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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - June 23, 1950, Bradford, Pennsylvania Warmer re it la Cloud and warmer with some Chance of wide scattered showers Toda. T Morr shovers and cooler. Vol. 73. No. 199. Die 1877 tora late developments Sii the latest nein to he made before today to Over will he reported at la . On Quot tomorrow headlines Quot on Wesh. Bradford Friday morning june 23, 1950. Fuu associated press service Price five cents service Given in keep ing with the Good work being done by the various service clubs of Bradford kiwanis and rotary Are now helping make the summertime More enjoyable for the Young people the Kiwan ians have made All the equipment a scalable for the sixth i Ward playground which opened yesterday with quite some fanfare and Bradford rotarians Are sex j peeled to sponsor several boys from 1 the children s Home for a real Outing at the v s Camp complainer again this summer. Speaking of summer recreation the playgrounds Are attracting crowds of youngsters Dally and just a bit warmer weather is All that is needed to keep the recreation Park Pool filled with swimmers. City assured a National guard air Arm by Chi Ori mention the july a Mie of the Quot rotarians carries a report by outgoing International president Percy Llod son on his re edit presentation in person to the Bradford. Eng. Rotary Filiti of a Large american Flag and Standard provided by the Bradford. A. Rotarians. Bradford . Is or. Hodgson a Birthplace. Or is now an american industrialist. Medicine Bec Kons Vernon Ordiway of Minard run a recent Honor graduate of Bradford senior High will be a freshman premedical student at Princeton in september. As a Reault of his High ratings in his College Board examinations Vernon has won a scholarship. During his High school years Vernon was Active in debating Public speaking and in track. In his senior year he was president of the Kiwata sponsored key club Here and lieutenant governor of District in. Pennsylvania key clubs. Vernon also established a reputation As a prize Winner in various essay contests among them an american legion Competition on the subject. More for less in 1914. The average factory worker had to work 42 minute to make enough Money to buy a gallon of gasoline. Now he has to work Only 12 minutes. And 3 of those go to the tax. Exclusive of tax gasoline today costs the average worker Only one fifth As much As it did in 1914. More Oil i acts ? the Oil producing Industry in your state a a i at draft measure wins renewal in Senate vote up pop Solon frown on segregation of Cert Moline now get Hill Washington a the Senate gave overwhelming approval thursday to a three year renewal of the peacetime draft act with limited authority for the president to order inductions in Case of emergency. Follows Stop Gap action it took this step by a voice vote shortly after both House and Senate had passed a Stopgap 15-Day Extension of the present conscription jaw which is due to expire at Midnight i today. The emergency renewal was rushed through because administration leaders feared that the existing act might lapse and the selective serv ice machinery lose its Legal basis i before the two houses could agree or. Long Range Extension. But later in a final burst of Speed the Senate brushed aside proposals j to attach a segregation amendment j to the measure and then shouted its j approval of the three year Exten a Sion requested by the administration. House voted 2 years this legislation now goes Back to i the House which previously had i voted a two year renewal with the stipulation that none of the draftees i could be inducted unless Congress Gate specific authorization. Under the Senate measure the i president could Issue the draft Calls j Only when Congress is not in ses j Sion and after finding that a a National necessity when the lawmakers Are on duty they would have the Power to decide whether such a step was essential to National Security. Proposal beat Down just before final passage the Senate beat Down 45 to 27 a proposal by senator Russell a a it to slap on amendment which would have top sift to officials Al i i Hon Pui Ion Estonia y to a it Ira a lilies or .1 1 �?T"1 r # Day Irish tied in Pennsylvania a Are reshuffled 1bradford Era photo i the president elect of the Sac Eva a. Lewis Conn Lawrence county Center greets major general Frank a. Weber Pennsylvania a adjutant general while Clyde Rankin Bonus Bureau chief looks on. Tile state officials addressed a banquet ending the second Day of the Sac Eva convention. Don t forget the Veteran conventioneers Are unreal Dean Acheson envisions new peace Early Cummin figures show marked \ aria nor Iii population ratio Quot Harrisburg a Fenn Isy Vanias list of its to largest cities is reshuffled considerably on the basis of prelim 111 an Piso census return. Lead in state although Philadelphia a it and Potts i bugles tabulations Are still not in there was Little doubt that they would remain the state first and i second heaviest populated cities. Respectively. Erie. However has shouldered aside Scranton for accreditation As i the third biggest municipality pop a Illarion Wise tile Lake City picked up 13.000 residents for a 1950 total of 130.125 compared to Scranton s 125,080, the result of a loss of 15.000 from 1940 census figures. Reading and Allentown retained their positions As fifth and sixth although Hie Gap Between the two iwas sharply narrowed. Reading lost nearly 2.000 from its 1940 census of 110,568 to end up with 108,824. Meanwhile Allentown acquired a whopping 9.000 to make its 1950 population 105.781 compared to 96.904 tin 1940 i capital May Rise official returns for Harrisburg Wilkes Barre a. P the ancient order of hibernian thursday elected John a. Rile of sugar notch state treasurer to succeed ii Illiam Mclain Allegheny Oun in. Aho had been treasurer for the past four years. Other officers Dei led. All without opposition acre Martin Lorn by Pittsburgh president John j. O Reill. Philadelphia tic presi Dent. And Frank j. Kane. Pittsburgh. Secretary. Tile hibernian wound up their 65th biennial slate convention Here yesterday. The group selected Pittsburgh As the site of the 1951 Contention. General Weber reports plans in interview l ulu reporter of need for i nit Here Praise brai Foril Mckean port a Bradford Mckean Airport will get a National guard air unit in the very near future a prank a. Weber adjutant general of Pennsylvania told an i Eva reporter soon after he arrived Harrisburg at 6 recent publication of the Independent Petroleum association of America lists 83,700 producing Oil allowed a draftee or enlisted to request service with a persons of hts own race provided a majority of Duff welcomes Senate probe of Campaign Harrisburg Ltd gov. James la. Duff quickly took up thursday tile Challenge of a proposed Senate probe a of Republican primary Campaign i expenses in Pennsylvania. Quot my attitude is the sooner the i better a he said. His comment was in response to a disclosure by senator Gillette Dia it that Senate investigators will come into this state to Check what he termed Quot alleged huge expenditures in the May 16 primary Campaign. More than $1,500,000 was spent Between two warring gop factions according to the reports filed with the Pennsylvania state elections Bureau. Of that figure the Wing backing Duff for senator and former judge John s. Fine reported More Morristown Tenn. To stake Vio than 5830,000 in expenses violence exploded into gunfire at the governor however cited his Quot a Good Driver will expect a child the american Enka corporation 0wm report showing he spent Only i us in thursday. Four men were wounded $566 of his own Money and said. One critically. Quot let my political enemies make the squads of state Highway patrol Best of men moved in swiftly and started Duff said further that Gillette s Are not in yet but unofficial Esti i of no fixed Mal. Gen. Frank a. Weber adjutant general of Penn mates Are Likely to move the capital j present Sylvania and Clyde Rankin chief of the state Bonus by Cambridge mass Secretary 10 ave Ems place inked of Reau last night urged All citizens to support veterans of state Dean Acheson said thurs it 194, figure of 83,893 in not affairs. Tile two late officials were guest speakers at last a it a Lopes of reaching an under exacted to be reduced to the extent nights banquet part of the annual convention of the Penns Luvania Wells in Pennsylvania As of the first them in 36 states expressed such a of this year. Preference after six months opera ble figures list 1,920 Wells drilled j Tion of the Law. In 1949. Of these 956 were Oil Wells 1 a somewhat similar segregation 215, Gas Wells 52, dry holes and 697 idea of russells was rejected wed were service Wells. Mesday by a vote of 42 to 29. The deepest Pennsylvania Well the final wording of the draft extender now will have to be worked out by a Senate House conference committee. Sta e association of county directors of veterans affairs held in hotel Emery. A tile veterans Are too often forgotten a or. Weber said. A tiie Public was proud of the Serviceman during the War and he should be just As proud of the he urged county directors and i officials to realize the importance i of the sex g. I. Quot county courthouses j should be opened to the veterans a said. A the most important i standing with Russia rested on soviet leaders first adopting a a live and let Lle philosophy. Until then he said solemnly a no approach from the free world however imaginative and no Trojan Dove from the communist movement. Will resolve our Mutual problems yet the Secretary of state held that would place it behind Altoona which claims 76,884 residents in 1950. Altoona although suffering a population drop from 1940, pushed up to eighth compared to its rank of ninth to years ago. But Wilkes Barre listed As the seventh largest Cit in 1940 with 86,236. Fell off two places to ninth the United states is ready to sit \ 8s a a result of population drop that around the a International conference exceeded 10000 persons. Its 1950 tables any time. J figure is 76.u22. Acheson told the Harvard alumni Johnstown drops association that despite the obstacle Johnstown was erased completely in Bradford from of clock last night. Impressed by Field Quot Bradford Mckean is a Wen Fine Airport Quot or. Weber went we hair Felt for n Long time that we should have an air unit Here. It compares favourably with any Airport in the or. Weber added. Quot coming in we flew Over the Airport and i was very impressed by it. Its runways Are excellent. Tile people of this area should be proud of or. Weber who is also in charge of the Pennsylvania National guard came to Bradford to address last nights banquet As part of the annual convention of the Pennsylvania state association of county directors of veterans affairs. Rankin arrives i accompanying or. Weber was i Clyde Rankin former resident of Bradford and present Deputy adjutant general of Pennsylvania Andi head of the Bonus Bureau. Or. Ran a group May be 30 bombers Ken als a a featured Sprakr at last night s dinner meeting. Fhe National guard Aerial units Are now in operation in the state. They Are located in Pittsburgh Johnstown state College Reading and Harrisburg. Tile air unit to be designated later by the a s. Air Force will considerably increase the present activities at the Airport. It Marks another step toward air expansion and recognition for the Mckean county area. Grows through year in july 1949, All american airways inaugurated passenger mail and express service at the Brad Truman fears Tim Loup basis for ail Force Washington p president Truman again opposed the Long sought "70-group air Force Quot thursday. He said the country cant for it. This was a setback to 70-group advocates who were pleased wednesday when a Senate House conference committee agreed on that figure As an air Force ceiling. The Truman program Calls for about 48 first line groups. The a a group is a variable unit. Made up number of planes. At Ford Mckean Airport earlier unit Job posed by the Quot inordinate ambition Quot i Nom the to largest cities list. Its Stroups were Antii Rizea tin ques of d if llnei4 had established East 66,668 population in 1940 had rank Tion was Hov Many the Budge service in placing Bradford on drilled to Jan. I 1950 was 10,312 feet while the average depth of v Eils drilled last year was 1.605 feet. Today a quote aunt Jenny used to say a a Pessimist is one who feels bad when he feels Good for fear hell fear worse when he feels expect the worst Norman e. Begin of Custer City submits a bit of Good driving information which he picked up from the National safety Council. He o. Rite county commissioners to the of soviet leaders that War was not inevitable. Gen. Weber explained the Penn i shaking from the same platform Sylvania department of military of where Gen. George c. Marshall or it May be about 75 fighter. Tile conference committee agreement must be accepted by both houses and signed by the president before it becomes Law Fth in then if is a Mere authorization and does not increase the number of plane until Money is appropriated furthermore the conference committee did not flatly Call for 70 groups but it did put tile air Force at Quot not to exceed 70�?� and this was considered a Victory for those who have dreamed for years of such a mighty striking Power. Or. Truman got into the subject at a new. Conference. He said it made no difference How Many were authorized Enka strike erupts in gunfire four men Are wounded fairs and told of its Progress. Quot during the present administration a he j said Quot the department employs 3,800 i persons and receives an appropriation of 16.000.000 from the Federal j he compared these figures with to be after every bouncing Ball. He will expect every bicycle to swerve and Sway into the path of his car. He will expect to be crowded by a. ,. Car at the top of every Hill and i wholesale arrests. By Early investigation should be kept free of around every curve. A Good Driver will always expect the vehicle ahead to come to a sudden Stop with neither a reason nor a envoys eve lifer on foal. Steel Pool identified ass a striker later was nicked in the Arm by a Bullet near the City limits of Miles from the Paris i a delegates from five Western european nations thursday explored France s proposal for a european parliament to supervise j Morristown seven a production Pool of their Coal and Plant. Steel industries. J a a Europe a largest Coal producer Britain has opposed giving an International authority such Power Over her major industries. She is staying out of the talks at least for the time being. Tile projected Supra National authority is the Core of the Coal steel merger plan advanced by French foreign minister Robert Schuman. Afternoon they had taken into Cus a both Republican factionalism and Tody and fingerprinted 65 men All j democratic identified by the patrolmen As i a this is a vastly important elec strikers. Tion possibly one of the most in three non striking w orders were j portent in the history of our coun Tut Down yesterday morning when try a said the big red thatched 67-i they attempted to enter the Rayon year old executive. I producing Plant scene of sporadic Gillette did not mention Duff by j disorders since the Cio textile name in announcing that he re i workers Union local 1054 struck 13 j Ceil de complaints of big Campaign i weeks ago for higher wages and expenditures not Only in Pennsyl other benefits. J Vania but in North Carolina Florida a fourth Man identified As a and Illinois. Launched the a Marshall plan to rebuild Europe s Economy just three j years ago Acheson said the United j states and its allies were a on the j threshold of a new period in j their quest for peace. Giving an optimistic report in 181 employees under gov. Edward the european recovery Martin s administration and a fed -1 live Secretary of state said. An Oral appropriation of $20,000. A More i unprecedented rate of economic be veterans�?3.500�?Are employed in the j cd very has now brought the pro department of military affairs than ductility of Western Europe for or in All other Pennsylvania depart most part above pre War level. he added. More Titan 10,000 crowded in the famed Harvard Yard for the univer Psi Tyr a 299th commencement cheered i As the Secretary of state asserted a we Are building our strength in order that we May eliminate the j conditions which would give Rise to a a i War and we Are on the threshold or Rankin former resident of r w the successful Bradford reported that As of wednesday night 762.809 state veterans Bonus checks had been processed. Cd it 10th. But a decline of nearly 4000 residents lowered its figure to 62.723 in 1950. Bethlehem moved into the 10th spot vacated by Johnstown with 65.968 residents for 19.50, an increase of 7.500 Oier the 58,490 listed for 1940. Chester and Lancaster also pushed ahead of Johnstown with would allow. He was asked whether the country lean for such a Force and stay within its budget. He replied that i the country can to for 70 groups. Congress last year in appropriating $15,586,000,000 for the armed services included $615,000,000 to build the air Force to 58 groups. Or. Truman who had recommended Sharp population rises that sent 4g signed the Bill but impounded 1950 figures to 65,782 and 63,601, the $615,000,000 saying that this respectively. Pennsylvania a military department. He w ent on is considered the Best in the United states by Gen. Omar Bradley chief of Stalf Lawton Collins and Many other Federal officials. Of a new period in Forward movement of this Effort. Industrial school probe is sought alter resignation Harrisburg up a democratic demand for a grand jury investigation of the nearby White Hill in Quot could Nave a serious of a feet on our ability to maintain balanced military forces in subsequent the worlds airways. Built during the War As a Reserve Field. Bradford Mckean was constructed at a Cost of a million and a half Dollar. The Federal government paid one million of this a mount. Union will receive new offer to end City a milk a the Job is 76 percent completed a he said. Without elaborating he went on j dust rial school was made thursday to Sav Quot we face this new period j in the w Ake of the resignation of with Confidence but we must be very Clear in our minds about our or. Rankin added that the Bonus j purposes in times that lie air Force private held in slaying a a it ii ing ton of an 18-year-old air Force private held without Bond thursday for grand jury action after police said he admitted slaying Gordon c. Brown jr., 24, he is chairman sub committee on drive started Here for donors of blood about 150 workers in the Forth them for irregularities which he said would be practically cleared up by the end of july. He said that the Bonus Bureau i has discovered Many irregularities of the Senate in military discharges which were priv Liege and overlooked in separation centers. Elections. It Lias the duty of policing a vice of the or. Rankin this year s election of 36 senators j commented Quot consider this a Side service along with the main objective of paying the a your difficulties with Navy he added a have prompted the Federal government to consider issuing an identical discharge for a1 branches of the armed he Bureau has received about 355.000 declaring the nations of the North a treasurer and democratic nominee irregular claims claims with minor Atlantic were building up a common i defense system for the Quot primary purpose of preventing aggression Acheson said frankly measures of the schools superintendent. The demand Carne from Richard a part time cab Driver in a robbery son Dilworth Philadelphia City j attempt May 24. The Soldier pvt. Gilbert w. For governor. Reynolds of Sayre pa., told . It followed by a few hours the j commissioner Cyril Lawrence that resignation of the Rev. Eugene s. Jie did not wish to testify at a pre Keller As head of the institution for Coalescence delinquent boys. Keller quit his and of strength evidence the determination of tire free world that $8,400 a year Job wednesday night in the midst of a probe of the Pittsburgh up the greater Pittsburgh milk dealers association came up with a Newt proposal last i night to end the two week old i strike of 3.250 Al members which has shut off All but emergency milk deliveries to 2,300,000 residents of Pittsburgh and seven surrounding counties. Tile proposal will be submitted to a Union membership meeting tonight <7 30 est. Details of the latest offer were not revealed. Jack Davis spokesman for the association said a tentative agreement had been reached to end the walkout. However. Harry a. Tens president of Al local 205, milk cd ice Cream salesmen and Dairy pm the soviet Union shall not by co schools affairs by the state welfare Wercion or subversion destroy the department Independence of free labor a Kud to oppose Brienli group stand a i can no longer carry these responsibilities nor suffer the erotic ism entailed in the superintendency a Keller said in announcing his resignation. Dilworth in a statement thursday declared that a the obviously luminary hearing. He told Lawrence police witnesses at the hearing quoted him correctly. Tile officers detective sergeant John l. Sullivan and capt. Murray ploys declared h. Chasin of the air Force test Quot there is no tentative agreement. Fled that Reynolds confessed to the situation simply is that we them that he killed brawn in an have received a new offer. It is attempted robbery. J better than other offers. Inside the Era in conclusion volunteering to help in Erans that All claims for Bonus coming red Cross blood donor drive what he called a this most important mailed up until Midnight july i 1950 will be processed. Morris addressed the i ointment a. A1 american lab forced resignation of the superin reminded vet Jor was asked thursday to Register j pendent of the White Hill Industrial j its opposition to the stand taken j school is the latest in a Long series. _. Against Western european economic j of scandals involving the Duff and attended a rally held last night in j ask 1950 will be processed. Unity by the Nat ional executive ministrations mishandling of pub t the third Ward school auditorium. He to mmorris addressed the the state officials were Intro committee of the British labor i he tile drive will Heidi in j workers explaining something of the j diced by Norman John Norristown party. At the same time he asserted that i j history of blood and the uses to past president of the association. Action against what he termed Keller w As Quot being permitted to re with the workers calling on All the which it is put by modern medical who also introduced the mayor of the British labor party a Quot socialist j sign in order to present an election i residences in the City of Bradford. Science. He explained that under Bradford. Hugh j. R an. Or. Ryan isolationism was urged by Louis i highly praised the work of the i Waldman at the opening of the 16th i association. I annual conference of the Tam the convention will close today. Ment social and economic Institute. Unfinished business will be settled i at a meeting this morning. Constitution and by jaws modifications will be adopted and regional Vic presidents will be elected. Or. John will have charge of the session. Next year s convention it was decided will be held in York. Farmers scientists fight army Worms in Bedford and Somerset counties natural enemies of the army directors named for Otto recreational group Page 2 Bradford Soldier is named airman of the week. Page 2 racing news service draws fire of acc head Page 9 Hamilton cardinals Edge Bradford Phillies 4-3page 16 Bradford s newest playground formally 20 selections by tire tremor y band Babson. 8 editorial to under the direction of Nick Sini bujletins.17 radio .14 Bald. Harry Huntington local red comics .14 society .4 Cross blood committee chairman 2ro sword la sports the workers will attempt to get the i the red Cross program All of the i citizens of Bradford to sign pledge j needs of the Bradford Hospital for cards agreeing to donate a pint of blood will be met and anyone in i blood on the occasion of a future the Hospital needing a blood trans visit of the red Cross Bloodmobile j fusion will receive it without charge i in Bradford. The exact time and he was followed by miss Christine. Place for the appointment to give j Harbour of the Buffalo red Cross the pint of blood will be made later. Blood Center who discussed the the meeting opened with several history of the red Cross and Why up Nizoil official Sui for july i retirement 16-17 w welcomed the workers and thanked j your it was the logical organization to carry on a National blood program.1 the meeting was concluded with a March of time movie a a life in a we insure Smith insurance Agency Hooker Fulton by Quot phone 8712 Oil City a. Pm Maurice a. Brewster of Oil City will retire july i from his position As an executive officer of the pen Oil company. Pittsburgh pm big chunks of suiting from use of Dot and the Central and Western Pennsylvania a Kew drug chlordane. Now Are a Battleground in the War being waged on army Worms by the worm Are working for the Farmers combined forces of Farmers and they Are a Fly and a Wasp which scientists. Attacked the we orms. The latest counties to report in j declared Udine Quot there just of stations by the devouring insects Arentt enough of Are Allegheny Greene and Wash the Brownish Black striped army in ton counties. Worm is fond of almost All Green Tokyo a mrs. Mary Bernardine the Pennsylvania state College crops but likes Alfalfa grains and of Muse pa., arrived by air Force Extension service has sent an expert gardens especially Wrell. Timothy. Plane last night to visit her critically j Here to direct the Campaign. He is and Blue grass also Are victims of Pennsylvania Mother to a nit Iii son airline tickets. Emery ice hotel Emery lobby travel serv phone 6166 ill son pfc Robert p. Bernardine at Sendai Japan. The songs ailment was not specified by the air Force announcement of the mothers hurried trip Here. He to not expected to live. E. J. Udine an entomologist. Udine came to Allegheny county from Bedford county where the heaviest concentrations of army Worms have been reported. He said Success in fighting the Worms is re fire the army cutworm is hatched from the eggs of a Brown Moth which resembled the common Mothmiller. Its larvae has a life Span of three to four weeks

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