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Bradford Era Newspaper Archives Aug 7 1976, Page 1

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Bradford Era (Newspaper) - August 7, 1976, Bradford, Pennsylvania Wund i a mutate fair opens rhe Mckean county fair. With a tradition that Coes Back to 1905, begins tomorrow at the fair grounds in e Smethport. The place mat appearing at area eating places indicated that the Mckean county fair a class a a Quot fair. Is rated by the Pennsylvania department of agriculture at 20th of our 105 fairs in the state the Era and web will be supplying plenty of news notes and pictures of the fair today. Its would like to give a capsule outline of top events tomorrow at 2 pm descendants of Union and Confederate soldiers will reenact the Battle of the wilderness the civil War Battle of ant atom. Of special interest will be the role played by the Areo s own Bucktail regiment at 7 pm. Sunday the opening Day will be marked with a Vesper service As outlined on the schedule we a i it Aday High Ift lit it i Alto to a mini stage a Pennsylvania sires stake at 2 p in at eight o clock the spotlight will be on the Doc Williams show the mini stage will hold Forth tuesday again at i and 5 30 p in the Quaker state Colt circuit at 2 p in. And the Well known Joie Chitwood thrill show at 8 the mini stage will be on at i p i wednesday with the Quaker state Colt circuit checking in again at 2 and the High school band contest trait and Center at 8 the fair passes the half Way Point with the mini stage thursday at both i and 5 30 . Horse races at two o clock and what is billed As Quot the world s largest demolition Derby Quot at eight o clock Friday there will be a starting at one o clock a family Day events and mini stage one of the top events of the week will be held Friday at seven thirty with a big Parade and the crowning of one of the six attractive Young candidates As Mckean county fair Queen saturday the closing Day. Will be a great one scheduled at 2 and 8 a the a big Tommy Cash and the wildcats and everyday people the Mckean county fair is brought into reality each year through the hard work and cooperation of Many county people lets give them support and visit this year s fair rain periods of rain through tonight highs today in upper 60s, lows at night in mid 50s partial Clearing sunday highs in 70s die Rit Bra vol 99, no 266 2 sections second class postage paid of Bradford to 16701 Bradford. Saturday morning August 7. 1976 published daily fic ept sunday of 43 mom St disease tapers off As cause Points to toxics searching debris a firemen sift through the rubble of one of three Homes that were destroyed Friday when a converted world War 11 air plane crashed after Takeoff from Chicago s Midway Airport authorities said controllers and witnesses said they could see smoke coming from the plane before the crash police officials identified the Deodas the Pilot and an instructor two persons who lived in the Homes were inbred. Two minutes ofter the air plane took off from Midway Airport the Pilot radioed he Hod to make an emergency Landing All runways were cleared immediately. But the plane crashed a half mile West of the Airport which is surrounded by residential and Light Industrial neighbourhoods a Ero laser photo Philadelphia Iasi doctors said Friday the outbreak of Quot legionnaires Dis ease that killed 25 persons is tapering Tiff and their search for cause is now entered on toxins or chemicals that Poison they definitely said the disease is not any Type of flu even though the death toll was officially increased to 25 there have been no new cases reported since tuesday said state Ife Alth set rotary Leonard Bachman Tho epidemic has peaked and is on its Way or David senior director of the Federal Center for disease control in Atlanta agreed at a news conference senior and Bachman also emphasized that no secondary infections have been found meaning the disease is not contagious it has been limited to persons attending a state american legion convention Here last month in the nonstop four Day search for the cause researchers at the Cik and a state Laboratory in Philadelphia have Rul id out bacteria and fungus and removed virus As a prime suspect Seni or said the Ciko was concentrating on toxins which could appear in such common items As jobless rate rises during july Imperial this discussion we think is worthy of comment As it relates to american motorists who travel into Canada the Price of gasoline is obviously higher in the Dominion than it is Here in the states the prices Are higher partly because the Imperial gallon in use in Canada is 20 per cent larger than the u s gallon we Are passing the comparative measurement along solely for information for those who wondered about the difference in volume and wanted a picture of just How much. So. For the record the Imperial gallon we Are told is 160 ounces compared to 128 ounces for a gallon in this country. Big 30 big event today in the area is the Bradford Jaycees third annual big 30 game pitting top High school graduate football players from Pennsylvania against those from neighbouring new York state a big turnout is Bip arted for the Grid classic kick off will be at 7 30 for those who cannot attend web will be on the air starting at seven of clock attend if you possibly can if not. Tune in Washington api an unusually Large number of americans went Job Hunting in july swelling the ranks of workers but also pushing up the unemployment rate for the second month in a Row to 7 8 per cent the government reported Friday the unemployment rate had been 7 5 per cent in june and 7.3 per cent in May administration economists saw no cause for alarm but Aflato president George Meany said the increases justify turning president Ford out of office the labor department said total employment increased by some 400.000 to a record 87 9 million persons in july but the number of individuals who unsuccessfully sought work climbed by 280.000 to 7 4 million the 7 8 per cent unemployment rate was the highest since an identical percentage of workers was unemployed in january but since the labor Force is steadily growing the actual number of unemployed represented the greatest number since 7 7 million persons were unable to find employment last december. The latest increase would appear to make it difficult for the administration to achieve its forecast of reducing unemployment to less than 7 per cent by the year s end however. White House press Secretary Hon Nessen said administration analysts believe the forecast will hold up the overriding Factor in the july report apparently was the typical Post recession phenomenon in which thousands of per sons who Don t seek work when the Economy is in a tailspin begin making the rounds of personnel offices John w Kendrick chief economist for the Commerce department. Contrasted the nearly 700 000-person increase in the Job Force during july with an average trapped palestinians mob Convoy evacuating injured Beirut. Lebanon api palestinians mapped in besieged Tai Zlatar refugee Camp stroked a mercy Convoy Friday in an attempt to escape causing the International red Craw to cancel further missions to evacuate wounded persons. The mob Drew Christian gunfire on the Convoy and the red Cross in tie Neva reported four of the wounded on the trucks were hit by bullets before they reached safety in moslem held Western Beirut a Swiss Driver was also hit at least 30 persons were reported to have been injured or trampled in the Melee that swirled around the Convoy of about a dozen cars trucks and ambulances As red Cross workers paving program in City underway Bradford s main paving program for the summer is expected to be commenced and completed by sept i according to promises received from contractors. According to Joseph f. Rosonski. Director of Public works he said interstate am site corp of port Allegany will undertake a hot mix resurfacing late this month scheduled on the list Are Jackson ave Between Mechanic and Kennedy and Between Davis and Barry place school Between Pearl and Center Congress place Center Between school and West Washington and Holley Between Hoffman and Willis the so called Quot cold mix Quot covering is in the hands of Allied Bitumen inc. Of Buffalo. N.y., scheduled to Start within the next two to three weeks to be treated Are Mccourt place. Poplin Between Willard and Park and also Birch Street Rosonski said City Crews have completed Concrete curbing on the Westerly Side of Charlotte ave., Are now working in Melvin Avenue and will undertake Congress Street Between Pike and Sherman on the West Side later this month loaded previously wounded persons aboard the trucks the red Cross reported 74 persons were evacuated plus an unspecified number of no injured Camp inmates who forced their Way onto the trucks the evacuees brought to 408 the number of wounded brought out since the mercy Mission started on tuesday right Wing Christian militias that have Laid siege to Tai Zlatar and bombarded it for seven weeks agreed to a cease fire for the red Cross provided Only wounded were brought out a spokesman for the International red Cross in Geneva said Complete civilian evacuation of the Camp both of the wounded and unfounded was the Only humanitarian solution he added the red Cross has implored All lebanese factions involved in the siege to agree to this according to a swedish nurse who was herself wounded and evacuated about 2.000 wounded Are among some 30.000 inhabitants in the Camp the last remaining palestinian stronghold in Christian controlled Eastern Beirut prospects appeared fading for a general cease fire that officially went into effect thursday morning fighting increased along the Christian moslem lines in Beirut and elsewhere in the country casualties were reported by Security sources and hospitals. Which try to keep an accurate count As 145 killed and 199 wounded in 24 hours a Sharp increase Over the previous Day a meeting under Arab league auspices of the four parties to the latest cease fire the right Wing christians syrians leftist lebanese moslem and palestinians was postponed for the second Day in a Row leftist papers said it had been rescheduled for saturday Kama Jumblatt Leader of the leftist palest Man coalition accused the United states and Syria at a press conference of collusion in a plan to dismember Lebanon he said his Side would resist All conspiracies aimed at partitioning Lebanon into Christian and moslem halves the inside Story Charleston . A More miners join in eight state Wildcat Coal strike As meetings called to discuss stoppage. Page 2 Philadelphia a 8,000 women stand in silent penitential prayer for victims of War and the military system. Page 3 Emporium a dedication ceremonies slated today at Cameron fair grounds for new building by association members. Page 3 final practices Are held for the big 30 All Star football game to be played tonight at Parkway Field Here. Page 9 Endicott n y. A buddy Allin fires second round 67 to take a four stroke Lead at Halfway Point in . Golf open. Page la new York a Stock Market depressed Early in Day by Rise in jobless rate bounces Back to Post narrow loss at close. Page 16 plastics paper soap cigarettes. Food. Water or just about anything the Convent Meers came in Contact with though Bachman said a slower growing virus is still a possibility he also said. Quot our emphasis is lifting definitely toward toxins \ toxin is a Poison some chemicals Are toxic by their very nature arsenic and Eyna mde Are examples others Are toxic because of their volume for example Nail is not toxic to humans in Small closes but a cup of wit in a baby s milk would be toxic what makes a harmless substance a toxin is that it either damages the body or interferes with its function toxins can occur naturally or can be Man made raising again the question of whether sabotage occurred Bachman believes sabotage is tar fetched police Agi ocies have been kept up to Date on the investigation the Fri has questioned the commander of the state american legion but there is no sign of an intense police investigation of sabotage City investigators checked out the hotels where the legionnaires staved the emphasis was on renovations air conditioning water sewage food and anything unusual Bachman has suggested that if a toxin did cause the disease it was probably transmitted through the air. And not food or water of it was a toxin it will be harder and harder to Trace As time passes Bachman said Quot As there s More and More cleansing and dilution the ability to detect toxins w ill become less Ile also said toxins Are tougher to detect than viruses or bacteria even though they leave Tell tale signs of damage and change in tissue researchers cautioned again that the exact cause May never be found what we know is really what we Don t know. Said Sencer Quot it is possible Well never know the search for toxins will also continue in the lab. Along with continuing tests for viruses and bacteria now that we Are fairly Well convinced that this is not highly Infix Nous agent to other people we Are putting it into a lab where we do not have to take such a High degree of precaution for the personnel and the environment Quot hem it said Senate approves measure that freezes income taxes gain of about 2u0 0u0 in recent months but there were apparently some other factors at work Kendrick said. Not All of which Are fully understood yet one question was raised by the fact that Over half of the 2 3-Miuion person growth in the Job Force in the past year were among adult women even though they make up just under a third of the total work Force in the past the number of women entering the Job Force has been a rough indicator of How badly strapped family budgets Are analysts feel that Factor is probably still present to some degree in the latest surge but compounded now by More Basic changes in women s role in society for whatever reason 47 4 per cent of All Workmo age women Are now looking for or holding jobs. Up from 46 i per cent a year ago the participation rate for adult men meanwhile has fallen in the same period from 81 i per cent to 80 5 per cent the unemployment rate for adult women in july was 7 6 per cent compared to 7 i per cent in june adult male unemployment at 6 1 per cent was virtually unchanged from 6 per cent in june unemployment among Heads of households climbed to 5 4 per cent from 5 i per cent teen agers and Blacks the groups hardest hit by unemployment. Benefited from some improvement. Washington api the Senate passed a Bill Friday night that freeze income taxi s and nukes billions of dollars Worth of changes in the taxation of businesses and investors the measure which has something for just about everybody was approved 49 to 22 it goes later this month to a Compromise conference with the House which passed its own tax legislation eight months ago scores of differences Between the two measures must be reconciled most importantly the Din would extend through dec 31. 1977 the individual and business tax cuts enacted last year they Are Worth about $186 a year ago to a typical $15 000-a-year family it tour the measure debated by the Senate for nearly six weeks Aims to simplify the tax filing process while creating new tax Breaks for College students working parents the elderly and housewives despite a fight by a bloc of Liberal the Bill carries a Long string of tax advantages for High income investors and businesses but it would end some abuses of tax shelters and make it More difficult for the wealthy to avoid taxation altogether. The Biti is sharply different from the version passed by the House last year a Senate House conference will Nave to reconcile the differences later this month As a whole the House Bill is less generous to High income investors and businesses the Senate Bill however Aims to provide specific Relief to parents of College students. By allowing a special tax credit for tuition and similar expenses homeowners by allowing a credit for certain Energy conservation improvements. Working parents by simplifying and liberalizing tax benefits to offset the costs of child care expenses a less generous provision is in the House Bill a housewives by launching a program that eventually could Lead to federally subsidized pen Nons for spouses who do not work outside the Homes far reaching As those provisions Are the Long Senate Battle was fought not Over such benefits but Over tax Breaks for investors and businesses sen Bussell b Long. A la. And a majority of his tax writing finance it Ommittee wrote into the Bill a series of tax Breaks designed to attract investment in american business sen Edward m. Kennedy. A mass. Leading the opposition criticized Many of those incentives As an unwarranted Drain of tax dollars in virtually every Case Long won one of the rare exceptions came on Friday when the Senate voted 43 to 39 against a Long proposal that would have provided an additional $870 million a year Worth of tax Relief for investors with two thirds of it go ing to the wealthy persons with incomes Abov e $50,000 the arguments on that provision summed up the Long weeks of debate on the Bill Industry is crying out for capital Long said these investment needs can be met Only by increased private savings he added this. In turn requires More favourable tax treatment of the income from capital a Tow proposal replied Kennedy. Is simply another Effort to provide an increased tax preference for the wealthy at the expense of the millions of Lowland Middle income individuals who already Bear too heavy a Burden with the tax Laws a a major Side Issue during the debate was the fight by sen Edmund s Muskie a Maine chairman of the budget committee to protect the new congressional budget making process Reagan senator defend their team Bridge 15 comics 12 crossword 3 editorial 6 hospitals 8 television 13 stocks 16 women 5 misty weather May continue Over weekend they could Hay played a misty Quot most of Friday in Tho Bradford Oroa a and it does t look too Good for Tho first portion of Tho weekend there will be periods of rain through tonight lows in the 55-62 degree area and highs May reach the mid-70 s. Partial Clearing is anticipated for sunday with Little change in temperature the City a water department has recorded about three quarters of an Inch of precipitation for the month to Date Chance of rain is to per cent today and 60 per cent tonight. My Philadelphia api Ronald Reagan and Richard Schweiker defended their Liberal conservative team Friday and claimed they had converted an undisclosed number of Pennsylvania delegates to their cause Schweiker announced the switches at a news conference after about five hours of private meetings with about 25 delegates but he refused to give names or even say How Many delegates would endorse the Reagan Schweiker team Quot i m not going to play a numbers game Schweiker said in response to repeated questions some delegates want to do it in their own time and if it s their votes who can argue with that Quot the Pennsylvania senator said delegates who talked with reporters after the closed door meetings All said they personally remained uncommitted neither one of us has com promised our principles in any Way Reagan said at a joint news conference with the Pennsylvania senator he picked last week As his proposed vice presidential running mate Quot i have not retreated one Iota from the positions upon which i campaigned the senator has not found it necessary. In doing what he is doing to Compromise principles. A the former California governor who is challenging resident fwd for the gop bid said what we really Are doing for the first time in the history of the Republican party is trying to bring segments of this party together to win an election instead of just winning a convention and we re going to win an election Quot Reagan said Schweiker. Coauthor in the past of Federal health and jobs legislation which Reagan has campaigned endlessly against said he finds his views compatible with the conservative californian s Schweiker listed gun control abortion and busing among areas of agreement re said he supports Reagan s proposal for catastrophe insurance As being realistic and contrasted it with what Schweiker said were unrealistic proposals like comprehensive health insurance of course we still have disagreements. Quot Reagan interjected Quot we agree fundamentally on a great Deal of our philosophy or we a child t be in the same Schweiker would not say How Many delegates he hoped to win Over in Pennsylvania which now stands 76-10 for Ford with 17 uncommitted nationwide an associated press Survey shows Ford ahead with 1,101 committed or publicly declared delegates to i 034 for Reagan the nomination requires 1.130. And there still Are 124 uncommitted delegates Schweiker said there Are now More than to Reagan votes in the Pennsylvania delegation but that it might be some time before they Are announced because of what he called a horrendous amount of heavy handed pressure applied to five delegates who publicly announced support for Reagan earlier this week asked about the alleged pres i continued on Page 8 i the Market off 0.68 \ 986.00 $ k

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