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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 16 1966, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 16, 1966, Bradford, Pennsylvania Iii j in who i la around the Square mild sunny and mild today highs 74-82 continued fair and a Little warmer sunday. A lie ref urn a your dependant Newt medium a baseball Little league at 10 05 . Today. New York Yankees at Kansas City at 3 25 . For Alf tl4 action keep tuned to Brad Ford radio web 1490 on your dial. Vol. 89, no. 246 paid at Bradford. A. 16701 second class postage Bradford pa., saturday morning Juby 16, 1966 published Dally except sunday at 43 main St by mail <21.50 year by Carrier 55c week 10c a copy january in july How about this we Are told that Snow can now be produced for sports use in warm climates As a by product of the refrigerated storage operations of liquid natural Gas. Ski runs could be established near these underground storage facilities an observer Points out. The Snow is produced in the Tower by the freezing of droplets of water blown through a series of ducts and sprayed Over the area. The melted run off at the Bottom of the slope can be collected and used again. Safety idea a Gadget expected to reduce rear end traffic accidents is called the Jet Flash. It s installed in conjunction with the accelerator pedal. The moment the Driver removes his foot from the accelerator the rear Brake lights Flash a warning signal to the car behind. The device thereby eliminates the time lag for the Driver s reactions. Anniversaries july 16, 1945, the first atomic explosion in new Mexico. Singer Musi Cian Carmen Lombardo is 63 today. Ginger Rogers reaches the 54-Mark. Sunday Jimmy Cagney will be 62. Tuesday Samuel Colt born on that Date in 1814. The inventor of the first automatic firearms. Wednesday r. J. Reynolds tobacco tycoon 1850. Thursday Ken Maynard 1895, remembered As a Star of movie westerns. Friday poet and novelist Stephen Vincent Benet 1898. Saturday Harold Peewee Reese. 1919. Baseball great turned baseball announcer. Strife torn Chicago area patrolled guard joins police to help Stop riots jets intensify War against red Viet Feather quotes from will Feather a some folks go through life touching red hot pokers to see if they will get burned a medicare paper work mrs. Carri Bryson on of the additional staff tak non at Bradford Hospital struggles through the extra amount of paper work which the Start of medicare has brought on to the administrative services of the Hospital. Next to the Telephone can be seen a copy of the 138-Page Law 8997, commonly known As the medicare act. Next to it on the left is a pile of explanatory literature brochures and interpretive instructions under which the Law must operate. Surrounding mrs. Bryson on the desk Arth piles of different forms which must be dealt with continually. Era photo by Lonia Efthyvoulou medicare entails fire much paper task Chicago apr after three nights and a Day of racial violence and looting relative Calm except for sporadic out bursts returned Friday night to Chicago a West Side. It came when 1,500 National guardsmen with guns at the ready and orders to shoot to kill if fired upon backed by 1.000 police patrolled Block by Block the scene of the worst Northern disturbances since los Angeles Watts riots last year. Violence that began 1 tuesday night when negroes protested the shutting off of a fire hydrant Cooling kids at play had All but ended by Nightfall. Earlier the area had its first 0 to a. Daylight trouble a looting and Saigon South Viet Nam apr . Jet squadrons struck window smashing since the anew at North viol Nam Friday in an intensified Campaign that outbursts began official suggested has now drawn a full commitment of the Friday night the disturbances a a a a ,c0i"j"an? re to red the loss of one Etc yams Ssiss 7&7&e2w&sa was tap in v re a Fri ctr Washington a with nue. Police said a sniper from Mues f Hanol who a of a the airline strike hopelessly a building hitting a police car Mission t0 Knock out a Missi Ca l Wal snarled or the second weekend Winch had turned into an Alley. Site the Ilo is my ssh i 100 1 civil aeronautics Board no one was injured. Officers Ami ties announced. This was charter lines get authority to Fly routes by Lonia Efthyvoulou Ere staff writer admission paper work at the Hospital this special form has. ,. T to be filled in. It classifies the at the conclusion of _ two patient by name health insure Quot when you have jut re weeks of medicare at Brad Ance Nurnberg admission Date covered from your cold the 9,r�?� Hospital administrator Anco As sign dec by the next wort affliction is to Hove a a j stated that in it recommending physician somebody Els in the House medicare has present no be form then has to go to hold come Down with a problems to the Hospital apart utilization review com Harrisburg apr perv Syl anians were told Friday that forests Ere especially susceptible to fires this year because this is the fifth straight summer of drought. Maurice k. Goddard Stet Secretary of forests end Waters said fires breaking out in Woodlands this time of the year have a tendency to Burn deep into the ground As Well As to destroy All Plant life above the ground. Such fires he Oji it la of "v�?oarjiv.lj2.rou,e of Thiv a a a a. By found a thru the by hu11 i Cal in cd studied anew struck airlines. Shortly afterwards the nation the supplemental airlines Are a1 guard officer in charge maj. Hanoi a North Viet Nam news Agency declared in a broadcast Hosp which usually Fly charter Gen. Francis p. Kane said �7 North Vieux mesh a when asked about the situation a flights they were granted authority for 30 Days to Fly those routes not now being taken care of by stepped up schedules of the regular no struck airlines. The cab said it reserves aunt Bucu Wui Pic Sii Uijun. Gunners downed six . Pets Fine. I Hope it stays this Hope Over Hanoi and free South of the capital a and that Way. Streets Friday night were far from deserted but were peaceful compared with thursday night when an estimated 5.000 further discussion of the proposed experimental a steam a number of american pilots flood techniques a in the Brad were captured. Ford Oil Field and other Appala red China a new China news Chian Region areas was enter Agency echoing Hanoi a claims tailed Friday at a meeting held added that the americans in Pittsburgh. The return. Negroes Worl do emn Tuon Quot thi Foo Wai. Tai teen Hority to Amend or cancel the roamed and looted amid wide Grant of Freedom without hold spread sniper fire and police my a hearing. The negotiations among from the great increase of paper Mittee one of whose members 10 a a a a a a a a a a. A a five Strack airlines ate the is a a a a beyond the loss of amps a if endless social Ulk were work which it has imposed on has to endorse the form stipulation on tape people would the staff. Job la. Date and time this we talking so much Quot 11 there has been no Rush of done. The Tom is then attached a is no to it pleasant to hear of Patio it its Over this period and ,0m the.? s a something Nice that somebody much time will be needed is .1ta, through has Sta it at has said about you behind you before and More def the aspect5 Back a Goddard said that if Cere let new with fir in Forest it not prevented Quot then we will be forced to put Tom temporary restrictions into Chiniks were recessed Over night and 30 pm a in were Jet a a Secretary of internal affairs night at 5 30 . With asst. 0there was Consi Luffa formation of the communist a wet it is ago in a letter Secretary of labor James Broadcasts. National guard units totalling in other areas of conflict Reynolds asking the disputants sent to Secretary of Commerce John k. Tabor pointing out its another farm Burns near port Allegany port Allegany special a the second destructive fire to strike a port Allegany area Mendouse increase in paper work farm hit at 6 j firemen were still on the ruins Early David Rumsey farm located on route 8, Between quite complicated and time port Allegany and Burtville. Consuming. On wednesday fire Des to illustrate this. Troyed of the scheme Are to be evaluate on or before the 14th Day of. Or. Ole stressed that it is 0f the patient s stay at the bos la a it a Lull in Finarev far too premature to make any Petal this procedure has to be 8\cllvidll ital Lilcik y predictions on the effect of the repeated All Over again Emmr a i Quot measure on the local Hospital Pha sizing the additional Days flies >hi1 la Ruckl admissions of patients Over which the patient has to remain the age of 65 during the past in the Hospital or whether he Xvi i it a two weeks were 30 for the first will be Given any other treat Ull i Todd los week and 22 for the second Noth ment. Such As extended care ing abnormal and Well within facility Home health care Etc. Kendall refining co. Announce the regular admissions of such the review committee will again the Purchase Friday of the persons even before the scheme have to give its approval. Vanorden family Oil properties Start cd its operation this procedure continues located in Foster township near As stressed earlier the klti>uf1 t a St on the Derrick City. Included in the 7 a to u u ill 3� Day of the patients Stav m Transfer Are the Mineral richts Hospital. This together with on the a a Mcfadden fee totalling a i so Hon 7hhenhevsi?Ian 1 has Quot not been to second keep the negotiators at work slaughtered police Friday is or. Cole when the physician and the re has not been subject to second weekend if necessary sued a sketch the Man Mcfadden property to caucus among themselves 3.000 men. Freshly trained in i fighting at times hand possibility of being carried out during the evening. Riot or control were called out hand it s Marino Siwwi Rutt under the Appalachia it Evel he asked the negotiators for the of Lucio International association of machinists and the airlines to come Back saturday at to . With a some new approaches to the Reynolds characterized fridays session one week after the Start of the strike As a another Day of futile rather than constructive Reynolds said the talks Are still snagged on National issues which must be resolved before the discussions can move to the 37 or so local issues. The National issues must be solved first because they apply equally to All the airlines he said. He added that a we Are no Chicago apr acting on woman in her Hospital room feels she could identify him of nearer a settlement today than the description of a girl who Lay after she roused from heavy she saw him again. We were really a week frightened under a bed while sedation. Or. Andrew Toman Cook Reynolds said he expects to eight student nurses were a we Are now More hopeful a county Coroner said autopsy riot or control were called out hand marines stood off 75 a Onmon. F Friday after a request from Viet Cong who attacked a Ozment act mayor Richard Daley to gov. J Leatherneck outpost to Miles or. Tabor is Pennsylvania a Otto Kerner. Go of Chu Lai before Dawn. A representative on the Appala the first contingent of 1.500�? Daylight Check showed eight Chia Region commission. He set carrying pistols carbines and enemy dead. A spokesman de up the Pittsburgh meeting for tear Gas began patrolling a scribed Marine casualties As Ralph r. Widner executive 140-Square-Block area before moderate. . Air and artillery director of the Appalachia Reg Nightfall. Strikes were reported to have Ion commission. Continued on Peg 14 i continued on Peg 14 i continued on Peg 2 survivor gives cops detailed outline of killer of eight nurses in Chicago Over the weekend if necessary. Troy to a barn and 4,000 Bales explained Only one of the Many it a that the a Rowery of spotter Kye we Jam j Curtin Chie neg0. Of Hay a horse barn a milk forms which have to be filled Parent cannot remain in the Dall tamed at polling tia or pm a Rimes _ House and All equipment stored Sloe Ltd. Countersigned filed and continued in Page i recen la �,rha7drreen and Eastern National Northwest in the three buildings owned by William Bigley jr., at two Mill just North of Here. Later that refiled in the various departments. This deals with the Fer ments. I is deals inn me cer i / / i _ Ufi cation and re certification of n pm \juorh11l evening fire badly gutted a four patjfot4 Tanintr family apartment House on 804 on the recommendation of a n. Main stoned by Earl a physician for the admission of j director l j., a patient apart from the Normal Friday nights Blaze destroyed a a the barn shortly after the milk of 1 ing of cows had been completed. Ivo willed the House now occupied by the Paul Yarter family and a Gar of of Nish age were untouched by the fire. Clarion. A. Apr two men were killed today in the a Dairy equipment and other farm implements in the barn were destroyed the much pub sized appointment of Paul c. Steimer of Price was not disclosed. Pittsburgh As executive director of the Bradford Urban Reevel i8pj1cr i us a Ozment authority failed to a. .ra>1 1 Ake serialize Friday. For Boily of Man the press was in attendance. Recently purchased Green and a of. Saverline property which bord trans world and i med commented during a noon recess the Vanorden Sharpe lease have an a passe a we has a common Boundry with the Kendall a a Watson property which is currently being drilled by the local refining company. The transactions Purchase Westport ont. A police were dragging Little Rideau sued a sketch of the Man they Are looking for As the killer a a Crew Cut Young Man with High cheekbones aquiline nose and jutting Chin. Police artist Otis Rathel made the sketch after he and four oth have made no or policemen talked with the meanwhile the five airlines Only survivor of thursdays have suspended All flight opera massacre 23-year-old Corazon tons. Amurao a registered nurse who the Union is seeking wage had been in this country Only increases of about 53 cents an two months for additional train hour Over 36 months. The com-1 ing. Panties have indicated they Are willing to offer slightly More than the 44 to 48 cents recommended by a presidential panel Over the same period. Other Union demands include As was or. Steimer but crash of a single engine Piper quorum was not available for. Assisting the port Aile a it re Airport near this the special authority session Lake Here Friday for the body company paid pensions Hospi Gany Volant a fire department Clarion county immunity. A a a a a a 0 is Emp toys. Solh John e and Don officials were of the opinion he went fishing thursday Lions higher overtime rates water to cd. The Ware from Ald Newell both of Clarion. That another special meeting night and an hour Atef his Emp and an eighth paid Holiday. Water to fight the Blaze from the Allegany River. At Midnight the Smethport department was standing by. Boy drowns in i Ake As he Steps into Hole said Deputy chief of detectives reports produced no evidence Michael Spiotto. A the girl has hat any of the victims had been Given the police artist the de molested sexually but that Vag tails of the killers 1 Inal smears would he examined she had never seen the Man for a conclusive finding. He said before Spiotto said but she continued on Page 14 City studies subdivision services and annexation beneath a Row of ass in in Ara or s a a �?oa.,Hof re a a have per forthe close cropped hair peaked in characterize the wanted Man his height is believed to be the City manager also to found 1 7 Murai a id vices in new a a briefly the Pouble his hair was the tween Wack and a Blond. Ing of Trees in High St., along miss Amurao told police the r. L. Mcdowell president a strip of mount Raub and in off and Bank to the right As if it was returning to the Airport. But it went into a Steep dive and hit the ground nose first he was on the original Agenda. Hanics. Said. Authorities said trunk was Painesville Ohio apr killed instantly. Newell a com an 11-year-old Mentor boy Mercial photographer died in drowned Friday in Lake Erie when he stepped into a Hole with a Strong undercurrent. The victim was identified by police As Chris a. Cottrell. A witness Lawrence Gates Wou a called next week to to Motorboat was found running Levels now Range from killer sat on the floor of her bed 0f the petitioning firm said e. Mam St. He said the Condi Man said he saw the plane take a appointment and at in circles a another Fisherman $2.25 an hour for janitors to room talking calmly with the Extension of water and sewer tons May have been caused by p least one other matter which Michael Waring of Waterville $3.52 an hour for top rated me nine before he took them from facilities was being sought to smoke fumes of an Industry of a Hanics. The room Giri by girl and Mur serve 12 of the 45 lots in the which he did not identify and dered them. Allotment. The plans have been that one concern which May be she had no idea what time the approved by the planning com involved has offered to Slayer left the building. Mission and work has been expenses of a specialist who miss Amurao freed herself commenced on one residence i would investigate the situation from her Bonds at 5 . Thurs he told Council. Also requested a state air pollution official Day when an alarm clock went is rough grading for the Section also is expected Here shortly off. Police have estimated the involving the 12 parcels i connection with the matter. I killer s entry into the town a a j the Low bid of Tri Slat. Network House that served As the Stu j asset on first Reading was a Asphalt co. Of Martins ferry Denis dormitory at Between proposed ordinance which would oh0 a the amount o 57,902, 10 30 . Wednesday and mid appov0 annexation of land was appr0ved for resurfacing route to Clarion osteopathic Hospital. Two agents from the Federal aviation Agency were called to the scene. An associated press news analysis executions could escalate Viet War by John t. Wheeler i Hanoi to refrain from War ment propaganda network Washington apr if crimes trials. They issued a which dramatically stepped up Quot t in Braser we. In my am a Mem. A a mme a is in in bldg the Imp Cir youth gives up in fatal shooting of Rookie policeman. Page 2 District Little league playoff schedule revealed with first games starting wednesday. Page 7 croup of medical experts suggest various changes in training practice sessions. Page 7 Stock Market concludes losing week with show of firmness As volume is steady. Page 13 Industrial production in nation in month of june increases to set new record. Page 13 Bridge ill crossword. 5 hospitals 14 stocks .13 comics ill editorial 8 radio to 9-10 woman. 5 american prisoners of War in North Viet Nam should be tried As War criminals and executed by the Hanoi regime a major new escalation of the air War against North Viet Nam probably would result Well informed sources report. Among possibilities these sources said Are a bombing of North vie Nam Industry. Statement warning that such a its efforts about one month ago. Trials would a incite a Public de the inability of North Viet Mand for retaliation Swift and further the senators night police questioned the Young names soviet made missiles migs and antiaircraft batteries said such Hanoi action would to halt the daily american it a a a 4. Or undermine the influence of pounding of the Homeland has Ilion accepts i Merilis those seeking to curtail the caused a serious loss of face to proposed by Lark s fighting in Viet Nam. The to Chi Minh regime. Hanoi the trials and possible exec tin May pushed into a tons threatened by Hanoi Garner where in Raust had trials a would be very very stupid a in the View of one source close to bombing port facilities at the situation. He said such a Haiphong and vital irrigation Tion would undoubtedly vastly and flood control dams. Strengthen the position of those a nothing they a North Viet in the United states who want to Nam a could do would be More escalate the War. Likely to increase the pressure Hanoi appears under swelling on the president to escalate the popular pressure to act against air War a a a High government the prisoners mostly air foce source said. Navy and Marine pilots shot despite the consequences. Members of local 422. International association of machinists and aerospace workers of and Friday 18 democratic senators who have opposed escalation of the War called on Down during raids on North Viet Nam. Much of the pressure has been generated by the govern official figures list 34 known Clark Brothers Bradford Plant prisoners of War in North Viet met at 2 30 Friday at Nam 56 others who Are suspect Bradford Moose Lodge Pine de to be prisoners and 93 miss St., and voted to accept terms ing for a total of 183. In South proposed by management. Viet Nam the figures Are 17 americans known to be prisoners one suspected pow and 86 missing for a total of 104. Informed sources said intelligence reports of Hanoi a intentions Are conflicting but that continued on Page 2 in Bradford township which of the Access Road and parking known As the Onofrio tract and Jot at Bradford Mckean Airport has been suggested for expand or. Lopus told Council Sion of Bradford Campus University of Pittsburgh. City Man that beautification work in the Ager Milton e. Lopus suggested e. Main St. Area would be in Council state its intent that the de taken by Blue Jay forces 32 acres acquired for such use and that cleaning of the flood be so zoned after annexation is control streams and adjoining approved and such a step was land is being commenced by taken by the City fathers. The flood control referred to the planning or. Lopus said a certify commission was the proposed Cate of proposed annexation revision of an ordinance affect was filed with Bradford town ing property near the w. R. Friday. After adoption of Case amp sons cutlery co. The terms of the new agreement the ordinance the matter will beautification subcommittee of will be announced later by both be filed at Smethport for a Union and management Accord period of 30 Days and if no thing to Robert Byham. Business j Section Are voiced the court representative of the Union who j of common pleas would be conducted the meeting. Asked to approve the plan. St Quot a. It j1 property involved is own wrapped Ham clod let i no. i of by Empire Bradford corp. The citizens advisory committee was authorized to landscape a Small triangular see continued on Peg 2 airline tickets Emery travel service t South ave., Emery Hall. Phone mm1m

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