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Brandon Daily Sun (Newspaper) - February 13, 1917, Brandon, Manitoba Of Interest to Women ECONOMISTS Economists say that th© Ital! of an apple, A carrot or two, and a ham-bone >24 ult** An ounce of oatmeal and a square inch of scrapple, W ill keep us alive*—on a quarter a < i a > . They say we’ll grow fat on this sort ol a diet, And though it is far from our wish to !>e rude, We wish to reply that we wish they would try it— I'or our part, we'd rather have foot!! Keo nom isis say we could bring down expenses My cutting oui overcoats, mufflers and such; Some day, they opine, we will come to our senses And not wrap our forms up in clothing so much. Well, they may go strolling in bathing attire. Whenever they please th lough a mid win lei storm; Or even wear nothing, if so they desire, I hi! we would far rather keep warm. Pure Jam Apple and Raspberry, and Apple and Strawberry,    AC#* Tuesday ape!, tin .... I Extra large fey Prunes 21bs for ........ Peanut Butter • Squirrel*’ brand, Lb Lombard Plums    OC#* two tins for ......Cvv New Bulk Dates 21bs for........ Good Creamery Butter 4 QC albs for........ I 35c 25c 35c REID’S GROCERY Phone 292. 639 Rosser Avenue California Asparagus Tips Small green tips, packed im medial cly after being cut, thereby retaining its natural delicacy 35c and flavor. per tin .. .. .. SWEET POTATOES— Packed ai Libby*s model vegetable canneries — and guar- anteed.    2QC per tin .. .. Dowling & Reed r30 Rosser Ave. Phone 32 A Dandruff Why put un with this dis agreeable trouble when a few applications each week of Hirsutone will quickly remove it. This delightful toilet preparation cleans the scalp and stops all itchings. Ii also strengthens and helps tile growth of the hair, making it soft and lustrous. Price 50c and $1.00. Hutching’s Drug Store 658 Tenth Street Phone 776 I Fresh Candy Direct from the Factory to you For many years the name— NEILSON’S •—lias stood for confectionery quality. Another thing just as important as quality is freshness. We receive weekly shipments of these delicious chocolates and we can guarantee the fresiiness as well as quality. Price per lb. 50c, 60c, 75c. MacFee’s DRUG STORES The Strand— 129 Tenth St. Phone 1070 Red erose — 606 Roster Avs Phone 424 We can get along on the precepts they set for us; Half-starved and half-frozen we still will survive. Put not an economist offers to get for us A thing that repays us for being alive. We know w'e’ll exist on a few thousand calories, But what a big hit these good people would make. Ii only they d show' us some way that our salaries Would now and then buy us a steak! * • • REBEKAH SOCIAL Naomi Rebekah Lodge No 6 I.O.O.F, will give a social and whist drive on the evening of Ternary 19th, to celebrate their ninth birthday. A cordial invitation is extended to all. * * • SEWING BEE A sewing meeting and tea for St. Anne’s Society will be held on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Shea, 530 Sixth street, from 2:30 to five o’clock. * e e GIRLS FORM 203rd AUXILIARY Mrs. R. A. Clement met a number Monday evening to form a Girls’ Auxiliary 203rd. The purpose of this auxillary is to knit wristlets for the soldiers. The following officers were elected: President, Miss Mere© Smith; vice-president, Miss Nellie McLay; secretary, Miss Violet to Shoupe; treasurer, Miss Leila Baker; knitting. etc., Miss Gwen Pierson. • * * SUCCESSFUL SOCIAL A most successful apron social was held under the auspices of the Sir .lames Whitney Chapter I. O. D. E.. North Brandon, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Grant on Monday, April 5th. The sum of $07 was netted. There were a large number of ladies present and a most enjoyable time was spent. The ladies of the chapter are particularly grateful to the non members who contributed to the success of tho evening. coe CENTRAL SCHOOL CONCERT After months of training, the pupils of Central school will present the operetta Robin Hood and King Richard in the Opera House on Thursday and Friday, 15th and 16th. Some sixty pupils will take part, including nine principal characters and a chorus of forty voices. The story of the play is fascinating alike to old and young. Elaborate costumes and careful training should provide a program which will please every person. The proceeds are in aid of the Central School Patriotic Fund. You're Bilious! Clean Liver and Bowels Tonight Don t Stay Headachy, Sick or Have Bad Breath and Sour Stomach Wake Up Feeling Fine! Best Laxative for Men, Women and Children Everything FOR THE BABY Baby foods, fresh and good, the best makes at popular prices. Baby Bottles, Nipples, Toilet Powder Puffs, Baby Medicines, e1c. Kennedy’s The House of Qual it? 724 Rosser. Opp. Woolworth'* Bring your prescriptions here ST. VALENTINE S SOCIAL The Girls Club of St. Augustine’s church is giving a social this evening in the Catholic Hah, which wiil take the form of a Valentine s party. An enjoyable evening is promised. a--a splendid program has been arranged. A cordial invitation is extended to all. ST. MATTHEWS AUXILIARY Any ladies who wish to help with church work are invited to come to St Matthew’s Auxiliary meeting, to he held on Wednesday at 3.30 o’clock in the crypt of the church. The’ host-**sses for th eafternoon will be Mrs. Pickett and Mrs. Higgins. * • • RED CROSS CARD PARTY Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Paterson, cor. of Louise and Fourteenth street, have kindly lent their home to the Red Floss Society for a card party, on Monday evening, February 19th. • • •    * ST. VALENTINE'S TEA What promises to be a most successful table tea will be held in the Sunday    school    room    of    St Paul’s church    on    Wednesday    by the    St. Paul’s Willing Workers. * * * SILVER TEA Mrs. P. Payne is giving a tea at her residence 458 Twelfth street on Sat-* u rd ay afternoon from 3.30 to 6.00, in aid of St Matthew's Guild. * • * GRAND CONCERT A grand concert is being arranged for Friday, March 2nd, to be held in the’ Brandon Normal school auditorium, under the direction of Mr. F. Anglin, the profcpeds of which will be given to the different, patriotic societies in the city. Ti 111 it i Hi ii iii 11 ii iii H H11 filii 111111111 ilii I iii S Drs. Bolton and Elliott have commenced their duties on the staff of the Brandon * ^ieral Hospital. Mr. Donald Campbell, of Regina, was a visitor here over the weekend at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Elssle-moot Tenders for tile supplies to the Brandon General Hospital for the coming year must be in by this evening. Carpenters are proceeding with the* framework en houses that were started on Princess avenue east before the freeze-up AU the foundations and cement basement work was finished last fail. Secretary Pearce, of the Winnipeg Returned Soldiers’ Association, is a visitor to the city today en route for a trip west. The heating plant at the Fraternal! has been renovated at a cost of about $150. The place is now quite comfortable. Mieses Hilda Trotter and Edna Maxwell are leaving this afternon for Rapid City, where they will be the guests of Mrs. George Rimland for a few days. ALLEGED MURDERER DISPOSED OF PROPERTY Windsor, Ont., Feb. 13. — James Steward, alias Wm. Anderson, alleged murderer of Marshall Jackson, of Winnipeg, who will stand trial in March, has disposed of all his earthly possessions. He has willed his diamond scarf pin to a sister, Margaret Ashworth of Evansville, Ohio; a small savings hank account deposited in a Des Moines, Iowa, bank, to another sister,! of Travers City, Mich.; a valuable travelling clock to Inspector of Police Mortimer Wigle, of Windsor; a rain coat to Fred Stew’ani, his night guard at Sandwich jail. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Robertson, 226 Seventh street, left today for Winnipeg. Mr. Robertson will attend the annual Optical convention to he held in that city. Every available bricklayer in the city is at present engaged on outside work. It is said that there will be plenty of work for all building trades this coming season. Ald. Bullock is on a trip west but. is expected to be hack in time for the next regular meeting of the City Council, when the fuel bylaw will again come up for re-consideration. The senior girls of the Fleming school will hold a St Valentine ten-eetit tea at the school on Thursday, February 15th, between the hours of four and six o'clock. The proceeds will be for patriotic purposes. GERMANY’S WAR LOAN Amsterdam, Feb. 13.—A telegram has been received from Berlin saying the payments of the fifth German vs ar1 loan have brought the total payments • on the five war loans to 47,200,OOO,OOO marks. Of this sum 899,000,000 marks • j was subscribed through loan banks. The Street Railway Department started a gang working at the removal of the snow from the South end railway tracks on Saturday morning. Women in that section of the city are satisfied that the cars will be running soon . After being confined at the Brandon General Hospital for many weary months, Robert Rollaway, a wellknown local labor leader, is about again. He will, however, continue to visit the hospital daily for some time to come. I HEAD STUFFED FROM % CATARRH OR A COLD 4    - J J Says Cream Applied in Nostrils t + Opens Air Passages Right Up, 4* Instant relief—no waiting. Your clogged nostrils open right up; the air passages of your head clear and you can breathe freely. No more hawking, snuffling, blowing, headache, dryness. No struggling for breath at night; vour cold or catarrh disappears. Get a small bottle of Ely’s Cream Balm from your druggist now. Apply ii little of this fragrant, antiseptic, healing cream in your nostrils. It penetrates through every air passage of the head, soothes the inflamed or swollen mucous membrane and relief comes instantly. It's just fine. Don’t stay stuffed-up with a cold or nasty catarrh. Extra Good Prices Will be Paid for Men’s Second Hand Suits Call or phone 1081. S. KISNER 155-157 Ninth street. Phone 1081 Its Service Enjoy life! Remove the liver and bowel poison which is keeping your head dizzy, your tongue coated, breath offensive, and stomach sour. Don’t stay bilious, sick, headachy, constipated and full of cold. Why don’t you get a box of Cascaras from the drug store and eat one or two tonight and enjoy the nicest, gentlest liver and bowel cleansing you ever experienced. You will wake up feeling fit and fine. Cas-carets never gripe or sicken like salts, pills and calomel. They act so gently that you hardly realize you have taken a cathartic. Mothers should give cross, sick, bilious or feverish children a whole Cascaret any time—they act thoroughly and are harmless. ★    CURLING    ★ **********+****★★* Tho games in the camp hell competition have started off with a swing. Many decisions were arrived at in the course of the roarin’ time at the Brandon Curling Club’s rink on Monday night. The Pierson, Smale and Scott rinks completely annihilated their opponents. Seven septettes went down to defeat, and the only game where both rinks had anything like a sporting chance was that between Campbell and Marshall, the latter proving victorious to the tune of 14—9. The results were as follows: Knapp IO: Foster 6. Pierson IO; Robertson 0. Smale IO; Henderson 0. Hatcher 14; A. McDonald 4. Baird ll; McDiarmid 4. Marshall 14; Campbell 9. Tonight’s Draws, 7:15 Rev. Nichol vs. Capt. Rigg. Crozier vs. Melhuish. Hurst vs. Wheeldou. 9:00 O’clock Dowling vs. Clarke. Privates Stewart and Gray arrived in Winnipeg last night The former decided to remain in Winnipeg for a couple of days, while Gray was understood to he leaving for Brandon with the midnight train. George Stordy i went to the station at three o’clock this morning to meet Gray, but the re I turned soldier did not arrive. A joint meeting of the military officers in the city, the Veterans’ Asso-j elation and the Citizens’ Recruiting League, will be held In the Council Chamber, City Hall, on Thursday evening next. The object will be to devise ways and means of stimulating voluntary recruiting in this city and district. City Clerk Brown will not go with the deputation appointed to go before the Law Amendments Committee next Thursday in Winnipeg. He declined on the ground that he thought the delegation was excessive. Those who will go are Mayor Cater and Aldermen Fletcher and McKenzie. Mr. John Inglis will go to Winnipeg on behalf of the Brandon Hospital Board. Scene from "The Martyrdom of Philip Strong,” a Drilliant, adaptation of Ch as. M. Sheldon’s novel, being shown at the Strand. Wednesday and Thursday of this week. That Counts in a Tea Room, That’s why the Lyceum Found immediate Favor— Service in a Tea Room and Ice’ Cream Parlor consists of a number of things, all of which go to make up an atmosphere of home-like refinements The food served, the way it is served—the music, the politeness of those in charge, the room appearance, even the air you breathe —> mean service. Money can’t buy it. Service is a part of every firm’s personality Fair patrons proclaim our service perfect. Norman Ayerst Prop. bid Rosser Avenue. . Full assortment of Patterson chocolates An Advance Shipment of— New Spring Coats and Suits has just arrived and will be displayed tomorrow—Prices are less than you expected to pay. THE STO HE OE SUPERIOR SERVICE | F. PEARCE I SE 827 Princess Ave. Phone 63C. (Opp City Hall) S Is and always has been Bran- EE SS dons Leadirg Ladies’ Tailor See bim about your Spring SE SS Suit.    ~ J. r<llllllillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllr MOVING -TO- 828 Rosser Ave. End of this month. 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