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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Sep 30 1963, Page 4

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - September 30, 1963, Brainerd, Minnesota 4 Brainerd daily dispatch min monday september so 196.1 the Brainerd daily dispatch continuing the weekly dispatch founded in 1891 published evening except sunday and six Legal holidays n brain erd Crow Wing county Minnesota by the Brainerd dispatch newspaper company the official newspaper of Crow Wing county second claw postage paid at Brainerd Minn. Member of the associated fress the associated press is exclusively entitled to the use tor republication of a1 news dispatches credited to it or riot otherwise credited of this paper and also the local news published herein All rights of publication of special Chapati bes herein Are also reserved h f Mccollough publisher w j. Mccollough co pub Sher in d w Emerson editor Gerald l Thome. Advertising manager Duane m it Arcotte. Classified manager Lawrence Holman. Circulation manager subscription rates by mall in Crow Wing. Cag a to n Todd Morrison. Mille i aes and Wadena counties. Sio cd a per year $5 lit for 6 months 13 00 for 3 months. for i month by Nail in Minnesota but outside above counties $1100 per veal. $6 25 for 6 months $3 25 tor 3 months $1.25 for i month outside Minnesota. $14 of Oer sear single copies to cents by Carrier delivery in it Rinerd. 40 cents per week. Today in history in Washington aftermath of a Senate vote by Ralph de Toledano president Kennedy won Ratific a the associated press ton of the treaty of Moscow on i of a is monday. Sept to the nuclear testing but with the vote 273rd Dav of 1963 there Are 92 he a.s0 revived a very Large to if you Are missed by your dispatch Carrier please Call 82 9-3593 for delivery Days left in the year. Today s highlight in history on this Date in 1846, or. William Morton a a Boston dentist a made the first successful use of Ether in the extraction of Teeth. Four years earlier however or. Crawford Long of Jefferson. First used Ether As an aesthetic. Morton spent the rest of his life in a futile Effort to gain enumeration for his discovery. On this Date in 1619. The Baronetage of Ireland was instituted in 1787 he 212-ton ship. Columbia Boston on the voyage that was to make it the first a american vessel to sail around the world. I in 1882 Nus. In political terms he demonstrated that the Senate Republican leadership is in his pocket. Those in the know have been aware of this for some time. But in the past weeks the display has been Public. Their is considerable agreement Plantation might be found for it. But this is an old Story. It has never been reported but it is categorically True that these two leaders of the Republican minority have done their Best to frustrate Washington news briefs Washington a in the news from Washington negro voting negroes do not vote in a bloc says one of efforts of their colleagues to keep a r Laders Roy Wilkins the Cuba Issue alive and to try to i a a they la vote for anybody who Force the administration to come to the Aid of the tragic Little Island. The attitude of the cop leadership was Quot we wont try to Stop you but you get no help from least one who needs senator Dirk sends help on other matters the Point was obvious. The first hydroelectric private Industry proves ability on nuclear Power a few years ago there was a great Deal of talk concern ,. Ing the need for a government a crash program to hasten Valr ii e Pic ip�?~1�?~ j m that two Republican senators since those involved included at might have blocked ratification. Senator Dickson is minority Leader and As such has a Small amount of patronage at his disposal. He is also the cop spokesman in the up popular Republican Leader the ppr body. Senator Bourke Hucken Senate has known. His form of Ora Looper is ranking Republican on1 tory amusing at first for its Over la the House Senate atomic Energy j blown periods bores after a while. Committee. And. More important he is chairman of the Senate Republican policy committee will treat them Wilkins said sunday and added that members of this race favor reelection of president Kennedy because he Quot is doing something for Wilkins executive Secretary the National association for of de today by a congressional com Mittee. The total was 2,515,008 at end of the month. The former . Senator from Maine Dies at 88 Portland Maine apr a Frederick Hale 88, Republican . Senator from Maine for 241 years before his retirement in 1041, died saturday after a Long illness. Hales father Eugene j served in the Senate from 1881 to 1 1911. Hale was born in Detroit. Advancement of coloured people senator Dirksen is not the most was interviewed on a non network television program a youth wants to he seems to have no concept of his role or that of a minority. When the chips Are Down he usual both of these Gap leaders work in has left the game. For the and of sen. Barry Coldwater a possible Republican presidential candidate Wilkins said there would Art editor Dies new York apr Bruce bar the ton jr., 41, Art editor of time Magazine died saturday. He was the son of Bruce Barton honorary chairman of the advertising firm of Batten. Barton Durstine and1 Osborn and former Republican representative in Congress from ii Manhattan. Be Quot great apprehension among negroes if the arizonan brought Ai Vui it in. N i. A m i i into the White House certain views Power station in the i United St ites de lovingly to win ratification of ministration this is All to the Good expressed in his Book Quot the Conche Moscow treaty. Or. Dirksen particularly when it divides the science of a had shown himself so supine in i cop. But among the younger re was opened at Appleton. Wis. In pm. British prime minister Winston Churchill declared the res i i c a a a a i Wilkins attributed to Coldwater i the past that no one expected him publican senators there is a Good the jew hat states. Right a oration of czechoslovak a it free a Ltd a a Kenedy on Tould Lake precedence Over fed j. U i but his colleagues believed that he they have begun to whisper that. ,.would simple cast a favourable Vole the time has come for a revolt. Quot l onion jho.,m i to a and let it go at that. And with so few republicans in the a Quot a a a Tutu it a hould Iet t0 in i9.4. The first atomic powered a Ain a i the states the production of economical electric Power from nuclear i sources. This said the scheme s proponents was the Only vessel in the . Navy a the 0n the contrary or d Fyksen a Senate it would not take Many was the Challenge could he met private Enterprise in the submarine Nautilus a was form aided and abetted by a. He to woes to oust or. Durksen from his Power Field it was assumed just did t have the resources ally comm stoned. Pm up Quot a an vend of quo Republic. Off. But if senator Coldwater wins or the will to tit t in huge Job Dwight. I its big or announced Isno Quot strength Gam a treaty the nomination and then sweeps. Which most of the Senate Cor highly dubious a but sup a Dirksen a Days As minority Leader and with Good reason plex Industrial Art. Spurred by the investor owned Utility a of 7ustlye of the toted stat Quot ported s0 As not t0 Embarrass the May suddenly end. Heating failure Well. We Don t hear much about such a program today. Gnu Unver mom o the Senate consid. In a new crop of republicans or. Re his intention to designate gov. For Progress in this new and com., r. A a erect. Earl Warren of Ca Tornia As 14th . Beef Justice of the United states a a. I Industry and the electrical equipment manufacturers work to succeed the late Fred Vinson Presk ent of the United states. My in Clote cooperation with the atomic Energy commit five years ago. Secretary a haps ,h5 j0 a a Jas Pentagon has Sion has exceeded past expectations this is especially True of state John Foster Dulles said Festal on 0 lengths to who 9 of the Steps taken to solve one of the most vexing problems the United states favored reduce that is to bring the Overall costs of nuclear Power Gen my nationalist forces on Quemoy ration Down to a Point where Thev Are comparable to those in return for chinese communist of generation from conventional fuels. Jujj committee. Upon tuesday for All the generals new projects of one kind or another Are constantly be and i bad precedent land admirals and 27,000 other per ing undertaken. To take a current example in late july the one year ago. Oxford one staff member who owes his sons who work there. Public service company of Colorado entered into a two miss., was the scene of rioting Job t0 senator Hickenlooper stated the steam Plant Isnit working year research and development program for the design of after several Hundred . Mar flatly that he could not provide it broke Down with a Mechanic a 250.000-kilowatt nuclear Power Plant other sponsors of Bals escorted a negro student j material from the files to re pub Cal failure sometime the program include a group of Midwest Mountain and urn6 h. Meredith to his i bean senators because Campus residence following reactor what would a p-1 pen if a missile borne nuclear reactor plunged into the sea after a launching failure atomic Energy commission scientists Are going to try a realistic test to find out. Instead of the Ocean they will use a water tank inside a building on the Idaho desert sometime in november. A 750-Pound reactor will be in Western Region investor owned Utility companies. Advance cd technology will be Analysed and incorporated in the ppstratl0n at state study. The goal is to produce knowledge which will serve Slva the Long term interest of the customers and the regions. Served by these companies. Pm 0 brings disabled so the Story goes. The nation Over. Some nuclear plants plane to Safe Landing ale in operation some Are being built some Are in the Blue new Vork apr a i print stage some Are being studied one by one. The in a a after the wheel brakes failed oui i Advance. These great achievements in very Large part. Must no an emergency Landing and not to first revealing remark of brought the plane to a Safe halt i this sort he has made. Gestation of the lengths to which the Dirksen Hickenlooper team went was in refusing to let re pub bean senators see research mater Washington apr there la to a lit bombardment Ial from the Des of their pm a by be a coolness around the Penta merged in the tank and deliver lately destroyed while the scientists watch from a test building i it Miles away. The test is to help determine whether the world s first satellite saturday s i n g nuclear powered instr this would night an officer said. That Means ments can be launched As his establish a bad precedent and an no heat no hot water and no hot planned next year men past 40 troubled with getting up nights pains in Back hips legs tiredness loss of vigor if you Are a victim of these syrup Toms then your troubles May be traced to glandular inflammation glandular inflammation is a constitutional disease and medicines that give temporary Relief will not remove the causes of your troubles. Neglect of glandular inflammation often leads to premature senility and incurable conditions. The past year men from 1.000 communities have been successfully treated. They have found soothing Relief and improved health. Univer a tag ooze the precise food just cold rations. J possible Hazard to in what the function of the Senate they re hoping the steam Plant Republican policy committee is trouble will be Over by tuesday. Remains a mystery in View of this without any the Public. Rectal Colon Art often associated Witt glandular inflammation. Reducible hernia it set Nanfelt to a mild Nan surgical treatment. Any of to Tiara disorders May a treated at the same time yes Ara receiving glandular i Flamma Hen treatments. Goldwater sen. Barry Coldwater in an apparent change the Excelsior medical clinic has a new free Book that tells How these troubles is v be corrected by proven non surgical treatments this Book Mav prove of utmost importance in your life. Use Coupon below. No obligation. Put comment. Obviously not to bring publisher Dies of mind has decided to make a any distress or after dinner Flat a Bowling Green Ohio a speech oct. 29 in new Hamp Lence to the majority a if the staff a Claude m. Haswell 62. Publish Shire where the nation s first t o member is to be believed. And Beer of the daily Bowling Gren j presidential primary election is know is become the know is As the frontiers of know ledge after the wheel brakes failed Dur Bevel be should be since this is sent Mel to Bune. Died saturday j scheduled in 1964 a Quot a of a heart attack. Haswell Hadj Coldwater has previously Indi Ben publisher since the death idea ted he would not visit new the Boeing 707 with 76 aboard without any leadership a and turned Back to Idlewild Airport knowing that senators Dirksen and had headed the newspaper since a half hour after it took off for Hickenlooper took a dim View of 1899, he was born in Bowling London sunday. A warning Light Hose who opposed the treaty of Green had signalled trouble in one of the Moscow four engines. Water from r new Frei Book Excelsior medical clinic be chalked up to the credit of private Enterprise trial news review. Indus . Still faces serious problem of Dollar Drain 1955 of his father Alfred who Hampshire this year. Runway put the rain drenched the brakes out of a number of freshmen senators switched Over to the administration Side. A few veterans gave this reason too. Quot you Don t by Sam Dawson Hoard has shrunk in this fashion new York a Dollar Down $2.2 billion in 1958 $1 by 1 claims by other nations exceed lion in 1959 $1.7 billion in 1960 los. Gold and currency reserves $878 million in 1961 and $911 Mil worse these claims Are grow my lion in 1962 so far this year the despite the efforts of this nation Gold loss has been $395 million the world s strongest economically disquieting As the Gold Drain and financially to get its books has been what s worrying Wash closer to balance. And this year a in ton and Many Bankers Here major run on its Gold stocks i and abroad is the buildup of Dol being averted to considerable exp ars and Dollar a aim abroad. Tent by the Good will and sym _ Pathy and self interest of its friends. Aged men face court this fiscal unbalance could go a a deeper than just Hurt Pride. It �r9es a Ter right could Lead to a Hurt Dollar. If unchecked it could end up in a commission and capt. Anthony want us to be one Strong Delaford of British overseas air critic of the treaty said. Quot we be ways corp., wrenched the w Heel got to go along with to the right. The nose wheel cuban Issue snapped off and the plane skidded if this were the first time or. On the struts into soft Sand and Dirksen and or. Hickenlooper act a Safe Stop. Jed in this manner a generous exp a the Gulf Stream flows faster in summer than in Winter. Government employ ment a decline of 3.849 in civilians on the Federal governments payroll during August compared with a month earlier was report i Excelsior medical clinic j i dept. B8490 Excelsior Springs i gentlemen kindly tend meet enc. Zytur new Frei Leek. I am interested in j full information please Check to j in it Nola a rectal celts a clan Cular i i i i in Kier a i address. I a town i i la blow to All the Western world s Structure of finance and Trade. How did the United states get into this fix0 explanation Given in its simplest terms the problem now being thrashed government and banking Here and abroad is this Lexington by. A Henry Gibson charged with breach of peace and John Hill charged with malicious striking were summoned to police court today. Patrolman Harry Robinson said he halted a Brawl Between the Twa men sunday at a private out in borne but the two broke away and circles started the fight again. Robinson said Gibson 87, and for several years especially Hill 94, were beating each other since 1957. The United slates has with walking canes. Gibson was been sending abroad More dollars than it has been getting Back. The steadily mounting piles of foreign held dollars or credits easily turned into dollars now adds up to More than $20 billion by . Law other governments or their Central Banks can turn in their dollars to the . Treasury for Gold at $35 an ounce. And off and on they be been doing just that. The Treasury now has oni it $15 5 billion of Gold Down from $24 billion some years Back. And $12 billion of this hoards earmarked As a Reserve backing . Paper Money. That is Uncle Sam s Gold embarrassment. Balance of payments his trouble arises from a deficit Between outgoing and incoming dollars called the deficit in the balance of payments Hei it is How the deficit has run since 1957 $3.5 billion in 1956, $3 7 billion in 1959 $3.9 billion in i960 $2 4 b lion in 1961 $2 2 billion in 1%2 and this year the deficit has been increasing in the first three months we ran shoo million behind in the next three month $1 3 billion Shore. This made the first half of 1963 about As bad As Alii of 1962. But All along the United states has been exporting More goods than it has been imputing. This is called the balance of Trade. 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