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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives May 22 1965, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - May 22, 1965, Bradford, Pennsylvania Round Square Cloudy Cloudy and warm with scattered thundershowers today High 75-82 partly Cloudy and cooler tonight Low in 40 sunny and less humid sunday. She baseball today at 1 55 the new York Yankees play the Washington senators set your dial at 1490 and listen to Bradford radio web. Shrimp we thoroughly enjoyed a shrimp salad for lunch Friday and As we bit into its succulent goodness we thought we might do a column on the subject. As you probably know the lowly Little shrimp now reigns supreme As americans King of the seas. The tasty shellfish has passed Salmon and tuna in recent years to become the most valuable seafood in the United states. In Florida the so called Pink Gold brings in More Money than All other fish combined nearly 2,000 different shrimp swim the worlds Waters but about ten Are commercially important in the United states. These Range in size from a tiny species caught in Alaska to the foot Long giants of Southern Waters and in color from the Brown shrimp of Texas to the White shrimp of Louisiana. Vol. 88, no. 199 second class postage paid at Bradford a. Bradford pa., saturday Mohning May 22, 1965 published daily. Exceed sunday at 43 main St by Carrier 55c week by mail $21.50 year 10c a copy find dead in wreckage of plane shrimp farming a considering How important the shrimp is we know remarkably Little about it a writes or. Clarence p. Idyll professor of Marine science at the University of Miami. One species the Florida Pink shrimp Pena us duo arum is the subject of an extensive research program undertaken at Miami University with the support of the National geographic society. Or. Idyll who has studied shrimp for 15 years believes research will pave the Way for commercial farming a rearing shrimp from egg to adult a on an economical basis. At present the Supply of shrimp is uneven often it cannot meet the demand. Farming shrimp a Farmers Quot have cultured the shellfish in Indonesia India the Philippines and Japan for years. However the operation merely entails a pasturing Quot Young wild shrimp and fattening them in Captivity for Market. American attempts to raise shrimp from eggs have nearly always failed because of the exacting environment required by the growing Young. Or. Idyll and has associates achieved a major biological Triumph when after years of trial and error they were Able to nurture some 50 shrimp from eggs to the Post larval stage. If shrimp farming in the United states remains a dream it is already fact in Japan. In tank farms at Takamatsu or. Moto Saku Fujinaga develops Brown Kuruma shrimp Pena us Jap Nicus from eggs to Market size in six to ten months. In Winter when Kuruma shrimp Are rare the farm raised shrimps May sell for $4.40 per Pound. Haul student away during riot Mark Hungerford 20-year-old University of Denver student from Billings Mont is dragged to a waiting police car by two officers one with his club pressed against the youth s neck. Hungerford was one of la students arrested during a Battle with police that climaxed a demonstration by about 2,500 students. A wire photo problems galore a if the Price of farm raised Kuruma shrimp is High so Are the costs of their culture a observes or. Idyll. Despite years of hard work or. Fujinaga has yet to make a profit from his operation. Problems in nurse aiding millions of baby shrimp Are legion. A Mother shrimp will eat her . Soon to withdraw about 1,700 gis from dominican Washington apr the peace keeping chores to an in-1 an Advance party of 20 men Are United states announced Friday ter National Force authorized by scheduled to leave Brazil Satur night that it will soon withdraw the organization of american Day morning in route to Santo about 1,700 troops from the do states. Domingo. About too crack Bra minivan Republic. Friday night ambassador Zilian marines Are to follow by about 23,000 american maj Ellsworth Bunker told a special air monday and More than 800 Rines and paratroopers Are in Oas conference that the . Army men will go later either the strife torn Caribbean coun withdrawal will Start with the try the first of them having 1 arrival of a brazilian contingent been sent in april 28. Of 1,250 troops in the dominican this country has said Previ Republic. Ten brazilian cargo Ousby that it would yield the planes loaded with material and casualties removed Vader pact Santo Domingo truce in effect Santo Domingo dominican and machine guns a had Republic apr the civil Mili pressed their offensive right up tary Junta claimed Friday night to the 12 of clock deadline that All rebel resistance in Santo j Imbert has said his next tar Domingo a Northern suburbs get would be the rebel Down had been smashed. Red Cross town enclave which is sur teams hauled dead and wounded rounded by .-controlled a from the battered area under a was and the sea. 24-hour cease fire that halted i in new York the . Security air or ship the air ministry in Rio de Janeiro announced. Brazil is the first big latin american country to be represented in the Oas Force. Bunker did not give any figures on the size of the . Withdrawal in his statement to the Oas but said it would be equivalent to the number of Atin american soldiers in the dominican Republic. There Are now in Santo Domingo 250 soldiers from Honduras 158 from Nicaragua and 20 policemen from Costa Rica. Costa Rica has no army. At the opening of the Oas special conference called to appoint a chief of the inter american Force established to enforce peace in the dominican Republic the brazilian representative Jose Barreiro informed the Oas of his governments decision to Send 1,250 men. Barreiro said the brazilian senators act to choke off voting debate outcome Iii move to invoke cloture Rule slated tuesday Washington a Senate leaders moved Friday to choke off debate on president Johnson a negro voting rights Bill. A Survey of senators bolstered Republican Leader Everett m. Dirksen a forecast of Success in the showdown next tuesday. But a band of uncommitted or unannounced senators most of them republicans appeared to hold the balance in the cloture vote that will come one hour after the Senate begins its 24th Day of debate on the measure. Would limit debate if the two thirds vote needed to halt the debate is mustered it will be the second time the Senate has invoked its cloture Rule on a civil rights Bill. That first happened a year ago on a 71-29 vote. If All too senators vote it will take 67 of them to push across the cloture move. That would limit each senator to one More hour of talk on the measure the Senate began debating april 22. Among senators who have made their positions known in an associated press Survey or through their Public stands on the action 25 were against cloture. Fifty eight senators made known their support of the debate ending move in the poll or by signing the petition. Other senators were not available for comment undecided or unwilling to announce their positions. No Long hours now last year s cloture vote came on the 75th Day of debate after a Southern filibuster that kept the Senate meeting Early and working nights. This time there have been no Long hours and the Bill a Southern foes have not staged a real filibuster. Sen. Philip a. Hart d-mich., filed the cloture petition acting for democratic Leader Mike Mansfield of Montana. Thirty seven senators eight of them republicans signed it. Under Senate rules 16 signatures were required. While neither Hart nor Mansfield has ventured a forecast of the outcome Dirksen has declared he thinks the move will succeed. He said the Senate is weary of debating the measure. Sixty two amendments still scene of crash of twin engine Comanche aircraft of h. Tom Morris president of Bradford motor works is depicted by an x in the Center of the map. The site is in a swampy area of East Texas about 18 Miles Southeast of Jacksonville near the Angelina River As it flows Between the hamlets of Reklaw and Sacul. The location is roughly equidistant from Beaumont Texas Sart of the ill fated flight Dallas and Houston. The spot is about 140 air Miles nne of Houston about 120 Miles Southeast of Dallas and about 130 Miles new of Beaumont and about 300 Miles use of Tulsa okla., to which or. Morris had been flying with his daughter Lynne and her Friend Kathryn Madden 19, daughter of or. Geraldine f. Madden interstate . Era map by Charles w. Callahan rebel slain 33 arrested plot to overthrow i Viet regime foiled Saigon South Viet Nam Premier Phan Huv Quat de apr assassination of key dared Viet Cong elements As vietnamese civilian and Mili Well As chronic vietnamese Dis tary leaders was officially de-1 silents were involved scribed Friday As one aim of a a vietnamese spokesman said and Donald w. Mackie formerly plot crushed through a series of the Zero hour for launching of a Bradford resident through his j the conspiracy to topple the Atlas Bradford co., of Houston. Bradford ians died in crash in East Texas Morris Craft found in swampy Section after 5-Day search a five Day search for a missing plane a Comanche twin engine Craft piloted by h. Tom Morris 48, of 479 Minard run rd., and carrying his daughter. Miss Lynne c. Morris 17, and her Friend Kathryn Marian Madden 19, daughter of or. Geraldine Fritz Madden 768 interstate pkwy., came to an end at about 3 30 . Cost5 30 . Bradford time Friday. The plan with the three Bradford ians missing since sunday night during a severe rainstorm in East Texas was found by a . Army ll9. It had crashed in a swampy area approximately 18 Miles Southeast of Jacksonville Texas with All three persons dead. Or. Morris who was president of the Bradford motor works and a Pilot with a number of years of experience was said to have been Enro Ute from Beaumont Texas to Tulsa okla., where his daughter Lynne was a student at Holland Hall school. Miss Madden was to have visited with miss Morris at the school. Many air planes both of the . Army along with privately owned planes a number of them piloted by former Bradford residents were aided in the five Day search by three . Army helicopters. The first four Days of searching was hampered by heavy Rains. Thousands of foot searchers took part spurred on by the offer of a $2,500 Reward for the finding of the plane and $5,u00 should any of the three occupants be found alive. The Reward had been posted by the Bradford motor works Here and at the affiliated company in Tulsa Lynn Smith 15 Stone ave., Bradford overnight raids. Tunisia hints it might quit Arab league own uses if Thev Are not taken til i \ a a at 1, Luik me . Octuk j liar Retro said me brazilian of Ixia Iwu a menu merits Sun rimmed be v the it Quot Quot Al no Quot i 15 amp Council voted Down a soviet contingent will be made up of Are pending in the Senate. So to other tanks immediately after spawning. Water temperature and salinity of the Breeding tanks must be perfectly balanced for the eggs to Hatch. Compressed air must keep the water in proper motion to prevent the eggs from piling up on the Bottom. At first the tiny larva must have food put right in front of its nose or it will starve. Later if not fed enough the Little shrimp will turn cannibalistic and eat its Brothers and Sisters. The month old dominican civil Resolution that would have con War damned the . Intervention As j he United nations was re a violation of the . Charter ported trying to negotiate a 24-, another soviet Resolution hour Extension of Tho cease fire is Landing immediate withdrawal in Washington the United of All . Forces also was voted states announced it soon would Down. Sar i some a i . Chief Delegate Adlai e. I had gone on duty in the internal nearly 23, Jou marines and Para Stevenson introduced a resold tonal Security zone in Santo troopers now in the dominican Jjon asking a nation Council Domingo now guarded by . To cooperate with the Oas to marines and paratroopers. Army men and supported by Navy personnel and policemen. There also will be a Token air Force delegation. In an earlier announcement the Oas said that for the first time latin american soldiers far the Senate has voted on 13. Another amendment vote is due monday this time on a substitute Hill proposed by sen. John Tower. To Tex. Three persons die Iii two car mishap Republic. Bodies Are burned newsmen touring the four Square mile Battle zone said they saw bodies being burned in driveways and in the streets apparently As a measure against possible spreading of end the civil War. The Council had authorized . Secretary general u Thant to Send a personal representative to Santo Domingo. Thant told the Council that his representative Jose Mayobre is seeking a disease. A High official source claimed Extension to the Friday Satur casualties in the five Day North-1 Dav cease fire. He reported that Era sector mop up Campaign Mayobre told him More time two waged by the Junta had Cost a no was needed for evacuation of less than 400 dead and about the wounded. Only a few sporadic shots Antonio Imbert were heard after the cease fire rates them from the downtown Junta president went into effect. I rebel area. Pittsburgh a cars collided Headon on route 19 in the Pittsburgh suburb of 1,000 injured. Upper St. Clair twp. Thursday Brig. Gen. Killing three persons and critic Barrera the Cady injuring a fourth. Told newsmen Quot we Are in full dead at the scene were Wil control of the Northern Ham Hanly 21, and William the cleanup was completed he Mellon 26, both of Bethel Park said just before the Start of the Timothy Caldwell 17, of upper noon to noon cease fire. St. Clair twp. Died in St. Clair col. Francisco Caamano memorial Hospital. Deno the rebels president said in serious condition at the earlier that despite Junta gains Hospital was Richard rank rebel pockets were still holding Rand 18, of upper St. Clair out in the North of the City. Twp. Junta forces a using tanks soldiers from Honduras and Nicaragua have been stationed in the Security zone. . Officials said there is a Good probability now that the cease fire in Santo Domingo will Antonio take hold. This would in the 24 hour . View boost prospects for establishment of a Middle Road provisional government. They said that the Junta forces Are not going to be allowed to move through the .-policed Neutral zone which Sepa missing women located in jail t inside the Era a judge Mencer reserves ruling in game violation cases. Page 3 presbyterians cite heightened prospects for Broad protestant unification at Parley. Page 3 annual lutheran Spring Assembly to be held at port Allegany Church on sunday. Page 13 tire controversy flares again at Indianapolis Speedway for May 31 classic. Page 6 Cattaraugus county Board approves securing of office space in Olean building. Page 14 Bridge comics Lull crossword editorial 13 8 hospitals radio to 14 a Jio stocks women la 5 . Will increase forces in Viet Nam Washington afo a there for the immediate period ahead will be a steady increase in the a total of 75,000 american number of american troops troops in South Viet Nam is including combat forces sent to called a not Viet Nam authoritative sources i the question of a More direct said Friday. Combat role will a speak for it the additional troops May j self As time and circumstances amount to a 50 per cent increase i evolve a a Well placed source Ever the approximately 50,000 said. Quot we expect a More direct Pittsburgh a a Pittsburgh Mother and daughter reported missing in Pittsburgh by their husbands thursday night were found Friday in Allegheny county jail charged with burglary and larceny. The women mrs. Helen Siki Rica 59, and her daughter mrs. Dorothy Bondy 32, have been la at a released on $1,500 Bond each pending a hearing. After an All night search in Pittsburgh by the missing persons Bureau police checked major department stores and Learned two women answering their description had been arrested. The women allegedly took some $240 Worth of merchandise from a downtown store. Tunis apr bib Bourguiba of Mally rejected can ism sweeping the Middle East and warned Friday that his withdrawal from the Arab league might follow. Bourguiba thus seems to have Given up Arab ties in favor of increased cooperation with the West and particularly the United states amidst indications of increased american Aid. The Strong dominating personality of president carnal Abdel Nasser of the United Arab Republic was the main reason for Bourguiba a a position outlined in a major policy speech before officials of the ruling socialist Detour party. The speech followed an earlier feud with most Middle East countries Over Bourguiba a proposal to negotiate with Israel rather than fight the jewish government and the military i High command was la . Thursday. But Loyal forces got wind of it in the afternoon and launched Swift counteraction. One rebel officer capt. Huynh Tan Hung was shot dead and 33 suspects were arrested in the Roundup. The spokesman said Hung was killed trying to escape. Hunted As the Leader of this president a j third attempted uprising in the Tunisia for-1 last eight months was col. Anti-Ameri-1 Pham Ngoc thao a former continued on Page 14 time and again attacking Nasser during his 212-hour speech Bourguiba made it Clear he follows an Independent policy. About 30 million live in to Phoenix aril. Apr thirty million americans live in poverty a about 17 percent of the population the head of the social Security admin stration said Friday. Robert m. Ball said a study by his Agency produced this figure of those a who essentially must choose Between having enough to eat and some Basic necessity such As Ade quate housing. A your measure of poverty takes into account varying age and family composition and whether the family lives in the City or in Rural areas Ball said. The plane according to the Federal aviation Agency had been due to arrive in Tulsa at 8 40 . Sunday. It had last made radio Contact at Lufkin Texas at 6 53 . Minutes after that the Lufkin area was hit by wind and rain which lasted until 9 30 . It wee believed by officials of Tho Federal aviation Agency that the plane had crashed sunday night. Two reports Wert to Voivod by persons who stated that thay spotted the plane at about 7 30 . Sunday. It was said to have come in from the South made a turn Over the City with its Landing lights blinking. Authorities surmised that or. Morris evidently was asking for help. However the plane then was seen continued on Pago 14 a Man killed Iii mine mishap near Indiana Indiana a. A Frederick s. Rice 51, of Clymer r. D. 2, was killed Friday at the Trojan mine at Gipsy 20 Miles North of Indiana. He was found dead in a locomotive. Officials theorize a Timber struck him in the head As the locomotive passed by. He died of a Skull fracture and a broken neck. Action asked to deficit weather delays missile firing postage rate increase urged now in Viet Nam it was Learned. Officials said that if a decision is made for the american troops to take a More Active combat combat As a result of the increased manpower demands in Viet Nam the los Angeles times reported Friday the formation Washington apr an the seven member panel was titled they should be directly advisory panel called Friday named by postmaster general paid from Treasury funds Rath night for a postage rate in John a. Gronouski last january or than indirectly via pos Tai crease and elimination of pref to assist him in developing poli Prential rates to help overcome by on postal rates. The other recommendations rapid Vian mime via up i the operating deficit of the Post postal officials emphasized at of the panel included to. Ria. Ari office department now about a news conference that its rec a the Cost of Rural fact to i ult so vote$762 million a year. I commendations Are not binding. Atlantic forced a 24-hour Post Panei a so endorsed a the panels first recon Monement r nday of an attempt propel 0 merge first class mentation called for Discon to rocket a i project b ire space j an j airmail into a single class to nuance of the preferential Craft Over a fiery ballistic 0f maj moved by the rates which it said now account role the manpower will be in of a new Marine corps division position to carry out such or tiers. For the present it is planned that additional forces will be used to extend the defensive perimeters around areas from which . And vietnamese aircraft Are operating. No one has set an absolute figure on what the total requirement May be in the future. But through a Call up of reserves is being seriously considered by the defense department. A defense department course to measure the heat quickest Means whether by air which will Blister manned apol-10r surface. If this is done it returning from the said the present five cent rate on first class mail should be to ships Moon. The launching is set of the Atlas Booster was rescheduled for saturday during a favourable spokesman said a there Are no firing period Between 3 22 . Plans at this time to Call Marine corps the Pentagon refused to comment on the reported plan to move the 1st Marine division from California. And 7 08 . Work and san Lnla Hock Toad la. 89o or hit a. Open even. Airline tickets Emery travel service s South Ava. Emery Ball. Phone 168619# increased. In fact the panel said there is an urgent need for the rate increases a and the size of the deficit suggests that few if any categories of mail should be exempt from rate it said the postal service should its full costs from postal receipts. For nearly $300 million of the $500 million in tax supported Public service costs. The reduced rates apply to publications of nonprofit groups such As churches and labor unions and to books phonograph records and other educational materials. The panel report noted that Congress has the lower to extend subsidies on postage As a matter of National policy. It added that a if subsidies Are jus cities in full from postal revenues. Under present Law part of the Cost is considered Public service. A continue the Cost ascertain ment system apportioning costs of various mail categories on a fully allocated basis. Change second class rates giving greater emphasis to Basic piece handling charges for each copy. In classifying mail the panel proposed that the entire system be revised. The panel was headed by Robert ramspeck a former congressman from Georgia who headed a House committee that considered postal problems

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