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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 4

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Bradford, Pennsylvania Page four. The Bradford Era published daily facet sunday at is Tachan place. Bradford. Pm., by of Fra pub Vishino company. Loc. C u m Ltd an. Pres Sec. A eng. By. M. A. Mil dam ire. David a Ruttay. Tam. Marion Millir i. City cd tor Ohn w no a Aon of wit Edt toi vary Avo plan can sock to editor Fly Singer adv. Men c o. Mulliman manage. Vulval advert a escort be. inc. >1 Cadlaon a. York. N y land try e Buddha. Philadelphia. A. 360 n Michigan ave. Chicago. Ill. Or eral motors Biog Detroit. Mich. A Sutter so. San Francisco. Caid. 117 w. Ninth St. To . To Lloyd bldg., Seattle Wash. In re a at the Post office at Bradford. Pa., a second claw matter Law pest circuit Ion of any paper to Bradford or Mckean county official paper of the City member of the associated press hate paper rec pc the leased Wirt service. I he associated Presa entitled to the use it or reputation of All news dispatches credited to it or ooh otherwise credited in Thia paper and also the local new published herein. Subscriptions delivered by Carrier to a Tiv fit pm Centi per week co Lect tens every two week when paid in Advance la so for three months jt60 or an Quot a Quot 9i a mail outside of Bradford 1st and 2nd tor three in Mctha a or St North is 0 per sear. 3rd to 3th zone�?�1.80 for three Fate Tjw a a a North ibo per Vejr cd to sin zone�?$2.10 for three month 3.83 for an month. It duper year. Ail mail Subin Tiow payable to Advance advertising _ _ a a a a. _ rates furnished on application to the Gen. Mgr ill Exchange place Bradford. A notice of advertisers five a facility for Zerffi my the Era circulation figure will be afforded to any advertiser. Circulation boo Ana accounts May be seen to the a a i he use or an Aret it a a after a item indicate a to a an advertisement news. Tier have no such Marks under them. A a. In. I he Bradford Tea assumes no financial for error which May my adv Kemerly published run columns hut to Case. Whee the Bra a at Fajt it a fit make new urn correction of that part of use advert tement to which the Typo rape Teal mistake occult. The Eha Bradford a saturday july 23 is it necessary Roo a s vice cd Kam Lay Allan mix Solitude value thy time and so conduct the Day that friends will do thee Honor with but a fleeting stay tis few who can so Choice a message bring a to outweigh the songs that Angels sing. Some unanswered questions speaking at the conference on Power at the Institute on Northwest affairs in Portland Oregon representatives of the National resources Board and the Bonneville administration pointed out that the government Hydro electric plants so far built on the Columbia River More than double All the existing developed electric resources in the Pacific Northwest they even envisaged a Gigantic super Power system made up of the facilities of private municipal and governmental plants which would j make possible the transmission of Power tremendous distances from its j source this in their opinion would help decentralize Industry and would also stabilize the systems Load Factor in that the summer drop in Urban demand for example would be balanced by the summer Rise in irrigation demand. 4 j that paints a pretty theoretical j vice has improved in every Way. And picture but there is great haziness startling Progress has been made in surrounding the details. The Pacific operating efficiency. Northwest is already adequately j the Only solution to the Railroad served by Long existing electric problem appears to lie in a Revi systems which Are privately owned Sion of our regulatory philosophy and publicly regulated. These sys the lines must be allowed some of terns have a wide margin of Poten the privileges of their competitors tial capacity Over current demand. They must be Given rates adequate and while it is argued that future to meet costs and they must be demand will easily absorb the new Given greater latitude in a a pricing installed capacity. It can to be proved their product which is transports it is much More Likely that for Hon. As or. Pelley said once the years to come demand will be in railroads Are Given a Square Deal sufficient by far to absorb present a you will no longer have to worry production. And if that likelihood about the a Railroad proves True what then it is believed by Many that a Spe would the government once the Cial session of Congress will be super system were established be called Early in the fall to Deal with Content to let is plants lie partially the railroads. If that happens the Idle. And permit the facilities of the senators and representatives will private utilities to serve the Acea a be Wise if they Cut away the undercut would the government insist on Brush of fallacy and unsubstantial j the private companies abandoning de option surrounding Railroad of part or All of their facilities As in flairs and go straight to the heart the to a area in order to distribute of the Issue a which is reasonable Power generated at Bonneville and rates and a flexible and fair sys grand Coulee and if this were the tem of regulation that will treat All Case what would happen to the transportation agencies equally private companies investment in penalizing and favouring none. Plants and lines which were no. Longer needed because of the governments tax free tax subsidized unregulated Hydro plants these Are some of the questions that must eventually be answered in he Case of any government project in the Power Fields and it is a noteworthy fact that government spokesmen have As yet been unwilling or unable to answer them satisfactorily. In All fairness it is Only reasonable to say that the proponents of socialized Federal Power Are Likely to discover that there is a tremendous difference Between the dream and the reality. Today in the worlds event 1928�?william a. Burt of Michigan granted Patent for his a the typographer a ancestor of the typewriter As we know it. 1851�?Western Minnesota bought from Sioux indians. 1918�?americans capture two villages on Marne front. 1922 a United states asks Britain for permission to search British ships suspected of rum running outside 3-mile limit refused. 1933�?charles f. U r s c h e i Oklahoma Oil Man. Kidnapped. 1934�?government buys and ships out cattle to alleviate drought in West. 1936 a gov. Landon accepts Republican nomination for president a pledging strict Economy yet full Relief to needy. Mildred Rouse mrs. Ralph Root mrs. Doris Parmeter. Mrs. Mae Parmeter mrs. Elizabeth Baker mrs. Maude Dobner mrs. Orlin Mcclenahan mrs. Goldie Langfitt mrs. Albert Spignard. Mrs. Bruce Stull. Mrs. Edith Stull. Mrs. Beula Wilson mrs. Wilda Avery mrs. Beatrice Brunner mrs. Thomas Dempsey mrs. Onalee Cornelius mrs. Stanley Vanscooter mrs. Hubert Goodell mrs. Stanley Goldsmith and the Honor guest mrs. Harry Vanscooter. Or. And mrs. Glenn Turner Are spending two weeks on a trip through Colorado Wyoming and other Western states. They Are Stop Ping several Days in Yellowstone morning musings is due id history Uken from Eha file with All these scares about surplus crops we hardly Ever know whether to cheer for the Farmers or the Grasshoppers. Cit away the underbrush the real cause of the Railroad problem is that for More than thirty years we have not allowed the railroads to be run As a business under fair and equal conditions of Competition observed j. J. Pelley president of the association of j american railroads. They have been regulated As if they were a monopoly while at the same time the Public resources have been used lavishly to create and subs i dire competing forms of transportation by land water and air. We hear much of the lines being Over capitalized yet in 1910 the Industry had outstanding Bonds and stocks with a total Par value of $987 for each thousand dollars invested. As against $721 per thousand in 1936. The ratio of debt to investment for Bonds totalled $606 for each thousand dollars of investment in 1910 and Only $442 per thousand in 1936. A hear much about the Industry a fixed Charger being excessively High. Yet in 1937 fixed charges were less in proportion to Revenue than in any year prior to 1917 a when the Industry was most prosperous. Lastly As everyone knows. Ser a Bradford 40 years ago today the local . Secures orpheus Hall and As soon As possible alterations will be made to transform it into a Complete . Melvin w. Thomas of Clarendon Dies in a Charleston Hospital of typhoid fever. City Council awards the contract for lighting the streets for five years to the Bradford electric Light and Power company. The Fairbanks Wood rim company is building a water Tower 60 feet in height to Supply the rooms in the factory with water. Bradford 20 years ago today the Phi Beta Psi sorority stages a successful dancing party at Murtyn a Grove. Oats at the City poor farm Are five feet High. M. C. Conroe is burned slightly when fire destroys his Home in South Center Street Dorothy Dalton. Earle Williams Mary Miles Minter Norma Talmadge. Barbara Castleton and Irving Cummings Are among the screen stars appearing at the grand and lyceum theatres. Bradford to years ago today the Homes of mrs. Mary Rich and Dominic Julian 19 and 17 Hilton Street respectively Are badly damaged by fire. Or. And mrs. George a. Anderson sell their residence at 25 Miller Street to Joseph Magnella. Mrs. William o. Johnson of amm Street returns from a trip to Illinois and Missouri. Miss Helen Stacey red Cross nutrition expert delivers an address on Why die so Young at the Swarthmore Chautauqua now in Bradford. At night time say at nine or ten we read the morning papers then. At morning quite the other Way the evening papers Greet the Day. We read the a five Star final paper As Early to our work we caper. At night the mornings sold. At noon an evening paper s old. Of Why Are papers printed thus it does t seem quite right to us. A of Joseph Chamberlain the one time English prime minister when president of the Board of Trade was one Day in Paris. Walking by a florists shop he was attracted by a Beautiful Orchid priced at five Hundred francs. He walked in. A is this particular Orchid at All common in France a he asked. A on the contrary a said the Florist a no one has it except myself and i have had it Only a Short chamber lain took out his Wallet gave the Man five Hundred Franca Tore the Orchid to pieces and trampled it under his feet. A the truth is a he said a that i too. Have one of that kind at Home and do not wish anyone else in Europe to have strength for the Day by or. Earl l. Douglass Liberty demands strength some years ago. The late Calvin Coolidge made this statement a if we As a people Are too weak to take charge of our morality we Are too weak to take charge of our or. Coolidge was a Symbol of common sense to his generation. After everything he did As president is forgotten his Wise observations on life will remain. In nothing did he speak More wisely and in a More fundamental fashion than in the statement quoted above. In reality there is no such thing As morals without Liberty. Morality enforced by Law is not morality at All. But fear. Good and wholesome conduct requires Freedom of thought and action. There Are thousands of people today who maintain that All we need to make the world a Paradise is More Liberty and these same people generally maintain that morality does not make a great Deal of difference anyway. This of course reflects not the desire for Liberty but for Wilfulness. Liberty is not the right to do anything one wants to do Liberty is the Opportunity to do what is right. Liberty without morality is License morality without Liberty is coercion. If w e Long for More Liberty let us show ourselves worthy of it by righteous purposes of heart. C. 3938 you and your nation s affairs the wage hour Bill by Eliot Jones professor of transportation and Public utilities Stanford University vice president Garner maintains that a vacation at Home is the most enjoyable. That depends on what kind of Home you have. The japs Are More and More annoyed at China. What can be done about a country that drowns itself with floods rather than let invaders occupy it Elded about Twenty women of Indian Creek and Vicinity held a Tureen dinner and social afternoon at the Community Hall wednesday. Dinner was served at i of clock and various games were in play during the afternoon. The committee in charge included mrs. Grace Wright and 1 mrs. Florence Cornelius j among those present were mrs. Well i la Tell you by Bob Burns Hollywood calif., july 23. 1938 i believe we re All human and have the same human to a a and do the same things for the same reasons but some people use fancier terms for it to make themselves sound Highfalutin. Not Long ago in a fancy exclusive ladies club they were discussing the reasons Why women cry. One after the they got up and said the reason they cried was o get something out of their systems. Finally a lady Rose in the Back and said a girls i think its about one or us was telling the truth about this thing. I hush no Quot 5 but of but a 5ystem Quot 1 cry 40 get thins out of mgt copyright 1938 j shop and save at Widmann amp Teah inc. Drug stores 7 main St. 94 main St. Airco heating equipment co. General electric clo. Distil in or automatic Gas and of fire heating equipment 29 Barbour St dial 7186 toward the end of the session Congress passed the controversial wage hour Bill which in the words of the president places a a floor under wages and a a ceiling Over it goes into effect 120 Days after its passage. The act requires every employer except the United states the states and their political subdivisions to pay to their employees engaged in interstate Commerce a specified minimum wage with certain exceptions shortly to be noted. During the first year the minimum wage is to be not less than Twenty five cents per hour during the next six years not less than thirty cents and thereafter not less than forty cents. However the act creates certain administrative agencies that Are authorized to make the forty cent minimum effective at once in such industries As Are Able to pay it. These administrative agencies Are an administrator appointed by the president who is placed in charge of a wage and hour division in the department of labor and committees appointed by the administrator for every Industry. Upon the recommendation of the respective committees the administrator May at any time fix the minimum wage in any Industry As High As forty cents. The act contemplates somewhat different wage minimums for the several industries. In the bitter congressional dispute Over the Bill the principal Bone of Contention was whether the Legal minimum should be the same in All parts of the country. As wages Are generally lower in the South than in the North Southern senators insisted that the act provide for differentials. The House Bill How Ever made no such provision. The measure As finally enacted provides that no minimum wage rate shall be fixed solely on a regional basis but that in fixing minimum wages the Industry committees and the administrator shall take into consideration competitive conditions As affected by production transportation and living costs and also the wages established for work of comparable character by collective labor agreements. With respect to maximum hours the work week is not to exceed forty four hours during the first year for. Two hours during the second year and forty hours thereafter. The prohibition is not absolute however employers May exceed these limits by paying a time and a half for overtime. From these minimum wage and maximum hour provisions a number of employees Are specifically exempted notably agricultural workers individuals engaged in preparing agricultural commodities and fish for the Market employees of certain transportation companies and employees of retail establishments most of whose Selling is intrastate. Though the act has a humanitarian purpose its results May prove disappointing. For one thing it will Lead to some unemployment for obviously a Law establishing a minimum wage of $16 for a forty hour week does not make an employee Worth that much to his employer. Moreover some employers unable to absorb increased labor costs will be forced to suspend operations which will also cause unemployment. The reduction in working hours May diminish output and thus reduce the National wealth and standards of living. Conceivably legislative prescription of wages and hours will weaken the Trade unions Why pay Union dues to maintain a Strong bargaining Power when the desired results can be obtained by bringing pressure to Bear on the politicians and not to be ignored is the fact that the act adds to our vast government bureaucracy and provides More uncertainty for the sorely harassed business Man. Cubist chs is �0 to the author care of this newspaper atm a. Thought and prayer if parents will have their children memorise the daily Bible selections it will prove or la elem heritage in after j ears. God gives his children fountains of refreshment from within he shall drink of the Brook in the Way therefore shall he lift up the 110 7. National Park. A or and mrs. Gardner Vaughn and son. Franklin of fort Worth tex., arrived Here sunday to spend some time with relatives and friends. Or. And mrs. Orin Crandall of Olean or. And mrs. De Crandall of Bradford and Eugene Underwood and son Howard were guests of or. And mrs. R. H. Broughton this week. Mrs. Florence Rice and miss Nena Rice Are spending the week at Cuba Lake. Mrs. Belle Luxemburg of Buffalo and mrs. Anna Broughton of Jersey Shore Are spending the week at the Home of or. And mrs. R. H. Broughton. About 30 members of the lady Rebekah Lodge enjoyed a picnic at the War veterans Park in Olean wednesday afternoon. Supper was served at 6 o clock by the committee miss Jane Shapland mrs. Irma Atwell and mrs. Henrietta Stevens. Swimming was enjoyed during the afternoon. Raker in a Western a a roots for scandal a is a comedy Romance. Travels tremendous Success last rear in his first american movie a the King and the chorus girl will be readily recalled. Carole lombards successes have been innumerable. Her two latest p Irh a tremendous hit Are True confessions and a nothing in her present picture she portrays an american movie Queen seeing Paris and London in disguise. Gravet plays an incognito Baron doing approximately the same thing. A a Quot a old faithful a famed Geyser spouts 33.000,000 Gallons of water daily enough to Supply a City of 300,000 inhabitants. Treasury posit As of july the 21 Washington july 2, position of the Treasury ont receipts 114,706.875 44. Us lures 527,831,215.78 net 151,558,405.30, including miss 533.24 working balance Quot is seipts for the month turns receipts for the fiscal july i $200,669,548.68 $551,715,309.56, include. 445.59 of emergency sex excess of expenditures ,3760.88 Gross debt $37�?o of a a decrease of $47,908,013 4j i uhf g the previous Day Gold adj 989.473,170.59. Advertise in the or a a j St of r f her tint m Smith 1 eve a a Nccann 1 guests jame\viliai1 Tom on. Jciool�3 i William easing i Lite id a double feature program comes to the grand theatre sunday and monday Carole Lombard and Fernand Gravet in a fools for scandal a and a thrilling Western i pish swimming in the Ocean Are Emily seen from planes Low altitudes. Miss Peterson using a hydroplane shoots a few comes Down on the water scoops them up. The radish seeds were planted in Snow that was kept St the temperature. The plants developed to maturity in five weeks Little time Taii Normal. King Carol is obsessed with the idea that he will to curiously Many important men who were worried in this manner pin a. Lincoln Mckinley suey Long Cermak. Chapter Xiv Rudd took the policeman s shoulders and Gregory his feet then followed by the woman they carried him into the House. A straight Down the passage Quot she ordered and then addressing Gregory who brought up the rear a if you try and trick me Iti put a Bullet in your Back. Straight on now and the third door on your a thank you Mother Quot said Gregory amiably a but i d rather have a Nice cup of warm Tea in my Tummy. When you re tired of holding that thing the hold it for you and you shall make me they proceeded along a Stone flagged passage evidently the servants quarters but when Rudd thrust his Way backwards through the third door on the right Gregory saw that it was a heavy Baize Cov ered affair which led to the main part of the House. As Gregory passed through the swinging door the woman jammed the muzzle of her pistol firmly in the Small of his Back and switched on the lights. They saw that they were in the main hallway of the House from which a Broad staircase led to the floors above. There was a Long settee in one Comer and on a Small table some Way from it stood a Telephone. A put him on the Couch Quot said the woman making straight for the instrument. A please one moment Quot Gregory begged. A the police wont thank you for lugging them out at this hour in the morning to arrest one of their own people. Hang on until this Chap comes round. I swear to you on my Honor that he is a policeman. Hell be Able to Tell you so himself in a the policeman s eyes flickered open and Rudd pulled him up into a sitting position on the settee. He groaned again and for a moment put his head Between his hands. Then he lifted it painfully and stared about him. A better now Quot asked Gregory. To terribly sorry i knocked you out i was under the impression that you were someone else but you remember me done to you we met a few nights ago at a a yes yes of course. I remember now you got me out of a Nasty mess did no to you i did t know it was you either when i caught you trying to break into this place but in a afraid Iti have to ask you for an a plenty of time for that Quot said Gregory easily. A i think we re working on the same thing but from different angles. We be landed ourselves in a new mess since you passed out though. This lady Here with the heavy armaments i done to yet know her name. Quot mrs. the woman supplied noncommittal by. Bird Kern to think that All three of of Are up to no Good Here and she a just about to phone for the local coppers. I think it would be a Good thing for All of us if you can persuade her not the policeman stood an a it a groggily. A mrs. he said a my names inspector Wells and in a Down Here on special work for Scotland i Ard. Here is my card of u she Shook her head stubbornly inf Mew night find 1 a Quot ring but what were you doing in oter ground re like to know a for the local police what do we pay rates fort you stay where you Are Young Man and done to you move a muscle while i Tele a Stair creaked above them and Ine a a a 0ed up a Quot hard by j Yuns of had appeared on the Landing and a now a ascending the Broad straight Stai Quot Way. She was barefooted and Clad Anil in fest . Braids of Golden hair coiled about her head made a Halo gleaming in the Light her Blue eyes were wide open and staring. Instantly they All realized that she was walking in her sleep. A Don t Wake her a whispered mrs. Bird. A not a sound please or the poor Lamb May get the Shock of her in two silent strides Gregory was beside the older woman. His left hand closed Over her right and in a single Sharp twist he forced the revolver from Between her fingers. If looks could have killed Gregory would have fallen dead upon the spot. Mrs. Bird however brushed passed him without a word and hurried on tiptoe to the foot of the wide staircase. The Girt was now Halfway Down the flight. She was quite Young eighteen or Nineteen perhaps slim As a boy with Only faintly rounded breasts and hips. Her face was Small and delicately chiselled her creamy Cheeks were slightly flushed in sleep. Above her Short straight nose and White forehead the great Oriel of plaited hair formed a shimmering Golden Crown. There was something ethereal and fair like about her As she moved slowly Down toward them which made it seem hardly possible that she was warm flesh and blood. The Young inspector thought that in All his Days he had never seen anything quite so Lovely. Mrs. Bird mounted a few stairs and took the girl very gently by the Arm. With hardly a pause she turned in her tracks and began to walk up the stairs again led now by the elder woman. A Wells a said Gregory in a Sharp whisper a go up with them. There May be another Telephone Wells nodded and with one hand on the Banister rail began to tiptoe upstairs after the two women. A we rent to she a pretty kid a murmured Rudd. A almost like a fairy off a Christmas tree Only wanted a Wand and a couple of Gregory shrugged. A pretty enough but quite brainless i should think. Anyhow it was a bit of Luck for us she turned up when she did or we would have had to waste More time arguing with the old when mrs. Bird and the inspector came Down the stairs again Gregory asked her sharply a a what a the name of this place a a a que Park a Good now before we go on any further i want you to satisfy yourself that our Friend Here really is a police inspector. The quickest Way is for you to get on the Telephone to Scotland a that sounds sense Quot she said a Little subdued now that she no longer had the whip hand Over them. The result of her Call proving satisfactory her attitude changed at once from acute suspicion to apologetic interest. A not another word please a Gregory protested. A you were perfectly right to hold us up and you did it darn Well into the bargain but now joking apart would it be troubling you too much if we asked you to make us a cup of Tea we be been up All night and i m sure the others could do with one certainly sir of course i will. Maybe you could do with a bite to eat As Well. W hat about some Nice fast a bags i0t no arly break be and really ult a you go along with mrs. Bird and give her a hand. I want a word with the 7 left by a Gregory moved Over to Wells who had sat Down on the settee again. Try and amp things 0ut m bit he said. A Izett 7 80rry about having banged you Over the head but it hav opened if it in Ling less or r paint do i Kue monday a Eon Mory club own people in refusing to to work a a done to worry about the Knock j gave Wells freckled flu up with a Boyish Grin. Tea at the Yard this morning w you i know what you told and that you re acting on Belt sir Pell More Gwaine Cust but did no to give away what you re ii Ligating for him a a need we Fence pm get to the Bottom of the tonal smuggling Racket a a right wed in a after that thing. The Yard was asked to de take a special inquiry a Giorl they be Given me a Chance St Ray first Independent invest i was put on to this special about six weeks ago and so far spent most of my time trying a Lead from the British end working Back from the ret who Are cutting the prices of goods to the wholesaler is eventually to the actual i of a you did no to have mock then a a not much to begin with police nets a wide one once it to operate. We traced Boos from a dress shop in by to a wholesale House in Street and i put the Chip Voit through his paces about Aga of course he swore he i knowledge there was anything about the parcel head handled said that it a been sold him to a French House by a woman tentative As bankrupt Stock. I aged to rattle him pretty though by telling him the put me on to the i who a sold him the goods cd to run him As a dealer in con1 himself. Then i gave him four hours to think it Over. A next Day a Wells continue. Dealer gave me a descriptions lady you met in Deauville. Told me he had met the lady lounge of the Carlton beet did no to want to be seen in Hie Chi and he believed that when Sam. In London she stayed St the a my next move was to the ton and the management then me every assistance they e the lady proved to be a miss szentes. We circulated her tion through the usual Chan asked for the cooperation a French police As Well. Ther her for us in Paris where in some connection with s Gene a stocking Gregory frowned on less new Sabine a to much More involved than he had suppose Wells continued without s p making his Story As Short Gjack co01 a a i flew to Paris with Faw denials As a buyer for s w a Jpn London firm but had to c stocking factory Sver a in fore i finally met the worn after. Guess they s they a have to have her a so a close the Deal i was Tau doing much about Well each other along. I lunch and we talked for _ pretended to Libs my in t but i knew she did t Resh though i tried to seem a falling hard for her ii a a finally when she was the Telephone and in a the table i went j Hon pinched that Telegram. A Why he Ibe it it in de auntie that night Steff said she had to go a know met her All it nest of the Story i a sheepishly. A isms. Gregory laughed. To be con Hon no Lif it Alif or Luj hate it Oil

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