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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Jul 2 1955, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - July 2, 1955, Bradford, Pennsylvania Rpu n d a a a. / a i1 warm warm and humid with scattered showers today and tonight. I h 85-90, Low 70. Tomorrow scattered showers humid. Eire v tit Riff lira song Survey the top seven songs of the week tonight at 7 on Wes bus Quot Lurk even How vol. 78. No. 209. Full associated press service Bradford. Pa., saturday morn Ino july 2, 1955. Established 1877 5c a copy by Carrier 35c week Liberty Bell few symbols Are More definitely associated with american Independence than the famed Liberty Bell in Independence Hall in Philadelphia the Cradle of the american Republic Back in the Middle of the 18th Century a new province Bell was ordered from and by Thoma Lister of Whitechapel. London to Mark the Golden anniversary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The Bell arrived in the Quaker City in August of 1752 and unfortunately cracked during the testing process. It was recast twice Ai Philadelphia and placed in position Buffalo Washington House passes Ike s Reserve buildup plan traffic is snarled la Wake of strikes vat Houglin steel walkout hauls Copper Industry has shutdowns Street car and Kus strike hits l. Motor freight curtailed in new film land picture on Page to it it a the so rated or i is a Brief nationwide strike of some 600,000 United steel in the state m june of the workers melted Friday with a 15-eent hourly wage increase agreement but labor trouble brought shutdowns in the Copper Industry. Transportation strikes jammed traffic in a i Washington d. C. And Buffalo n. Following year. Tile state was t completed a a matter of fact until six years later. The Bell bears the inscription from the 25th chapter loth verse of Leviticus referring to the proclamation of Liberty to the people of land. Tile Liberty Bell As me recast province Bell Carne tip be known my traffic mashup Deans Tine lecture m w Vork. July i Pic a visiting woman Driver got a Sis Fine Vnti segregation lag impasse broken Hill channelled to Senate Washington july i apr the House gave president Eisenhower a dramatic new Victory today by breaking an anti segregation impasse and then passing his Bill to build up a trained military Reserve of nearly three million men fir5 the chamber voted Down 156-105, a new attempt by rep. Powell a Nve to tack on an amendment against segregation in u. S. Steel schedules Price scale increase Joy reigns As strike settled y a Street car and bus strike vent through i s Lith Dav in Loa Angeles. The Al emitters Union con the National guard then it Rie tinted a strike which curtailed leafed 161-52 a Mot on by rep. Motor freight movement in Nev. Was suspended on trusses in he and a lecture from the judge the state House Yard now known us Independence Square to try out its sound before being placed in the Tower. According to the old accounts Quot it was cracked by the stroke of the Clapper during a test without any other in the recasting process the eng Lush Bell was broken up and the same Metal was again employed with the addition of one and a half ounces of american Copper to Lessen the Bell s Brittle characteristics. The form and lettering were preserved. Substituted were the names of the founders and the place and the years of recasting. It was the third casting of the Bell with the original Metal that Birned out satisfactorily and this is the Bell visitors to Philadelphia see now. The historic relic was Hung in the Steeple of the state House i Independence Hall until that Structure was taken Down in july of 1781, the Bell was then lowered into the Brick Tower to remain until 1846 when it was placed on exhibition As a relic in the declaration chamber of Independence Hall. It remained there for 30 years when it was placed on its old a nut Frame in the hallway of the Tower. The following year 1877, it was Day for causing one of Manhattan s biggest tray it mashups. Miss mar Carolyn Mcauley 24, also was sentenced to 15 a its in jail hut sentence was suspended. Miss Mcauley of Laramie wyo., now a Home economics teacher at the i Nives Rity of Illinois. Arrived june 22 on vacation. The next morning As she drove through the times Square area. She failed to get out of the Wax of a fire truck. It collided with her car and caused a pileup of nine vehicles. Ten persons were injured none seriously. Pleading innocent before magistrate Harry Serper today. Miss Mcauley said she pulled to the Side of the Street at the sound of fire engines. However she said. A taxi Driver waved her on. Missing Marine airman found dead in plane Tokyo. Saturday july 2 to one of four missing Marine air Nelson Ltd male it to Send the Bill Back to committee finally it passed the Bill and sent it to the t Oice \ ote taken the votes on the Powell amendment and Quot Nelson move were standing ones and the final decision was by voice vote because there was insufficient demand for a Roll Call. Thus there was no record of How individual members voted. However reporters noted that England rite teamsters also called a strike Over wages of railway express truck Drivers in nine major Senate cities for tuesday. In the Copper and nonferrous metals Industry three of the big four Basic producers were struck by the International Union of mine Mill and smelter workers an unaffiliated Union. Places picketed the Union said that All installations of tile american smelting and almost All republicans present and j refining co., Phelps Dodge corp., virtually All Southern democrats j and Kennicott Copper corp. Were voted against the Powell Amend a picketed in support of a 20-cent tent. It was supported by num hourly pay raise demand. Bera of Northern democrats and at the Anaconda co. Mines and a handful of republicans plants in Montana workers con passage came two Days after turned at their jobs and no picket Eisenhower chided the democratic-1 ing was reported. Controlled Congress for not acting the walkout of 2.400 bus and on More of his legislation incl us Steele a operators in Washington my the reserves Bill he ha.-, called i brought about Gigantic traffic jams vital to the nation s Security. As some i1 million people were Eye teen Ager left without Public transportation. It is designed to increase the in Buffalo a population Center of trained Reserve from 700,000 to i one million the effect was similar 2,900.000 men in four years largely As 1,650 bus company employees through teen age volunteers for quit work. Special six months training and the effect of the Loa Angeles 712 years Reserve duty transit strike was less pronounced. The measure had been blocked workers in All three systems Are temporarily in the House May 18 members of the Al Amalga when Powell got in an amendment mated Assn. Of Street. Electric prohibiting Federal assignment of railway and motor coach pm reservists to segregated guard ploys of America. The Union is Unis the vote then was i by at steel workers hoist a waving David j. Mcdonald. President of the Cio Steelworker Union on their shoulder after a Short lived steel strike a settled with an agreement with in. S. Steel company calling for a wage boost averaging la cent an hour. It Al wire photo Ike s housing plan derailed by committee la fighter pilots ride to death in . Jets boost follows strike s end lip 3.8 percent w Alkol i i described a shortest in steel gel i i t ill Quot an hour Pittsburgh. July i a the shortest steel strike in history ended today when Pace setting u. S. Steel corp. Figret Elf Ltd increase wage of it hourly worker slightly Mara than 15 cent. An hour. Within a few hour. After the big firm signed with the Cio United steel worker All other Bash producers 1 aking up the Industry Quot big six Quot came to steel quickly announced that it a boosting prices about 5 8 per cent amounting to slightly irs than $7.50 a ton. Basic Carbon steel now sell tor about $12f> a ton. Other Price boost expected similar Price boosts Are expected throughout the Industry. Within a Short time Consumers Are expected to begin paying More for toe thousand of product made from steel. Ii. S. Steel which has about 150.000 us employees broke the Back of Hie strike by agreeing to i the next a contract a Little than 12 hours after the walkout started. By 8 30 . Ute five other top j producer employing us mein i Ber had signed. They were led by a Bethlehem steel corp., the no. 2 a company. Then came in order of their production capacity re pub lie steel co., Jones cd Laughlin i Youngstown Sheet k tube co., suspended by a chair of 13 links men was found dead yesterday in of Capitol transit co. For a 25 amendment actually were opposing j Coimbra. Portugal july i apr eight portuguese 11 Inland steel co. A a a ?1 rower j the wreckage of his Jet plane on a i cent hourly pay raise. In Buffalo the Reserve program itself Washington july i r pres fighter pilots Rode to death in formation in american built i 600,000 to Lam Doub in he volcanic Pacific Island nor employees have demanded a 7-cent under constant no Duma by the w ,.,. Pittsburgh steel also signed. A., ii we returned to Kir cd because a a i in Angrlo a a apr a or l 8 Quot Bublic hot / Thunder jets today. They crashed in a thick tog in moan a i i. , a _ _ Phouc Nous my program a decia Racoon chamber and placed Tricky winds m a Glasa Case the follow ing year j above it Umon Lotfi cml said All of the 98 that swirl crazily has asked 20 cents an Hoir More to the Tower Hall. ago oth acc in Torfeh it 11 Van to. A a v. 1 rho a to i on is end a s 51x1 a w hich has spread along much of House other major file Case was removed so that vial it Ipa to 1� Dane and is so ids. _ he Wpm p the e a Board from Maine to at were left unchanged. Tors might touch uie Berl. Mane vering in a crisscross Pat-1 Lamako a the 2,080-Pound Bell cracked Ern through a 16.000-Square-mile ices committee rewrote the Meas knocked off in tracts today when la ism. The Bell was again taken the. Us Iannino Hunt tor the him a a a Quot a a Rev in it �?omn11 18 it a r8l�?~r�?o�lmhe Hou Rule commits voted on the Way Tny Tou be to a me unflagging nun. To Nern e England motor freight operators the guard and sent it Back to the against sending air orce a How Coimbra Ani provisions ancient University Center 110 mile the Rule. Committee a Vole j Horth Ewt of Lisbon saw six democrats lined up for i1� blast and flames of tile i teamsters for a a 35-cent hourly o. It if Ever a age increase. Some 18.000 Drivers Ocil Clec i tilt a oct Are affected. There appeared no immediate likelihood of settlement. Again in 1836 when it was being area 0f Here tolled during the funeral prices Clear. Aion of John Marshall chief Justice the search must go on As Long of the United states supreme As there is any Hope a said an air court Force spokesman a and there cer teamsters strike action Between 1777 and 1917, the Bell tally is against railway express would was removed nine times from in the found was listed ten. Toke some 3.500 employees off their dependence Hall in 1777, it Wax Tat ively by the Marine corps As truck Del Vine fobs in new York taken to Allentown before the Brit that of it. Alan m. Mcaneny a the housing measure okayed 19-51 crashes carried aloft to four Al Jersey City Newark . Puts Power plan on wobbling legs Washington july i it Fuby the House banking committee. Reportedly voting against were All four republicans plus democrats Smith i a and Colmer it Las. A majority is needed to end a Bill to the House floor however the rules committee the could reverse its decision under lab occupied Philadelphia the Yonkers. N y he became lost in j Cincinnati Cleveland St. Louis Roxon Yates private Power project combined pressure from the White i�?4. -.aa-.-.�?, a i a a a a _. Do i p co a on/4 co re its o to a -. other tune it been re Haze moved to be demonstrated at Van capt of exhibitions and observances j miss tuesday while Hunting for h. P Montague of Jackson and it. David Winton Bell Chicago and san Francisco. Tire a storm Center Issue Between House and democratic leaders Union s original demand for a 40 Prehlad it Fol Eisenhower and Public who generally have supported the Power advocates for More than a program of Federal assistance for cent hourly wage increase has of Minneapolis whose disappear been pared to 15 cents in some a cobbling on a i aet legs Low rent housing unit for Low Safe and sane it s a Long Ance sunday in a twin Jet sky cities. 12 cent in others the Holiday even the Era wont Bel Knight fighter touched off the company has offered an 8-cent published monday and it Mearns search. Raise plenty of Leisure time for most of one other Marine airman lost on a. Be sure to play Safe. Drive wednesday when a helicopter Turnpike group denies Extension safely done to take chances while j ditched in the search was , stay Alert and Uke titled yesterday by the defense your time. Department in Washington As of and incidentally Harry Garvin James r Day. 24. Son of or. And pashes along a word of warning to mrs Rollin f. Day Minneapolis motorists that across the nation the wreckage of Mcaneny a the moot intensive drive on record fury Jet a found by islanders to Force compliance with pouted j 400 feet below the 2.470-toot sum Speed limits la under Way. While Mit of of. Mihara on o Shima Pennsylvania t use radar to 65 Miles South of Tokyo Hie Swift North Western Extension of the us detect speeding Mast of the other i lighter plane. Marine version of per Highway. States in the Region Are using Raj be Sabre Jet had ripped out a la a Telegram to editors of each Dar keep within the Law save wide pit on the East slope of the of Pittsburgh. Three daily news Mir life and save a ticked too today income families in Congress key republicans or in a rare parliamentary majored jubilant democrats in a never the Bill could be forced to move to withhold Sunda for a Power the floor by a petition of House line to link the private project with members or on a motion by Bank the government Tennessee Valley ing committee of a inn an Spence authority system Day these funds 6 2 million dollars. At any rate. Informed House Are crucial. Unless they Are pro member said they thought some video even if the Dixon Yates sort of housing Bill would be Plant is completed its Power would passed by the House even if pub Pennsyl Vama Turnpike commission stranded in be Middle of he housing is excluded the Hou e the Mississippi River frequently a voted against pub and within the , lie housing at first Only to yield officials began a new study i later in a Compromise with the reeled by president Eisenhower Senate him Sali to decide whether to scrap to Senate already has approved the contract so stoutly defended by Low pilots flying top cover for the 12 plane Squadron. All these emerged unscathed. One a capt Rangel in Lima the Squadron commander know a a Lucky Lima for i narrow escape in the past a the worst has happened a Lima said the commander said the eight Jet hurtled into the i 60o-foot sin i a Dos Carvalhosa blanketed and invisible in the fog he signalled i three followers to return to their base and sought Harrisburg july i if a the formally denied today that any route has been selected for the claimed a Long list of japanese i jaw Volt Eek and american Pilot holidays and birthdays monday is Independence Day in the United states yesterday was Dominion Day in Canada. Next thursday is the feat of Tanuz or Tammuz on the jewish Calendar. Tomorrow is the 49th birthday of actor George Sanders ,.monday j july 4, the 151st anniversary uljfrt�?~8 Askil to fete of the birth of writer Nathanial in. I i l ii Hawthorne the i29 h of song i Davy Crockett formal i writer Stephen Collins faster the 83rd of president Calvin Coolidge the 55th of jazz artist Louis Armstrong. The 52nd of actor George ?,t.sc0l a a Quot Loop for re paper the Costian and no Blaen we a for Many month. Moved the body. Route has been chosen and that the spot was less than 112 Miles reports to the contrary were m from the scene of a Japan air Correct. Lines transport crash in 1953 that j Joseph j. Lawler Secretary of killed a1 aboard including the highways and member of the com am Erie an Crew the Island has j Mission said it May take a another o Complete traffic our Argentina a a created five Veya for the Extension. A Bill housing units four year. For be 136,000 pubic it in for the nex Argentina it Izreah five Neu province Buenos Aires july i Tain country one four plane flight above the other while steel producer with whim it holds contract were expected to agree to the contract quickly giving uie pay hike to a total of 6 h too us members. The now contract is a comp oms use. Union president David j. Mcdonald never said just exactly what he wanted but last week he emphatically rejected an offer a continued on Page 16 state residents pitch into Start of Long weekend by the associated pres pennsylvanians pitched zest fully into die Long fourth of july weekend saturday taking their fun la Way am diversified a american life Luelf. 1711 out and out Yankee doom Holiday sends thousands to the beaches and picnic Grove to baseball Parks for doubleheaders to Community parties arid Dax Nimg displays of fireworks Hie fourth is traditionally the orators Day and there is no Scarcity of fervent rhetoric in Pennsylvania. Parading also is an Luotta ble feature of the Holiday in Many a City and town one great Shadow which clouded the Dawn of the weekend was dissolved with the nows that the Brief Benson oilers Burma Leader top Welcome Washington july i a Secretary of agriculture Benson mended his frayed relations Wuth Burma today. He gave prime minister u no a top drawer reception and appointed an official to take charge of politeness to j vip a the future he even gave u no a tie clasp vainly to establish radio Contact j which the Premier from tile Load with the men below i Call went i to Mandalay accepted with a unanswered -.mile, although he never Wear a tie. The disaster area not precis Lyall thus stemmed from an Lnier defined was believed near the i nations i Hamlet of Vila Nova Dos Poi Sares. Military authorities barred newsmen from entering. Ria Hood project wins \notlier0k incident yesterday when u no walked out on Benson because he was kept Cooling his heels for five minutes in an anteroom. The walkout sent agitated quivers through state department protocol circles. But live prune minister accepted an invitation to return at 845 . Today and this time Benson unrolled the red Carlie he and u no Bronx zoo hoping l or kure in Uin fun flood control project Here and were closeted for Hail an hour at Johnsonburg in addition to the talking about crops and her Kinzua dam on the Allegheny things River Are included in a $565,500. Crap announcement lion the ,000 appropriation approved by the agriculture department disclosed strike had been settled. Few i Senate appropriation committee later that Aasu. Sec teary Robert have a bigger stake in a tee in Washington yesterday. Mcmillen a got a new title the appropriations designed for j a with Idle a11 to. I planning and building include a a a prominent $500.ock for Bradford $396 too for i foreign visitors. Smiling faintly u no led the agriculture department for a Date at the National Presa club where Washington july i a Congress has been asked to Honor Davy Crockett in a formal and. 4. Lasting manner. Rep Bass d Murphy and la. Nth of Tenn in whose ,.rict Crockett new new York. July i provinces. They Are inhabited by Bronx zoo is hopeful of getting the new link will run from the half a Milton of tha 19 million the first King Penguin Ever hatched Johnsonburg a i of too for the present superhighway to a Spur in argentines and include six Narn the United states the egg a kin3bu dam my a bet Law not a tion1 a Earlu Ries Dysput a �ntarc-1 Laid at the zoo a week ago and Hie House a already approved Aan Oance a Elhat Burma in to 5 o. K and oho. Tic area and the Falkland Island j if All goes Well the Little one should the appropriations. Tile committee route under consideration Are and their dependencies. Britain emerge around the Middle of a i action was necessary before the known As the Allegheny Valley and has counterclaim to the offshore gust. The zoo has four King pen Bill could be brought to the floor of Beaver \ Ahey route. Areas. Gums. The Senate. George m Cohan quite an array of distinguished americans tuesday birthdays David Glasgow Farragut. 1801 circus magnate Phineas Taylor Barnum. 1810 and scholarship provider Cecil John Rhodes 1853 ,.wednesday Sailor John Paul Jones. 1747 a Tress Janet Leigh. 1927. Lit to Rad a operatic composer san Carlo men owl 1911. ,. Friday dirigible inventor Ferdinand count von Zeppelin 1838. Saturday John d Rockefeller sr., 1839 commentator h v. Ka1 ten born 1878. Airline ticket. Emery travel serv was born introduced a Bill which would authorize the erection of a Dame of Davy in the Capitol a statuary Hall. My sen it on duets Experiment on visiting Trench inserts than Pennsylvania. Another Shadow remains a the certainty a cd on the troubled Reading of the records for comparable times that Many persons will be killed or seriously injured in accidents especially on the highways knowing that much of the tragedy is preventable safety officials automobile clubs City governments and now i it a pers have emphasized perhaps a never before the supreme Folly of taking Chance with human life. Appetites of bees operate Oil Paris time inside the Era ext hang tub Netarts in Man of the year Page 3 Rea property values a vim t. Report reveals Page 5 Phillies lose to giants 11-6 Olean Here today. Page 12 Bridge. 5 . 8 Hospital. Comic la radio. New York july i Ftp those to a Blind Man catching a by at Mem a hatched to external it pan but a Here mid dialling French bees Are 3 too the same tune a very morning even time Factor such a the rhythm of dark in Par Miles from Home but their nope though there a. No one to Tell night tits still operate on a Paris time him the time a room at the museum Here War. Renner flew from pan june convened an to a duplicate of that was the preliminary report la with i 5,000 one Bee a room in pans today of an Experiment on time paru5 do had framed them to Well transatlantic change in sense of ready to join actively in the search for Quot some acceptable on which the peace of tile world can be secured a if communist China arid the United state both wish Burma to Quot do something in the i interest of peace we Are quite prepared to do so a he said. He also told the journalists his country in determined to preserve n Hominy morning it neutrality and will not give up it Way of lie for some other be it the communist Way the mount published or Renner refused to draw any european Way she Amar loan conclusions a a yet since hut sex of any ocher Way a pertinent Isnit Over. While her he a trained other Bee to feed at 1 30 to 3 30 p in w to Ienir Tiv sending ones conducted a the forage for sugar water from 8 15 a uni us i a div Quot no Ltd the next York tune. Back at Pana he 30 Wal chem to Geneva american museum of natural Hue to i015 uhf it which Bee. They showed up for feeding a will feed. A 1 Ais a a in mryr at i by toy by or Max Zonimir zoologist a of Jav hour ahead of new York 11 1 14 5 15 pm. Kill Whilt ii Corre Hind tag pane Tan tune at j Bonn. Germany july i it ice. Hotel Emery lobby. Phone 6186 j crossword 7 society j of the University of Munich. Lime he a Wanus find out to the urn they fed #j0 p a a we is sending 50 of la on the h Brian plane the one or they could judge tune within 75o a luncheon�?75< or. Renner Leava for Pana with a Vera to the big four Summit 4 performance might be compared themselves or whether their judg hotel Emery of Eshop Baa Bee sunday. No6ereiiee in Geneva this month. In keeping with r us Lorn the Era will not publish an edition on londay july i. Thus employees of the newspaper May enjoy a Long Holiday weekend. The next edition of this palier will he published on tuesday july 5. Wesh. 1490 kr., will bring Are listeners la teat area state National and International news Over the weekend As usual the schedule of newscasts in Webb appears in the radio column

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