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Brandon Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 4

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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Brandon, Manitoba News in Brief postal service be Brandon exhibition july 4 to 8 Post office and exhibit Are located in the East grandstand building hour of her a 9 . To 6 . Visit the Post office exhibit Canada Post office gift v. ,4� f to q c. I of to a for it a a his i t to sri Hil it t flu it a visit us at the fair in the display building Waini tie All v a motor and exhibitors to the provincial a Hibit Ion it it of Manitoba to i it on Dupla in the i Rade fair building a competent attendant Mill be on hand at ail time i that you might consult with him on am building problem it on a have on Jour mind. After the Lair take time to visit our Ard at i17-i4th Greet and examine the Large Complete Stock of All building materials. Everything is Here for you to select our requirements for inv repairs or new construction. Feel free to consult us at am time on am Iob he it Large or Small. \ our Atu fortion is our business use our specials. Tut Jour building costs. Watch for our specials. Saxe on ship Lap and a it \ Host lass Job for less Money for Quality and sir ice in ail building materials Call the lumber number 7433 it-14th Street co. Ltd. J. M. Fisk mgr. Oak sunday midnite Mon. To wed. in Kali a ill the Savage Furt of the India War added comedy a ladies Hok a m�n4? to sit Itro or dinner Are or Bat Rug Era Starr wire a today Only a Markart Maua in m % we a kit to l to a to town Kirk dough to the bit. Sky Quot it a Ngy Hoger v que Ekl 4 m t a i Rimml t in 1 my. J15 a. i h p he Cash matinee. H c Bee a let Tup m henrys plumbing amp heating i a re Job serviced free for it Ine a a ear estimate of a rms he w i Boot Ehl gation a phone melt a fire to % a Aeu to my Tarif Friday in s pc pc a Feair a a a fkr i a Portage Cau. Tire Wauney term be i. Agent s l David a Ai tetto of damage was suit a believed a t in g building and Conten so Silt a pm a a it other Jurea of Tincau Shii in a eth to service our server department to equipped and staffed the Previde prompt expert repair to Ali a to Nard makes my television Gerry vet a Lea Are assured of the Best when of Call Kenned a for to and radio Ken ire phone 28m p. A. Kennedy co. Ltd. It \8lf hed i�15 events and to set phone Underwood typewriters Standard office models these machines hate been med for rental purposes and Are in the Pink of condition full guaranteed. While they last regular Selling Price $94.50 $65.00 w. R. Hoffman Reesor Block car in which the were giving mused a curve and plunged into a ditch 14 mile East of Lethbridge the injured taken to cod Idale Hospit. Halfway Between Lethbridge and the Accident re mfg withheld the names. Sentenced to jail Donald James at Der on of b. An. A j0 was a eaten Cea it a term of Een months a the provide.#. after be no convicted tour Day afternoon on a serious charge a Luton in he appeared Bro i. Judge a g Buckingham a county Coit 8ft woo s 1 in k s to k a a. A Toek quotations at Fri arson packets limited re Fiad Hgt Grade a 24.75 bows a Gride 15 so to 18.�� steer food a. D extra head ice. Alive 12.23 to 13 75� to Noire 1uoo lbs up or led 1&Quot w to 3 a 50. G of to Choice �o00 ibs cown dry led Quot 00 to . Medium to Good g to 14 00 to to my air to Plain Giai 10 00 to 14.90 toners Fras s 09 to 10f�p, fed Vetari Iris Good to Chote 17 �9 to is 0�, medium to Good 14 00 to i8�0 Iii to Plain # do to 12.09 heifers food to Choice dry fed 14.00 to Iff i. Medium to Good Glass 13.00 to 14 03 fair to Plain gras 10.09 to 12,00. B n a i a Grasa 100 to la 90. Cowe Good a a Choice 11,09 i2 06, medium to Good 9 59 to la 50. Fair to medium a to to to. Tanner and Cutler 10� to s5c by in Nikii in to Ganci 19 0�� in 0i common 8 ��6 to 10.90. Veal cd Lovese Good to cd Nee Light 17 00 to 1ft 30. Medium to Good 1309 to 15.00 let an caves a to. Its lamp or g d a 1 it a it 00 to. Exhibition opens # on monday a re Atio aed rom Page oath Stant exhibit Ian manag i a to Sci snip too a the sex hib of Sitto bc9u w ii i-i9.gregat�,i a a a such main i v Isiah to As the he i Quot go featuring a Ana. For he fir time a a App inc Quot of every Type bunding show eve his tire be a Rythma in Bui Mirs Frt a Concrete Reasonr it a to a Sphami. Inc Tadhg Man Jna duct that a a n v 3 Twefi it a pubic the to fur Ture appliance show in eluding a Home Freezer that won first prize m advanced design at a he Chicago item atonal turn Ture fair. The Trade fast will a the pulic of Manitoba it longest look to Date into the future of manufactured products. Official opening official opening of the exhibition and Trade fair w ill take place a 8 . Monday in front or the Mam grandstand and the rib Bon will be Cut by Manitoba s minis ter of Industry and Commerce r d Turner or Turner also win address a dinner meeting of Industrial business and government officials a 12 30 noon monday m the Prince Edward Hote after it. The officials will be taken on a conducted tour of the Trade fair. Between monday and the official closing Friday night mor it than 125.000 visitors Are expected to View one of the lop livestock Light Hor a and entertainment show m Western Canada. Sin a t a tit a it a the be Mien a Ftp fun. Err v of m a ii Germany the Jay a Rew it ii Vik 10 troops he re. A i 21 be aria Tab 1/44,% a it Ati Frda r Ltd f. Tothi kill Vii of pok2 Bai i if Ieve cd a i tee past to i Ertemio Quot -41 �?�., agent it a Ira Frei a Cai id la a a a is of Drohn two i a he 1 to his v a ment m plaid Fia shirts dem police said mis Michael Vaia Ngor. Tvs their skill with double or Drew it i two a a $ bladed axes and heavy saws ter m a Thun Ana the slash in the evening there Oberc Oart Quot a a to m Canadian a my Camf eve up f a. Work ii Spray at Midnight ended in r is stip Jerfita a. I f \ serving All regard Ess of 1 Ai 1 i. I a h in i in it i a. T i Indi i l i 1 i Monou Norment contributed a Fraser funeral Chapel 3�> i a Eif Fuh a fret. Telephone 22it a or sight i v y v make Loans to Cornu my a a r. Examples of Loans i its i $ to a #0 1� to a a i 1s4 it 54 if 75� is v l j a Quot to 1 1 big d m a p. It Yed a and Bill com or a $12 $28 $40 up a 7 be a ? 18 00. She her Togitogi to 00 Telia Tad a a i eds us to g cd Good 1001� i lbs up 2.50 to. 00. 3 of 16.00 lambs �1� 11 30 to a it to 13.00 in 00 to 4 00, plan 1 �0 to real cowboys and indians in army Rodeo do Btl i Reuter genuine Cowboy and indians Rode round a stadium Here Friday during Dominion Day Ceil Bratus by 10,000 Cana Dian soldiers Andt heir families and 3,000 Guet guest of Honor was if t to a a a a a -1 a in in to a a . To or i in Mare. A. A i a on 550 it 1 209 a Nurt a Al a Tufi to or a ii finance co. Second floor Kennedy Block 107�?7th St., Corner Rosser ave. And seventh St. Phone 5397 a Brandon Manitoba ask for the yes manager 08-m five mugs 8v a o nov it Rhone to t. To Quot. Ghou Smit a a i fit a s. A a a a a i i. To it a t Pitt i Mae it 1 it a a i Dir the town planning act City of Brandon town planning scheme 1955 a it a of so la f a it a toy. Pic m scr in ? to an gtd o 1 a a Theo to Cut it of Brandon Tov \ p Antu g 48 a am Oro. Has beet Grep cd. The area 7 Ltd area a a Whilt a the he a # or. App ,1 a be ? i of one i and to it 2 and to. In six 26� in Bock to t v a �23 a Aben on a Pian of Urve it of part of the it it of b a a Dort filtered in the Brand land title office a pm an no 16 glued a us Are designated a a one and two family f Ione Accord g to cil. Quot a b Andor. Town a 149 and which a now the n h de quoted Blue and marked c-2&Quot on a plan and r asked City of Brandon town planning it �?o.11 to it >5 a and a a b . It a n a p. Of ? vey it of f of Bra a 10. Go elea d t Brandon land 7 ies off ave a plan so. A a la and which a a a designated a a one and so of a Rolv Dhew to a 7. Apo Ding to the Cut of Brandun Tott a a it g a heme. If set a j a attn is 8� theft it Boi dered pm a d is cited Quot it of Quot on a and nut ked it of Brancio Toan pm f s. A ato33 a a a a a area bet eau a Reet n a # wee to Rideau he 1 a ast and i it a i. A a. E a me North a it Al Ellingto a Enne in South and ail the Aiea Betten hour and Victoria a # or and from the Centre of to Block Between Douglas Street a r tenth Stree e., to a i it end a f the b of the Teeth it a re East and to teen s be East which aforementioned a a gated As an a mils a 7. According to the City or bran Ami town Pla Runng Schibye 194# and which is now Barde exp it a Quot a and marked by fun Pilar and i. De Cito of Brandon 7 ran p Armi s heme 195s a the c to Council of a poses to v a in it to a . De the to % p aiming a it Tor the p it. E a Toba a a Prova on the a it 131h Day of at no a ii.be. On m toe scheme hereby Pieta eds to Wal Odrah the w it Jfe above de it bed As aubade Culpp. Ltd non. ? one and to. I a tiv.?T tag Ore and to designate Andes Abl a a general in Stiness Ebne Ard to a he Baa the Pic it Perty Dewri bed us Section Troy. A one and to it Kanuh dwelling zone and a ate and establish it is multiple d Eling zone and to withdraw the area in subsection to is m the arg cult a slope and to designate Andes fab i bit As a one and two family dwelling zone up Elf i scheme Ith 5- Pia refer reel to May be see a the \ it it a. S off. E City Hall Brandon. Manitoba any week Aav a Londi. Through it Day. Trout it to a a tip 4 so be Eer. Its 4 i Day of j a it �35, and the 13tl, dalt of August 193.� Ali g to t in i f the City at Brandon will sit on ? 15th Dan a a 33. To on aides any objections which May be add esed to a tag and received by it before the Date on which he nan.a. for approval so the minister unde use town Pann a g but for a Pemba of fourteen 14� d1 ? after. A. A Date . Max be addressed t. The me piste unde the town p Anning act building win neg Manitoba and Aito f ski derm g sum objections. Of any the minister Ivy a so Orde or a a g.s �?~-.writ further not a. Go none which it a of the Ith be Ellec. Upon dated this 39th a of i Jas a Cre gators May it a. A d less a j m be adding a room a i in he tag the basement building closets or a of Lviv Jum name the Job ,. Eve got the right materials at a real saving to Voas by ing in your plan or specs Fife a tons. Well help Sou plan the project to Uit y oui purse be us now \ i i swi mow mls see a now for the he i by ? on All Type of dim ii Iona lumber Rock Wool w Wallboard. Siding. The Cook 13lh and Park Avenue lumber amp Supply co. Phone 3667 theatre a w pm a Tonitte on our giant screen Bax office opens 7 30 show starts at dusk All-11 uni color program East Sumatra Jeff Chandler Anthony Quinn pus i item Partonn Cartmal of positively last times today the Dit Ili hell broke Loose m a Hon of High Fidelity speakers Diamond and Sapphire cart i ridges and ail components Johnson sound systems 132 Rosser at. Phone 4222 Nick s fish and chips i under new management we deliver phone 4913 optometry directory a. J. Williamson it Cie meat it week phone 2117 c. A. Campbell Loh Atoa Block tvs a the Street phone 4546 g. E. Dunken >1 milk 5ire,l Tiu h13 j. Mcmurray sir.,1 in it no j. D. Mcqueen main Fleer Clement Block. Phene 1221 h. L. Trump 1 Clement Bieck Phene a starting monday a f Amous player theatre i \1 re Timi h 215 a t 25 a Adi it 6 45 9 10 the a brits afoot a Beautiful. C if / a Edmund o Bra i n Academy award Winner Lor i wonderful performance in �?o1 he Barefoot Contessa to Larrr Fovea. T or a meter. P Sar a t m \ nor amt Tell a an a that Summ i Fly to Flat 1 Tel her Tiff foe \ via a. A my or a Matea 4.wma�oueu Bogart Garnier mar Mankiewicz Joseph 9amb 6vsb a i Camus �9rk a a Uswa a Fetisa us Sand Brazzi st�4 Kosc Ita a in to m in a of a a a atom no Tai acc an of a a Walt Dini y Tri i la i %d5 i not i till t pm Hing or 41 Rii a in color today Only Imit \ in Loema scope tuna Ripper ship new a starts monday fat dim Daft Mumy a from the movies maddest Days. Come those Ka-ra2y Keystone Kop i Fred Clark a Lynn Bari Maxie Rosenbloom Nan to Taftt a Ltd onto to am turn a mkt Imp in a a me i addio Al Hon Iati re hit general

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