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Brandon Daily Sun Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 2

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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Brandon, Manitoba Mow acne Libras or a Quot Tosa. Lei Susott Elk. Ii in pc a. The Brandon daily us seventy fourth year Brandon. Man., saturday. July 2. 1955 16 pages wit exhibition opens works program is rapped defended Ottawa up a the commons spent a hot Dominion # a on a subject dear to every members heart Public works discussion of the works department s estimates is the time for members to ask for Post offices wharves and other project in their Riding and to complain about what they think has been done wrong. _ George now Ian it pc it gov an t Kimii regaled the com f i mom wit in verum of the event Lulf 11toii Rry Gonding the planned Carfo by service Between North Sydney. Of f a _ i n s and port Aux basques Nam Kim do of 1�cf lie termed the whole affair a i the Sii too Odo ferry William aim prexy arson has been built to ply be Quot tween the two ports but it will. No. , Loum another Newfoundland Jom d w. �?Tr1�&Quot thur Harbor at us or a Tim a. A was Hll a uth us ltc.,t a it "r1r.to ror a a jts Many a Uba i in federation of agriculture and co m operation. Manat it it election took place at a meet or Newland said explorer John ing of the Board of directors in Bot had no trouble finding a mediately following the close of a a be Anchorage there. But More the three Day annual convention t in Aro year later Federal Wengao Pauj Turko of Hazel Ridge and err Dock a ferry Safe. Mrs. N r Jasper of Deleau were the trouble. He went on. Was that re elected vice presidents of the the engineers blasted away Nat federation each is beginning a ural breakwaters inside the Harbor second term. Entrance to provide a better Chan the Board reaffirmed the a of Only to find that the sea rushed ointment of James Mclean to i to make Feiry Docking unsafe another term As Secretary. The the government now would have president and the two vice presi to it build artificial breakwaters to dents form the federations exec i place those blasted out at a Cost five committee. Of millions of dollars. Or Wilton also was voted or Nowland said the whole thing Mac director to the co operative passes comprehension Union of Canada National Board. Works minister Winters said the which comprises one member William Carson is bigger than any from each province. Lip that has used port Aux a total of 299 District delegates basques Harbor on sri e it Nee Sel awl aka Ulm i displays Ana Midway ready the curtain goes up monday on the 74th annual Brandon fair an event As old As Brandon itself and More correctly known since 1912 As the provincial exhibition of Manitoba. Along with it actually an integral part of it. Runs the Western Canada Trade fair. Now in its fourth edition and already bidding Strong to become the most successful showplace for Industry in the West. The provincial exhibition does t really open. It sort of unfurls. Its displays Are ready for Public inspection come monday morning. But during this weekend and for the last few Days exhibition Park has been a focal Point of interest for literally thousands As they take in the Hustle and Bustle of setting up displays concessions and filling the huge livestock barns. Last minute touches display buildings bams and farm group leaders Manitoba federation of agriculture a Board of directors thursday returned its Complete slate of officers for another year. They Are left to right Jim Mclean. Winnipeg Secretary Paul Turko Hazel Ridge vice president John d. Wilton. Carman president and mrs. N. R. Jasper. Deleau vice president. Brandon Sun photo storm hits crop areas near City a Flash Thunder and lightning storm carrying with m hoary rain and Hall swept arose Northern Manitoba last night leaving hundreds it scree of Farmland flooded. Be official reports on damage were available this morning Bol m ii believed Rich Grain lands in the storm ares were hard hit. In sections of Highway Between the City and Minnedosa. The rain flooded and swept across the Roadway. Other sections of Highway were White coated with Large pellets of Hall which remained for some time giving the appearance of miniature Snow Hanks. Heavy rain fell on Brandon but the lightning mimed Tho City. Brief Power Cut offs were reported in Tho Forrest Minnedosa. Neepawa area and Farthur North at Dauphin. No serious interruptions were reported in lines of the Manitoba Telephone system during the storm. . Steel boosting its prices Pittsburgh apr a s. Acu so inst and steel corp., which granted an monday As last minute touches arc average 15-cent-an-hour wage put 10 the fair by a veritable army boost to its employees Toke Quot Aow. And break the of a country mde Ion Midway will be Fea wide steel strike is boosting tuned by a flashes of 1955�?o an in prices about $7.50 a ton. Tirely new production which is i i 1 rec de by Leon Miller who produced big steel action came shortly the Moulin Rouge show for Many after it ended the shortest walk years. Out in the Industry s history in a while the Moulin Rouge will not be Compromise agreement with the one of the most popular United steelworkers Cio. Shows on the Midway a Leon within a few hours after the 12 Caxton s Harlem in Havana a has hour strike ended Friday All of been completely made Over and Vancouver up a heavy the Industry so big six Quot had Fol promises to be better than Ever. T Rains kept British Columbia River and 90 visitors attended the con lowe<1 the Leader in agreeing to the Royal american will a running Fulli Friday but provincial he added that the Harbor a1 Venturi. Held in the Prince de leaders of the Manitoba federa a Tom talks for the present had negotiating committees report and 11 6 pay Are Bethlehem usual offer a Galaxy of other shows officials said the flood Peak had Tion of agriculture and co opera slammed the door on farm Unity,.indicated a sincere desire on the steel cor., Republic Jones and and rides. Such popular shows As passed. Tion said thursday every Effort said president j. D. Wilton. Part of delegates to bring about Laughlin Youngstown Sheet and Monkey racing the fun House the o1 the Columbia in Eastern b.c., will be made to bring about of a however that is not the Case Quot some real farm Unity. Tube and Inland steel. Freak show and rides such As the a a everything is under control a filiation of the province two he said. A we shall work toward one Contention Point which the companies indicated they merry go round the Ferris wheel. In a Jones Deputy Mph Way major farm organizations. Affiliation of the two proved the chief stumbling Vlock too follow big steel in Mark Joe Moon rocket the Caterpillar a minister reported. A traffic should they said rejection by the of former Mac president c. E. To amalgamation is the apparent no up prices and Many others will All be return uninterrupted today All through acts annual convention of plans Wood of Marquette noted that support of the mfg for the aim Clifford f. Hood u. S. Steel ing new ride. The scrambler,1 Revelstoke Golden Sicamous to amalgamate with the Manitoba More than 40 Points of agreement of the inter provincial farm Union president said the 5.8 per cent has 3een added. Mac decision leaves open door to work for farm Unity heavy rain keep Rivers running High ways has been exposed and no the Ward hotel. Ing done by Federal engineers has _ made that situation worse a t a a at the House opening members will i Umi i i to i marked Canada s 88th birthday by a. Quot a Sod for new Knox English at the same time and god eave the Queen. Before getting on to works is a a _. Timotes they discussed the unan Dot mean shutting the door on of tons of the last year and Only tonal farm organization. Mac in cd tag on a ton of Basic Carbon 0ne most famous proud Imus report of a special commit first Sod will be turned at a forts to work out an affiliation three Points of Contention re is affiliated with the Canadian steel was t entirely the result of cers a business will be tee which has recommended new special ceremony sunday afternoon plan which was the goal recon Maine to Iron out. Federation of agriculture. I�1� wage increase. Provide entertainment again House rules which would shorten to Mark the beginning of construe mended by the Mac negotiating the Resolution passed at a ses this however does not appear Hood said other factors Are in year in front of the grandstand a a a a tiny the new Knox United committee and endorsed by the Sion that was notably quiet after Likely to become of any great Hon solved a a a a a a in Risovi the Long debate wednesday on the Drance to affiliation Church on sunday Farmers Union at this time does were reached during the Neotia Council to form a second a increase which will put a $132.50 grandstand review and in on Church. United committee and endorsed convention. By debates and speeches expedite commons business. Later during the hour set aside All members of the Church and delegates to the convention vet for private Bills Erhart Regier their friends and the general pub de unanimously thursday to have _ _ _ _ Kcf a Burna by Coquitlam he of Brandon Are invited to at their executive appoint a commit i am 2 11 cell Lull warned that his party will read tend the ceremony at 3 pm. On tee to work toward affiliation with of Iii w i a i w e911hk# 11 Del 11 Ile it into Ole official commons record the new Church site Victoria the mfg. The committee will be _ _ the a Grimy details of divorce Case Avenue and eighteenth Street. Named shortly. Decaf Lff Png gee a a i evidence unless something is done theme speaker will be George they passed e Resolution with a inv Wei Vii a i in Vii in about ridding parliament of i Fitton. Chairman of tre Brandon expressed an a almost unanimous such As increased taxes and new construction. As the negotiations progressed toward the strike deadline the Union chief was reported to have submitted a package proposal amount area. The Caribou Highway will be in service by saturday the Deputy minister interviewed by Telephone from Victoria where he returned from a swing through flood hit areas said a we lost lots of Bridges some of them pretty big but we have detours around he is Ernie Young and his 1955 revue includes top acts which have appeared in most of the famous sex Tiv a to United state Fraser level High Milieu a Jam age Luu Iwami of Smuin 8 to to sufi. To the West along the Fraser ing to 31 cents an hour which in re very a l Mcdonald provincial eluded a 16-cent-an-hour wage w the Manhattan rockets diking commissioner said heavy precision chorus line which has overnight rain wag keeping the boost demand. A a a a. To in but ire of nun a pressed an Antosi unanimous the Union winding up with an w w three years Cago i i Vorce Bills. School Board and greetings will desire for greater cooperation and Manitoba federation of agr cult other resolutions passed include Pic Tea a a headline a 11 r a c t i o n u with the increased our a thursday the House spent the he Given by mayor James Creigh commit Ion Between the two farm ure will ask its National affiliate de cents an Bour got contract from a Aday on defence department Esti Jon and representative of the bodies so that a a United front May the Canadian federation of Agri that the government be urged mate. Brandon presbytery. Git t a a a Kcf Leader Cadwell said the Quot in turn the first Sod. Trois a or. Macdonald said a but u. S. Steel which provides a Flat Ouno revue will be the hilarious the River seems to be remaining a Vernon bumpy and company a a government by acceding to que Tota i cos. Of the new Church some people including Mac Al research foundation. To assist in providing an outlet in and our raise it request to at armed forces Complete with furnishings in sex members apparently gained the delegates at the of acts annual the United kingdom for Canadian 1716 cd a tract. With the Drivers there have provincial ii petted to be some 1210,000. Idea the conventions passage pm twin i companies Are similar. Fences. Has retreated from the stand that it cannot be taxed by the provinces. Pilot missing for two Days found in North ten Are still in running miss Canada a six Antoinette Quot and Many others. Els were dropping As the Crest other Trade fair rolled Seaward. Ihu a the a a Nvvf a tinny a Nae a Ofa it _ Quot companies Are similar. More than 70 firms including a we were a Little anxious around he Nelt fans my s re pi0v1i\cial convention which ended agriculture i _ 50 National companies with head South Westminster at High tide a commen Fly toll male Puj Day 2r?p0, of Quot Dalton that tariffs on dressed offices from Haney b.c., to Mont. He said. Crews with trucks and commendations to Cai of amalgam be of danced by a Small voluntary poultry entering Canada from the. A i real and 20 Manitoba organza Power shovels raise the Dike a bionic la Ivi Origi tons wi1 display heir wares and foot overnight. Services in too exhibit Booths to the Fraser River gauge at mis make the Trade fair twice As Large Sion b.c., Reading 22 feet Friday As last years. Showed the level constant despite continued in fare two i the heavy Rains. Two immigrants head for right Minto this time Check off on the Sale of major United states now five cents a farm products. Point be made equal with that the convention also asked that entering the . From Canada now _ _ _ a _ the Federal and provincial govern to cents. La Al Lilac i act ments make available More floor Price asked if Law Money for agricultural research. That the Federal government London. Ont. Up i a ten Young. Continued Canadian women remained in the two italian immigrants Are to Mously. A up a the Pilot of tanning for selection As miss can Day heading by rail for Minto h was proposed because of the a motion asking that the present place a floor Price to the producer feed Grain fright subsidy be Dis on poultry meats and eggs. Was Defeated unania Appeal that the Manitoba government be asked to consult qualified London apr mrs. Ruth Ellis groups or persons concerned be Beautiful Platinum blonde sent Winnipeg. _ a civilian plane missing since Ada today but who they Are is a be n b. The pair Sullin Guido and a Ere Are new a Vest cd feed fore making changes in existing ended to be hanged july 13 for a was picked up Fri Ere shared Only by a panel of eight Valenti i Ottilio in this country ers on. The Prairies and Eastern legislation. Killing her Lover passed up Friday wednesday Day by a Manitoba service government judges. Country for Only 21 Days a found them and British Columbia Farmers Are that the convention endorse her last Chance to Appeal. The youth committees re Comenda the deadline for launching an tons especially its Long term of Appeal against the death sentence Long Trio to Minto Man from John Zaplitny of Oak Brae said a permanent passed at 3 30 no further of Cross Uke. Man., was rescued go to two of the 23 contestants. T0to thinking Thev were Arrich a move could curtail the Olk stcho01 emphasizing the statement will be made said one a poised. 22-year-old from win la a a a is a Zzz cd my Rrt o prawn sp7cchoo� them week Ead o a a a a o 151 a Quot is air service plane from an in a second night of judging Fri selves stranded in Brandon on the a a by beneficiaries named Lake in Northern Manitoba Day saw preliminary awards for thursday after they made the could hit Market the Roaf said Edward Milvor Talent and bathing suit deportment a1 a a a a it f Cross Uke. Man., was rescued from the Lake by Roland e Paquin we. G of St Boniface Man. Pilot of the Nipes. Valerie Une. Was selected s 1 government plane. They Are be As the most attractive among 12 Centre heed to have taken off for Nelson contestants who appeared in Bath Tyter hours of investigation by House. 15 Miles South of the Lake ing suits. Ponce and railway officials with end 400 Miles North of Winnipeg. Talent winners so far have in the assistance of an interpreter Milvor was hauling fish on a dude Hazelanna . 21. A for the immigrants spoke no eng 5a# 130-mile flight from South Indian Soprano from Wadena sask., and bsh a refund of Are was made. Diciz6 Iii wily Lake to Wabowden when he Dis 20-year-old Aileen Moore a Cal the pair started on the Long trip a a i i appeared. Gary dancer and Baton twirler. Back East to the right Minto. Aportlti0nt Siock Holiday accidents claim heavy toll by the Canadian press firemen Check in flying display eight planes tangle crash Corner of Rosser Avenue and eighth Greet. At 10 20 last night a false alarm summoned the department a to the Lane Between tenth and Portugal apr eight Thund All planes touring the country and charred Trees and Underbush. The eleventh Street where a two Gerjets of the portuguese air Force colonies were recalled to their burned remains of the pilots were drunks were said to have rung in trashed into a Hill just outside bases. Taken to the Chapel of the nearby the Lif Artri of the University City of Coimbra. A this is the biggest Accident in Hamlet of Carva Linhos. 1 a Riv is a Mumino a Rio Rar Tho Miles Northeast of Lisbon. Fri the history of portuguese Avia three parachutes were found in. A 1 Al a a lev Day and exploded All eight pilots said col. Ponte Rodrigues tact some distance from the Buu to. Is of it. Were killed. Commander of the of base. Crash one of them was wide open. Sorted what might have the planes Werd among a squad Osk witness Thi was one of the mysteries the resulted in a May a tire it departing of 12 participating in a tour the Only witness to the Accident official investigation of the crash inc gals Sasa. Of Northern Porgal As part of air Little old Maria de Jesus Victor will have to decipher. The smoke poured into he Force Day Celebration. Nev were is guarding her sheep atop the jets were planes supplied apartment of the Carriage owner in flights of four planes flying Ato 5.000-foot-High mount Carvalho. Portugal by the United states in and was first noticed by mrs. Vril three Levels. The two lower flights the Mouquin was shrouded in Der the North Atlantic treaty or Bant Gratton who called in the crashed the four flying top cover Clouds. Gamza Tion of which Portugal is a fire department. The Carriage was returned to base without incident �?�1 hoping the Sun would member completely destroyed. They took off from the Ola air drive j loud a wave she said vase a few Miles North of Lisbon Quot Hen she heard a hissing and Roar _ _ a a Friday morning and were due j?.? Quot # r he a was the Camci a aah Friday afternoon few an air Festi of 1under a Ovule Al a we Wiirre m Val the festival was cancelled and a which was flying higher. Than the other eight. He is known As a Lucky Lima for his Many close Calls in the past then i thought the Mountain Tokyo Reuters a fleets of Square Miles. Montague and Bell below me had exploded As flames ship Aud planes from three coun have been missing since saturday it smoke and burning debris began tries stepped up their sea search night when their ski night Joti flying in every direction. Many for two missing United states a fighter crashed after running out Pine Trees caught fire and others be fliers today amid dwindling of fuel. Had been shaved off i Hopes. Search mrs Ellis 28-year-old Divorcee Ontario and Quebec today counted More thin half the and Mother of two. May yet escape 43 fatalities reported in the not yet Over Dominion Day the Gallows. The Queen could Grant Holiday. To Rwm do in a t clemency on recommendations of la Wijn neuters j a former Home Secretary. In All but the recording of the violent deaths the count was two each in Al Deputy polish food minister Al most <.5 crimes the Home Sec began at 6 p. In. Local time thurs Berta and Manitoba. Traffic took Fred Jaroszewicz was sentenced rotary usually reprieves women. Statistical Nur both uves in Albert while traffic in Warsaw thursday to 12 years murderers. Day and end for statistical Pur an Ltd a drowning divided the toll imprisonment for anti state Active a Well know figure in Mayfair poses at Midnight monday. In Manitoba. Cities Warsaw radio reported. Jar nightclub life mrs. Ellis was con a Canadian press Survey showed Prince Edward Island British firemen answered two Calls of Uszewicz had pleaded Quilty to evicted june 21 of killing David Ontario with 17 deaths and Quebec Columbia and Saskatchewan it to Homi Ninn hav a Niihau nip political crimes and diversion St Blakely 25. A racing Motorist out with la. There were six violent caped inclusion in the Early count. ,. I y j an n,.t_ activity but not guilty to Collar Side a London tavern easter Sun deaths in new Brunswick four in although b. C. And Nova Scotia ,. A a a Aal a. Nov a rating with the Gestapo during Day. She fired four bullets into his Nova Scotia and one in newfound reported suicides. L a. The second world War . Land. The Holiday toll lit sex minister sentenced you la find inside the Sun today believed adrift on raft search officials have begun to buries Page 1� lurch Page a darted Page la cooking can be fun _ 19 Puzzle a to Dull it news 3 a Broch Duio or. Herman n. Bundesen 7 editorial Page 4 Halo _ 4 sport $-9 today s fast of ill wha the stir Sav la women s Page a dead among the Best understand what had happened it the number of possible survive despair of finding survivors was terrible. But the silence that or was Down to two capt. H. P. Beus wife. Josephine who is followed was worse the Bird Sang Montague or. Of Jackson. Miss., pregnant Learned that her husband no More and Many of them were and Lieut David w. Bell of Way was missing when she arrived in rata. Winn a with the report that Japan tuesday the body of a third flier had been Maria de Jesus did t learn until found Friday afternoon. Hours la or that it was eight planes the . Navy said the body into the sea wednesday when she had seen crash in the Clouds found on Oshima Island. 19 Miles helicopter crashed during the sea god that three lieutenants a ter South of Tokyo was believed that search. Three of the Crew were Geant and three corporals who of Lieut. Alan Murdock Mcanery saved. Were among the Best in the for of Rome. N y. His plane vanished eight american ships the Casa Puguese air Force had lost their tuesday while searching for the Chan destroyer Sioux and scores of lives. Two of the lieutenants and two other fliers. Japanese coast guard ships Are the sergeant were married and had despair sets in searching the area. American air children american. Canadian and Japan Force Navy and Marine planes the debris of the planer was est ship and planes have oar flew criss Cross patterns Over the scattered Over a Square mile of rowed the search area to 18,909 sea throughout Friday. Hope has been abandoned for a fourth missing airman who plunged year a 69 Over three Days. Driver killed in Highway Accident near Minnedosa Minne Dosa. Lithe is. A Winnipeg plasterer was killed near Here Friday when his ear hit Ieese gravel swerved and overturned. His wife was in Geod condition in Hospital. Two daughters and two step daughter ranging from seven to Twenty Yean of age als passengers in the car. Were released from the Hospital after examination. Camera unites Royal families when Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visited Norway recently it marked her majesty a first visit to a non Commonwealth country since her accession to the throne in february 1962. She is shown Here with the norwegian Royal family at the Palace where a state dinner was Given for her by King Haakon. Front j Row from left King Haakon Vii Queen Elizabeth and Crown Prince Alay son of the King. Rear Row from left Princess Edmonton. Astrid daughter of the Crown Prince the Saskatoon Duke of Edinburgh hereditary Prince har Ald and Princess Ragnhild mrs. Lorentzen both children of the Crown Prince. The weather somewhat unsettled weather conditions exist across the Prairies today with variable cloudiness and some scattered showers expected today and sunday along with temperatures about to to 15 degrees lower than the last few Days. Forecast for Brandon scattered Light showers and cooler. Wind Light. Low tonight and High sunday 45 and 63. Yesterdays temperatures High Low Vancouver Calgary fort William Toronto. Montreal. Jwj la i 62 49 53 44 68 52 74 46 to 54 76 62 84 s3 90 63 86 72 71 is

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