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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 2

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Bradford, Pennsylvania Taksir i we. The , Kajj fund a. I another Dollar for chances on a ton institution including ? do a Pital at Philadelphia which now is the subject of a legislative commit sat Choat j Coy to Lim local Man to play t rumble of Thunder a in Chiel Iquiel i to tto died away. The Brief but violent rained left Little pools of water in main the air Sweet smelling and moist. It net see ii 01113 d Green and eke of re i i it had Antoum ment and made hour Twilight. A a the Bustle of mid-1 party the engines to the Desantis Ved leisurely or Clayman building fire we know is observing the because he just break away Content that the from the annual St. Bernard alumni dinner at which he was a speaker. A of Smethport folks arc already Busy with arrangements for the Mckean county fair. And. Dare we mention it that Means that school Days Aren t so far away. Varied hues Blue tried colourful a lights in theatre d As if to hasten cant to supplant of Coal. He won the oar. But took $500 instead. He won the ton of Coal. He encountered a Tough break however in hurrying from the fair grounds to a theatre there. He was just too Date to collect another $105 when his name was called during Bank night now if Only he had been twins a of 4 modern pied Piper of Hamelin. We note has arrived Here to ply his ancient Trade and the City of vermin. But test tubes have replaced the flute of the legendary character of old and Bradford children will not flick an eyelash at his scientific successor. A of Radford police plan a Pic tee inquiry. Wants new Oil probe group appointment of a new Oil investigating commission. The group created in 1937 was halted a a court injunction. The judiciary ruled that the commission was created by joint Resolution and should have been established by a Bill in order to have inquisitorial Powers. Validating commissions already Assoc cited new a a july 22 ing violation of two to charge new Deal created by joint Resolution of the the securities and a legislature their action expenses a Jange commission brought court and expenditures. This apparently action today against the associated is to counteract the decision on the Gas amp electric company testing shakespearean role William j of bad Ord win take the role of old gob. It a n new interpretation of the Mer chant of Venice a to be presented wednesday and thursday at Pennsylvania state College where or. Reilly is studying for a master s de Gree in psychology. Sam Jaffe. Noted player. Take the part of shylock shakespearean play. A last Day Alice fait \ Neil Hamilton a in a in a a you re a sweetheart j a i married a spy chapter no. Ion a i he Lont rangers will in the new Radford tomorrow amp monday Mue the thrill Trail with Renfrew. Ashe a is new est manhunt in the land of Snow Comfort and sme in a Beautiful Serroi Oil investigation committee. The Utility systems right to Sll drop for it All was it. Raub the a canopy of Leaden sky the verdure richly Green after a Nic tomorrow on grounds near Allegany. X. Y. It s probably Safe to predict no arrests will be made there because even if a guest did become unruly who would have jurisdiction to Pinch him Issue regulating the Sale exposure or securities on an Exchange basis offering for Sale use distribution without Sec registration and a or Possession of fireworks. The state has such a Law now but it is enforced locally said col. My. M. Thori nation. Upon the Sec s petition. Federal judge Henry w. Goddard ordered Wilhelm of the state motor police. Be company to show cause on the governor after the fourth of auf Fust 2. Why an injunction should bites to be said the us. Inc la to a Bea r a nine them Ong unhappy messages a of or. H. R. Macmillan pastor of the first Baptist Church who last night celebrated his 35th year in the ministry and his 10th year in this City congratulations or. Macmillan is not Only a Clergyman who holds the respect of and Friendly wishes of All who know him he is also an after dinner speaker whose fund of stories make Western Union memorable any event at which he us at Franklin talks. A of City Council made a far sighted As Well As courageous move the other Day in voting to install floodlights at Community Park. Is it far fetched to wonder if this All town though the in May have been it offered by and signified peace. Of member when telegrams were such rarities that they were regarded As omens h or similar tragedy la that changed now Jerri Chanson Loca lager told a other Day. Telegram carries Good news times out of to. He said Esti ing that Only to per cent of governor lists 24 subjects for special session Little girl we know gives action is not a step in the direction it so. Promise of growing up to become a Thrifty wife. Her Mother sent her Uptown the other Day with 25 cents to buy a Small gift for another Tot s birthday party. Into the five and ten she arched to do her shopping renin g Home with not one gift but r. And those included a Mouth an a of Midnight Phenomena in july Clouds of insects flying about each lamp in main Street clustering on the Globe seeking the source of the brilliance. A of m of a swimming Pool a modern recreation Center for Bradford a of a group of boys looking for a place to play baseball in Philadelphia took the advice of a Jokester the papers report and wrote to the a vacant lots department. City but the joke proved a Boon because the crime prevention association to which the letter was referred. Announced the boys would get their play space. A of local motorists we understand Are to get a break in the form of instruction cd bicycle continued from Page one appropriating from the general fund enough Money to carry on Relief to the unemployed until january when the regular session can make new appropriations. Earle said this could be accomplished merely by Transfer of funds since enough was on hand but that the $99,000,000 provided for the jobless by the 1937 legislature would be exhausted before that time. He emphasized no new taxes were needed. Empowering school districts to lease or rent Public school buildings and to convey land and buildings to the general state authority. This plan is in line with the suggestion of senator Edward j. Thompson. Centre Democrat to develop a $75,-000,000 Federal state local school improvement program. Under it. The buildings would be put up by the general state authority and leased or rented by the schools until the debt was amortized. I re Coal report accepted seeking solution to the puzzling problem of the declining Anthracite Industry which is entered in Pennsylvania Earle recommended a violations of the Public Utility hold to a the inc act of 1935 and the securities act of 1933. The action is the first test of its kind since the Utility act was upheld by the supreme court in the electric Bond amp share company legislation. The system was charged with i july casualties this year injuries desire a full Benefit a amendments to the social Security Laws to obtain Quot the full benefits 1 on Grants to Blind persons. The state pays a Flat pension Blind. The Federal government j adopting a policy of providing Aid on purely a basis of need objected several times to Matching Pennsylvania s Grants As it does in other states. Determining who shall the medical expenses of the needy who Are not receiving institutional care. Some counties have refused to it. State officials said this would add $1,000,000 a year to its Relief Burden. Making new appropriations to the department of property and supplies to rents and other charges on new or additional projects to be constructed in the future by the general state authority made a the offer for in order that additional Federal Grants May be obtained on that basis. Seeks legality of certain taxes make Legal certain taxes first class school dust riots have levied but which were thrown out by the courts. Provide for the abatement of tax penalties and interest on taxes imposed by political subdivisions. Make some provision for the widening of the Philadelphia approaches to the Delaware River Bridge. Declaring illegal the use of trans it from not be issued enjoining were not Worth the extending an Issue of 54 per cent convertible investment certificates which mature next november 15. Funeral services for James Madison Arrowsmith. 83. Well known re the complaint alleged specific Jred Lumberman who died yester Day morning at to of clock at his Home in Nichols run near Limestone. Will be held Here at 2 30 of clock sunday afternoon at the Mcallister funeral Home. Or. Arrowsmith retired approximately 20 years ago from the lumber business. He had been in dating the Utility act in that it did health for the past several months 10-Ames e w i l l its r to we Terry Walker Silver King i wonder Doc without by not ask the approval of the Sec before it sought to extend the Issue of certificates and with violating the securities act of 1933 by issuing new certificates registering them As required Law. The company further violated both acts the complaint charged. By using the mails without complying with provisions of the acts. The system stated the company the purpose of conserving the Cash of associated Gas amp electric company which is the top company in the associated system during a period when the future business Outlook is Mong the precedents which 31 ers in traffic rules. The Mckean Cep Tance of the Anthracite commis Mitringa machines for gambling. This year old Douglas Corrigan set county motor club will cooperate in the new York California with mayor Hugh j. Ryan and mrs. Flight which landed him in Dublin Miriam Pyle and Jack Burns of the was what must be a new Low $69.60. For an Atlantic crossing. Sure his ancestry does not show a Strain of scotch a a to Quot Quot Quot comments the column a and local playgrounds in teaching Correct bicycle manners at the play centers. As a result perhaps motorists Here wont feel their hearts leap into their throats whenever they Sion report which urged state Laws to regulate the business and said the legislature should take such action As May be deemed approx a $20,000 deficit which the commission said it incurred Over among other things a com encounter a cyclist. Piled by the staff of the Erie dispatch Herald a Prev. Charles e. Ward recently appointed to the new Lawrence Park Parish was chaplain of the fire department at Bradford. He never missed a fire. A 4 Well with possibly one exception. Father Ward did t a com a of the Odyssey of a Lucky Man. Contained in a Story from Butler n. A a High school teacher named Jack Miller won four dollars in a baseball Pool. One Dollar of his winnings he spent on chances for an automobile at a firemen s fair and Marcy applies especially to horse racing. Tightening the Laws relating to the exits from buildings. Enabling the Commonwealth or any Agency thereof which could be the state housing boards to make and above its $50,000 appropriation agreements with housing authorities in the Purchase or acquisition of real estate. Early s third special session appropriate the necessary funds to conduct the special session the third since Earle took office in january 1935. There have been two regular biennial sessions. Several other Points were not immediately explained by the administration. One provides for amendments to the Public Utility Laws but does not cite what they Are. Another a relates to the change of venue in criminal Earle noted in his a pc ally that Quot grave charges had been made against the governor of the Commonwealth and other civil officers his death was attributed to ailments incident to his advanced age. He was born in Lycoming county july 9, 1885, and had been a resident of the Limestone area for the past 28 years. Survivors include a brother Thomas Arrowsmith of Salamanca. X. Or and two nephews Douglas Arrowsmith of Bradford and Thomas Arrowsmith jr., of Salamanca. The Rev. Winfred Pero pastor of the Limestone methodist Church will officiate at the services tomorrow. Burial will be in the family lot in Oak Hill cemetery. Governor ask inc to rescind order boosting Anthracite freight rate Lus moved Earle to ask the general Assembly to make up the deficiency. Providing additional Money for the department of health to continue its program of pumping flood Waters from Coal mines and slate quarries an aftermath of the 1936 floods. Enabling the state to care for the mentally ill and feeble minded. A proposal has been advanced to have the state Lake Over county mental Austin tex., july 22 up head wagging texans will pick their favourites tomorrow in a democratic primary election distinguished by Side splitting platform antics and the introduction of bucolic Melody As a political Issue. Officials expect More than 1.000.-000 citizens will say tomorrow whether w. Lee of Daniel. Who stole the spotlight in the governor s race has tremendous voting support or whether his crowds simply thirsted for afountain music and prefer some one else As their nominee. The run off primary will be held August 27. Nearly All speculation revolved about attorney general William Mcgraw. Ernest o. Thompson. Chairman of the interstate Oil Harrisburg. July 22 a Gover nor Earle appealed to the interstate Commerce commission today to a reconsider and rescind its or j Der of last Spring increasing inter j state freight rate on Anthracite la cents a ton. Appearing personally against a petition of the Anthracite carrying a railroads seeking to Force the Pennsylvania Utility commission to Grant increase in freight rates to Points within the state the Gover i nor asserted a i say to you that not Only should the Ico refuse this petition of the railroads but that it should j reconsider and rescind its imposition of the increase of la cents a ton in interstate the governor protested that any further step up in the rail rates on hard Coal a a inevitably would stimulate a bootlegging and would a further cripple an already grievously sick freight locomotive sports Gay colors episode no. 8 Quot Tim Tyler a Luck co feature if so sit10. A j Sui s1 11 Richard Dix Fay wra1 Iliff it happened in Hollywood i j Coul i so so Lou siness i a Mone personal notes advertise in the William j. Reilly of Bank Street who is attending the summer sessions of the Pennsylvania state College returned Here yesterday for a Brief visit. Good music and entertainment Elev ening excepting mond a at the american legion Cill dancing 9 00 to 2 45 or and that it was a imperative that compact commission. Tom f. Hun continuing our clearance the charges be heard it a Lily a and As expeditiously As possible to the end that the innocent should be vindicated and the guilty exposed and when Earle announced earlier in the week after Long conferences with his advisers that he would Call the session to take up the grand jury Case. Shelley said he nevertheless would continue with his proceedings. Judge Paul x. Schaeffer. Berks ter of Wichita Falls who never has received less than 220.000 votes in a statewide race and of Daniel. The showman. O Daniel unknown two months ago except As the sponsor of a hillbilly music program to increase sales of his flour did not bother to outline his views on several highly controversial issues. He was Content with promising everyone Over 65 years old the maximum pension of $30 a month. Sayre. A. July 22 a most a Kissenger trains have become Stream lined. Now the freight locomotive is to he a thing of Colora the Lehigh Valley Railroad has painted one of its freight engines in yellow aluminium Gray and Black. Officials say it will be put into service soon. Takes new position Sumph Way to get vacation Money plan the kind of vocation Mast inf trial in ism borrow the Money from personal finance Ca. A Chiei requirements inst your a no cosigner be ability to Wall regular credit inquiries of tonal a instalments. Employer. Personal often makes Loans to people an a Plain note Otto just their own signature Only. Personal Loans up to Sam. Personal finance compar 10th year in Bradford person Al Loans up to $300 floor no. 2 . Bldg pm. No. 105 phone 41 Cor. South Are. J. J. Alexander mgr. Of % a county Jurist has been assigned by War without Quarter on a a proves Many new features added to the amazing values that have taken Bradford by storm the state supreme court to supervise the grand jury inquiry. July clearance Hose special Uler sheer wingless Chiffon and service height 54c 2 pairs $1.00 july clearance purses 46cnd66c h Hite and pastel july clearance summer dresses $1.00 Hurri for these. Only 275 left. Sizes to 52. July clearance girls Wash dresses 77 size i to 16 july clearance play suits Slacks culottes 79 july clearance Rayon undies 17c you will he amazed at thew values. July clearance Batiste and Cotton crepe gowns and pyjamas 77 priced to tear july clearance hats 77 Choice of any hat in store july clearance summer toppers 98 $1.88 sharkskin., Wool flannels suede and Waffle cloth. July clearance Fine Quality Rayon slips 33 tailored and i Ace trimmed july clearance Wash dresses 66c new fresh styles in sheers and Percale. July clearance hand made and hand embroidered Porto rican gowns 24 while they last i cub scout news \ i Den 3 of cub pack 73 met last night at the Home of Bobby Porter in summer Street. Jack Keltz a opened the meeting and Fred Holly i closed it. Games were played and refreshments were served. The next meeting will be held at the Home of Jack Keltz. Clearance of dresses Kathryn Day 13 Kennedy St. Who Hoard 2 children s to 9 yrs., preferred. Good Home on farm. Vav. E. Ramer . 2. Smethport. Signal politicians and giving his crowds Mountain music in Large doses. Polling hours Are from 7 to 7 p. In. Titusville pa., july 22 Rob waging i Art h. Miller Secretary of the y. M. C. A. Here for five years resigned to accept a similar position at the West Philadelphia m. C. A. He is a past District governor of rotary International. A. In. Clearance of dresses Kathryn Day-13 Kennedy St. For Sale a i sed Gas ranges priced As Low As $5.00. Several new ranges Only one half Price. No reasonable offer turned Down. Come in today for these bargains. Emery hardware co., 45-47 main Street. Urge uniform fee system Gettysburg pa., july 22. Pm a the Pennsylvania association of pro the notaries and clerks of the courts today urged a uniform fee system for their offices in All counties. Forty persons standing upright can be accommodated in the head of the statue of Liberty. Warner positions Olean. N. Y. Street. Graduates have taken in Dallis Texas and phone 4218. New map Bradford Oil Field shows music Mountain Wells As far As drilled. Call Paul p. Lyon. For Sale fish bait. 135 pleasant St. Phone 3967. July clearance summer blouses 66 Choice of any a inure in the store. Notice from this Date i will not be responsible for any Bills contracted Birny wife mrs. Teresa Ellis. Norman Ellis. For Sale broilers stewing and roasting chickens. Dial 3849. Painting and paper hanging phone 6060. Lee Sanborn. 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