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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives May 8 1939, Page 4

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - May 8, 1939, Brainerd, Minnesota It once again Waves of fantastic rumours Are sweeping the country As they do from time to time. From Mouth to Mouth pass these Nasty Little stories growing in viciousness with each repetition. Sometimes they Are the result of Mere malice and misspent time and Energy. Sometimes they Are deliberately planted and spread by professional whisperer for a Price or for some despicable end. Such an organization of professional Rumo mongers was exposed not Long ago in new York. These whispering campaigns sweep the country every so often. Easy to recall Are the Story about Warren g. Harding when he was a candidate for the presidency a lie doubtless deliberately spread though even his official political opponents denounced both the rumours and its whisperer. Everybody knows the old Chestnut about the Leper in the tobacco factory though thousands of thoughtless people swallowed it and at one time it was furtively whispered across the land. Everybody has heard the apocryphal department store stories about the dress sent out on approval and used As a shroud returned and re sold. This crops up every so often in various cities never with the slightest bit of proof or even evidence. Probably most of these rumours Are simply propagated by a Type of person who likes to hear the flapping of his Mouth and is entirely thoughtless of the misery and worry and grief that he or she May cause. Unfortunately As much can not be said of the latest Rumor to Fly evilly about and Perch on any shoulder that neglects to Brush it off. It concerns refugees from Europe and it comes at a time when with legislation under consideration about admitting such refugees it is More than possible that it is being deliberately spread. With local variations it runs to the effect that some Large establishment mercantile or manufacturing is firing wholesale its old employees to make room for a flood of european refugees. This Story has been thoroughly investigated in Pittsburgh and elsewhere and found to be without the slightest foundation. In fact anyone who thinks about it for even a moment must see that it can not be True on any Large scale for the total num Ber of refugees admitted thus far is not great enough to cause the conditions attributed to a single situation. But that does not Stop the irresponsible people who thoughtlessly repeat the stories. Now if Ever we must think and be Cool and Calm. There is Good reason to believe that stories like this one Are being deliberately circulated by people interested in stirring up feeling against refugees. Whether this is True or not it is certainly the part of Wisdom to take All such stories with a Grain of Salt when one hears them and certainly never to pass them on unless one has definite reason to believe them True. Done to be Gullible. Now As never before we americans need to weigh consider and investigate everything we hear. # a a a Posy for Alf few men have had a worse Licking in a presidential race taken it with better Grace and looked better afterwards than Alf Landon of Kansas. Speaking purely of the political race one might almost say of Alf Landon As Shakespeare said a nothing in his life became like the leaving nothing of Landon a splendid record As governor became him quite so much As his admirable spirit since his defeat for the presidency in 1936. The real innate Caliper of the Man has been amply shown by his Complete Lack of any a grudge spirit a and his obvious and simple Devotion to his country even though his one time rival with Many of whose policies he does not agree is running it. Landon accepted with real Grace his appointment As a Delegate to the pan american conference and served without rancor making friends for the United states and commanding the admiration of those who met him. His recent statement on foreign policy even though he does not completely agree with the president is another evidence of his admirable Devotion to our common country. A Posy for Alf Landon a Man whom defeat could not sour in who disappointment could Only bring out More strongly his Many admirable qualities. A a we souvenir Hunters there is something deep in the american character that makes us All irrepressible souvenir Hunters. No other people is so completely the slave of the pilfered poster the appropriated Ash tray. This is a curious thing. We begin As Mere children. By the time we Are of College age we Are hauling Home anything it a Quot american night for the nuke and ditches of Windsor Center when they recently visited a part photoplay House with Lames Roosevelt right so of the president and William bullitt left. U. S. A mint. Sudor to France. The Royal exile and his american wife Are reported planning to attend the new York world s fair rom a Barber pole to a Man Hole cover. And we never get Over when we Are doddering around at 86, we come Home from . Conventions with hotel towels and embossed cakes of soap. So it is not surprising to see that Road signs directing visitors to the new York worlds fair Are being pilfered wholesale by people whose idea of a Good time is to go Home with 18-Inch steel plates saying a a world a fair 18 a the French they Are a funny race a ran the old song. But your real too per cent american he a a card. Tho enemy has treated us worse than cattle pigs dogs. Shame on traitors. A Generalissimo Chiang Kai Shek. If we Are to maintain the civilization we must have More and More discovery in natural Law. A Herbert Hoover. So they say forced to razor surgery by gun Iron horse reaches end of Long run United we can withstand the world. Divided we Are weak. A Adolf Hitler speaking to German people. A a a it seems pretty Clear that Confidence is the key to that measure of recovery on which everything hangs. Is. Clay Williams tobacco magnate. A serial Story mrs. Doc by Tom Horner copyright. 1039, Nea service. Inc. The character and situations this Story Are wholly fictional. A a yesterday Alan derides at the last moment not to go to St. Lien use his fun Trinh need him. Polly is furious. As Aion leaves for the Hospital she rails Urie Kane tells him she is Lenv Init Altin that she wants him to Rome Down at a Nee chapter Xiii of Emily had expected her Blunt statement to Surprise Erie she was not disappointed. A a you re doing what a he shouted Over the wire. A a in a leaving Alan she repeated. A a in la explain when you get a but i can to leave the dam now Emily. Things Are in bad shape Here. The water is rising a a please the Appeal in her voice could not be denied. A you Are the Only person i could turn to. I need a Well. All right til be there within an tout it was almost two hours before she let him in the door wet and dripping. His clothes his boots were mud spattered. There were dark circles under his eyes As if he had not slept for nights. The moment he saw her All the love he had tried so hard to put from him claimed him again. She was so Small so helpless so forlornly alone. Her eyes were red from weeping but she managed a wry smile As he took her hands. Erie wanted to enfold her in his arms Comfort her Tell her of his love. Instead he said a just what is this All about what a this about your leaving Alan a he tried to make his voice sound Stern matter of fact. A a it a True a Emily answered. A i am leaving. Ill go Back to St. Louis then to Reno. I can to go on a what happened Emily Why this sudden decision done to Rush into anything you la regret a i know what in a doing and i wont regret it Erie. Alan turned Down the Chance to go to St. Louis tonight. Wired or. Peterson that he was staying in Sumner. Well in a not a Emily a eyes blazed. A a it a been wrong Ever since i came Here. You saw Only a Little of it while you were Here its been like that for a year a self pity welled up within her. Erie listened understandingly while she poured out her Story of that hateful year a year of loneliness and discontent. Try As he would to defend Alan a actions Erie found himself admitting that Emily a decision was not without justification. He let her talk on and on and her returning composure was his Reward a a sudden meeting a girl he could not forget and a blizzard had drawn him As if by Fate into the tangled pattern of their lives. What role was he to play would Alan believe that he had nothing to do with Emily a decision was there any Hope of the future with Emily could he face Alan secretly Happy As he had to admit he was that Emily soon would be free Emily a voice was lost in the flood of questions that assailed him. Suddenly he realized that she had stopped speaking. A what do you plan to do Emily a he asked. A Reno first after that i suppose ill go Back Home and try to pick up where i left off a year ago. Work and play can make one a question trembled on Eric slips. He did not Avant to ask it but he could not help himself. Loving Emily he Frfd to know. A is there any place in your plans for me a he asked slowly. A frankly Erie i done to Erie knew she was telling the truth. A please done to forget me please done to leave me to face it alone. Together perhaps we can find the old gang and All the old fun at Home again. You will help me wont you a a i want to marry you Emily a he said simply. A a you re Sweet and kind Erie a Emily said. A but in a not sure. Right now in a still married to Alan and in a still in love with him. That sounds funny does no to it but it is True. One can to idolize a Man for five years and then suddenly get Over it All at once. A never since we came to Sumner Alan apparently has been trying to kill my love for him. Love can to last forever if it is not returned. Alan a profession not his wife is his real love. His practice always comes first i really done to matter much to him. Even tonight when i needed him most he left a a he a a doctor Emily. Did you expect him to stay a a no. But you you were having trouble at the dam you Are not my husband yet when i called you. You a a in la always be Here if you need me. I love you a i know you do Erie. ,.that a Why its so difficult to Tell you to ask you to wait just a Little a a you had kissed me the night of the dance. And he does no to blame you Erie a Emily continued. A it was your kiss i am sure that brought him to his senses made him accept or. Peterson a offer. He wrote the letter the next Day. But when the time came to sign the contract to get away from Sumner he do it. He never a a done to judge too hastily a Erie advised. A if the thought that you a that some other Man was in love with you made him accept the offer maybe the threat of a divorce will make him change his a you done to know Alan a Emily said. A a he a made up his mind and nothing will Ever change him. After i told him i was leaving there was still Lime to catch the Midnight train still time to reach or. Peterson. But he went to the Hospital. No Erie if our marriage is to go on ill have to be the one to give in Alan never yes Emily was right. If there was to be any surrender she must make it. Alan was staying in Sumner with or without Emily. And if Emily did not surrender if she did get her divorce could he even Hope Erie put the selfish thought from his mind. His dreams his future had no place Here. First he must make every Effort to save Alan a Home. That Galahad spirit must be contagious he thought smiling. But it was not being Galahad alone that made him want to do All in his Power to hold Emily and Alan together. If the break did come Emily must be thoroughly convinced that it was All Over that there would be no returning. Only u Hen she was certain of that Only when she was sure that All her love for Alan was dead would she turn to Erie. Right now she regarded him As her Best Friend a Friend who sympathized who understood. That was the role in which she had cast him that was the role he must accept for a time at least. With razor Blade and pair of tweezers his Only surgical implements 70-year-old or. Sigmund Hirschfeld re enacts How he was forced at Point of gun to operate on Bandit in Chicago apartment remove a Bullet. Teapot fugitive weds opera Star Lou Gehrig left shakes hands with his successor babe Dahlgren after establishing a record that probably will stand forever. 2130 consecutive games. The famous first baseman benched himself a for the Good of the then the new York Yankees proceeded to smack the Detroit tigers 22-2, Dahlgren Manu Fatui my a Home run and a double. Earhart s widower to wed again together at Hollywood night club Are George Palmer Putnam pub usher and husband of Amelia Earhart woman flyer who died in Pacific Ocean and mrs. Jean Marie Consigny James. Friends say these two May a newlyweds after mrs. James divorce. Confer on scandinavian neutrality 4 Brut there a one i must do a Erie said. A i have to Tell Alan. He must know that i love you. I can to have him thinking that i came into his Home and deliberately tried to steal his wife a a the knows. I told him that tie hardly noticed when Emily left the room to answer the Doorbell so engrossed was he in his thoughts. Then he heard or. Farrell a voice echoing throughout the House. Farrell Here too what brought him Farrell greeted him without warmth. Erie could see that the doctor did not Welcome his presence. But Farrell had Little time for Kane. Almost savagely the old physician now suddenly grown older turned to Emily. A a a my god Emily a he asked his voice trembling with emotion a what have you done to Alan a Ito be continued Bride of Harry Blackmer lower u. S. Oil Man who fled to France after Teapot dome scandal it Eide Norena top norwegian opera Singer. Blackmer a attorney revealed feb. I wedding in Paris. These four scandinavian foreign ministers meet at Stockholm Sweden tuesday May 9, to draw up reply to Adolf hitlers Mutual non aggression proposals. Left to right Rudolf Holsti of Finland or. Halvdan Koht of Norway or. Paul Munch of Denmark and Richard Sandler of Sweden. Page four in brain thu daily dispatch Brainerd Minnesota monday May 8. 1939 the Brainerd daily dispatch continuing Tho weekly dispatch founded in Imi published a very evening except sunday in Brainerd Crow Wing county by the Brainerd dispatch newspaper company. W. D. Junkin publisher h. F. Mccollough business manager Clifford d. Simak editor e. Dunham Ashby advertising mgr. Geo. H. Fisher circulation mgr. Subscription rates by carrier�?15c per week 65o per month. In Advance $i.00 per year by mail inside Minnesota $4.00 per year $2.40 for 6 month $1.25 for 3 months. Outside minnesota�?$6.00 per year. Bingle copies 5c. Extra copies More than six Days old 10c. Official newspaper for the county of Crow Wing entered As second class matter at the Post office in Brainerd Minn. Bible thoughts for As the body without the spirit is dead so Faith without works la dead 2 26. A we must have a Chance to live a today a news in pictures a american night for the windsors monday. May 8. 1939 views from the editors desk a guard against the whisper t i

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