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Boston Sunday Post Newspaper Archives Apr 11 1920, Page 46

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Boston Sunday Post (Newspaper) - April 11, 1920, Boston, Massachusetts Fell a apr a a a a a v a a a a a Al a photographs a hidden world too Small for vision for 30 years Marv a. Booth was an invalid a now from under the Lens she makes great a discoveries for herself and the Worl Boston sunday Post april 11, 1920 d a a a a i a Ial a a. A a a a a. Ii a a a a a a a a a a a. I i a a a a i i a that a it. Nothing else than a close up of i \0 wonder the Mosquito Lias such in excellent vision when lie is picking a soft spot on your ankle. He sees right peace tines. But what a in a name there j through the network of your sock. Here is his Eye magnified 625 times. Perhaps you recognize his the sizes i self in the Corner. De raises cucumbers Punk inst also hogs by Lena p. Grant a i suppose this Black soil will raise anything a said a guest As he kicked up a Bunch with his feet and sifted it slowly through his lingers. A do you raise All of the Green stuff for your tables or. Of ant a a a was Al Yak As most Tiv remarked the Sage with a smile a the refrigerator cars done to run very a what kind of vegetables have you had the Best Luck growing Uncle eds put in another listener. A a a a Al now Fer Speed id say cucumbers for size id say Tunkins a Sparrow grass in sum of those Heady things like Chard in Flat turnip grew up so Dur fast i had to mow Mem sos it let in the Light they Wiz jest like a a Well there was an advantage in that it they grew so fast you need to Hoe hem so much would you or. Grant a said another. A no thetis right but them cucumbers Wiz Sech darned noisy things i rest in by sides i uster lose an awful Many of a Why did the animals eat them in be heard that muskrats and woodchuck would eat vegetables of that sort asked an interested listener a a was Al the Beaver did uster git a lot us Utti but i did no to care Fer thet. Fac i uster allow Fer them Heving All they wanted yet see i Alltz catered to the beavers Fer the Little cusses amused people w Ith their antics ves sir they Wiz jest Fez Good is a circus in knew when four of clock cum Fez Well Enyong then they d cum out a go through All kinds of Diode where folks could watch Mem right Frum the Piazza. Keep it up All night sum nights they would. A a in be lied a lot of fun taking women out in a Canoe n telling Mem to keep terrible still Fer the Beaver ureter nest up in the tall Trees in of they Wiz tarted quicklime they Wiz Likely to jump right Down inter the Hump against each other a Roll a round. Every Little while id hear one go splash. It a us Wake me up. Then 1 k no wed that cuke had wore out the vines dragging Mem Over the ground so much n her gone inter the Pond. I used to Plant m i thet Side Lull cause it Wiz sunny a one night r Linerd an awful Cutty up Long in the Middle us the night. So i got up in looked out us the guides Camp door in chatter you Spost i saw Quot �?o1 can to imagine or. Oran Tell a a was Al a chuckled the old Man i saw Fez Pritty a race Fez i Over did n my life. Three us those Little cusses of beavers Hod each scooped out a cuke inter the shape us a Canoe. Each lied a Branch he Wiz using for a paddle in with his Tail to steer the Craft now pro aps they warn to going some. Id a a give $100 it bed it happen in the a some knowing animals you have up in these parts a remarked inc. A How about the pumpkins those must have taken up quite a Good Deal of your Garden space he Quot a a was Al they would Hev if they a stayed on this Side but they did no to. Scr see j trained Mem to go across the Pond Fer there Wiz More room Over thar on the Point. I kept looping one Vine Hack a til i grew it Long enough to reach Over across. Then i took it in a boat in rowed across in put it Down on a Nice sunny spot liar it took Root jest Fez Well is if it Daluz been thar. After i got one trained right the others All did jest the same jest like a some Tunkins he a laughed one. A sum Tunkins is rights returned the old Man. A a you a say if you a Ever seen Mem big Fez a House every one a thetis How 1 cum to lose Tny a Why How was that did they die Uncle eds a no they jest disappeared in to you recognize his excellency the old Lover of your shirt yes your old Friend the a a cooties oculus vesti Menti they Call him in is the trouble maker himself below in right hard Corner at life size. The Tongue of a Butterfly enlarged 625 times. Have you Ever noticed it you see or. Butterfly has a great Deal besides his colourful wings. Health and happiness May be Largie things but miss Mary a. Booth found them with her Microscope. For the first 30 years of her life miss Booth was an invalid. She was handicapped As few Are. A wheel chair was a necessity. Today at 77, she is healthy and Happy. It was her Microscope that did it. The Tongue of a Bumblebee magnified 5625 times. The Tongue of the blowfly 1444 times larger than it really is. The tip of a Wing of a malaria Mosquito enlarged 2500 times. Look closely that you May remember him. The loot of a spider magnified 525 times. Do you a wonder that or. J details of his eyes his Tongue his Ely holds such a Wlna a the numerous intricacies of his deep love for him i a a Phil miss a a a one night i took a lady out in we sneaked a round the Point terrible easy it Wiz sorter Creepy like under the Shadder us them tall firs Over there. I d filled this woman up with yarns about the beavers jumping so she Wiz keyed Way up t High c., to of id a a snowed jest How scary she Wiz. Id never a a done it. I Wiz still Paddlety the Way we uster when we Wiz out Hunting Deer it night in All us a sudden Whang slap in an Ole Hoosher us a Beaver slapped his Tail n went Down not More n six feet Frum the Canoe. Was Al now 1 jumped some my self in thet woman by Gorry. She give a yell in pitched right Over the end us thet Canoe n tipped me outer the Back paddle in All. A i never told this by fore a chuckled the old Man. A it happened to be in Shal Ler water whar we got dumped so i held the Canoe by an Ole Root while frs it got in in we sneaked in the Hack Way a got changed Afore Eny buddy snowed we Wiz wet or wed a never Heerd the last us it Ter her husband Wiz one us the worst hands to torment Eny buddy i Ever saw. Quot a Al in be got a Long ways away for Tom my Story we Wiz a talking a bout cucumbers in Tunkins Wasny to we a a yes and i Don t understand about the noise Uncle a ooh Yak As them cuke. Was Al yer he they grew so Farst Thev used to fall. I bed bout 10 Small shotes i Wiz Raisin. They ureter git their own Livin f reckon thet they knew enough to cum n git their fodder if they wanted it. If they did no to 1 would to bother my head about pm Fer its hogs Natur to cat a a i never knew one thet warn to ready to. A a was Al 1 got so used to having Mem fit the Woods thet i did no to think a Mem in the tall a til it was real late then 1 s Heerd eni squealing in rooting Over on the Point so i knew they Wiz All right even of they did stay Over thar a til it Wal i hed it got Rangeley to tend t sunt work no got snowed out or at least i stayed out thar til Early in the Spring 1 sent in w Ord to a French Feller thet Wiz tending a lumber Camp jest blow thar a piece it look after them pigs n feed Mem but i guess he i did no to but by Gorry he did no Thev to 1 Fer the Wiz jest fat of butter when 1 found in the Spring in yer Teil me a hog ainu to got brains. Why. Those cusses bed walked across thet Pond on those Punkin vines in they act right inter a the Tunkins themselves each one scooping out himself a Nice a pen Czyz a Ever warn to to see in in one House i found an old sow hed raised Fez husky a litter of thirteen Little ones Fez i Ever see. Sum popu earn t see no Beauty in a hog hut i a Ltd it Parish two 1020, by Uina p. Orant she in one of the most famous photo Miro Grapher in the world today and one of the leading women of science. London and Parish Ive invited her exhibit. Her work 1 requested from scientific societies and publications in both England and America. Her collection of Micro ectopic photographs is among tie greatest in. The country one has everything from a close up of the immortal a Cootie Quot to a giant reproduction of a Cricket s Gizzard. But Ehe is not a Stern austere priestess of science. works a and lives for a the fun of the and hero is her Story. 4, a by e. Cipal study in Photomicrography. And to be a scientifically successful photo to Micrograph or one must he a botanist chemist photographer biologist and what not. Miss Bootle is All of these und a dozen More. It a not generally known that it was site that helped the government to rid tie country of the Buo Only plague. It wan she alone who at the request of surgeon general Blue photographed the plague ideas on the rats in san Francisco. It was these photographs that taif general used in the extermination of the plague. Miss Booth will not Tell you these j things however. You must discover Iscem for yourself. She will smile gently and Tell you what a wonderful old world this is. Boredom we rut he Are in comprehend Luibl to her. Joy is the Motif of her life. And n member she is 77. Quot i do not understand Why old folks got so indifferent to life. My existence has never been so. My work has always brought Joy and enthusiasm. Have lived and worked As the Noys would say for the fun o the almost at her feet by the fringe of i of surf a woman intent on some seaweed. It seemed strange at first that on should turn Back to sea and sky for Tome tangled seaweed on the Sand. She talked with the Friend of the sea j Quot and when i see Chance to one i am a Cricket thinking of ten his sound unusual treasures among her photographs afe the Connecticut state militia before the revolutionary War. He enlisted in 1775 and served throughout the struggle. Miss Booth a father Samuel Cotton Booth was a Well known mineralogist almost every country in the world i fing represented in his Large collect in of minerals. This he left to the museum of natural history in Springfield. The collection was so Large that it took eight j spine of the sea Urchin the Cross Sec two horse wagons to transport it to the married men greatest heroes says novelist there a a seat in the very last Row. Please take it or. Bachelor. Unmarried men Aren t the heroes of today. The medals for bravery All go to the husbands. Maxwells views Pouch at any rate 1� the idea of w. A Maxwell the Well known English writer who Snye it la curious How one still meets traces of the old superstition that bachelors Are a More reckless splendid race Luan married men. Above All there lingers that notion that your hardened Bachelor snatches from life a fearful Joy because of his disregard of danger his daredevil spirit. He probably believes it himself he certainly Fosters the belief in others. Yet what can he More absurd ? Forsooth when. O stands confessed it having shirked he most Fackles thing that a Man ran do that la gelling a married the bravest words of a Bachelor Are a hang the expend a a but what a worry figure a Cut oven when tested by the essential measure of today the Money Standard. No it 1� he married Man who really a gees it a a doing things every Day and thinking nothing of them that would frighten an Ordinary Bachelor out of his wits. Consider the picture of the Ordinary married Man with his wife and children. He pays and looks pleasant. If he hesitated a moment those dear one w Ould lose their Happy Trust in him they would think he Hud failed a hem his glorious legend would be gone. And observe that in ids ease unlike that of the Bachelor the legend is a real live thing based on fact. Once to was a Bachelor himself with just enough for one. Then there came to him the stupendous thought of making it enough for two and As Many More As Providence chose to bless him with. By taking All risks resorting to desperate measures in regard to toil endurance push Folmsb he must fill the huge monetary deficit. And he has done it. He has walked with a Cool head and smiling face on the precipice of financial ruin while the Bachelor wan making up his diary of Petty Cash and tamely guarding a competence in the shelter of colourless safety. The gambling spirit if you judge. It by that Good gracious the married man1� life is one terrific Gamble he is playing for the highest Slakes nil the time for life or death the happiness or misery of himself and everybody dependent on him. No certainly not. The husband and fathers Are tha daredevils of today. A miss Mary a. Booth Photomicrograph or member of to lick american Microscopical society of t in j Brooklyn Institute of arts and sciences fellow of the american association for the advancement of science of the Royal Microscopical society of London of the Royal photographic society of great Britain j Etc., Etc. Continue the account for about a half a column and you have miss Booth As she looks in the Annah of science. And then you Haven to lie slightest impression of Booth is like a at All. But try to picture a lady of 77, irresistibly prone to smiling always shunning Good Nat redly any talk about herself who looks on the world As an immense wonderland miss Mary a with its greatest Beauty in its san Alt. Pin. Things and who explores those Small a or Houn parlor est things for her own happiness and then you begin to know miss Booth As she really is. It will not he a scientific photograph but it will be a life picture of her. A everything in nature is Beautiful Quot discovering and photographing the it a he will Tell you with enthusiasm a it Ute wonders of the million million if you forget yourself and shrug at tiny than of that most everybody Over her Large photograph of a a a cooties i a in the a Mallet things Thutt a a a m, or if you Are eager to forget your have Learned How immense this world i t0 a a Fakhir h it her to Hun Khaki Day memories a a ape Deculus vcs-1i in her wheel chair by the Seaside. In it Mil a tflhsiss0 so i a a a a of the poppy the Mold on canned Tan Lea i peculiarities of the plants. She f. Mouse showed her in it Vav to mount them. From pm h,1 la Ink a 8hftep tic of the Fen a 8 int Roht in la Lle j of a woodchuck Bird lies the parasite , it g n. Loon and that of the snowy owl. Today she is world known a Leader in Tho Tongue of a blow Fly and a butter her work a member of Home of Thela that feet of a Cutter pillar. That of most important scientific Koci Elies of England and America. But that Isnit what matters. It s a the fun of the the invalid girl of 30 has today at 77. Found health and happiness. And miss Booth knows what health and happiness Means. For she is one of the very few who at last discover the Bright Side of that at once terrible and Beautiful contrast. With her the fates reversed the theme of their drama. A spider the Gizzard of a Cricket the tips of the Wilrigs of various mosquitoes the Eye of the spider and countless other. A Ltd All there is a i Weeke. Museum. Mire Booths Genius is attributed a some to the influence of her father. Miss Booth has become very familiar with the habits of insect life. In photographing the tip of the Tongue of a Bumblebee and watching the insect Hie discovered that the Bee takes Only oho kind of pollen on a trip it will Pas ail others by in its quest for the one it Booth photo microgram it Bacht Ach. Give up. For she to probably somewhere along the Edge of the Atlantic or Pacific probing for the a Pine of a sea Urchin or the Eye of a Mosquito. There you Are. Now you begin to know mias Booth. A i have spent the greater part of my Al life with my Microscope Quot she tells you. Each discovery a new revelation this is what miss Booth will talk about the Joy of living. Her contribution to science have been monumental. Her work is in demand All Over the world. At present a lie is at work upon we articles requested by tire London i graphic and the scientific american j professor i Kirkham of Yale has said hat she is for ahead of her time. But Little of this from miss Booth. And a great Deal of a Siho fun of the a i have always found my work with camera and Mac Rospopo broadening and i uplifting. And each discovery is a new 1 revelation from god. In the continual j quest for new discoveries 1 have Como at last upon health and health and happiness not a superficial Toast of the feast is that phrase j of hers. Ten minutes with iter and you know tie real meaning of health and happiness. A Happy she is in her 77 purr. And As for he or health. There too is a Story. In iter childhood miss Booth was a chronic invalid. The Ordinary Gayety and frolicsome pastimes of children were an unknown world to her. Eve a at Tho ago of 30 she Hud to be carried about. For those years of her life a wheel chair was a constant necessity j few men or women have known such a Handicap for so Long a time. It was first hour of happiness but Why drag in Tho workers at the loom of destiny miss Booths he of All lives will Tell you that the fault is never in our stars. It is we who arc the and Erlingh. In 1877 she purchased her first Corn round Microscope. Since then Sho has been working arduously and persevering a in. Her we of k is one that deman is in Lin to toil and infinite pains. Microscopic j work always demands these. But with miss Bootle even More so. A she Jug a photographer. Her work must he unbelievably accurate. She makes her own plates her own lantern . These Are forever subject to the keenest eyes in the scientific world. Nothing less than perfection must to Bei goal. Hours of study and labor of adjust i ment and correction Are necessary j these Many tense hours she spends Day after Day. And Jou have not forgotten that she is drawing toward 80 years. What that work represents a git so it her study cases will show. Pictures j upon pictures Are there. Thousands of them All arranged in a dark room by close up of the now famous in regard to the Cootie it is Lantei est ing to note that or. Harry Plotz who five years ago As a 21-year-old Interne at Alt. Sinai Hospital new York astounded the medical world with the discovery of the typhus Bacillus and the proof that the disease is communicated by the body Louse has just sailed for Europe to Aid in fighting the typhus epidemic now raging Over Poland and Central Europe. Miss Booth was born at Longmeadow mass., in 1845. The family is a very ancient one the first name on record being William Booth in 1275. Robert Booth the founder of the family in America is said to have landed at new Haven Conn. To have been in Exeter n. Li., in 1645. And in Saco me., in 1063. Captain Joseph Bootle miss Booths i she can to i almost immediately when an insect is not Well. Ohe does not wonder that she declares that for her life under the Microscope is far More interesting than human a but do not think her a cynic. Fhe hrs Tore. Not even that tedious air of self absorption so common with famous scientists. Remember the pictures a genial smiling courteous Young lady of 77, who is so accommodating that it a a pleasure a interview her. Think of a the fun a the thing Quot and you cannot mistake her. And one Noto More. The family boat of Amui bears Thi motto a what i Hope to accomplish t shall recall her Handicap her Labory her final health and happiness and her world famed Success and will you not great Grandfather was a member of the i agree that she Hus lived up to it Well world travel to broaden one just a i \ for that is the name of that Cut scope and tie myriad Little things tenacious plague of the old army shirt. A a very walk pm a Etc and Garden and do not worry. Miss Booth knows him Well. She has watched him Wing a on the Clear Glass of her Microscope when for once he found concealment impossible. But the a a cooties is the least of her million tiny friends. Any glittering warm Spring afternoon you might find her in her Back Garden up on Dartmouth Street Springfield searching Here and thera to discover a a a a a Little Denizen of the grass and Flower world. And if she in t there step inside and or a flight in on i of the Coz Iest sunniest Sun parlous in the world you will Sce her with her Microscope. Take a peek. A a Jan you make it out what is it the Tongue of u blowfly Tho foot of a spider or is it the Eye of a Caterpillar the Gizzard of a Cricket no. It la Tho tip of a Butterfly swing Bhe will be Only too glad to explain it All to you. Ufford with your Microscope you May j search and search endlessly and for j Ever. And you will find the farther you go the smaller the things you of study the More perfect they All Are. ,. Bhe will show you a photograph or two und you will believe. Tho intricacy the marvellous perfection of design of even the Eye of a common housefly will amaze you. Each photograph is a revelation. And by the Way miss Booth is the greatest woman micros Polo photographer in the United states and probably in the world. Since 1886 she has been giving her exhibits the country Over. London and Farls have invited her to display her marvels of photography. Her donations to the National museum at Washington will make their particular department one of the larges. In the world. She Lias medals and prizes won at then w Orleans exposition the St. Louis exposition the t hic Igo world a fair and the Panama Pacific exposition although she has photographed innumerable forms of microscopic life it is insect Anatomy that has been her Prin Tho tremendous Blue of the any and the i to reflected Blue of the , she sought Consolation. Bhe searched for Joy in the wide a Cutty that spread and expanded before her. Then she noticed author honors skipper of ship named Conan Doyle by Hayden Church the plucky skipper of a British trawler that is named after sir Arthur Conan Doyle recently was made Ihu Microscope Vav Fth its great lenses and camera attachment. Presa the Cven a prouder and happier Man than Button of a powerful electric Light near the Lens of the Microscope and in the lie previously had been by unexpected camera plate you will see a giant re production of the foot or Tongue or Eye of 6-Omo insignificant Little member of the insect world. That a Anglo reproduction will give speculation and wonder for weeks. The Beauty of design the symmetry the delicacy of construction Tho incredible detail All Are astonishing. The immense Beauty of a new world is opened a when a a Butterfly float by me on a summer Breeze Quot says miss Booth i do not look on him As other people. I a prec Tato the Grace of his form the loveliness of his colors. But much More by receiving from the famous creator of Sherlock Holmes a handsome cigarette Case bearing the following inscription a to skipper William Addy d. S. C., from Arthur Conan Doyle. In memory of june 20th, 1918. A Battle lasting Over four hours the trawler emerged victorious sinking the 1 boat with All hands by Means of a direct hit just below the conning Tower. For his Gallant conduct in this action a cot dual which undoubtedly saved h Wii Oil Convoy of Hull trawlers from , skipper Addy received the distinguished Bervick Cross and the episode when months afterwards it became publicly known made him a local if not a National hero. Now Bir Arthur Conan to it Oyie has added to the Skippers renown and incidentally to that of the Craft which heart Tho famous authors name by his Graceful act in commemoration of the part that ship and master played in a truly Homeric combat. It was Only recently that Bir Arthur Conan Doyle heard of the a Fisherman s fight in which his namesake gave of Good an account of herself. A few Days Latef skipper Addy received the Silver cigarette Case which ave sir Arthur in his turn is soon t i think and Ponder on the it he presented by skipper Addy with an i a Zes so highly accompanied by a historic souvenirs the ships Belloi Paw Triune to the splendid action in which nil the Conan Doyle bearing the honoured name that is hers and his. You Ever thought How a Lump of sugar looks to the housefly Here is a portion of his Busy Eye 10.u00 times larger than it really is. Each Eye is like a thousand eyes. Each Little portion you see Here is n tiny Lens of itself. And each tiny Lens makes a picture All of its own. How does or. Fly fee about it docs he really acc Only one composite picture after All nobody knows except of course or. Fly himself. And or never tells. No doubt this Boll recalling As it Doea As dogged a fight As perhaps Ever was put up at sea. Will have a place of Honor among the Many mementos and relies of widely differing kinds which 8lr Arthur takes Pride in showing to distinguished american and other \ is tors to a a wind Sham Quot his Home at Crowborough in Sussex. This Exchange of compliments be tween Tho distinguished author and Tho Mast v of sir Arthurs a maritime namesake is a sequel to an exceptionally command did namesake under your such glorious "1 should like to congratulate you and the Crew a sir Arthur added a and May How proud i am to be in any Way associated with a i have had some splendid letters from sir Arthur since then a Bald the skipper a and a while ago he sent my 29 of his books among them his a British Campaign in France in six volume. In a sure they will prove mighty interesting Reading. A i wrote recently and asked sir Arthur if he would accept the Bell from the a Conan Dovlet As a souvenir and he has written to say How pleased he would be with it. Bow Are having it All fixed up of him. I thought Neth Lovely incident of the War in which i log would he More suitable than some both the a Conan Doyle and her skip per covered theme Elvea with glory. It took the form of a fight Between the a Conan Doyle and a big German submarine in which after a running thing off the a Conan Doyle and suggested Tho ship a Bell because it Bear his name. Footy right to the few Are cat inc Manutti a ratio

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