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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Aug 10 1937, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - August 10, 1937, Bradford, Pennsylvania Ibe news Al the Xiv be delivered circulation largest advertising volume the oldest newspaper in the great Bradford Oil Field Stab i is hed 1877 the Bradford Era the Only paper in my Kean county receiving the unrivalled news service of the associated press a a a a a 0> or inv copies not paid baulk circulation guaranteed by audit Bureau of circulations Telephone 4133 the Era Telephone number connecting All departments Bradford pa., ties Day Mohning August to Tou Hula Champ anti Tarzan Rice d it Judd uses and ree inca ured a s y Forney argues Solon Quot fat no Chance for a statement of Case Hes parallel Case a a oilmen unanimous s by approve building inspect a a s refusal of permit to jut diner in Mechanic business includes faring. Sewer work by Council yesterday afternoon unanimously not to allow a Pica to be placed on the Bry tand Orange lot at Mechanic i and St. James place. A be action was taken at he oui. 0f an executive session in the Jaror s room at City Hall without fission of the Resolution offered councilman de Bitner. Approx tie action of e. C. Char Tonding inspector in refusing to a permit for the diner in a Avion. Allowing disposal of Otner Busi before the solons. Jack my Well representing Bryman and dry age for whom he had presently request to Council july 30 for emission to put the diner on the informed Council he would like in minutes of the meeting to show tier there had been a written Jet of the building inspector re Jurg the permit. He asserted it be had not been Given an of Unity to state his Case at the rating before Council voted on the solution. I Haven t the faintest tax he said a Why the building expected refused to Issue the Perl you have never discussed the tents of the Case at a Council Wittung nor determined whether canford with the building code 1 mayor differs on a Point / in Hugh j. Ryan who prelude replied Quot i did not specifically Call on you but you had an Opportunity to after the was offered by or. Bit a and seconded by Alfred m. Ten jr., Al i Ryan Hau is there any discussion a k vote was taken immediately in there was no reply or. Mcdowell pointed out that its for such purposes had been id before by Council. Mullhaupt interjected a re a re that records were available j anyone w to wished to come to be building to see them. He said i did not think it necessary that continued in Page two it. A a a a a 14 rages. Price three cents. Copeland hands Senate i unionists of other Fields proposed amendment to Aid in Pennsylvania As control chiefs term employers also help Flynn visit watched two stabbings occur i _ Call of Gotham democratic employers at Passaic Valley Leader upon president Mill quoted As favouring said to have no bearing National Standard of on mayoralty race in labor conditions a total which Copeland is enter of four injured in two eds senator raps chief Plant disorders officer Seaman killed in Shanghai shooting parts of City to re s l. Lek Iii child i is murder i by the associated press Washington aug. 9.�?senator, i by the associated press i Paterson n.j., aug. 9.�?aided in Copeland any proposed a con the local Passaic Valley by em-1 Stith tonal amendment today to players and in Pennsylvania by prohibit presidential third terms. I unionists from other Fields thous he submitted to the Serate an ands of silk workers quit work to amendment which would provide j Day in a a a general strike consider no person a shall be eligible to hold i de so successful by to. Leaders the office of president for longer that they quickly predicted an Early than two terms of four year settlement. A portion of a term served by called to take effect this morn one who attained the presidency ing the quiet walkout was termed through succession would out As a a extremely successful eight hours1 a full term for purposes of the later by a spokesman at National amendment. By another provision a president whose first term was less than four years because of the operation of the 20th Quot lame Duck Inte dment would be eligible for hit one re election. Champion Rita m. Thomas of Philadelphia stands on her newly won dignity but her escort. Hillary Kelly of Cape May n. Y., smiles proudly for the camera. They posed after the baby Parade at Cape May where Rita walked off with first honors. Hillary walked off with Rita. For s term shortened president Roosevelt a first term reds dig Iii to it ise Headquarters of the textile workers organizing committee . Affiliate in new York. Try for National scope a there is practically no area where plants Are not out and the i manufacturers already Are making j moves to sign with the committee a j the spokesman said. A we expect a a considerable portion of the Industry was thus shortened since in was be mined before the Weck j sworn the second time last january out 20 instead of March 4. Designed to Force silk and Rayoni Copeland is a candidate for the. Manufacturers to negotiate for in democratic nomination for mayor proved Jabor conditions on a j of new Ork City. National scale the strike affected meanwhile a formal denial that go.000 workers in new Jersey Penn president Roosevelt would tend a Sylvania. New England and new hand in the new York City mayor York. In All sectors Only those ally contest was issued by Marvin i plans which remained open were j h. Mcintyre Secretary to he presi picketed. I Dent. In new Jersey the strike brought j just As the chief executive was a a near Complete stoppage of the 500 Anorine a Issei u i Al. Chinese officer injured in military Ai drome Entrance fighting barricades run up heavy patrols of gendarmes put along main roads to District As chinese fear incursion from nearby naval based event overshadows other moves by the associated press s ii a n g ii a i aug. A a shooting affray on the outskirts of Shanghai in which an officer and a Seaman of the japanese Navy were killed and a chinese gendarme wounded tonight shifted the spotlight of the month old chinese japanese conflict to Ananich Finup rement i Thor service for Gates to Low prep Anns t0 leave for washington1 shops in the Passaic Valley t w Spanish government lao or service for ualies nonus at the end of a three Day stay at 10.c. Leaders claiming an but a about forces Rush to front woman Accident victim to make earthworks. To be held thursday land air bombing on to be in Smethport Lawrence Marks 49, who police say has a Long record of offences ii in it from in it of filing against c Hildren is shown As he pointed out the spot where he confessed la Quot i v mild according to authorities the assault a murder of 8-year-old Paula Magagna e to last occurred a an in in the basement of a Brooklyn tenement. The Little girl had been strangled. Rance t Leary air Rome just West of Shanghai. Chinese said the japanese officer fired Marks a male nurse who Learned his Trade while serving a term for assault on a 12-year-old girl. Is married. Claiming All but a about the family estate Here Mcintyre 200&Quot of the 6.000 weavers and gave out a statement reiterating throw sters left their looms the presidents policy not to a take Competition is feared part in any to a primary Lect on employer spokesmen explained except in his Home Tower of Hyde they approved a National Standard of labor conditions for Che Industry of citing out it would bring parity in Park and Home county of dutchess. Speculation raised the statement had reference to what Are now competing districts. They have Felt they said that the has been Competition with a by the associated press the hour of funeral services for henday. Franco Spanish fron mrs. Martha Butterfield 63, of tier aug. 9�?government labor Bat Gates hollow who died yesterday reports speculating on the visit Passaic Valley Irea talons rushed to the Teruel front in at 5 a on. At Bradford Hospital of j it the yesterday of Edward j. Flynn hampered in Compi Northeast Spain tonight to throw injuries received in an Auto Acci Bronx democratic Leader and sup-1 Pennsylvania because of what they earthworks and fortifications across Dent at Smethport August 3, had Porter of Jeremiah t. Mahoney for contend Are highs wage standards the oath of the insurgents steadily not been set last no she the Bod it the democratic mayoralty Nomina v will be removed today to the Home no a a a a a a a a with senator non. Totes custody Here. A a i. The National whirligig a news behind the news Quot Ai of a daughter mrs. Clark Hackett by the associated press Chicago aug. 9.-Little Donald Horst went Back Home today his Foster parents. Or. Ana mrs. A Gnal t0day a s Art met do Ste construction on flood retention i first when his motorcar was denied entry and wounded a chained i guard. The. Japanese version waa a that chinese aired on the japanese f without provocation. Word of the shooting Spe a something like panic along the j Northern and Western fringes of Shanghai. Chinese build defences i the chinese immediately ran up by the associated press. Barricades and put out heavy a Pittsburgh aug. 9.�?United states Trel of gendarmes along the main roads of the District fearing an army engineers received the a go lengthening salient. The whole town of Canete which straddles the Cuenca Teruel Highway apparently was to be transformed into a fortress for a stand in the defense of the vital government communication Between Madrid and Valencia on the East coast. Canete on main Road Ca fetes about 40 Miles on ad., eel a truck driven by Henry Johnson cussed. Reservoirs in Western Pennsylvania. A Telegram from the War de in ii 3? air do Lott j or Washington by Ira Bennett assist a i shall expect consider discussion a a said a democratic tor when asked How the Senate j Deal with the Bill which gives sent Roosevelt six Anonymous Hants at $10,000 each. A already has Mem a added the it a. A the has a Man in r.f.c., if and others Post a they can do the most Good. A amp a Corcoran and Charlie West l getting $10,000 each. Cohen gets Only $8,500, but i a stand he has a Cushion left Sis whirl in Wall Ial Agency insiders say the House a Contact men get on serves of . Chairman 3ones, Secretary Ickes re Hoard governor Eccles and a is of the communications Commerce Federal 1 and Power commissions. Opinion is that presidential win prove Vado trouble Het Weens who will promote a ending Between the pres advisers. F this opinion stands the or. Roosevelt could use a tinted on Page three tion in a contest with senator Cope members of tie amalgamated Otto Horst. Land. Tammany candidate for the garment worker and United mine county judge Edmund k. Jarecki near Smethport. The funeral will Post now held by mayor Fiorello a workers joined tie textile workers j awarded them temporary custody part men informed lieutenant col take place thursday at Smethport. Guardia fusion St. In their Campaign to close Down of the 31-month-old child pending one e r Covell District army mrs. Butterfield suffered a Frac Mcintyre said Flynn who has the silk and Rayn shops in some a hearing on their petition to adopt Engineer that $3 750 000 of a $30 Ture of the right Arm. Leg Lacera a Home near Hyde Park was one Pennsylvania on August 23. 000.000 flood control appropriation tons and bruises of the face and of a number of luncheon guests at a mine Wicker picket wast the Hoy s real Mother miss had been earmarked for the Start head when the car in which she the Roosevelt Home yesterday that stabbed in t e an and ins alleged Lydia Nelson who signed a Docu of the work in this District. Was Riding driven by her son it was entirely a social affair and Assai ant arrested at the Duplan ment giving her consent to the Covell said work on the Tionesta Hiram c Butterfield collided with a no political subjects were Dis silk corporation pint in Hazelton. Three women Leving the Duplan at the intersection of 1 Mill Nanticoke Ity pa., at the line Southwest of Torii Southern n and Bank streets in Smith Ian Guardia favored end of the Morog shift were most tip of insurgents Finger like _ Butterfield car Over some of the reports to which stabbed with hat ins by pickets. I salient. It is on a main Highway i a Inni 1 mrs Butterfield Mcintyre took exception went so mayor Stanley Ostowski immedi East of Cuenca and Southwest of a a no charges were far As to say Roosevelt had Given lately assigned 25 spacemen to the Teruel. The most advanced insure a motor. Who unit support t0 Mahoney a state area i oust a a particular la a Oolite gent Vanguard spearing southward re we no Stop ment which Drew a heated reply expect new irk word port that Horst until recently oper Between Madrid and Valencia was Vestiga senator Copeland in Wash-1 shortly after the Hazelton Stab port that Horst until recent open below Albarracin tonight but still Sig 1 Mirton. Bin and an announcement by a far from Canete a native of Down insurgent officers said the gov he. A t voted consisted Nuy against Roose-1 drive would Center a the Duplan i mrs. Horst assured him her Hus Ern ment s strategy appeared to to abandon the whole Cuenca continued on Page fourteen i Milloz to f abut says Boake Carter Here. There and everywhere Lulu us adoption was not in the crowded and crooked Creek reservoirs could court chamber when her dark be started within three weeks. He eyed son was reclaimed by the sent a layout parties into the Field i couple who had reared him since today to set up temporary head-1 the Day of his birth. Quarters for the construction pro judge Jarecki said he would in this whole mess Thor also provides for a Reservoir at the much talked about America s re a red Bank. I cup a a series of yacht races. I o 4 r. J s with shortly after the Bolton Stah. Fun Piuac the engineers Are prepared to have a Hunch that the series just from senator Copeland in a i _. Ated a hotel that had been raided break ground Covell said As soon ended off Newport r. I., will be once More Mike Vanderbilt has the Federal appropriation Defeated a British challenger for a native of Downing we where j York senator it who Haj j co. District Leader lat the Umon a a vice resort in was born april 4, 1874, mrs consistently against Roose drive would Center a the Duplan mrs. Horst As to be Butterfield had been a resident of proposals said the a president Mill the manage me announced band had quit the hotel business Prev Gates hollow for Many years bae of does More in five minutes the afternoon and Light shifts and had become associated with a than married Bella c. Butterfield july 7, Deatron democratic Harmony a would not report f. Work. To sound equipment concern. The reelection of a Ince South to Canete rather than a a Quot a i Quot Quot a to to destroy risk a decisive Battle without ample he died than can be reestablished in a Gen preparation. Survivors include three sons Era Tjon of Jefferson Island picnics George Hiram and Andy of this an Ltd peace called a final offensive City. Four daughters mrs. Lydia he added the president actually a terrific land and air bombard Willover Maplehurst n. Mrs., ored ment in Northwest Spain opened Ophelia Hackett Smet Potis. Guard a what insurgent officers called a the Belle Oviatt and mrs. Ruth Barrett final offensive Quot against Santander both of this City three Brothers and Asturias provinces the govern Addison and Frank Oney Corvallis mentus last territory on the Biscay Ore. And Charles Phillips Toledo an coast. And 13 grandchildren. Francois Headquarters refused to the Koch memorial Chapel is in disclose any information concerning charge of arrangements. Troop movements announcing Only seven month old girl is severed by surgery a in a i he Allentown area we out and from embryonic twin that but eight or 75 is were operating. Claim 2.000 Are it a the drive has the combined artillery and aviation attack described As even More deadly than the fire that buckled Bilbao a Iron ring defences last june was believed to carry Che insurgents Hopes of a aged spinster Dies a Lac vent month old baby girl cooed j 1-th. Scranton Lawauna Punxsutawney pa., aug. Up funeral sen ices for Sanford n. Amp a embryonic twin Watt one of the oldest res licht attaches at St. J u ,.our a Huju sir cons county sector the unit claimed sol erg la com Rijh. Moo employ. Wercion operation which severed her from As the state provides rights of Way the last for the America s cup. To the Sites. Anyway. I Hope it is the last. First lieutenant j. K. Herbert these races have ceased to be pm was assigned to the Tionesta site ble Matic of the yacht racing skill and Captain b. S. Chadwick will be and Genius of either the United in charge of the Crew at crooked states or great Britain. A boat removed racing As the yachts in this class the three dams Are part of the Are rated has become solely the by miss Nelson and her common eight Reservoir flood prevention richest of the Rich Many a game. Setup designed by the army Engi-1 anywhere from $500,000 to $1,000.-neers for the upper watersheds of too goes into one of these boats and the Ohio River. All incidental expenses surrounding engineers estimate it will take the racing of it in a cup series. How to years to Complete the program Many men Are there in either the a United states or great Britain who death Story accepted Are so fond of yacht racing that Richmond. Ind. Aug. 9 a police they Are willing to make out a Check accepted the Story of Roby Hobbs for a million dollars every couple who told of shooting his 19-year-old of years brother Ernest believing the boy to be a prowler. I As to the exact number i cannot Morrow s plans for to Mill which Donald was forcible employs 1,100, were expected to from the Horst Home last tuesday come from its new Yak office. With More than 40,o employed i Law husband John Regan but they in scattered Penn synnia cities turned him Over to the state s at Complete state wide fires show j Torney s office the next Day. A ing the extent of the Trike were quarrel Over his custody Between unavailable. Read and Foster parents ended Union leaders Howe t said More last saturday when miss Nelson than 8,000 of the in signed an agreement for his adoption by the horses. Giffy pm imposes , Mary s Hospital _ Vav a i strike. Mill owners put t number at less than 1.000. Owners of the larger a in the Washington aug. 9 a a senator to Eph f. Gilfrey of Pennsylvania introduced today a Bill to exempt a Tell for the moment but there Are Afta ill of Quot flip loss than so dozen of these great Hollywood. Aug. 9 a Anita Lou sloops in commission in a nth so and ,7-vu�n-ud&Quot of he of Punk smarmy. A by s3jd the a by Wouita leave Spanish Northwest in order to re Morrow. Ands Are working lease troops and equipment for a i / h1 he Hon in tomorrow apparently none a a a the whte Trade Quot 7t a of p j the worse for the operation. Pm of Ciau reported ,.tusandstion on other fronts. I much of his life travelling. Did not report for work. Neither weather Pennsylvania partly a Wibly local showers in Wuth portion tuesday. A partly Cloudy follow a a were in afternoon or at much temperature counter charges of assault and slander follow flogging re be y literature yesterday Bradford k in k k ii of of anti am 9 up a the and two Brothers kicked and new Orleans a g. Punched him and tied him to a tree rr7�-yes girl of err an lid that the girl lashed him. Satur accusation that he told Quot lies Quot about Day night. School.?, colleges and other non ise blonde screen actress was con american water combined. All Are strict and chant Luis institutions fined to her Home today with influx owned by exceedingly Rich men. Of t 12,000 from the Robinson Falman Quot fair Enza her physician reported her out of this group every few years 1936. I illness not serious. Come a couple of Multi millionaires co match vessels and racing skill. They compete for Possession of a $45 Mug known As the America cup originally known As the Queens cup which was won from t the British by the american yacht America eighty years ago. The Mug was brought Over Here or. Francis Scott of Huntington performed the operation last a Egide Wou d estimate More a civic in the presence of several physio i Liana. He declined to discuss it d _ other than to say a a yes to inquiries is fatally cited if the child would recover. At the Hospital it was reported Pottstown a. Aug. Ftp. The a a Embryonal was in the form of Joseph gun tic3. Of in u was London. Aug. 9 a Germany a if the Ken have been guilty of a tumor mass attached to the Sac fatally by Arne Lam "11 6 protested against great espionage it is better that the Public of the child. It was Empha-1 today while unloading to rom Britain a expulsion of three German should be told to than that the nazis expel British writer retaliating for London act continued or Page five rum sized that the Case was siamese twins. Not one of an elevator in the Linfield coid storage Plant. Her culminated today in an assault charge against her and a slander today he told the District attorney a rope was tied about his Throat and that he was lifted from chthe6 change1 and counter charge the ground and suspended in the followed a hurly Burly scene in the air for a few seconds. I Cal t in correspondents and retaliated by present atmosphere of uneasy ordering a prominent British news speculation should writer to leave Germany within in the absence of explanation the two weeks. Evening Standard said a wide put it Norman Ebbutt. Berlin Corre licit is being Given to theories of a Sponden of the times of London an alarming for about 15 years years ordered j Berlin dispatches saturday in in 70 i 83 70 2 83 70 i 3 p.m84 a 70 i 86 1 70 j 5 84 70 6 p.m83 7q 7 8273 8 77 Alt .9 p m75 76 to p.m74 la p.m74 60 j Midnight. 74 Tulsa okla a followed a Huriy onry. Air Quot a id the slander charge tuls Bank these Days the Only Vay to go is with plenty of Matcher capote a Power a gel a ny"1 his considering retaliation against a Distrito onland Dye its were shouted and Wuhu and his daughter denied j an alcohol Burner. These Tulsa Banks May not have Frozen assets but articles have been widely quoted. Expulsion but British said the assertions Ana. A had made any attempt to darn sure have Frozen customers. A a a the uni Intro we an authorise source indicated Zapg Jay i honest Tulsa is the most air conditioned City in the country e the German action would not alter the girl. A 135-Pound Brunette said she went to a Hospital recently he a. Lied to a tree and Baaten e the presence of a crowd of on look Era in the girls front Yard Batur Day. Formally charged pretty Man Eloise Willis and her father Alfred c. Willis 56-year-Oid grocer with assaulting and beating him. Assistant District attorney Kay to a tree and that Ney a. Mitchell then charged Kay Jed a rope to Ive i Kalabat said the girls father i him the beating he deserved Quot for an appendicitis operation and was informed Kay circulated false tales she went there to become a Mother. In his statement to police Willis t stores restaurants drug stores and even the Hambur lha a refusal of the Brish Horn stands is air conditioned. Everything but the jail and they re w orking office announced last week to labor permits of three German 1 Ull what does it Lead to for one thing i be been hoarse Ever is correspondents two of whom Al i nowhere Quot course people who know me will say ifs just because ready have left England i got Here. Lourse pc y a a. Del. To Rno a u the protest of or. E. Woermann charge do affairs was couched in a restrained Werner von crome. Correspondent of the Berliner Sokala Zeiger. Was the Only one of the Trio re Rabson comments on attendance at Church i mailing in England and he Saidh a the British government of Teredo he was departing soon. Franz i .0 talked so much Way what caused it. I no explanation. The conservative Vav Rede and Wolf Dietrich Langen. Ing is i la contend any would rather be hoarse of evening Standard in an editorial representing an Agency reporting nevertheless. I of tor air Conan Yunu. A Al. I motion. 1 jars Lac i always was Good at. But this air Condit nevertheless feel like saying s the yen to say a thing something than be As hot As a depot stove and not a asking official Light on the affair the actions a id views of germans today a Issue of the Era contains a special article by Roger Vav. Babson noted financial and economic commentator on the subject of the modern position of the churches. Woven through Many of or. Bah Sony a weekly articles which appear regularly in this newspaper. Are his opinions of the place religion and character play in material welfare. Now he writes on present and future problems of the protestant and Catholic churches turn to Page 7 and learn or. Babson a views on the situation in re Jon

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