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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Bradford, Pennsylvania A round the Square mod Cloudy and mild today with inter Mitton rain Hight in upper 40 s. Mostly Cloudy and mild with Chanco of showers sunday. She pm football army moots Pitt at 1 30 . Today. For All Tho play by play action dial 1490, web radio Bradford. Your dependable Newt medium anniversary monday will be the 85th birthday of Standard time. On that Date in 1883, All Railroad clocks in the United states were set to the then new Standard. Before that there were More than too different local times under which trains were being operated to the continuing confusion of All concerned. Tima is still timely. Earlier this month on election Day Michigan voters by a narrow margin agreed to have Daylight time observed in the Wolverine state on the basis other states follow it. This current year and part of the Daylight time season in 1967, Michigan went along. We have been told that one reason for opposition to Daylight time in Michigan came from people in the West who reportedly wanted to be on same time schedule As Chicago in the summer for to programs from that City a stations Michigan is on Eastern time whereas Illinois is on Central. In the summer with Illinois on Central Daylight and Michigan on Eastern Standard clocks were obviously identically set. So Michigan Welcome to the Daylight time group vol. 92, no. 41 second class postage paid at Bradford a. 16701 Bradford pa., saturday morning november 16, 1968 by Carrier 65c week by mail $24.00 year published daily except sunday at 43 main St. 10c a copy Thieu wants certain reassurances from . S. Viet May join peace talks soon Saigon apr president Nguyen Van Thieu May decided to end his Boycott of the Paris peace talks possibly within two weeks if he gets certain reassurances from Washington government sources reported Friday. The reassurances included a pledge from Washington that Thieu will never have to accept a coalition with the communist led Viet Cong these sources said. The informants said there was a growing feeling among members of Thieu a government and members of the Senate and National Assembly that South Viet Nam must join the Paris negotiations eventually. Any decision on the peace talks Issue probably would follow a reshuffle of the Cabinet. Informants said if a stronger Cabinet is created Thieu would feel More secure and might not feel it necessary that his delegation outrank that of the Viet congas National liberation front at Paris. It was Thieu a refusal to meet the front As an equal that led to his Boycott and forced the United states to postpone the opening of the expanded Paris talks nov. 6. Diplomatic sources said Washington is disposed to accept Thieu a wishes he also has demanded that South Vietnam head the Allied delegation with the front taking a secondary role behind North Vietnam but they cautioned there were other complications. Some of the complications May lie in the tug and push of South vietnamese politics. Authoritative sources reported Premier Tran Van Huong had submitted his resignation to Thieu thursday but the premieres press spokesman denied this. One source insisted however that Huong was determined to stay in office Only if he could strengthen his Cabinet to meet Domestic political problems arising from the Paris negotiations. While Thieu is the real Power in government Huong is widely respected. A former mayor of Saigon he has been the source of much of the Public support for the government. If he quit that would make Thieu a task of building a stronger Cabinet More difficult. Informants said there was a general sentiment for some of Huong a demands a stronger Cabinet and a greater degree of government Unity to face both the Paris peace talks and the resulting Domestic political challenges from the communists and other dissidents to bolster this Unity some sources said it was even being mentioned that vice president Nguyen Cao by a Hawk and Thieu a political rival might head the delegation to Paris. It was reported that by was demanding More influence in the Cabinet by the appointment of some of his supporters to ministries As the Price for Unity during the Paris talks. Thieu has been quietly weeding out Kyd a backers from positions of influence. By was said to have been outspoken in opposition to the plan for expanded talks in Paris that led president Johnson oct. 31 to suspend All attacks on North Vietnam. Part of the Deal was that North Vietnam would refrain from shelling South vietnamese cities and from attacking from the demilitarized zone separating North and South Vietnam. In this connection the . Command charged Friday the North vietnamese were violating the agreement. The command said it pounded the Southern half of the zone with Artil i Lery and planes. The americans said be bunkers and ammunition stores were found in the Southern half of the zone. The attacks killed 34 North vietnamese soldiers destroyed 12 bunkers and touched off 13 explosions that indicated direct hits on munition dumps . Spokesman said. The latest report raised to 12 the number of enemy zone violations reported by the . Command within the last week. In Paris North Vietnam a chief spokesman Nguyen Thanh be said the . Charges of violations of the zone were a a smokescreen to conceal Amer continued on Page 14 still a classic popular music comes and goes a most of it goes As everybody knows. Today shit often drops not just off the Chart but right out of sight. But in All times there Are some selections that come a to stay. Take the St. Louis blues As a shining example. Its been around a Long time and is still going Strong. Its composer the late . For William Christopher Handy a school teacher and an Iron Mill hand in his time was born on sundays Date 95 years ago. Reminder tuesday will Mark the 105th anniversary of Lincoln a Gettysburg address. His prediction that a the world will Little note nor Long remember what we say Here Quot turned out to be a As Mark Twain said of rumours of Marks death a a slightly address in the Little item Friday about Lack of Street number signs on some buildings and Homes we included a on Faith the number of City Hall As 26 Kennedy St. A Good natured its Reader called to say she had just had occasion to look up the City Hall phone number in the directory and the phone Book says its listed As 24 Kennedy. Is it by any Chance 24-26 Kennedy the Hanley co. Next door is listed in the phone Book As 28 Kennedy. . Warns any russian j attack imperils nato Brussels Belgium apr the United states served notice Friday it believes any soviet attack on Yugoslavia or Austria will imperil the Security of the whole 15-nation North Atlantic treaty organization. Secretary of state Dean Rusk also was quoted As telling nato foreign ministers a russian thrust into Romania will spark an even greater crisis for Europe than the invasion of Czechoslovakia. Accounts of rusks speech were made known to newsmen by conference officials. The Secretary a aides broadly confirmed what they called the passing references he made to Austria and Yugoslavia. They neither confirmed nor denied his remarks on Romania explaining Rusk himself could not remember alluding to that inde i pendent minded communist country. The North Atlantic Council of foreign ministers beginning a two Day Survey of world affairs and especially of european matters was debating the implications of the czechoslovak incident. Rusks declaration attracted most attention. Some took his remarks to mean americans Faivor an Extension of nato Protection to certain non nato states. But . Officials disputed the Validity of any such interpretation. Foreign Secretary Michael Stewart of Britain had opened the proceedings with a completely unequivocal proposal that nato warn the russians any More Czechoslovakia would produce unpredictable consequences. Stewart named no names aides said when he raised the possibility of new soviet thrust. But he was thinking of both Romania and Yugoslavia according to his officials. I continued on Page 14 lbs to make decisions till Nixon inaugurated firing into the Doz a . Marino artillery Crow stationed two Milos South of Tho Eastern Domilita izad Zona Liras its 105 howitzer at suspected North vietnamese artillery positions within the Buffer zone. Tho fire was in response to North vietnamese artillery bombardment of Allied positions in the South which came in the Wake of Washington s warning that serious peace talks cannot to conducted if the Doz is used for attacks on Allied forces. A Era wire photo hearing delayed on Sale of Cal to capital firm Buffalo . A lawyers for Cornell University were granted an 11-Day postponement Friday of a court hearing to determine whether the school can sell the non profit Cornell aeronautical Laboratory to a profit making firm. Justice Frederick m. Marshall of state supreme court ordered the delay until nov. 26 after counsel for the University said it had received Legal papers Only thursday and had no time to prepare its Case. Last tuesday state atty. Gen. Louis j. Lefkowitz obtained a show cause order directing Cornell to show Why it should not be prevented from Selling the Laboratory in the Buffalo suburb of Cheektowaga to Ftp technology inc. Of Washington . Exp which is a co defendant with the University and the Laboratory has offered to buy the facility for $25 million in Cash and securities. The show cause order temporarily blocks the project Sale. The state seeks to eventually obtain a permanent injunction against it. Spa up i g Quot Ltd it this Era a time county Road Crews put in depends on conditions. Pm. 3 democrats Promise Shafer Tough fight on 1969-70 budget if tied to new taxes. Page 3 Julie Nixon and David Eisenhower will March Down aisle in marriage Warmup. Page 3 county and other state Hunters can expect Good Deer season game Board Points out. Page 7 Stock Market Worms Way out of Chance to another dip and moves into plus area. Page 13 bridge.13 crossword. 8 hospitals .14 stocks .13 comics la editorial. 8 radio log la women. 5 monetary crisis May be in offing Paris apr speculators dumped a blizzard of francs on european exchanges Friday and France in economic crisis after strikes and destructive rioting last Spring is expected to plead for massive International Aid immediately to stave off currency devaluation. As european Central Bank governors prepared to discuss the French woes at their monthly meeting in Basel Switzerland this weekend hot speculative trading lowered the Price of the franc Worth about 20 . Cents. At the same time the British Pound fell to its lowest level in to months. In London financial experts expressed concern that the world was on the verge of a monetary crisis and some predicted Britain might be forced to tighten its already severe credit squeeze to meet the pressure. While speculators were eager to get any desirable Exchange medium to replace their francs a Gold . Dollars Swiss francs and other currencies the fever was compounded by persistent rumours that the West German Mark would be revalued upward from its present level of about 25 american cents. Continued on Pogo 14 in rainfall raises Creek Levels Moderato but Stoody rainfall Friday left a total of .67 of an Inch at Tho water department s recording station in Wost Washington St. Ext., according to Joseph k. Hana official observer. Tho precipitation was for a 24-hour period ending at 5 . Friday. Tho Levels of creeks in the area jumped during Tho Day but no flood conditions were reported As the result of melting Snow from earlier in the week and the rain showers. Allegheny airlines reported All flights cancelled after 7 . Friday and one dropped during the Forenoon because of weather conditions. For today the forecaster predicts much of the same Mildish temperatures Cloudy conditions and intermittent rain a and Little change on sunday. Reds fight Over czechs policies Prague apr communist party Central committee members batted on behind closed doors in a crucial policy debate Friday with the czechoslovak Public almost completely in the dark about what was going on. Some reports filtering out of the meeting said pro soviet or conservative speakers were making Persona attacks on party chief Alexander Dubcek and other Reform leaders in the sessions second Day. So far about three dozen com mite members have spoken. More than too others were scheduled to speak. There was no report in the press and radio about the speeches and the Public could Only wonder How committee decisions would affect them in this soviet occupied country. Prague students showing their apprehension planned sit in demonstrations in their departments beginning Over the weekend to protest a recent Clampdown on the press and ban on demonstrations. But the Prague student leadership bowed to government threats of Force and said there would be no Street demonstration on sunday when a March had been planned to commemorate the 29th anniversary of the Day Hitler closed czechoslovak universities to punish anti nazi demonstrators. Student informants said it was decided that massive Street demonstrations would be a a suicide because the government would move in with Force to quell them. Some students said that the sit in plans were in response to rumours of possible closing of University departments and that their leaders want the buildings occupied by students if it comes to that. Washington a president Johnson told the nation and the world emphatically Friday that he not president elect Richard m. Nixon will make All decisions on . Foreign policy until Nixon is inaugurated. Johnson appeared to dispute statements by Nixon about a prior consultation and. Prior agreement Between them. And qualified informants said the president elect holds no veto Power Over Johnson action. But the Nixon Camp moved swiftly to head off any major blowup. A top assistant to the president elect assured Johnson the mechanics of the transition of Power. Although he took pains to assert his authority Johnson gave a personal and special Welcome to Robert d. Murphy Nixon a Liaison Man on foreign Aff Airt. And administration officials said privately there would be extensive consultation with the incoming president although the continued on Page 14 Nixon sees great strides to peace de Selltiz weekend special chocolate drops a la. Donohue divorced by actress Valerie Allen los Angeles a actor Troy Donahue was divorced Friday by actress Valerie Allen who testified he kept coming Home late to dinner. Superior court judge Ellsworth Mayer granted the decree ending the two year childless marriage. Donahue did not appear. Bishops Okay Compromise on birth Row Washington apr the nations Bishops opened the Way Friday for Catholic married couples to use contraceptives if their consciences permit it. The Bishops said couples will not be Cut off from communion or turned away from the Church for breaking Pope Paul via a continued ban on All artificial birth control. They suggested certain circumstances although they named none can reduce the moral wrong As their Church views it of disobeying the ban. The Compromise stitched together after a week of controversy Over birth control and the Vietnam War was passed 180 to 8 by the National conference of Catholic Bishops just before its Windup. The Bishops backed conscientious objection to a specific War and called Over All for an end to the military draft. They questioned whether the War in Vietnam is Worth its Cost in human suffering. The Bishops said Vietnam had demonstrated that military Force alone is not enough to continued on Pago 14. ,.new York apr presi people everywhere yearn mat Nixon has no intention of Dent elect Richard m. Nixon has Nixon put Forth his views in a Telegram sent thursday and made Public Friday to Nikolai v. Podgorny chairman of the presidium of the supreme soviet. Podgorny had sent a Mes intruding into the foreign policy prerogatives of the White House. Sent to the soviet Union a message expressing Confidence that there can be great strides to sources close to the incoming Ward world peace and Security president said in new York that in the years just ahead. Bryce n. Harlow already is now More essential than named As a special presidential Ever a Nixon said a a a that our two assistant to Nixon phoned John Peoples work together in a Spir son thursday and Friday to As it 0f Mutual respect and with a sure him there is no attempt a to presume on the constitutional authority of the Harlow was said to be convinced there is no Basic misunderstanding or disagreement Between Johnson and Nixon Over Sage of congratulations to Nixon this week. During his Campaign for the presidency Nixon said he a recognition of the special re a voted a series of Summit meet a possibilities we share for the Between the leaders of the peace of the world. Two countries but a Nixon aide a i am sure a Nixon said said the message has nothing to a great strides can be taken in j do with that. The years just ahead toward the i Nixon also named genuine peace and Security that1 continued on Pago 14 a White Forest Oil files Public offering plan with Sec Forest Oil corp. Of Bradford Forest Oil corp. Is the Suc has filed with the securities and Cess or to Forest Oil co. Inc., Exchange commission a Regis founded in 1916 by the late c. G. Traction statement relating to a Dom and the late Forest d. Proposed Public offering of $25 Dom Bradford residents million convertible subordinated debentures due Jan. I 1994, and 600,000 shares of the company a common Stock. Lehman Brothers will head a nationwide investment banking group which will offer the debentures and shares probably after the first of the year. The interest rate offering Price and conversion terms of for drilling and equipping Wells and for exploratory activities. The company will apply $7.3 million to Purchase of the assets of Kimbuck co., which is engaged in the exploration and development of Oil and Gas pro the corporation is a Lively engaged in exploration ties Quot for and production of Oil and natural Gas in most of the major balance of the proceeds Petroleum producing states of together with other funds Gentile United states offshore crated from operations will to Louisiana and Texas and in used for the continued explore Canada. Exploration and product lion acquisition and develop Tion operations Are carried on ment of Oil and Gas properties through 12 offices located in and for corporate purposes the producing areas of this country company said. The debentures and the offering an Anada. At the present time there is Price of the common Stock will the proceeds from the Sale no Market for the common be set at that time. Of the debentures and the shares i shares As substantially All the a a of common Stock $10 million j capital Stock of Forest is own a tory la to vacs Vic will be used by Forest Oil to i de by descendants of the found Conti a. Emory Hail photo 368-616 prepay indebtedness incurred ers of the company

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