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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Brainerd, Minnesota Volume so number 18 my howl win Burin of Irene Brainerd Miniota. Monday june 28. 1930 Mim of Rupee made in Bruiser Prou three meet world War veterans compensation Bill up i Hanks Mille lacs Indian free of Gallows threat found guilty of second degree murder of wife Duluth creeps into the 100,000 class of cities Duluth Federal court jury reaches a decision after 14 hours absolves him of guilt slay ing Stepson and wife s Grandfather Duluth minn., june 23.�?<u.p> a the threat of the Gallows which has Hung Over William Taylor Hanks Mille lacs reservation Indian since March 30 was withdrawn today when he was sentenced to to years to life for the murder of his wife. After 14 hours deliberation a jury in u. S. District court found Hanks guilty of the second degree murder of his wife but absolved him of guilt in the killing of his infant Stepson and his wife a aged Grandfather. Conviction of Hanks for first degree murder on any of the charges would have resulted in a sentence of death. The killings took place on government property bringing Hanks under Federal jurisdiction. State statutes outlawed the death penalty for murder More than 20 years ago. Judge Joseph w. Molyneaux pronounced sentence this morning. Hanks appear pleased with the jury a verdict. He had pleaded self defense in the killing of his wife asserting that she attacked him after killing her Grandfather and child. Hanks will be taken to Leavenworth Penitentiary immediately. More than a score of witnesses was called by both the defense and the prosecution during the trial which lasted Over two weeks. Hanks was defended by hilding Swanson of Swanson Swan son amp Swanson of Brainerd. Duluth june 3.�? a Duluth crept into the 100,000 class of american cities today when her 1930 census was announced As 101,231, a gain of 2,314 in the past to years. The population of the City increased less than 2.5 per cent in the decade since 1920. The figure to years ago was 98,917. The St. Louis county census will not be completed for several Days. Preacher in 13 Story plunge to his death some secret problem of con duct animated Clarence e. Singleton indicted on three counts the Duluth news Tribune in a seven column headed article states that the Mille lacs Indian a world War Veteran was indicted on three counts of first degree murder which charged that on March 30 he killed Tho three members of his family with a double emitted a. He signed a confession following his arrest admitting that he killed his wife and Shaugobay but no mention of the baby was made. Hanks on the stand admitted killing his wife in self defense but denied he killed his wife a great Grandfather or the 14 months old baby. Hilding Swanson attorney for Hanks declared that he was Well pleased with the verdicts. Judge Molyneaux told the jury that the verdict would be met with favor while he added Quot i myself would say guilty of All three counts and probably could say the defendant was guilty of first degree murder he asserted that the verdict returned was satisfactory. Petition for clemency it was reported seven members of the jury were stunned when they were informed by the defense attorney after the verdict was read that the sentence for second degree murder was to years to life and signed a petition for clemency which will be presented to the court this morning. The jury was out 14 hours retiring at 4 10 p. M. Saturday. It was Learned that when balloting started saturday afternoon several of the nine men and three women jurors were in favor of acquittal on All three counts. Goth ers were for first or second degree murder. Latter was Baptist minister of Faribault death occurred at Chicago y Chicago june 23�? up a some secret problem of conduct drove the Rev. Clarence e. Singleton 46 a Baptist minister of Faribault minn., plunge from the 13th floor o the y m. C. A. Hotel to his death. Roofs of adjacent buildings were crowded with spectators late yesterday watching army aviators lop and dive Over downtown District when the pus Tor climbed out on the ledge of his window. Some one saw him poised and cried a look out but the minister dived his body glancing from a girder to a sky attorney i Light and thence to the ground. A note Book in his room provided the Only Clews for his suicide. A i have confessed doubt to my wife a one entry read. A we All Are either lost or saved sinners. A i have been two different persons All my life a another read. A life is precious and if i have ignorantly or blindly lost my loved one i Only ask gods mercy. Any wrong i have done i confess to god and my wife. A a i have gone to Chicago to suffer for my wife and baby. I have neither made my body and soul nor destroyed them. I will atone for them. I still have my Bible and Saviour. Police telephoned the Rev. Geor w. Kehoe of Faribault to whom Singleton was an assistant pastor. He could offer no explanation of the suicide and said his assistant was respected in the Community and so far Asne knew Happy. The Landlady of the apartment hous where Singleton lived with his wife and 4-year-old daughter said the co i ple appeared Happy. Singleton had been on a vacation trip to Sanford ky., it was Learned and was due Back in Faribault last saturday. Rev. Singletons body was removed to the Louis Cohen funeral parlor near the Loop for the inquest which was held shortly after to a. In. Today. At the request of mrs. Singleton the remains Ali be sent to Faribault this afternoon. No relatives will accompany the body. Sunday morning seven members of the jury it was said were in favor of a verdict of voluntary manslaughter carrying a sentence up to to years. The other five it was understood were for second degree murder. Or. Swanson said that the verdicts were a Complete Victory for the defendant in that the indictments charged first degree murder and that Hanks was found not guilty on two of the three charges. A motion for a new trial will depend entirely on what sentence the court imposes he added. Hanks thanks jurors Hanks did not say a word when the verdict was read but seemed pleased that he escaped the noose. While being taken Back to the county jail Hanks met several jurors in the elevators and Shook hands with them thanking them for their consideration. The trial started june to with More than 50 witnesses appearing for the j government and defense most of them Indian neighbors of Hanks from the Mille lacs reservation. Faribault minn., june 23�? up a temporary insanity must have overcome e. Singleton Faribault teacher and retired minister who jumped to his death in Chicago yesterday he friends said today. Singleton had been an instructor in the Faribault school for the deaf and Stork brings pretty Blue eyed curly haired baby to col. And mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh son was born on sunday afternoon at Englewood no. Today mrs. Lindbergh and child Are reported to be doing nicely Seldom has birth of a child been surrounded with so much secrecy Englewood n. J., june 23�? up a the world s most famous baby weighs 7 3-4 pounds has Blue eyes curly hair and a yet Only one name Lin 1-Bergh. The son who was born yesterday afternoon to col. And mrs. Charles a. Lindbergh May get two More names today. When the christening is Over he is Likely to be known to the world either As Charles Augustus Lindbergh or. Or Dwight Morrow Lindbergh the latter in Honor of his Grandfather. Mrs. Anne Morrow Lindbergh gave birth to the child at 3 15 p. In. Yesterday her 24th birthday in the mor Row Home Here a White House on a Hill where she herself was born. One Wing of the mansion had been converted into a Hospital where the nurse and two specialists who attended mrs. Lindbergh found every facility available. Today mrs. Lindbergh and the child were reported to be doing nicely. Seldom has the birth of a child been surrounded by such secrecy. Reporters who waited at the Gate of the Morrow Home were unaware of the arrival of the boy until More than two hours after the event. Inside the Home however the news was being broadcast. A Quot Friend of the fam it called the United Presa and gave the a news refusing however to Supply anything except the fact that the child was a boy that it had been born at 3 15 p. Rn., and that it weighed something More than seven pounds. Dwight w. Morrow mrs. a father who went through his successful Campaign for the Republican nomination for senator from new Jersey without once losing his Calm judicious bearing was reported to be jubilant and excited Over the birth of his first grandchild and found time in the midst of the excitement to Send a Telegram to the new York office of the United press congratulating col. Roberto Fierro mexican aviator on his non Congress St .2 today i. Of i votes on world Milr veterans Bill. Foreign relation committee votes on London naval tin try report. Haase takes up Public Bills on consent Calendar. -----1 1. York to Mexico get and into this boys were bearing Ablations to the messages began news of the baby s Lindbergh re mayor and party of Atlantic City in sudden death capture of 6,000 chinese government troops heralded automobile struck by Thain near Absecon n. J., and four killed Stop flight from City. It said i col. Fierros flight from new Yor c to Mexico City demonstrated his Groat personal ability Anil careful planning. It adds another Ana achievement to the record of mexican Morrow declined to comment on the birth of the child other than to say that a i am the happiest Grandfather in the hat declared he would make a statement today at which time it was expect the official weight of the child at Bilth and its name would be revealed All through the morning mass eng telegrams of col Morrow Home arriving soon after birth became Oncin fused to comment. So far As the outside world knew mrs. Lindbergh wag making no special preparations for the event. As late As last thursday she and Lindbergh flew from Peterboro Airport at Hasbrouck Heights n. J., to Hartford and Hack. Two weeks ago she and Lindbergh made a test fight in a parasol Type monoplane at Newark and it was As recently As easter sunday hat he Lindbergh landed at Roosevelt Field in their lock heed Sirius monoplane after a record flight from the West coast. It was reported today that mra. Evangeline Lindbergh Mother of or i Clarksburg w. Va., june 23 up a flier might come for a visit Here to j Moville Davison Post 59, Well known see her grandson. She is a school a writer of fiction died in Clarksburg teacher in Detroit. I Hospital today after an illness of two or. B. M. Hawer amp and the. Rdward i week. H. Dennen new York specialists were i who profess in was a Low said to have attended mrs. Lindbergh i or wrote a he strange schemes of Pennsylvania train an Houk late from Philadelphia to Ocean resort Absecon n. J., june 23. A mayor Anthony m. Ruffu jr., of Atlantic City and three others were killed today when their automobile was struck by a Pennsylvania Railroad train near Here. Police said the other three persons had been identified As or. And mrs. John Wiley and Margaret Siracusa Cousin of assemblyman Anthony j. Siracusa All of Atlantic City. Little could be Learned about the Accident except that the Atlantic City mayor was driving the automobile when the fast train bound from Philadelphia to Atlantic City struck it. The crash occurred at 12 56 a. A. The train being due in Atlantic City at 1 10 a. M. But running almost an hour late according to reports. Mayor Ruffu recently was acquitted of four of 14 indictments issued against him in connection with an investigation of alleged vice conditions in Atlantic City. Piping Chino june 23.�? a capture of 6,000 government troops and the Pursuit of the troops of Chiang Kai Shek to the southeastward was announced today by marshal Fengyu Slang co Leader of the Northern forces at piping. The Northern troops engaged the governments armies in a three Day Battle marshal Fengos communique said. La deaths by drowning in Middle West abnormally hot weather sends thousands to the beaches and pools Melville Davison Post Well known fiction writer Dies yesterday. Shoots himself As wife pleads for him to desist Randolph Mason a his first full length Book in 1896. Most of his works were crime mystery stories Minneapolis june 23. In the 32 Story Foshay Tower will go on the auction Block late today for the second time. No bidders were obtained at tile first Sale held a month ago. Bidders were understood to have withheld be Tion at that time until further info Minneapolis june 23. As his wife stood begging him Lait to shoot Thomas Day 32, Drew a revolver Yeh ter Day and fired u Bullet into is brain. Inflation regarding the financial Holiga he died in general Hospital in hour Lions on the Structure could he com later. Piled. A a we dumb for the past two years. He came Here from Sanford Kentucky. For some time he had been troubled with heart attacks and it was thought he might have been depressed for that reason. While Here he was engaged in his work and was a Leader in the boy scouts. His wife accompanied him on his vacation to Sanford and had been expected to meet him in Chicago or the week end. Heat wave in sweep of state approve reductions of Wickersham Law enforcement expenses Washington june 23.�?<u.p a reduction of the Wickersham Law enforcement expenses for next year from $250,000 to $50,000 with instructions that it be used solely for investigation of prohibition was approved by the full Senate appropriations committee. Without any serious discussion the committee approved the report of its the subcommittee restricting the activities with cooler weather tonight and fair of president hoovers commission. Skies tomorrow. Mercury at 86 in St. Paul with humidity of 84 reported St. Paul minn., june 23.�? twin cities and Minnesota were in the Center of a heat wave today that swept the Mercury to 86 at la a. M. In St. Paul with a humidity of 84. Meanwhile the Crest of the High temperatures in the Northwest broke today and temperatures dropped to the 50 Mark in half a dozen Western cities. Williston n. D., reported 56 degrees Quappelle sask., 50, Calgary alta., 46, Edmonton alta., 48, Havre mont., 50. And Helena Mont 48. Heavy showers drenched the Northwest in the last 24 hours with 1.06 inches at Lacrosse wis., 1.04 St Charles City la., .66 at Duluth and 2.32 in Minneapolis. Thunderstorms were predicted by weather Bureau for Minnesota Only persons Happy Over heat wave Are Farmers with growing crops Kansas City june 23.�? a eleven deaths by drowning were reported in the Middle West Over the week end As abnormally hot weather sent thousands of persons to the beaches and swimming pools. In Paxton neb., the bodies of four persons were recovered from the shallow Waters of ried s Lake a summer resort near Here. These were p. B Shepherd 39, of Lincoln t. T. Robertson of Hastings insurance Salesman miss St. Johns of Kearney neb., and an unidentified woman. A Man and his wife or. And mrs. O. A. Jackson drowned while bathing in Locust Creek near Linneus to. Osal b. Matlock 16, was drowned while bathing in a Lake near Independence to Matlock could not swim and had gone in bathing in Defiance of signs placed along the Banks of th6 Lake. At Des Moines four persons were a drowned one died from the Hest and Many were prostrated. The dead were Lester Reese Des Moines drowned William Scribner Des Moines drowned Martin Matz drowned Ben Craven fort Dodge drowned d. E. Wetr leh Stuart heat victim. A heat record of five years standing was broken in St. Louis yesterday when a temperature of 101.4 degrees was recorded in mid afternoon. It was the hottest Day St. Louis has experienced since 1925 and marked the third time in five years that the Mercury has climbed above tre too de glee Mark. The heat caused the death of har vey Duncan 28, a St. Louis negro. The Only persons Happy Over the heat wave were the Farmers who Hove peered pessimistically at Cloudy dripping skies for several weeks while their wheat refused to Ripen in the Fields because of Lack of Sunshine. With Harvest Well under Way throughout the Grain Belt the Clear skies and beaming Sun were welcomed. P. Connor government weather forecaster Here said the hot spell was Quot unusual Quot but by the most minute peering it his charts he could find no Relief in sight for the immediate future. Senate warned of possibility of higher taxes veterans measure estimated to Cost country 188 million first year rotarians pour into Chicago for convention Chicago is City where Kotary had its inception 25 years ago Chicago june 23. T a from far Corners of the Earth from East of the Suez arum Kalamazoo there poured into Chicago today the main body of the 20,000 rotarians delegated to Abend the Silver anniversary convention of rotary International. Chicago where rotary had its inception 25 years ago had Hearty Welcome for the men who came to the sessions As representatives of the service club in 64 nations. From one end to the other the Loop Vas colourful with the Gold and Blue emblems of the organization and there were few downtown hotels where group meetings of the delegates were not scheduled to be conducted. The convention opened today with the registration of delegates with the plenary sessions scheduled to Start tomorrow and continue until Friday night at the Chicago stadium. Outstanding on the program during the week will be discussions of International questions not As they concern political relationships but in connection with the development of Good will. The delegates will hear from sir Henry Thornton of Montreal Admiral Mark Kerr British officer and Prince Yesa Tokugawa president of the Jap Anta a House of Peers. President Hoover addresses communication to the upper Hou amp a Washington june 23. A up a the Senate with president Hoover s warning of higher tax rates before it prepared today to vote on the world War veterans compensation Bill. The House meanwhile called up Public Billa on its Calendar. The veterans measure was estimated to Cost the country $102,000,000 the first year and $225,000,000 year eventually. On the eve of the Senate vote scheduled for today by unanimous consent or. Hoover wrote Republican floor Leader Watson a letter informing him passage of the Bill in the present form would mean an inc Razaa in taxation. Chairman Reed of the military affairs committee was prepared today it was understood to offer amendments reducing the costliness of the measure. The adjournment of Cong Reaa unofficially scheduled for this weak will hinge upon the outcome of the veterans legislation. Recommendations that the Senate ratify the London naval treaty waa expected today from the Senate foreign relations committee which was called to vote on its report at la a. M. Forty eight hours before the committee met chairman Borah received from Secretary of state Stimson a letter refusing permission for publication of such documents As the department has furnished the committee. Borah had asked regarding publication at the request of Johnson. A test vote which scrambled party lines last week showed the committee Friendly to the treaty in the proportion of three to one. The committee then refused to postpone further consideration until president Hoover produced pertinent papers whose publication he deemed incompatible with the Public interest. Three Republican senators Moses new Hampshire Johnson California Robinson Indiana one Democrat. Black Alabama and Del Steadt far Mer Ioor of Minnesota believed further action should wait until or. Hoover changed his mind regarding the papers. Some or All of these will follow Johnson in his fight against ratification which so far has taken the form of an attempt to postpone the treaty it vote until next autumn. Although fewer than a dozen senators Ara publicly committed to delay the administration is taking no chances and has mobilized its influence behind the pact. The president has announced a will Call the Senate in special session to consider the treaty after the present regular session Haa adjourned. The Republican democratic debate Over the new Tariff continued Leat night with two administration spokesmen taking the affirmative Side of the question a is the act beneficial a assistant Secretary of Commerce Klein close official Friend of president Hoover and recognized business authority dwelt in a radio speech on what he considered the Good qualities of the new flexible clause enabling the president to raise or lower rates. The second speaker for the affirmative was chairman Wood of the House appropriations committee. In a statement issued through the Republican National committee he charged the recent Wall Street Stock slump was purposely manipulated in the Wake of the Tariff Bill a passage to discredit the new act. In connection with his charge Wood declared himself in favor of a congressional investigation of a pumping and Short Selling on the Stock Market. A Challenge of Bishop James Cannon jr., to rep. George Holden tank Ham to waive congressional immunity for his entire House speech of june 17 is the latest development in the controversy Between the two men. The methodist Bishop threw Down his Challenge in a Public statement prepared saturday night for publication today. It was in reply to one the Massachusetts wet issued Friday night repeating Over his signature a previous charge made on the House floor. Cannon charged Tinkham a statement did not include Many phrases of his House speech. In his House speech Tinkham said among other things that Cannon had violated the corrupt practices act in connection with reports on funds employed in his 1928 Virginia anti Smith Campaign. Washington june 23�?Senate republicans in conference today were unable to agree on the question of supporting president Hoover in his opposition to the pending world War veterans pension Bill which waa expressed in a vigorous statement yesterday. The measure was to be voted upon in the Senate this afternoon under a unanimous consent agreement. Bellefonte pa., june 23.�? a a policeman a Slayer John Pierce is negro was electrocuted at Roek View Penitentiary at 7 08 a. In. To Day. The negro shot and killed a policeman at Chester pa., december 16 when the officer attempted to quell a disturbance

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