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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Bradford, Pennsylvania A round the Square Birds a few column a Reader suggested we try to learn the various kinds of Birds that had taken advantage of feeders during the past Winter. Edward by Darrin of Coudersport has come in with this report sparrows evening grosbeaks chickadees Catbird starlings red Wing blackbirds Blue lays cardinals Juncos White throated sparrows stripes goldfinches song sparrows White breasted Nuthatches tree sparrows and Early Robins that ate Only bread. The Winter before lest by be regular Reader of Rtse reports he saw a pair of Cedar waxwings at the feeder. Cheese its is particularly fond of cheese and As a matter of fact delights in a special package of Many cheeses that comes regularly before Christmas. With the realization that Many of you Are cheese fans Here is some material of possible interest. Choose holds a spacial place in history. Throughout Tho Agos it has Boon Rov Rod As a scour a of strength and a Delight for the diet. Cheese was known to the world As Early As sumerian civilisation of 4,000 b.c., and following it Tho egyptian. In the old testament Days cheese As considered As much a Sweet As Boney almonds and wine. The ancient greeks gave themselves a god of cheese a Aristeus. Homer Sang of cheese in the Odyssey a Ulysses War torn men discovered cheeses on Racks and devoured them. The olympic athletics of ancient Greece trained on a cheese diet. The greeks were so fond of cheese that they rewarded their children with it As a Candy. Cheese was so esteemed to the people of the greek Island of Delos that they engraved cheese likenesses on their coins. The Island of Samos was noted for its cheese cakes. Wedding cakes of the Day were usually cheesecakes and at Argos it was customary for the Bride to bring Little cakes that were roasted covered with Boney and served to the bridegroom s friends in ancient Rome cheese played such an important part in the diet that the wealthy had special kitchens for cheese making while the rest of the people brought cheese to Public smokehouse for curing. A favorite roman dish was cheese with fruit. Cheese has sustained fighting men a from Caesars legions to the forces of Genghis Khan and armies thereafter. The monks of the Middle Ages Mode their Mark with the elaborate soft ripening cheeses for which France is so noted. However in Renaissance and elizabethan Days cheese fell to the distaste of physicians who thought it heavy and not digestible. By the end of the 19th Century cheese was once again popular with the development of pasteurization. Fun ahead every year at this time there Are grim predictions of death on the highways in the water and elsewhere As the nation observes the first Holiday of the warmer weather season May we ask you a whatever you do and wherever you go a to have fun but be careful town talk congrats to Era advertising manager Frank h. Elliott and mrs. Elliott on their 40th wedding anniversary sunday. The City to which the Rev. Roland l. Osgood pastor of Bradford a first methodist Church is moving Whittier the old Home town of former vice president Richard m. Nixon. Understand Bradford is to have a new Beauty school. Hospital oked for medicare Bradford Hospital has been approved for medicare s. E. Leshner Public relations representative and Hospital Board of directors member said Friday. Approval was granted by the . Department of health education and welfare in Washington . Cooler variable cloudless and cooler today highs Between a end 44 Tunny end mild sunday. Pm baseball tonight at 4 s5 action Comet your Weyen 1490 radio it the new York Yankees Hest the Chi cog White sex in Wiss. A your dependable nowt medium a vol. 89, no. 205 second clan postage paid at Bradford. A. 16701 Bradford pa., saturday morning May 28, 1966 published daily except sunday at 43 main St. By mail in m year by Carr or 55c week 10c a copy monks turn Down Kyd a peace feeler rioting suppressed yesterday. And tomorrow memorial Day monday will tee the nation paying tribute to its heroic deed. Here in the Shadow of a Stone civil War Soldier who hat stood guard for a Century Over Veteran in Oakhill cemetery six year old Robert tyger of 41 Holton rd., Holt Placo an american Flag on a Grava. Era photo by w. Forgot Stewart gemini 9 Blastoff a r body Laken delayed tor Day Cape Kennedy fun. A the double barrelled gemini 9 Blastoff was postponed another 24 hours Friday until wednesday to give launch technicians time for More tests on an Atlas rocket that must hoist the astronauts rendezvous target into orbit. A a we la get off one of these Days a quipped astronaut Thomas p. Stafford. We Illiam c. Schneider gemini 9 Mission director said the delay was necessary a to permit completion of additional checkout and testing procedures instituted following a a a a a a the Atlas failure in the first Mil torts la no i attempt to launch gemini 9 on 1? in it 111 Stu May 17.�?� technicians from Creek Rusk sees no i Cut in Europe Washington a Secretary of state Dean Rusk said Friday the United states has told its nato allies that american troops will stay on in Germany a without any major a we have indicated to the nato Council that our forces will remain there As Long As they Are needed and wanted a Rusk told a news conference. On Viet Nam Rusk said he saw no a major Impact on the Campaign against the reds in South Viet Nam from a either the military or the political dissidence that has flared up there. Rusk said he was not familiar with the assertion by maj. Gen. Stanley r. Larsen earlier Friday that perhaps six regiments of North vietnamese Viet Cong troops have massed in Cambodia a in position to move against South Viet Nam. But he repeated that the United states favors policing by an International group like the three nation International control commission to insure cambodians neutrality and territorial Independence. Rusk strongly criticized the Senate foreign relations committee headed by sen. J. W. Fulbright. D-ark., for voting new restrictions on the . Foreign Aid program. A it seems to me ungracious of this great nation to Start closing the door to needy recipients overseas by such a a arbitrary continued on Peg 14 child assaulted and Strang Pittsburgh a a Lour year old girl was raped and strangled Friday and her nude body left on a wooded Hillside on partly hampered by bad weather reportedly were about the launch la rape redly 20 hours behind a tight schedule. Air Force it. Col. Stafford and his gemini 9 co Pilot Navy it. Cmdr. Eugene a. Cernan plan to visit the doctor saturday for a major physical examination. On Friday the worldwide gemini tracking network hummed through several hours have read or heard of the recent of testing to Check out the com discussions in congressional plex Maze of communications hearings and elsewhere of Auto linking the 25 tracking stations mobiles tires Drivers Law in around the Globe. For Cement and o technicians on the Atlas traffic accidents. Olean. . The search for an 8-year-old Olean boy. Reported missing since about 3.45 . Thursday was ended at 3 35 . Friday when his body was recovered from Olean Creek by Volunteer firemen in in nearby Rankin solved in the search. The coroners office said Cas Sandra Scott of Rankin was sex the boy William Billy r. Any assaulted and strangled Gardner. Jr., son of s. Sgt. And about four hours before play mrs. William r. Gardner of mates discovered her body. Lilt 111 villains Lur 883 a shop a late police chief Frank Gaskill of Mui us Ltd Len Mui by his Mother when he left rank n said a red and White la is j. We i i 5��� alter i1001 to 10 the Cord believed to be a shoe lace ill Kohv weekend k f ref Lorn was looped around the child a j when he failed to return at neck he Slacks underclothes. By the associated press Zywn much of shoes ,0u"d motorists who May be Morek up fore contacting Olean she had seen playing in conscious than usual of the to roue. The neighbourhood earlier in the Tennial dangers of driving the search started at Day. She was one of five Chil needed out on the highways in 9 30 and jaw enforce Dren of mrs. Beatrice Scott. Or Holiday men agencies in states through out the Eastern Seaboard were alerted. Olean police in their preliminary investigation turned up Only the fact that he had been reportedly seen by an a 1 other 8-year-old boy. David Llewellyn of 680 Garden ave., Saigon South Viet Nam apr Premier Nguyen Cao by of it t extended a peace feeler Friday to the buddhists and conferred deadline is ear i under u. S. Auspices with the chief of his military foes it. Gen. Nguyen Chanh thi. Monks rejected the peace feeler. Secrecy veiled results of the conference. Elsewhere in the Kaleidoscope of crisis that the military government Hopes now to end without further recourse to arms a tear Gas and warning shots from vietnamese marines suppressed a Washington apr with the deadline coming it Midnight tuesday for persons Over 45 to sign up for Tho doctor Bill insure no Covo Rago under medicare Tho social Security administration said Friday All its District offices will be open regular hours monday memorial Day. Tho offices will not operate extra hours on tuesday a spokesman said a All Ara scheduled to close at their usual time. Rioting by a howling of 2,000 or 3,000 antigovernment anti american demonstrators who marched in Torch lit procession from a rally at the Buddhist Institute in Saigon. A civil authority collapsed in Hue. A stronghold of buddhism and rebellion 400 Miles North of Saigon. The mayor it. Col. Phan Van Khoa who is also governor of thua Thien prov two Exchange bitter words at press meet University Park a. Apr it. Gov. Raymond p. Shafer and Charles g. Simpson former chairman of the state Council of higher education engaged in a Brief but rather bitter word Exchange Friday. Simpson and Shafer Republican candidate for governor were guests at the opening session of the annual Pennsylvania press conference at Pennsylvania state University when the incident occurred. Simpson removed As chairman of the Council earlier this year in a policy dispute with gov. Scranton and other Board members initiated the Exchange by attacking the selection method of or. J. Ralph Rackley As the state superintendent of Public instruction. He maintained that Scranton had a Booby trapped and bypassed a special screening committee set up to review candidates for the Post when he finally named Rackley. Shafer was chairman of the committee and Simpson was a member. Shafer called Rackley a one of the finest educators in the United states and termed his appointment a one of the finest Indonesia s War against Malaysia Over Ince pulled out with i too Loyal inv a up Tyr is Mai Star few. Abdul Razak of malays de forty five Merican and is foreign nationals also quit the City. Others took shelter at the again1 by country has Runoff i guarded . Military assist-1 a Auy ended. Ance command compound. This is proved he said by toe a operating far from the Cen ii it imnet vietnamese onesian Goodwill Mission made up of military men most of them connected with the a crush ters of unrest vietnamese troops reported killing 94 Viet Cong and capturing 50 in a series of brisk fights thursday in the Mekong River Delta. Government losses in one Esse a defensive action against about 600 raiders were called heavy. Elsewhere the War continued at a relatively Ordinary Pace. Premier by and his chief military rival held their hush hush meeting at . Marine head Malaysia command which directed the confrontation. The eight Man Mission brought word from indonesian Strong Man of. Gen. Suharto that the military authorities in Power in Jakarta sincerely want to end the feud with Malaysia Razak said. He told a news conference the quarters at Chu Lai 340 Miles visit did much to remove any Northeast of Saigon and 52 Miles a doubts Malaysia May have had South of Danang where gov j about peace talks in Bangkok eminent forces crushed a Budd Thailand Between Razak and Hist led uprising monday. A . I indonesian foreign minister plane brought thi in from Hue. Adam Malik scheduled to begin continued in Page 14 monday. Marine has angry reaction disabled Viet Nam vets barred from night club Mundelein 111 a a Marine Corporal his leg paralysed by a Bullet in Viet Nam Yiew a Friday the Banning of things that Ever happened to in re other disabled veterans Simpson was a luncheon speaker during the first Day of the conference sponsored by the Pennsylvania newspaper publishers association and Penn state in his earlier remarks he hailed the nomination of Milton Shapp As Shafer a democratic opponent As a be Day in Pennsylvania. A it was not officially proclaimed by gov. Scranton in fact he did t even know it was coming. A a a stands for education and i am talking about the Victory of Milt a i think education will be the number one Issue in this years political Campaign a Simpson declared. From a Chicago botel night club with the comment a a it a like they said a sorry about that we done to need you. A a what we do Over there in Viet Nara we do out of Pride a Cpl. John Raines 21, of Detroit told the associated press. A then you come Home and this happens you feel no one gives a Porter Parris manager of the Conrad Hilton hotel which features an ice skating show in its fashionable Boulevard room said thursday he did not want a party of about 70 wounded veterans to attend because their presence might depress other patrons. Parris offered to put on a Spe weekend of the warm months virtually All of them must the National safety Council has estimated that Between 460 and 540 americans May die in Are preparing a substitute target satellite called an augmented target Docking adapter to replace a More sophisticated motor vehicle accidents in the Agena space engine which memorial Day tabulating period dropped into the Atlantic Ocean that began at 6 . Local time May 17. Friday night and will end at the adapter is scheduled to be Midnight monday hoisted into orbit by an Atlas the weather was warm in rocket 99 minutes before staf Ford and Cernan blast off at 12 39 ., Edt on a space continued on Peg 14 the country As the began. There were showers in some continued on Pogo h inside the Era a another outbreak of violence feared at Bakersfield Calif. Page 3 Bradford area High schools annual year Book a a the Barker a presented to students. Page 5 Mckean county a schools get $87,950 in Federal funds for special education programs. Page 6 awards and letters presented to owls athletes at annual banquet at Bahs. Page 12 Stock Market mounts surprising rally just before closing in slowest session in months. Page 15 Bridge .15 crossword .15 hospitals .16 stocks ------15 comics i editorial. 8 radio to 9-10 women. 5 most of weekend scattered areas. The Council figured that most of the 87 million motor vehicles in the United states will be in motion at one time or another during the Holiday period. It calculated that they will travel former president Dwight d. Walking West along Olean Creek Bridge thursday afternoon. Police scoured East Laden Down with blankets searched the Banks along Mem Blue jeans sweaters Creek and the railway tracks and q be other Para her As Well As every conceivable Naua necessary for her a late where an Bear old could t outdoors too sixth graders ave gone with no result. J the Bradford a Check at the Myca will participate in the 1966 earlier had revealed that the camping program. Headquarters for the annual junket will be the Elk lick boy scout Camp too sixth graders from area schools to join in outdoor education project Cial matinee for 800 veterans. But residents of Mundelein a suburb Northwest of Chicago who sponsored the servicemen a entertainment declined the invitation. The veterans patients at great lakes naval Hospital still had their party organized by mayor Paul Foss of Mundelein and Ralph Shields a township tax assessor. The veterans were taken to a movie and entertained at the Ivanhoe a Chicago restaurant. A a in be never seen anything so fantastic As what those people in Mundelein did for said Henry Hartman 21, a Marine Corporal from Chicago. Hartman was not in Viet Nam. He landed in the dominican Republic in 1965 with the 6th Marine regiment and was injured in a truck Accident. A i did t know about the hotel thing until this morning a Hartman said. A i never saw anyone to self entered and unappreciative to think people done to want to see us because we re Cpl. De Anderson of Kansas City mo., wounded in the right continued on Page 14 e Hie arrives rack at farm in state Gettysburg. A. A a total of about 9.4 billion Miles deaths on the streets and roads Are in a High Cycle. They numbered a record 49,000 last year. During the first three months of this year they totalled 10,710, an increase of 7 per cent Over the corresponding period of 1965. During the memorial Day period of last year traffic fatalities added up to 474, a record for a three Day Celebration of the Holiday. Of Stolfi weekend special pea urho a he la. A open Tkv Lugi dead in Saracca since ism the Smith fear a ?-5501 Eisenhower arrived at his Gettysburg farm Friday after a three week stay in Walter Reed army medical Center at Washington. The former chief executive was described by an aide As feeling Fine and bed experienced no pain for the last several Days. Doctors said Eisenhower was suffering from a osteoarthritis a an ailment associated with advancing age which can be pain Fol at times. Airline Turk cat Emery travel service i sooth ave. Emery Hall Phene Swaim at Borders the annual outdoor education project will be held next wednesday thursday and Friday and will feature experts in the Field of conservation. There will be several guest leaders and instructors to work with the youngsters with the Star attraction being Roger Latham Long time Leader in conservation work and now outdoor editor of the Pittsburgh press. Or. Lathan will Tell the sixth graders All about conservation As it applies to Flowers and animals. He will be the guest lecturer on thursday. Prior to assuming his Post on the newspaper he was director of research for the Penn Sylvania game commission in Harrisburg. President of the will be a program on Indian i Raj f it a a lore and then Square dancing. Dow Dias Ltd Seii thursday s activities begin for work slated at 6 . With a Bird hike and a a a a f the same schedule on Friday i Del county l\0 ius throughout both Days there i j lectures and will be hiking demonstrations. In addition to or. Latham other instructors and special guest leaders will include Gilbert Burgeson of Buffalo n.y., William Corlett of Harrisburg Allan Kane of Coudersport Ivan Hanes of Rixford and from Bradford Gill Hoffman Mark Moshier miss Hester Shelley Jack Mckittrick Jack Mccutcheon mrs. Carolyn Urban Charles Crawford and Richard Giddings. Camp counsellors Harrisburg the state highways department received unofficial Low bids Friday for 65 Miles of Road improvements including several Miles in Mckean and Warren counties. The Low bidder for resurfacing of 5.53 Miles of routes 219 and 59 in Mckean county was Tyi state Asphalt corp. Of Martins ferry Ohio $154,170. Specifications Call for resurfacing of route 219 Between Bradford and Limestone n.y., and route 59 Between it. Alton and All j Ormsby. Roger Lathan America he is a member and members of the Bradford area schools will be mrs. Ruby Veroche Ernest Wagner mrs. Helen Miller Phillip Hayes miss Charm Aine Bickel or. Past officer of Many state and Hoffman Robert Miocich. Miss Federal conservation groups Betty Foster miss Mary Lou �?o4 author of the Book a the i Warner and mrs. Urban. Cafe wild outdoor writers association of the sixth graders will leave for Bordell on wednesday afternoon. After the Cook out there Teria win be handled by or. And mrs. R. W. Mccoy and mrs. Evelyn Glover with mrs. Lois boy As Camp nurse. I Wyoming Sand and Stone co. Of Falls was Low bidder Ai $183,733 for resurfacing 4.31 Miles of route 6 from East Smethport a Wardly. In Warren Duro Lite co. Of Bradford was the Low bidder at $336,143 for rebuilding .68 of a mile of legislative route 61047 a Sherwood re. Between pleasant and Mead a to eliminate hazardous conditions

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