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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 4

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Bradford, Pennsylvania 4�?th# Bradford a Era saturday May 28, 1966 Bradford Vicinity Assembly of too 59 son la aft. Rev. Walter Schell falter 9 41 school la of Bervie 9 30 p people 7 30 service wed., 7 30 and Bible study Yofee your problems to Church this week a a Home Tom that i methodist churches Mugg Gumm methodist Church a Rev. George p. Saw. Pelter Bradford arb gospel 1-5 Walker ave. Rev. Charles e. Flea 9 45 school 11 00 worship 7 30 service a Bolivar run Nataren Church Rev. Merlyn Klunk. Palter 9 45 school 10 45 a worship 4 45 7 30 service Asbury methodist Church iss East Mala St. Rev. Richard b. Snyder Palter 9 10 school 11 00 Worth up 4 45 Fellowship wed., 7 30 meeting Bible study Bolivar drive Baptist Rev. Robert Rowe Palter 9 45 school 11 00 service 6 to Union 7 10 p service first free methodist Hoyleton St., Bradford Rev. Ronald Tovey Palter 9 30 a sunday is Bool 11 00 a worship 4 45 p service 7 to w or ship service Church of Jesus Christ latter Dat saints a mormon 33 co Greet St. Robert Selmer. Branch free deet 10 00 service Church of Christ 121-123 Derrick Road William i. Nichole. Minister 10 00 study to 50 a service 4 90 p worship r a a a air wed. 7 30 stud Christian missionary Alliance to Chestnut St. Rev. Paul s. Dehaves. Paster 10 00 i school la of a worship 9 95 Fellowship 7 00 p service wed., 7 30 meeting Church of the open to herding ave. Rev. Curtis s. Ruby 9 90 school 10 45 a worship 4 00 p triple 7 00 service wed7 , Bibl study Rible episcopal Chi sch of ascension 24 Chautauqua place Rev. Edward la Filipson. Rector g 00 a communion h of prayer and Sermon 11 00 a school 7 00 p Fellowship tues. 7 30 Reader class wed., 4 30 choir rehearsal thu la a communion thun., 7 30 choir first Church of c Christ. Scientist it co Greet is. To it service to 45 a in a sunday school wed., 7 45 Reading room la Mechanic is monday through Friday 11 30 e m to 9 pm., except holidays. Friday evenings 7 to 9 saturday la 30 e m. In 9 seventh Dat adventist Ronald k. Neall Fetter Jerome ave. 9 90 . Sat a Sabbath school 11 00 a in. service wed., 7 30 class he. 7 30 Peoples meeting sunday. 9 for these Elmee Webb sunday. To a at prophecy web Copeland . Chubch Mechanic and rank hts. Rev. T. J. Ralder. Paster 19 06 a Church school la of a worship 7 45 a evening service Fiest Baptist Hutch 41 Congress St. Gut. R. L. Sprague Paster 9 49 a school la so a service 7 90 serv ice St Bernard roman Catholic Rev. Martin a. Grade Raster Bee. Robert p. Fedor. Aidi tul sunday masses 7, i. 9, to. La a a. Is noon and Ris per baptisms sunday i . Hill memorial eco Boylston at Kennedy is. Rev. Lee r Hansen fast eve 9 45 school la 00 a worship 5 45 Fellowship 7 00 service Sawyer i b Church in a. Kendall ave. Rev. Hamid a. Burdick faster 19 00 a school la of .�?worship serv ice 7 09 service Mission covenant Church Cele ave. Radferd Rev. J. Frederick Hagberg Paster 9 45 school to 90 .�?worahip service 4 pm a youth meetings East end presbyterian Rev. William a. Mitchell. Patter 9 45 school 11 00 worship 7 00 Fellowship first United presbyterian 44 e. Corydon St. Rev. Dongles p. Wright. Minister Rev. David y. R. Lee. Asst. Maleter 9 30 a school 9-30 a worship 11 00 . A morning worship 9 00 and senior Pyp West Branch rih �?�05 w. Washington St. Rev. Gerald m. Undrea faster 9 45 school 11 00 worship 9 00 Fellowship 7 00 service wed., 7 15 meeting Custer City St. Anthonys Catholic Rev. J an p. Kennedy pastor services temporarily at Lewis Rua first methodist Church Rev. Richard b. Snyder easier 9 30 a service 10 30 a school Lewis run Evans memorial Erb Rev. Leroy land Gran pastor 9 49 school 11 00 service 9 00 Fellowship 7 00 service wed., 7 30 end Birle Fellowship youth prayer meeting. Adult prayer meeting. Our Mother of perpetual help Rev. John p. Kennedy. Paster weekday Masse 8 43 a in. And 7 15 i n sunday Masada 7 00 ., 1 90 . Aal 10 90 . Holy Day masses 7 00 a in. And 7 00 Novena Devotion wednesday 7 30 first Friday masses 4 45 . And 7 pm. P in am. Limestone Limestone methodist Church the Rev. Glee Moore Patter 9 45 school 11 00 a serv ice St. Patrick a Church Rev. Paal Darkin pastor sunday mashes 9 00 . And 13 noon evening masses holy Days. 7 49 . First Friday of the month at 9 34 pm. Smethport regular Baptist Church Rev. William i. Stroup Paster 9 90 school 19 90 worship a no be hears 9 90 Fellowship cadets 7 00 time 7 90 service wed., 7.30 p service it Elizabeth a Church Rev. Albert j. Chap Delamae. Pastes sunday masses. 7 00. R so and to so weekday masses monday through Friday 7 90 s co a in. Caul basins. Sat. 4-9 pm. And 7 16-9 Christian a missionary Alliance Rev. H. In a Batten Raster 9 49 school h of worship 4 45 Fellowship 7 96 service wed., 1 36 prayer and Bible study St. Lurk s episcopal Rev. Calvin r. Miller better 9 00 a. communion 10 19 a school 10 30 a morning prayer wed. To of a communion frt., 9 90 communion service Grace lutheran Church South ave. At e. Corydon St. Rev. George Gibson jr., Paster 9 on .-sunday school and Bible Clam la 19 service Jehovah a a witnesses 45 w. Corydon St sunday. P in a Public Tach sunday 7 pm watchtower study tuesday. R study Friday 7 23 a theocratic ministry school and service meeting first methodist Church Chestnut. Chambers a e. Cory Den Rev. Roland l. Osgood Paster Rev. Marion c. Hark. Assenat 4 3b a school to 30 .�?w worship service 7 06 and senior High my East Bradford Erfe methodist n. Kendall Al Euclid Rev. It re f. A a Hook. Paster 16 66 a school 11 06 a worship 7 30 p in a evangelistic service wed., 7 16 study and prayer service tuna free. Methodist Rev. Floyd f. Shook. Heater 6 90 service Ai Church school end worship Chi rih of the k Aza Renk North Bennett Stradford Bee. Wayne h Acton. Pattee 9-43 a Bible school la no a worship 7 30 service to Init lutheran Church Rev. John a. Johasen. Faster 4 30 Church school 11 00 service at worship revival Center. Smethport the Rev. Keith i Araca Patter 16 00 a school la of a in a morning worship 7 45 p in a evening service tues 45 services swedish free Christian evangelical Chi str Rev. Themas m. Hoi Chalder Patter 16 06 am a sunday school h to a a morning worship 6 90 Peoples 7 30 pm evening Fellowship wed7 00 rehearsal wad. 7 45 service a a i w. A Noble sentence a judge this boy who is a son of my neighbor wishes to enter a plea of Quilty. Guilty of being envious of your position and to state that he aspires to some Day succeeding you As the judge of this a then As judge of this court i sentence you to life Long attendance at Church. For to be a worthy judge my boy you must not Only be versed in the Law but also be a passionate searcher for the truth. You must be a person of unimpeachable integrity and above All be one who can and will temper Justice with mercy. A the Bible records the lives of some of the world s greatest judges. Attend Church where you May be aided in studying their records and in being an example in your time of their lives. Then you too will be t. Great Kane Church of to Masarik Rev. Donald of Holst Ger Palter 19 00 e m a Munday school 11 00 in hour 7 00 . 7 30 service wed., 7 90 mastitis first methodist Reward c. Pall mall minibar a 45 a Church school 1 90 and 11 00 a serviced 6 00 . St. A Alliati a Church the Rev. Carl l. Lipper. Paster Rev. Bernard p. Webber. Ass Staat Paster sunday Maraea 7 00 ., 6 90 am. Dad 10 90 . And i . First congregational Rev s. Geerge Bavin. Fatter i a3 school 11 00 worship 9 90 .�?pilgrim Fellowship Church of too Rev. Wesley Well bred. Pattee 10 00 achoo 11 00 .�?worship service 5 45 Fellowship 7 90 .�?gospel serv ice wed., 7 90 meeting James City Union Assembly of god Rev Merle Gross Lam la of worship 7 90 p worship free methodist Church the Rev. Elmer Readd 10 00 school 11 00 service 7 49 first or earyter1 an Church Rev. William j. Bevard mislaid 9 49 am sunday school 11 00 worship 9 00 Fellowship Emmanuel Mission Church Rev. Geerge o. Welch 9.-45 school 11 00 service 7 09 vespers wed. 7 49 .�?rims study. Frays str Vics St. Johns episcopal Rev. Arthur j. Rath Era. Year 10 00 s. school sad adult study Ness 11 00 .�?1st Sod 3rd sundays holy communion and Sermon i 2nd and dts sundays. Morning prayer and Sermon tue thurs. Thurs Sun. I Sun. 4 j4hovan 6 witnesses 7 90 study 7 90 .�?ministry school i 30 a sen Lea meeting no .�?bim# lecture 15 p study couriers f Ort 10 80 sunday school 1u00 a Derrick City a. Est. R. D. Lambert. Feeler 9 90 school 10 96 service Knaff Creek. . Rev. Hamer c. Kvass. Paster 9 90 .�?preaching service a 10 45 school Crosby a. Baa. Patricia m. Dare. Faster 9 45 a school 11 00 worship. Ketola a. Baa. Patricia m. Dora. Faster 1 48 a morning worship 10.-49 school Keating Summit methodist Church Rea. William Starr Paster 4 45 .-Ghurch service in 10.-45 school free methodist Guffey Community Church her. Leonard a the wee Patter 10 06 school 11 00 worship Community Church Birri Hurt run to of a sunday school Cyclone a. Rev. Of on a. Hamilton. Paster 9 30 worship to to a school 4 to pm . Alternate Sands re i 7 00 p service alternate sunday wednesday. 7 90 a prayer Seral a evangelical v. B. Lafayette it angelic Al Christian Church Rev. Lee Damon. Paster 10 on Rhoel 11 on a worship 7 06 p in a service Wadna Aday. 7 00 p my prayer sender Colf Ville a. Ray. John Haggle 4-90 a service 10 45 a in a sunday school a to p Fellowship 7 90 p Bervie attenuate sunday with East Smethport eur Church tuesday 4 to .-choir practice tuesday 7 30 midweek Sands Row. A. Rev. Paul r. White Ems part be 10-00 a in a sunday school 11 00 worship Rixford. A. Rev. C. Nets Warner 10 on am Sunder of Hool 11 no a worship 7 19 p service Gifford Church the Rev c. Dale Dufrat Paster 4-30 a in a morning worship porn a in a sunday school 7-Jo a eve unit sender wed7 30 p in prayer meeting is United presbyterian Church Rev. Robert l. Raker Minuter 4 43 a Church school 11 00 worship first Hebron a a Yenta Dav b4ptiat Herbert asunder. Paster 9 43 a morning worship 10 45 .�?Sabbath school Alliance Church Rev j he w Shaw. Raster 4 43 a school la on a 4 of .�?jet Cadet a to a senior Aye 7 45 p service wed. 7 49 .-prayer Bible study Portville. A. The Rev. Lee w Mega Febey Ioir a school 11 66 a sen Ira faster Catholic churches St. Anne s bom 3n Catholic Church Wile a. Rev far Lark f. Sharp. Faster in and re sundae of month a 9 to a rn., Hod 4th and 3th sundays of month Mesa to of a in Hoit Crom roman Catholic let and 3rd Anodic of month. Male 06 a in Sod 4th and us sunday of month. Mass i to a in seventh Dat adventist Church Kenneth a Heller. Perter sat., to w a in. A on the school sat., 11 00 a service Wedi of p meeting Yount people meeting first and third Sabbath at each month at 3 pm. It. Marts Church Hertwell. A. Rev Eugene Cole Man. Faster sunday and holy day�?16 96 a in. By. Calvary Birle ow6hif Rev. Kenneth Levis Pattee 4 43 a in a Btl school 11 00 a worship it. Eulalia Catholic Rev Reb of Grulla 7 90 and 11 90 a sunday Max Roulette Roi Lette methodist and Rit or aide methodist Rev. T Lea Bennett. Feet 1 41 a school la of a worship 7 90 p �?senior my meeting first me i Howat Husi h Rev. Harry w. Beer Ridge Palter 9 45 a school 11 00 .�?worahip Bervie 7 30 p in a evening service tues., 9 45 .�?Bible study tues., j .30 pm Junior choir 9 36 .�?cherub choir 7 60 .�?santuary choir wed wed Kaat Smethport . The Rev. J of a Reggie to on . Sunday school 11 00 .�?worship service 4 15 p my youth Fellowship 7 30 .-evening service held Are Raat sunday with Coleville . Church wed7 30 .�?midweek service wed., 4 90 .-choir practice Emanuel lutheran Church Seaward ave. Rev. Pan w. Rreed. Paster i 45 a school 11 06 worship holy communion i 30 and la . First sunday of month port Allegany Kirst presbyterian Church Rev. Roger k. Lewis faster 6 30 a school 11 00 a worship 6 30 Fellowship first Wesleyan methodist Boylston at Bishop St. Rev. David 8. Burk. Heater f 45 a school la Oft a service of .�?Wesleyan youth 7 06 p Servic 3rd Don Al let Olean . Unitary in universalist Feu Oshir Nan Vander Herat chairman sunday 7 30 pm Bradford rank sunday. 7 to p �?Olean House a saltation brigadier William l. Quirk 9 45 a in a sunday school 11 00 a Servic 130 pm a 3 Outh meeting 7 06 meeting St. Francis roman Catholic it. Francis drive at Lorans a. Ext. Rev g. Carites Ritchie. Paster sunday masses 7, a 10 96 a la noon confessions. Saturday 4 Ami 7 90 . Rapt May sunday i . I tha emane lutheran Rev. J beneath seder Gutert Paster t 3o a school 11 00 .�?worahip service seventh Dat a i tent if Eider e. H Rey sat., 9 30 .-Sabbath school sal., 11 00 .�?worship service thurs9 of meeting first methodist Church Rev. Ralph b. Sithara. Minister 9 45 school la to a worship 4 00 p �?junior High and senior High free methodist Church Rev. Wilbur l. Janerka Paster i a a sunday be Horn la of a service 7 90 p my evangelist la Servic St. Joseph i episcopal Church Rev. Janies s. Sigmas firer 1 06 eucharist first and third sundays 9 15 .�?prayer and Sermon first and sundays 9 19 a. eucharist second fourth and fifth sunday 19 19 school Nursery during 9 19 . Car Alcea. Birch Grove mennonite Alvin e. Miller faster 19 a school classes for la ?morning worship a it. Gabriel a Catholic Church Rev. Eugene Celeman pastor Masse a i to . And 16 90 a in. 6 45 am Church school St. Matthew s episcopal Church Rev. James x. My mama vicar 7 30 ?holy eucharist second and fourth sunday 11 00 ?holy cult Baris and Sermon. Hurt third and filth sunday 11.00 and Sermon second and fourth sundays 11 15 a school first Baptist Church Rey. Fred l. Williams. Paster 19 a school la a morning worship evangelical cd. Church Rev Reich Perry faster 16 00 a in a sunday school la no worship 7 on p Fellowship i of p service wed. 7 96 p in midweek service Calvary Tempie Farrd and killed Rev Chauncey eggs. Pastor a to a in sunday be fool 16 30 Servic 7 30 p in a evangelistic Servic cd. A a it .�?Sunbeam choir practice i wed. 7 p Peoples meeting i thurs7 90 p my prayer meeting St. John s 1.1 thur an Rev. Kybert e. Alsua Patter 6 96 a Church school 11 00 .�?th Servic methodist it i Ruh Rev. Ronald Hanky Paster 9 45 school to 43 morning we Lahip Rev. 6 15. Hoi y Horary Joseph j. Tirade. A veg sunday 7 15, 4 30, 9 30. M 90 am. Pastor St. Martin s i i in Opal Hurc Rev. Gardner w Bridge vicar 9 00 a morning prayer service Church of the Nataren Rev. Lareae j. Dakill Fasier 9 43 school 10 45 a in a worship service wed., 7 45 Servic seventh Dat adventist Church Rev. Ronald k Neall. Pastor saturday 9 00 .-worship Servic saturday. 10 19 .-Sabbath school Friday. 7 30 Clam Mission covenant Rev. J. Robert Nelson 9 a school la of a worship 7 30 semen Church. Pastor Windfall Faith Chapel mrs. Margaret Holmes pastor 11. Of a school 11 00 a �?31 urn my worship 7.36 a evening service wed. 7 30 .-service for cd Ladrea eli., 7 30 p study eco Goodwill Union 11 of a school 12 on a worship wed., 7 pm evening prayer service first methodist Church Rev. Robert k. Geode pastor 4 no .�?worship so Vic to isl a set Bool 11 00 .�?worship sen in a first Pri byte i an Rev. M. Paul Almander. Paster 6 to 10 30 school Rolfe methodist Chu Sci Rev. Ronald Hanky. Paster 9 00 worship 10 45 a school Wilcox presbyter an Rev. 34. Paul Alevandro minister 9 to be hoc i 11 00 a Eldred Wesleyan methodist Church Morrao Brook. Eldred Rev. Robert e. Stone Paster 10 00 a sunday school la of am Mot a i Rig worship 7 90 p Servic St. Raphael s Church Rev. Jobs colera. Pastor sunday masse�?1 30 and 16 90 am. Masses weekday�?7 90 . Except saturday at 9 30 . Holy days�?7 30 am and 4 pm. Every saturday-4 30 . First Friday 6 . Scbookime�?7 . First Church of god Rev. Donald l. In Ruby Raster 9 13 .�?junior choir 0 36 school 10 30 ?.morning worship 11 30 adult choir 9.06 p �?friend Way club and youth Fellowship a to .�?Fellowship of concerned 7 00 a evening service free methodist Church Rev. Elton Howard pastor 16 06 school 11 66 a in a morning worship 7 96 .�?Kvaalaf Worsh p Christian a Mission Ary Alliance Rev. Gene Reeler. Minister 9 30 a in 30 school 7 36 p in a evening worship wed., 7 36 Fellowship thurs., 7 36 a prayer service Bibl study Mission covenant Church Rev. John Wolfe. Patter 10.00 a.�? morning Wor Tup la on school 7 30 pm evening service St. Margaret a episcopal Church h of am morning prayer and Sermon St Joseph s Church Rev. Philip m. Karolik. Pastor first Friday comm Union 7 . First sunday mass 6 a in. Second sunday Mattes at 7 45 a in. Third. Fourth or fifth sunday Maraea at 7 43 and u am Ludlow first Mission covenant t in a in a morning w worship 10.30 am sunday school Ulysses Gold Community Church 9 of a morning warship 10 00 am Church school i off. Methodist Rev. Merle Dir Sun. Paster 16 00 school la no a worship 7 of .-f m y service 7 45 p worship thursday 7 45 p in midweek prayer first Baptist Rev. c. Cooper a Atef 10 66 school 11 00 a in. A morning worship 7 36 pm evening service fishing i i i k methodist Rev. I. Lee Bensell pester 10 06 worship 10 43 a in a Church school Sartwell Creek Kur 10 06 worship 11 no a in sunday school tues., 9 46 p in. Evening prayer service a acred heart Church Knapp Creek. N. T Rev. Mal ruin either. Dam sunday Masse i 43 am and 18.06 a in Genesee a Hongo n. T. Rev Galley car pester 9 66 a in morning worship 10.00 am Church school other Vicinity and Farmers Valley evangelical United Brethren Rev. Be w. Mig Augrey pastor 9 45 a worship serv ice 10.45 a school Austin Community methodist Rev. John j. Plant Palter to no a in a sunday school 11 00 a worship Servic St. Augustine Rev. Robert get Fla Raster 9 30 a mass Johnsonburg b artist Chi sch Rev. Frank Reid. Patter Rev. Howard f. Pierre Raster emeritus 8 in and 11 00 .�?service 9 43 a school Hazel Hurst Hazel Hirst methodist Rev. Ralph Erkert Patter 9 45 service 11 00 school of. Be Ulysses Baptist Church Rev. Georg meneely Paster 10 30 a in. A morning worship 11 to a �?Bible school i of p Servic Ulysses methodist a hts ech Rev. Revere Perkins. Paster m on a Church school la of a service Duke Center St. Matthews lutheran Rev. V. Theodore Benson 115 a �?kari.v service 9 36 school in of ?later Servic 4 30 .�?luther league Church Paster methodist Church Rev. Ralph h. Eckert Paster 9 45 set Hoed la of worship seventh Day adventist Mal Al Ander sos saturday 9 06 a service saturday to 15 am Sabbath school monday 7 30 .�?bibla class free methodist Church Rev. Waller to. Loita. Pastor 10 60 a school la no a Servic 7 43 pm evening Bervie evangelical u r. Church Rev. C. Norton Warner faster a 45 .�?worship ser let 10 45 school 7 30 p Servic St. John s Church Rev. John Coleman Paster sunday maaaea�?8 to and 10 30 am holy Day mas�?7 30 pm methodist Church in Mannle building Rev Robert k. Gaud 0 30 a worship Servic 16 43 a in a Church school to pariah House Wolf run Chi brio of sunday school Ceres methodist Church 6 43 la of a in a sunday school a mfr s i Hirth i. Altun. A. Rev Philip m Karolik. Faster pm ret and second sunday a is be. La 66 a in 3rd. 4th. 9th sunday. Mass 9 09 a rn., Fin Friday mass Al 160 pm St. Up Murt Church Motel Hurst i. Pm ret sunday mass at 7 90 a in. S. 6 John a Stephen s Chi rth Jam atty i of a a. Max a a at we weather forecasts Shinglehouse Arfa churches seventh Dat Adyn test elder k h rot sat., 1 00 .�?Sabbath school sat., 2 00 .�?hour of worship Christian a missionary Alliance Rev. Roland m. Gray jr., faster 10 06 a sunday school 11 00 am worship service 7 30 evangelistic Servic Beltrun Union Chi Rich Nell Haynes faster 6 30 a sunday school 10 30 am worship Servic 11 00 worship free methodist Church Rev. Glenn a. Raml Tea. Paster 16 00 sunday school la of am morning worship 8 16 alternate sundays 7 00 p Sonde alternate sundays wed., 7 90 Servic first Baptist Church 10 00 a school 11 00 a her Art Flat Day forecasts for saturday May 26th, through wednesday june first Eastern Pennsylvania Southeastern new York and new Jersey temperatures Are expected to average near Normal with daytime highs mostly in the 70s and nighttime lows from the 40s North to the sos in Southern and coastal areas. It will be generally mild through most of the period. Precipitation May total about one Quarter Inch in scattered showers towards the end of the period. Western temperatures will average two to five degrees below int Normal highs of 71 to 75 and lows in the 50s. It will be cooler Over the weekend then a Little warmer. A few showers about saturday and around the Middle of next week will average around Ona Quarter of an Inch. Middle Atlantic states the temperature will average near Normal with Small Day to Day changes. Some Normal High and Low temperatures Are Washington 79 and is Wilmington 77 and 56. Showers Over the weekend and again by the Middle of next week will total two thirds of an Inch or More. Western new York temperatures will average two to five degrees below the Normal highs of 69 to 73 and lows of 49 to 52. Showers about saturday and around the Middle of next week will average about one Quarter of an Inch. I she qua Union Church 10 19 .-sunday Servic Germania seventh Day adventist elder e. H Roy sat., 2 of .�?Sabbath school sat., 3 00 .�?worahip a Arvic pounds of up in smoke Melbourne a Australia s old one Pound notes now replaced by australian dollars Are being burned in five million bundles St the note Issue Branch of the Reserve Bank series is being sponsored weekly by the following civic minded individuals and business firms sponsor Ash shoe co. Bradford motor works Beckwith machine company Bradford Moose Lodge Bradford publications inc. Bradford milk company Bradford National Bank Bradford printing company Bradford rotary club Northwest savings or loan Assn. Bradford pipe or Supply co. Carl e. Swanson or sons Carl s Chamberlain sales company City Creamery company Clark and Humphrey Corning class works custom menus shop David n. Brown or son Davis bakery a cake shop e. H. Kleiderlein a jeweler Emery hardware company Evans roller Rome Forest products corp. First Federal savings and loan association Friedman a clothing and shoes Greene Waldo a clothing store Griffin a Hammond or Johns garage Hull electric inc. James r. Evans co., inc. Joseph Marks furniture store kiddie Shoppe Miles Bradford company Minard run Oil company Oppen Helm a shoe store Oil marketers corporation Ott and Mchenry drug store producers Bank and Trust co. Rosenus furniture store s. Dale Smith jeweler s. K. Tate furs and fashion land Studley a music House Smith Agency s. M. Gleason Cen. Contractor tool a no toy inc. Taylor photo Zippo manufacturing company

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