne . He Sialoi ult us. One it a iia Aalur do5r� a a october the prime minister made theme porno to. Of Law ,. Conservative announcements a Mac donned <2, Epi Seii pm inner administration is a a i senator John t Haig 80. Of Toronto Greenwood in the com t i of to Hrnry 0l Jon Manitoba progressive conserva Mons and is one of two non port firm a its Dent of w Fri a a a it lit Tive opposition Leader in the sen Folio members in the Cabinet. The Oslo. Norway Kap a King ate since 1945. Is being appointed other is Hon w j. Government Leader and taken St. John s West of Lei into the Cabinet As minister with Browne of sweater Ury s of 1957-1 met four scr id vie Al j Nixon chosen As a miss sweater Hitt kisses 19-&Quot 7�?~. A news photos sweater girl Carol Conway. 21. Of the Bronx after she was crowned at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Fau Busto Appeal integration order Little Rock Ark apr Karubus made the statement in bus said i have instructed my the to lined sin in front of television App Ranee on Fri attorney to exhaust every Legal a1 Whin Cen a1 lugh schools is Day night while the troops were remedy to Appeal this quiet to Lay. Clear. Of state pulling out he was referring to the ruling 1 Akon i 11 of Norway an old a Sailor who Rode out the storms of Oul port,0�?~ioinvasion to reign for More than n Eore h White. J9, is being 50 years. Lied Early today in the cd a k 10 2he an<1 j1 a Royal Palace he was to Alai the j11 by a of ,4 a a 0 world s oldest reigning Monarch j.1�?T 7a 111 10 mrs the Kins had been crowing Ron nac weaker in his fight against a Cir see Smith running dilatory ailment. Death came it is virtually certain the gov shortly after heart trouble devel Ern ment candidate in Hastings oped at 4 30 a in. 9 30 pm. Frontenac will be Sidney Smith. Met Friday who left the presidency of the Crown Prince Olav. Regent of University of Toronto last week the realm since his father broke to become external affairs min a thigh Bone in a fall in 1955. Be ister. The Riding is regarded As came the new King Olav v. A conservative stronghold. There will be no Coronation senator Haig in the upper Norway a Constitution provided chamber since 1935. Will Lead a that Haakon was to be the last minority group of progressive continued on Page two conservatives now six a when new super radar system announced by . Army Hoffa gets court order was a member of the Manitoba legislature in in a 14 and in tween 1920 and 1932 fit is a lawyer. His entry into the Cabinet will give or Diefenbaker 22 ministers including the prime minis a Hoffa ter and Manitoba two ministers the other i Trade minister Cor Ion Churchill Washington apr James teamsters leaders were ordered Friday to appear in Federal court sept 27 to answer charges that they have or Whites appointment to the conspired to Rig the Union Elee sen the make him the first a tj0n in favor of Hoffa. Us District judge f. Dickinson Letts directed them to show cause Why the election scheduled for i he hamsters convention at Miami Beach Kia next month should not be delayed by a temporary injunction. The 82-year-old judge acted on a petition filed for a group of former Public rank and file teamsters in at Moosomin. The new York area by lawyer Point be by a conservative administration since it Hon r b Bennett went out of Power in 1935 and the first conservative to enter the Senate since 1955. Noir cd Secretary Ottawa up David Thi sen 50-year-old. School principal senator j. T. Haig. Named to Cabinet sask. Has taken up duties As Godfrey p. Schmidt private Secretary to Northern of Schmidt staved off Hoffa a affair minister Hamilton the min tempt to swing a new York inter announced today. Or. Tine teamsters District Council in is a native of Saskatoon Hon two years ago. Hee troop governor Orval Faubus be by a Federal is preparing to Appeal the injunction that broke the he threw around the school. Sept 2. When he declared it Oft Lim it h Nemo t kind re the Little Rock school of Liard Friday by i s. District judge it said a few extra night watchmen Ronald Davies who said Faubus were hired but no policemen had Quot thwarted the plan for Inte meanwhile. People in Little Gration defence the air ballistic statement Force explained this by ii n d e r i i n i no feet safa b i his Arder is in t i it s Cert a n Rover Ippei Lent a will try to enter d Legal tangle appeared flood ranks High in local budgets new to k f nun in 3 Reck t Sumer Pranc ? study of spent i riled state i Ive t ast in let Al reside than they i e it Veloch Isles. A Luct in in a Tram in a w Ashington apr the i air command s big b-52 bomb air Force revealed Friday the ers standing on Alert to take off advanced by the school first major breakthrough in of a at a moments notice armed blk de Rock Art anxiously awaiting Fau Board and approved by two fed forts t0. E r up a us my and to Era. Court. Egg tit us Ada confess Ona by Don Appeal channels tem capable of detecting Ridenti Ald Quarles Deputy Secretary of a j t what can Faubus do by Way of tying and figuring the precise defence that such a detection arh it it 1 n u a Appeal course of a weapon speeding system would give about 15 min one of his lawyers. Kay mat 3,000 Miles away Lites warning of the approach of thews said the t act procedure Gen Thomas d White air a missile hurtling through space h r is nut a decided but tha the Force chief of staff disclosed at 15, Miles an hour. Appeal probably will be directed the new development and linked Quarles was at the Cape Tan to the eighth circuit court of a it to russian claims of having ave Rah Fla. Missile test Centre peals in St Louis successfully test fired a Ballis where he watched what was be it a is the Eon census among tic rocket capable of reaching lived to be the first successful Legal authorises Here. Any target on Earth firing of the air Force 1.500-mile however. They said. It might w Hite said the complicated and Range Thor. Be Dos by. Under a rarely used radically new radar system will. In a fur a bus to go directly be operating in the near future # to the i s supreme court the air Force then said it is mat the w Exa taming the Sud probable the first of the 3tio-Den exit of Fauby. Four lawyers mile Range radar would be a Brandon family is from the injunction hearing Fri stalled in Alaska and that North Dav. Said they did not participate Central Canada and Labrador or in the hearings because As Nev Greenland could serve As Iowa a , the . District court tons for two More sets together has no jurisdiction Over the gov these could cast an electronic error it a Vareign state. Detection screen Over the most a cant be questioned he War okie. Of any Pac Ami owl Tom Harper anther lawyer i t Fin re neither the air Force nor its a Neju of for Faubus. Argand before Day m imn dlr a. Hops effect a risk to t e revolutionary radar Quot the governor of the slate to rapid development v Kansas Cannie and Wui vol missile to destroy ballistic concede that the i s govern m ment in tins court or and where a to car Qew to or. His sees Sac Alert and discretion in the per but White said it no a is Worth Terr ranch of his Duies or ques while to keep he i s. Strategic. A a r the Ems to t a a it of the Tate i Ihna t her. Atter comp in me we go a 5 3 Srda it of Davies per to leave the court Roc a la. U survival in push Button warfare the me. Tor acct c Tada to n Jamily is it a any other e results of in the ment. Ana Eli re iced by diet Mea. Fruit yes bread a the Rea their foot in the past of More vegetables and potatoes whats the fact i Reachi d $4,724 Ryk a it was ,4-2.cx in 1955 a get Ait Prmt is for food bought the local meat markets and Grove a and vegetable store it floes opt include the just Petit in restaurants Anc Ai a the in the u a 11 v Amo card rued be Page two Benny will Solo h j by and Dkl be Vuolio a guest Sqq Oist symphony or p.ar1s Reuter. The Toi. O living in France has gone up 63 i us i. The Survey report. V a Drung by sales in manner proceeds try. I r t v. To it if a Paton Benn Ricer w a. Israel Cam of. This global Chart outline the u so r. Early detection system which would the of chances for survival in the event that Russia in launch it attack in some future . A car a t is de Ald a in w part a mar Temh people it a v Baraoa the v an oui soon ? v. The nest t knew their lawyer us a a Zik at w. Say of a crease of 38 per cent in the Cost of living in Britain hear to Fey cranial year. 24 per cent in we a Many Auld 30 or it div in a med states. / w have already announced they have tested Sucre Fulvi Art icbms capable of Carrr. A r,-.c.ear is. Head. The a a Force also has a need that it first intercontinental missile Squadron will be organized late this year All mean that y world has taken jus first step. No the. Age. Of push in the extra Long of y Oleo ear. A Cana la radar. But by. It icbms almost toe i a of id to get it t and use. Autor a tic arid of to or permit the intercept and a a be a se9s a ass ? a e e yes a amp

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