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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - June 23, 1930, Bradford, Pennsylvania A Yiv teed Vit p we tag Auhorn Over 5000 1 a. Publication and largest a any newspaper to bushed is Mckean county the established 1877 Bradford Era a be Chiung the a Van aled news service of the r i the Vieather i Western Pennsylvania most in fair i and continued warm monday tuesday showers. Notice to advertisers due to the suburban Days thin week. The Era respectfully requests that All advertisers have their copy in the Era of. Flee not later than noon of the Days prior to publication. Omis Mon of advertisements May thus be avoided. Bradford a monday morning june 2?�?� 1030. Al Price two cents. .95 hts Oarce i thrown Blo intensive Hunt Lor re to sat in murderer in suspects named opposed to and heir born to a a a i a 8mhbbb Oil deficit quotes Mellon As stating measure implies tax increase Senate votes today Oft Uci j Rebry in jugs Quot red identified by witnesses l Man who pointed and Fred fatal shot prose indignant Over uses a it o 1931 indicated Mellon says of identities May be higher by the associated preset june 22.�?every resource i unified Lair enforcement Agen already has incurred probable deficit for next y earn presidential p r of nou Cement regarded As definite Assurance of veto to style Yoshii of a Fth associated Presa Washington. June 22�? president to it Abii a by the associated Presa Washington. June 22.�?Secretary Mellon said today that a deficit in a a the Treasury of $100,000000 at the a a a a a a 4wlurm Ortag on the Lingle murder f1� of the fiscal year of 1931 is now Hoover a a Day announced unequivocal thrown tit to the to Ltd present re a to. Veteran Relief to hat a four f unit la in the a amp set Fly is that their Arrit will solve the of $180,000,000 is House. P of the Tribune reported. In a letter to president Hoover. In a Ietter 10 senator Watson inure those sought was upon the pending world War veterans i Dlan publican Leader made nubile red Quot Forsythe who police Relief legislation the Secretary re a the House the president i bes identified by witnesses receipts for the fiscal year of 1931 i Quot it Secretary Mellon As stating i rho shot Lingle to death would be inadequate Tom .Urt hat the measure implies positive m. His m a it a a a j Tilli year or i who shot Lingle to death would be inadequate to support the i Michigan Avenue subway is Day additional Burden estimated by the Quot veterans Bureau at $102.000 000 for 1931 and $225,000,000 annually in us ultimate Cost. Quot in fairness to country is in fairness 10 country a a Mellon discarded As he led Simon said. I feel that Congress should to and Frankie noon Assort j informed that if expenditure Are further increased now taxes must be in december Mellon said his estimates Are pre i we Tad thai raced to Freedom across it fac Juned Boulevard. I others Are prank Foster to i tuners i police claim to have the Short nosed revolver which Ohser forsyte search confirms Rumor search for Forsyth confirmed thai authorities Laid the to the Moran Aiello gang. A hour of the slaying Lieut j it a Cusick and his Squadron were led to the Orsar. Nations Bai 11-former police commissioner c Russell to Corral All known that the measure a implies positive in i crease or a the no Al on of Hoover sat the government already had incurred a probable deficit next year due to Relief of unemployment through the Public building program. Encloses Hines letter Hoover also enclosed a Ietter from a rec or hints of the veterans Bureau asserting that legislation to liberalise compensations to world War veterans creates Quot grave inequalities injustices. Thousands see Man kill five then himself summer s Advent finds no signs of peaceful or Calm vacation Egypt is disturbed poker player .Urt in needless leap prom wrong woman Germany s finance ministry goes through another reorganisation a new american Tariff Bill meets criticism in Many parts of world a by the associated press. I be ushering in of summer found Ste world Tun struggling with numerous important problems with no a vacation of peace and Calm i in India the nationalists were still 1 Cpd Whf it fight foe Independence i Egypt was disturbed by a serious internal political struggle China was torn by factional warfare involving j communists in the South. Nationalists i in the Central area and military Lead Era in the North Germany s finance i ministry was going through another reorganization while the new Amene j new York june 22 a an enraged Bronx housewife tired of waiting All night for her poker playing husband to come Home knocked upon the door of a Bronx apartment today interrupting a quiet set in handed game. Quot where is my husband she demanded in a loud and terrible Voce. Two of the players grabbed their hats and Dove out a window. One of them. David Tarkio. 37, fractured his hip when he hit the sidewalk. I demented world War vet hurls family Over Cliff follows crosses self leaps morbidly curious gather by thousands at spot where disaster is enacted perpetrator of crime flees Asylum Day before tragedy of an Tariff measure was meeting Cru i or Allt i Backer of two d Lea ted upon a not a rave equalities injustices yesterday St the Horn of Matni a �?~nmuhwinrr�1. A of a in. In respect of future business or Rio is among a the horns top. £7 t old Jyh Quot a a Jay land Crit put Quot a Lindbergh Lindy Mot a and Behmr am Row Parent of mrs. Lindbergh. A w. Mot of the present state of Busine % he a Ontic cd. Must be accompanied by an inevitable reduction in government income and that the Treasury was he was one of the members Moran Aiello Fang taken last in a raid on their Loop Fen and ii recognised by is a dangerous gunman defect be is but 24 years old. Hues did not accuse Gorman. A Toter of act re participation life wit hatted they cd Wimble . Tract gob 0� Ner Thip Rei who raced the pistol bad purchased it from a site Bird Vire merchant a year and creates future dangers to both the Public and the veterans. Tile presidential pronouncement was regarded As definite Assurance of veto of the veterans Bill set to him by Congress. Vitally interested in not closing toe ,222 5? confirm Hoover s door to Hope of con tin in g the tax 222?i of program of Cong res reduction he old he hoped condylar. A lit in djo or Nav Tot Ould improve so he could recommend is a ,. To Congress next december a con to to nation of the redact w on the Bill tomorrow and Mellon celled the attention of pres pm re he a of to a ident Hoover to a fact that 2 no it. I s c of the measure in too persons woul be affected of the however hous Laders Laff inf Frd a f 2? 107 Tuc Muy number of persons he said whose net i a. F amp the a a veterans bin. Some would Frame Urance of a a to oct. Colonel anti mrs Lind lips a of cod Trei. I ja1 Are parents of baby boy a i relation hips with the United states while India was still in the throes of disorder and demonstrations the coming of the Rainy season which will last about three months did much to mitigate the most violent of the disturbances. Bombay still restless the North where the of rid tribesmen had been i idea quieted Down wit Bombay in the South mss still re5tess. There were reports that the gov by the associated press new Haven. Conn. Juno a Hospital he was told his h thongs ends of the in or leap was nerdier it Wasny this a Bialy curious today gazed in a i a horror at towering West Rock from which a Faymond Spang demented world a Veteran yesterday pitched his wife and for children to their death and climaxed the tragedy two hours later by leaping after them. Add 8 it. In Ansonia far removed from Tho blood stained 4io-foot Cliff the bodies of the victims Lay today in a morgue while plan were made for their Bur to tuesday morning. 17 under indictments a ran in mar in Ace hmm mob bullets Riddle negro White woman buried in paupers grave ranging in age from three toll a by the associated Prewit i a Quot said to re5t to ate it the hot fun n n simple funeral service. Union a c june =2-.rd�<j by Only. Stile., watch by the Sam National guard unit that Pollee today prevented the More Dar arrived 30 minutes too Isle to save lne crowds from Makii i the him from death at the hands of an carious climb Down the face of the Englewood s. J june 22. Up a a was bom today to americas hero poll Tan area. On easter income is less than 110.000. Would have to pay approximately $28,000 poet Tes hears irs too More in taxes if the old rates were restored. Corporations also he said w Rve he Al the we xfxjtl"0 a i Vilen he d mtr Nemoran and if off to f Al bin Ern Ltd a time my the Kilter a ther a Mintat me haying. Its to acre a to Burts a of or Row. The Astrain tossed the re the reduction for the Calendar year 1929 of one per cent upon Normal and corporation incomes Cut approximately new Bill acceptable to the administration at once. Notification to Congreve f a a a vow i Iii to throw suspicion on f. Rathbun Tribune a e should either have a sound plan now or should have More time for determination of National policy upon established principles in dealing with these questions for the future this sentence was regarded As notice to Congress either to adopt a Bill suitable to the administration of the air and the pm Hwn us is Arlo a a a a a it Fefie Jess in a hat. A bad arrived to Fly Jutt a Law and 2 Pilot As Well toss Smuc tatar to a Limos a a try a Quot 2bwrjftaar0,1 men t y As seeking to sound out angry mob. The Bullet Laden body of r., \. ? Arrow Iedy pct we cd. Mahatma Gandhi As to some method Dan Jenkins a mum v n a. I 8pan? a a a Refuge for two hours of of approaching a settlement but these was Media Nef per Hur Itne ast of his children to were denied and no signs of peace % grave at i a ate appeared. Peace or Fann Jere today thousand sae leap Jenkins shot to death after he was f thousands yesterday raw the aum a in Caster sunday a is by the next month or so div do i a a a a. A a a a a a it nos yester Amy raw the Man a id Hel meet ago mrs. Lindbergh shared Wither without a gov of Quot , a Wornon plainly outlined again the dark a tit furl or Dot for Ali Ahlung a Png nent Premier Lemau Sidky Newl ? from Here As their to str a hil/and0 a my 4�nr Aoe Cros ted skier Rrt Natl for a non Toi it i Imit Tom we Intel. Having drafted a dearer a. The -21 j a w Bito the air to not if Ira lion to Congress re. Ortr old Rirl the president notified Congress t Charkav should either have a sound Nelsn am. That Anne appointed having drafted a degree suspending the legislature. In China the nationalist were still putting up a Strong fight against the communist on the South and the military leaders in the North. Claims _ ,. _ himself and leap out into the air to eased by the mob of Assa lung mrs land at two a feet a the rhe a t0 Rinnan fran the Summa by Al rarer Mary a rope. Was reached within a few a by of him vainly adept Ina to a a mrs Shipman under the care of the Man out of his mad p an physic wins. W a reported today to be i the crowds today came from ail a a say a Las. woks rp0iijpc Todd v to b0 the c in Arri % try Lmar a a a a and counter claims of victories were suffering from a severe Case of Shock sections of theists and made and several fairly important but her condition was not considered joked ii a a ii to a to numb Kab or Olast week a appointed of a a or or a put he Over for future i Jwuc bib in the Lingle int because the identities expects had become known 1 leak in the police de the revelation of de-�?�4 a to la investigation meant it secret would hamper the of the investigators. Five Are injured in two mishaps on Road to Kane n foreign War Stii in loping Cap consideration. Congress once this session overwhelmingly overrode a veto of the president on a Spanish War veterans Bill but advocates of the pending veterans Relief measure were not so certain tonight of Success on such a venture. A course will be adopted probably tomorrow in Congress. Will add $ie2.eoe.eee five persons were injured in two accidents on the Bradford Kane High yesterday. The injured Are Charles Parana. 22. Anna Parma. 15. W _ -fv4j or. Mary Parana. 35, mrs. Blanche tomorrow by the Senate would add a a r a. I a liner and mry Mary �5lner ? $102,000,000 next 5-ear to the present of of qty convention one Accident. Charles annual expenditure of $511,000,000 for Parana and party All of Johnsonburg. _ veterans of we a. Route to Bradford and were continued on Page ten foreign attempting to another car. a a Ivy a. A a boy and that he was bom at the Morrow Home no information was forthcoming there. From other sources 1 however it was Learned that the baby was bom at 3 15 p. In. The Happy parents were completely sheltered in the House of mrs. Lindbergh a father. All details were withheld. Just As details of the Lone Eagle s courtship and marriage were guarded. In recent weeks the admiration of the Public has been aroused More than Ever by mrs. Lindbergh who despite in behalf of her husband s Campaign for the senatorial nomination in order to devote her attention to her daughter. Made and several fairly important cities changed hands but the situation did not change vitally from last week. Important International note an important i International note was introduced by the northerners aider Voiley from plal015 and shotguns veterans Hospital ii who took Over to customs service in Jenkins a died Down today j York for a picnic but her condition was not considered Awe at this mountainous Rock item serious. Miss Shipman who said she noted As a Beauty spot in the City shaped from Jenkins grasp recovered Park system. her was this Scenic attraction that when 50to 0<mrnemntle a la a Ltd Day. A Day after when 50 to too men emptied Valley his escape from a United s a is after Volley from pistols and shotguns veterans Hosp in the Bro a into Jenkins kit. N no. New preparations that had been then talk this service was under the Ginefra r is lira he Fth it of t charge of a British comm cloner and Jensma Vas the second negro to be tace it ton to a was manned in Ere in 2ir jut. Lynched in South Carolina within two to celebrate his for mrs. Lindbergh a reception in i new York Hospital were cancelled ii 2.n 8real iary several Days ago and Hospital equip if�7 the North it Riners installed a ment and a staff of nurses we a commissioner also a British sub brought to the Morrow Home. Of ctr it us bounced that adequate borne time after the news of the rtt Fnu Moud be posted to cover the w a obligations secured by the customs months. Allen Green. 50. Was killed by a mob at Walhalla 8. C., april 23. He too waa accused of attacking Home coming mad aet is l Theeo no one saw him r irk his automobile no one saw him lure his of and children to the Edge of the Clift and no one saw Hun lift the first be Hoover in his letter to Watson de Addor Irma a vhf a it Ali Aeve a and three dared the my Aure to be voted a my tsp it my la a a a a do Forshea baby a bum was obtained newspaper men received information the child weighed seven and three sons a a reign attempt a a Wii Cash or Iver Apa a ton the machine and As a a cd Vii a to in Moat Nyji -.j? for being they went to pass the second car 3 asphyxiated Zexa. Our orm they went to Pas la crashed into it. The Accident a Dom h a it in a occurred Between Lantz Corners and Bradford. We Btu corps compete j Charles Parana was rendered un-4 r,00n to Hill 4 conscious and was taken to the Kane Cater 1 4 conscious and was taken to the Kane a a Chi a Ernon and the Summit Hospital where he regained telex. A a Arfe Flold 01 consciousness was treated and Dis it Kif. Chaff i Anna Parana Ait Fri of fumes from Soo gallon still her custom of accompanying her famous husband on Many of his flights. Only last thursday they flew together to Hartford. Con., from Teter Boro Airport. Ten Days earlier she a a com panted him in a test flight of a Small monoplane Over the me Roll inks specialist of the fifth Avenue Revenue. S. Parker Hubert. American Mea. A City of Chicago general for reparations under the Dawes plan for the past five Yean went out of office under the new a White woman. Seventeen men Are a wide red daughter High into the air under indictment in this Esse. J and Send her spin nil to the rocks below. It was the agonized shrieks of the still seeks record second child that brought to those i below the first intimation of the _ we. A techs Vuick so cans. Attended in. Lindbergh there was much speculation is to what name the child would receive the moot popular guess being Charles Augustus Lindbergh or. A in feels it fat 5btim2li, by View of 1 a a p were drum ��?~7izllntered hic he have our to nine years Chun justly charged. Anna Parana suffered Lacer Newport. By. June 22 three persons one of them a former Newport policeman were asphyxiated today by fumes from a 500-Ga lion still talons. Mrs. Mary Parana was severe Fay by fumes from a 500-gallon till by bruised but was not admitted toll Home of August Remensky a a a a a a two Are killed As plane crashes in taking off Tamaqua. Pa., june 22 a a new York Hospital assisted by or. Fly a of office under the new i. A v. E h. Dennen and three other Phy tem his ast re per submitted Chicago. June 22 up a droning ing up they saw Spang Early in that week. Was critical of evenly Over sky Harbor Airport the 1 to child downward then saw budgetary measure. Gilbert plane Quot City of Chicago Quot carried f him push Bis wife off the Edge of the a a h and is Hinter it i Germany la to Lepir own endurance Mark today and i cams then hurls list a h0me a cd a a a a it a Effort to breast Tho my a he cd a a he a or of a a record for continuous flight. To children Down the Cliff or. Paul Moldenhouer the German at 2a0 p m cd the sue. But they landed on a ledge a temp Mol we a. Or Ned Duran the brother. He re needed by j followed them. Prousi s a m n a a a a Hartr own Mark of i Houra. Made tron Ltd to Edge. To it to Rummer in the same plane. Tariff passage reactions with motor functioning Well the Olean youth Dies of heart disease on graduation eve final passage of the american Tariff aviator were optimistic of their and its nature by president Hoover chances for adding to the log the in produced numerous editorials in the hours needed to shatter the 420-hour continued on Page ten local Moose degree Tirom Jim amp a amp a we Toioi no. Pm Fuher. M.iithtw2jt�? .777-�?o�?o�?o a a it no Quot Cunt of the car escaped Ltd flight Manda Remenowsky. Did an Mauch chunk Loren so with were class tomorrow dropped dead Yeser a 1 United states suspect arrested candidates at Kane _ a f Vann it m a i killed to Star in an s _ _ a a we of Fred Hamner 17 a member of the produced nun _ of gym Arthur 24 Lansford a com senior class of the Olean High school a european and South american Quot pre. Mark of the St loud Robin Mercia of or a Wink a a a As to the effect the new rates would in the second Accident mrs Blanche opener and mrs. Mary of p i. Wet. M. A a. The bodies w a a. Ana an. 4 Thony Sendlebach 39, former new today in an air plane crash at the the Hometown air Field. Their the con a. To. 7lteijx. Oaid liner. Both of Kane suffered i a Era m it Rrthur us a pc Quot to. W credit i 1 Tiro Troy rmen0, >5. Oldest of s children the leh a a a a a a or. A Here Arthur "1�?o Quot he Kane Hosp a a a a in the family. All of he rat Lorrn maintained a. Hr., a Otil Heto Mounif 11 plane ? la a a a toking off for Lih Oxire a a to to a a e Kane Hospital also. A ear the corns Ann 5ilcc,-Barrf driven by an Eldred Man turned into 1 or a Quot a x a woo left or Mecleary Wolf farm and is it a Quot and 8fcon#d 1 a is ire o�?oer1fd a a it a did a. The of liner ear crashed into i Fri bul 001 of a Sard l.87 Quot a he Sld of to none of the occupants d by the umm a night. Of the Eldred car a. Injured. The plane had reached an Alu tude of Only about 300 feet when it fell. A Pilot of another plane and several feted by the fumes. The girl discovered the bodies St p of. Of. Aneth it 7 30 this morning. The Coroner Saki ? mechanics the Only Perrons St the the Trio had been dead since about it had. Stopped automobiles on the and 2130 this morning. J a a Highway to take the men to a Sendelback was visiting at the Steele a Petal Arthur died in Nome. The Coroner said. Route and Fisher soon after he was admitted. Arthur devoted his time to com n Merci flying. Flash a was an elec i�0by deliberated for about thirty time ii extended emmy hts a a do co w a a Auto minutes before reaching the following pan j b the had t k hot to i. by John Young of Verdle to that Donald Westren came d War a a action from Martin Jensen Tran. 1� a Venin of an. J7 to his Droit in the general to ills 1 pc r a to the de a a up a 2i Hospital. Warren june 9th. From Tim a stove Tai ,0 we a urn injuries received when struck by an the. Exten Slaughter charge placed against Slayer of Westren Eldred Span removal is. Quot 11 to in Mem in c class tomorrow dropped dead Yeser Day afternoon at 4 of Clork in War veterans pork Olean. Hamner of Chester Hamner. To Grossman Avenue Olean was one of the most popular boys in the class and his death win be received As a severe Shock to i classmates who had been associated with him during his school Daj. Death was caused by a heart attack. When found the boy had a United states. The French press was generally hostile but tile English Aas More restrained. The or was that in the Tong no the new Tariff would .Urt american Trade. White inks rest of the world was in mad murders a a Iod of a Ltd a a Hon. Be. Ter Day of members from Bradford a i Fly no Burr rldrr5 pm a Allegue a i and Lodge. In. Morolli my dealing with Ila own problems was settling Down after a Hee Queen maniac Slayer but later Jersey City n. A. June 22 a who Row he Anta to it Zinsz a a a meeting held Cordray. 3, a a rooted titty Rutt the de -1 pm Bre Man Aho believed he bore a i supreme dictator a r Hee or so a by Nee to the descriptions of toe a ii rim. A of us iwo week. Iota it of the .urt-1 it juts a no a Bot Tater it the mib Jeet Mwau i7f\7,on Ling return of Prince Corol a it Burh a a a roof the policeman we wrong i a 77 a a a i a a Surrat and by emergence a a Kin pm l a of Quot run How a with smed no Carol ii. The Kin took. Brief a nor 50one of Uto Killeri. Dictator 10 to ack who a found the boy had a cation after to bu5y Days and Hgt Vic Tom when he was killed i Queens h j a a a h 5 in Are and had apparently nou Cement was made that he would Birrou a new York. Came her to look Lodge tires id h la a of Kane been Reading in the Park when j be crowned next october. At Cordray. She failed to identify me Ting when stricken. Or is survived by a brother. _ him. W were i to a few pm w,.u n of n _ it. Rove. Of it my him turn Orion or. A. Ult Byrd to describe funeral arrangements Are not yet Polar explorations he was held on a charge of Vigran performed by i team. Bradford Complete. 10 the Dean of a jul i h06pllaj. Warren. A. June 9th, from uni intr. I town Rte. Received when truck by a Fri Sihto sift Loc Coroner a autumn i t Ilion unt a March i 1931, of the time ct1 re Prosee he near ,,.jtf or the Quot a mov of Al old Bridge a Roro it i Cnare of in Ftp Nway near Russell county Fhy a a we no r1v�?zr Slaughter waa Recomb leniency in to Wou let pm of of liquor udder of a Nesses to __7. Tor inc removal or an old Bride received by Westren when i und let it undid two Are burned to death when air plane Falls 2,000 masons from Western Pennsylvania attend Church services 0 v e a a stations 2 die 3 .Urt when crack new York. A a a. O a a her leaves rails crash of whose c a ��htlcutt1 Maul Ltd a a Betta 5�?�sons at toe be n detail ,.i-� m5v, a caring osi.7 the to Hwy to opera Tan it a a it Way to a amp sn2?Tren to _ a a come to a Stop one John Young of Russell contributed to his death and recommends that the said John Young be prosecuted on a charge of involuntary District attorney Eddy was out new Castle. A. June 32 ave apr in k0 5tysons of no or a we a Nooi children and w Estem Pennsylvania attended re Miral Byrd a Luik for 2j minutes in Clr a re Hor a Imit Hie hour of i a a Soma a a nil Uto. To. Charleston. June 22. Jav bringing death to two persons and injury to. I -to1 Quot Quot. A a a a a "�?7�? i own us understanding that the i a m 1 a Wien Atte Naea ran. Puts Gyra will talk for is Webah. In j a. Ahers the sportsman crack one John a aut Moju operated b7 county assume full responsibility for 2�?T v Ivin to z a emr and Glou 8crrtcw her tonight 5p3aorei Ujco hours broadcast too a at o a a Falce Ohio ? Tram Young of Russel con i All damages or injuries to navigation buried drat he Law Stern can Sci a ish rates 6o8lf of hew est other speakers will news to Detroit new York. June 22. V a a adj Metal Richard e. Byrd will describe a it explorations at the South pole Over a 61-station network of the Columbia broadcasting system tomorrow evening. Speaking to school children and by reason of the non removal. Castle. Aviatrix Dies Ole a t i -----v0��?~ pro Al la. ,r.�?~ a a a Zwla the a Uro Roku Coroner jury. Ear a 1. �?T7�?i a a a a Diego calif., june 22 it a miss jhclt3r to tone of the inquest pc it Wallace. 19. At Aorta and and Plana for future action in the glider Pilot died today at a Hospital not to arned. It to under j a who Cal to urn Buffer in from Wood How Eyck. That Young will be appendicitis Early in april. Following he told Nolle a. A a paroled from i present sentence to the operation. It was said peritonitis Yaj l thin tells. Rns aced to be brought Gack to county developed Ani Alth ugh he us it Vot a a when their fell at mull Capel the meeting Era addressed by Rev tila Quot in my or Wallace t. Petty of the f St ban �jrofli7nlwma2ljh in by of Church of Fly Bursh. Rev. Hush Spectator Ozuki reach the scene. Thara Pron Kerr. Of the Shad std a a furl or Swyt ran Henreh. A to Burgh than Quot rom he Tan he a z dra a Clad la Ltd to speak was unable to up Bun Rod int or a a tent but a a Roar because of of no a music we he told a Marr he a. A furnished by the of Gurst and quae visitors St traded from Oil City. 12eacisf or it a a Chr speakers will be gov John Garland Pollard Virginia Arto Ernest Lee Janicke Secretary of the Navy with Jun 5 Kennedy a. Sci at .tor of Colin it a master cd Oer Emonie Kennedy officiated in a Capac by at by re Farewell broadcast in August 1928. Music will la by Mayhew Laxt-f1 h z t a a vote widow Wium opera Hoh la we said Dent wus i in i my them a a i of lit. A Cut 9 Couto. F band jul a. In to win Floyd Clements Richmond sex nerf is be a mkt Geek to county developed end although the under-1 Klarp did 7 Kpou a h. 0lt a Quot Fri Oil City number the Mare. Byrd coir. 2f. L2r 7ho a stored Aliek end in a in the Char a recon went a series of operations and blood id it it to was a a ?c1 a bin a id file. Butl a. Sham. in add Tuon to Byrd be it of a and my it Burke negro a i Quot re a a mended la the verdict of the transfusions. Phys were unable a find m the Fant. To a a a he Sharp Witten Flag Buchen. Mrp Lane pay o Ute a a in porn a a to who received Milnov ,. Vlot be Day i to eave her a Jas Stem is fists 5 meets s ,1 to to. S to i .-brothwww.mub.mww. Taw party a j left the rails a Hawks s nest 60 Milf from Here last night. Homer mask Huntington end Gin err me death in his cab and h 7 11 a a it Langton. Fireman to of Quot a Quot Gomery Hospital a Short it i7lh to a h or 5c�ided by steam. Burst from the cracked Bour of be locomotive in Quot ired Parson. Sherman Bostic on baggage Mac. Returned to Nome after receiving medical attention. W the engine Ami a combination ��ac., a passenger coach and an express ear Ware derailed and another passenger cd it Ach three Sleeper and a c.,-.- r Rem lined m the tacks wreck Crews were called to the Stem the sportsman Walt out to co. �?~,r�?T4 a Quot passing Tii rough Charl Tot about tort hours late. The wreckage was cleared and ail Ira Fie resumed about Daylight e. L. Bock. Huntington per intended t of the was and a Lime Glt i i waa had

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