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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1965, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - December 20, 1965, Bradford, Pennsylvania Round the cold Cloudy and cold with Light Snow today and to night High in 20s Cloudy and cold with Snow Flur rits tuesday with Little temperature change. Fulle uni anti present web airs interesting happenings from the past and a critical analysis of the present daily on past and present at 12 15 p m. Square local Angle its has had a note from former Bra Fordian Earl Bown. Avis and Earl now reside in fort Lauderdale. Fla. Earl encloses a copy of a newspaper column which makes mention of Salamanca. Also mentioned is Earl. Some time ago a columnist in the Florida City made some comments about weather up this Way and Earl sent it along. We wrote a stirring offence and defense which the paper printed. Vol. 89, no. 68 second class postage paid at Bradford a. 16701 Bradford pa., monday morning december 20, 1965 published Dally. Except sunday at 43 main re by mall 121.50 year by Carrier 55o week 10c a copy of i Ltd in / v. A confusion Webb Ericson tells this rib tickler. One night last week he was having dinner in a very Fine Airport dining room which was enjoying its usually Large patronage. Suddenly a Ripple of excitement went through the vast dining area like an electric current. Webb looked around and noticed a Little mouse prancing along Tho housing for Tho Cova lighting around the Walls of the dining room. A lot of women in the room somehow had noticed the unwelcome Little intruder. With shrieks and screams the message was sent around the room. Women clapped menus Over their Heads in Case the Little fellow might Tumble from his runway. The mouse meanwhile bemused by these strange goings on looked Down on the crowd started to Amble along again and then wow in in or. Mouse lost its balance and tumbled from its elevated Highway. As the frightened rodent scrambled across the floor under the tables Many of the women climbed up on the chairs raising their skirts As they reached the higher altitudes. All the while the rumble of noise was really something. Webb with the coolness of a newspaper photographer in an emergency had been taking pictures with a Small camera after the smoke had cleared and the mouse had been retired one of a group of gals at a Large table came Over to Webb and asked if it might be possible to get a picture for their company j paper an unexpected develop-1 mint in the office girls Christmas party. Webb inquired what company they worked for. You guessed it it was an Owens Illinois group from the operation in a City near the Airport. Decorated for Christmas for Tho first Tim in 18 years the battleship Massachusetts can be seen for Miles up and Down the Taunton River in fall River mass. A 17-foot Star and 500 lights make up the perimeter decoration. The Massachusetts was saved from the scrap Heap by donations and now is open to the Public As a world War la memorial. Four relive their historic adventure gemini astronauts reunited something new its hears of a new transparent weatherstrip tape that seals against drafts that creep in around windows air conditioners and baseboards without marring appearance. The tape is self adhering Sticks firmly in place yet it can be removed cleanly at any time. It can also be used for repairing books i plastic raincoats seats and seat covers. Two tiny girls both abandoned Battle for life by the associated press two tiny girls separated by almost 200 Miles and both Only slightly Over 24 hours old. Shared a common Bond sunday As Thev battled for life in hospitals m Buffalo and Herkimer. Both had been abandoned saturday shortly after they were born. The infant in Herkimer reported to be in fair condition in Herkimer memorial Hospital was found wrapped in a Towel and the top of a woman s Nightgown in a trash can under an apartment stairway. In Buffalo the 2 Pound 2 ounce girl also reported m fair condition in Meyer memorial Hospital was discovered wrapped in a hotel Towel and a blankets in the Vestibule of a Church. Police in both communities said they had no leads sunday concerning the infants identification. In neither Case they said. Was there any note that might Lead them to the mothers. Officials at Meyer Hospital in Buffalo said the Little girl there was evidently a premature child and she too was placed in an incubator. They said she was a holding her own sunday. She was listed As a baby Girt Doe a a shopping a Oats Ufi up. Tar Christmas seals Light to nil other respiratory diseases Cape Kennedy Fla. Api a slapping one another and bubbling with Mutual congratulations americans rendezvous ing gemini astronauts playfully reunited Here sunday then spent 45 minutes reliving their historic adventure. Gemini 6 astronauts Walter m. Schirra or and Thomas p. Stafford were not on hand to Greet their gemini 7 counterparts. Frank Borman and James a. Lovell jr., when the worlds most travelled spacemen landed at a skid strip a Cape Kennedy a runway. Instead. Schirra was lurking in a doorway at astronaut Crew Headquarters on neighbouring Merritt Island. As Borman and Lovell walked Down the Hall Schirra bounded out and began wildly swinging his arms As if the gemini 7 astronauts needed Landing instructions Stafford also was there but did not participate in the initial antics. Call off their Bat a there was a lot of handshaking and Mutual congratulations a said astronaut Donald k. Slayton director of the gemini 7 Crew one of the first things the four astronauts did was to Call off their Well publicized bet Over which Crew would land closest to the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier we Asp. Slayton said Schirra insisted that an accelerometer. An instrument used in Landing was off slightly and was to blame for Schirra bringing gemini 6 Down slightly farther away from his target than Borman. Poor weather disrupted what was supposed to be a ool Orfi ceremony for the astronauts at plane Side but their Welcome was abbreviated by an on again off again rain. Florida gov. Haydon Burns who planned to be on hand to give the astronauts an official Seal of state could not Fly to the Cape because of the weather officials said. The astronauts along with la National aeronautics and space administration officials and medical experts arrived at 1 48 p Meach co piloting separate eight passenger Navy aircraft which flew the party directly from the prime recovery ship the aircraft Carrier Wasp. Took off Doc. 4 it was the first time air Force it. Col. Borman and Navy cmdr. Lovell set foot on land since dec. 4. The Day they roared skyward from gemini launch Complex 19 to begin their Marathon voyage in space. During the next la Days Borman and Lovell will do their flight All Over again. Only this time go through it the easy Way on the ground. They re scheduled to remain at the Cape until wednesday when they will Fly to nasal a manned spacecraft Center in Houston text Tell and retell the Story of their Mission to project officials. The spacemen were met at plane Side by astronauts Donald k. Slayton and Alan b. Shepard jr., directors of the gemini 7 and gemini 6 Crews. A a it a Good to be Back. Good to be Borman repeated Lovell told col. Jack Albert gemini launch director a your Booster was a Jack you really came through. It was just wonderful a Borman added. Also on hand to Greet the astronauts was or. Charles Berry the Man responsible for the astronauts health throughout their 14 i flight a a there a the bad Guy a Lovell quipped when he spotted Berry. A if i Ever hear another medical form i think i m going to be turning to a microphone Borman spoke to about 20 newsmen present and said a a we re very Happy to be Back. It was a perfect Booster and we can to say enough about a we had a wonderful flight a Little Bent Over but.,�?� Lovell chuckled Borman and Lovell who chalked up enough mile age during the last two weeks to make to round trips to the Moon said Schirra and Stafford a 26-hour gemini ride was a just a Nasa assured the 37-year-old pilots they will be permitted a Day or two off to spend Christmas with their families. They will also be allowed to spend evenings at Home during the time they Are reviewing their flight at Houston. Navy capt. Schirra and air Force maj. Stafford who flew to Cape Kennedy on thursday planned to return to Houston on sunday. Political prestige restored de Gaulle Winner by Large majority Paris apr Gen. Charles de Gaulle won a new seven year term As Frances president sunday restoring some of his political prestige marred when he was forced into a Runoff election. The austere French Leader was an easy Victor Over Francois Mitterrand who conceded defeat Only i hour and 20 minutes after the polls closed. De Gaulle a total held steady at about 55 per cent of the valid ballots. It s looking More like la Kite i Ole it s beginning to look like a a Whit Christmas a although the Weatherman has been rather skimpy thus tar on his Supply of Snow to Tho Bradford area. Some sections of Western new York especially Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties had six to seven inches Over the weekend. Main highways Wert in Good shape throughout the District after receiving Sand Salt treatments but authorities reported icy spots on some secondary surfaces. The Mercury went into a dip sunday night after reaching the mid-20 s in the afternoon and was at the 17-degree level in the downtown sector Early this morning. Unofficial readings of to to 12 degrees were reported in Rural portions of Mckean county. I Mitterrand in conceding. Said a at the Start of my candidacy ii realized the difficult of the undertaking but the result obtained today confirms my conviction that the hour is coming when republicans will de Gaulle made no statement from his country Home at col obey Ledeux Eulises in Eastern France. He watched the returns with his family on television. I Complete returns for metropolitan France As Given by the Interior ministry showed de Gaulle polled 12,868.661 votes or 55 per cent and Mitterrand 10586,150, or 45 per cent. The number of registered voters for metropolitan France was 28,558,709 and 84 per cent a near record voted. Almost 85 per cent voted in the record dec. 5 election which forced the Runoff. The overseas territories vote was not expected to alter the returns substantially when it is Complete in a Day or two. Two year breathing spell results indicated that a plea by eliminated candidate Jean Leca Nuet urging his supporters not to vote for de Gaulle had failed. An analysis showed two thirds of be Canuet a votes going to the president. Leca Nuet had received 15 per cent of the votes in the dec. 5 election. The Victory gave de Gaulle at least a two year breathing spell until the next legislative elections. To push through his main objectives a Reform of the common Market to make sure that France can keep its veto on policy decisions and a revision of the North Atlantic treaty continued on Pago 20 Erhard lbs talks to focus on a problem outcome could have far reaching effects on history for years Washington api West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard reached Washington sunday to meet president Johnson in two Days of talks focused on Germany a desire for a greater role in the Western worlds nuclear defences. Erhard was welcomed at Andrews air Force base in nearby Maryland by vice president Hubert h. Humphrey and Secretary of state Dean Rusk Humphrey said a we rejoice in the Friendly relations which exist Between our two countries. I am confident our meetings will be Erhard said a a. We will do Jour Hest to strengthen our cooperation and to find fair solutions for our the Chancellor will begin his conferences with Johnson monday. In contrast to the visit last week by British prime minister Harold Wilson during which Many world problems were discussed the Johnson Erhard meeting will focus on one problem mainly the creation of an integrated Allied nuclear Force and German participation in it. Dormant for Yaar the Issue was dormant for about a year it has been revived after the German elections last september and it now appears that Erhard will submit some Concrete proposals when he meets with the chief executive on monday. Administration officials have some Advance knowledge of the Broad outlines of these proposals. But Thev will have no Public reaction to them after the Chancellor had spelled out in detail his idea on this delicate Issue. What is known already indicates that the Bonn concept of How to form an Allied nuclear Force is based on the British proposal for the creation of an Atlantic nuclear Force a and which Wilson submitted As his governments answer to the u sponsored multilateral Force a Milf a concept. The nucleus of the Erhard envisaged Force As Washington understands it would be a Fleet of . And British submarines equipped with Polaris missiles and jointly owned by nations interested in such a project. There might be at least five for the time being the United states. Britain. West Germany Italy and the Netherlands. France is expected to continue to oppose bitterly this or any other project. British favor and officially the Johnson administration still believes that the Milf concept of a mixed manned surface Fleet would be the better of but it is ready to forget about it if other participants can agree on and. The British View. As was Learned during the Wilson visit is that and is the Best proposal that Milf should be shelved for Good. They want a solution to be sought within the existing North Atlantic treaty organization machinery meaning the special committees set up in Paris by the Allied defense ministers Iii november. Pie recover from i operation Cannes France apr Painter Pablo Picasso 84, has a completely recovered from his nov. 18 Gall bladder operation. Surgeon Jacques Hepp told newsmen sunday. Picasso has returned to his Home near Here following a recuperation period in the Alps. The operation took place in the american Hospital in pans. Pontiff urges Pursuit of Viet peace feelers Neir surge of g action a a plea is made fur ease ire gis reds clash on three fronts by Christmas Saigon South Viet Nam tailed . Air raids on North apr a new surge of ground Viet Nam. . Officials report action ushered in Christmas de . Air Force planes flew week for . Fighting men in Only visual missions there they Viet Nam on sunday. On three fronts. Marines and . Army forces clashed with sizable numbers of communist troops and reported killing nearly 200 of them Pope Paul fail to specify proposal he a to halt fighting Vatican City apr Pope said action in the Field contrasted with relative quiet in whore . Officials feared Viet a urged sunday the Pur Cong agents planned terrorist sult of recently reported propos attacks against . Install a Sfa a peace Niet Nam in i in a ii a a coins Bons to celebrate mondays fifth order to bring about a Christ a ,1.� 25ss of a Ltd or a ase in allowed by Quot a the Viet Ong movement got nations. The Only terrorist action was speaking from his apartment against a government police window to 20,000 persons in St. Station outside Saigon. A Viet Peters Square for his sunday army troops pursuing several battalions of vie Cong occupied the Camp of an enemy company after pounding the area with 1,600 rounds of artillery. Marines renewed Contact with Cong cyclist hurled a grenade at the unit. Wounding six police _ men the cyclist was promptly communist troops in operation Cut Down by police gunfire. Harvest Moon in death Valley \ dusk to Dawn curfew for South of Danang. . Military personnel went flying horsemen of the i s. In 0 Force for the first time in a Ami minium. Jan svit of a Eubar a Aba Insl. Ghoul in hat Christmas by for went to action against a Viet expected terrorism. Bars and Over nne a Dav sacred with Cong battalion 265 Miles North cafes usually brimming with a a East of Saigon. . Servicemen emptied outwash Inaten flu Whit amp is Swiss a. Harl Quot bundled Hack to their billets noontime Blessing the Pope said a we applaud whoever adapts himself loyally to end the dangerous conflict. We would wish that a at least at least a the cease fire proposal perhaps be heeded and brought . Officials reported Ameri can casualties As Light. Once More bad weather cur May Wor Kunlo christinas Ere state House demos step up their Pace majority Leader Joshua Ell on the Popes Appeal. This did not Rule out later official recognition of his plea either by president Johnson or the state department. Recent development the Pope did not specify the proposals he had in mind but there have been these recent developments a a Viet Cong proposal for a 12-Bour cease fire extending from Christmas eve into Christ. I Aday. But that was hedged Harrisburg apr House Berg i Philadelphia said sat by a demand that Allied troops democrats Are stepping up Urdaz the House May be forced aside their weapons for that their Pace despite the Onemo to work up to Christmas eve. While . Officials said my Christmas Holiday to com Scranton said thursday he there would be a Christmas Lull plete As much work As possible May have to invoke a cons Titu if the communists permit it in the face of gov. Scranton s Tlona provision to adjourn the they expressed scepticism on Throat to adjourn the Egis legislature before the i ses Bow meaningful the pause Sion convenes Jan. 4 so he can would be make interim appointments to report issued Friday by major hoards and agencies. State department of new log Riutor grumble peace feelers from North Viet Ell Berg said minority Leader i am As relayed to Washington Kenneth b. , a Sullivan. In by two italian visitors to Hanoi heated that the governor might Washington acted with caution act by dec. 31. In the matter and on saturday ?. W ? North Viet Nam branded the through thursday two Days he state department report fore c Christmas Drew consider a Roulo Jess by we Mem from i Pope Paul said a we have Fence. However he said vat heard reports taut Nebot Anions _. Have Goon re f0&Quot resolving the conflict. We Dom in Nave own no serious com ,.-. No amt r have heard of several proposals lean Republic a apr a Force the Senate has refused to co continued on Page 20 of 150 . Paratroopers raced be Naf re a is Ulo go to Santiago sunday and ended a a a s 7- violent Battle Between Domin p Iti a f ii 111 \ wait i Lier Ixl fris Sta let mar of a a a Quot a men to com awaiting rebels a arcaded in a hot ply Wuh ban Raf Cipr l at least la persons were killed against either House adjourning a a <1111 i Dvo in the fighting a a 9 army regu for More than three Days with Lars and 2 rebels including col out consent of the other. Beaver. A. Apr a Pris Juan Lora Fernandez former interim appointment Oner awaiting Transfer to West chief of staff of the rebel army. The democrats argue that pm state Penitentiary escaped the violence swirled into san most of the appointments Scran from the Beaver county jail to Domingo. 120 Miles to the ton is complaining about Al South where an angry pro rebel ready Are serving on an interim mob disarmed and then shot to basis and that he cannot and death of a policeman. A session finally. Bands of youths swarmed is through the streets upsetting 1> i 17-month sea ton of a. Tim Riik Che Leader administration in us units put Down Battle in Santiago Santo Domingo sunday. There was no immediate word from officials on How Robert Dourlain 29, of Bridgeville Allegheny county got away but first reports were that he trash cans setting fire to rub the Aen ulv walked away while helping work or fir Ann praline Harri mat Ine it it neral Assembly an air trip a Rry it first plane pions lip Hun nay British Airlift Oil to Zambia on an electric circuit. He fled in a 12-year-old pm used by Warden Paul Jones. Police put out an Alert for wanted two Era Carrier salesmen 12 years of age or Over to go in business for themselves in South St. Marys St. Area and Lyn Chville area of St. Marys. Apply a. J. Siegel phone 885-4920. Lusaka Zambia a the first British Airlift plane bringing Oil to beat the rhodesian blockade arrived Here sunday and Tore a 12-Inch deep Furrow in the Airport Tarmac As it taxied to an unloading Hay. The plane a Royal air Force transport command Britannia loaded with 2,370 Gallons of diesel fuel leaned Over dangerously As its wheels bit through the tar surface into the Muddy ground beneath for a distance of to feet. Pilot Peter Stephenson braked sharply and the Britannia halted with its tailplane blocking the Airport runway. An on the spot inquiry by Royal air Force officers showed the plane had followed a White guiding line instead of a yellow line and had hit Tarmac Only an eighth of an Inch thick. The drama was watched by president Kenneth Kaunda of Zambia and Britain a Commonwealth relations minister of state Cledwyn Hughes on hand to Welcome the first Airlift plane Kaunda inspected the damage and apologized for the thinness of the tar surface. While bad men quickly unloaded the 54 Drums of fuel to ease the Strain on the aircraft a wheel others dug around the wheel to enable the Britannia to be jacked up and pulled Clear. But fears that Zambia a two major airfields at Lusaka and at Ndola in the Coppe Belt 200 Miles to the North would crack up under the Strain of a sustained Airlift were discounted by the bad Force commander Ian Mcdougal. A there is no danger of a general collapse of the runways under the stress of aircraft Landing a he said. A the runways Are specially stressed to take the extra he said the Britannia which landed sunday weighed 145,000 pounds fully loaded. The plane came from dares Salaam. Contingency plans by Britain and cooperative East african governments swung smoothly to gear at dares Salaam in nearby Tanzania despite Tanzania a break of diplomatic relations with Britain As soon As rebel Rhodesia Cut off Zambia a supplies of fuel following Britain a application of an Oil embargo Oil is on the Way to Zambia on other routes also by Road rail and Lake. Heavy trucks Are still moving South from Tanzania a southernmost Railhead at Miku i with fuel brought Down from Mombasa by rail and other supplies Are being transferred to vessels on Lake Tanganyika to join up with zambian trucks on the Southern Borders of Tanzania. Gm4 sine Imo the Smith of in j a 142-4501 a run ticket Emery travel service i Smith Are. Emery Ball. Phone maa i Siber tires and erecting Bani a Cades hat partially disrupt 80 close a a Christmas traffic. Christmas 1955. Was on a there were no reports of sunday. The legislature met 4 americans being injured. Through the preceding wednes a a run Pennsylvania . And brazilian troops of Day dec. 21, and returned dec. £aste7n. A a Northern the inter american peace Force 28. The republicans controlled in in a. Reinforced two companies in the the legislature and refused to. R been sentenced heart of Santo Domingo to re adjourn. A a of store order. Some shooting although the House Agenda is 1#>. T0 life. A a a a charge of a broke out in the City As night located with some 200 Bdl. Sen a a Ltd Quot Ltd men. Alfh a foil ate majority Leader Stanley g. Bad been accused of trying to at Trio ire Monc in can Stroup said be plans Only to tac a a Beaver Falls at i consider conference committee parking lot about a year ago. Dago at the request of provision reports and bils that con. He was scheduled for Transfer Doy Hector Garcia go Currence House amendments to the Penitentiary this week. Interior minister Manuel Joaquin said the Battle ended in. # f Early afternoon when the use j few to _ United Ca win temporary stay in Pennzoil Stock Case. Page 3 indonesian reds planned to murder tens of thousands of coup plan had succeeded. Page 8 British prime minister completes his . Visit and Coes to Ottawa can., for talks. Page 9 Mother of 8 and her Mother shot to death As they Are about to enter Church. Page i i san Francisco 49ers tie Creen Bay packers. Force deadlock in Western division. Page 17 Bridge. 19 crossword. 19 hospitals 2ft sports 16-17-19 comics. 14 editorial 12 radio to 14 women paratroopers hotel. Sealed off the Mother get identical Yule card from sons Providence i. A done to mention the Long Arm of coincidence to Jennie discuillo. She has one for the Book. The mail brought her Christmas cards from her sons Lance Cpl. Ralph 19, a Marine stationed in Viet Nam and William 29 who lives in Hollywood Calif. The elaborate Blue and Yel Low fold out cards were identical. 5

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