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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1966, Page 4

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - September 26, 1966, Brainerd, Minnesota Brainerd daily dispatch min monday sept. A Imi the Brainerd daily dispatch the we Eri v dispatch aun Aeo in in Rubel ahead every evening except sunday no tites it i Poi Days in a Trainer Crow Wing county Minnesota by the Brainerd dispatch newspaper company the official newspaper of pm wino county Caroon Las 00%tag oath at Brainard. Winn h Hal boy Llu columnist i opens mail new York a things a columnist might never know if he did no to open his mail Winston Churchill was so fond of butterflies he used to order 1 them from Butterfly farms and release them to flutter among his guests at Garden parties. Ever worry that you a be i struck by lightning Well it happens each year to Only about three persons in every million. One reason cow1 look More i contented than people is that 1 they get More pleasure from food you probably have Only about 3,000 taste buds hut a i cow has up to 35,000. No wonder conservationists a of having so much trouble Sav a my California Redwood Trees from saw and a. Each 300-foot tree contains enough lumber to build five houses. Your teen age children May. Want to move to the soviet Union if you Tell them that phone service there costs Only $3 Ai it hurts Mem blk of the associated press the associated press a exclusively entitled to the it to republication of is news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited to this paper end enc the local Newt published herein All rights of publication of special dispatcher herein Are Alto reserved m f Mccollough publisher i w Mccollough. Co publisher Floyd w Emerson editor Gerald c Thorn advertising manager Duane Mercott classified manager Lewrence Holman circulation manager by Mali a in arc Wing. Cass action food Morrison Mille was and Wadena counties Bio of per your 25 for 6 months. S3 of for 3 months. $1 in Tor month am ii in Minnesota but outside Styve counties $11 of per year a 25 for e months $3 25 Tor 3 months to 25 for 1 month outside Minnesota us of per Yeai single copies to cents a Carrier delivery in Brainerd 0 cents per week if you Are missed by your dispatch Carrier please Call the town taxi 829-1595 after 1 15 medicare includes Aid to indigent families in the minds of most americans medicare is a plan to help give medical and Hospital care to persons Over 65 years of age. However there Are some other provisions in the month for an unlimited number Law which As time goes on will come to t he attention local Calls. However there is of the Public More and More. Only we i it hone for a Ery 33 a \ these provisions Are covered by title 19 of the not in the in Ted a Herr medicare Law. The intent of title 19 is to provide pub 45 Orn re. 00 a to a. A a i i. 1 a i quotable notables i nere tic Assa Tance in financing medical care for those Indi Are two shins aim a in i f. Victuals of any age who cannot meet the Cost from their Presti t0 get what you want own resources and after that to enjoy it. Only wide latitude is left to the individual states in in the Wisest of Mankind enjoys Terr station of this provision of medicare. In actual the second a Logan Pearsall practice patterns could be established which could of Smith Fer Public medical care to almost any group. Quot to say Normal weigh nor at its 1966 annual convention the american med a a researchers at Temple Leal association undertook to help state medical Socie in ves to a a a a a of or n i a person s weight deviates from ties in their efforts to see that title 19 programs adhere no a when. Up or Down to congressional intent. The More Likely he is to become the Council of medical service 01 the american hypersensitive and on the defend medical association defined Quot medical indigence a As Sive emotionally basically the inability to pay for medical care. Such in the French sometimes do Lugency Falls into two classifications. One Type is simply things the hard Way for Moth a result of Low income where the individual or family ers to Busy to Takt it thei babies. Outlook of Pron Ornic needs financial assistance to Purchase the Day to Day forecasters earlier this year has in Washington continued from Page i a then his present showing could be attributed to the greater is the Way the Sample divides on political sex Appeal of Liberal age lines. It is always assumed republicanism. But he is not a member of this Republican Camp and in fact Michigan s by the pundits that the older voters�?60 years and above will cast their lot with the More con Republican governor George Serva Tive party and this is True now in Michigan. But what of the Middle group and the younger voters those in the 50-59 year bracket Are split almost 50-50 Between the democratic and the Republican party. The 40-49 year group following the expected trend is More strongly democratic by 53 percent to 47 percent. And the same pattern Romney a Liberal on Many issues. Appointed or. Griffin to fill the Mcnamara vacancy Only because he knew that his own re election would be threatened if he disregarded the leading candidate for the Senate Post. The Detroit news highlights what polls for Many years have shown that the More highly educated voters Are predominantly Republican in their sym roughly is observable in the 30 patties. This knocks Down the 39 year Range. # 1 argument that conservatism and but what of the lowest voting republicanism Are a product of bracket from the standpoint of a know nothing ism a that those age has it gone All out for sen who refuse to accept the Liberal Ator Kennedy so revolution of it Strait jacket Are ignorant yahoos youth is it out to rip Down who Merit no attention from the contemporary institutions As rest of the citizenry. Bobby insists in most of his situation in Michigan May business review inflation hits housewives by John Cunniff learn that the big manufacture new York apr the Fine ers of our Basic products Are drizzle of inflation that dam mow having the same problem for they might resolve their costs in higher consumer prices. Inflation now has become a Basic Issue in almost every than they did during the summer. And compared with a year ago clothing was up substantial in. Ai a Havnen has been developed in i Camel Yea. As . fecs. All this is causing a few argue necessities of life and will become medically indigent p1&Quot p Lyle now become a steady rain. By inflation now has become a ments around the Kitchen table when faced with almost any medical expense. The oth i Pierre m the Cage then hangs Tryone is wet consumer and Basic Issue in almost every after the kids Are in bed. The or Type is the ordinarily self sufficient Middle income the Cage out the apartment win manufacturer worker and pm Home the White House include conclusion often is this a we individual or family which can meet most medical sex Idow but what do the neighbors p,0-ver. De. Need More thus More lenses but can still on occasion be faced with High below think most mph stantly housewives so All pervading is it that Sel pressure is generated on up Cost uninsured intensive care procedures. This group wisecracks of the week Bob ,10w have been a Rasht a the do a Caj you consider the War coming jab0r talks. Is considered medically indigent Only temporarily. Thy Vinton says Highway Speed-1downpour Longet than nearly in let am mistur my As it is and look at what a ahead in addition to providing guidance to state medical it is Are simply trying to commit a Urivi Hen a Flati Narv Impact shame of in 0ctober alone contracts societies that will be of assistance in working out state and Paul Anka Caus it d p .5 have been Impact at Home expire at general electric co., Laws i Munro a Simn Lemon to in title i the Ama be i Eves a Middle age is that the head of this of , our heavy military spending. Work Westinghouse Laws Ana programs implementing Nile la the Ama everyone knows a wet housewife military government con no has established an information Center to collect and p. F is a a r an a i Dinar in Cinocco Una Lohn have 55,000, and Bell Telephone 91, speeches the answer is strongly in the negative. Except for the Over-60 voters the 21-to-29 group is the most strongly republican�?54 percent to 45 percent with i percent undecided. This is a surprising statistic and one the pundits1 might ignore except for the care with which the Detroit news conducts its polls. Soapy Williams embodies All the opinions prejudices and dogmas of the Liberal left. He has preaches civil rights incessantly and when he was assistant Secretary of state for african affairs he ran his office As if it were an adjunct to the a a acc Core and the rest of the civil rights lobby. Yet he has failed to capture the votes of those people who Are reportedly the most passionate advocates of social revolution. If Bob Griffin were a javits Type Republican or if he subscribed to the Kuchel philosophy not be nationwide. But added to other evidence the Phene Monal growth of Young americans for Freedom is but one instance it should give some pause to politicians who believe that today a Young America is wild eyed Radical and sold on the program of the new left. The big Surprise then May be the steady emergence of an articulate and conservative movement among the Young which will eventually change the voting complexion of the United states and restore constitutional government to the nation. Kentucky Oil Henderson by. Apr Henderson county has an exclusive source of Revenue among Kentucky a 120 counties. The county government averages about $100 a month in royalties from Oil taken from under the Ohio River. Transmit information concerning medical assistance Doe her husband Quot rim Andis an an by one no Consolation i suit Sci no Utu i ,300 in Jan the lady 6ar. Either to been competing hard for them Ltd. A programs. I everyone knows that a a two a cooperation of the medical society in implement company three a a but q twing and improving medicare could go a Long Way to the Law says that As few As Donallda i v make All parts of the program successful. Its written in the stars show still three people can also constitute1 a riot. Worth remembering a in placing footprints on the Sands a a i a. Intent worker contract expires nation s available goods and 181,000, and in March the team services and in some instances b the rising Cost of certain prod a a ,. Nets a a reflection of this i aut0 labor contracts Don t Auto labor the e Quot cos t o f i iving Index shows i�.1,0. A a a re these higher prices concentrate of time try not to leave merely the Marks of a i Cynthia Lowry topless evening gowns Arentt Lucky exactly new. Lucrezia Borgia new York apr some As shown in a 1520 painting a season a Bonanza a like the for september 27 project. Realize others watch geared at fetes a Venice with wry Lingler in its Story sunday a a the Wise Man controls his and prestige is at stake. Key is on Brast exposed and Rouge night will find that old age Bas rred ical Bills and so did other women of High i overtaken it and it will have to More this year and medical Bills step Down from its position As went Way up. Back to school the nations most popular Televik Cly thes Cost More in some areas quiet withing Quot personal prof cd a Quot suit Quot p�?T0gram but rom he lems arc resolved. Aid indicated Virgo aug. 23-sept 22v astrological forecast by Sydney Omarr destiny. Astrology Points the Clearing away of Basic tasks. important to Check routine. Fashion of the time. Aries mar 21-apr. 19 if find ways of streamlining meth de in an area disturbing to householders in food for example in items such As milk bread eggs Bacon. The housewife remembers she had been told food prices would drop. She is angry. Moreover vacations Cost looks of things it wont happen this year. The Competition offered by the new Garry Moore show on i lbs. One of the seasons big Dis-1 appointments so far does not on More than their part Wichita. Ran. Apr fire from Young Vita individual. But avoid argument Over trifles. Men no chances when an remember to value your dig a 04 blk a a a ahead. Permit excited caller reported a fire in nity privacy. Refuse to be sex Diate or partner full Freedom a i the 700 Block of Doris Street. P,01ted to Nan Iov Ouke do both the Ca Ler failed to say a ii web Suttel _ Nui Taurus apr. 20-May 20 a. K up 1 01,1 whether it was North dons or loom As much of a threat and social he is enhanced. Domes idl a a South Doris so the fire depart abcs feature film rerun shows tic differences Are brought out a aka j3-. 22 ment dispatcher sent fire trucks i spotty strength depending into open. This is constructive i our views May change Quick. Speeding to both addresses. You Are Able to see and solve it a doa f feel it of. Are being the Call Mas a false alarm. Drawing Power of its stars old problems. Be Frank with Ute a creative thinking does Iep Job shed a the Brainerd daily Dis but More important a Bonan others and with yourself. Suit growth put i Zap has developed a reliable gemini May 21-june 20 i Side of a a lab a de it then of sealed proposals win be received by format and shrewdly uses its maintain sense of dignity. Don t make mean Gaul Gam 1 wac Isis. Wnsso.21 likeable stars who Are now old permit others to Rob you of self Scorpio . 3-nov 21 Una ii Roo p m. Nov. 7th. In Tor the Friend of the fans there is a respect. Advance toward goal hat appears to be opposition i Rie i967 Wodei two door Sedan Story each week that has plenty of fret am Ruhl. A May to Blessing in disguise. Be bidder will be required to take in i ,. Obstacles not As Fatmi Dabic As a. Thiam hint Cam Rad on ,965 my do Ford Sedan of action and you can tune in they appear. Stress Confidence versatile. Udi Ain Nim Nom Cain to detailed 5petitication May be obtained Date any time and catch up re re r a tuna u Pun in ninth a a it a in from Tho run nov with Vav fam ppr c of i determination. Cancer june 21-july 22 ent Money May be subject of Spe an Sivc it a ads on sheriff s car Quot on the envelope example of the shrewd handling i Quot a Rahv Sagittarius nov 22-dec. And accompanied of a certified Check or Cial communication. Be it Ady a in a it How int bidder s Bond in the amount of 5% of the of the whole series. The classic for Surprise. Study alternative h your rut i. Is to be Bright Arnou it of the bid. Payable to the county recipe for a Good Western is to _ / i _ avoid Netty notions Over treasurer of Crow Wing county . Don t feel you Are a t a the i Flat is reserved to reject any or Start with a fight and end with a stuck with but one course there come tendency to be envious All bid and to waive any irregularities build for yourself. Then Success a old but the heat already is on. In Many areas of the Economy there is a dearth of credit available and the goods Arentt always there either. Neither Are the guideposts present to restrain wages and prices. But demand seems to be present. In theory nothing now can Stop labor from demanding a wage increase and business from seeking a Price Rise. And in trip action fashion one frequently sets off the other. Congratulations p. J. Quot Pule Quot Johnson first in group insurance sales production among the 60 Minnesota salesmen for Tho month of August. Life a business a Home car Federated Ini Urbanci message. Need to m Ith cur from the county Highway Engineer s of c p up muh Cut pc 3t the Curf hous. At Brainerd. I quickly with the plot. Events. Study your paper Minne of. I sunday Nichte stale w valid anew pc All bids must be sealed identified Oun Uay in Agni s Idle m Edilu to 11 it i Hsu. Or in i--4 Are others. Find them Leo july 23-aug. 22 Capricorn dec 22 Jan Iii relatives neighbors occur new York apr monsters by much of your attention. Sex Are prowling the seas off . Change thoughts ideas. Today in history by the associated press today is monday sept. 26, the the Quality of the movie and the 269th Day of 1966. There Are 96 Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1789, George Washington appointed Edmund Randolph the first attorney general of the United states. On this Date in 1918, the United states ship Tampa was torpedoed off the coast of England with the loss of 118 lives. In 1934, the luxury liner Queen Mary was launched at Glasgow Scotland. In 1941, the military police corps became a separate unit of the army. In 1945, emperor Hirohito called on Gen. Douglas Macar As a Fine big fight a and just throw prob dated at Brainerd Minnesota sept. 12, lems at the heroes in Between. Knish a usso Ciu is won e source a Einer r Anderson a a Bonanza did just that Start a a"1 jul Crow Wing county Minnesota 1 in8 with a slugging match be educated sea monsters 19 relatives neighbors occur published7nthe Brainerd daily did tween lltl1 a c0uple of thur in Tokyo. Patch sept i t9 ,26, 1966. 3t. Real mean Trail hands. In 1954, a japanese ferry boat you re county0oftrow Wing he was saved in the Nick of capsized in a typhoon killing. A. Or n District court time by an old hand on the Pon shores in growing numbers. As chive numerous suggestions. Be ninth judicial District hemp a Ftp up i,.ct Kermit Thiesse and Mildred Thiesse. Uci Usa no Artel do years just Hilt wife. As joint tenants and not As ten Wasny tas Good on the Trail As he ants in common plaintiffs a a Iron and steel Institute Man it aquarius Jan 20-feb. 18. The Cameron Iron Ore company a min Abc s Telephone hour in its israeli positions of these steel monsters called Check belongings. You can mul Nesotas corporation and an other persons Jep be nout in to. Psi anti positions. A. A f a unknown claim no any right title estate a cml shape was a documentary sets by study of Tine interest or Lien in estate de Tho for fit Al of described in steel ways Maga a discriminating Zine published by american by choose Wise 1,172 persons aboard. Ten years ago israeli forces attacked jordanian positions in retaliation for Arab attacks on As.5 drilling barges by Oil men a Tilv Mere or Lien in the real Esmaie a Flint pc ill the of have Learned a variety it tricks print. Means look for hidden of in he complaint herein defend Yuma do lae music Restiva at since their introduction some port Unity. Today you come up summons to e of Italy recently provid years ago. Math valid answers. If you be an f0pp0rtun, Tel a the v f Vul one Type math steel legs Astare curious you i a d pacf1 0< Vuu Are hereby sum composer Guin cat to Kennedy s Appeal Foi the Lime tall As a 30-Storv building can Pisces Quot Fob. 19-mar, 20 i acceptance of a treaty five years ago a soviet for eign minister Andrei Gromyko,.j speaking to the . General Assembly rejected president you i i a i Uii i licjr.5 cd i t is i in by c i inc v i i i i. I f a plaint which complaint has been filed in together Tine musicians the office of the clerk of the District both strip of the at inter Means court in the above county and state 0010 shoes of the Atlantic from i ending nuclear tests and one year ago the the communists Abc has postponed its a stage two americans. Contu South word that had executed Wade to work another is built of of control emotions so it can stand in 175 feet personal events. a a 11 Nult a. N within Twenty 20 Days after the service toss in some Tine music As Viet Cone radio in water and Drill. Another was you can be in Drivers seat., 0t this summons upon you exclusive of i u it u v drilling off the California coast know this and respond Accord d8y of such service if to 11 vids a colourful pleasant Viet Nam broadcast won a a ,. I do so judgment by default will be taken hour in 350 feet of mater recently ing y. Cycle High. Circum against you for the Relief demanded in these Oil rigs Are part of a stances turn in your Quot Oas Ber 7 to 167�?� broadcast of an original my worldwide Fleet of 160, most of Ryan Ryan amp Ebert a Oroa cast it an original my a 1 i i a i u 1 by Richard c Ebert which Are operating off Loui of today is your birthday. Richard c Ebert Texas California and you attract persons to you with 2l,70soe>4sth,Streeta, offs it problems. You have Knack Brainerd Minnesota. A it a i Irvin ctr in cup nismo u0i�?zmn or Rathe same title As in the summons in called where it s at. The Oil Industry is spending Jot helping underdog. Develop med utely preceding this Quot notice of lit Well Over $100 million for -m1. This and your own life becomes up Quot a Quot in.0 r f i notice is hereby Given that an Mobile barges. Some of the units full meaningful. Siana Alaska. Sical a Olympus 7-0000,�?� scheduled for wednesday and will show instead a musical revue a a California has the tallest of All living things the coast redwoods and the oldest known bristle one Pines. Action has Benn commenced in this courtly the above named plaintiffs against the above named defendants the object of e i which s to obtain a judgment that the contain up to 8.000 tons of steel. Cost As much As $7.5 million to general tendencies c y c build and up to $15,000 a Day to High for Pisces. Aries. Tau-1 Haj deter Tea pm Psi Sloper ate. Rus. Special word to Sagit de if1 Crew Wing county state of min a Tarius give special attention and �ach8nof them have no estate Quot in to Domestic problem. It can be ,wi5&Quot"qteof�?Tnorlhweti solved if you Are sincere. Quarter it so 4 of nw>4 and West the once mighty to order Sydney Omarro a 50-1 northwesfeqmrt5rafw- sersi.3 Booklet. A the i Ruth about Yew 4section thir Yawo 32reforestation in Lebanon Rome a Cedars of Lebanon May grow Page again. The food and agriculture Send 50 cents to organization says Lebanon is Booklet in care of this the second year of Large scale newspaper Box 3240, grand Pine and Cedar plantings aimed Central station new York . At reforestation. 110017. J township forty five 45range thirty 30 dated september 7, 1966. Ryan Ryan amp Ebert by Richard c Ebert Richard c. Ebert attorneys for plaintiffs 217 so. 4th Street a rained Minnesota. Mon Santo Vinyl siding the Quot Only Quot Way to build a maintenance free a guaranteed 26 years Call us for free demonstration Brainerd aluminium co. Phone 829-9390 823 Washington Street when you pack a first Bank Check Book first National Bank member Federal Deposit insurance corp. 320 so. 6th St. Downtown Brainerd

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