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Brandon Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Sep 13 1954, Page 1

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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - September 13, 1954, Brandon, Manitoba Pm Tiecia a Library of k Numi sue. A Unno. W. The Bra Don daily us halve i a third fall Brandon Man., monday september la 19.&Quot>� 10 paid Fps Hurricane typhoon Cut wide paths across maritime South part of Japan Apple hit in crop hardest Nova Scotia top tuna Halifax a a coif across in it maritime saturday night an destroy a wort than to it it things it it of nov Scotia s he Max r <1,000.000 Apple crop in a Tot la Lari fling Lenore dying of the a Ulf of St. Lav re re t. Blaina in was ill the million hut no fatalities were re vhf to a. The How wiped out communication anti first re port wire received through Hie old member Amateur Ratho i a work in tile maritime. Nova Scotia took the Hurricane worst punch a in steamroll ered first against fishing villager on the we uth Itcan Shore later the Annapolis valleys Rich Orchards wild rampage up the provinces Backbone. Eyewitness account of storm havoc v. It is til its boy fatally injured by sky rocket rolled like Tumbleweed before the 100 Rry it Shoreline j. Cd in k deity bu3t fishing a of fish giant 1 feed from Eon i Etc foundation flew through the t r a a mile a Road d a under tons of w Bown 1 a Acitores f �1.1. Like ii Twilot in the Annapolis Valv it. Apples of 11 like Buckshot on the eve of the Harvest. For the first time a Nee the War. Grower promised Thev could Sll some o Weir 2.yd 000-t she crop on the saturday Cral sve United k i do it a Market it of the fallen bruised apples w 11 o non Jui it. Cidar other byproduct the weather said borr up the Bay of Fundy sep men Tore it open lit the pow Nna Scot a turn new Der. It exploded sprayed him Bruno irk roared across covering i cloth Prince Edward Island before blow tre other. G a Al out m the Gulf s Wothern successfully Altona. Man. Up year old Cecil Thiesen died in a Quot had been a a a general Hospital on sunday Hurricane Edna hit the Rich Annapolis a Alley saturday night a vast area was la All intents purposes Cut off from h outside world. Following is the first eyewitness account of the destruction by a Canadian press staff writer who toured the i mile stretch from Halifax to Digby. By Kae Correl Canadian press staff writer Halifax up a the four cows v softly in a Row while f even the Iii a buzzed around their heaving harks the farmyard crowd caked. Inches Aboc the prostrate Ani from Shock Burns received or mais was the heavy beam that had broken their backs when Charlie Dud Quot rocket firecracker exp ode it clerk s barn blew part the your. 1 d a. Pla it in with Tina the aluminium Sheet. Adenauer lost some prestige a Man came a a truck with a 22-calibre . Shot the suffering cows one by one hauled the to thing carcases away. Doing but defiant Hurricane Edna act Charlie clerk a Kent Ville Farmer. About $10.000. Apples ruined it Cost the 100-mile-Long Ainapo i s Valley $3.000,000 Worth of the world s Best eating apples just two weeks before imported pickers into a to h brother companion or. 1 the roof to tatters Hung the fair ground when they Dis by to of Wood Metal 100 Yards Edna covered the rocket Young thief away. .,�1 inside the Gigantic barn shaped pile of hay�?200 tons of it that with flames oddly seemed undisturbed were 19 two boys tried or. Hogs that Charlie said he thought to extinguish tie must be toners new Brunswick got a virile gusts flame but not As much a a As Nova Jacob Wiebe. Who witnessed the c. A o t a n off Grundland received Mriden. Rushed Over exam Guise f re blasted the flames took the boy t p e i Glt to off relatively East Hospital. A. It a of a a do c ared in Yarmuth. On Nova be a a s sout Western tip. U the 10h-m be wind roared in from the a a. Am a by s f h Plant at l Cave h de from its a merely foundation hurled 15 f to to was estimated at �15.00 Ediht thousand pounds of be lobsters were crushed in their eras Kiel Germany it Apt Piet a. N s. The 133-foot Buical riptide today menace of -wjtle/1 t a a Mph of the Church c. England Chancellor Konrad Adenauer Anc App a in Canada was re red off its base his pro american it sign policy �5 crash d to the Street. The his socialist foes emerged As the main landmark it had stood san Niet Patty in a key West Ger Ndoc tf5t Man Rhaue a Devotion in new Brum w cd. A boat lore Aftaw us the coalition beaded 4 in to on grand Manan by Aden Auer a Christian demo land it was still missing sunday cratic Union appears sure of hold Nob adv Walt aboard ing cont of of the a government in at Dartmouth. Carom the Harbor the soviet Rone Frontier state of Halifax the roof of the Sci Les Wiit Holstein the socialists a molasses fac Orv was 12.000 vote Lead in sundays bal blown off Navy expert a few Loump is seen a a Clear Cut expos nerve a moments when a mine ure of the old leaders suddenly washed a Hore at the Mouth of dwindling popularity. Halifax Harbor it turned out to in the final count the c d i x Dud to a with for prac trailed the socialists 384.870 a t be 067. The c d us vote was cu1 almost by half from its 195.3 Peak Ham help of 637,570 in Schleswig Holstein Toronto up hams the the picked up 38.263 an at cur operators of the a a void Over last years total of 357, v Aysk co debated Friday n. It to beat the dts. to commune Gratian Caus it d by Hurricane Edna in the maritime. Prince Albert of l go brother hundreds of hams tuned in on 0f King Baudou n. Sunday attend the 75 metre emergency network ceremonies at chem. Belg to relay urgent messages in a urn commemorating the second out of Nova Scotia. Or Nee de world War 1 aeration of this Dis Ward Island new Tret by Canadian troops. One message travelled by was of Ltd Hick Roberts of suburban North York a it Kingston. Ont. Then to Manitoba Yukon territory. Eng-1 . North Africa finally to Harloe town. Japanese fear storm most powerful Ever Tokyo a violent typhoon june Cut it 300-mile-�?T wide path of death destruction across the Southern japanese Mainland today. Kyodo news service reported at least nine persons dead eight missing 5,366 homeless. The howling storm slammed into teeming Kyushu Island with winds of up to 110 Miles an hour. The wind slackened to 90 Miles an hour As the typhoon roared Inland. Butter men urge Tokyo up typhoon june termed the most Cioloni in a Punk a history slammed into it populous Kyushu Island late today packing winds of up to 110 Miles an hour. The boiling storm Advance gales of which already Ottawa li1 .1. I. Have killed six persons is expected to Cut a a my mile wide Reighton president of the path of death devastation across Japan s main Southern National Dairy Council said Island. It May hit tins capital tuesday. Inlay the government s butter weather experts describe the storm As even More it Rice support program May Jim Wuerful than the it Xvi typhoon Moroto worst in Japan s a rack history. Moroto killed More than 2,000 persons polished 40,000 Homes. Recovered Cash stolen from Bank Spokane Wash it a it pour Joe Gale of new York member of the United states team in the International tuna tournament landed the largest tuna caught in the Wedgeport n.s., fishing grounds this year a -83-Pound Beauty boated on the opening Day of the tournament. Gales prize catch flanked by two other big ones was Worth an extra 200 Points to the americans As the largest fish of the Day. Up photo champions truck Rodeo get trips violence May ease some 15.000 japanese in the path of typhoon june left their Homes sunday night for higher ground to escape raging Waves churned up by the storm. All planes on Kyushu were grounded. Schools were closed. The United states air Force which has tracked the storm for several Days said its Peak winds arrested a 21-year-old youth in a possibly would slow to 70 to 75 House filled w Ith loaded guns sat Miles an hour within 30 to 36 hours vday said they recovered in South Korea the weather by 5139,000 taken Friday in the Rob Reau said fringe winds up to 50btry of the Dishman state Bank Miles an hour would hit Southern detectives Alfred Stoeser provinces of Korea tuesday. Menzo a Clinton said the Man it said the typhoon is expected admitted the bold Daylight robbery to pass through the korean Strait Ere of the biggest in Northwest probably will miss the Penin history. Sula. They had gone to the House on As people through it the coun a tip that a Man was painting a try nailed their doors windows red car n a garage behind a Umlor the Impact Tif tie Hsiug surpluses unless an a ailed Pirite Quot excise tax in in Macii on competing Margarine. Opening the councils three Lay annual meeting he estimated that Canada s butter locks sept. 1 stood at an All Ime High of More than 100. Hum my pounds. And he added unless the government takes action to stimulate ales at Home or Sells surpluses abroad at below Cost it will enter the new butter producing season next Spring with an unsold Stock of at least 50.000.000 pounds almost triple the surpluses of previous years. The statements were contained in the sex of a space in issued before delivery. Oppose disposal the Council representing the St saturday after Japan Clos were to Start harvesting the crop ii an Valley Farmers hoped it would get All estimated Towi o _ a. Aster centres were set up. Orld markets. N pm lined first Street Here to Wilm the 1 ii m annual a in Tern Manitoba truck Rodeo. Uyon a in to place hundreds of volunteers House on Spokane s East Side. They f a Mnuk Paha sir a a a heaped sandbags on canal knocked. I Standf a s $� r ver embankment in Tokyo the Guy let us in a Stoeser Ltd Eddi postal of other main cities. Sad a when Clinton started to of a r ale prices schools in Western look around he pulled a gun on. A a e Are any. Creighton said. Them Back chiefly the British which they lost after the second world War no one had dollars to buy Cost amp Toi a a face 1 Rescue workers were frightened Orleans Ville. Algeria a another Earth tremor Shook this devastated town sunday while rescuers were still at work digging out bodies of those killed in the disastrous quake thursday. There wore no immediate reports of additional casualties from the new tremor. Francois Mitterrand French minister of the Interior arrived during the Day to convey the condolences of the French government to the victims. Earlier a solemn mass we As celebrated in the open air for the victims. A crowd of several thousand attended the ceremonies. The official death toll As announced by Algiers police to Date is 1,287 offices schools in Western look around he pulled a gun on refugee Dis in a the bathroom said a you ill kill Canadian Consumers taxpayers while awaiting the storm. To Well he wound up in the Bath 8 pm a 7,000,090 inhabitants swell tub 1 wound up with the gun a s Dairy problems were not ,.n�v Drivers took Dart ill till classes of the compete to red in typical pre typhoon heat then he told me a you la find the a Quot ii it 1,1 a i. I i. .1 . Pm nor Minov in a humidity with degrees. 1.0.1�, which included separate events for the armed services humid a total of 14 Drivers entered the straight truck classes six were in the True Tor trailer event. Tops trailer class mpg saturday Winner of whith freighter Crew a Uro a to the armed forces a Frank Kucharyszyn driving for is to Brandon packers captured honors in the Semi trailer Weiass with a total of 279 Marks out of Don Davis drive Ai. Grimsby. England a Hermo Bank Money in a suit Case under the police said the Man name George quatsling. Contest Driver total of 308. Officials satisfied red forces Man sailed into this port sunday with a after a three Day Nightmare Vogt the tonal competitions at Toronto in car to reach november. Lac. \. Barrett of the Craf c 11., i n Dorf or i Wnm at Rivers captured the air Force wait Jim Iii Roll a possible 360. Don a �?T1 contest saturday with a Mark of ing for Mega in s bakent., a Thompson department second with a score of 262 National defence civilian Drivere rat exhausted hungry sea Lloyd Sterling of Anglo Cana . Won a he a j a Man it apr in oth a Dort us Din oils won the truck a a a a a a a open class with a total score of v lds a 289. Bill Pederson of Brandon to. To. Consumers Coop was second with 0� the a Oad it expire sed Groningen. On a Highway near Here 239. Satisfaction with this first annual the 580-ton vessel docked with William Meislen 3 of Winnipeg Kucharyszyn Sterling thus t chairman Clint Adams a 35 degree list to starboard its the other Man in the truck was won All expense trips to the Mam thar Lka de the armed forces who engine room flooded its up reported in fair condition in hos Toba truck Rodeo at Winnipeg up red contest Barr Crsp per deck portholes submerged on Pital today. Three of the car Pas next saturday where the com judges City firc works the starboard Side. Sengers. Or mrs. Joe Shearf petition winners go to Toronto departments for a heir co opera capt. Wilhelm Bas. 23, said the Stein of Naicam. Sask., mrs for the National truck driving a Aljas deck cargo of Timber shift Ethel Scharfstein of we pc confined merely to those in the butter business. The Industry was concerned Over the Lack of cheese the0111,1 powder outlets. Ine a an Export Market must be found for a surplus of up to 15.-900,090 pounds of Cheddar said or. Creighton. A at today s prices no such Market is in sight Quot a stocks of skim milk powder Are expected to be from 7,000.000 to 10.000,000 pounds higher than Are required for the available Market Rwy air of a a Large surpluses of milk powder. Cd. 21, of m it risen. Man. Died hang Over the world Market Morden Man was fatally injured Saskatoon up Arthur to l r. I a us hang Over the world Market to spinal Here Friday night of of Turmer customers Are making of Jnes suffered sept. 1 when a forts to become self sufficient n Montreal roars Welcome for Toronto school girl championships. Driving equipment was loaned de when it hit a storm pet Peter Boyko of 50 Joro by 10 company Casc internal Pany Royal Canadian army. E v Tlona Harvester co., Superior ice corps at Rivers obtained top �qu1pmenti Trai Mobile of can Mark of the Day with 315 in the Ada it Brantford coach body armed forces straight truck com works White motor com. Pany All of Winnipeg. Contest was loaned by the air Force Macarthur Anglo Canadian petition. He won the Shilo Rivers army contest will compete equipment in the armed services skilled a Rev Safe driving competitions at win gon a oils Brandon. Blayer take Poison fort Worth apr a con Marilyn Bell she a party of friends i father Mother. Transport crash took lives Rodeo master was w. A. A a berth Wright of the internal continued on Page 2 in injuries age across the Stormy North sea panel truck in w hich he was ,�1 production a in the dutch Steamer Alja of Riding was in collision with a Cai consumption Down in Canada milk production was while Domestic consumption of Dairy products declined due almost entirely to the inroads of Margarine on butter consumption. There were reports that bootlegging of Margarine spreads was in quell a. If that province did not enforce its Margar be i an the butter surplus problem a would be aggravated by an additional 59.000,000 pounds a year or. Creighton said. A this is a National problem of i first magnitude. The most equitable method of revolving the a the Best interests of the a. Iona Economy is to apply an a jute excise tax on Margar were reported improving slowly Montreal it up Xiu timing Fri Dat night to a Ronto made a Bis wer or Ted at Montreal a Dorval Foj. S-05k- or ten of his we Hugh a. More than 9 000 d e 1 e g a t is northeastern annual Ceung. Brown 50 found guilty of put cheered a r approval As the i late already we Shoykh tag strychnine in his wife a cof car old blog de Toronto girl no hotel room she mass a a a a a Quot Tor a wet slut Mort a Ca Transl it plan of soon after he had Choppy Lake Ontario thursday a because i m Al Rort Iurii Spuit Jii Ashford says a _ Kurt Meyer to put on uniform again air Hase four engine to convulsions news title air base in a Reen Lanty �nn1 Miles South of tip been returned to jail from his drove around the concourse in a a Eek Date for school. A rash Burull sunday a 1 trial he had walked to a jail Hack convertible go it appeared tired water cohr. Put something in �?�1 came to he a the in plea men were cart owed that her his Mouth to a a drink Aitro i acid pc by vhf Ticac a a i a complaining of a headache. Ing to Sun years id like the Duchess of Kent pm therapy to help them Cut s Alexandra sunday attended pro it eeds from they a qty it a eng from a fall wooo after prayer at Trinity Anglia a turn French a ass Marathon swim m Chin i at so. A athe. Quea reel go to help Emi a North of Moat Al Dren in the Montreal Dot str it. _ Vancouver drug store held up Vancouver up a three men held no a downtown drag store Here sunday escaped with $2,04 9. Police said two entered the premises one of them carrying a revolver ordered the staff to lie on the floor while they broke open a locked Safe Thev escaped in a ear driven by the third Man. Survives crash Craf chaplain ment will put Meyer Back n uni a in rail f arc Randon minister form for the or it a but added that a vol a Rev. . He said a pressure of govern Edmonton <cp-a.-Hford. An sex former Brandon predicts former German is maj a Meyer s real dream of life is to Portage la Prairie of a i Gen. Kurt Meyer will be Back in be a Leader in peace not War. A \ Winnipeg Man in fairly uniform for West Germany Mever 43-Vear-old onetime hit Good condition in Portage Ltd or. Ashford said in a sunday Ler bodyguard was set free from Rairie general Hospital after the interview in Advance of a Church Germany a Werl prison last week car he was driving saturday nig Sermon on the same subject that after serving almost 9� years was in collision with a Canadian he based his prediction on a 1950 . He had been sentenced National railways diesel i eight interview he had with Meyer when to death for War crimes against train at a level crossing eight he was called to speak at Dor Canadian prisoners during the Sec Miles a it 1 of Here Chester Penitentiary in new Bruns Ond world War but the sentence Richard t. Dean suffered a Wick while Rector of Trinity United was later commuted to life Imp is broken Airn. Back injuries Church in Charlottetown food poisoning sends guests to Hospital a service reported. The youngster told of a Telegram. L a Toof received from United states swim a Mol a Public information Lotfi Ming Star Florence Chadwick in cer at this base in hic once tired in the race but who was Tjie c-124 itar cd to drop out before the Fin crashe4, a old turned about a it read a congratulations mag half mile from the i Hull run a Milcent Job i sincerely mean was while making an finer Magn . A St wishes Landing mrs Bril said her next goal is to swim the unconquered Straits of it. Jane Thule at 11 36 . Juan de Fuca la mile stretch of get. Brav said was aloft 12, water Between Victoria. minutes when the commander d?-pc.nt Angelus. Wash. Dared a state of the she did t want to Challenge miss pm Ane was returning to Thule when Chadwick to the race but a a in a be it Era hed pleased to have her enter. Isms photos food struck Down Almon All of 150 person who attended two wooing reception Daikers in the Sunna it school Olum Tod Church at to Traham. Cal at least Joe w it dam Hoo in a orious condition the real on it to a bomb under medical care the woman Aawar tuition at the Church who catered at two wedding part of eau Matej they a erred l$0 Pera Orn a Turkey meal a hot one. All became violently ill from five to u hours late in serious condition in Hospital a Shu Ley Young 1. Left who Ltd eloped As an aftermath i Point neg underwent an a no tory a Perz Tion the re Janc dwt Tan ought who at both we Chii. 4 you la find inside the Sun today up business Page a a classified Page a cooking can be fun. T comte. A a a crossword Pune a distr it new a a 3 Dorothy due editorial Page 4 hallo a looking backward a 5 sports. A a a a s i gleam. A. 4 today it of Tillei a a. A 99 what the stars say 9 Bray said the names Arvd addresses of casualties will be released As soon As next of Kin Are notified. A c-118. medical up lies. Left Wert Over for Thule v,.a return with survivors. Rescue passengers Rio de Janiero apr a a brazilian Airliner crashed sunday into riots Scenic Guanabara a while it was trying to return to Santos with a crippled engine shortly after the Takeoff airline officials said <9 of the 22 Lassen Ger Crew of four aboard were rescued by a launch. The other seven All passed Gert still were missing. The plane was headed for Sao Auto when the Truh occurred a shortly after Nooh Rio time fire boats other Rescue Tisel went to the scene imm mately the airline saw it believed All i aboard Pete brazilians. Had a it her pm n been exp snore fencing hard Luck in the three Dav Man on the tuna ii hmm comp Tion which a tarted near Stock Lola two Days ago Only Ore b. has been rear it red from the 35 in bark Teller Dorothy Billington of Montreal smiles through a window framed by new $1 Bills which carry a picture of the Queen different in deign they Are the Sun length but slightly narrower than the old one a he it Bolding u l a Ide Hows a Canadian scene. Up photo Ozment. Face head lacerations he we Meyer served 5i years of his alone in the car at the time of hot term at Dorchester be no trans Accident feared to Werl in 1951. Has interest or. Ashford said he than an a average so Reeth interest in the German general because of his own military career which includes four years attached to the Indian army b a a a Uri states. British so Andina tween the second world Jan taking Jimart. 9 wars. The minister Rector of Mcloug of. _ All Church Here for the last pc Ofca i Tlok 1 two years said he received per 9 Mission for a t Alk with it As Cloudy with some rho a ii Meyer when the general was work it re m Western Manitoba a it Day a Jing in the prison Library at Dor the weather picture did not change a gym a Chester a great Deal from sunday it pc eos i f or. Ashford Cool too. With the High today sex within the prisons Walls peeled to be 5u in temperature him that a Meyer did t receive went to w in Brandon on sunday but medic in hat continued to l a no on can doubt the Man a hot Salt it in the we-1 with a jul Jujj a Urage or unlike so h of �?�3 a Many other nazi Leader he did whip River therm o n it it not crawl when captured but i Ril Down to 24 last night it openly admitted he was a was 30 at fort William. Dauphin the minister . Meyer do Defir had 36 Brandon s Low a 40 itch deny he ordered prisoners Quot the forecast for tuesday Brifil hot Lite change. Low tonight the former quoted h go to it Morrow 45 65 Meyer As telling him a i never yesterday s readings gave an order to shoot prisoners that s not War. That s murder in or Vancouver no Calgary or. Ashford he personally Moose jaw rejoices that Meyer is free a if Saskatoon we apply the same of life a Randea to that applied against Meyer that Winnipeg or All of us be held for the White i deeds of other a the world Toronto would become a imaging mad Montreal a be use a Halifax. 3�ji Ustmo h re to 61 64 64 59 �9 50 51 63 60 0 i yet 41 44 47 46 41 24 s2 4d 65�?T

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