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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Brainerd, Minnesota The Brainerd daily dispatch to serve As Best we can the Brainerd area1 in the heart of the Lake Region inca feature service and news pictures member of the associated press dial 3511 Brainerd. Minnesota. Saturday. July 2. 1955 vol 80man Dies in car Accident Here girl drowns in k e River storm brings City .76 precipitation Crosby gets 2.08 the heaviest rainfall Here in capitation to 3.88 during the last More than a month dumped three 36 hours. Quarters of an Inch of prec pita in Brainerd the rain was a com Tion on Brainerd this morning to boost july a official precipitation to 1,41 inches almost As much As recorded All during Lune at Crosby where More than two inches of rain fell this morning streets were flooded and water ran into Many basements Crosby s 2 08 inches of rain this morning boosted the villages pre a a a a severe Hail storm hits Detroit lakes pained by some Hail and considerable Thunder and lightning but no serious damage other than leaking roofs was reported. Crosby s Power service was Cut off for Short periods and lights flickered several times during the storm in Brainerd. I i dry and warm june weather in Brainerd was dry and fairly warm compared to other years. High temperature was 94. Recorded on june 30 and Low was 44 on june 8 and 9. Last years june High was 88 on the 24th and the Low was 38 on the 4th. June precipitation this year totalled 1.83 inches compared to an average for the month of 4.2ft inches and last years june total of 1.99 inches. By the associated press one of the Mot severe Hail i i storms in a decade raked the de a bus mornings rain followed troit lakes minn., area today of a night Long weather disturbances much of Minnesota w As drenched cur eng we sch heavy wind buffeted by thunderstorms overnight. By City. Little rain fell during the Kin size hailstones pummelled night. However. Detroit lakes and adjacent resort j More rain seemed in Prospect areas Between 8 and 8 30 a. In. Dur this afternoon and evening ing a heavy storm that dumped an the rain w0 Days was estimated two to three inches of welcomed Here after nearly a ram within an hour. Month Long drouth although local one Farmer reported his potato residents were hoping that the crop was wrecked. There were j Stormy weather w Ould soon cease numerous cases of car damage for the convenience of the thou tree branches were torn away Sands of vacation lists who began roofs were damaged and a number streaming into the lakes area of windows shattered. Nigh. Wes Meyer editor of the de through june precipitation Here troit a Kes Tribune said some was 4.37 inches Short for the year so ones measured As much As nine it and 6.61 inches Short for the last inches in circumference. The stones nine months. July gets credit for were the biggest i be Ever seen. Thursday nights rainfall As Well As photo by Brainerd dispatch a ride mister a a gosh this thumbing a ride is just no Good. They wont even pick up four David Oren hem Pel who actually wont be a Day old until july 4, is Truing to a thumb his Way out a of St. Josephus Hospital to spend the fourth with his parents or. And mrs. Earl Hempel Backus. David Wasny to supposed to be born until july 4. He arrived however on april 15 at his Home weighing 2 pounds 2�4 ounces. He was taken to St. Joseph s Hospital in a tiny Box and then popped into the incubator where he made his Home for several weeks. He kept nurses and doctors on the jump trying to keep the spark of life glowing. Now David a husky of almost five pounds is ready to take up family life again and so his suitcase is packed and he is waiting for his mom and dad who will probably pick him up today. Steel firms boost Price $7.50 a ton Pittsburgh tip u. S. Steel corp., which granted an average 15 cent an hour wage boost to its i employees to break the Back of a j nationwide steel strike is boosting a prices about $7.50 a ton. Big steels action came shortly after it ended the shortest walkout in the Industry s history in a Compromise agreement with the Cio United steelworkers. Within a few hours after the 12-hour strike ended yesterday All of the Industry so big six a had Fol a Lowed the Leader in agreeing to the i pay boost. They Are Bethlehem j steel corp. Republic. Jones amp Laughlin Youngstown Sheet amp tube and Inland steel. The companies indicated they too will follow big steel in marking up prices. Nine deaths listed in state in 2 Days this week in Congress Auto plane race feature of air show Here monday soon will pay More for the countless products made from steel. Clifford f. Hood. U. S. Steel pres at Fredstrom a Corner a half mile South of Brainerd. It. Was reported that he lost control of his car after passing another machine. Five persons were killed in traffic accidents and four drowned in Minnesota Friday and up to noon today. Five of the deaths Are included in the states Holiday weekend traffic toll on which the count started at 6 p. In. The Pine River girl. Ruth Inez Wilson daughter of or. And mrs. James Wilson drowned in Pine River near her parents Home not far from the Village. The child a body w As found by an older sister who had left her for a Short time. She is believed to have either slipped into the River or to have fallen asleep on the Bank and rolled into the River. She was taken to the Pine River clinic immediately but efforts to revive her were futile. Funeral services will be held tuesday at 10 30 a. In in the Pine River Tab Macle. A race Between an automobile turn in order to head Back Down and an air plane will be one of the the runway to try to overtake the get along with the controlled Congress j the Pace of capital week. Democratic a quickened politics this incredibly Large Quot Meyer said overnight i 27 inches of rain was recorded at Redwood Falls. Rochester and St. Cloud had .80 and the twin cities .40. To the South thunderstorms this morning s because weather records Are made oui morning at 8 a. In. For the ceding 24 hours. This mornings rainfall St each pre med swept across North Central and most Points reporting Model ate to heavy showers. Gull Lake to be general throughout this area cast of a political a cold War Quot if republicans lost control of con Northeast. Iowa Early today dump ing up to 2 2 inches of rain at some Points. Some communication lines were disrupted in the Waterloo. Waverly and Dubuque areas. Much of the Dakotas had Thun in received 1.35 Pillager. .17 Garri a son .53 and Pequot lakes .65. E heavy Iowa rain Des Moines now a up thunderstorms swept across North Cen de storms activity Early today after Raj an j nor Tycast Iowa Early to Day dumping up to 2 2 inches of seven Tornado funnels were sighted in the Bowdle s. D., Region Friday Era n afternoon. J Strong winds and lightning Dis the general Minnesota Prospect j erupted some communication lines today w As for partly Cloudy with occasional showers or Thunder rainfall ending at storms. Highs of 75 to 85 were Early today included Marble predicted today with similar readings sunday. There is a Chance of scattered showers in the North sunday. Give of be some 14 administration hanging fire. Congress John would give these a fair just and re Side ration. But. He reported for the period no going to carry 6 30 a rn., most of it Biko a Hunch of Rock crowd. A number of outstanding name the air plane will take to the air stunt pilots have been lined up for after it becomes airborne and will the show including Howard Liber have to make its turn in the air sky maj. Arthur j. Davis Ray Hen replied at his news while the car travelling at High by Roy Timm and John Fitzpatrick a a Bee. He said he s willing to Speed turns on the runway after radio announcer Bob Doan of a Ronal thanks for passage hitting a top Speed of about a Hun Hollywood. Calif., has flown Here Jed Bills hut added i want Dre j Miles per hour. To assume the master of ceremonies More. Then he ticked off the plane must make a wider role for the show. An Iowa Man who died after an Accident South of Brainerd and a Pine River girl w to drowned in Pine River were among the nine persons who met deaths in Minnesota yesterday and today. George h. Of Neil about 30, of Armstrong now a died in St. Josephus Hospital this morning at 8 30. He w As fatally injured about 4 of clock this morning when his car left Highway 371 and rolled Over a a a a u. S. Traffic death rate runs higher by the associated press the nation s traffic death rate during the first Day of this year s As a consequence Consumers j fourth of july weekend w As running higer today than that reported for the same period last noon est today 52 traffic ident said the 5.8 per Cunt hike deaths had been recorded since 6 Rev. Harvey Swenson of Pine which will put a $132.50 Price tag p m friday__10 More than for the River in opiate and burial will on a ton of Basic Carbon steel a 1954 period. The Over All Accident a Pine River friends May Call was t entirely the result of the death toll reached 72. With 9 drown at the Norland funeral Home of wage increase. Mrs and a deaths in other types of or noon monday. Hood said other factors Are in mishaps included. None of the Ruth is survived by her parents solved such As increased taxes and deaths were attributed to fire six Brothers and three Sisters. 1 works. David m. Lilly 19. And Shirley the National safety Council do boy 18, both of St. Paul were has estimated that 380 persons will killed when their car left Highway be killed in Highway accidents by j"5 and slowed into a Crossroads a monday Midnight. Ned h dear mile South of Warren born Council president said today three other members of the do that a unless the Drivers slam on the boy family All Riding in the Back brakes we Are going to reach or seat were hospitalized at Warren exceed the estimate of 380. In critical condition with a Frac in the no Holiday weekend ares the Skull neck left Arm june 17-20, an associated press1a"d jaw was the dead girls Mother there was an air of urgency to Survey showed 342 persons died in my James a. boy about 48 traffic accidents 111 drowned and her husband was in fair Condi moment wasted in their 162 met violent deaths from Mischel lion with a leg and rib fracture and their son. Richard. 4. Also was Brainerd Airport East of the City paint profits have been High Quot this i the three Day fourth of july hoi-1 in fair condition with internal in ,.year, orders Are rotting in. And Al a Day Lait year took an Overall toll juries an most everyone predicts record pro Jef 62 lives 348 in traffic 192 j if Oscar Erickson of auction through at least the re drownings and 83 in other Acci Marshall county said Lilly the i a i rider of 955 dents including four fireworks Driver apparently fell asleep at the that was one reason perhaps. I deaths. Wheel. Why the strike was the shortest in record Overall toll for any the part was driving to Dray 1 the Industry a history. New construction. While jubilant steelworkers were returning to the Mills Union officials stood by to get More contract signatures. They indicated they i would have no trouble w Ith any by Frank Cormier Washington up a argument on an elemental political questions. How does president Eisenhower big features of Brainerd s fourth of Auto which must Cut Down its july air show it was announced Speed to make the turn. Normal a i 1.pittsburgh steel was among cruising Speed of the plane is about7 l., the companies which agreed to the of the 96 companies in the Industry which employ 600,000 us dues today officials of the sponsoring civil too Miles per hour but it can hike it air patrol who Are expecting spec its Speed to 150 Miles per hour in a Neva As no by the thousands to take in dive�111 a the question was debated from. By. ,. Sign. None of the companies seemed separate platforms by Fusen How or Sav this a inn should he a a a h go to want a moment wasted in their and Senate democratic Leader p the stunt should be a men on hand when the Gates at the eff their min5 glowing Neola causes. Total of Sis official Lyndon b. Johnson of Texas. Others .i1t_ ,. Brainerd a report East of the it of Ciai the Auto and re Start open at to a. In. A fliers break from a standing Point on the run fast is scheduled at 8 a chimed in from the sidelines. _ Hirrom a standing Point on me run last is scheduled at 8 a. In. Johnson claimed democrats Are Way and rare to the end of it it urn Hemd rods of planes Are expected t0everyone men Cis recon pro. N producing a legislative record that and fun the race in front of the Fly Here for the big Dav. Disproves Eisenhower 19o4 fore Nhomi 2.52 inches son City Waterloo i Buque .03. Shell Rock i 80 Ma-5 Charles City 1.61 4 Dumont .60. i Ani woman held for death cd brother in Law Parker s. Una i Ouis sat Ter about 65, a Bachelor farm worker was shot to death in his Broiher s Home near Here Friday afternoon. The victim s sister in Law mrs Charles Sartor about 57, was being held without charge after a Conche fired the fatal Copper strike will be Felt after Holiday As it turned out. Several reasons going the week. Defense thro is ration proposals nation s defences it Siona i hurdles to it measures still son promised. 14 proposals Rasonable Quot con added a we re out instructions second Lieuten Eisenhower Hadj Ive thanks Dur a v major admin to bolster the beaded Cong res it of them going train hits sleeping bag killing two teen age boys Minneapolis a1 iwo 14-1 tracks in suburban Minnetonka year old boys were run Over and j township. Killed today As they Lay by a passenger train sleeping Between the the youths apparently sleeping wages continued on Page 2 search for two fliers in 6th Day i Tokyo july 2 a pvt the search for two missing Marine fliers dragged Leno its sixth Day with no sign of either Man today. Capt. H. P. Montague of Jack Jison miss and 2nd it. David Winton Bell of Wayzata minn., were presumed Drifting helplessly on life i Independence Day Holiday a period ton n. D., to visit with one of the i w As set in the four Day Holiday in 1950 when 792 perished. The National safety Council estimates that 40 million automobiles will be on the highways during the Holiday period. The period of greatest peril is near the end. When i motorists tired from hours of travel Are returning Home on crowded i highways. Fireworks deaths have Dwin idled sharply in recent years. Various states prohibit their Sale. In 1903, fireworks killed 466 persons and injured 3.983. A to the president s desk for signing. The noisiest fight was on Eisenhower a Quot must Quot plans for a fourfold increase in the trained Mili tary reserves. This program final a in cleared the House after having judge rules Lanza must be in court nerds jury ruled j so rats the victim we my at the Char in Denver a wage talks resume on a limited scale today is born a i raved once by inclusion of both Federal conciliators and Union Jan anti segregation amendment spokesmen expressed doubt a strike. The Bill a Compromise that included key features asked by fining son of or. And mrs. Arnold running route 3, Hopkins. They were killed at 6 10 a in. By a Minneapolis amp St. Louis passenger train bound for the twin cities from Watertown. S. Santa Monica. Calif Ltd a j officers were told the boys judge says that Singer Marin Anza had been out All night and must submit to Cross examination next Friday on whether he was of three of the nations largest cop jetted former had been work j Satter Home for served with papers in a per mining firms would be settled was sent to the Senate land Ord s 540 000 Awault before late a car week by voice vote attempts to attach Quot a expect the defendant per because few of the properties in a new Antis erection amendment Sonalla to be Superior about a year was shot in the Back times just after he entered told him there was no quarrel be fore the shooting solved normally employ work Werc beaten Back 156-105. Shifts on a six Day week full of judge Stanley Mosk said yesterday. A this Man s credibility is clearly at , err of he a no let s nil i a Rafter air Sion bin scared it the v i n. Jyh a of the Miv for it unf1 tuesday of or tit houses and was promptly signed Lanzas attorney had moved that Long Independence Day weekend a jnt0 a by Eisenhower. The com Norman Kaiser a default judgment spokesmen for the International j Promise measure extends the regu jag asst the Singer be set aside be Union of mine Mill amp Sec Lei Jar draft four years and adds two cause there had been no personal w Ork is Fin whose entire Mem i \ pare to Tiro if it it of the can rut it mini Fri of Tho my Ninny Kaiser so slumber party Quot of six teen age _ girls at the Home of or. And of Toke shot to death during party years to the life of the separate service of the complaint be ship of 50.000 to 60.000 work doct0rs draft the House approved attorney said a claimed to have delivered the Paris is posed for a nationwide strike. Said full scale negotiations Are not i to resume until tuesday Congress continued on Page 2 Virginia. Minn up a Bruno Hakala 41, of the Rural 7im area. Was shot to death Friday night after what authorities said was an All Dav drinking party. Deputy sheriff c p. Murphy said Frank Jarvisto 66. At whose Home Bemidji Minn near Makinen the shooting took i Ole Williamson place was held without charge for i homicide and done in self defense. Shooting of Minnesota Farmer ruled justifiable Norman White of Hopkins. The Home on Minnetonka Boulevard is directly opposite the spot 4 heyday night where the boys were killed they appeared in the White Yard at about Daylight talked to the girls for a few minutes and then left at mrs. Whites direction a the sleeping bag looked like an old piece of tar paper a said Engineer Joe h. Clasen of the three unit diesel train a we hit it at about 45 Miles an there was no explanation As to Accident continued on Page 2 Chicago boy shot to death in gang fight Chicago of a a a 17-year-old High school senior was shot to death Friday night in a teen age gang Battle and police said a 14-Vear-old High school freshman re a ated he fired the shot accidentally when he got excited. Kenneth Slohoda 17, was Cut Down by a Shotgun blast fired from one of three automobiles containing some 15 teen agers. He died from Chest wounds in a doctors a few minutes later. The three autos sped away but some six hours later police seized Clement cookie Macis. Who they said. Related he fired his father s Shotgun. Police it. Edward o Malley said an earlier Yonkers. N y., who vanished in fog and then taking a bicycle belonging a gangs on the i South Side last night in which one gang member was beaten with a j wrench. Macis a freshman at Tilden tech High school was held without charge. Slohoda was a senior at de Salle High school and de scribed As a Good student. By John Chadwic k j Honing of Grutzner he Felt that the. A a Quot a j Washington up a sen East Story disclosing u. S. Sabre Jet in a single sleeping bag were Roger rafts in the fog off Japan their Jav a of boys held after Moeller son of or. And mrs. Marine sky Knight Jet ran out of a n j Mer c. Moeller and Donald run Gas in fog sunday night. Two others Crown eco the marines said it was believed Philadelphia let a two 12-. James r. Day of Minneapolis year old. Boys were held on a Homi went Down with his helicopter Ade charge and turned Over to when it crashed in he sea wednes j youth study Center officials today 0 ff1pe Day in the search. Three Crew i in connection with the drowning of mates were rescued. Two other boys. The body of a second Marine lost j the pair held yesterday for a Roar in tic search was found yesterday trial were identified As Theodore Entov tried to gain admittance to a beside tic wreckage of has fur it a Jet j Armpriester and Joseph Ryan. On g Shima an Island 65 Miles they were accused of pushing he was i t Alan m. Ellis Palmer. To and Adolph sin a the shooting followed Mcaneny of Cavage. 13, into the Schuylkill River i to Young Palmer. Accepts paper s word Security not violated land d miss says he accepts the planes were in action in Korea had new York times word that no Zeen helpful to the communists. Weather Why the boys had camped Between Security violation was involved in but the newsman and the times it pers. Kaiser a suit claimed his Home jibe tracks. Both of them lived in us publication of a Story during said Pentagon had cleared was damaged during the 28 months the area and knew the trackage the korean War that the u. S. Air for publication. It was occupied by i Anza Lanza j was in regular use Force was using f86 Sabre jets j Eastland a statement yesterday offered no defense because his at a the bodies dragged about too Las land chairman of the Senate said the Subco Manittee has been in North cooler tonight and Sun t Orney claimed he had t been in feet. Were badly mangled i internal Security subcommittee formed by he defense department Dav Low tonight 50-60 High Sun Minnesota partly Cloudy occasional showers or thunderstorms this afternoon and tonight sunday partly Clouds Chance of scattered showers Gally notified of the action to it a shooting of Lear to leave and the machine went was justifiable out of control to nose into a Creek. Eisenhower spend questioning Murphy said Jarvisto was in a stupor when authorities were called to his Home about 13 mile s Southeast of Here and was not Able to make a dear statement Holiday in mountains sheriff John Cahill organized a1 a Beltrami county coroners jury posse which surrounded the Wil decided Here late Friday. Harrison House and ordered him to Camp David. Milf a the Williamson died in a gun Battle surrender. When he opened fire in a president and mrs. Isenho or Are with officers near his Grygla farm Stead the officers returned it from in the mountains of Maryland for Security Clasen said h is train rounded said late yesterday the group never the curve just ahead of the boys has made Quot any such but in Home thursday after wounding two rifles and pistols. Murphy added the men had been of three Deputy sheriffs who Hadj Williamson w As felled in his own drinking All Day. I sought to take him in for a mental Yard and died to minutes later of Hakala died of a Bullet through i examination. Three Bullet w funds the neck shortly after he was shot the officers Dale Russell the jurors found that these about 6 pm. Wounded in the Scalp and Albert a wounds Quot had been inflicted by w. Remington hit in the Back. Sheriff Cahill w Hile he was trying were reported in Good condition at to effect an arrest for a a Bemidji Hospital. J namely the shooting of the two they with Deputy Melvin Jacob j deputies son had gone to the Williamson Herbert e Olson the county at King recovering Oslo. Norway Jpio a medical bulletin said today Norway a 82-year-old King Haakon i is recovering from the thigh fracture he suffered four Days ago. The fourth of july weekend they celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary yesterday with a picnic for the White House staff Atwa ked Back up their farm Home at Gettysburg. Pa., found the bodies that it is a unable As yet to state from its own records whether j. I Grutzner s store was cleared for i am glad to make this state ,. A _ publication at the Pentagon the interest of completer _. However Eastland said. The new the tracks. We get a lot of that the store was written in-1950 to York to Mes has stated Public a 1151 when theres a wind. Charles Grutzner. A times import. The Engineer said the train went j or it who acknowledged at a sub-1 Over the sleeping bag and from j committee Public hearing Thurston sound of the Impact he decided Dav that he had been a communist Day 75-82. A i have stopped if wed that known what it he said to Ament looked like some tar paper across fairness. To take a look Clasen and conductor Ben Lortz the tracks and they called a party member from 1937 to 1940. And then drove to Camp David in thormities. The Cato tin mountains for the re the victims were classmate at madder of the Holiday with them i Burwell school at Minnetonka were six couples i Mills they were close friends and for their anniversary the White often camped together the spot House staff gave the Eisenhower where they were killed is opposite farm Early thursday. The Farmer i Torney conducted the questioning a sofa and a Large engraved Silver a Grassy Clearing Ideal for a Camp opened fire. As they got in their i at the inquest. Tray. Ling site. Records indicate that Austin Ste of its Washington staff obtained clearance for the Story from Jack Shea then a civilian member of the air Force press desk. A i have no reason to doubt the Grutzner was among a dozen of this statement by the new Mer employees of the now defunct York Eastland said. A and Brooklyn Eagle who were named on this basis it would appear that by lbs newsman Winston 51 Bur the times did nothing to violate Dett As people he knew As Fel Low communists in 1937-1940 0f he added a the sub Grutzner testified he became fed committee never has made air up with communism and quit just Uch charge but i am glad to make before joining the limes staff. J this statement in the interest of Eastland indicated in his ques Complete fairness local weather High Friday ,.,.84 Low last night. .60 8 a. In today.63 noon today 70 humidity at 8 a. In. .95% humidity at noon .77% precipitation Brainerd. To Pillager .17 Gull Lake.135 Garrison. 53 Pequot lakes. 65 Crosby .2 08 High Low year ago today .67 is

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