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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Brandon, ManitobaThe Brandon daily a of. Us a sea Vit pad May 7,209 i Kamkin Man ski Jay. Jink i Quot a n in 2t�-w cold but ded killer still e Des police u _ but new clue found Langton on june 23 up a theft of ome milk apparently by an elusive Man later spotted by a Telephone company employee spurred the search today for a Bank Bandit who wednesday shot and killed two pursuers a Pili be Leaf Imp. Rura drawn it me ref i the town line of 1 m if id i a tfx a m11�?� i a Nighton town his a near tin Village of a in Meyer about five Fiji Law went of Thi . The milk a stolen it Curili to the night from a Well on the farm of Kevin Hal a Telephone lineman. Walter Stanison. Rejko rte it to i Day that he Emu m Man in White a Livirt Ami Khaki trouser Lea a a a Etire and iii it am a into the it a. Earlier police Init Kaleil they had a Purtie ular Man in my As j they pres the a grim Hunt. . Flood time again news in Brief the to s room Nerre do car mrs i ported in a tar american a peat let on Tiqui a in a Ftp than in vim Situ e st i .,5 50 , a drop of lfs�,0aa,#t# from and 1, iat idl a a not Helo the poof War Peak of s to. Man la. Or wet in /t7 have Good Hunch Lustri tor a it Knight one of Ltd j eral a dior Ontario Provine la l Portree i in n a pop it h a. Aid a estimators Hare a a Good Hue it a about the fugitive a identity the Way the Hank Roblen y a us a Good id a who the j told reporter he a provincial fair will have Many features and set new records exhibit ranging m variety from authentic replica of the Brit i a i a Row n Lew Al to Blanket made in Bra Mlou from Manitoba Wool will provide interest form Roii of All age at the Manitoba provincial exhibition Here july 3 to 7. These exhibit Are in addition to the Premier livestock show the Midway the grandstand production and the Many other regular feature whirl go to make the exhibition the greatest attraction of the year in this province. Sand Haggai k i Gade Are hark in a it Tion again Thi time in British Columbia a the Fraser River which went on a rampage two year age a. Rise steadily reminiscent of 194� i this Arene at Agar is. To Milf. East of Van on ver As army Engineer sandbag the Dike holding water hark from the town and surrounding Farmland cd photo i lined to elaborate / late live Kef of ver Borland. Tor Farmer a fast Inarrea e efforts Dir a onto Pollee fingerprint Espert found a try or Quot Emu Quot to ?.jtau a a a health costs in millions Hopper of a a Ion if by Are going Oneld of the k he s or the a were Osne air crop w h Horner to in a cheeked a soon a possible at Flechl re it ont Mhz loner. Mid in it govern uni Bureau of publication Relea it Regina he Manitoba government a 0 Drill a Dee Ritney in a Mitzi an n of plan to Drill a deep to Oil Well or hah a e 0 Manto of Imp any to. It Tankard company of Calgary har it ailed for tender for the drilling six tulle South a of Hartney it c m i Headquarters to Ottawa and j f headquarter in Washington the Bank Rohber. Whose Sten gun wiped out two pursuers a it he made 1 i getaway apparently had outwitted a inn policemen backed by gun toting i Farmers and sided by air plane a j Brandon explore Ion bloodhound and Walkie talkie equip a subsidiary of California ment left loot be bad ii. Had gained Little from the blood foray that followed wednesdays armed Fol Ibery of the Imperial Bank of Canada Bram it m this town 2� Mil a Southwest of st. Thomas. Most of i 12�?��T� loot a a is a covered n the abandoned Autonio Hile from whim be slunk into the Brush after cutting Down the two men who attempted to Slop him. And la Eyoul the he Are a which still out bed this tobacco growing area Law enforcement agencies in Canada and the i listed state sharpened til in Federal minister praises provinces for carrying main health burdens Harold Wilson pre ident of he hard of Trade told the British Lymie of co Mairn that gallon of Canadian whisky it Ostins 7.�?��?����� canadians were licenced for import into brain in 1949 under a Token import m a heme otherwise be Aid. The Only whisky imported from Canada for con sumption in brain was for the United state Force the Ftfe Krix tatar corps and As gift for Canadian and ii s Riften living in Britain. Fraser smashed Way through Small Dike at pert Mann some residents Hove to flee Homes but situation not serious j Vancouver. June 23 up a the Fraser River swollen by a night of rain smashed its Way through it Small Dike at port Mann today forcing 150 to 2fm persons to evacuate then Homes. The evacuation order and the Cali Foi volunteers to1 bolster the Dike Lookout for the unknown Sallow fad thug in it dirty Green shirt whoa Fow thursday reported a gunfire had Art lie r Man and burglary in Montreal a William Goddyn a thy sped from the rant end and a not her of f 1,35o in a Bank in Pursuit of i stolen car. Mid town restaurant the jewelry police last night it on coded that More of buc swot on Wax entered the killer probably bad eluded the and nearly in Cash tak a tight r no they had thrown around the came shitty after 4 on Quot pm rot la mini of a Quot a port Mann is a Canadian National jewel the restaurant Nimb Kin and the search a widened late yes divisional Point housing Manv a h loth in wx., in lured some time ear Torday to a general a a verage of the was workers a term re my Jsu take Irmo a. By Luloh Hamilton a Reu the swollen Fraser broke through desk the. Bloodhound brought in from a rain weakened spot cutting a 35 to. I mount cl.eme.nt�, a sati to scour the 4 1 feet Tanau Ewan far i Quot. A Quot a r uni 2. I Quot i do r g it i 7,7�?T, in Quot a�&Quot<1 a a the Day in of when a car overturned 1 Neur Strausl Surg. To mile North of v i Lili f a j11 ii a 2.1 1ci�?T cauda 1 to 11 government will upend Juo too. He on pub .1 health and Hospital car a tin year. Health minister Mart in to j Hie Canadian medical association today in a speech prepared for delivery before the annual meeting he a Aid. The province have done a Quot Superb in carrying the main Burden of Publ health care while the National healt h program und r which 3,000 provincial projects totalling 137.000.1100 already have been up proved is Opi Ning a new and exciting possibilities of advances for them he detailed four major Steps now being taken to Clear the Way for health Progress in the years ahead 1 provincial health surveys and View sickness Survey a which will Supply an a exact knowledge a of the pub Lii health position and of anticipated 1 requirements. 2. Provision of More Hospital a Quot Coram Dalton and More and better equipped clinic some 21.000 of the additional Rij Kui h Apitai tied Tiara to s Chat and have been a 1 located Federal Aid. 3. Provision of More health work in e flood a is the National program Lias end aided tin province to open More the mutation is not too serious a than 2,�0o positions in Public health. But police coot milled to patrol the said a police spokesman directing there still 1 a shortage of a Wio begins Rev h a Bou Field who was driving. Mrs Bousfield and or Mary heaviside suffered sever Cut while or Heavisides inn Robert j. Suffered one it k fracture the car left the Road at a curve on Highway to about s of Miles East of Strasbourg. A it ritual criminal Harg the Fri Ever Laid in Quot Manitoba was in Tervol against Adolph Ruck. 41. In c Ltd no pc i in with a a Harge of t h f11 of 2� pairs of women Pantie a our Tufi it i a Aid Ruck record included in Ehy an of theft and two narcotic it ounts conviction a the theft t Barge wed the habitual criminal charge. To under a re ent criminal code am in ment. Would result in i definite imprisonment a a area where German a 31-year-old the evacuation. A most of the houses doctor in Canada Urance agent and William god in the District arc on High f i Steps to increase Dyn 24-year-old operator of Liermann a elsewhere in the Luu Mike Long Ifrain no of health workers. Through a by vol of tar in met their death Navy Jet plane goes Down and several died super fort also crashed but Hove most survivors Fraser Valley dikes were holding Ana the situation was Lepo Rieu As Quot unchanged. Most serious flood threat was at Trail. Trie Industrial City a main Street and Low lying residential Ai Cas Federal tie ugh Grants 1,5 10 have been trained including 2fi� physicians i Quot he practitioner is being brought up to Date in Urh Fields a cancer Etilo in und to rental illness or. Martin reviewed health pro All d spay space gone f i. Mclennan Mana ing director stated till Ini t r it i Tig that for the third year in succession a Ery him i of display space in the exhibition Bull Dit will be sold out Well in Advance of the opening Day All that remained thursday was ten feet of display frontage in the automobile building livestock entries will close tonight and or Mclennan states that the a a show will compare Lavor ably with the Best of Post War years with to cd Chance of records being set in sonic departments the replica of the pit in a Crown jewels have been loaned to the coh it bit Ion by Henry Birk and son. Ltd of Montr Ai and will be displayed in the school exhibit building. Mad by re run in rafts Nen the Plet is in this collection a exact duplicates of the fabulous pieces which Are Hou Tel in the Tower of London and the collection is Complete in to a Beefeater s costume children Day july 3 monday. July 3. Will he children Hay and More than 10.000 st via t tickets have been sent out to a Hool of the province to remind them that admission is tre to the to Ungott in the Jiening Day special provision is also being m de for the whole week for tiny Tot. The Nursery building Wii to of Ernt do a it the v . A this Yea a id i retire d nurses will on hand to a Are for the voting sters. The Sudway Ahra Lions will again lie provided by the Royal american shows and the featured Star this veal will be Bonnie Baker the famous sing 4 splitting headache from Bullet wound says taxi River police crack Down on traffic i loafers Here Nineteen motorists in court today and fined for offences chief Constable h Collister warned today that now the police department has two patrol car the City Strain Laws will be More rigidly enforced Bear us out the chief a statement was. The fact if motorists appeared before magistrate William Stordy in police court this morning charged with various infraction of the traffic Laws. M re than Hal f t h o n 1.1 m be r e re Chang d under a City by Law with Tail-1 if n grandstand will in Lude a three ing to observe railway Stop he Gasiday harness race �?T1111 and one Day of throughout the City. The other cases automobile racing. Appearing on the docket were for in through the co operation of the fractions under the Manitoba High Umney farm implement companies the Way traffic act four being charged machinery exhibit behind the main san Francisco. June 23 tape when a Man gets a Bullet in ills head it hurts. That what taxicab Driver Nicholas a Terry. 44. Confided As he sipped his Beer. The bartender a ailed an am to Aitch for a Early there vis something wrong with Ras Berry s head. He had a Hole in it. In Hospital Itas Erry told Rolle e he a i shut i 111 self in a fit of despond n y Over a love affair the but Lief entered his net k rare Quot d 111 Ward broke his jaw and emerged near his ear. 111 i 41 a �1 two false alarms turned in during the night Here fire chief deplores this dangerous form of hoodlum ism two false alarms were turned in to the fir Quot department Here Early i. J ,. Morning bringing the total of such my a i. Who iii Aimai my show g r a n d at n o a 11 act i on s Barnes and a arum its will again provid Quot the grandstand a Trai Hon m l this year a i a iia a a assembled a pleasingly varied revue entitled Quot exhibition extravaganza of 1950&Quot which will feature a water Ballet in addition to Many top ranking individual acts. A afternoon a to Rae t ions before t lie with driving to the common danger and that a remaining file for various of he r v a Ola to on a. K i x of Lio j 9 a a a x on the docket were person charged by the . Fines for violation of Hie top sign bylaw Ware Nomina 1 with Case while Are in the path 01 Columbia rivet Gresz in Canada during the Iasi half flood Waters. J Century and suggested hat the Nipha the death toll in the eighth Day of in in the next half Century will by lie floods stood at three today i Heon Quot the Prosperity of our people and victims were two boys and a Man t the degree to Yhvh. In part through drowned in turbulent Waters 1 in Easore for social Security this Trad. 25n Miles East of Vancouver Prosperity benefits All and a City of 13, on the a j up it being levied in each it uber j find for the other infractions attendance. Ranged tip to $25. It in of the Quot South Africa bans past it a be it a to keep n. Of a a a a it jo.,. Hgt it k on 1 Raff a communist party gramlstand1 will again lie ode of or i wrest assembled in Cam a a so a rial Fea Ture this year will be the f a a a i Fiat All implement dealers in Western Ontario. Manitoba and Saskatchewan will be guest of the exhibition Board and executive officers of nisus of i # re Man let Are also expected to to it it in j air Snow sour ploy will conclude flying a we were beginning to Hope that the Young people of Brandon had out grown surly childish and pranks but any Parentis some still think it a fun to endanger other people a lives and chief George Bain remarked sadly this morning. A Stu fight a fire effectively we must get there quickly and there is always a danger when our heavy trucks Are travelling through the City who i id. A further danger lies to the fact that the rinks would by delayed if a real alarm were turned. In from some other part of the City while Hie department was answering the a Alse alarm the alarm were turned in shortly after Midnight from boxes at fifteenth and third streets on Louise Avenue. With Only on a Ini Jar to do til gym vote is close pea Ranee of a typical a flood town j work Crews Many of them High 1 school students constructed a Sand Bedford a. June 3 Lapi a Navy Bak elite along the main Street. Edmonton a population a shown experimental Jet plane making a pumps were placed at strategic by the annual civic can a in 14 us to Traisia cont Gueutal trip urn to into pm its. So i an increase of 11392 since la1 flu me in mid Dir and crashed near it was feared that the Columbia i year. J a Macdonald City a a Ezor Here last night killing a least three swede i by heavy Rains would Rise and tax collector announced i arg Jerson it in in Mentag a in Rio a Ewa recorded a there might have Lee More. On the of h Side of the Sakatch there Shis quite a Lew arms Ami legs Ewan River which showed an increase which did t match a said e. L. John front 3$,u79 to 40.2 so in. Bedford 1-01 Oner. The plane an a j-1 with two Recap Blush members cheered in rtm1.ius engines and be Jet engine the House of common thursday. A a a a on 11. Way on t Allier iii to w Ben Harold m Ilson president of a Tuxen i the Board of Trade announced the a Britain to buy inn Timber from Russia at a lower Price thur she in i by ing for swedish Timber maj Guy Lloyd , asked Why there were Quot triumphant Giggle from Hie overtime tit Hen he because the russian Price happened to be cheaper. Canada s Adverse balance of Trade with the United state dropped prior than 50 per cent in May. A mip ared with the Quot Willie Mouth a year age the Bureau of statistic reported to Ottawa Export to that country to May climbed to Llti..Imo from 13, ,4s a year ago while 1111-Nru increased from 1172.lttn.ot� if it4> to �lmi.4t��?~.o�m� in May. Toc Quot mayor Cyril Steventon said today the Federal depart men of Iran por has approved a Grant to extend i in Flonus air strip flin flon for the last three weeks h without air survive Canadian another live feet to its 1948 level of 46 feet. The Columbia Rose 1.17 feet Ira 24 hours. The neighbouring Kootenay River Abo was surging upward. This River meets uie Columbia at Castle Gar. 20 Mies North of Trail. At lower Riverside a residential Section 02 Trail Homes were Anchor 1 de with cables. Peacetime draft set to run for three More years . Bill scheduled to expire tonight Given new life Type of polite work. With two cars available the chief added the Mem re of the fore a have been ordered to pay careful attention to enforce-1 i in e if if these r leg to i a 11 on a a w e fee j that by enforcing the traffic Law a i nay tie saving people a he a aids a s i i i factory Burns Tilbury ont., june 23 up a a 500.000 fire today destroyed Plant j no. I of Chaleo steel the Hudson motor car company a Canadian manufacturer. The fue broke out about 3.25 . J two hours later Only the outside Walls remained standing. Tilbury is about 18 Miles Southwest of Chatham in southwestern s Ontario. Capetown. June 23 Reuters a the South african Senate today adopted the suppression of communism Bill by a one vote margin on third Reading. The deciding vote was cast by the Senate president c. A. Van Niekerk after the vote was recorded at 18 to 18 in the 4fl-member chamber. Opposition amendments were rejected a series of divisions earlier by votes of 19 to 18. The absence of one opposition senator enabling the government to carry club week Prog rom a big air show at the Brandon Fly no Init. Saturday afternoon will conclude Hie special week ung program which liar marked National flying dub week in Canada during is a a Eek the a sub bad been open to per on interested in flying and flying equipment and Many it i vixens have taken advantage of the program to Xis it the Brandon flying club in addition to Static displays of Canadian army and . Equip Mcnol there will be demonstration of t Rma turn flying Aero list ice. Gilder pick up and helicopter Rescue operations. Many Type of aircraft will be on d splay both in the air and on the gruesome discovery Racine. Avi june 23 4 a i an automobile trunk yielded to a i decor Washington. June 2. Air i the peacetime draft in the United states u just about set to run on for two or three More years. It was due to expire at mind Rulif tonight but Congress yesterday approved a Bill provide pm a eight survivors Guam. June 2 a a tug sped tonight to a spot 144 mites Southeast of Guam where at least 11 in Quot survivors it of a crashed super fort s 11-Man Crew were afloat a a a sed infants to Dies yesterday when Quot it planes hovered Over the Stem alter garage Mechanic opened it to get la a by 0,1 dropping Hie boat to six men in two a of Warp Thulie polite quoted an in a the Lull i rafts lashed to Gether and three other married 38-year-old nurse As ayin i Trun an fur i 1e Senate wearing life jackets in the water the babies had been born dad to her the super fort was returning trom 1 rarely More than three years practice bomb run yesterday w in it ago and that he had been afraid to at own at sea dispose of the bodies. Ground. During the Day. A Competition these divisions without the chair non Proiet Sinai pilots for the Man s casting vote. K but even earlier in the debate the presidents Verdet was needed in three ties. As the Bill was sped to i id it Hope to get Senate approval for foreign arms Aid program Washington june 23 apr and marshal 1-plan cd unit in it to draw on ministration forces opened a drive �3,000,000.000 of Europe an recovery a been i today for Senate approval of a pro Iun is of .mi1.tary purposes Are local currencies deposited a an a Gram which would place the most re european coi shouted its approval of a three yeat draft Lay Extension after beating Down a racial segregation plan fur the armed Force Therp remain some differences Between the Senate and Bouse 1 Leir me i out tor one Hung the Hob Dill would extend trip draft two years not t brer senator Richard Russell Deni. A i who lost 42 to 2b an earlier attempt to let any non commissioned or drafted person request service unit with persons a of his own Ray feed a modified proposal. Commons takes Swift action to bolster anti spy Laws h b Smitti memorial trophy will be staged. The program starts at 2.3u pm Nee Polo former fell under Cuativo tor Ond i dragged to his death Neepawa Man., june 23 up a Edgar Ernest. Of Brien 81-year-old Farmer died tuesday beneath his tractor towed cultivator it was Learned today. A Canadian Pacific railway train passing of Briens Field was stopped when passengers rioted the Driver european countries to match re drafted in three fourths of the Stai rift air a auth Airport a so j Moc Ein weapons of the United states Stivery dollars my a Eiju in to handle arge air Era. A except atomic bombs along the while Many new Type weapons during the next sgt a month or would Peter Novi in of Vancouver was defence frontiers of Western Europe developed since the second world have been ineffective the Senate Foaad Ruilt in count court of to senator Tom Connally dem Tex War Are not yet being produced in rejected it 45 to 27 session of heroin and was �entenc1 Wllis de la si.222.500,000 foreign any numbers the Senate foreign Reto five it ear in or toe Quot you Are at plan to second year of a Utkus had Annex services committee menace e to met ?. It Lared Judy 1 operation. There was trouble ahead said in a report yesterday that they costly residence l a Hanna after observing the a a mostly from republicans will make it possible to defend West novt Wae of turns la a of the major Points of dispute Are pm Europe without Matching an in Ottawa Jun 23 up a Trad min 1. A provision to give president Valet division for division. It r Howe told the Corn in on today Pittaw. June 23 up a the com urged that the legislation be withheld Toons moved yesterday to strengthen in the esp Osage a Bate. Justice a Ada s anti up Laws minister Goreori said the government with opposition members urging the was making it an offence to disclose government to take Evri wider p�1�?T secret information outside of Canada. Re. The chamber adopted a Hill it now would tie considered an of amending the of a secrets a to j Fence if the i closure was made by i less tractor s wheels churning in the the a Naby for espionage a Canadian citizen a by a Pernon j mud. The Larner had apparently Quot it it it a 1 it from seven to 14 year if it obtained to it Eer Quot to w Tii a he fallen from his seat and been dragged imprisonment and of Power Hariu i a owed allegiance to Canada under the iian to Canad and win commit tip a Law. An alien owes allegiance while son be in a within the realm of Canada it Atves the Quot government Power to unless in in protected by diplomatic prosecute anyone owing allegiance 1 immunity r Anad a including an alien in this or Diefenbaker urged the govern country for a Short period and to ment to take action against Quot some of do Al w the canadians who disclose canadians who he had gone to centred Over Northern la the Winnipeg i official eels even when beyond this Moscow to study at the International this morning. By saturday afternoon it would have required approval let a wintry it of ind Aries. 1 let Einert sub Oil. Who h had world Dis with the disturbance moving towards majority of ail men of five then by ingested that the lust Ion a it Mam object we Hil Quot James Bay the Cool air mass will tur h half mile the weather t get a cd Oudy weather is being swept Back Over he a Al strict by a disturbance Truman authority to hand Over a Mil Way Kosoc Dolve j $122.250,000 Worth of arms to any states cannot european coun other $300 a he for the completion of i clause study of 1 yaqui Ecuador touch i european country whose defence he tries with atomic weapons. But other1 permanent Huu. Or the prime mini Nunier of me Narcot i. A Bult of tided at Ona yaqui my off a Moline explosion and fire i considers vital to the Security of the arms can be supplied As they be that killed it person and injured United states come available and it was to these at least ii other the disaster of. 2. An agreement which would per that the committees referred curved Batten Guayaquil and 8a-1 Mit the . Government to sell arms the report spoke of recoil ies Anas charred Booie taken from the on credit to any Friendly Power. Guns shaped explosives for use Bua could not be Meatty Tel teamed a 3 a. Proposal by senator Henry against tanks non magnetic mines a Toly Cabot Lodge rep maws to permit Ana uses of vacuum tube fuses under present Law the United the government will ask it to vote at eral years ago. And opened clause by a measure inserting National safety regulations into the Canada shipping act legislation d to not go far enough protected by a Canadian passport cover the District. A few Light rain the were John Diefenbaker i pc the were preparing themselves to Shower and fresh North Westerly Lake Centre. Donald Fleming it pc commit revolution a in Canada winds accompany the change after Toronto pm a Linton. E d Fulton pc i or Garson said the government noon temperatures on saturday will Kamloops. Alistair Stewart arid will prosecute person who a be sixty to sixty five which is ten to Winnipeg North and or Pierre Gau go to mos cd and disclose secret in fifteen degrees below the seasonal tilter a Portne lift. Formation whether or not they Are Normal. The House also gave second Reading canadians but it could do this ouly Winnipeg was the warmest Point in to a Bil ironing kinks out of the if it had evidence against them. The West thursday with a High of 87 Canadian citizenship act. Adopted Sev or of Ming termed the Legisla Ion while the Low last night was 44 at ters of Canada. He Sai l Thi amount to be plaid citizen so p mini Ter Harris announced take part in supplementary estimates will be in i at House opening that he was with or Fulton and or Stewart suggest. Too Little and too later Calgary. Rain was general Over the or Gaultier Felt there should be a District and a inches were recorded it tuned against the red doctrine in Here Brandon Fem Erato re were 77 which All like minded person could and 55 addition to $80,90$ already included in the main estimates and another $31,-Txjp spent in the last fiscal year making a total of $410.91�. Drawing a Bill making wide changes de that the government appoint a in the Indian act pending further Board to which civil servants Dos consideration by the indians them a missed because their loyally was elves opposition members had questioned could Appeal forecast for Brandon Cloudy with occasional Light rain Clearing tonight sunny with occasional Cloudy periods saturday not much change in temperature a jew tonight and High saturday 45 and 80

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