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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 5

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Bradford, Pennsylvania 1966 Barker time7 Friday at Bradford High school a chorus of approval swept through the auditorium of the Bradford area High school Friday when Cathleen Carlson editor in chief unveiled the 1966 a a barkers with its Madras and Brown leather cover. The theme of the yearbook is a a time which is developed throughout its pages in prose and picture. There is a time to teach for the faculty Section a time to be Active a extracurricular activities a time to sleek a senior Section a time to learn a underclass Section and a time to athletic the concept of time is further represented by details which show education As an Arm of the Sundial the Progress of sports by the ticking of the scoreboard clock and activities by the slipping Sand in the hourglass. A nine pm a introduction features via picture and caption these various aspects of school life and essentially is an overview of what is developed in specific detail in the remaining Isi pages. The division pages Are Dis anguished by Brown duo tone photographs which Are followed by line shots a duplications of the focal Point of interest of the preceding picture. Traditional in some ways the 1966 yearbook has new features an increase in Page size to a s 12, Saxony enamel paper with soft Tan end pages. The first Page is devoted to the three entrances of the senior High school and sets the stage for the entire Book which is Young and fresh. The naw Nass of the school is captured in pictures of Tho language and Reading laboratories the audio visual aids Headquarters and the simulators in the Driver de Laboratory. Photographers for the yearbook were Louis Manfredo and w Forres Stewart. Mrs. Catherine Macdonald and Joseph it Mcsparran were advisers for the 1966 Barker staff. The staff included Sally Dininny and Cheryl Erickson literary Margaret Confer and aria Ertz captions Mary Benedict and Julie Sandeen headlines Kristen Barnett photography Fred Cloud and cordon Salisbury sports Lynne Morgan business manager Nancy Mcomber composition and typing and Toni Walter Robert Nelson Martha Smith and Danna Thomas sales. Carolyn Fronapel editor for the 1967 Barker announced her staff members. They Are key Hardy Bettylu Mullett Cynthia Patterson Donna Nelson Deborah Herzog Nancy Mcbride. Also. Marsha Draniy Amy Bempkins Sarah Mccutcheon Nancy Wolcott. Christine mar tiny Marsha Lignian Richard Arnold Candace Skinner Thomas Bisker. Also Jobeth Wolcott Katherine Burgeson. Edward Boyle Katherine Mcclure Linda Holz Worth Shirley Michalski and Susan Alsdorf. Swim suits 8m2 Carefree Cottons 89.00 Griffin a clothes tree open Eves. 393 e. Main St. Pm. 341-3443 fancy free gent not Good enough dear Abby our daughter is planning her wedding. She wants a big Church wedding and we want her to have one. Our son who is in his teens is an epileptic Petit Maland this May Shock you but we done to want him at the wedding. I feel it might Embarrass both sides of the family if he has a seizure in Church. In a afraid i will faint just worrying about it during mass. The last attack he had was almost a year ago. It occurred at a family gathering and it Shook up the entire family. What can we do about this terrible problem Abby i know our son will be terribly Hurt if we Tell him he can to attend his Sisters wedding but we have always put this epileptic child first when he was younger and now we have to think of his sister Don t we she is As nervous about this As i am and its not fair to her. I realize his absence will raise questions but we could say he is please Tell us what to do. No name or City please dear no Nom first talk this Over with your physician. Ask him if Thoro is a Medico Tion that could control or Calm Tho boy and lesson his chances for a seizure during those few hours. Sacrifices Are being made daily in the interest of dear ones who through no fault of their own Are handicapped. Of a wedding is a big a performance Quot to impress an audience then by All Means Quot hide Quot the unfortunate boy who might mar it. But of it is a sacrament to unite a couple in the Bonds of holy Matrimony in the presence of those they love include your son and take your chances. If that in t just like a boy a that expression on tiny Terry Carlson s face gives away her thoughts As she watched we think a a left footed Quot Little boy try to do the May dance during the traditional May program held Friday at the West Branch school. The six year old was one of the Flower girls in the Queen s court. Era photo by w. Forres Stewart Sun suits boys or girls $198 i up kiddie Shoppe Bradford i original Chur to t store in main St. 1m-4714 Hospital Volunteer retired persons Square dance club its Spring clean up time i for prompt service clean up. Springs the time to make things sparkle around your Home. But it takes Money. Money that associates can make available. Let us help you with All your Spring current Bills. Visit or phone the associates for prompt Money service. A financing aim for Avo of mood associates consumer finance co. Loans arrant of in any amount Opta $400 consumer discount co. Imm Arran pod in any amount from $400 to $3900 137 main Street 2-3541 dear Abby Are there any foods or beverages which will help a person sexually i have heard there Are several. Believes it door Bol iavits i know of non. But if you behave that a certain food a drink will Quot help you Quot sexually by All Means try it. It will. Aimed monday. Tum Day a in a or Edward Spencer or. Burra Bowen in. John Van Houtte pm in. L. M. Hurt won in. Lillian Dunham mrs. David come. Wednesday a in. A mrs a j. Richmond. Mrs Earle Garthwaite mrs. Jack Platte pm a or w. Forte Stewart in. Fred Lyons in. Leroy heeler. Thu radar am a Grace Knerr mrs. Robert stack or Della f crier in. Harold Enate Hare Johnson or w. I. Andrew. In. W. Jamieson. Friday a in. A in. Lero Erickson mrs Laster Whiteman or. Ralph Evans pm. A or. R d Mckinz try in. Samuel Giles in. Donald Fox. Saturday a mrs. Hepler in. Paul w Kroon Gertrude Fisenman gift shop evening a in. J. C. Stengel. Or Ren Steckhahn in. Carl Swanson Dawn Steuben. Rahy Honor Roll a in. Donald Geis Elman gift cart a or. Richard Crowley. Or w. M run Saki in. N. A lath Book cart a or. Charles w. Griffith or. Scott Sandy in. Robert Sace told of Iceland Gunnar Johannson Exchange student from Iceland showed slides and told of his Homeland thursday evening when he addressed the Bradford area chapter of the american association retired persons. During the meeting held in machinists Hall memorial services were held for Kirker Mcintyre and William Broughton. The next business meeting will be held on june 9. The Belles and beaus Western Square dance club will have a session at 8 30 p m. Today in the Bolivar run Grange Hall. Don Curtin will be caller for the dance which is open to the Public. Confidential to a a wants to to popular Quot Whon you onto o room do you soy a Thoro you Oro Quot or Quot Hora i Arn Quot Ponder that a while. Gave advice did t take it West Plains to. Apr Orvall ranch was careful to caution his neighbors to tie up their dogs because he was setting traps for foxes that were feasting on his ducks. On Branch s first trip Over his trap lines he found his own two hounds in the traps. He had forgotten to tie them up. Need a copy ? letters Legal papers Blue prints photostat Taylor photo shop nothing but Quality carpeting nut said City carpet 368-4950 25 e. 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Phone 368-4121 convenient locations terminal bldg super duper Plaza 4 30 am to 5 30 pm 9 30 am to 9 30 pm come and see How we can help you make the summer a real Delight right in your own backyard a water ready mixed Concrete scientifically mixed in Handy bags. Need Only �,4 a 80 la. Fiberglas panels translucent. In several colors. Ideal for Patio cover. Cf20 easily worked. A. ,. 9 24&Quot x 94 sliding Patio boors for easy Access from House to Patio. Also adds depth Casa and Beauty to room. A i u 4 it. Unit insulated Glass fencing you con add privacy to your outdoor activities by enclosing with a Beautiful leg Fence. Basket weave a Jin Lin. It. Screen Wirk now is the time to replace old screen wire in windows and doors. All types in Stock. L1n it. I aluminium. A a i open sats. Free parking tuna 70 Mechanic St. Bradford a. The Bradford a Era saturday May 28, 1966�?5 helpful hints for homemakers. From Heloise summer has dear Heloise our Little daughter had a Cut on her forehead and we had a problem of removing the adhesive Bandage without hurting her. I discovered a Way to pull off the tape easily and without any pain to her. If you wrap a Small piece of Cotton around a toothpick and dip it in some Oil or Petroleum Jelly then gently insert the Cotton covered greased toothpick under the Edge of the tape and Roll the pick it will dissolve the Sticky part just like magic. No tears from our daughter i thought mothers of Small tots might be interested mrs. John Meehan and i am sure they will be. After All when we can prevent a tear that a the sweetest part of life. Bless you Heloise a pups Isles a i save the leftover Gravy and meat scraps then mix a Little bread or Cereal to make it easy to form into Small round or Oblong shapes. I put each one into a Little Wax Sandwich bag then in a special larger bag marked a a Palm and into the Freezer. Every Day when the Popsicle Man stops and my grandchildren Are enjoying their Frozen goodies our Little Pooch gets his Frozen a Pup Sicley and he sure enjoys it. He Rolls it around and licks it All up. The children All enjoy watching Zoochie have his treat along with theirs and everyone is Happy. Grandmother of 15 letter of laughter dear Heloise Ever hear of dear Heloise this hint is for mothers who like to Sun Bathe or go to the Beach but who have a Small baby who can to be exposed to the direct Sun take an umbrella with you open it out Over the baby and Anchor the handle in the ground or Sand. If needed you can place a netting Over the umbrella and clip with clip Type clothespins one or two rattles where baby can watch them. Mother can get her Sun right beside the baby and not have to worry. Nancy c. Dear Heloise you often mention that housewives should pick thin skinned Citrus fruits a but i have discovered that very few women know How to Tell a thin skinned Orange from a thick skinned one the higher and bigger the bumps on a Citrus fruit the thicker the skin. When the outside skin is nearly smooth the Peel will usually be very thin. Regina Small wading Pool inside our tent for bathing. We do not fill it with water a Little bit goes a Long Way because it might splash Over when you step in. For the smaller child Sbath the tub is turned upside Down to make it shallower and less water is used. We carry along a Large piece of plastic to place under the Pool to keep the floor dry. Mrs Clyde c. Bounds a word for fashion. Quot sportswear Quot from Rose Krein scout training meet mrs. Jane stack of Bradford mrs. Ann Vito of Kane and mrs. Elizabeth Lee of Olean n.y., attended a girl scout training session thursday in Grove City. Trainer for the meet was mrs. Freda Weinberg of Newark Delaware. Dear Heloise Here san idea from my husband for a camper s Bathtub for years we have used a Happy birthday James Henry to of 276 Lang maid Lane May 31. Now our own homemade donuts fresh daily Reading s super Market shop Italy til la Barker makes its debut a Tho 1944 Borkor was Tho Favorito topic at Bradford aria High school Friday Attar it mad its debut Early that morning. A showing off Quot Tho handsome yearbook with its Madras and Brown Loather cover Ara from loft Cathion Carlson editor Joseph Mcsparran and mrs. Catherine Macdonald faculty advisers and Carolyn Fronapel editor for next year s Barker. Era photo by w. Forres Stewart Chrisman s 421 East main St. Pm. 362-0044

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