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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 23 1938, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 23, 1938, Bradford, Pennsylvania A in gaffs a the to emf slivered circulation Swisk via a. Of amt up Quot athe great Field Bradford the Bradford Era if oni v not re Over 7800 net paid daily in Jung circulation guaranteed by audit Bureau circulations so. The Only paper in my Kean county receiving the unrivalled news service established 18 i pick a Back Pilot assails Morgan Campaign i detonation impounded i tonal probes take Legal opinions by counsel referring to entries witness i three cause associated press Tenn. July 22-tv a find e. Lilienthal Testi Quot Gamoning suspicion a Trust motivated . Of Jan s attack the the Tennessee j session Al macs Tina Lilienthal assailed Tya chairman for a Jain defamation Jig to suppress rec a Jaag statements from Utji amp a Lader attack sit nearby his face so the blistering Alae investigators Ira it a d minutes and All left to a counsel with in changed entries after a Jsn fied to numerous a1-the action was taken motion repro i jokes a Ohio. I Hoffman assistant eco Board testified messes in the minutes Quot mostly by mooning today hosted All three directors. Arthur Morgan made i Tim minutes the bulk the rough drafts. Bensons proper asserted he and his Bradi a pa., a it Mon id. Iii a 23, ii 1938. Of the associated press a a a a a Telephone 4131 the Era Telephone number connecting All departments the Queen and mme. Lei Iran explosion occurs Friday at Goodman firm Yards in Hilton Street three children Hurt John Capozzi Mechanic Street is most seriously injured sextet blast occurs when thirteenth Cylinder oxygen being unloaded bursts. Three men and three children Are patients in Bradford Hospital because Burns suffered in an explosion an oxygen tank yesterday afternoon at 2 10 clock at the Goodman and company Yards in Hilton Street. The most seriously injured. John Capozzi 36. Of 36 Mechanic Street a Goodman company employee was reported in fair condition at the Hospital late last night by . J. E. Capt. C. T. Bennett above was at the controls when Britain a plane the Mercury resident physician. He a Rote another chapter to Asiatic. A burned d 4b0ut the Back by aero., the at Tantle after and and it calved a a fractured taking off from the Hack its \ left Arm. Ent Craft. The Mala. At Fornea Ireland. Others in the Hospital. Other victims the blast still in the Hospital and their conditions j Are Joe Bateski 25. Of 53 Clarion i Street Goodman company labourer Burns Arm and legs condition a quite Louis Goodman. 29. 34 Barbour Street Goodman company Book keeper Burns both legs left hand condition Betty Jean Watson 9, 114 Hilton Street daughter . And mrs. I Owen Watson Burns lower leg condition Bertha Bethune. To. Ill Hilton new hazards appear William Bethune Burns Back and legs condition a Good a fires in is tao lives Pacific area gets some Relief after 2 weeks Forest blazes by cd por a third term cop Leader charges rising Relief Rolls Effort to get clients votes governor lists 24 subjects for special session death ends Long career stirred by Hopkins Hamiltons statement occasioned by spa administrators remark he feels 90 per cent 3,000,000 Relief Rolls favor Fdl a administration. Ami a a a it this picture flown across the Atlantic in the pick a Back plane Mercury which was carried aloft by the Maia at foynes Ireland then catapulted while 1,000 feet in the air shows her majesty Queen Elizabeth and mme. Lebr in wife the president France As the King and Queen England arrived at the Bois do Boulogne station in Paris their state visit to France. By the associated press Washington july 22�?john Hamilton the Republican National chairman charged today the Roosevelt administration was increasing Relief Rolls and failing to stimulate private Industry in an Effort to obtain a third term for the president with Relief clients votes. At the same time the Republican Leader expressed conviction that the american people would repudiate Quot this shameless conduct at the polls this fall and in 1940. A indeed it is very doubtful whether even those the Federal Relief Rolls would vote for . Roosevelt again a Hamilton added in a statement to the press. Quot what these people want Are self respecting jobs in private Industry. They Are growing being made we Ards the Roosevelt administration. They know there is neither a comfortable livelihood nor any future whatever in a Job Relief. Yet that is the Only thing which the new Deal today offers the Hamilton s statement was occasioned by the declaration Harry l. Hopkins the spa administrator at a press conference yesterday that he believed 90 per cent. Earle proclaims session to Deal primarily with projected inquiry begins 7 p. M. Monday governor strikes Back at alleged a a usurpation a Power by courts urges solons to appropriate Money needed to conduct a a open a a investigation. C. Jay Goodnough tired i former speaker state House and chairman old pc succumbs Emporium resident by the associated press Harrisburg july 22.�?�?� governor George la. Earle striking Back at what he termed a a usurpation Power by the courts tonight j proclaimed a special session a the legislature to Deal primarily with the projected grand jury investigation i political graft charges aimed 1 at him and 13 his Asso a dates. J he specified 24 subjects for consideration j a the constitutional rights Tho i legislative and executive branches the government Are in danger j being invaded a Earle declared in i the session proclamation summon ing the representatives and senators to the Capitol Halls for the extra Ordinary meeting at 7 p. In. Est monday. J a the general Assembly alone is empowered openly and publicly to conduct an investigation such August 8, before we can get to a Tractive phases Seattle. July 22�?cooler weather James Wolff to 115 Hilton Street it scour a. Morgan and diminishing winds brought son . And mrs. John Wolff . Morgan s accuse partial Relief in parts the a i Burns arms Les and balt Cut a kid innuendoes must cd pc n0rthwe�t tonight from the l1,t0n a gtd Quot two week plague fires and heat that burned an estimated 130,000 acres Timberland and contributed to at least 15 . A a but in Northern Idaho official. C8nfr 31 a Good Man company labourer and David Royal company has gone Home re White 13, son . And mrs. Ira Alistick French diplomats tonight White 21 Hilton Street workmen the company were unloading cylinders oxygen. In the minutes Lader Quot perfectly Prophet All directors changes end that Iii documents. Or. Morgan Al without the consent the other Diree said. Led to the a procedure in a Ach revisions were treated and discharged. Those treated at the Hospital dispensary for minor bums the arms and discharged were Cecil British rulers end French state visit Paris july 22 that said the situation was a a a Nightmare a for foresters and in parts Washington new hazards appeared. Northern Idaho conditions were described at Spokane by c. H. We a thing about 200 pounds each Hunter manager the Forest service warehouse. A lookouts Are almost helpless he said. A great Billows smoke j towards Hilton Street from a truck the Burdett oxygen company. Cleveland o., in front the Goodman warehouse facing counted two prime results the four Day Exchange amenities with Britain both which nurtured Hopes for lasting peace in Europe. I. France and Britain took advantage the favourable occasion is recovered a a. July 22 j?.�?volun-i tonight recovered the a Ato encourage agreement with Ger Are rolling Over the area from the j twelve tanks an order 15 Many to ease Central european Northwest blinding the Lookout. Had been taken from the truck and tension. And if they can to see fires Start lined along the warehouse front t keep them from spread when the thirteenth Cylinder b St ---------11----a by the associated press Harrisburg july 22.�?the death i charges a he said. Of c. Jay Goodnough at 71 today 1 Republican District attorney Carl in. Shelley is to Start in the Dau closed a Long career in Public office a a a a ,. Onn Nunn ii Phin county courts at Harrisburg the 3,000,000 persons work which int Ludd two for Cnair i j a n j a j. The. included two terms As speak j the grand jury inquiry allowed by the state House represent the courts. Natives and the chairmanship the i wants charges sifted former Public service commission. Earle and some his closest friends Here were notified Good j associates Are accused by Shelley enough died in a Cleveland hos 1 maintaining a a system crime a Ain Tulia Ouw Lea Guing a a Var ult 111 a vice Muu duo j. High record and the failure the a Tal pneumonia last night Fol it involving blackmail extortion and Roosevelt administration to take j Loving an abdominal operation. 0f state employ Tea for Steps to stimulate private Indus i born ii Whitesville n. Y., Good George and Elizabeth stood was try. Obviously the Roosevelt and. Enough moved to Emporium pa., ing the deck the yacht in ministration is seeking to Perpetu Chantres As she pulled away and ate itself in Power through the use Relief Rolls favored the Roosevelt administration. Quot in View this development reasons become clearer for the constant increase the Federal Relief Rolls now reaching a new 2 Anglo French military plans for Quick effective cooperation just the German settlement the tithe oxygen igniting out were further co River while fishing in p where at least 13 per the workmen and c i ordinates a a a nut South bran a d f heat drowning in a Mas. Of flan _ the Ute visit King George j. Frank Culp. Rocky were somewhat lower Ivy in Brough and has scottish Queen ended recovered the body. Oday and major fire neared con i dle 150 feet at 5 35 p. In. When the Royal party picked up their escort 26 French Relief funds because As the warships and naval planes for the president said in 1936, a every Mes Channel crossing to Dover. Sage in a envelope even if it the International situation As it is the Krutil it is a command to oct shapes up after the visit will be re according to the will the pm viewed by president Albert Lebrun to it her x and the Cabinet tomorrow morning. I chairman Sheppard a Tex Premier edouard Dander will in the Senate Campaign funds conform the Cabinet the results a to teen commented to e com Anglo French military talks which Mittee Wou s u it Mark. The governor urged the Legisla when he was 21. He served in iture t0 instigate the charges and various Cameron county offices appropriate the necessary funds for prothonotary Register recorder and i 5uci> an a pen inquiry regulate four terms As clerk courts. To Fand Defoe the scope and respective was also engaged in the banking jurisdictions the general Assem tic Atton Al Ligi g amp behind the news Lrol Forest supervisor t. S. Goodyear reported at least 12 new fires Washington state. He said a a in in the air Landing in front the sailed from Calais. A French in Goodman company office. Fantry band played a god save the Tun late. Jack Powers. 30. Of 3206 Prospect warships boomed a Salute High wind threatened to fan the Avenue Cleveland Driver the and thousands spectators 35,000-acre Ryderwood fire i truck was knocked Over the Side nearby docks shouted Quot come Back Southwest Washington. J the truck opposite the unloading to see us again a Vancouver Island. B. A Gate by the Impact. He was unhurt a a a a a a Quot came the final Day. The feeling in governmental circles was that the visit was a decided Success particularly As a demonstration Anglo French Unity and As a counteraction to Reichs fuehrer hitlers visit to Premier Mussolini in May Early 19th Century coach up for Sale business. First elected to the House representatives in 1914, he served eight two year terms and was speaker during the 1923 and 1931 sessions. He was appointed to the Public Hopkins re service commission by former governor Gifford Pinchot december i 1932. He became its chairman May 6, 1933, serving until the Earle administration replaced the p. S. C. With the Public Utility commission in 1937. Funeral services will be held it 60 000-acre fir destroyed 1 except for scratches. The expo a reign military fishing Ion Tore. Hole in the. Front settlement yesterday. 25 Familia. Of the was hour. Pittsburgh july 22�? up a a High wheeled stage coach that rumbled tuesday at Whitesville. Dedicating a Monument at Yui Over the alleghenies Between Phil ers a Reton neut to australians Adelphia and Pittsburgh in the Japan moderates w orld War dead the King today Early 19th Century went up for briefly re emphasized the Anglo Sale today. French Bonds a ties that the passing Jack h. Weigand who got pos session the quaint vehicle a few years ago and often rented it for celebrations wants to sell it years can never attitude toward soviet a invasion notice. The fire swept toward the Little settlement Headquarters b. A his clothing a mass flames Capozzi who had been lifting the tanks As they were unloaded ran for the office. Goodman who had observers predict fall Kiu Kiang fled their Homes and 75 others pre pared to evacuate a moments Jishin gov tuck recent appoint 15e2�?o Roo to it it has Stii set Quot a. Gir1 is burned to ath in a in be lord Irum Pic a Ivy a a it a t j cording to Bob Clayman. 16, com today by the japanese naval spokes Spanish insurgent units Pound against Vivers West Gates a Wride j henday France at the Span Shanghai july 22. Just joined the group near the truck i s Ead bombing raids to shake Chi j ish Frontier july 22�?/p.�?span was burned in extinguishing Caa Pozzi s flaming clothing with a augnese resistance to the japanese ish insurgents aided by italian he Tore from the office floor a 1 Yangtze Campaign were announced units pounded against the Western Tokyo. July 22�? to a a More conto get Money for a trip to Cali Cit Atory attitude was apparent in fornia. W Ligand Hasni to had a Job Japan tonight following soviet russians rejection Japan s protest that soviet troops had violated the Mancho Kuoan Frontier for two years. He traces the history coach Back to 1804. Of the named n i a pc native posts. He in is Pany employee. Gates Viver today in an Effort Man As foreign military observers to open the Way for a new Advance a Al a to mechanics Titusville. A. July 22-jt a Bateski. Who is reported to have predicted the imminent fall i to the Mediterranean. Polish Airliner crash kills 14 july la. The foreign office spokesman denied to foreign correspondents that Japan threatened Force to eject red soldiers who had occupied a bit land which Moscow insisted was part Siberia and Tokyo de Japan protected Bly and the courts in investigations charges involving misdemeanours in office and regulating investigations by the grand jury such charges when made against Public officers. He has insisted the legislature should be the Only constitutional body to inquire into any accusations malfeasance. On top that Earle recommended some action to define and regulate the Powers and duties the attorney general and District attorneys. He lost a court Battle to Hava his attorney general Guy k. Bard supersede Shelley in the grand jury proceedings. 3 Points pertain to probe three earless 24 Points pertained to the grand jury Case which grew out the bitter primary Campaign. The other Points Are continued Page two i Illus Oliie r jul a a a i Vul Vav a Phuoi Ophy govern Florence Arlene Sterling five received the tank from Powers he year old daughter Ralph Driver Over the aide the for wage hour and ing. A spa worker was burned mediator and 1 to death today in a barn a farm a tical commission ten Miles North Titusville. Truck Driver Over the lowered truck Gat which Hung the airmen concentrated bombs nearly five feet above the ground Chi Ese troops in the Kiu Kiang was badly burned in the explosion. A sector and the lion Hill forts which be. Was Daniy oui lieu m is the girl s six year old brother Confer standing beside him escaped dominate the River and the Mouth a i Loyang Lake. To Miles East is men. Technicians a a a burned the Eros experts. He dug into i Edwin As. A eminent departments j legs and face 1 vices to obtain the administrators. Its a bom the Days when 1 a a highly academic and Tugwell the sex continued Page ten 011 Page three Mather airships 3 world Powers Laze at Long Island anchors port Washington n. A july 22�? Pic the Ocean going air planes punny Bania Ixo Ca saturday and not much i Quot a endure. A a _ the _ squabble Over supremacy the Atlantic air lines. A three world Powers lazed at Anchor the North Shore Long Island Quot today mute testimony to a polite but spirited International a a a a for future stopping Point Continental transports. America plans no More transatlantic flights until the new 72-passenger Boeing planes now being built Are ready for scheduled service. Last years series but j dressed by seven years explore Kiu Kiang. They also bombed a chinese vessel forcing it to run aground and were said to have sunk 20 Junks. Extending their assaults further upriver to the Wuhan City area entering Hankow Generalis inter Simo Chiang Kai Shekus general Headquarters the japanese planes destroyed freight cars and a building at the sin Yang station. Oviver is 34 Miles North Northwest Valencia the Teruel Mediterranean Highway which at sagunto joins the main coastal Road leading South to Valencia. A having shortened their front by a drive toward Viver from Barracano and the elimination a picket resistance in the Espina mountains the insurgents were Able to concentrate artillery and aviation to punish heavily the governments militiamen. While heavy fighting continued along the 30-mile front in Eastern Spain the insurgents reported they had advanced More than a mile in the Tagus River sector South Madrid. Bucharest july 22. Up a fourteen persons were killed today when Ajr Larj Helnn Ltd to polish air liner crashed near the Ianc Houku Quot polish rumanian Border. He said such an expression had the victims included Jonez Fer not been voiced either in Tokyo Nik rumanian Pilot who had spent in Moscow several years in the United states the Quot japanese ambassador �?~rut9 oui says Boake Carter Here there and everywhere Charest. Compromise. Hic air lines. I la Koivu Quot British seaplane arrived from tory work including that Charles foynes Ireland yesterday after a. Lindbergh by Way Greenland the first a 1938 series sur and Iceland was considered Britain started the enough. Back these Ocean Cal Fin i wish i had had As a to guest Board the other night. And an unidentified japanese Cap Moscow Mamoru Shigemitsu was he would have Learned w hat it is Tain. I said merely to have proposed to like., to sleep., in a 814,000,000 the plane carrying to passengers foreign commissar Maxim lit i j graveyard surrounded by the de and a Crew four was its Reg Jenoff that the troops be w withdrawn saying Bones democratic Skele ular run Between Warsaw and by to open the Way for a a general washed in Mournful lonely trickles through holes in their sides broken backs exposed Moss Greene ribs. And through these Daylight flickered. In a grim and almost gruesome semicircle they Lay Stern to Bow Bow to Stern almost two decades they have rested the Muddy Bottom the Delaware Erie. July 22�? Pic Mortimer theatre Quot Bank nights Are illegal a rive near Reedy Island which was e. Graham Erie county District also will be presented at Tomor j the quarantine station for vessels attorney predicted today the state rows closing session Graham entering the port Philadelphia. Association District attorneys j said. Tacked to the Southern end j w Ould adopt a with Little oppose j the question whether Bank Tiona a Resolution Confidence insights violate the lottery Laws has thinks state attorneys will approve Shelley for inquiry new York City i Carl b. Shelley Dauphin county prosecutor in his proposed grand not been decided by High courts Graham the states said but an artificially created Island these ghosts another democratic Era spending were once part that great Fleet wooden steam Corrie an is coming Home. Isnit that bigger new s than the fact that jury in Vega ligation 0f the state and prosecutors in Crawford Beaver j ships that were to have formed tax a Frapp that Metier �5iiddpn1v wants and a Thor a aunties have ruled a the the Bri 70 6 . A i1 i pm vey flights tests last year. A German seaplane drifted in to flights Ana Wincn in Feather flight Stop today end citizen be Able to buy a ticket to the first several proposed Southampton be Havre Ham 91 roundtrip this year in a Continua Burg 89 tion Survey work Between new j a statement by capt. Rudolph in a a 1 a a True in 1936 and Jahn. American representative 1 the German transport company Lufthansa supplied an answer to the second part the question. A Lufthansa a he said Quot is ready to Fly mail across the Atlantic whenever the american government says we american 86 York and the azores in 83 1937. So two hours later an 80 flying boat Cabin crowded with 79 passengers rocked the visiting As it 7 a a a a pm 11 up i a 86 a find h 79 Passen cars rocked the 4 year a 78 planes at their moorings he $ a a8� j ploughed the water Manhasset 68 Bay a Takeoff for Bermuda a a ibui3 cd a a n the King England is visiting France that Hitler suddenly wants. A a England and Germany to be buddies that Japan is trying to Date rus the a a a Quot ution to a stick by Shel item a illegal. Sin Ano scrap. Who a. A Ley a said Graham a Republican a Bank nights a a at which Cash Corrigan is coming Home. What boots it that some Guy named tone and Persona Friend Shelley had awards Are made a by draw has Pitt ted with some j Quot Lav Ord. Been a thrashed out 1 in hotel rooms Are permitted in Erie theatres but Corrigan is coming Home they might the . Houston be in and i be off Rcd Tomow at Graham said his office would take Terestea in whether the nibble the president got was from a w ahoo the prosecutors convention. 1 no action until an Appeal now from a Piscat orial rooster but not Here. In fact the Day Doug docks District Adorney James c. Bane pending in the supreme court is w Ould be a bad time for the beginning the second world War if they 0f Washington county a demo settled expect to get a news break it. It might get a mention in the new York declared he was a Aioo per cent 1 times a which mentions anything a but it we Ould never make the other for Shelley but declined to say sheets. I whether he would sponsor the res Why because a country that is sick unto death red tape has seen it vanquished dramatically. Corrigan the incorrigible is coming Home. Copyright 1938 Shelley Secretary treasurer the the Bridge ships across the Atlantic in the world keep the allies supplied Writh food munitions and. American manhood. But a Bridge that never materialized., for us was built greenest Green lumber supplied to Woodrow Wilson and his a new deserving democrats. Of from North and South Carolinas the association said he was Here j Georgia Alabama Texas and the to rest and turned aside All in a Northwest. Pine from the South solution. Quiries regarding governor Earle s a Resolution designed to express Call for a special session the an opinion the association that legislature. Washington fir and Oregon pin continued Page fourteen

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