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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Brainerd, Minnesota A monday Jock 23, 1030 Thi Brazau daily of fatty Lumerd i Micuta the Silver Cross w by Kenneth f. Crane j is Brooker. Suburban reporter for the morning it nil found himself entering the Public museum when he should have been covering ii lecture on child psychology at the Henry Clay school. Instead of dosing in a hard seat in the school auditorium while doctor Sylvia Hon Brecht eminent child Eert who us yet had not been fortunate enough to have any children herself droned on about the psychological reactions of the adolescent and illustrated her lectures with fierce though profound glances through Inge glasses Wes had chosen to come Down to the my a euro and see the thing for himself. It was a queer coincidence that had brought him and major Mieding together at the athletic club banquet. Ives always welcomed an Opportunity Swap War experiences. The reporter hustled through the corridor and turned to the right into the main floor museum room. He had been there Many limes. The Indian Basket display the miniature groups depicting life of toe eskimos the shelves containing ancient lumps did not interest him. Ile entered the Large room housing the world War exhibit and walked through the aisles Between the cabinets examining them closely. Ile topped before one of the cabinets no stared at an object mounted carefully and bearing u neatly lettered placard. It was a Small Silver Cross perhaps an Inch and a half Long a lost by some american Soldier most bely killed while advancing it chateau Thierry. The donor was major melding. One of the Corners of the smaller Arm of the Cross and disappeared As of it had been carried away by a Bullet. Wes noticed this and smiled. Wes drifted into a kind of Calm reverie which lasted perhaps fifteen minutes and might have lengthened into a half hour had he not been disturbed by the presence of another person in the next room. Casually he glanced up and saw the intruder who however due to the darkness of the room had not seen him. There was a hit of prettiness about Ber despite the Pale worn face the whiteness of which was accentuated by her Black dress and hat. Lilly wet followed her Progress As she aimlessly wandered throng the aisles. Ile would have bet his life that there was a Story in remt girl. From a is position the Cabinet before which he had stood and examined the Silver Cross a Short time before wus plainly visible. The girl was passing it now. Lier eyes swept the objects in this Cabinet in a listless manner. Then she stopped in front of it and Wes Sun her Start. What was she looking at in that manner she wus speaking speaking to something in the Cabinet. With a question in his min us to Lier sanity. Wes Bent further Forward so that he could better hear the Low sounds. A Paul a she was moaning half sadly half joyously it seemed a Paul. Then you were killed. Now i know Why you done to come Hack to me. Of. Pauli now its mine. Paul. It s mine they can to keep it in a going to have hysterically she glanced around. Then to West a amazement the girl a seized a Small grenade now empty that was openly displayed on o stand nearby and before Wes could dash in to interrupt her shattered the Glass door of the Case Aud Tore on object from its mounting. Wes had darted to her Side. The thing she held in her hand was the Silver Cross the Silver Cross that major Mieding had a girl Are you crazy done to you realize that noise will arouse All the attendants in the building Quot a i done to care it belongs to me i gave it to Paul before he left for the front. Now he a dead and it belongs to Wes thought quickly. Then before the girl could protest he rushed her to a Side stairway. A beat it Quick a he commanded and. Clutching the Cross she disappeared. When two Blue uniformed attend ants ran into the exhibit room they found a very Bland reporter reaching through the broken Glass of a Cane. Removing a Gas Musk that was advertised As being found at Verdun. Already piled in bus arms was a germen Star Shell pistol a dented Metal mar Tor and a manual on the operation of machine guns. Three hours later Ole Simpson the Tat Good natured reporter who covered the hotels gazed at Wes through the bars of a cell door. He was Grin Ding. A what the by i got into you a was his first remark. A trying to Start h museum of your own a Wes grinned Back at him. A a wait la Makosky on the Pollee run a joins the party then ill Tell you the whole when Makosky came Wes told them what and happened that afternoon. A but what the Devil were you doing in the museum i thought you were out in Whitefish Bay a asked Simpson a i came to look at that Sliver a wha a at a a keep this to yourself and that poor kid who a been waiting for Paul will be Happy. That one Corner was carved off with a Bayonet in a dugout while we were waiting to go on a raid a tile Cross was found by major Mieding our commander. I lost it. Ifs mine. Maybe Paul s still wearing his too nowhere in dry Law enforcement to department t of Justice a a a Gigantic task of making country arid As Transfer is made still lacks a dictator. Ash a Mhz a i or ii. Atty Gen Mitcheu cd m Doran Washington june 23. Who will get the trying but vital Jmst of director of the t coh Ibitson enforcement on july i for weeks the department of Justice has been combing the 48 states for an eligible Man to put in the office when the titanic task of mopping up the nation is turned Over to it by i he Treasury department. The directorship pays Only $9,000 and carries with it More trouble and political grief than any Cabinet Post. If the eighteenth amendment is enforced too stringently congressmen and Sena tors from wet states protest. If dry Rule is upheld too feebly the dire Tot brings Down upon his head the Wrath of the arid legislators. Amos w. Vav. Wood Ltd cd United states District attorney at Baltimore has been already offered the Job and turned it Down it is said. There Are three other government men being consider d for the Job by attorney general Mitchell. They air Howard Jones assistant to assistant attorney general Youngquist who will supervise enforcement Robert l. Watts assistant to United states District attorney Tuttle in new York Aud Alf Oftedal now with the bul eau of internal Revenue at san Francisco. Two other $9,000 enforcement Post tons will have to he filled in the next few weeks. Or. J. M. Doran now prohibition commissioner next month will become director of the alcohol unit. Dolan is Enji acted to Welcome the change As he is a trained chemist and has had enough of the enforce Nunt Howard Jones was chief assist t to Mabel Walker Wlllie Bindt a it r that vigorous lady directed the prosecution of volstead Law violators. Watts in new York is known us a Alert and industrious worker. Oftedal is being boosted for the Job by spun Bors who Point out that he worked in the intelligence division of la Bureau of internal Revenue when prohibition enforcement was a putt of that department. None of them three feels absolutely confident of winning the Plum Ariot a Gay general Mitchell is carefully of praising the Virtues and record of each candidate. An ability to stand up under censure is one of the talents considered most essential. The attorney general realizes that no matter which he houses the Man will be subjected to severe criticism by wets or Drys and quite possibly by both. President honors Polar hero pres meat Herbert Hoover presenting to rear Admiral r. E. Byrd the rid medal of Honor of the National geographical Sci it to in recognition of his great venture into the Frozen wastes of the Antarctic. Left to right Admiral Moffett rear Admiral Byrd president Hoover and assistant Secretary of the Navy Ernest Jahncke. new re change in lenten season the lenten season was originally Only forty hours from Good Friday until easter Day morning. Additional Days were gradually added until Tbs present number bused on the forty Days temptation in the wilderness Bocage the Rule. A a _ Light in Quot space space is perpetual night. If Quot space happened to be to the orbit of a heavenly body when it occupied that particular spot there would be Light since the atmosphere surrounding planets and planetoid causes them to reflect Tbs Light of the sub. Inherits millions a in a teas Mowna _ i ii a St i my i i sgt i i a re i a Raj b or. And mrs. Thomas a de Loller of Pueblo colo., f Lown standing in front of their Popcorn stand shortly after they Learned that de Lozier s grandmother had died in Memphis term leaving him As one of three heirs to an estate valued at from eight to ten million dollars. Her a Botes _ _ _ u ill half Frozen raindrops All Day. The Crape cd the of Bujes festooned the dust covered and Peine a while up in the Gables the id my. Idas robbing a springtime refrain. Che Gal All alone Uilah the oot Debs j alone in the dreary old pile Idith no one la cheer her at All Idith kind lord or Narm Friendly smile. Deported by those she had mothered., so eat As the cold. Tai Ade Stoep by. And Quot brooded alone in her Varro us Mot uttered a sob nor a High. A / �?Tjux3 right Ell thai he Sal in the gloaming / in March As tile Suu Estby x kudos Tuell thai she patiently brooded. And paused not co sex nor to sigh. If she had left and her brooding it it that Mould me have done in july it arrived and. Us Man Ted Vyvy the our farm swies greatest 6-ply tire Nam heavy duty All a it Athern a heavy duty thu finder lifetime guaranteed Al x 4.50 Al x 5.00 in x 5.50 ii x 6.00 13 x 6.00 $ 9.25 11.60 14.45 15.80 16.80 values Ever offered Here these latent 1930 Goodyear heavy duty tires top the hat for stunning look extra endurance and extra milage. Only because Goodyear builds m i l -lion8 Moke tires and enjoys lowest costs ars such value possible. Come in a see them a compare them with any other Ureal special proposition on Complete sets. Heavy duty tube also Low priced no mileage limit a a exp or t free mounting a endurance Quality Beauty a priced it history lowest level guaranteed Tira repairing Lively Auto co. 514 Laurel St. Phone 76 City Dweller need not fear lost of hearing a woman a club bulletin just out a an article on noise. The customary sort of article by somebody or other who prophesies that because of the pressure of City life subway mar and a tact gang symphonies our senses Are degenerating. Ile expresses his sad belief that in another re veins Man Hurin notes will he us myopic ii lid deaf a the Stone Lions in front of the Library. We Are not alarmed in sly bored. Nobody with Senna bet Levin mix thing like that. The Solomon islanders who listen for Drums list Miles to Are sup posed to have the cutest ours in the world. May lie hut new York tins a million persons oho in Deled iii the loudest Din ii Dick that indicates trouble in their unto engines. The Patagonia. Run see an Ostrich head at the distance of Miles. But it would Blind him to pore Over tills Page for nit hour and he would see nothing hut la blur. Yet a Short sighted proofreader peering through thick glasses could >1mi a single error Oil it in a few seconds. It Woald he nearer troth to say that Many a tenses Are exactly now As they w Ere in the i one nge and there is something to la said even for the subway Roar. Iii War time we do not become Shell shocked so Eull. New York America ii. Piano tuner voicing regulating repairing and rebuilding. S. E. Engbretson general insurance Isis Oak St. Tel Mai save Money Aliy direct from the Mill. Lumber of All kinds delivered any place at Money saving Price. Mill Wood. Tel. 67-f-l. Bert Sabin Sheet Metal Chimney Jai is a Gutter work warm air furnaces Dean White sos Laurel Tot. Hs4-w sentimental song made official Royal Melody a Home Sweet Home is not the Only operatic air Flint Lins become a kind of National Melody for France has a tune with words of a similar sentiment. This is a on Petit on it re nil Cux que us scan de a famine a Quot where Cut one Hefter he than in flu bosom of one s family a. It was written by retry As it Quartetti in ids opera Quot Lucille and first achieved a political position when it was Sung it Versailles on july Lei 17nd, when the bourbons were being turned out. It was also Sung it Carlton House when George iii and Queen us riot the paid their first visit to i in Prince of Wales and ids Bride in february i7t�r�, which possibly caused the homesickness of rite Princess end made Tho marriage an unhappy one and again at Kory Thida on the Retreat from Moscow on november by 1812. It was adopted As Ait of Tlell Royal Melody to the restoration of the bourbons in Isi i. I Miltn Midi. Church afro Isloa about 40 out of each lilt of la people of tin fulled states acknowledge a finial Ion with some Church. This does Dot Menn necessarily that a he a to a to Are pagans. Fall inf. Mnv�atc7�f Ada daily Sennit Straw above. The a Nap brim Patent Milan left is soft in wince. 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