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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Dec 28 1957, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - December 28, 1957, Bradford, Pennsylvania A round the Square warmer Cloudy and warmer today rain i beginning this afternoon changing to Snow flurries and colder tonight High 40-45 Snow and cold sunday. Odhe song Survey you la hear the ton seven Sony of the land on a Lucky seven Quot tonight at 7 on of or. Vol. 81. No. 51. Full associated press service Bradford pa., saturday morning december 28, 1957. Established 1877 7c a copy by Carrier 42c week blood pressure will All title Holiday goings pm year end closings and living its greets you today with a Story about giraffes and blood pressure. And you must admit it you it Pardon a Punk that nobody gets it in the neck like the Giraffe giraffes fascinate heart disease specialists and the United states Navy. The heart doctors Are interested in learning How Tihe animal handles the extremely High blood kianuit958 rescuer find 14 of 21 men fixed by Council for this coming year the City. Voted in the May 21 primary elec of Bradford will spend $119,123 More Tion than it did in fiscal 1957, according i and $25�?T000 for wage salary _ creases for City employees. To the budget As hammered out ast. I i a i the new budget also provides for pressure needed to Force blood 12 , a inc. _ Canoe of ,., �?z1 1night in the last of a series of $8,600 to be spent to set up a feet up its neck to its head. Blood. ,. A. A in budget committee conferences. Chinery for collecting the con fro pressure of about 120 in Nill Mot ors. A athe tentative budget is subject vers la i one percent tax on earned is considered Normal for a Man. I. _ _. ,.or of. To two readings by City Council in income but giraffes live Comfort ably with a _ _ i regular Public session. Tire first 1 trapped in Coal pit alive a pressure of 360, More knowledge about the Giraffe might Lead to now treatments for heat disease and apoplexy. The Navy is intrigued by the Way the Giraffe keeps its brain properly supplied with blood As it head moves from seven feet below its heart when the animal is drinking to 12 feet above when the Giraffe stands upright. Air plane pilots May a Black out when changing direction at High speeds because centrifugal Force pulls blood away from their Heads. Or the pilots May a red out a when blood has rushed to their Heads. 25-Pound heart study of the Giraffe s blood system began in Earnest several years ago in South Africa where giraffes Are plentiful. German born physiologist Rob will be held tuesday at 1 30 p. In in City Council Chambers in City Hall. Councilman David j. Kreinson director of account and finance said the tentative budget for 1958 Calls for spending $778,123, which compares with $659,000 this year. Included in the 1958 figures councilman Kreinson explained Are $57,000 for debt service on the $650,000 municipal debt increase the figure is broken Down As $3,900 to a senior collection clerk $2,700 for a Junior clerk and $2,000 for office equipment. Something else new in the budget for the coming it ear is $5,000 ticketed to two women parking meter attendants. The budget figures say the City expects to Ake in $70,000 in parking meter Revenue next year. Meter Revenue for the first to months of this year was $54,000. . Aid is essential Leader tells sea Harrisburg. Dec. 27 a fort but we have been getting gov. Leader declared tonight that weaker and weaker in our Basic Cit Goetz found that the Giraffe government Aid to education a is ability to make a defense has a 25-Pound heart 40 times just As essential to the nation s be Leader told the 105th annual con i a vier than a Many a and a one Carity As a stepped up missile pro mention of the Pennsylvania stale Inch jugular vein equipped with a series of waives to Stop sudden surges of blood. Tile office of naval research and the american heart association joined in supporting the Giraffe study. Now scientists Are acquiring considerable knowledge about the giraffes blood hydraulics. Thick vessels or. James Warren of Duke University reported recently that the Giraffe s blood vessels Are muscular Ray a 11 a not Only have we fallen behind in some sectors of our defense of education Aid of $150 million to be proposed Washington. Dec. 2 Aid to education education Assn. A the fact he added Quot that we must reproduce within the next decade or so our higher education Plant of today one that required More than 300 years to . Aid Only answer a government Aid to these institutions of higher learning is the Only answer if we Are to avoid this unbelievable waste of human i six eds Apa a a resources in a time of National crisis a the governor said. His address capped second Day t Hie activities at the convention. Dur youth Iii jail admits killing of second Man Tho Bollie s Are found within 24 hours less than six Miles apart Elmira n. Y., Doc. 27 Pic a 17-year-old Hitchhiker in Steuben county jail on a charge of first degree murder admitted tonight he killed another Man whose body was found today. Chemung county asst. Dist. Atty. James Cain said that Fred Sommer jr., of Cameron Mills admitted in a written statement that he shot Cecil stratum 42, who was missing from his Home in Horseheads since dec. 13. Arrested at gunpoint earlier today Sommer arrested at gunpoint by police in painted Post said in a statement that he killed 38-year old Leo Wallace Brown of coming thursday night in Corning then dumped his body across the county line in Chemung. The two bodies were found within 24 hours in Catlin township East of Here. They were less than Kane housewife killed a mrs. Emma Jane Gillespie 21, Kane re 2. Was fatally injured yesterday when this car struck the rear of a stalled truck near her Home. Victim was Riding in front scat next to her husband the Driver. Vincent Pierotti Kane i a correspondent and Merle Bundy garage Man. Noted How top of car was sheared Back and rolled up by impart with truck Tail Gate. John Cliff photo Brown and Stratton were both employed at the Corning Glass works. Authorities said that Sommers woman fatally Hurt As Auto hits truck the sea president elect to succeed 111 automobile re. Yet elastic to accommodate High blood pressure. Tine animals i a drek tier it win we Rhine agouti today was reported in Hazleton was confirmed a . Tight atom. We Grung a Towt propose More than 150 Mimon Dol 100 pounds May opera e int v Lars for 1958-59 to expand and in u9_v.t, shot pleading for i if pilots a suit. A a suit exerts Leach intr j so enc and Hermit Sliver Harrisburg shot pleading tor life sure against a Man s body to pre j mathematics a in do co Vlf president j he said he hot him in the head blood from Erfurt us a Way re Bro pm would a void. Horn an afternoon Brness senior in a stratum pleaded for his he i the p9ea adopted a slate of res crying there s no seme shoot solutions covering teacher prob . In be got a wife and to the Day Harold j. Koch of t0ld so a it a in Stratton two week. Kane special a a Young Kane occurred on it 68. Just two tenths o after Stratton gave him a lift housewife Mother of two Small vent from i head. Giraffe Range up to about 19 feet in height making them the tallest creatures in the world. By i Giat Julian Huxley has called them a the most spectacularly improbable of mammals. A but despite the great length of their necks Giraffe have Only seven cervical vertebrae in common with other mammals including Man. Chews its cud Lise cowl a Giraffe Chews its cud. Observers have watched in fascination As a great mass of food visible As a away pr0gjam would involve both the National science foundation and the department of health education and welfare which includes the office of education. The science foundation would receive considerably More than Lorn the teachers paid heed in one Resolution to current proposals Bhat the school program be Modi 50 million dollars in the first year it was reported to expand its present efforts to promote the teaching of science and matter at or Ltd de is Ion All Levels. The welfare department would Start several new programs expand and improve teaching of science and math in High schools at a Cost of about too million dollars the first year provide Feder Stratton had visited his wife and now bom baby at a Hospital Here earlier that night author fied because of recent russian and cities disclosed. Vance in science but noted i Sommer said in his statement a it is imperative that we avoid he pulled r gun after Stratton picked hum up he said he shot the recommendation said that i Stratton once in the head. Any plans to change programs or j after police picked up Sommer lengthen either the school Day or in painted Post in Brown s car. Continued on rage 14 round swelling moves up its Long 1 scholarships at a Cost of 8 to to million dollars the first year for talented High school students who could not otherwise go to College finance Federal fellowships in graduate schools and Aid expanse k afer chewed the food goes Back Down again As a Little jump. The National geographic society reports. The great beasts weighing up in 2.500 pounds feed peacefully on Sion of graduate schools help the states to provide More and better testing and counselling of High school pupils and promote for the leaves of Trees. They Are timid and Gallop away at speeds up to 30 Miles per hour to escape enemies itch a the lion. They neatly a leap standing up in popular belief the Giraffe is completely voiceless but some authorities have reported hearing a a gurgling there is evidence that mothers make a whistling sound to Call their Young. Giraffe it w Ander Loo knit communities across the welds of tropical Africa from the Eastern Sudan to South Africa and up the i Varv West roast to Northern Angola. Three Are killed As station aeon and Auto collide Somerset pa., dec. 27 a three persons were killed and one Hurt late this afternoon in a terrific collision Between an Auto and a station Wagon on the perv Ylva he told them he he told them he shot Brown wednesday night became he wanted a car he said tonight he killed Stratton because be wanted a car for a future Holdup Chemung county or atty. Wins yesterday was fatally injured when the car in which she was Riding rammed the rear of a stalled truck near Here dead on arrival at Kane Community Hospital after the 2 40 p in. Crash was mrs Emma Jane Gillespie. 21. Kane re 2. Her husband William 24. Who was driving the 1956 Sedan escaped with Shock and apparently just a shakeup state polite Heie the crash sex convict held for cram jury in death of grand Island n. Dec. 27 a a Philip e was arraigned today on a charge of of a mile South of the Kane Borough line. Troopers pieced together this a Russia offers economic help to Asia Africa Cairo. Egypt dec. 27 a the count of the fatal mashup froma a be 1 no a offered ail asian and the distraught husband and from african nations economic Aid to Paul h Mccabe said tonight a j first degree murder in the death charge of first decree Murde would be a a against Sommer. Officials said the Basic purpose of the combination program is to la Turnpike about 7 mile East of Somerset. State police identified the dead Dallas Binning 24, of Jackson 64, of a mint pleads Cuilty to Bank robbery dec 27 a a a a it flour children car Tram a Eric tween Mas i car skidded on an icy spot and Iii to to Bank Rob cow and in Northwestern j a whirled across the medial strip Prit Burgh 35-year-old father today pleaded built Bery charges and calmly am iced questions about his Legal status a nud the Flash of news camera. Robert c Rose of Parker Armstrong county arraigned before u. S commissioner Alexander Mcnaugher on charge of violating the Federal Bank robbery statute. Root a pasted Bond of $5,000 and bolster the educational Effort in relation to current National Security needs and to help meet Russia s scientific advances. It would take priority Over the j Heights n y. Previously proposed school con James g Mcnamara Striction program for which a Ocean Ville no. First year appropriation of 451 Mil Mcnamara a wife mrs. Georgia lion dollars was asked last Jan Mcnamara 55 miss Faith Diane Catlin. 26. Of j Brooklyn n a was injured and is i in serious condition at a Somerset i Hospital. Miss Catlin Ute Fiance of , and Binning we headed London dec 27 Moscow West. They were in route to cashed to report the soviet Union j Octon Ohio to visit relatives and Iran Are starting direct sleep officers said the Young couples and trip Iran. The distance is about i 300 where it collided with the Mcna Miles. I Mara machine. Kun a Iran starting so a a a i ii War service pair kills two then kidnaps girl Friend live a Oes to farm for Holiday rest. Offiel business Gettysburg. A. Dec 27 a president Eisenhower gathered with his family at his Gettysburg farm today for a Yea rend Holiday but he had plans for official business too. Soon after the presidents arrival Here White House press Secretary James c. A Netty said the president would work on his state of the Union message to Congress Over the weekend. The president had no other appointments Wuth his official family for the next two Days however. He plans to spend his time at title farm relaxing and working on his legislative programs and messages to Congress which convenes Jan. 7. Of a companion he admitted robbing after a tour around Niagara Falls. He waived examination before peace Justice f Donald Hawley and was ordered held for the grand jury. Keister a 31-year-old sex con vict is accused of slaying David Halbren 65, of Seldon l. Last summer Halbrend a body was found in Woods in Buckhorn state Park Here july 29 authorities said Halbren died of head injuries. No weapon was found. Kuester was arrested last month at a Railroad work Camp near Groton. Conn police said Kuester admitted in a written statement that he look $40 from his companion but denied killing him. Two other witnesses. Stalls on Hill a Bent furniture store driven by Robert Bentz. 16. 317 Pine ave. Kane stalled on cemetery Hill on it. 68, and the Driver backed it Down the Grade and managed to Park it partly off the Highway on the southbound traffic Lane. His Helper Joseph Skelly stood on the left running Board to Flag traffic around the stalled . Or. Gillespie told troopers that As his southbound car approached the truck he was blinded by the Bright Sun and did no to see the vehicle until it was Tex late troopers quoted Hun As saying he swung the wheel sharply to the left but could not avoid the crash. Top torn off troopers said the right Side of Hie Gillespie car struck the lowered tailgate of Hie the Impact sheared off Che top of the Auto and rolled it Back Over the rear seat. Or. Gillespie Dayed by the pm continued on Page 14 c Jai Iii French mud drink Ore Jap scotch now Day in a now calculated to drive out Western Enterprise. The Kremlin coupled the offer h a he tha,1 african and a Ian countries should nationalize Western per ated by Ines ses and exploit their profits As Egypt a done with the Suez canal. The soviet offer a unfolded in the nongovernmental african a Ian Temple conference that opened yesterday with communist Type slogans and attack on what it called Western imperialism. Pas a big brother to All underdeveloped countries a soviet spokesman promised Money without string attached in the form of Loans or outright Aid plus technic la tis and economists to help the african and a Man nation but he qualified the offer thus a we Are ready to help you As a brother heft its a brother. Tell us what you need and we will help you and Send according to our economic possibilities Money Gas produced explosion rips Virginia pit 250 men working 500 feet underground at time of fierce blast Amon ate va., saturday dec. 28 Fly a Rescue w order reported Early today 14 of the 21 Miner trapped in a Coal mine under the Virginia West Virginia Border had been found alive. The men were found in the Joy loading Section of the mine according to William Fullarton special assistant to the president of Pocahontas fuel co., operators of the mine. Produced by Gas a rumbling explosion apparently produced by Gas had trapped the men some 500 feet underground late yesterday. Fullarton said two work Crews two Motorman two foremen and on fire Boss were in the group. The blast occurred about i1 a Miles from the mine entry Shaft on the Virginia aide of the Border. The Shaft is about 500 feet deep. Until the Rescue workers report All Contact with the men had been Cut off. West Virginia stat police earlier reported 20 to 25 persons were killed in the explosion. 250 men in mine about 250 men were working in the mine at the time of the explosion about 6 30 p m., including supervisory personnel. The min employs about 800 persons. James Crawford a Joy loader operator working about four Miles from the blast site said the explosion occurred in the Section farthest away from the mine Shaft. He said he heard a noise like a Ai fall and then All electricity in the min went off. There was some dust where a continued on Page 14 in Loans or needed in the f in one breath said a we do not you to join any by ors or change governments ans in Emal sip Ocsman or foreign pol Otto twp. School Board May impose Viaje salary tax v drinking h 2 it Eire companies f in lit Blaze Iii empty Houm Pittsburgh. Twenty. In fire dec. 27 companies Glasgow do it 27 scotch whisky aet a. Aha frenchmen Are More japanese Worth it said French imports a1 so scotch dropped from is 400 too equivalent a in 19-56 to $308,000 this year and a spokesman lamented a it is not Tillat the French lost their taste for scotch just that Tho get Jap it Agam a underselling t own Brand Ai whisky Mea be j Earl to Sears e Are at Frau wit in Otto twp. A the Otto twp. School District last night be earn the fifth area Revenue raising body to serve notice that if Bradford City Council Lmax uses that controversial income tax it will reply in kind to keep its taxable Money at Home. Ralph Sweitzer. Supervising principal of Otto twp. Schools said last night that the Board of education had Gall on record to that effect via the Resolution route. He explained the Resolution Anayi that the school District will Levy a one percent wage salary tax on residents and non resident of the District who earn their Money there. He said the Resolution is conditional meaning that the tax will be Unpi led Only if the cry Ai Bradford sets off the Chain reaction. The same kind of Don to tax or else action a already been taken by the school District of it j Lewis run Foster and Bradford t. I to s. And the Borough of Lew is a run. The soviet j the Only interested party that picked up the has said it will stay out of the tax Iii Mem under a or Ade picture is the Bradford City school nent in november. It District. Rill Fri i Hlf a to Birk i it shipment of Kii her Jakarta dec. 27 it Ludo to re a Aan freighter is due at Spitoni of North Salina january to pick up rubber ode Washington dec. 27 a a unlawful flight to avoid pros ecu was released to await grand jury j two gunmen ejected from a Hon for murder action. Ninth St. Night spot in an argue shot and killed at the to Del rave us accused of taking $10 ment Over their Check shot up the restaurant were Bill at gunpoint last monday from j place today killing the owner and George p Kaldus 33. Native of i de a Navy conference wearing tie the Peoples National Bank in re a guitar player and seriously Scranton who bought the i clasps showing an air Force mis Raj Vamp Kew about 12 Milles East of j wounding a Blind pianist. Place Only recently and Kenneth she which is still in the top secret j category. Missile in top Sweet Flate Jory on l Iella is Oklahoma City dec. 27 <4v the Oklahoma City times said i by ult today that two army men attend j almost 50 per cent of the fire de a rime in a went several hours to Day fighting blazes in empty houses scheduled for demolition. Police Are hives Tig a Ting the possibility the houses were Del vie a i lately fired. They Are to be Tom Down for a redevelopment project j in the lower Hill area where an outdoor Amphitheater ii to of qts Essl i r0s de he a i Miry it already has fight on defense budget seen for the congressional Battle Over defense spending suggested today , . The killers then kidnapped a 19 Fisher 35. Guitar player. Some 20 who Vin lived in Home to be torn Down were evacuated although their dwellings did not catch fire. Inside the Era year old girl student and her army private Friend and fled Bernard j. Mauler 28. A pianist. The newspaper said Hie clasps in the restaurant s Small ban were confiscated by operatives of South in Hie latter automobile. Who has been Blind since birth i the office of special investigation Dresser jives four members of staff promotions. Page 2 enrolment in nation s colleges sets new record. Page 6 collegian agers defeat res owls by score of 75-61. Page to Ridge. 13 Hospital. Of a in. 9 radio to. Near Richmond. Va., they released the couple unharmed and continued their flight southward in a second commandeered automobile. The Fri issued warrants naming the fugitive As Henry Clay Overton 44, and Wayne Carpen-14 ter about 22. Washington police 9 said Overton has a Long record of 7rosw.td 13 stocks. .13 assault housebreaking and Lar so. Ori.il8 women. 4,Ceny the Fri warrant charge was shot in the Back and near the and that it understood some 200,-heart. His condition was listed As too were recalled from circulation critical. By a Well known aircraft missile police reconstructed the events i manufacturer. This Way the article said the idea of Dis Overton and Carpenter came in tribute pm tie clasps dated Back to last night and spent several hours world War ii when aircraft firms Elvi pop hic braille 60-Dav Bra it delay drinking two fifths of whisky. The younger Man amused himself for continued on Page 2 hoc Emery Coffee shop 75c�?-luncheon�?75c issued Lapel pins to workers to boost morale. The pins As the tie clasps of today were miniatures of the Tim of aircraft being Man i of a lured. In a statement a and no budget such As suggested by unnamed White House Persona in the pre will get an of a a rough going seen Memphis. Term., dec. 27 bpm la president Eisenhower a k Elvis Presley won a 60-Dav draft for a record peacetime budget of delay today giving him time to j 40 billion dollars for the defense Complete a new film for Para department the senator added Washington dec. 27 a a j which handles die annual defense sen. Chavez. Ltd nmn tuning up Money Bill. He proposed that tile administration consider redistribution of unspent billions already voted by the Eisenhower administration use i Congress. The Money it has before a King a it May Well be that some re for a big increase programming will be necessary a new funds alone is not the and that it will accomplish the answer to today a he said purpose a he said i a it a next fiscal year Eisenhower is expected to precut Congress with a 40-billion Dollar plus defense budget next month including an extra two billion for missiles and space be mount studio. The Singer s three Man Board unanimously voted the stay. He had been scheduled to be inducted into the army Jan. 20, both amount and Presley re i Quested the deferment. A there will be some rough going draft in the Congress a Chavez is chairman of the Senate appropriations subcommittee is uni huits a a too us oui put Lieut j Ako a big a Jadw hides. Antisubmarine defences and new bases on which to dispel e Hie strategic air Force. The Money would be for the fiscal year starting july i defense spending in this fiscal year had been estimated at around 38 billion dollars. But i last week Secretary of Detent Mcelroy disclosed a intended a it ask Congress for a billion More for use before june 30. It would a invested mostly in the missile program. The Wall Street journal in a Washington dispatch reported today the administration proposes that a special 500-million-Dollar fund be made available to exploit any breakthrough in the missile satellite Field. The newspaper said this would be on top of the extra two billion reported to be going into the defense budget for the fiscal 12 months beginning in july. One Pui pose of the fund Hie paper it Aid. Would be to make it More difficult for Hie Democrat in Congress to come up with still larger missile spending plans and reap political Hay in the process. Airline tickets Emery travel service hot Emery i Toay pram a

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