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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Feb 7 1939, Page 3

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - February 7, 1939, Bradford, Pennsylvania The Eha Bradford pa., tuesday february 7, 1939. Page three a whore hits Are a habit. A Holdover cd Urx Tran a v i tonight at 8 45 p. M. Today amp wednesday i because it s breaking the attendance records of ,.bovs town Quot and Quot Alexander s ragtime and a a a a and entertainment clean Quot join the crowds and play the profitable prize game a a a a $100 Bingo Quot boys Ion a. All Bradford is a claiming this truly great picture a a 8 regular games awarding see today on screen tto air patrol $50 a in Cash �?$50 a $50-Jackpot game-$50 i see 2 Good pictures and play the game where you have the greatest Opportunity in the City of winning real Cash pirates a or the today amp wed a Doi ble Bill behind every Man with a gun is a a crooked lawyer. Fighting the Law with trickery a mocking Justice m skies to to Atli i Kkt Busso Loma Lilly Hilj it it Lect uni it is at to Louth a Suer screen treat that everyone is waiting for or line thursday i Mainii awl one Day Only a a in person on our stage americans greatest vocalist and one of the country s \ outstanding name a a bands in a spectacular a a note doors open tonight at 6 15 p. My a first show starts at 6 30 p. M. You can see both features before and after the Bingo game. Mai Uli la stage presentation featuring the musical hits of the Day off by european lookouts that hit what took the place of Gold this Ler will inaugurate an intensive time As a Haven for frightened drive for the truck and passenger funds u. S. Dollars. Insiders find automobile business in South Amer conclusive evidence of a Sharp re Ica within the next few months cent increase in european Hoard what worries Washington is the ing of american paper Money in report that certain american in-1 Large denominations. Teress May team up with him if Only to safeguard their property and indiscreet a the report that investments within Germany. Secretary of the Treasury Henry by the associated press the Senate by a 72 to 9 vote refused to confirm president Roosevelt a nomination of Floyd Roberts to be a Virginia Federal judge. The nomination was opposed by the Virginia senators Glass and Byrd. Thomas Amlie the presidents nominee for the interstate Commerce commission told a Senate subcommittee that charges he is a communist were Mem the House appropriations committee recommended a fund of $1,898,512,769 to run the Independent offices of government during the next fiscal year. Senator Nyer and said administration leaders were resorting to Senate recesses so the hot Issue of foreign policy could Cool off. The supreme court agreed to review a lower court decision that the Cio and the american civil liberties Union were denied their constitutional right of free Assembly in Jersey City. Idled Here receive $17,705 in 2 weeks a a Der fuehrer a plan is to make Morgenthau. Jr., will soon resign a three Standard trucks a a Light i Hardy perennial is once More Cir heavy and medium. The schemes f cutting actively in financial circles. For manufacturing and exporting informed new yorkers who have passenger cars a twelve makes in correctly scoffed at this report in All a will not be undertaken until the past take a Little More Stock in after he has experimented with the his time. They do not credit re transactions in trucks. Under his mors of a rift Between the president system of conscript labor and bar an his Treasury chief but they in ter the state department fears that he May be Able to undersell our de stand that important personal considerations May impel or. Mor x products and virtually Swallow a gent haul a retirement Market Long regarded As capable of ambassador Joseph p. Kennedy is tremendous development. Washing supposed to have his Eye on the ton has ordered its commercial spies Jyh. There was a time when he could in Europe and South America to probably have had the appointment Forward every bit of news on the for the asking a but no More. It / with the a Dawn patrol the georgians Quot it it a a a George Hall and his orchestra has been featured Over the neg the Mutual and the Columbia broadcasting systems and Dolly Dawn recently won the orchestra w orld achievement award As America s greatest vocalist for the year 1938. A a a a a a four stage shows thursday matinee feature 2 80 a stage 3 45 evening stage 7 9 la p. 7 45 subject. Isnit Likely that he will Ever be no in explaining and defending his med to another Public office while decision to reinforce Britain and Roos a a a a president on the screen a hilarious new crime club mystery Frank Jenks a Frances Robinson a Joyce Compton Raymond Moley lost his seat near tile throne because he talked too France in their struggle with the dictators president Roosevelt gave. A a ,. Mon Lam. A freely in private. Joe Kennedy knew members of Congress a private pie that but failed to heed the lesson. There were 706 unemployed persons residing in Bradford and Vicinity who received checks aggregating $8,525.55 from the Bradford office of the division of unemployment compensation and employment service of the Pennsylvania department of labor and Industry in the week ended january 27, a department report reveals. In the previous week the same office issued 765 checks representing $9,178.85. More than 100,000 checks amounting to More than $1,000,000 were distributed throughout the state in the week ended january 27, according to the report. Cotton houseboats $179 a guaranteed Colo fast sizes -14 to 20 38 to 44 figure flatterers regular $2.00 value entertain with a flourish. With these stunning figure flattering houseboats. New Zipper and wrap around models. V and High necklines snug waists extra full skirts. Short puff sleeves and All the new smart style details. On Sale. 2nd floor a. J. Olsen co two Navy fliers Hurt As air planes collide it f we a wow 9 45 p. M. The National whirligig Newt behind the Newt continued from Page Ona of publican Young bloods. His experiences with old fashioned new York Bosses last fall were not particularly encouraging they slipped some advice which helped to encompass his defeat the Dewey for president club Dis counts ail his rivals Lodge Taft my Andenberg among the sen is. Bricker James and Salton jul among the governors. Only in circumstances in 0 7tn cw1 a Man in egress a Ite executive fire the voters As they believe their a of a a d. U v a the next eigh-t0 Lehm As t0 is having lost i Issei the ask hat Abs a it Douglas and Stephen l the proposed Sale of 600 modern american bombers to France. He is the fellow who largely through his own fault was taken for a ride. Several months ago when hitlers air strength and the delay in England a rearming program became so evident it was painful London sent an air Mission to the United states. With the stubbornness characteristic of the briton they asked and accepted no advice. So they bought a Fleet of bombers which have a maximum Speed of 265 Miles an hour whereas the ships the French Hope to acquire through Washington a cooperation will make at least 315 Miles an hour. Incidentally plenty of nonsense has been written about the Roosevelt bullitt Morgenthau chem idling incident. For one thing the air plane which the French official flew was equipped Writh no secret gadgets and certainly not the bomb sight that is the Darling of our military chiefs. Secondly by the time the order has been filled our aviation Industry expects to have perfected improvements engines and equipment Winch will virtually make present planes obsolete. Newt a a be most cheerful Hab re in Tso since november 8 sports a hat Mistici ins Pri v it on wheat May d0dge a Spring. Quotas this coming he ?1? must. Canvass the a a position of he., toward the Winter bpm it like Una qu0 a a a Quot per jul do �?�i"1� Supply to amt Ioco Rory Over it apr bushels h. discretion and a twp top Quot Dink on bus a a Quot Quot a a bout ? he world a he at ply a Fol both 7 crop and sur he s de Erminino fac but a c of that a a a a a yet ,�0k amps if a can d a Una a when n in the a a pro on Clar the wheat fall and quota de a of Raul j fal ins off in Mist vote last no Thach ins or be is Selli. Sex Bush i of twem8 beat a Coad a a Shel i a. Suty five. _ Bush il0ss of Tweg beat abroad is in amps. Cail a Bun has a apoplectic Over i nicked majority Leader Barkley a colleagues Are chuckling Over the Slick Way he has been thrown on the cold mercy of political wolves in his Home state of Kentucky. They re getting revenge on him for his almost Servile support of the Man in the White House and his one vote defeat of the popular Harrison As democratic Boss. During debate on the . Appropriation. The kentuckian forced amendment of the Hatch Bill so As to bar solicitation of Campaign funds from employees of state agencies receiving Federal funds. For or. Barkley it was a life saving move politically. He wanted to prevent governor a a Happy Chandler his primary opponent from controlling Kentucky s delegation to the 1940 convention where or. Barkley May be a candidate. The senator also wanted to strip future Kentucky governors of a Campaign fund which might be used to unseat him in 3944 or subsequently. So if w. P. were to be barred from political work it was essential that the ban be extended to state employees. The Senate accepted the Barkley proposal. But behind the conference doors somebody pointed out that the prohibition would Knock out the profitable Jackson Day dinners for which thi patriots must Pony up from $5 to $100. So it went out on a Point of political order. Ture of nazi inroads social cultural and economic a on the Western continent. Insofar As it refers to Trade even remotely the Monroe doctrine is being flouted by Berlin. The presidential disclosure shocked several members and led them to withdraw objections to this phase of his foreign policy. Some of his remarks to american visitors in London caused White House ears to Burn and that a no Way to win political preferment. Frank it was widely rumoured when Secretary of Commerce Harry Hopkins took office that he would a a pack a the business planning and advisory Council with his own ,.appointees to make it a plaque for lying numerous and violent pro r., \. He new Deal n general and the Philadelphia feb. 6�? in a two air planes one Landing the other taking off collided today on the Navy Yard flying Field seriously injuring an officer and a Cadet. Those Hurt were Lieut. A. G. Dibrell jr., and aviation Cadet V. Burns. The planes hit Headon just after the w heels of the Landing plane touched the runway. The Field Crew pulled the men from the wreckage. There we As no fire. Burns and Harrington Are attached to the . Cruiser Phoenix now at the Navy Yard. Synthetic a congressmen Are receive tests against the movie theatres a a x. I Commerce department in Partick new practice of playing the a Star a h spangled banners several times a i. The Council met with the new Day while the Flag blow s in the j Breeze on the screen. The general a1 Lavri re cent it a Tenor of the complaints is that con Hensienn in the h apr re Stant repetition before or after a a a Hatt a a a a a a. J. The councillors that he wanted them Holl Woodish comedy or tragedy 0 co Jnue choose them 10 8n ram Barship without an it a Perter n enc a or even suggestions a from pacifists maintain it is simply an him he als0 of them and Evi other move to stir up War fever. Denti meant it _ hat he h d n0 the inside Story is that certain a j idea of using them As stooges and Over enthusiastic new Deal we Elcome constructive critic to exists inspired the idea. And a to cig and advice lion picture Industry facing anti said Hopkins Quot i Don t want the Trust suits was not at All Loath to Counce t0 become a political foot. Comply. New York by James Mcmullin bag High financial sources Are becoming More and More bearish Ball and you know As Well As i do that it will if i Start naming your his frankness made a hit. Peaceful a most translations on the future of Gold. Their Atti of Rich Stag speech quoted tude will be reflected in the inthe fuehrer As saying that Germany pending congressional fight against would supp0i.t Ita a if Ita became Extension of the president s Power involved in a War. What he actual to devalue the Dollar to 50 cents in by 5aid was that Germany would terms of Gold. A leading argument support Italy if Italy were attacked will be that the Metal is artificially Yew York observers comment that overvalued now Why should the the difference in phraseology is executive be Given authority to p00r Consolation to peace lovers be overvalue it still further cause according to Mussolini s Ven in the past five years the United 5i0n, Italy was Quot attacked by Ethi states Treasury has bought 2v� Bil i opia. Lion dollars More Gold than was wisecracks aside however you mined in the same period in All the can paste it in your hat that mus world outside the United states Soyini Isnit going to Start any wars despite the fact that Canadian Andin 1939 at East his Berlin buddy South african producers have been has flashed the red Light on italian working overtime to Cash in on the military ventures even if la Duce High Price established by our gov were prepared to stake his future competitions High state department officials have been tipped Ern ments. We now have 55% of the we Orlds monetary Gold a mostly buried at fort Knox and still a steady Stream flows in. Against heavy Odds which he Isnit. Applicants a . Chairman Douglas recently announced that he if this process continues and favored the appointment of paid there is nothing in sight to Stop it j a a outside directors to corporate the rest of the world is Likely to j boards As a measure to increase i come to the conclusion that it can sectorial responsibility and help get along without Gold As a Mone prevent a repetition of the makes tary base. That we Ould leave us son amp Robbins mess holding the biggest and most sex j Ever since then executives and pensive bag in history. Directors of various leading Corpora tons have been pestered by apply Kim the following children have been included on the school Honor Roll for the first half of the year first Grade Genevieve Coughlin Helen Quiggle Charlene now la Maxine Carpenter sue Down Joan Swit r and Raffaela Pace. Second Grade Dorothy Holt third Grade John Carpenter fourth Grade Johanne Shine Earlene Hanna fifth Grade Robert Whittemore sixth Grade Sheik Coughlin Bettie Carpenter seventh Grade Clair Sherman eighth Grade Mary Coughlin freshmen Stuart Ladow Jack Bunker Dorothy Fogle John Chapman Doris Page juniors Charles claw son Ethel n Stark Lester Holt senior Cornelia Halsaver. The Rev. And mrs. Edward c. Linn of Houston pa., and miss Ethel Wei of Philadelphia have returned to their Homes after coming Here to attend funeral services for the Rev. T. H. Chilson. Mrs. Viola Chilson of Denver colo., and mrs. Grace Ingersoll and daughter Elsie Are guests at the parsonage. Mrs. T. H. Chilson will continue to carry on the work of the Kinzua and Corydon m. E. Churches As she did during the illness of her husband. Or. And mrs. J. R. Moore and children Edward Mabel and Clarence have returned from Elkland we Here they attended funeral services for George Moore who died after an illness of two years duration. George Moore was a son of or. And mrs. J. R. Moore. Luther Winslow has been notified of the death of his Nephew Robert Long who died in a Johns town Hospital of a broken neck received in an automobile Accident. Or. Long was Well known Here. Genevieve Coughlin 6, daughter of or. And mrs. Francis Coughlin and Donna and Nancy Zerbe Small daughters of or. Anc mrs. Ralph Zerbe Are reported recovering satisfactory from Scarlet fever. Mrs. E. C. White is confined to her Home by a heart ailment. Her daughters mrs. Frank Smith and mrs. Junius Connor of Lakewood n. Y., visited her recently As did or. And mrs. Wilmer Mcarthur of Ludlow. The first division of the ladies Aid society recently helped mrs. White celebrate her birthday anniversary at her Home. Or. And mrs. Carl Himebaugh of Jamestown. N. Y., we Ere guests recently of or. And mrs. Clyde Himebaugh. Mrs. Edna Odell accompanied them to Jamestown we Here she we ill spend some time. Mrs. Homer Fulton of Marienville visiting her daughter mrs. Jr., Wayne Thessen Charles Shirley and Chester West and Frank Johnson. Burial was in Willow Dale cemetery. The funeral was mistakenly announced for today to the Era for yesterdays Issue. Pots. Wahoo is profitable fun and tha game satisfies every week. On the screen the program today and wednesday will be a Valley of the giants a starring Wayne Morris and Claire Trevor. The film is in technicolor. There will be news and comedy also. A advertise in the Era is Charles Linneman. Or. And mrs. Richard Morrison Are now residing in their new Home recently completed on the North Side of town. Mrs. David Mckee of Olean spent several Days recently at her Home Here. Mrs. Mckee has been in ill health for the past two months. The february meeting of the helping hand sunday school class will be held in the Community House wednesday evening. All members have been urged to attend the meeting. The High school basketball teams will meet the Russell teams Here Friday evening. Mrs. Margaret Palmiter keen of Detroit is visiting relatives Here. Funerals plans for the county fair to be Given by the Exchange club february 17 at a Benefit for its Sunshine special fund in the knights of Columbus Hall were forwarded at last nights weekly dinner meeting of the club. Gordon schermerhorn in charge of ticket sales announced 350 tickets had been sold. William Lowery in charge of Booths and exhibits stated there would be about too Booths containing exhibits. Jack w. Hynes was named chairman of the Bingo Booth. G. G. Bauer reported on the publicity j committees activities. I. E. My common vice president of the club conducted the meeting. Police chief Edward Edmonds a member of the club announced that due to unexpected duties the speaker scheduled for the club Harry m. Kimball of the Federal Bureau of investigation was unable to fill the engagement. George Gray of this City was a guest at the meeting. Thirty attended. Do to $300. On your signature or those of husband and wife. Room 205a a . Bldg. Finance company phone 4186 Bradford a. Carl s. Sjobeck a funeral service for Carl Seabrook Sjobeck former resident Here who died in new York City Friday we As held at the Home of or. And mrs. Fred Petri 45 Hawthorne Road yesterday afternoon. Or. F. Dean Miller pastor of the first presbyterian Church officiated. Pallbearers were Clay Heffner new House offers Wahoo As feature of tonight a Chi patrons of the new Bradford theatre will play the screen game Waho tonight at 8 45 of clock. There will be a total of $300 to be Given away including More i than 25 Cash awards and four Jack Haven last september during cants for paid directorships the crisis that preceded Munich most of these would be directors Gold touched a new High of 147 Shil offer their services at bargain rates Lings an ounce on the London Market. Frightened capital was seek $500 or $1,000 a year. The general impression of the people they have ing its traditional Refuge in pre i interviewed is that they would be Cious Metal. Later the Price Rose to overpaid at any Price. C. 1939 150 shillings and then tapered off j _ to 148. Recent european tension blasted the daylights out of the Stock Market. There Wasny tas much panic state takes Over Bank Harrisburg feb. 6. A prepare As last fall but the effect was Sim tons were being made by the fed Ilar. The circumstances indicated Deposit insurance corporation a fresh flight into Gold with new for payment of All deposits under High prices in London. But no such 5,000 in the Coudersport Trust demand developed and the Price of company which has been taken Gold did no to even quiver. This untre Over but the state department of cemented indifference to the Metal banking. Liabilities to depositors the part of timid capital is rat saturday when the department de significant by astute new Ork took Over were rep on reported to be observers. $710,259.05. Laffit Orr a Lincoln helped Hie fellow Many a Vul do the name when e or i Canso this of Friend in my advice Quot Protection e always Worth the Price Elmer Bliss insurance main St Wadford phone 3323 presenting living sound a new kind of better hearing for deafened ears As featured by the wearable crystals acoustical with the thermionic vacuum tubes free demonstration hotel Emery thursday feb. 10th., to . To 5 . Truly amazing is the clarity of this new crystals acoustic on which for the first time brings a living sound to deafened ears. Here is All the volume you want without the slightest Buzz crackle or distortion. It is wearable and provides astounding distance pickup features three tiny lev. Thermionic vacuum tubes provides exclusive Battery economies. You la hear As never before with this fully guaranteed crystals acoustic on made by the greatest and oldest organization of its kind in the world. Acoustic on Institute 259 Delaware a. Buffalo n. I a hearing aids from �10.00 Headquarters for Winter sports equipment Lund skiis selected straight Strong True Woods 4-f t $1.50 5-f t $1.80 Oft. $2.00 6-ft., 7-ft. $4.00 ski pole apr. $2.50 ski Hose mitts amp accessories ice skates High Grade skates a for Young and old. Tubular hockey and figure skates $6.00 and up toboggans a Complete line of All sizes and real values. You la enjoy this Winter sport More than Ever. Sleds priced from 98c ski jackets. $4.95 ski and skating Hose

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