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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Bradford, Pennsylvania A round the warm Cloudy and warm with Chance of showers today High in upper 70s. Thundershowers Likely tonight lows in upper 50s. Windy and Cool sunday High in mid 60s. Or he Era football tonight at 7 55 port Allegany is. Central Christian. At 9 45 . Pitt University is. Baylor. Stay tuned to we so for football fun. Square quotable Victor Hugo said it a have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the Small ones. And when you have finished your daily task go to sleep in peace. God is awake. A your dependable news medium More of same a sixteenth Century Bishop St. Francis de sales said it a do not look Forward to the changes and chances of this life in fear rather look to them with full Hope that As they arise god will deliver you out of them. He has kept you hitherto a do you but hold fast to his dear hand and he will Lead you safely through All things and when you cannot stand he will Bear you in his arms. Do not look Forward to what May happen tomorrow the same everlasting father who cares for you today will take care of you tomorrow mid every Day. Either he will shield you from suffering or he will give you unfailing strength to Bear it. Be at peace then and put aside All anxious thoughts and this bit of advice about inner peace and Trust is printed As the result of comments by three readers each one representing a different major denomination a both Christian and jewish. Calm after storm Mother nature tuesday evening provided a marvelous example of How crises Abate and peace returns. At dinnertime the Mercury in Bradford was 80. Suddenly As if by whim the skies darkened the lightning flashed the Thunder roared the heavens opened As the winds whipped up a driving torrent of last Day of summer rain. A Pessimist might have thought of Noah and his Ark. The temperature in minutes dropped some 18 degrees. Mother nature was having a Tantrum. But As suddenly As the storm came it went away. The lightning ceased the heavens were still the skies went dry again and tile Sun sinking beyond the Western Hills of the area caught the moist atmosphere in a magnificent Rainbow. The spectrum of color was magnificent. Summers final storm was passing but peace was returning to the Valley of the tuna just As rapidly and dramatically As it had a very temporarily gone away. A sort of proof of the words of Victor Hugo and Francis do solos about the tumult and the tempest that from time to time affect All our lives. Look to tomorrow a and work for it a for a better Day. Bradford pa., saturday morning september 26, 1970 published Dally except sunday at 43 main St by Carrier to week by mall $2400 year 10c a copy base for Russ subs being built in Cuba Washington a the Pentagon said Friday it has solid indications the soviets Are building a permanent submarine base in Cuba and the White House said it would View strategic installation there a with utmost the defense department did not Rule out the possibility that the facility reported under development May be designed to support missile firing subs now cruising off . Waters. A White House official who declined to be quoted by name Drew a parallel with the cuban missile crisis of 1962, when president John f. Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and were kept out in the future. Kennedy a statement remains . Policy the White House official said. Soviet ships have moved heavy barges and other equipment into the Harbor at Cienfuegos Over the past few weeks which a makes us feel they May be seeking sustained capabilities in the area a Pentagon spokesman Jerry w. Friedheim announced. Asked if the base is intended to support russians new Yankee class submarines each of which cames 16 missiles and is similar to the . Polaris subs Friedheim replied cease fire agreement ends Jordan a civil War feminine frisk a sue Greer of san Francisco raises her arms to allow a female customs inspector to search her for weapons before allowing her to Board a american world airways flight aboard at Kennedy Airport in new York. International travellers who formerly had to submit to a search Only at their destinations now can look Forward to a similar search before departing. A Era wire photo . Toughens its stand against plane hijackers Washington apr the a shooting will be done As a last jurisdictional responsibility for Nixon administration toughened its stand against air pirates Fri-1 g he Day warning �?1 that Federal guards will not hesitate to shoot a a a i can passengers and crewmen As if All else fails in halting an air oppo de to he life of one Hijack mental prod for several weeks without publicity or promotion a Little column titled a thought starters has appeared at the Bottom of saturdays editorial Page replacing for the pollution Day the enormously popular line Hijacker. A we will do everything in our Power to prevent shooting on the plane a said Secretary of transportation John a. Volpe. Hijackings to the Fri while a plane is on the ground and to the Federal aviation administration when it is in the air. Atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell or there is no question of what signed for the Justice depart asserted a when it comes to the lives of 200 Ameri ment while Fri director j. Edgar Hoover and retired it. Gen. Signed an agreement with the i Benjamin of Davis jr., presi signed an agreement with me Roxon its director of civil Justice department that gives enl in Lions Aires la a w civil we re going to Volpes remarks came As he pollution studied by Oil Gas groups the subject basically was mately 40 members of aviation Security looked on. Mitchell told newsmen the memorandum of understanding merely formalizes current procedures but should eliminate uncertainty in a crisis situation. Volpe said about 200 armed Federal guards Are now on . Flights overseas and Domestic. The guards who include Fri the and Treasury agents and Faa engineers society of Western air marshals will be supple Pennsylvania the new York rented by military personnel Amman Jordan apr the guns fell silent in ravaged Amman Friday. Firing Between guerrillas and King Hussein a bedouin army ceased promptly after the announcement of a cease fire agreement Between guerrilla commander Yasir Arafat and the monarchy to end nine Days of Cavil War. A great pall of Black smoke from a fire on Jebel web Deh one of the capitals seven Hills and the scene of some of the most bitter fighting still drifted across the City. On the Northern outskirts of i he City about 400 guerrilla fighters were held in a barbed wire stockade alongside an army Camp. Almost simultaneously with the cease fire came the announcement that 15 of 54 hostages held by guerrillas from three hijacked airliners had been found by jordanian soldiers in a heavily shelled refugee Camp outside Amman. None were americans. Later Amman radio said a 16th hostage a Swiss had been freed from guerrilla Captivity but it did not say where. The hostages found at the refugee Camp included eight britons five Swiss and two West germans. They expressed belief the remaining 38�?All americans were somewhere in the Vicinity. Hardiness had stopped diehard snipers were still at work. The Airport was still ringed by concentrations of tanks and armoured cars. Soldiers guarded every plane. The cease fire pact was jointly announced by Hussein Arafat who Heads the Palestine liberation organization and president Jaafar Al Numajiri of Sudan mediator appointed by the Arab Summit meeting in Cairo. A we can to Rule out that possibility a the White House official said such submarines clearly would be offensive in nature and thus would bring into play the policy Kennedy enunciated. He added that this country a would View the establishment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost he said no representations on the subject have yet been made to the soviet Union adding that the United staes is keeping close Wach to determine what kind of weapons could be based at the site where activity has been spotted. A at the right moment a he administration official said the United states a will take the Acton that seems the russians have 13 of the Yankee Type nuclear powered submarines and Are building 15 Numajiri finally got together More it cording t0 the with him at a secret rendezvous son 1c1 be reported that Early Friday to Seal the Deal. After failing to make Contact with Arafat on an Early peace Mission to Jordan wednesday Arafat had rejected a cease fire two Days ago. There was no immediate explanation for Arafat a change of mind except that the guerrillas were suffering under the remorseless pounding of the bedouin guns. One or More Are now stationed in the Atlantic. Cambodia tries to split enemy Force cartoon which for that one Day area Fand a oriented St the 011 producers Anocia Tion trained in handling potential i each week moves to the top seven. Tea 011 Jusas Middle District Oil producers jacking Volpe said at least ref the Naoo a Tho Small Snoie associations gathered at Penn Assn Chahon Bradford District a vu1p? m of the Page the Small some club Fri by Dacuss the ass Opatton Briard distinct me 0f the military men Shou d Wear grateful for the Many favo Rabat comments. The subjects Are varied usually on t h a reassuring and Confidence building Side. Today they Are a Challenge a a Challenge to interest participation action. We invite your readership. Matter. Pennsylvania i he said Oil association be on the planes within a week i ie8 from in juries Pittsburgh a Pennsylvania association. Question did von know Grade crude that every time you pull the per York chapter a p i. Hoover said Fri agents act Nim from your Bath tub or and the appalachian geological my As Ammer guards will carry c Tate tar automate soc Cly. Regular sidearms he said the you re contributing to the Poilu or Perry a Man seriously i i will Exchange intelligence Tion of water and air across devoted to the subject of Poilu information concerning Hijack the face of the nation Well Tauts leans with the More con ers or potential hijackers with you Are. The fumes from exhausts of this nations transportation vehicles constitute a full 60 per cent of our air pollution. And Mich-1 municipal and Industrial waste Serva Tive thinkers in the country who believe we can have cleaner air but the research and earning out of the pro a foreign cower Menis to take he admits with Cost governments of other countries. Mitchell said administration efforts plus increasing pressure Gram a Many millions of Al John 84, of the norths de died Friday from injuries suffered the Day before when he was struck by an Auto near his Home according to an Allegheny general Hospital spokesman. Rank High As the major sources of water pollution. Whom foresee a a dead sea these facts were exposed lapping at the worlds shores by or. Charles Perry vice and unable to sustain life within president of marketing for the it by 1980. Kendall refining co., Bradford harsh action against hijackers will go along Way toward he of course does not Side thwarting future air piracy with the radicals some of phenom penh Cambodia apr braving heavy mortar fire cambodian troops were reported closing in from two directions Friday in a bid to split an enemy Force which has stalled a major government offensive for nearly two weeks. The two wedges one driving from the East and the other from the West hoped to Cut in two a Strong enemy Force dug in at the Village of Taing Kauk 4 Miles North of phenom penh. In Vietnam . Helicopters carrying South vietnamese infantrymen into combat just South of the demilitarized zone flew into a Hail of enemy Small arms fire and about to of the aircraft were hit Field reports said. All the aircraft landed safely a group of 64 foreigners including 22 americans were flown out of Amman to Beirut but the freed hostages were not among them. With four . Crewmen wound at the Airport wounded were by the gunfire. There were being loaded aboard aircraft for no reports of South vietnamese evacuation to Beirut. Casualties. Embassy families and other the . Command said four foreigners clutching a few pos helicopters could not resume sessions took their turn to right and had to be extracted Board evacuation aircraft Char from the Battle area by larger tired by their governments. Helicopters. Evacuees were taken by a the action took place about roundabout route to the Airport j sir Miles South of the Doz and bypassing the Center of town about 15 Miles Northeast of the although the artillery bom old . Marine base at Khe few t f of fir11f Sanh. Only sporadic Contact with the enemy was reported i after the infantrymen landed. In the cambodian fighting claim Taing Kauk if they Are to achieve the goal of their offensive to push 50 Miles North to the provincial capital of Kom Pong Thorn Clearing Highway 6 and reclaiming an important part of cambodians heartland. Route 6 runs through the Center of Taing Kauk. Cambodian losses in the Effort to capture the Village Are estimated by local commanders at More than 200 killed or seriously wounded. Field reports said the cambodian Force had been bolstered to six times that of the enemy strength in the Region. The government was said to have More than two divisions of infantry in the Battle zone. Four fresh battalions arrived thursday after another cambodian attempt to overrun enemy positions was thrown Back. Friedheim had declined to make any comparison Between the threat posed to the United states in 1962 when the russians moved Long Ramge missiles into Cuba and the new development at Cienfuegos on cubans Southern Shore. A we cannot be positive whet the intention is a he said. A we Are keeping a close watch on these activities and Are continuing to obtain information on soviet activities the new facilities at Cienfuegos were spotted by High flying american u2 reconnaissance planes the same aircraft that spotted the russian missiles eight years ago. The soviets removed the missiles within a few weeks after president Kennedy threatened direct action and mob died . Forces for a possible attack. The United states uses bases at holy Loch Scotland Rota Spain and the Island of Guam to support Polaris subs cruising in european and Pacific Waters. These bases enable the Craft to remain near their stations by eliminating the need to make the Long trip Home for servicing and supplies. A similar facility at Cienfuegos would enable Russia to keep More of its nuclear and conventional subs in Western Waters for longer periods. The soviets have no permanent naval facilities in the Western hemisphere. Owls win 8-6 As he spoke before approx my this Era a five municipal officials to attend leagues convention. A. 2 Stock Market prods ahead As volume tops 20-million share level for second Day in Row. Page 3 Ramblers lose Mike Alviti for season As they look to game with port Allegany tonight. Page 7 Ohio state buckeyes begin quest for Grid championship today with Texas a pm team. Page 13 family Council is put to work when children reach age of 9 to 12, another in a series. Page 14 other than sewage or. Perry listed bacteria and viruses agricultural pesticides nitrogen continued on Page 14 Little change Een in area s weather Little change is seen weather conditions for today. Volpe and Davis stressed that greatest Federl emphasis will be on preventive measures. Volpe said the most important single thing would be preventing a potential Hijacker from Ever getting on an air plane. The Bradford area High school owls football team executed a perfectly played conversion attempt Friday night which gave them the two Points needed to defeat the St. Marys flying dutchmen 8-6 in St. Marys. The Victory was the first of the season for the owls who had on defeat and on tie up to that Tim. Details on the sports pages. . Less than a mile had to be spanned for a linkup of govern ment forces reports said. But that stretch of ground was believed to contain several Hun dred soldiers of a communist led Force. Government troops moving in from the West were said to have i punched their Way to the outskirts of the Village. It was to Ward this Force that the Eastern i element was moving. Tile cambodians must Pieri is convicted of jury tampering re Buffalo apr Salvatore Pieri identified by the Fri As a onetime Boss of mafia operations in the Buffalo area was convicted of jury tampering Friday in . District court. Pieri was accused of giving a woman juror $100 during his trial on charges of conspiring to transport $300,000 in stolen jewelry across state lines. Judge John t. Curtin ordered Pieri held pending sentencing oct. 2 after the nine Man three woman jury returned its verdict. The jury deliberated about two and a half hours before finding Pieri guilty. Pieri 59, of Buffalo sat to lady of poetry likes to teach patients san Diego Calif. Apr i poetry allows mental patients will be partly Cloudy and warm �?oif�0 a Morin. Started to communicate with them with a Chance of Thunder show Tea it ing her latest poetry writ selves As Well As others she told ers and a High temperature of Ink a ass she Felt fear and the san leg it it mental health 75 to 80 degrees for sunday trembling.�?T. A a Windy and Cool with another for mrs. Morin a widow was Chance of showers. Then 80 years old and her 22 Stu Bradford s High Reading Fri dents were. Male mental a Day was 76 degrees and the Hents committed to the Max overnight Low a warm 60 de mum Security Ward of Patton Grees. Site Hospital for crimes of Vio precipitation probability is 40 ence Bridge. 3 crossword comics la editorial. Hospitals 8 radio log la women ____5 stocks 3 a it or cent today and per cent now 18 months later tiny tonight. Is association at a meeting thurs Day to Honor her work. A a it a a very rare privilege that mrs. Morin was allowed to teach in the maximum Security Ward a said Wayne Moore executive director of the association. A Only men were supposed to be then he noted that mrs. To society school Here. That she i inner Beauty that illuminates All had been going to Patton for i several years to teach creative i., writing that she spends five a when the wind blows by the hours a week travelling there As sea whistling through shells by an unpaid Volunteer. Y011 and me time seems to Stop we from now til then and life is for mrs. Morin however the a North living Over big moment at her testimonial obviously erne when to Verne Brown read some of the menus poetry aloud. One person wrote a reaching out for the most fat a relate work and Carmele me la. Sparta White haired mrs. Morin Cream i pud a showing a Book of Rin had taught for 35 years at for my fellow men and knowing poems written by Ber students. \ Madame tin Giey a theosophical i what lies lies within i enjoy the a member of the National pen women a club to Verne Brown concluded the poetry Reading by saying a in her classes mrs. Morin holds the door open and lets the Sunshine Tio less while the verdict was delivered and when he was ordered held. . Atty. H. Kenneth Schroeder handed Curtin two sealed affidavits indicating Pieri might attempt flight in the Wake of the conviction. Pieri also is scheduled to be retried along with two other men on the stolen jewelry charges. A mistrial was declared in that the jury tampering Buffalo testified that Pieri trial mrs. Paulette c. Davis of Buffalo testified that Pieri dropped a $100 Bill in her purse while she was on the jury in the stolen gems Case. She also said Pieri a blew kisses and winked at her while she was in the jury Box. Pieri and his two co defendants were arrested last september in a car on the state thruway. Fri agents said they found a suitcase containing $300,000 in gems in the said the jewelry in eluded some of the loot from a $1 million theft in Pittsburgh and other gems taken Frim the defendants claimed the gems were on consignment from anew York City firm. Arrested with Pieri last september were Ralph w Jacobs 49, of Ormond Beach fla., and Anthony Romano 43, of by ton Beach fla., and new York City

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