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Brainerd Daily Dispatch Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 5

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Brainerd Daily Dispatch (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Brainerd, Minnesota Brainerd daily dispatch Minn. Monday dec. 20, 1965 the Brainerd daily dispatch continuing to weekly dispatch found in Imp Pony lid of published every Avern a except sunday Ana six Leget no Sidny in brainer a Cro wino county Minnesota by Fth Brainerd dispatch newspaper comr in it if Tai newspaper a Crow wino county Sconn Doss onstage Ooi Brainerd Minn. In member of the associated press Tho associated errs is anus Lovely entitled to the use of republication of on news dispatches pm Wen to it or not otherwise Creel Leo to this paper and also the local news published herein All right olt Publ Catlon of special dispatches herein Ore also reserved h f Mccollough publisher w j Mccollough co pull alter p on w Emerson editor Gerain borne advertising manager Duane Marcotte classified manager Mkirnan circulation manager Lawrence Todd Morrison mine lacs and Wadena 6 months $3 of for 3 months $1 to Tor outside above counties til of per year 6 25 for a months 13.23 Tor 3 months is 25 for i month outside Minnesota its of pet year single copies to cents by Carrier delivery in Brainard 40 cent per Ween. By mall in Crow Wing Cass attain counties $10,00 Peryy or is ?5 for i month by malt Minnesota hut Alexandria Kcomt to Channel 7 and knit to Channel 12 tonight sports 9 00 survival 6 00 news 6 15 weather 9 30 have gun 6 25 business to of news 6 30 Farmer Baugio 15 weather 7 00 Forsythe show to 20 sport 7 30 or Kildare 10 30 Duluth choir i of Perry Como 11 of 12 00 High Minneapolis to we Cote Channel 4 6 of news 6 15 snorts 6 30 Tell truth 7 00 secret 7 30 Lucy show 8 of a Griffith 8 30 Hazel tonight t of Talent scouts to of news to is weather to 70 sport 10 10 theatre 12 00 Lafe show i of news Minneapolis radio Waco radio male Al Paul Mumma v mrs. Rius tuesday 7 00 today 9,00 phrases 9 30 concentration 10 00 morning Star 10 30 Paradise Bay la of jeopardy 11 30 Post office 11 35 Abc news 12 00 news 12 30 make Deal 12 55 arc new i 00 our lives i to doctors 2 00 another world 2 30 Don t say 3 of match game 3 30 Gen l Hospital 4 of Athar knows 4 30 Welcome inn 5 00 Woodpecker 5 30 h r report 6 of news 6 30 combat 7 30 or Kildare 8 of movies 10 of news 10 30 Viet Nam 11 45 three lives a a in lived heraldry bravery the and lion the 6 of Sunrise sem. 6 30 Siegfried 7.00 Axel 7 30 Clancy 8 of c Kangaroo 9 of Douglas show 10 00 Mayberry 10 30 Dick Van Dyke 11 of i ova of i if p 30 search 11 45 guid l ight 12.00 news 12 is special 12 30 world i urn i 00 password 1 30 Linkletter 2 00 Tell truth tuesday 2 25 Edw news 2 30 Edge night j.00 secret storm 3 30 Lucy 4 00 Early show 5 30 news 6 00 Dave Moore 6 15 sport 6 30 Nutcracker 7 30 red Skelton 8 to Junction 9 00 lbs report to in Moore new to to sports to 30 theatre 12 of late show a 2 05 Hodtum j of news 1 0�?~> sunrises 1 25 holy Bibl s.30 Waco news 35 sunnier 5 50 bulletin by. 1 53 Waco news a do top of morn. 6 to farm w ther 6 15 top of morn. 6 20 farm report 6 75 Jim Mill it 45 chuckle 6 55 weather 7 00 lbs news 715 news 7 25 sports 7 30 first Bank 7 55 Good morn. Mor Mvi 4 00 Enroth new 8 05 Viken show 8 30 Enroth news 1 35 Viken show 8 15 Alen Jackson 9. 00 lbs new 9 08 weather 9 to Viken show 9 55 Enroth new 10 of lbs new to 08 weather 10 10 Godfrey 11 of lbs news la Oft weather la to Jergen Nash 1115 dear Abby 11 20 Nash show 11 30 Washington 11 35 Lergen Nash 11-55 Erickson stood for cunning. Symbol Leopard if you apr missed by your dispatch Carrier please Cali 82 9-3595 for delivery Christmas carols have Long Christian history a a Boston first City fire alarm in 1851. To have system. Became the electric1 an St pts Channel 5 tonight 6 00 news to 00 news 6 is weather to 15 weather 6 30 Hullabaloo 10 20 sports 7.00 Forsythe show to 30 tonight 7 30 or Kildare 12.15 theatre 8 00 Perry Como 1 15 Power 9 00 vial Nam Dos published by the Brainerd daily Patch dec. 13, 20, 27, 1965 3t. Order far hearing on partial account end distribution no. 7373 i state of Minnesota county of Crow Wing is. In probate court in re estate of Grace e Polk deceased the representative of the above named estate having filed his partial account and petition for settlement and allow i Ance thereof and for distribution to i persons thereunto entitled j it is ordered that the hearing thereof be had on january 10th 1966, at a a to o clock a a before this court in the fifth Century when most of them were written in latin. Notice Hereof be Given by publication of St. Francis of Assisi is regarded As the father of Patch and by mailed notice As provided Christmas caroling is almost As old As Christmas itself a though not in the form we know it. An Early historian wrote that in the second Century the Bishop of Home urged his people to sing a a in Celebration of our Christmas hymns go Back to 6 25 test 6 30 City country 7 00 today 7 25 Ryan news 7.30 today 8 25 Ryan news 8 30 today 9 00 phrases 9 30 concentration 10.00 morning Star 10 30 Paradise Bay 11 00 jeopardy 11 30 Post office the 11 55 Abc news 12 00 news 12 15 weather 12 30 make Deal 12 55 Abc news i of our lives 1 30 doctors tuesday 2 00 another world 2 30 Don t say 3 00 match game 3 25 Abc new i of Good neg Bof i of lbs news 1 08 Weaner 1 10 Erickson 1-.35 Garry Moore 1 45 worn. World 1 50 Erickson 1 55 Waco news 2 of lbs news 2 08 weather 2-Io Erickson 2 15 Hollywood 2 20 Erickson 2 30 fashions 2 35 Boone 2 55 news 3 00 lbs weather 3 08 weather afternoon Tio Boone 3 30 close up 3 35 Boone 3 55 enrol news it of lbs news 4 08 weather 4 to Boone 4-25 real estate 4 30 Enron news 4 35 Boon 4 55 Lim Hill 5 00 Jergen Nash 5 to lbs new 5 20 Enroth sports 5 25 Point of i a v33 vip show 5 30 Jim Hill an italian court h w Christ Fitzpatrick 8. Larson i attorneys for Petitioner Brainerd Minn. Father of caroling As we know it. According to world Booken december cyclopedia St. Francis placed a creche in an Hermitage and christians began to act out the Mas Story. The actors composed carols to sing with their nativity plays and after the plays they would stroll Down the Street singing. Many churches soon began displaying a nativity scene at Christmas. 4 20 Lloyd Thaxton 5.25 House can 5 30 m b report 6 00 news 6 15 weather 6 30 my Mother 7 00 Don t eat Daisy 7 30 or. Kildare 8 00 movies 10 00 headlines to 15 weather 10 20 sports to 30 tonight 12 15 theatre 1 30 sign off 6 00 Thomas 6 10 lbs sports 6 1 Enroth sports 6 25 weather 6 30 sidelights 6 35 sports 6 40 Hobbs 7 30 lbs news 7 40 lbs report evening / .45 lbs sports 8 00 lbs tonight 8 15 on the go 8 30 dimension 8.35 on the go 9 00 goodness 9 30 Nash 10 00 news to to Hobbs today in history by the associated press today is monday dec. 20, the 354th Day of 1965. There Are la Days left in the year. Today a highlight in history on this Date in 1803, a crowd filled what is now Jackson Square in new Orleans As the Tri color of France was lowered and the stars und stripes Rose in its place. The French turned Over control under terms of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1790, the first successful Cotton Mill in America was opened at Pawtucket Rhode Island. In 1860, South Carolina seceded from the Union the first state to do so. In 1922, russian republics combined As the Union of soviet socialist republics. In 1941, adm. Ernest King was named commander in chief of the . Fleet. In 1943, . B29 planes bombed the German City of Bremen. Ten years ago a Harold Macmillan became Chancellor of the exchequer in a major shakeup of the British Cabinet. Five years ago a israeli ambassador Abraham Harman told Secretary of state Christian Herter that reports Israel was developing atomic bombs were untrue. One year ago a a Large number of political leaders were arrested As South Viet Nam military men took control of the government. Aitkin vow to hear speaker on dec. 29 Aitkin a Al Loehr commissioner of veterans affairs will be guest speaker at a dinner planned by the Roberts glad vow Post 1727 in Aitkin. A Chicken dinner will be held followed by the talk and program on wednesday dec. 29. Members Are asked to note the change of Date from dec. 22. Longfellow probate judge. Published in the Brainerd daily Dis Patch dec. 20, 27, 1965, Jan. 3, 1966. 3t. Notice of expiration of time of redemption no. 4351 i office of county auditor county of i Crow Wing is state of Minnesota. To John j. Crowell. T i i to j f a you a hereby notified that the Fol Joseph Mohr a pastor of a Berndorf Austria com lowing piece or parcel of land situated in a agric Tunc a county of Crow Wing state of min v Iii Ibi Iticia Neonta. And inn us and described As Fol Duluth to Duluth Minn. Kcal tech. 3 tonight 9 00 Amos Burke to of news to to weather 10 15 route 66 11 15 movie radio station skin Aitkin Minnesota monday trough saturday 6 of news 6 30 Tell truth 7 00 secret 7 30 Lucy 8 00 a. Griffith 8.30 Hazel tuesday 8 00 capt. Kang. 3 00 secret storm posed a Stille nacht a or a silent night a on eve 1818. Franz Gruber the local schoolmaster organist composed the music the same Day and the hymn was Sung for the first time at Midnight mass that night. Charles Wesley brother of John Wesley wrote a shark the Herald Angels sing a in 1739. Phillips Brooks a noted Boston Clergyman wrote a to Little town of Bethlehem in 1868 after visiting Bethlehem. The county of Nesotas. And known and tows to wet our no. 25 i acre so of be Section 19, township 44, Range 28. Is now assessed in your name. That on the 9th Day of May 1960, at a Sale of land pursuant to the real estate tax judgment duly Given and made in and by the District court in and for said county of Crow Wing on the 8th Day of april 1960, in proceedings to enforce the payment of taxes delinquent upon real estate for the year 1958, for said county of Crow Wing the above described piece or parcel of land was duly bid in for the though not a Carol handels Noble a a Messiah is Jsu fit a Quot or Quot of Quot a a Christmas tradition. It first was performed in Dublin a in Tahr i Fis my in 1742. A Joy to the written in the Early 18th j 3p.zgjz is. Century by Isaac Watts was set to the music of a Seg eyed and sold by the county auditor to ment of the a while shepherds watched their flocks by night a written in 1703 by Nahum Tate was set to music taken from a a sire a an opera by Handel. No one knows who wrote a the first it first a Book called a Christmas 9 00 Lucy 9 30 Mccoy 10.00 Mayberry 10 30 Dick Van Dyke 11 of love Jot Lite 11 30 search 11 45 guid Light 12.00 country 12 30 world turns 1 00 password 1 30 House party 2 00 Tell truth 2 25 lbs news 2 30 Edge night 3 30 too Young 4 00 action 4 30 Superman 5 00 Huckleberry 5 30 lbs news 6 of news 6 30 Nutcracker 7 30 red Skelton 8 30 Junction 9 00 fugitive to of news. Etc. 10 15 a squad 10 45 lbs reports 11 15 theatre 6 00 sign on 6 02 prayer 6 03 count 8. West. 6 15 farm world 6 20 count. Amp West. 7 05 almanac 7 06 regional news 7 15 world 7 25 strangest of All 8 05 regional news 8 15 Opportunity 8 20 clock watcher 8 35 bad bulletin 8 45 patterns 9 05 Coffee break 9 15 or Tell me 9 30 Crosby club 10 35 Mcgregor 10 40 did you know la 05 count 8, West. 12 05 regional news 12 10 vital statistics 12 15 farm amp mkt. 12 30 e. Nightingale 1 05 club amp civic 1 35 portals 1 40 music 2 05 regional news 2 to lost amp found 2 15 Opportunity 2-35 music 2 45 patterns 3 05 music 3 15 it s record 3 35 tops in pops 3 55 sports 4 05 old time show 4 30 hymn sign off give gifts that keep memories a inc cameras still and motion projector screen v c accessories in an actual purchaser on the 8th Day of october 1965, for the sum of four Hundred seventy six dollars and eighty nine cents. And that the amount required to redeem said piece or parcel of land from said tax Sale exclusive of the costs to acre upon this notice is the sum of four Hundred seventy six dollars and eighty nine cents and interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annul on $476.89 thereof from the 8th Day of october 1965, to the Day such redemption is made. I that the tax certificate of Sale issued _. ,. N. It i i j to said purchaser has been presented to the author of god rest be merry gentlemen a by the Holder thereof and this notice also is unknown but he lived before Shakespeare. Ire that the time for the redemption of when americans sing carols this Christmas they Jas pm 0erxpi%ce,si0xvanday? the will be following a longtime tradition which christians ar2icpe of of nearly every denomination have enjoyed for Many appeared in print in 1833 carols ancient and modern a and is believed to be very old. Duluth Minn. A dam tech. 6 tonight 6 00 he report 8 00 Perry Como 6 30 Hullabaloo 9 00 run Tor life 7 00 of troop 10 00 news 7 30 or. Kildare 10 20 tonight tuesday 7 00 today 8 25 news 9 00 phrases 9 30 concentration 10 00 morning Star 10 30 Paradise Bay la of jeopardy 11 30 Post office 11 55 Abc news 12 00 Ben Casey 1 00 our lives 1 30 doctors 2 00 another world 2 30 Don t say i 3 00 match game 3 25 Abc new 3 30 Hospital 4 00 make Deal 4 30 Bozo 5.00 Beany 5 30 news 6 00 he report 6 30 my Mother 7 00 Don t eat Daisy i 7 30 or. Kildare 8 00 movies 10 00 news 10 20 Johnny Carson generations. No sees collective bargaining for farms St. Cloud Minn. A collective bargaining is Here to stay in american agriculture the National promotion director of the National Farmers organization said Here saturday night. W. W. Swain also credited col Gas in car kills Man no ures girl Duluth apr a Young Duluth woman remains in critical condition in a local Hospital today after suffering Carbon monoxide poisoning saturday i Yective bargaining with the re night. Her male companion died cent upturn in livestock prices. He spoke before about 2,000 persons at a Minnesota nil 16th Day of november Seal isl Einer r. Anderson auditor Crow Wing county Minn. A a twice a Day a figure of the pied Piper half life size marches onto a platform below the fact of the new town clock in Hamelin Germany. He is followed by a procession of rats then by children. The new clock j reproduction of one destroyed in world War ii. Beimer Raim Klum in their parked car police identified the dead Man As Clyde r. Bergren 24, Duluth. Hospitalized is miss Diane j. Hansen also 24. A Deputy St. Louis county Coroner said the pair were victims of a broken exhaust pipe under Bergren a car which allowed fumes to Rise into the car As it was parked in North Duluth. Rally. At a state no Board Board meeting before the rally Hugh Crane of Good Thunder was named state Public relations coordinator. Fantastic buy on projectors Viceroy 300 slide projector with Remote controls. Regular Price $85.00. Our Christmas special. Only. j Complete package Aga split Fram 135 camera projector Flash and film. Regular $129.95. Our Price $99.98 bar Light bulbs Reg. $1.39. Now 50c if you have a camera we have an accessory to fit it for that Quot hard to buy for Quot person. Do your shopping at service drug we have Microscope sets a binoculars a tripods a screens Light meters a wide Angle and telephoto lenses for instamatic cameras. Used cameras we have Many Trade in cameras. Still or motion for the person who wants a a Good camera at a. A Good Price. For the boy we have Darkroom sets Enlargers tongs hangers chemicals paper trays and All the accessories. In Dis gifts sent to n. D. Children St. Louis apr toys Candy and cookies donated by St. Louis area residents have been sent to the la children of or. And mrs. Marvin Harlow in Grafton n.d., for their Christmas. Or. And mrs. Harlow were killed in an automobile Accident last july leaving seven boys and four girls ranging in age from 114 to 17. The children also Are getting new sets of clothes from a St. Louis clothing manufacturer. A fund drive started when the Harlows were killed has reached $5,419, Tom Dwyer of suburban Delwood chairman of the fund committee announced sunday. Dwyer Delwood City clerk said the committee was still receiving donations. A similar drive in Grafton collected $12,000. Sure Way to enjoy a retirement As Little As $2 or $3 a week brightens your retirement plans. While it protects your family Federated insurance published in the Brainerd daily Patch dec. 13, 20, 27, 1965 3t. Order for hearing on petition to sell real estate no. 7404 state of Minnesota county of Crow Wing is in probate court in re estate of Georgia f. Johnson decedent. The representative of said estate having filed herein a petition to sell certain real estate described in said petition it is ordered that the hearing thereof be had on january loth 1966, at to o clock a. M., before this court in the probate court room in the court House in Brainerd Minnesota and that notice Hereof be Given by publication of this order in the Brainerd daily dispatch and by mailed notice As provided by dated december loth 1965. Court Seal h. W. Longfellow probate judge. Ryan Ryan amp Ebert attorneys for Petitioner. Brainerd Minn. New Quot exclusive Quot shirt laundry Call Pete Johnson phone 82 9-2927 p. O. Box 285 1234 8th ave. N. E., Brainerd we put our Pride in your shirts. 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