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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 4

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Bradford, Pennsylvania Page Era Hitau foilua., tuesday Ferri Ary 7, 11139 the Bradford Era All set published do i v Fca Cepi it it plact Bradford. I. By the Pra Phi i so i no company Loc Milton r shale. y publisher Bob p Harwood or. Vice pre it Cen Mer. David b run lev a diff minor mid Iron in he tor Obr w Eimon sport by it or mat v to 1�?o it no a ii Scotty edit of Vav. T to anger. Adv mgr National pfc tool Oshi a Crai i in to it Madison a new York by land i a let building Philadelphia i Iho n m w ave Chicago Iii Lurf neral motors bldg Detroit Mich in Sutte Nissan Francisco Jill. 117 Vav North St. Los Angeles it Airt to bldg Seattle filtered at the it Bradford pay second last fat attest largest circulation of and pipe a Bradford or Mckean county official Pappy of it ult Mem bar of die associated press Ash paper Recey ves the leased wire service i he associated Presa la int tied to the ust for republication of All new dispatch credited to it or not otherwise credited in Fri paper and also the local news published herein. Sibs r Ipi ions delivered he Vernei in City fifteen a nth per week collections every two weeks when raid in Advance la us tor thee month. A a Tot in month too net veal by Man of Bradford 1st and and ones $1 is tor liner Quot ninth tor a month. A so pet year of to the one 11 to for three month ii Tot an a months it Al per year it the to Lith /ones�?12 to tor three months f j is for i month. I of pet year. Ail mail subscription pay in in Advance adv rising rare furnished on application to the Gen mgr. I it Exchange place. Bradford. Sanqi ice to Adver users every facility lot verifying the Era circulation figure will be a Florid j0 advert i in. Fiat Ken Book and account Mav be or in the business Otter atm i he use of an arterial it a fact an item indicate it to be o advertisement. New item have no such Mirk under them. Inn i la Bradford Era assume no in incl responsibility for Caw which my Appeal in advertisement published in it columns but n cases w Ere t f do will make news item correction of that part of the and Ceremeno in whih the typography lea1 mistake occur those planes for France the flurry Over Selling american War planes to France has Arisen so suddenly that it is easy to get a wrong slant on it. The main thing is to have our facts straight. Some Good americans seem to have got a false idea of the situation because the government mistakenly As it seems now undertook to keep the matter quiet. As the facts emerge Many citizens and newspapers find them reassuring rather than alarming. This is obviously the prevailing sentiment in the Middle Western Industrial area at least. In Cleveland which does not make air planes the dancing. Crazy and sane the Public is edified or perhaps three newspapers regardless of pol a egg Kyj say Pepper up by the a tical leaning unanimously approve nou Cement of new dances. Notable such sales. Among them is a the injun a said the Plain dealer Independent sweeping Down from Canada. Democratic and often critical of described As a built around the new Deal policies says to cad idea an inc Jan buying a radio the manufacture by private Amer Juning in on Harlem and getting Jean companies of War planes for obviously something can the French government an a alliances be done of about that a new York Between Washington and Paris is to expert pronounces it a a very Gay paint a commercial arrangement As dance Anco Tiuch fun to in International agreement. It is unjustified and has no basis in truth. In the event of actual conflict Between France and some other nation the neutrality Law would halt the shipment of another dance dawning on the horizon is the a Black Pool walk."1 a British importation and said to be a a Pepper and cuter than the the latter by the Way was danced lately in Rome at the the Cleveland news. Republican y by Muj Soyini ,0 prime says a Why in planes for France. No army Rule has been violated. No j my secrets have been divulged. There is not the slightest violation of our neutrality Laws. A what better Way is there of escaping involvement in the next european War than to strengthen the democratic nations facing the totalitarian menace minister Chamberlain and participated in to his own perplexity and horror by the solemn head of the official fascist party. But the Lambeth is considered not Peppy enough now for our Young people and the Black Pool is adapted to a a younger More spirited generation of along with this spirited walking. Mrs. Smythe Brown was making the final arrangements for her elaborate reception. Quot Bridget a she said to her old servant Quot for the first thirty minutes after six of clock i want you to stand at the drawing room door and Call the guests names As they Bridget a face lit up. A very Well May am a she replied a a in be been wanting to do that to some of your friends for a the opponents of this plan have one valid complaint the round-1 however a Taid dancers will a bout Way in which president it reassured by the announcement Roosevelt appears to have approached the Deal. But let members of Congress not lose sight of the15 Pai Quot qty Adrille. The Waltz main Point that the More planes quadrille and the Waltz m Nuet sen France at present the then for More a vely groups there i that there is a remarkable revival of interest in old time dances such we More we save our own ape tie >utc1 hop and the barn the Cleveland press Independent dance thus if dance patterns rep Scripps Howar. Paper says a there resent put Lic psychology we re is nothing either in Law or morality probably getting Back to a period against such sales. We Are inbred comparative sanity. Fly Lucky to make such a Deal. It what is happening is that France it _ end Britain Are paying us in Gold for the privilege of strengthening one of the most important and most Townsend tem goes t0 town when threatened outposts of our own a there san election coming but be tonal defense a a tween times the converted Candi morning musings dates seem to sort of forget about it. Jones to All in in be been run a Ning around All Day trying to get something for my Smith a Well have you had any i offers a i american championship and $10,000 at Rock Point my. 1904�?beginning of big Baltimore fire which took a property toll of some $75,000,000. 1916 a Berlin reports almost is enemy soldiers held As prisoners of War. 1917�?thomas j. Mooney convicted and sentenced to hang in California. 1931 a marriage of Amelia Earhart and George p. Putnam of new York. 1937 a governor Murphy of Michigan bars use of Force to evict sit Down strikers. This Dute Iii history ton few Emi Fuff Bradford 40 years ago today a shadows of a great City a with miss Sheridan Wolford is the attraction at the Wagner opera House. Mrs. Nellie s. Pettit piano teacher removes her studio to 15 Kennedy Street. Mrs. F. Vav. Davis. Mrs. L. Sanford and mrs. E. G. Bachtell leave for Jacksonville Fla. Seventeen patients were admitted to the Bradford Hospital during january 1899. Service plus an employee asked his Boss for a Jui. _ raise in salary and to Back up his Gas stations in this country Are., v. ,. M in \ request he informed his chief that i to be still further spruced up. Here a veral other companies were after after according to the american him. It was some months later that Petroleum Institute Gas station the Boss discovered the employee was men Are to Wear Bow ties and shave referring to the j Gas company the daily. Courtesy neatness and water company and a time payment prompt service Are to be their furn Ture concern. Watchwords. Stations Are to be neat the More of his own people attractive driveways Wen Stalin 5hoots, the fewer he has left and attractive driveways Well groomed everything thoroughly j to fight Hitler when the time comes clean and orderly. There Are to be comfortable waiting rooms available during car servicing jobs. The reason for All this Effort is the woman Driver. It is estimated that every third steering wheel is Laboratory technicians Are finding new and amazing uses for Petroleum hydrocarbons the chemical building blocks from which Petroleum is made. Butylene a Gas formed in cracking is a Boon in in the hands of a woman who won t cooler climates where difficulty is return to any station of lower stand-1 experienced in bringing crops to urls. Maturity. It speeds up the ripening for some stations meeting all1 of on the Trees where these requirements will constitute ripens fas been retarded by weather or other conditions. A Radical Reform. For Many. However tile regime will be merely a experiments disclose the possibility of cutting ripening time As continuation of present practices., much As 507c on such Trees As Apple. Gas stations in the United states Pear peach Apricot Plum prune Are already famous for the most cherries and walnuts. Butylene also Alert and courteous attendants and As been used to Speed the ripening the most of fit service in the Dorman or slowly ripening to world. . Bulletin. Bradford 20 wars ago today local High school teachers Are asking the school Board to pay them for the extra school session held to make up for classes lost during the influenza epidemic. Only one new Case of influenza is reported locally in More than a week. William Mansell arrives in Bradford to become assistant Secretary of the local . Mrs. Otto Peterson Earl Peterson and Fred Peterson return from Robinson 111. Kun Sheyda or. And mrs. Allan Gustafson and daughter of Smethport were recent Chester n. Y. Or. And mrs. Charles Mcfadden and daughter were recent guests of or. And mrs. R. B. Smail in Gifford. Or. And mrs. Frank Blair and Wells Blair 3rd, were recent business visitors in Olean. Or. And mrs. Anthony Cessario and daughter and Marjorie Buck were recent guests of or. And mrs. G. C. Dudick. Bud Blair and Stuart Chrisman were recent visitors in Smethport. Mrs. R. B. Smail and daughter Mary Lynn of Gifford spent two Days recently with mrs. Charles Mcfadden. A mrs. Howard Butler and Edward Transue were business callers in Kane recently. Stuart Chrisman and Jake Cole guests of or. And mrs. L. L. Iris a Ugi jul i Ibah pc Jfe pleasant Man. Fred Rossi of Bradford was a re cent guest of g. C. Burch. Mrs. N. Anderson of Eldred was a caller Here recently. Or. And mrs. Walter Johnson and family of Smethport were recent guests of mrs. Anna Johnson. Mrs. Beda Songer is visiting her daughter mrs. H. Wilson in roil you Are feeling Good and put try that what or. Pierces Golden medical discovery did for me. It gave me a better appetite increased the flow of gastric juice and thus improved my digestion. It s a a tonic that help build w you it relieves sub Ach upsets due to excess acidity and you feel better in Many Way. Buy now at any drug store. Kit 6 ii a and your cd it nato ins a hairs six constitutional questions by Gus it. Dyer professor of economics and sociology Vanderbilt University Bradford to years ago today the Frick Reid Supply company purchases the Mcdonnell and Brannen Orp. Oil Well Supply store at Bolivar n. Y. A my Man a starring Fannie Brice is the motion picture attraction at shears. Miss Esther c. Jacobson is elected principal of the claims Corner school for the coming year. Bradford High defeats Kane at basketball 28 to 17. Advertise in the Era subscribe for Phe Era seems As if you can to liquidate people by political purges in this country it just invigorates Mem. Strength for tile Day by or Earl l. Douglass keep it Quality a woman who for years was in the confectionery business told me that at one time in her career she began in order to ease the Burden of overhead to manufacture cheap grades of Candy one or two Days a week for a certain Large firm. Her Candy makers a us sedutto Mady on a for her Storp u Behest Quality. She soon found that switching 1 a re Snyr Stu Ander plan t0 making cheap and adulterated Candy demoralized them. Because unconsciously they got into the a of Eta la Ness and adulteration and the Quality of her own few Graie candies began to suffer. H in the f0lly of eur doing anything Lea Siti to by p in our lives we it Down our accustomed standards we soon find that unconsciously we arc put Ting the same policy into operation where we want to be at our Best. The Candy makers could not make Good Candy five Days of the week and poor Candy one Day. Pretty soon they were Mak ing nothing but poor Candy. We cannot cheapen and adulterate any part of our life without degrading and corrupting the whole of it Ltd. 1939 today in worlds events 1779�?George Rogers Clarke and 170 men set out to attack Vincennes. 1845�?famous Portland vase smashed by a Drunken Man in the British museum. 1819�?tom Hyer defeats Yankee Sullivan in fight for the every sufferer from constipation wants these 5 things no wonder or. Edwards Olive tablets Are first Choice of so Many thousands of grateful users. 1. They con Tam no harsh drugs. Being purely be grumble or. Edwards Olive tablets Are harmless. 2. They assure a mild yet thorough cleansing without griping. 3. Olive tablets also important stimulate liver bile flow to help digest fatty foods and tone up intestinal muscular action. 4. Pleasant tasting. Easy to Swallow. 5. Economical. Only 15, 30t, 60/. radicals socialists com Mun Isis Ere All supporters of the Constitution now. Have the radicals been converted or has the Constitution been perverted this strange inconsistent condition has created great confusion in the minds of laymen and they Are within their rights in appealing to the supreme court the highest authority on the Constitution a to explain the nature purpose and function of the Constitution As the court understands it today. The author of the Constitution was a Layman. It is written in the language of laymen. It is a philosophical rather than a technically Legal document. As a matter of fact a lawyers training and practice in this country in seeking technical devices to evade the Law in a measure units him to interpret a great philosophical document and the Constitution is preeminently the product of the great philosophical brain of James Madison. If the Constitution As interpreted today is so indefinite and flexible that extreme radicals socialists and communists May declare allegiance to it without surrendering any of their Radical policies laymen want to know it and they want to know it a Oil. Hence they would like to have be group appointed to interpret the Constitution for the people answer the following questions 1. Was it not the purpose of the Quot it ath binding the supreme court the president and Congress to protect preserve and defend the Constitution o prevent their construing the document so As to distort its clearly sex j pressed meaning 2. Woodrow Wilson a great constitutional lawyer declared that if lawyers should resort to the method of indirection and seek to control the for Over 20 years or. F m. Edwards j decisions of the court by increasing successfully treated scores of his a the number of judges the people tents with Olive i tablets. Their Fame would a Rise Una and curse such an act soften spread and today they Are sold constitutional immorality. Was at Miear tily recommended by drug president Wilson right in branding everywhere. I the attempt to do indirectly that which is prohibited if done directly a betrayal of a sacred Trust 3. Does the Constitution permit government by majority Rule to repudiate the constitutional system of Industrial Freedom and substitute in its place the socialist communist system of government ownership and government control of business 4. A no person shall be deprived of property without due process of Law nor shall private property be taken for Public use without just compensation Quot says the Constitution. Does this mean today that the government May go As far As it pleases in taking property from one group of citizens and giving it to another group or sinking it in any sort of project As the Tva. Without due process of Law if it will resort to indirection 5. Under what Rule of reason or logic or Law and by what interpretation of the English language is the conclusion drawn that the Power to regulate interstate Commerce carries with it the Power to set aside All state authority Over its own industries and set up Federal regulation of production within the state 6. Was there anything remotely related to the regulation of local production in the minds of those who wrote this clause in the Constitution if it has developed that the Constitution declared by Gladstone to be the greatest political document that Ever came from the brain of Many is a collection of indefinite incoherent principles and mandates so loosely and ignorantly expressed that it May be made to mean anything those in Power want it to mean laymen want the hoax exposed. On the other hand if the interpreters rather than the Constitution As a document Are responsible for the present untoward constitutional chaos laymen want to be enlightened on this Point to people of Anglo Saxon origin constitutions and forms of government Are not ends but Means to an end. The great objective to them is the Protection of their constitutional rights against the Hazard of governmental invasion. When anything gets in the Way of their unwritten constitutional rights it is removed. The spirits of King John Charles i and George Iii May be called As witnesses to this fact. Chris ror sir1 Bible thought and prayer a hearing god for in thee o lord do i Hope thou Wilt hear o lord my 38 15. Buy now during Joseph Segalla greatest january it r Sale Bradford a. Olean n. Y attended a dance recently. Marjory Wise and Marian Blair attended the basketball game in it. Jewett recently. Or. And mrs. Gustafson and daughter were recent callers in Warren. Or. And mrs. C. H. Chrisman and daughter and James Cole were Smethport visitors recently. Mrs. Adolph Swanson and daughter Bernice and l. Garrell of it. Jewett spent thursday evening at the Home of or. And mrs. John Gustafson. Miss Maude Critcheloe entertained the Joy card club recently. Prizes were awarded Eleanor Chrisman and Anna Transue. Wells and Bud Blair were Kane callers recently. Herman and Albert Nelson were Olean visitors recently. Albin Swanson of it. Jewett spent a Day Here recently. Daily developments the Duke Center Parent teacher association will meet this evening at 8 of clock at the Otto township High school. C. W. Lillibridge of Smethport county school superintendent will speak. Founders Day will be celebrated. Cub pack 73 will meet at 7 of clock tonight at the first presbyterian Church. Atlantic City Fontina. Relaxation. Bracing Sah Laden Oro tempered with Gulf Stream climate. Jaded appetite become Snappy and How you can sleep Gorget indoor Salt water swimming Pool. So clout Solaria. Sun decks. Maki the ambassador your family head Aitch attractive rates on american and european plan fit of Watt 7tom Snow and Sal Wilham Hamilton a managing director Quot envoy extraordinary Quot by Oppenheim synopsis the grave Issue of world War or peace was in the offing though none seemed to realize it when one Fergus a secret British messenger was assaulted and robbed he route to sir Ronald Matresse who had just returned to his lordly county estate after another of his Long and mysterious journeys. His Mother. Countess Matilda his sister lady Ann and her new companion Mademoiselle Elisabeth Stamper a Beautiful austrian welcomed the handsome Young Matresse scion who recalled seeing the alluring Elisabeth on one of trips abroad. Or. Andrews and Matresse motoring late at night to the former a surgery to see Fergus narrowly escape a mashup with a speeding Auto. Fergus is Semi conscious and does not know sort of thing but we lost him during the Van Westr Heene Rose to hi9 feet. He bowed to Yates who took his Glass from him. A my congratulations to you a he said. A i have never tasted a better a you Are very kind sir a was the gratified reply. A i will give myself the pleasure of returning your Call within the next few Days a Matresse said. A we have rather a Houseful now and it is difficult to get away. Thursday if you can shoot i will Send a car for you at ten of clock. You will Dine with us afterwards i Trust. My Mother i am sure would be Van Westr Heene did not hesitate for a second. He accepted promptly. A it will give me great pleasure Quot themselves overlapping a pair of wonderful hessian boots. His hat was a dark Green Homburg Felt ornamented with a Row of Woodcock pin feathers on the one Side and i single Cocks Feather on the other he wore his usual eyeglass and i fixed contraction of the lip satyr like caricature of a smile. I was pleased to see everybody. I had Hung a Cartridge bag which must have contained nearly thru Hundred cartridges Over his shod. Der. He protested smilingly a Frei Humphreys brought up his loader to whom however he was persuaded to Transfer All his sporting impede Menta with the exception of hit shooting stick. His Host waa theonis one who seemed to take him entire As a matter of course. A we Are starting with a Partridge drive Van Westr Heene a he to quo pm. A it pm a a Quot St i pm he i or it Jan Van Westr Heene wore his usual eyeglass and a satyr like caricature of a smile. He was colossal la i address questions to the author care of this newspaper that the message he was carrying has been stolen. He mumbles about seeing a Young woman bending Over his coat in the Hospital. The next Day. Or. Andrews tells of a new patients a a perfect giant of a fellow a dutchman Quot named Jan Van Westr Heeney who was slightly injured when bringing his yacht into a Tresser a private Harbor the night before the following Day Van Westr Heene. A the dutchman a Calls on Matresse. They Are chatting about their world experiences. Chapter i a you have the reputation lord Van Westr Heene said a of being a great a then my reputation belies me Quot was the dry response. A English country life becomes at times monotonous and one is glad then to disappear for a time but my journey-1 Ings Are All within a certain orbit j i have never climbed an unknown Mountain or named a newly discovered Mij sheer Van Westr Heene stroked his sharply pointed Beard thoughtfully his Blue eyes were fixed upon his Host. A you have not then i gather the same tastes As your father Quot he observed. A if my memory serves me he was ambassador at St. Petersburg in the old Days and after that at a my father was considered a Brilliant Diplomat a Matresse replied j a the was also a considerable figure in the political world which i could never be. I had a brother with brains who might have gone in for that he said solemnly a to meet her Ladyship. Your he crossed the floor towards the door a huge impressive figure who seemed somehow or other to Dwarf All the contents of the room. On the threshold he turned and bowed again. The Footman who had been summoned closed the door. Matresse remained for several moments silent listening to his firm footsteps upon the hard Oak stairs. He turned to Yates. A what about that my astute Secretary a a i think that before he leaves Henry Yates replied Quot he will give us something to think about. Nothing but their natural Good Breeding and a certain sense j of stupefaction kept Matresse so guests gathered together at a fixed rendezvous within the Park in a sober Frame of mind when or Jan Van Westr Heene joined the group on thursday morning he seemed to disentangle himself Inch by Inch from the Interior of the shaped racing car which had Fetche him from the Harbor until at last the whole six foot seven inches of him stood a strange and towering figure among the by no under sized group of men 11 comprised the House party his cos tume and outfit too. Seemed to a to the unusual Ness of his appear Ance he wore a Short double breasted shooting coat with an enormous Collar trimmed with thick fur beneath which his legs c hip props and no need. Quot shoot a ant if one comes a a a hens As they Are bound to co again from the Wood. A i shoot the hares in \ yes a Mij sheer Van Esquire anxiously. Quot rather. We my a Hare. Glad you thong str. A your keeper he perhaps when the g m Quot he blows a whistle the beaters Are All my at Hind those Fie do or Slot of Teeth guns on the Quot the Yth a you Are number number 0ader i standing in i one at the Corner thera # Van then. A right and to t e a Snik w whistle 90u"ded,, shooting stick uni Thijs a a and a firm stance in i of leaned Forward. At Woi drive there was n in Jetel inclined to think a a Ithmal ire As a figure of fun Swo mfg like a perfect Mach a a pm gun and he Wing from tto a 8 a Beth or a wrinkle on Fyhen b any satisfaction. K hic been missed r0in the took his second go

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