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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 4

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Brainerd, Minnesota Page fourth Brainerd daily dispatch Brainerd Minnesota saturday. July 23. 1938 the Brainerd Aily dispatch continuing the weekly dispatch founded in 1881 published every evening except sunday in Brainerd Crow Wing county by the Brainerd dispatch newspaper company w. D. Junkin publisher a f. Mccollough business manager Clifford d. Simak editor e. Dunham Ashby advertising mgr. George Williams circulation mgr. Subscription rates by carrier�?15c per week 65c per month. In advance�?$7.00 per year. 3y mail inside Minnesota $4.00 per year $2.40 for 6 months $1.25 for 3 months. Outside minnesota�?$6.00 per year. Single copies 5c. Extra copies More than six Days old 10c. Official newspaper for the county of Crow Wing entered As second class matter at the Post office in Brainerd Minn. Saturday. July 23. 1938 views from the editors desk # make our lakes Safe inspired by the near tragedy off Rocky Point thursday evening when five persons were rescued after a Cabin Cruiser had crashed Rock Island Richard Lloyd Jones publisher of the Tulsa okla Tribune and a vacation St in this area suggests that something be done to Mark the Shoals and reefs which Are dangerous to boats travelling Over our lakes. Or. Jones quite justifiably Points out that Brainerd and the Brainerd Lake Region should do everything in their Power to make the visit of the summer people Here enjoyable and Safe. He suggests that the Brainerd chamber of Commerce take the initiative in arranging for the marking of danger Points in the Lake and that maps showing reefs and rocks should be printed and put on Sale. While we have had no Opportunity at this time to Check the possibility of Over lapping jurisdiction which might make it impossible for Brainerd or the Brainerd chamber of Commerce to go Forward with the actual work of marking reefs and Shoals the suggestion is a Good one and one in which the Brainerd chamber might Well identify itself. W Hiie the chamber May not be within its jurisdiction in actually proceeding with such a project the chamber does have within its Power the right possibly the duty to approach the Correct administrative bodies with this suggestion and with pledges of assistance. In considering a proposal like this we must Bear in mind that if the five persons involved in the Accident yesterday had not been Lucky enough to escape As might Well have been the Case the tragedy would have reflected to the detriment of our Lake Region and incidentally to the City of Brainerd. It takes Only a few tragedies such As this one might easily have been to a kill Quot a Lake resort Section for Many years to come. Looking at the matter in this Light it appears not unlikely that anything which might be done in making our lakes safer for our summer visitors should be no More than a minor investment to protect a major asset. While the tendency is to have the newspapers of a resort area a soft pedal and play Down any tragedy which might become unfavourable publicity for the resort business the fact remains that the Hest thing to do in cases such As this is preventative treatment plans and action which will guard against the occupancy of such tragedies. Just As a matter of record and interest we Are incorporating publisher Jones letter to us in this editorial. Here it is managing editor Brainerd Minn. Brainerd dispatch dear sir Brainerd is a goodly town. Besides its Normal Industrial and commercial activities it enjoys through the gift of nature a summer Colony and tourist business. The lakes about Brainerd represent a Large potential wealth to Brainerd if Brainerd itself will do its part to cultivate that wealth. When summer resort seekers find a hospitality and a cooperative spirit instead of merely a toll Gate they feel encouraged to themselves enlarge their summer recreational investments. Gull is a Beautiful Lake but it is a menace to motorboats because it has submerged and unmarked rocks and reefs. Yesterday a near tragedy resulted because of this negligence. The Waters that appear to be navigable on the surface and Are dangerous to All boat users should be marked. The Cost would be slight. The two counties that Border the Lake should provide for Sale at a moderate Price navigation maps for these Waters. The boat owners would undoubtedly willingly pay for the marking and lighting of these Shoals if some Agency would take the initiative in directing the work. That work definitely belongs to the Brainerd chamber of Commerce. It is time that through its chamber of Commerce Brainerd did something for the summer visitors who do so much for Brainerd. Respectfully yours Richard Lloyd Jones. R. 5, Brainerd. A adopted brain children maybe an age without parallel in the history of Art is approaching the composite age. Certainly something novel is on the horizon if the Union and non Union mural painters in new York done to get things straightened around. It seems that a Tiff Over who would be allowed to do the murals for the worlds fair has been half settled so that the Union would allow non Union painters to think up the designs but Only Union artists could do the painting. If the unionization movement spreads like this into All forms of artistic creation half Way with a compromised there Are certainly extraordinary times ahead. Visions arise of paintings which Are the product of a non Union idea thinker upper a Union color mixer a non Union Brush dipper and a Union Applier of paint to Canvas. And maybe there la be Union musicians playing concerts that non Union musicians have rehearsed. And maybe there wont be any Art at All. The new budget estimates Are out so they say country girls have More time to think about love than City girls. A Herbert d. Boutall. 63-year-old Massachusetts Farmer interviewed in new York with his 16-Ycar-Oid Bride. A a a i done to think people would like that i think they would be depressed if i played such a part. A Mary Pickford disclosing she had refused an Quot old lady part Quot offered by a producer. In in in t am not engaged. I love air planes. A Douglas Corrigan trans Atlantic flyer. A a a i can say from personal knowledge that the government is not and never has been opposed to business. A Harry l. Hopkins spa administrator. Washington lived in the Days before modern dental surgery and As a result he Seldom smiled. A of the pictures made of him in his later years attest to poorly fitted Teeth. He kept his lips tightly pressed together to prevent his springy dental plate from leaping from his Mouth. In South Africa any Man Over 21 who refuses to accept suitable work but who is physically fit is now liable to be sent to a labor Colony. Pine Trees on cultivated land grow nearly three times As fast a in their wild state. Is Man Joe by William Corcoran copyright 193a, by William Corcoran Nea service inc cast of Char act Kra Job i Bray ilk new Pine. New John new Birl. If of it a fell in hard once. To Nily m allow found love a a mid kept it a yesterday downhearted Joe move on a Eek Nir work and eventually he hex at a lunch a til my for food and la Cilven it. He goes on aim Early alone chapter xviii it was bitter but it was better to be travelling alone. A a a there came a time in a Small and better nameless town in a Western state when Joe Murray fell in with three who had blown into town in a wreck of an old car which had no virtue left but mobility. Even so there is a self sufficiency about a car for a car implies gasoline and Oil and they be Token funds. Where would a Man get funds they gave him some idea sizing him up for a Tough one if so minded to be while the four of them rustled the Mulligan in a Jungle on the Edge of the town. They were All Young younger than Joe even but hard with the adamantine polish that comes Only from the burnishing of adversity on viciousness inborn. Quot we re on the country a said the redhead who seemed to be the Leader of the Trio. Quot Only a sap goes broke. They re staking the charities ainu to they staking the government staking the churches staking everything to what it takes and plenty of that. Well i need what it takes and they re staking me. Only i done to wait for them to bring it i go out and get it and if i deprive them of the Rosy feeling of giving something to the poor that a their Tough Luck. If they did no to have it id leave them alone. They got it i want it and that a their hard Joe said Quot him a and looked significantly at the battered car at their Dusty clothes none too new at the pot simmering thinly on the fire. He was curious As to their j methods of making a stake. They smiled at his curiosity no they touched no Banks or pos offices they had no Racket they raided no stores or warehouses they broke into no Homes. They pursued no ambitions too big for their size. They flitted from town to town lighting like a Mosquito and flying As far afterwards. They played Safe and easy and comfortable. A a Xii said red. Sneaking out of Quick reflection and de to vision. Quot you throw in. We can stand the company. Well set you on your Quot what do i do a asked Joe. Quot come along and Well show you. We be got a cinch cased for tonight. Stick along and you la see. Joe shrugged. They would Tell him no More grinning. He was indifferent. But he went along to see. A j hey went at Midnight. They drifted through the town. They were furtive on Edge but sure of themselves. Joe followed. He had one injunction to follow stick with them no matter what he could do that he had nothing better to stick to. And perhaps grimly relish the encounter with anything disputing the Point. They drifted eventually up to a gasoline station which was the one Point alight and awake in that part of town. Joe looked at the sign it was one of a Chain in the town. There were two cars halted in the space there were three men inside the office of the station. The Day was ended they were absorbed together. Quot right a said red softly. Quot sift around you Guys. Ill take the Joe trailed one of the pair circling converging on the station. It was pretty Clear now. There were four of them. Only three inside. The streets were empty. The owner was making up his account his Days take. Joe had a Clear picture lunch wagons All night restaurants Gas stations drug stores they re All peculiarly helpless while the towns sleep. But on the gravel of the Sta a Tion closing in Joe stiffened. Red was walking boldly up to the office door and there was a gun in reds hand red opened the door levelled the gun and barked an order. Joe watched cold. The three men inside turned quickly astounded then panic sprang into their eyes at sight of the gun bearing on them. All three sent their hands High. Joe could see through the Glass a Canvas bag on the desk and Small piles of Cash. % red snapped to one of his partners Quot come and get it and look for a the fellow darted inside keeping out of line with the gun edging to the desk and grabbing the Money and stuffing it into his pockets. Waited lense. The third partner stood across the space watchful As a cat. Joe waited his heart pounded his mind raced kaleidoscopic resolving nothing. The night was very still. Somewhere a Stout Twig snapped. A Long instant and the fellow across the space yelled a slam you Guys the bulls a through a thick dark hedge adjoining the Gas station a powerful figure came crashing. A Ivone of them Drifting stealthily through the town had seen a yet Ste Althier Shadow following. None had an inkling that a uniformed patrolman watched them encircle the Gas station a policeman who had left his beat in the grim certainty of what was coming. The hedge afforded the one Quick Means of approach and he was upon them at one bound shouting gun drawn. Red spun on one Heel fired instantly and ran. The cop came on. The fellow snatching the Money inside the station made in contingently for the door. A hand grabbed him desperately and broke his stride he Shook it off and ran outside. The policeman fired Point Blank and the youngster recoiled and then wilted and dropped to the gravel outside the door. Joe off to the Side stood Frozen. Red yelled to him from the shadows. The fourth member of the band had already vanished. Joe turned and ran toward red who was waiting. Red was waiting with an ugly ferocity in his eyes As he watched Over Joe a shoulder the youngster dead on the gravel and the cop aiming his pistol at Joe. Red raised his own gun and fired. Joe stopped and looked Back. The cop was falling shot striking the gravel heavily a dozen feet from the other body and then there were two bodies motionless on the dark gravel. A a cd Mon a snapped red. A out of Here a Joe got out of there with him fleeing racing in the night. And there was a fear now a retching terrible fear that was worst of All after the danger was Well behind them. A a let a scatter a he gasped to red. A we better not stick meet us at the Camp a red agreed. A a we la hit for Rogersville and ditch the car. Ten minutes a Joe stepped into a pitch dark Alley and was sick. Sick. The night was very still. After a time he went on through the Alley. Joe Rode a Blind out of town Chat night speeding Westward. Alone. To be continued today a news in pictures night club Caruso sizing up air plane situation 0 it seems the air plane business is going to extremes. Parked under the Tail of the new Douglas dc-4�?and with room to spare is one of the new midget Aero neers built by the Phillips aviation co. The dc-4 is the worlds largest land plane with a Wingspread of 138 feet. The Aero Neer is 32 feet wide. This picture was taken at los Angeles municipal Airport. Patrons of a new York cabaret recently heard the soaring Tenor of Caruso and it Wasny to from a phonograph record either. The voice belonged to Enrico Caruso jr., son of grand operas greatest Tenor. He is pictured above at the night club which he Hopes will Lead to the operatic stage. International love match dancing Asa in new you woo danced in a hits on the Hope of Captain Alexander Papana rumanian air Ace to make a non Stop flight to this week crashed with his plane when he ran it into a Stone Wall when making a forced Landing at Norwalk Conn. Pictured above is the wreck of his ship which was bought with funds raised by popular subscription in Rumania. With Landing Speed too great for the Short Field the plane hit the Wall shearing off the Landing gear and smashing both propellers and the twin engines. A

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