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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Brainerd, Minnesota Weather showers or thunderstorms tonight or by sunday. Warmer tonight and cooler sunday. The Brainerd daily dispatch the Complete family newspaper pictures by Hom photo in the heart of the Lake Region Telephone no. 74 or 76 United pre fall leased wire Brainerd. Minnesota. Saturday july 23. 1938 inca restore service and news pictures vol 64�?no. 298russians seize Jap rifles three women sought in badlands Crew of russian boat turns Back Manchuk Saraid gov. Langley new Mexico heading Hunt of Texas flood res sweep women tourists missing close to since tuesday Are lost Tutu a in country which has 1 swallowed others without Trace u. S. Gunboat in danger bombs area appeals for u. S. Aid Santa be n. a gov. Clyde Tingley took personal command today of a search of three missing women one of them a member of the faculty of the University of Kentucky who disappeared in the Malpas badlands in Northwestern new Mexico Early this week. Grave fears were held for them. Gov. Tingley left for the badlands accompanied by la state policemen. He will organize posses for % minute search of the area where a number of tourists have disappeared within the last few years. The missing women were mrs w. A. To la Forest Lexington ky., an instructor at the University of Kentucky. Miss Irene Piedalue. 45, Winchester ky., Extension worker at the University of Kentucky. Miss Laura Piedalue 47, also of Winchester a social worker for Catholic charities in new York. Missing since tuesday the women mining sine tuesday were in route to Bollings Mont to be the summer guests of mrs. Phillip Gibbons wife of a a hard be Salesman nod six a of the Piedalue worm n. Mrs Gibbons said today she had received a Post card from the women Friday mailed tuesday from Albuquerque n lf., saying that Quot Aimee mrs. Peia Forest was having a Nice time Quot and that they expected to be in Billings in it week. The card was signed by Irene Piedalue. The first indication that the women might have lost their Way in the rugged Mountain Region rame tuesday when Martin Craig of Albuquerque noticed their car on the Side of the Road. When it still was parked there the next Day he notified police who found that it contained the women a travelling missing women continued on Page 2. Courtenay b. try four Hundred residents of Bevan prepared to evacuate today As authorities warned that a Forest fire which already had burned through 130 Square Miles of Timberland would reach the town within 18 hours. The towns of Courtenay and Cumberland also were in the path of the fire. A train of empty freight cars was sent to Bryan to carry out the residents and their belongings. Fire fighters escorted 80 families to safety from the Community of Black Creek. Camp three of the Comax lumber company was abandoned. The fire had destroyed millions of dollars Worth of standing and Cut Timber and farm and town property. The More than 1,000 men engaged in fighting it were driven Back constantly As the flames leaped fire lanes and spread through the tops of Trees. It was because of the comparative inexperience of some of the Crews officials said that the fire had assumed its proportions. Tilly of h men in charge of fire fighting Al cwt to discharge the inexperienced workers to make room for Thrno who had helped to fight Forest fires in the past. Authorities also issued instructions to fire fighting chiefs Toke up a close watch on persons suspected of sabotage. Thursday the entire tillage of Forbes Landing was destroyed because water pumps and Hose had been damaged beyond use. The fire which started last july 8, but was kept under control until to Days ago spread out Over an additional 20,000 acres yesterday and last night. Damages mounted to near $500,000 in this Vicinity alone. In Palestine families rent space in bakeshop ovens by the year and bake the family bread in exactly the same spot each time. They feel that any variance in position wid affect the loaf. Shanghai a let american Navy authorities Learned today that the United states gunboat Mon Mcacy crowded with Navy men and american civilians had been in acute danger during a japanese air plane bombardment of Klu Kiang on the Yangtze River. Japanese troops and Blu jackets Are driving up the Yangtze toward Kiu Kiang in face of a stubborn chinese defense. Farthur up the River navigation is impossible because of the mines which the chinese have strewn to Block japanese warships. Japanese planes raided Kiu Kiang just above their advanced lines yesterday. Crowded aboard the Mono Cacy in addition to its Crew of about 46 officers and men were a number of american civilians who had sought the Protection of the american Flag there rather than ashore at the Standard Oil company Plant where others Are staying. During the japanese raid bombs began falling perilously close to the gunboat. At that moment the ship s radio failed. It was impossible to communicate with japanese authorities to warn them of the danger to the gunboat. However the bombs did not strike the Mono Cacy and the radio was repaired. Americans in the Standard Oil Plant it was Learned have gathered cows and pigs because a food shortage is feared. There Are numerous chickens aboard the Mono Cacy. Japan a attack on Kiu Kiang was intensifying dispatches showed but the chinese were resisting so stoutly As to keep them almost immobilized. The already Strong chinese army there has been reinforced by the Quot god of War Quot brigade whose men have pledged themselves to defend to the last the lion Hill forts before Kiu Kiang. Japanese warships Are bombarding the Hill daily m cooperation with air planes. A Butterfly swings expand from miniature to full size within a few minutes after the insect emerges from its Chrysalis. The eskimos christened the plane in which the Lindbergh made their world flight Quot a which Means Quot big Bird. Say is them guns loaded a coming soon new Story Quot Holdup honeymoon san Saba Tex. A lib a an emergency flood Relief committee today appealed to the United states army and to the coast guard to take charge of caring for refugees in the worst flood in the history of the san Saba Valley. At least .4 persons were believed already to have been drowned by the sweeping Advance of the normally Placid san Saba River. The fourteen persons believed to have been members of two mexican families had sought Refuge atop a barn which River workers said was almost certain to have been swept away during the night. The town had no water Supply the City water Plant was submerged and there was threat of disease from Lack of sanitation facilities food supplies were almost gone. George Steinman head of the quickly mobilized Relief committee in the Appeal for help said Quot conditions Are becoming extremely critical and much loss of life and property is he said Hope virtually had been abandoned for the stranded mexicans. One Telephone line All communication lines except a single Telephone wire had been washed out. Steinman asked the United press to relay the Appeal of the committee to the army and to the coast guard. M. W. Trussell a publisher who had been checking the Rise in the River said that it was advancing at the rate of two feet an hour and that at its present rate of gain would reach the City Square where 3,000 refugees were huddled Quot some time this approximately three inches of rain fell during the night adding to the tide of the River. A drizzling rain continued through the Day adding to the suffering of refugees. There was no Way for the citizens of the town to Stop the on coming flood because there wan no protecting Dike or levee. It was the first time in the history of the town that the slow flowing River had gone on a rampage. Other towns flooded Trussel estimated that another two foot Rise in the River would bring the Waters Over the Public Square. Shortly before noon the River had not approached the business District. Quot we Are expecting the worst and hoping for the Best a Trussell said. Conditions below the san sat a also were becoming serious. The san Saba River and Brady Creek converge above Here and both flow into Tho Colorado River which Alae is swollen. It was reported that Richland Springs a Small Community above san Saba was inundated by toe Waters. Lack of communication facilities made it impossible to Check los of life and property damage. The isolated flood area contained at least 4,000 refugees. Only two persons were known to have drowned. Hey you a Down in that Corner stocks Rise to new High today Chamberlain urges Hitler be moderate Houston blowing toward islands aboard the u. S. S. Houston in route to Cocos Island in a by naval radio to the United press a the u. S. S. Houston with president Roosevelt and his fishing companions aboard made its Way steadily toward the Galapagos islands today. The Cruiser was expected to reach the islands about noon tomorrow. While the journey southeastward was being made or. Roosevelt took the Opportunity to devote his time to business. Yesterday he spent the entire Day going Over business matters. The Houston was making an unbroken run from clipperton Island to the Galapagos group a distance of 1,300 Miles. Heart arterial diseases pneumonia and tuberculosis in the order named Are the three greatest causes of death in Japan. London or a prime minister Neville Chamberlain has sent Adolf Hitler a personal message expressing the governments desire for improvement of British German relations and urging him to be moderate in his policy toward Czechoslovakia it was understood today. There seemed reason to believe that Chamberlain intimated that Britain and France were using their full influence with the czechoslovak government to insure the Best possible terms for the German minority in Czechoslovakia and added that the British government would regard a peaceful settlement of the czechoslovak problem As offering real Hope for resumption of British German Friendship talks. The message was Given by Chamberlain to Herbert von Dirksen German ambassador yesterday during a 45 minute talk they had before Dirksen left for a vacation in Germany. The result of developments in the last few Days was that British German relations Long strained had taken a decided turn for the better. Warns against optimism nevertheless an authoritative source warned against what was called extreme optimism express in some quarters and commented that of the Many rumours circulating As to developments 99 per cent were wrong. A responsible informant summed up the situation As follows a no harm has been done by recent talks and there is a fair likelihood that they May ultimately result in lasting but the same source said that i a serious crisis might still boil up in Czechoslovakia during August and 2 that there was still a huge Gap Between the German minority demands and the Concession which the czechoslovak government was prepared to offer. Germany a recent tone of moderation was regarded Here As the Moat favourable Factor in a still tense situation the informant said. As regards specific reports a most authoritative source said that there had been no mention of a German guarantee of neutrality for Czechoslovakia provided that she disarmed or of an offer of a Gor Man British russian non aggression pact. These suggestions were avoided by capt. Fritz Widemann Hitler s adjutant on his recent visit Here and they never had been considered the source said. Captain Harris director of Tho Harris zoological expedition to South Africa has invented bullets that will drug wild animals but not kill them. New York a the Stock Market Rose to a new High since october 7, 1938, in the Industrial average in a rousing last half hour spurt. Trading picked up sharply on the Rae until tickers fell far behind. The last quote appeared to minutes after Tho closing Gong had sounded. Sales in the first hour were Light at 200,000 shares against 330,000 shares in the corresponding period last saturday. The spurt raised the second hour total to 580,000 against 300,000 shares last saturday in the second hour. At the close the Dow Jones Industrial average stood at 144.24, up 1.99 Points the Best since october 7, 1937, when it stood at 146.59. The Railroad average closed at 30.38, up 0.50, a new High since february 25. The Utility average finned Only about % Point and that group made the poorest showing of any other. General motors made a new High As did Eastman Case and a Long list of others. U. S. Steel equated its High for the year. Gains in the main list ranged to More than $2 a share while some of the inactive issues were up As much As $13.50 a share. Rail Parley on wage Cut stands still Chicago our a negotiations Between railway management and labor on a proposed 15 per cent wage Cut that would effect approximately 900,000 workers were at a temporary standstill today. Meanwhile h. A. Enochs chairman of a committee representing the nations 142 class i roads asserted that National mediation Board intervention was Quot expected within to his statement came before the committee adjourned until tuesday its conferences with the brotherhood of Railroad trainmen. The committee resumes negotiations monday with 18 other brotherhoods members of the railway labor executive association from which the trainmen split a year ago. A. F. Whitney president of the trainmen s organization protested Enochs statement asserting that Quot we Are still negotiating and have no right to talk of a mediator until we have Whitney charged that railroads had paid out $187,000,000 Ainee 1920 to various organizations and such universities As Yale and Harvard to Quot Poison the Public mind Quot against Railroad labor and to convince school children that it had no right to strike Enochs said the alleged Quot propaganda expenditures were on service projects of a co operative nature for efficiency. Ickes warns Cass Lake to clean up Cass Lake. Minn. A a Cass Lake today was under orders from Secretary of Interior Harold Ickes to a clean up Quot the town or again lose the Chippewa Indian Agency. Ickes announced return of the Agency Here from Duluth but warned that if reports of drunkenness among indians and attacks on women were not stopped he would remove the Agency a a without further he said also that Cass Lake must provide the Agency employees quarters at reasonable rentals. Named Mark l. Burns previously the regional coordinator at Minneapolis to take Over the Agency in place of Louis Balsam. The indians who seized the Cass Lake Agency records when the move to Duluth first was attempted demanded and got a referendum in which they voted to retain the Agency Here. Army Worms sweeping Over Canadian Fields Toronto ont. Pc i a hordes of army Worms spread Over Fields of Corn Barley wheat and Oats in Ontario today leaving nothing but stripped stalks behind them. Reports of devastation came from the Temiscaming District of Northern Ontario the Ontario Quebec boder in the East and the far Southern sections of the province. Officials of the department of agriculture and of the Ontario agricultural College at Guelph a Rcd the plague was one of the most serious in Ontario history. Good Chance for peace if Russ affair quiets Washington her a chair Man key Pittman d., nev., of the Senate foreign relations committee saw greatly improved prospects for peace in Europe today if the siberian Frontier incident involving Russia and Japan does not result in a War. In an interview he said that the closer alignment of great Britain and France would exercise tremendous influence for peace. Barring complications in the Russo japanese situation he believes that the a Outlook for present peace is very much if the siberian situation results in a clash Between the two countries however he said that it May result in a serious situation for All of Europe. There is every indication that France and great Britain arc More closely Allied than Ever a he said. Quot if the other governments believe this there will be no rash acts committed in Europe. Only 7700 of the 35,700 radio broadcasting stations in the world Are engaged in broadcasting entertainment. The others Are used for radio communication with ships aircraft Etc. Uncle is says a Good Cooks May be hard to get but aunt pm done to have any trouble. She ups and advertises Fer Mem in the daily dispatch want ads in gets the Best every Russia also involved today in dispute with Poland Over repression of Russ embassy in Warsaw moscow�?0 re a a new horde incident Between soviet Russia and Manchukuo was reported today in dispatches from Khabarovsk Siberia Tho dispatches said six manchurian soldiers violated the Frontier and landed on the soviet Island of f Tinkov from two motor boats firing on a passing soviet Cutter. All six were captured and two wounded. A Light machine gun five japanese rifles a Mauser pistol More than 1,000 cartridges and other arms were seized the dispatches said. Meanwhile trouble arose in the West when Russia protested to Poland against Quot intolerable a police repression of Rushan embassy and diplomatic officials at Warsaw. The protesting note asserted that embassy employees even those possessing diplomatic passports were kept under police surveillance and that some were taken to police stations and required to sign depositions. Resent interference embassy employees were shadowed visitors to the embassy and servants were arrested it was asserted and mail and newspaper deliveries to the representative of the official Tass news Agency were forbidden. The protest asked a cessation of polic e Quot repression Quot and a resumption of Normal relations. It was indicated that the government was becoming increasingly resentful of what it believed to he unauthorized interference with russian diplomatic envoys abroad. Foreign commissar Maxim Litvinov in rejecting a demand by japanese ambassador Mamoru she a Gem its u that russian troops evacuate a disputed Hill on the Siberia Manchukuo Korea Frontier took occasion to protest against police inactivity when japanese demonstrators tried to invade the embassy at Tokyo. Base claim on maps Litvinov charged that on july it japanese Quot invaded a the Tokyo embassy and distributed provocations hand Bills. Quot although usually no person can enter the embassy without being stopped by a considerable police Force on duty there Quot Litvinov said Quot the latter made no attempt to prevent the incursion of the band into the As regards the Frontier incident russian authorities made it known that they had found new maps of the disputed area. Some suspicion was expressed in non official quarters that Japan had artificially created the incident possibly to withdraw attention from its troubles in China. Soviets reject demands Russia had cited maps attached to a treaty of 1869 in support of its claim to the disputed Hill. Now it was said a copy had been found of an 1860 map which Japan herself cited. This map it was asserted showed the Hill to be even farther inside Siberia than did the 1869 map. Hence it was argued Russia made some concessions in the 1869 treaty but the Hill still was plainly russian. The government still awaited word of the next japanese move in the Frontier dispute. Russia had rejected the demand for withdrawal of troops. Japanese ambassador Shigemitsu after reporting to the government at Tokyo awaited la St auctions. For May visit wis. Washington our a w Hite House said today tentative arrangements been made for president a it velt to visit Superior 1 Quot sometime in fitches stressed the fact the arrangements were u Tulve

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