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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jun 29 1953, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - June 29, 1953, Bradford, Pennsylvania Round warm partly crud it High 88 to 85 today. Tomorrow Nome Cloud new and Stilt warmer. Wonderful City that wonderful program. A wonderful Ity a moves today to a new and permanent time on Vav Esb a 10 35 a. In. Vol. 70. No. 203. Established 1877 Bradford pa., monday morning june 29, 1953. Full associated press service Price five cents propaganda dept have you Ever seen the propaganda material dropped Over in lines in Korea by red airmen Ray has some interesting material sent him by his son. Cpl. William k boy son. The in troops refer to the material As a Stripe a Bill says. Tile two items Ray has Are a printed piece designed to discourage men waiting for rotation and a Safe conduct pass issued Over the names of the commanders of the North korean army and of the chinese red troops. One of the so called Quot psychological Maneu vers used by the reds on the pass urging surrender to the communists. Is a photograph showing prisoners of the reds playing cards. Month of brides its undoubtedly coincidental that june is now known As a the month of brides but Back in the Early Days of Rome the women believed that june was named for Juno the goddess of women and Queen of heaven they were convinced that there could be no More favourable month for marrying than the month named Juno. Incidentally june used to have 29 Days. It was Caesar that added the 30th Day. For most of in. The world Seldom looks More promising than on a sunny Day in june. It s a great month with Blue skies warm Days Long hours of Sunshine and the real Hegi Mung of the vacation season. Have Joe planned yours top u. S. Officials Confer with Rhee Roll out red carpet for pow birthday tidings baritone Nelson Eddy is 52 today. Songwriter Frank Loesser observe his 43rd Milestone today. Composer Richard Rodgers was born 51 years ago yesterday. Or. William Mayo who with his brother or. Charles founded the Mayo clinic in Rochester. Min was born 92 years ago today. Helen Keller was 73 i ant saturday. The famous american author born deaf and South korean civilians apparently Are responding to rebellious president syn Man Rhee a request that they show their hospitality toward North korean prisoners of War released from prison Camps by Rhee s order. Here an obviously Happy group of escapees from Camp 9 enjoy a meal in Home of a Pusan housewife. I International i reds indicate workers riot May be halted Over 17 billion Oil companies in �?T52 grossed motor vehicle state sales tax May be studied May he included Iii new package aimed to break deadlock Harrisburg june 28 apr or. Edward b Logan budget Secretary to gov. John s. Fine rounded up Revenue estimates today on a tax package which May include a sales tax on motor vehicles the figures will be presented to the governor tomorrow when he meets again with Republican and democratic legislative leaders in a move to break a session Long tax deadlock beeline to elaborate Logan declined All comment on the specific taxes under discussion but it is known he conferred with Revenue Secretary Otto f Measler in whose department automobile and truck title transfers i Are handled. One dead and 25 missing no indication in collision of two ships Given thus far As to outcome Barnegat City n june Cue vessels wore still seeking the my with the freighter which was 28 up a an Oil Tanker and a freight 25 missing bound for new York from Rio or smashed together off the new Twenty two person from the Grande Brazil. She carried 53 per Jersey coast tonight and 25 per freighter were picked up by the son. Sons were reported missing in a Africa Endeavor a merchant ship the coast guard said survivors ters shrouded by a dense fog first at the scene the injured were would be landed at one of three the coast guard said one Man being taken to Barnegat coast Points Here Manasquan or new was known dead and two others guard station with ambulances York about 45 Miles to the North injured meeting them. First reports said the Tanker was the 28 were Oft the s s no casualties were reported aflame but the coast guard said Panama a brazilian freighter aboard the to 195-ton Tanker which the fire is understood to be out now which the coast guard said was stood by for Rescue operations the the collision occurred four Miles listing badly Quot in a sinking Condi Oast guard said the Gulf Oil cotillion a Pany vessel reported Only a stove the 5.408 ton freighter and the in Bow and a Brief fire shortly s s Guin rude collided eight Miles after the Accident. Three men the Captain chief in offshore at 7 . It est it the coast guard said. Five hours later Southeast of famed Barnegat Light hip about half Way Down new Jersey s Atlantic coastline. Coast guard Craft dispatched to the scene included two 83-foot a res Ginger and chief mate were stay tool bouts and two 36-foot vessels. 2,000 dead Hurt missing As japanese flood Raes chinese thrust ahead on East korean front Tokyo monday june 29 a flood Waters fed by six Days of torrential Rains raged Ever higher today on a the budget expert is expected to pants Southern Island of Kyushu. The dead missing and report that 2 billion dollars in Auto injured exceeded 2,000. National police at Fukuoka by the korean Eastern front today As Mobile buses and trucks were sold Seoul monday june 29 f chinese reds pushed Forward on Berlin. June 28 to a the run new York june 28 Etc Groff sians appeared satisfied today that income of the nation s Oil com Blind is considered the inspiration i East Germany a communist re pm me nested he 18 billion Dollar of handicapped people All Over the time has recovered from the june l952 he Chase nations world incidentally miss Keller is 17 workers revolt enough to gov a tank reported today in its annual a very Good personal Friend of the Era again without the open Back Quot Urvey of the Petroleum Industry. Rev. And mrs. C. O. Thunberg of ing of red army bayonets port Allegany. Next wednes j throughout the soviet zone. Com Day will be Erie Day in Bradford i must leaders staged a a loyalty re Quot it s1ftted that Day is also the birthday of rallies As russian commanders re hip �?~9-�?~s 8l�ss showed an m hell be i taxed the tight military controls crease of More than 4 per cent in Pennsylvania last year. The i sales represented More than 360,-000 new cars and trucks and about twice that figure in used vehicles. Would yield 60 millions if the motor vehicles sales tax is imposed at a i1 per cent the yield would be about 60 to 70 millions. Other parts of the tax package mar be increasing the 4 cents a pack cig Aret tax to 5 cents to raise 22 millions boosting the 14-m ill John Wesley s memory draws prayer song Phil. Adelphi a june Usu s largest City reported 376 heavy Rains abated and sought a dead 1,060 missing and 934 injured consolidated their gains in the i us Han River bulge area. Violent but slated to it Loii Tine report american officials Seoul monday june 29 a u. S. Presidential envoy Walter s. Robertson and top american military and diplomatic officers conferred with president syn Man Rhee for about an Houi and 40 minutes today. After the mid morning secret session there was no indication immediately whether they had succeeded in getting the aged korean Leader to modify his vigorous opposition to a korean armistice. Officials named Robertson was joined in today s conference by Gen. Mark w. Clark u. N. Commander. U. S. Ambassador to Korea Ellis o. Briggs and ambassador Robert Murphy Clark s political adviser and former ambassador to Japan. With Rhee were South Korea s prime minister foreign minister and defense minister. Next meeting Date unknown 28 c Grosc receipts tax on Public util More than 35.000 persons raised Hies to 20 Mills to bring in to Mil their voices in prayer and hymn i plat Franklin Field today a the Rescue workers found Mother Tor Charles Laughton 54. Ute quip Here a one sen us by a Roulette Reader a the value of a Dollar does no to Bange much it does a much for folks As they will do for have to heard the Derrick City Sage has come along with these a Tho who live with too much tension Seldom will enjoy their pension a a a some women we Ouid add years to their life if they told the truth about their Ages a a the trouble with dieting seems o be that some of us Are Sanford Zed a about the Best Way of climbing High a in life is to remain on the Ponhill receives More i Hail 30.00 1 Vatican City. June 28 it financial position of the Industry at year end was the Llo Quot v a a a put of Gas companies from the Gross receipts methodist Church celebrated the crying Over babies lost in flood Levy to net an additional 7 millions 250th birth anniversary of John Waters. Their cries mingled with and imposing a tax on cigars and Wesley founder of the sect. A Quot and total other tobacco products for a yield the words of the English scholar More than 700,000 homeless ref Quot Quot Quot a a 1 Quot i american officials announced gees squatted on Muddy hilltops local a thin raged in the is. J after meeting that the talks and watched the flood Crest Rise two series of intense Hill Battles j a Are St continuing but that no toward them. More rain was fore were reported. One was due North tune or Date was scheduled for cast. Already 20 inches have fallen re Seoul and Northwest of Ponchon j Jap next session. On the Western front where South j Robertson Clark and the other korean infantrymen regained out 0p officials conferred later at u. Post Queen the other was West of the Yukhan in the East where Rok troops stormed Back up 1,500-foot Lookout Mountain. Both positions were seized by the chinese last night in bloody attacks ret Ary of regimental size 3 too to 3,500 Dulles men on a narrow frontage. The flooded Northern half of Kyushu an area about the size of new Jersey a was a huge Lake with Hills and mountains jutting out like islets on these islets the hundreds of thousands wailed and of to millions were the keynote As the Church that smashed the rebellion. Over the previous year reports reached West Berlin that assets of the Industry at the close Irwin unite nip moving hark to of 1952 were 40 billion dollars a their Barracks. In East Berlin total of 3 by on Scio Mill on dollars to Quot mom or what or a it a those of men who had lost Entile families. Many of the dead were pulled out against the South korean Tor the 3 eighth army headquarter. For Robertson it was the fourth session in As Many Days since his arrival from Washington with an urgent secret message from Secor state John Foster it was the first meeting attended by Murphy. Clark was present at one Prev the fighting appeared to be More f the vengeful communist drive iou conference Between Robertson continued on Page 141 the Revenue estimate from the embarked on a Campaign to in parts of the two armoured divisions spent by the Industry in 1952 that raced in when the workers re for replacement and expansion belled have been withdrawn in the based on a study of 30 leading downtown areas Peoples police companies the Chase i port said have taken Over routine patrolling demand for Petroleum products in in ome cities the curfew has that u 3 Rose 3 4 per cent last been lifted in Berlin the russians have gradually Cut it Down until it now extends Only from la of clock at night until three in the morning. Announcement of the lifting of martial Law is expected from the russian High command perhaps Early in the week. Prime minister Otto Grotewohl and an army year to 7,700,000 barrels per Day. Percentage Wise however the rate of increase was below the 9 4 per cent Rise of the previous year and the la i per cent upswing in 1950. One of the most significant developments in the world Oil picture last year was the expansion of and 120 millions. Fine has called for 118 millions in new taxes to balance the state s $1,400,000,000 budget in the current biennium. The conference with the governor tomorrow May result in presentation of a tax package to the House Republican caucus. If the gop shows enough interest it will then go before the 98 House democrats rep h g Andrews democratic floor Leader said last week at continued on rage 14 lapsed police official said several Vii dropping Lages a with All Homes and people disappeared. The newspaper a Ahi estimated Yukhan i he Ladelphia Homes have been destroyed or completely washed away and of his lieutenants Are Frude Oil production and the con using the loyalty rallies to spell auction of new refineries in West i persons perish out their promises of better living f a Europe the Survey said these sweep Rural Home Pope Pius Xii received ii n general audience More the in 30,000 romans t our is. S and Pilg rims who thronged he i eat Basil Ca of St. Penn s. B rightly lighted and Deco rated Tor t he Fea St Day of St. Peter. Over the e Bas Licaus Central Gate was Hung Symbol real barrel shaped re sue r let Etnah Matic of the poor fishes Man who became Prince of the a Tost Lex and the first Pope of the roman Catholic Church for the fed up workers the soviet sector government announced 36 plants a Tai shops have been returned to their former private owners in the past 48 hours. Hundreds of dispossessed Farmers in the zone Are Back on their property the Reg me added. Seven Hundred men jailed in Halle for infractions of the red economic Laws now virtually abolished have been pardoned. New facilities More than offset the lost production resulting from the shutdown of Oil operation in Iran. It added red inspired Bill l o bar a Lotron rejected by people Erie. A june 28 or a Flash Church in this country a the world is my Parish Quot cried Wesley who criss crossed England on horseback recruiting members for the Faith High Point of today s ceremonies was the admission into the Church of 1,000 new members. Bishop Fred p Corson resident head of the Church in the area officiated tile rally at Franklin Field Cli 149.667 other Homes have been in maxed the three Day world wide undated convocation on evangelism called by the Church to celebrate the birth of Wesley. Some 200 methodist leaders from every state in the Union and several from foreign countries were Here for the three Day Celebration. The a Wesleyan heritage was televised nationally by the National broadcasting company today of houses crushed by landslides Many of the missing were swept by swollen Rivers which j other a11�?od units reported Only Rok governments stubborn opposition to a truce. American and away by swollen Rivers broke dikes at 1.448 places. At Kumamoto Central Kyushu routine patrol actions. Eleven u s super forts from 36 elderly men and women were Japan and Okinawa tagged Back burled alive when an Asylum col and Forth Over the Yukhan bulge area for five hours Early today to tons of 500-Poi my menial fatigue hits Churchill relative states bombs on the chinese in the big bulge area East of the fire believed started by a can of pageant was staged in the lift Tost Iii Firu i Rome s outskirts Rome through f Racks on Day. One temporal lies were june 28 fat shelters of destroyed. Fire even fan French chief forms right Wing Cabinet Paris new pre formed a j Cabinet Rod ter if Ted 1ccu1 luring the vat Goveri the 63-vt user and in 28 ,4 a France i e a Joseph Laniel dominantly right Wing and ordered the nun up quickly into the Lal business that has a and gathered dust country s record Postern crisis of 37 Days a old textile Man fac Ernberg of the Small party put his together Early la after 18 gruelling my to satisfy some auge the fears of oth Geneva Switzerland june 28 a Pic a communist inspired Bill to prevent construction of the worlds most powerful Cyclotron in wept Geneva a decisively rejected in were homeless persons bar a c cantonal plebiscite Here today e outskirts of Rome to Geneva Canton voted Man perished and the commune spite of support from influential non communist circles who feared the internationally sponsored Cyclotron would attract enemy bombardment in Case of War re Village of Meyrlin where the 23 million Dollar installation is to be built turned Down the communist Bill 201 to 50 the Way is now Clear for plan kept on nine of tire men wig Ning of the Cyclotron at a meeting lad served in the last government of the to sponsoring nation which if Premier Henri Mayer which fell opens in Paris tomorrow the lab Tav 21�?five of them in the jobs oratory a originally suggested exploding kerosene killed four persons and injured five other today at a a sen Home near Albion a 25 Miles South of Here Georgia mover 19 and her sister Judy to died instantly. Bonnie mover 2 and Marian Chase nine months died shortly after being admitted to a Conneaut Ohio to. Pital. Also admitted to the Hospital Chapel Church of the first if Germantown methodist i Dorothy met Mother of three of the v 40, h or urns a Mon voted Down the daughter. Mildred. 12. A son. Bill by ii 232 to i 332 in j Cheries to and Harry Chase 12 Albion fire chief John Fei Guidon said the Blaze enveloped the Kitchen of a three room Concrete Block House he said the children were visiting their grandparent. Or and or Jeff Kinney or Kinney suffered slight Burn Ferguson said the fire began shortly before the noon hour adding a they were apparently Marting to get dinner and someone i can to determine who attempted to pour kerosene on a Coal stove it Ivea silent Anil a if \ i in Voty Thurp farm Gettysburg a june 28 y president and or Eisenhower paid a Surprise visit to their 189-acre Arm near Here yesterday it was so much of a Surprise that they came and went without anyone knowing about it they spent two hour Wiki caretaker Ivan Feaster and a Hen the turned by motor to the presi dental summer residence near Thurmont my disclosure of the visit a made to newsmen there few a ter him Elf would t Ltd a thing Henry behalf get Man who is a Friend Dent since a fee i Aid the v sit Tine a shul g american troop worked Side by Side with japanese Rescue work Era. Over us search for California girl missing fight Days r r j Norwalk Calif june 28 f More than 1,2<x men the largest search party Ever assembled by the is Angeles county sheriffs office today combed foot by foot the area where an 8-year-old girl vanished eight Days ago. There has been no Trine of Blu eyed blonde Stella Darlene Nolan since she disappeared while playing near her Mother s refreshment stand at auction City a shopping Center near Here sheriff s capt. Fie says a we re certain been kidnapped but nothing to go on a since the girl tar ago saturday night Hep traced More than 300 and written tip not on de a clue to Darlene it Wes Perham England. June 2 <4 prime minister Churchill i River where the red from general fatigue have smashed Forward five Miles which is probably More mental in two weeks the Rok dug a new than physio i a his son in Law line during a two Day Battle Lull Christopher Soames said today granted by torrential rain Soames who called on Church today a Clearing skies however i at his Chartwell country Home promised massive support from Here this morning told newsmen Allied War plane but also threat a sir Winston condition is not such ened a renewal of the big red that it is Likely either to deteriorate push Down the Yukhan toward the or improve from Day to important harhon Reservoir Only a the is simply suffering from 12 Miles away. General fatigue which is probably in the West about 3.500 chinese More menial than attackers seized outpost Queen Soames a conservative member last night and were immediately of parliament and husband of counterattacked do crack Rok Church 1 Rosenberg Darlene has e have had she yes exploded and spread lire Over the held before and principal by the United nations educational per Jap Kitchen a Imong them George Bidault a foreign minister. Six of the Cabinet men to ire for Mer premiers six other. Never have held a Cabinet Post. Four of a he new government Are Follower scientific and cultural organization Alai was approved by the governments of France Italy Switzerland Germany and the Benelux and scandinavian countries the quickly the Dan Blaze was e and Ferguson Ige at to too a my mailed est Imam Edlo Tel f the Prest last year mine a a Complete far a soil surprised to Gettysburg i did t know about it and done to think anyone else did a he said. We wish we had we would have Given him a Royal Welcome a nod eld infantry who drove Forward under a massed artillery concentration the red we Ere forced Back off Queen at Dawn. The Allied artillery was paced by huge Bunker busting 240 millimetre t9 5 Inch heavy guns. A correspondent Milo Farneti said the Eastern front fighting raged without let up All night after the chinese seized towering Lookout which rises More than 1.500 feet the reds grabbed the Crest late last night but w Ere soon smashed Back by counter attacking South korean third division infantry the Western fighting West of Ponchon above the Itjin River left the red holding five of High outposts they attacked three Days ago i Bora Hurc the lighter Mary did not to 78, was ordered it yesterday to under Lete rest and a into is for at least % ii report was signed Ell brain world Rev e specialist. And Sonai physician 78 Eai of id l their met adv in Frei Chi a talks pm i apr big Churchill posture Bermuda or july 8, aft resident Eisen remier Joseph is due to sail y to attend the then Long Westing a possible four Confer Miner Mav not Keh Irti it independen n government lured by p avg the it ame that of my the n in news courage of vines with tonal As of Gen. Withdrew part in go be r no one changes lamely a Premier Premie Reynaud tries de Gaulle who right Wing party from Ili tics and lifted his ban gaullist deputies taking anything but a a if the most important in a he government was appointment of former Paul Reynaud As Deputy with no Well defined tasks. H dose Persona w Premier and is exp eld considerable a flue i minestra j Ion inside i lie fro congregation to hold Kelt option for minister Page 2 Kendall refining it o stages f Amily picnic Page 3 two unhurt a Arra a fires gasoline pump Page 5 Valles Hunt flub horse meow notes Success Page la Friend Bridge. 13 hospitals. It comics. 9 radio. 9 crossword 13 society. 4 editorial 8 snores 10-11 30 Nativi killed in Flat of a Sikur Betha Mozambique june a the danish Tanker get i blew up in the Harbor Heie while unloading gasoline Kiln native and injuring 50 other sons. Including be Era i of Quot gasoline on a he water c and spread to the Fen four other ship. Id it r Perdus. It fire fur prompt in but an phone the a it grime i i Ket i Mer re hotel l re Hervus enc. 8712 i Raie sen phone 6166 woman s weakness woman s Oil a Gallup to Man s main a husband i but if you husband Yoi hurdle ii a renting the Merit thrum w Ca Xii is is mom revealed that a or concern his Abl xxv no make Nan t marry a nth can help the old boy income worries by pare Roan or a part Bradford Era want Ihrke room apart mint private Bath anti Entrance. Completely f it n i tied c ail i in Lulu i fled 3173 Pittsburgh j urn 28 v a a top District officer of the United mine worker expressed Lear tonight that some of the nation s 400.000 ump members now on a 10-Day vacation May not return to work when the vacation end july Fly tire Coal my us try is in a bad Way a sad John Busarello president of ump District 5, a some of the Coal operators were really stretching a Point to keep the men working until the vacation it period started last Friday Midnight. I know that Many Small mines will not reopen immediately after the vacations end and i fear that some Large mines will remain closed for awhile too gushers of red Ink delay even budget to Washington june 28 i Taft in Ohio said today a eminent will wind up its year tuesday night woth a Herious deficit a having about nine billion Dollar More than it has taken in. I what is even worse from his f standpoint. Taft said in an inter t View is the Prospect ing in the following 12 liable to bring an add billion dollars in red at the Treasury the Senate a major thus ruled out the to the Eisenhower admin my Ona no try set spend nth is i seven entries qty Leader Nihi Lity that May ration can drop ares Iii tile final six months of a Arendar year when Republican control of both houses of Congress will be at stake at the Polis. Taft said the estimated nine billion Dollar deficit for the current. Year ending june 30 can be d directly to a Sharp slump avenues former president in estimated last january the it would reach Only $5,900,-Jo but he forecast revenues he ear of $68,677,000,000. A silent Eisenhower said on 20 that tax collections would i1 billions or More below he Truman Ira tru. Deft too for p 75 a luncheon hotel Emery Coffee Quot be shop balance the budget by Rnid-1954 i the Truman of Gurt he left open the question of actually Taft said the revenus whether it can attain even a month will be about three billion below in balance of income and expend the Truman estimate

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