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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 4

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bradford, Pennsylvania 4�?the Bradford Abra saturday july to 1900 Bradford Vicinity Assembly of god 59 South Avo. Rot. Bour recoil. Footer 9 45 o school la of sonic 6 30 p people 7 30 p service wed., 7 30 and Bibl study Bradford four Che Arr gospel 1-5 Walker ave. Rot. Rharles e. Food 9 45 a sunday school h of a in a morning worship t to p sonic Bolivar Rin Naz Alkene Church Rev. Leys f. Mclaughlin or. 45 a school 10 45 a worship c 45 p in a Nepf 7 30 Santo Roma a drive Baptist Rev. Robert Rowe. Pastor 9 45 a in a sunday school Lapp a in a worship sonic 8 to p Union 7.30 service first free. Methodist Boylston St. Bradford Rev. Ronald Tovey. Paster 9 30 a in a sunday school 11 00 a in a morning worship 6 a p sen it e 7.30 p in a evening worship sonic Church of jest Christ latter Day saints a mormon ass negroes re Robert Relmer. Or Saab for Side 10 00 a sunday sen in Church of Christ 121-123 Derrick Road William d. Elf Tala. Minister 10 00 a study 10 50 a sonic 9 30 a evening worship wed. 7 30 study a Lake your problems to Church thus a millions leave am tiers i Asbury methodist Chi bar rot. J. H. Clark. Factor 9 30 a in a Church Benzyl 11 00 a worship a 45 Fellowship wed. 7 30 Marting Bibl study and East end presbyterian Rev. William a. Met Shah pastor 9 30 a worship service and sunday school first United press twerian la e. Condon re Rev. Douglas p Wright. Minister Rey David y k. Lee. Asst. Minister i to a in Church or Bool i 30 a worship West Branch eco Dos w Washington i. Rev. Gerald m. Anndrea. Pastor 9 45 a in a sunday school 11 00 a worship Khi pm youth Fellowship t of p in Rev ening service wed., 7 15 a prayer meeting Cutter City Christian Mission Abt Alliance a Chestnut St. Rev. Paul r. Drha Vea. Pastor 10 00 a in sunday school 11 00 a worship 6 21 p Fellowship 7 00 p in a evening service wed. 7 30 mooting Church of the open Birle i Harding Avo. Rev. Curtis r. Ruby 9 10 a sunday school 10 45 a morning worship 9 00 p people 7.00 p service wad., 7 . Bible study episcopal Church of ascension >4 Chautauqua flare Rev. Edward Rhill son Rector 9 of communion 11 00 a. prayer and Sermon 11 00 school 7 00 a youth Fellowship tues. 7 30 Reader class wad. 4 90 choir rehearsal Thura., la a in a holy communion thurs. 7 30 p choir first Church of Christ. Scientist to can Grets St. To 45 a service to 45 a in a sunday school wed., 7 45 a services Reading room la Mechanic St. Open monday through Friday 11 30 to 9 pm., except holidays Friday evenings. I to to saturday. 11 90 . To i seventh Dat adventist Ranald r. Sea la. Patter Jerome ave. 9 30 a in. Sat a Sabbath school 11 00 ., Sersic wed., 7 30 p Clat Eft. 7 10 pm a Young people meeting sunday. A for the aaa times Webb sunday. To a a la voice of prophecy Webb St. Anthony s Catholic Rev. John f. Rennedy Paster services temporarily at Lewis rub first methodist Church Rev j. H Clark Raster 9 30 a Rny worship service 10 30 a sunday school Lewi a run a trans memorial eco Rev Lerna Lundgrew. Faster 9 48 a school la on g m a worship service 9 00pm�? youth Fellowship t on p in a evening seme wed., 7 30 p in a boys and girls fellow a hip youth prayer meeting. Adult prayer meeting. Our Mother of perpetual Helf Rev Jehn f. Kennedy. Faster weekday Masse a 45 a in and 7 19 a in sunday mass 7 00 ., 9 90 a in. And of 30 a in. Holy Day Masse 7 00 a in. And t of p in Novena Devotion wednesday 7 30 pm first Friday masses 4 45 . And 7 a in Limestone Limestone methodist Church the Rev. Glen Moore. Faster 9 45 a school 11 00 a worship sen in St. Patrick a Church Hee. Pan Durkin Paster sunday Mas 9 00 am and la noon evening masses holy Days 7 45 pm first Friday of the month at 5 30 pm Smethport Copeland e. Church Mechanic and balk St. Rev. T. J. A solder. Paster 10 of a Church school la. Of a morning worship 7 49 p in a evening service Fiest Baptist Chubch a i Congreve St. Bee. C. L. Sprague Raster 9 45 a Church school 11 of a in a worship same 7 30 p service St. Rev Heen Ard rom an Catholic James Burke. Assistant feeler sunday masses 7. T. 9, to. Ii a in. 12 noon and i.1s Bapt isms sunday. 2 pm. Hill memorial air Bey Laten at Kennedy St. Ber. Lee b. Hansen Railer 9 49 a sunday school 11 00 a worship 5 43 Fellowship 7 00 Bervie a a Tab run Church m2 s. Kendall ave. Evv. Harold a Burdick. Faster 10 00 school la of a service 7 00 p service Mission covenant Church Cele ave., Bradford lev j. Frederick rag Herg. Paster 9 45 a school 10 50 a in a worship Bervie a p meetings 7 00 Bervie Grace lutheran Church a the ave. Al e. Corydon by. Bee. George Gibs or. Faster 9 00 a in a sunday school and Elbta Cli 10 11 a Benic Jehovah s witnesses 45 h Corydon is. Sunday a p talk sunday. 7pm a watchtower study tuesday i p in a Bibl study Friday. Regular raft St cry Rich Bey. William i. Streep. Faster 9 90 pm Bible school to 30 a morning worship 4 of p rehearsal 4 so p fellowships cadets 7 no a prayer time 7 30 p Benic wad7 30 a prayer Senle St. Elizabeth Church be. Themas Gedde. Paster sunday mass. 7 of. 30 and to to weekday Mas monday through Friday 7 00 a g of am confessions sat. 4-5 p in. And 7 90-4 Alliance Pattee Christian s Mission Art be. H. A reheat. 9 45 a school la of a in a morning worship 3 43 a youth follow hip 7 30 a evening seme wad., 7 30 prayer and Bible study it lube s episcopal Rev. Catel r. Miller. Brr tee 9 of a in a holy communion 10 15 �?Church school to 30 a morning prayer we to of a in a holy communion fri., 9 00 �?holy communion Trinity it th7ran Church Rev. John a. Jeans to paste 9 of a in a Tho service of worship. 10 30 a in a Church school. Revival Center. Smethport the Rev Keith Lars. Fatter 19 00 a in a sunday school la of a in a morning worship 7 45 p Benic tum., 7 45 p in a sen in a Kew world ahead for americans children actually a everything we do today is for our children s future. They Are too Young to know that All our plans for them have not been cancelled but Are being worked on More fervently than Ever before that their whole future depends upon our successful accomplishments. Also we should not lose sight of the fact that we must keep Faith with our children by giving them a firm foundation in knowledge of the spiritual rights of All americans regardless of Faith. By taking them to Church and sunday school regularly they learn the far reaching benefits of True guidance inspired by the Church and the vital part it plays in their future Freedom and Well being. Kane Church of the Naz a Rene Rev. Donald f. Hou Lnger pastor 10 00 a sunday school 11 00 �?worship hour 7 00 . 7 30 p Bervie wed., 7 30 Martins first methodist Howard c. Patterson minister 9 45 school 8 30 and 11 30 a so ret of 4 00 . St. Calliste Church the Rev. Carl l. Lippert. Pastor Rev. Bernard f. Webber. Aaa Lathat Paster sunday masses 7 00 ., 9 30 . And 10 30 And 5 . First congregational Rev s. George Bovill faster 9 45 a school 11 00 a worship 6.30 Fellowship Church of god or. Wesley Weisbrod. Faster 10 00 a in a sunday school 11.00 a service 8 45 p Fellowship 7 30 a gospel service wed 7 30 meeting James City Union of god Rev Merle Grosse 11 00 a in a morning worship 7 30 p worship Assembly free methodist Church the Rev. Elmer Beagle 10 00 a school la of a in worship service 7 45 p service first presbyterian Church ret William j Boyard. Matsler 4 45 a in a sunday school 11 00 a in. A morning worship 6.00 a youth Fellowship Emmanuel Mission Church Rev Corgi o. Welch 9 43 . A sunday school la of a in a worship service 7 00 vespers wed 7 45 study prayer service St Jorn 5 episcopal Rev Arthur j. Rathbur. Vicar 10 00 school and adult study class 11 00 �?let and 3rd sundays. Holy communion and Sermon i 2nd and 4th sunday. Morning prayer and Selman methodist churches Shinglehouse met hoist Church Rev. Overt d. Snow pastor 10 00 �?sunday school 11 00 �?worship Derrick Oty a. Rev. B. D. Lambert faster 9 30 �?sunday school 10 50 �?worship Bervie Knaff Creek. N t. Rev. Homer c. Evans. Costar 9-90 �?preaching service 10 45 �?sunday school co set. R. Patricia m a. Rev Patricia m Dora faster 9 45 school 11 00 a. worship 1etula. A. Rev. Patricia m. Dor. Pasta 9 48 a. worship 10 43 �?Church school Keating Summit methodist Church Rev. William Starr. Pastor 9 43 a service 10.43 �?Church school free methodist Buffet Community Church Rev. Leonard maybe sea. Faller 10 00 a in a sunday school 11 00 a morning worship Community a hts sch Harrisburg rub 10 00 a school Cyclone a. Rev. Glenn a. Hamilton. Pasta 9 30 a in a morning worship 10 30 a in a sunday school 6 so p in of m y alternate sunday t of a evening Benic alternate sundays wednesday 7 10 p service evangelical v. B. Lafayette evangelical Christian Church re l be Damon. Paster 10 Oft a in a sunday school 11 of a worship 7 of p in a service wednesday 7 of p in a prayer Bervie Coleville. A. Rev. John ruffles. Paster 9 30 a in. A morning Benicio 49 a in a sunday school 30 a youth fellow hip 7 30 p service alternate sundays we h East Smethport eur Church tuesday 8 v p practice tuesday 7 to pm midweek Bervie Jehovah s witnesses tues. 7 30 study Thura. 7 30 pm ministry school thurs. 8 30 p meeting Sun 3 of p lecture Sun. 4 is p Tower study Coudersport is United presbyterian Crubb Rev. Robert l. Raker a taller 9 45 a in Church school 11 00 a worship first Hebron seventh Day Baptist Herbert Saunders. Faster 8 45 a in a morning worship to 45 a big Sabbath school Alliance Church Rey lobe w she faster i 45 a school la on a in a worship 4 of p in a Jet Cadott 4 it a senior ave 7 43 p Rny evangelistic Bervie wed. 7 45 p in a prayer Bibi study a a Yenta Day adventist Chi of h Kenneth Schaller. Paster sat., to m a in Sabbath school sat., to 0r a service wed8 00 p in prayer meeting Young people meeting first and third Sabbath Al each month at i . Cai vary Riri e Fellowship re. Kenneth Lewis. Paster a in a in Bible school la of a in a morning worship St. Eulalia Catholic re Ito Barl Griffin 7 30 and la 30 a Matte Roulette school and pm a theocratic a Etc meeting ministry first methodist Church ret. W. R rudder. Pastor ear a. J. Boijan. Assaria Patter 9 30 a in a sunday school 9 30 a in a w worship Bervie East Bradford Erfe methodist n. Randall at Euclid Ber. Floyd e. Shank. Psalm 18 00 a school 11 00 a in a morning worship 7 30 p in evangelistic Bervie 7.30 pm Bibl study and prayer a a Nice tuna free methodist bar. Al no a f. Shank. A liar 9 30 .�?unified sen in Al Church school and worship cd uhf b of the n4zabenk North Rannell Al Bradford Ber Wayn h Arian. Tailor 9 43 a Bibl school 11 00 a worship 7 30 p service Emanuel lutheran chu1ch Seaward Are. Bee. Paul w Kraas. Pastor 9 45 �?Church school 11 00 a. worship holy communion i 30 and la a in first sunday of month ribs Weblean methodist Bay i Tan at Bishop by a a David s. Burk. Faster 9 49 a in a sunday school la of a in a worship Benic 4 of p in a Wea Levan youth 7 00 p in a evening Bervie un1tab1 an universalist Fri to shit Hana vanderhorst. Charma 3rd sunday 7 90 p in Bradford t Nial Bank lit sunday 7 30 p roue Olean n y. A salvation brigadier William l. Quirk 9 45 a in a Munday school la of a service i 30 a a Outh meeting 7 of p meeting Ster Ancis roman Catholic St. Fraud drive at Lorans ate bit. Rev g. Carlton pm hit. Pastor sunday masses 7, 9. 10 30 s in13 Nova confessions. Saturday 4 and 7 30 . Baptism a sunday i Safdi r free Christian evangelical Church Rev. Themas m Turk Halder Fratar 10 00 a in a sunday school la of a in a morning worship 6 30 p peo Plaa 7 30 p in a evening fellow ship wed 7 09 pm a choir rehearsal wed. 7 45 p in a prayer Sonvico Roh Ette methodist and riv7r9ide myth ddts ret r Lee Leoned fatter 9 45 a in a Church school too a in a morning worship 7 to p in a senior mat meeting Birch Grove mennonite arts e. Miller faster 19 a in a sunday school classes for la a in a morning worship All Gabriel s Catholic Gnu eur ear. Eagan Coleman Paster is a i 31 am and 10 30 a in. 9 45 �?Church school Al rat methodist Chi sch Rev Harry w rave Redga. Faster to of am morning worship and Church school East Smethport . 19 Oft a in sunday school 11 90 a Bervie a 13 p in a youth Fellowship 7 to p service held alternate sunday with Coleville bus Church wad7 30 p in a midweek Bervie we1 30 p in a choir practice port Allegany first Baptist it hitch Rev Fred l. Williams pastor to a school u a worship evangelical or. Chi sch Rev Keith Parry. Faster 18 no a school la of a in a morning worship 7 of . A youth Fellowship a no p in a evening service bod., 7 90 .�?midweek serv ire Church of the Rev. Law Raar j Dabill Tasior 9 45 a school in 45 a sonic bod., 7 45 service first press twerian Rev. Roger k Lewis 9 39 .�?c Hurch school la 80 a worship 6 to p Fellowship Chi Ich Patter Mission covenant Chi sch Rev j. Robert Nelson. Paster 945 .-sunday school 11 00 .-morning worship 7 30 p service Eib oath Semans i uth fran Bev. J. Kenneth Sodery Seal. Faster i 39 a school 11 00 a Bervie Goodwill Union 11 0ft am sunday school 12 99 .-morning worship w ed., 7 p prayer serv ice Eldred seventh Dat adventist elder e r Ray sat 9 30am�?Sabbath school Satla 99 a worship seme Thurai of a attn Werleman methodist Church Erraa break Eldred Rev Robert e. Staua pastor 19 99 a school 11 99 worship 7 90 p service St. M Matthew s episcopal Chi Rah Rev. James s Bigmann. Vissr 7 30 �?holy eucharist second and fourth Kundayi 11 00 . A holy eucharist and Sermon first third and fifth sundays i 11 00 .�?prayer and Sermon a cod and fourth sundays i 11 15 �?Church school Calvary Temple Eldred and Rixford Rev. C Chauncey i fan. Pastor i 9 39 a school i to 3<i a service i 7 30 j service wed., 6pm a Sunbeam choir practice wed7 pm. Youth people meeting Thura., 7 30 p meeting seventh d at adventist Church Rev. Ronald k Neah. Paster saturday new a Servic saturday to 15 .-Sabbath school Friday 7 30 .�?Bible Casa Windfall Faith Chapel or. Margaret Holmes Paster la of a in a sunday school la of a wot ship 7 30 a evening service wed7 30 p for children fri., 7 30 .�?prayer�?T study first methodist Church re. Robert e. Goode pastor 9 of .�?w Orsbin Benic 10 of a in a Church school 11 00 .�?worahip sen in Christi an a Munion Art Alliance Rev. Jerry w. Pyla 9 30 a in a worship 10 30 �?.sunday school 7 30 p in a evening worship wed7 30 p Fellowship thurs., 7 30 p in a prayer Semaca Bibl study St. Johns lutheran re. Robert e. Olton. Paster 9 to a in a Church school 11 00 a in a the Servic methodist Chi rth Rev. Ronald Hankey pastor 9 45 a in pc Hurch St Bool 10 45 a morning worship Holt Kohart Rev. Joseph j. Grade Paster manses sunday ois. 7 15, 6 30, 9 30. 10 30 am. St Martins episcopal Church re. Gardner w Bridges vicar 9 of a in prayer serv ice St margarets episcopal Chi sch 9 of a in a morning prayer and Sermon St Josten 9 Church re. Philip it Karelitz. Pastor first Friday communion 7 pm first sunday mass 9 a in second sunday Massas at 145 a in third. Fourth or fifth sunday masses at 7 43 and la . Right Baptist Rev Fie be c. Reaper Perter 10 00 a in a sunday school 11 99 a morning warship 7 30 p Bervie Ludlow i Rit Mission covenant 9 30 a in a morning worship to 30 a school first Preher twerian of. M Paul Ai Sander faster 9 30 a 10 30 a in a sunday Scho i i asses Rolfe methodist Church Rev. Ronald Hankey. Pastor 9 of a in a morning worship to 45 a school Gold Community Church s of a in a morning worship to of school fishing Creek methodist re t Lee Krone. Faster to of a in morning worship to 45 a school Row a. Rev. Fall h a Blimm. Faster in no a sunday school la of a in a morning worship Rixford a. Rev. C. Nersten Warner to Fin a in sundae of Bool 11 90 a in a in Ming worship 7 10 p my evening Ken Ira Gifford Nurm Tbs Rev p. Dale def nil Fagalar a 30 a in in Ming in re hip 19 40 a in sunday school 7 to a evening service wad7 30 p in a prayer meeting Corty ii be. A. The Rev. I a w org Bugbey fatter to of a in a sunday school 11.90 .�?worahip Sonvico Catholic churches St. Anne roman Catholic Chu of h Wierm a. Rev Patrick f Sharps fatter 14 and 3rd sunday of month a i 99 a in. 2nd 4th and us sunday of month. Mat to no a in Holt tro rom an Catholic tat and 3rd sunday Al month. Mat ipas a in. 2nd 4th and my sundays of month Meas 4 30 a in. St marts Church Hartwell a Rev Catena Coloma. Past sunday and holy Hays to 0 a in. Of me for Church i. Allan be. Rev full up m Karen k. Faster first and second sunday mass. Ii of am. Cd co the Hurdas. Meas 4 of am. Fire Friday Mats at too pm. St Edmunds Church hurl Hurst be. First sunday mass at 7.jo a in. S. 6 John a stephen1 Chi sch James City mass at 4 of a a. Barth a l reek Evi 10 00 a in a morning worship la of a in a sunday school tues., too prayer ionic a acred heart Church Knapp Creek. N a be. Malcolm Fisker. Oem sunday masses a 45 am and 10.00 am Genesee Wilcox presbyterian brr. M. Paul Alexander. Minister 9 45 .-sunday school 11 00 .�?worahip and Mission covenant Church or. Jehu Wolfe. Paster 19 90 a in. A morning warship 11 90 a school 7 30 Servic Basel burst Hazel i ref methodist Rev. Ralph Eckert. Pakatar 9 45 a scr idea la of sunday school first methodist Church of. Ralph r Milburn minister i 45 a Rny Church school la 99 a worship 4 00 .�?junior High and senior High a in. Eree methodist Church Rev. Wilbur l. Jaecks faster 9 45 a Rny sunday a Nooi la on a in a morning service 7 39 a evangelistic Servic it. Raphael s Chi Ruh Rev. Jeh Cairns. Patter sunday masses�?6 39 and 10 30 Maraea weekday#�?7 30 am except saturday at 6 39 a in. Holy Day#�?7 30 a in and 6 pm. Every saturday�?9 39 a in. Eirot fridays 4 . Schooltime�?7 St Joseph s epic Coral Church Rev. James a Sigmann. Vicar i of .�?holy eucharist flirt and third sundays 9 11 .�?prayer and Sermon Bret and sunday 9 11 .�?holy Eucha net second fourth and fifth sunday to. Ii a in a Church school Nura by during a in. Sea Eirot Church of god re. Donald l. Murphy Patter 9 25 a in a Junior choir a to a school 19 to a in a morning worship la 30 �?adult choir 4 of p in a Friend club and youth Fellowship 6 39 .�?Fellowship re concerned 7.00 service Farmers Valley evangelical United Brethren Rev. Leo w. Org augury Factor 6 45 a in a worship sen in 10 45 .�?-sunday school of. Jewett free methodist re Merle Dickson. Pastor 10 no a in a sunday school 11 of i in a morning worship 7 00 . A my service 7 45 pm evening worship thursday. 7 45 .�?midweek prayer i its for Baptist Chi Roii Rev 4, meneely. Patter in 30 morning worship la 30 a in. A Bible school 1 09 p in a evening Servic us Emfs i i Hodiw to Church re Revere Perkina pastor 10 of .-Church school 11 of �?worship serv to Shongo. N t. Re. Galley Carp 9 of a in morning worship to of a Rny Church school other Vicinity Wolf run Church 10 09 a i sunday school Cerer methodist Chi ech 9 45 a la of a in a sunday school Austin Community methodist Rev. Lobo j. Plant pastor to of a school 11 00 a Servic risk methodist Church Rev Ellen Huard. Pastor 18 of a in a sunday school la of a in morning worship 7 30 p ening worship re. 9.30 a in. St Augustine Robert Griffin pastor sunday mass Johnsonburg rap test Church Rev. Frank Reid. Pastor re. Howard e. Pierce pastor emerita 8 39 and la of .�?services 9 43 a school St Matthews lutheran Church re. V. Theodore Benson. Pastor a is .�?early Servic 9 39 a school la of a in a later service 6 30 p my Luther league methodist Church re. Ralph h. Eckert. Pastor 9 45 a school h of a in a morning worship seventh Day adventist main at Anderson saturday 9 on a in a worship Bervie saturday Io-15 .�?Sabbath school monday. 7 to p Clara free methodist Church Rev. Walter n. Pions pastor 10 00 �?sunday school 11 09 a service 7 45 p Servic Duke Center evangelical or Church re. C. Norton Warner. Pastor 9 44 a in a worship Servic 10.45 a in a sunday school 7 30 a evening service St John Quot Church re John Coleman. Pastor sunday masses -8 39 and to to a in. Holy Day Masa-730 . Methodist Church in masonic building Rev Robert e Good a 30 a in a worship service to 45 a in Church school in Parish House a hindi Ehouse area churches seventh Dat adventist elder e h Roy sat., 1 00 p in a Sabbath school sat., 2 00 .�?hour of worship Christian a missionary Alli Anco re Roland m Gray jr., past 10 90 a in sunday school 11 00 a service 7 30 evangelistic Bervie Bei i i n Nign Church net Hayne. Paster 9 39 a in Nunda school 10 30 .�?worahip Bervie 11 00 a worship free methodist Chi Roii re. Glenn a Hamilton. Pastor 19 90 a in sunday school la of a worship 6 30 alternate sundays 7 09 p Bervie alternate sundays wed., 7 30 Bervie first b artist Church 10 99 a in a sunday school 11 00 a in worship Al Shiqi a Union Church 10 15 a Rny sunday Bervie Germania seventh Day adventist elder e h Roy sat., 2 00 a Sabbath school sat., 3 00 p Bervie strength a for today by fart l. Douglass in a world containing Many had things nothing is worse than Bael religion when Thia source of Insp Stinn becomes corrupted and when men who ire supposed to administer in the Nims of Christ lend themselves to the manipulation of evil forces then such religion becomes an offence in the sight of All Good people. Such did the russian Church become previous to the bolshevik revolution. The Church in that country bad for centuries served tyranny and oppression. It was corrupt venal and lacking in most of the qualities which would make it a True Church of Chri amp. But the russian Church today is different. It has humbled its heart and is becoming a True and living Church indeed. Its rulers realize the mistakes of those who went before and they Are trying to do everything possible to fulfil their service to the russian people. In 1943 the russian Church Bogan every sunday using a prayer. One sentence of which is As follows a let our prayer help on the work of reconciliation among those whom our feeble witness to our Faith stimulated in opposition to the worst enemies of the Christian Church Are those who claim to be Christian but belie their pretensions the Only Way we can win the world to Christian Faith is by demonstrating in our daily lives that we adhere to that Faith and live up to its demands. Sponsor Ash shoe co. Bradford motor works Beckwith machine company Bradford Moose Lodge Bradford publications inc. Bradford milk company Bradford National ban thu Tenet it being sponsored weekly by the following civic minded individuals and business firms Bradford printing company Bradford rotary club Northwest savings or loan Assn. Bradford pipe or Supply co. Carl e. Swanson or sons Chamberlain sales company City Creamery company Clark and Humphrey Corning class works custom menus shop David n. Brown or son Davis bakery a cake shop e. H. Kleiderlein a jeweler Emery hardware company Evans roller Rome Forest products corp. First Federal savings and loan association Friedman a clothing and shoes Greene Waldo a clothing store Griffin a Hammond or Johns garage Hull electric inc. James. R. Evans co., inc. Joseph Marks furniture store kiddie Shoppe Miles Bradford company Minard run Oil company Oppenheim a shoe store Oil marketers corporation Ott and Mchenry drug store producers Bank and Trust co. Rosenus furniture store s. Dale Smith jeweler s. K. Tate furs and fashion land Studley a music House Smith Agency s. M. Gleason Cen. Contractors tool no toy inc. Taylor photo Zippo manufacturing company

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