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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Dec 23 1963, Page 4

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - December 23, 1963, Bradford, Pennsylvania Pao pour hmm ii burmese pudding from the Cooks Corner flints edited by Louise Frost woman s Pago editor i from Hal disc by maoist crus dear Heloise have you Ever tried using sudsy ammonia on a Damp cloth for polishing brass with one twist of the wrist All my brass door knobs hinges and fixtures Shine like new. Just be careful of the surrounding Wood or paint. Wipe with a clean Damp cloth and dry Well. Be sure to test first to see if the items to be cleaned Are solid brass. To do this testing use a Magnet which can be purchased at the dime store. If the Magnet clings to the article to be cleaned then it is Iron with Only a brass coating. And should not be exposed to sudsy ammonia because it will remove the floating of brass. By using this method at least one does not have to buy any Elbow grease mrs. Theodore Carrington went to the foot tub again usually daddy was standing Over us in those Days. Carol Cable bless you the Magnet works we never knew this before. What a Way to test brass we tested Over 19 items in our Home. Ladies be sure to Wash and rinse the sudsy ammonia off immediately. Then dry the article thoroughly to avoid streaks. Heloise dear Heloise i save my husband s slightly faded sports shirts and using a Matching Plain coloured material. Make Panama trousers. This gives him an extra pair of pyjamas. Mrs. H. S. Mcgill dear Heloise Here s a Handy tip for those of us who have leftover scraps of that adhesive backed plastic paper i was wiping out my daughters Metal lunch Box and noticed it was becoming Rusty. I thought of those Lov Ely scraps of paper i had saved and i used them to line her lunch Box. The paper made the inside Bright and colourful and also hid the Nasty old Rusty spots. Now All it takes is a swipe with a Damp sponge to get it clean. Cherie and colourful bazaars vivid attire and highly spiced food come to mind when Burma is mentioned. The burmese Are proud of their Fine cuisine and willingly share their recipes. To a recipe from the indo chinese area for a pudding called san win a Kin has been added America s own spicy mince meat the original recipe cells far scraping three coconuts and makes a very Large amount of pudding. The adaptation is streamlined to use flaked Coconut and other convenience feeds. Burmese pudding in a 4 quart sauce pan Combine 4 cup Light Brown sugar firmly packed i cup White Cornmeal i egg slightly beaten gradually stir in 4 cups milk until Well blended. Cook Over medium heat stir constantly for 7 minutes or until mixture thickens and begins to boil. Remove from heat. In medium size bowl mix together i 9-oz. Package mince meat broken in Small pieces i cup flaked Coconut is cup almonds stir into Cornmeal mixture then spoon into lightly buttered 13x8x2 i approximately pan. Brush mixture with 2 table b Honey. Sprinkle it cup almonds evenly Over top. Bake in 425 degree oven 30 minutes or until lightly browned. Cut pudding into 12 equal squares. Of desired Garnish each serving with whipped Cream Glace cherries and crystallised Ginger Cut into shapes with miniature cookie Cutter. Pudding May be served warm or cold. 1 Tablespoon dried Parsu flakes 2 cups diced fresh oranges dear Heloise knit suit dress weather is Here. For those of you who find Tab buttons on your Garter Belt show ing through on the front of your skirts. Especially if they fit snugly or cling. F have found that if you remove the Garter tabs and turn them Over so that the tabs fit toward your skin instead of outward you will have no Button bulges showing. Just a Nice smooth looking skirt Henritte Mart Amish Vanilla Pia prepare 2 nine Inch pie shells. Combine following ingredients in Saucepan and bring to full rolling boil then set aside to Cool i cup sugar i cup Light molasses 4 Tablespoons flour 1 egg Well beaten 2 cups water 1 Teaspoon Vanilla crumbs 2 cups flour i cup Brown sugar i Teaspoon Cream of tartar i Teaspoon baking powder 4 cup lard 4 cup butter pour liquid into the two pie shells. Add crumbs equally Over the liquid in the two shells. Barks county Appl tart unbaked 9 Inch past y Shell 5 Large tart apples 3 4 cup sugar 1 Tablespoon flour 2 Tablespoons butter Nutmeg Peel Core and Quarter apples. Mix u cup sugar and Tablespoon flour with apples. Turn into pastry Shell. Cover with remaining sugar Dot with butter Sprinkle Nutmeg Over top. Bake for to minutes in preheated 400 degree oven reduce heat to 325 and bake 35 minutes. Dear Heloise i have a six months old daughter who is cutting Teeth and you know How they drool at this time. I sew for her a lot. And every time i make an a outfit a i make a bib to match it out of the scraps of the material. I Cut a bib of plastic and bind the two together with Bias tape to match this saves the dress and looks Nice too. B. H. Orang stuffing stuffs 10-12 Pound Goose or 4-5 Pound Duck Combine and mix Well with 14 cup chopped onion 2 quarts toasted bread cubes 2 Teaspoons each Salt poultry dressing 4 Teaspoon Black Pepper 2 Tablespoons grated Orange Rind did you know that blend Means to Combine 2 or More ingredients thoroughly. Fold a insert spoon into Middle of mixture slide spoon across Bottom of bowl and raise spoonful to top. Baste a with spoon moisten food with liquid while cooking to prevent drying. Marinade a mixture of Oil and seasonings vinegar or Lemon spices and herbs May be added marinate a let food stand in marinade. Chop a Cut into Small pieces with knife or cutting device. Mince a chop very Fine. Cube Cut into Small squares. Shred a Cut or tear into Small pieces. Bread a cover by dipping in egg diluted with 2 Tablespoons Steppe Beauty Salon phone 368-4900 12 Chambra St. Off on a a Holiday whirl Asa Clairol blonde cur colonists Are experts in giving you the cherished Quot Christmas Angel Quot look and what a Galaxy of Caird Creme Toner shades there Are to make you Light debate breathtaking be the Light of the holidays a a Clairol blonde blending retouched Complete with shampoo and style from $6.00 Mamm wishing you a very merry Christmas no appointment not water or in milk then dip in Fine bread or Cracker crumbs dry Cereal or crushed potato chips. Attention to detailing brings rewarding results in this piece reminiscent of the Early american dry sink. Genuine porcelain pulls blend beautifully with the solid Maple end Choice Maple veneer panels. Behind the doors an and us tabla Shalt can to Romosod for record storage. A do tailor and Fin shod Back welcomes exposure from any position in the heme. Open every night til # . 9 Chris Mons ready to Wear 421 e. Mein St. Bradford say merry a a Xmas .0 with. J perfumes by Caron Only at Rose Kreinson a scholar spends Twenty years on translation Japan a most ancient collection of poetry called the a Many Oshus collection of myriad leaves has been translated in its entirety into English by Hei Hachiro Honda a 70-year old lecturer at the Osaka University of foreign studies. Various sections of the Many Oahu have been translated by japanese and foreign scholars in the past but Honda a work is the Only Complete translation of the entire collection. He spent 20 years on the project. The Manyo Shu is a collection of japanese poems covering a period of about 450 years from the 4th Century up to the year 759. Consisting of 20 volumes the collection was completed about the Vear 790, the end of the Nara Era. The poems composed by empowers Nobles scholars and Farmers number about 4.500. Most of them Are about life in the Imperial court but there Are also some concerning the Countryside and others about the soldiers who were sent to guard the frontiers Thev reflect the actual life and feelings of the period. Operetta presented by m. J. Ryan pah guests were welcomed by Brenda of Connell and Jane Moonan at presentation of an operetta. A merry Christmas. Mister by pupils at m. J. Ryan school thursday evening. Those taking part in the production were Brian Baldwin. Judy Bogman Bruce Buffington Tommy Frair Joanne Starkweather Steve he Matin Lynn Ryan and Veronica Haight. Third Grade girls were Snowflake dancers third Grade boys and two fourth graders Sandman a helpers first graders rhythm band second graders toys fourth graders Christmas dance and miss of Connell Sang a Solo. Bibb re of roast boned beef Rump roast maybe braised in the oven. Use a nod Erate temperature a covered pan and a Small amount of braising liquid adding More As necessary. _ open Mon. Thru Fri. 11 00 am til 0 10 pm sat. 10 00 pm til 0 30 pm the clothes tree open non. Thru Sal. 9 30-9 00 til Christmas Griffin s 10s-107 main St. Memo from Mary Griffin a Quick solution for your gift problem our gift certificate Griffin s fashion is our business 105-107 main St. Bradford a. I 9 5 ,1 Quot pm from Mary Griffin the gift is yours. The be is theirs dear Heloise i could never hang tie Back curtains evenly until my husband made this suggestion i lower the venetian blinds so that the Bottom Rod is exactly where i want my tie Back to be thumb tacked in the Frame of the window. After tying Back one crisscross curtain and thumb tacking it at exactly where this lower Slat is i walk to the other Side of the window and there is my exact measurement for the other tie Back mrs. R. A. Factor Kathleen Paul engaged a or. And mrs. Charles Paul of 592 Bolivar Driva announce Tho engagement of their daughter Kathleen to Richard Reed of 313 Derrick read. Miss Paul is a Junior at Bradford area High school from where or. Reed was graduated in 1941. The Bride elect Pise attends Steve s Beauty school. The wedding Date was not announced. Dear Heloise Here is some advice which will help other desperate mothers of teen agers who just wont Wear socks with their sneakers and the insoles just wont come clean in the washing machine. But a very stiff Brush that will go Down into the toes of the shoes and after removing strings scrub the shoes with the Small Brush in warm soapy water inside and out rinse of course. This gets that dirt off. When we were kids anyone caught going to bed with dirty feet. Family pages fashion food features always pleases a gift certificate from Kon Bona n gift Center a Mumm ii gift wrapped our give a gift certificate open evening g the clothes tree g 393 e. Main St. In Ami Fannin s formals 0 bridal 14 main St. 342-3231 Bradford a. The traditional favorite for Holiday festivities done to forget the other feature Dairy foods that make Holiday entertaining even better. Dixie cups # Spumoni wedge a sliced Brick # Eskimo pit Xmas treat # log Roll # Cay Sno Balli. Whipping Cream a fresh sour Cream a cottage cheese at your favorite store or Call City Creamery 80-90 Mechanic company phone 368-6422 Mike iss Vinelli is Back at Reserve no. I loan office at no. I main Street phone or come in see Mike for any amount. $25.00 to $2500.00 or More asking Mike is just like asking Santa Reserve consumer discount co. Phone 368-7178

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