Boston Pilot in Boston, Massachusetts
26 Feb 1848

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Boston Pilot in Boston, Massachusetts
26 Feb 1848

Read an issue on 26 Feb 1848 in Boston, Massachusetts and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Boston Pilot.

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Boston Pilot (Newspaper) - February 26, 1848, Boston, MassachusettsIsis foil a Pilot Pronti Lulu and incr fire their children to emt a a our in Nils a nil conjured up before Demon a that you permitted the gloomy he vision of our country hideous spectres Shade of death to overspread the land with their Olden scary upon them your ignorance to be United Vilh insensibility iniquitous work which Amine Wise Keig Wickede a to be blended with every vice Lishman who valued the anal deity of the and unparalleled barbarity of manner to throne the Power and Prosperity of his prevail everywhere throughout the see country should desire to Aee Laid for Ever of your Suffragan. You have brought my a Wber eat neatness my lord 1 ask you Long religion and Nocilly to n Prattjr inn q no count for a his . For my own part i cannot account for it except by that mental blindness with which god usually strikes those whose crimes have forced him to will their destruction. With the prospects before you at Home and abroad i run in no other Way account for it. Buh Vlon was shouting with Joy insulting captive Israel by the profanation of the holy spoils of the Temple of god on the very night its fifty towers were battered to the ground by the persian rain and its broken Gates thrust in the Heads of the oblivious riotous and sacrilegious multitude. Perhaps my lord you could assign other More appropriate reasons that you intended to deter the Catholic clergy of Ireland by your vituperation from doing their Doty to their people. A Vou imagined perhaps that such calumnies would induce us to snap asunder that Golden Bond of affection which has Ever bound through weal and woe the Irish priest to Bis people. If this my lord be the fond Hope of our slanderers they will find themselves after All their vile efforts egregiously disappointed. Slanders on the people and on the clergy will Only tend to unite us More closely together by the Strong link of Mutual sympathy. Mutual suffering and Mutual wrongs Are the surest Gage of Imine table Friendship. Perhaps my lord by maligning us you entertain the fluttering Hope of forcing us from the advocacy of our starving suffer by your Connivance a Hull beating drunkenness quarrelling and lewdness awful errors moral abominations infidelity like a mighty flood devastating society lukewarm Ness and indifference regarding All the essentials of religion no fixed principle of rectitude a mine of heathenism and consequent profligacy a in the very Meridian of your Arabi episcopal illumination. One million one Hundred and seventy thousand children my lord arc i shop think of it growing up under your Eye without and impression of either Faith or morality i fifteen thousand children of both sexes under fifteen years of age living by prostitution and theft under the a acred Shadow of the wings of your worthy Suffragan or. i Why my lord you Are responsible for All this Anil Tnyre and we of Ireland in the face of Christendom will hold you so so Long As you done to write pastoral s to your flocks at our b dding so Long As you leave your aul ragans who themselves have connived at these tilings a reprimanded a reproved Unchu sired. You moreover my lord must have connived at a crime in the opinion of the cyprians and augustins the most odious in the sight of god the wicked crime of Universal schism. You must have allowed the seamless garment of Christ to he torn to pieces before your eyes. You must have connived at or approved of it or otherwise England could not have been converted As it is into a vast pantheon of strange gods. A Hundred and seven strange fancies Iny lord styled religions under your Ken in the very sight of your Arch episcopal throne and Many of the strange gods worshipped there More hideous in shape and form than any that poets fancy Ever placed on mount Olympus or roman superstition gathered together from the most barbarous nations of the Earth More beastly than the satyrs More revolting than the priapus is More unmeaning than the fabled pans Inore monstrous in n word than the Centa of the Heathen. For As there might be some excuse lighted As we Are with that pestilent Thi a the Sei a among us. For you my lord and your suf ragans no excuse no pretext. You had the pure Light of the gospel the whole Bible and nothing hut the Bible a Faith a Lone to justify you and make you without any a Erifile the children of god the was to Sanctity so easy and so smooth to you and not even the practical obstruction of the confessional so a a dangerous to the civil government and the peace of the Community to impede your Onward Progress to heaven. lord of Canterbury you Bishops and clergy of England you have a Attr ruefully neglected your duty to god and your country. Such Connivance in you is such a state of things without plea or palliation. The whole weight of the crime of your country rests upon your Heads. The red spot of blood is upon your Heads. Deny it As you will you Are my lords guilty of All the murders manslaughter arsons &c., &c., committed or to lie committed or imagined to let a committed throughout the length and breadth of England. You at least Are the occasional cause of All. I know no other remedy for this awful state of things than that now pretty generally advised by the must polite of your Law givers namely to bang and Gibbet Bulf a dozen of you As an example to the rest making you clergy of England henceforth to understand that the a beginning of Wisdom is the fear of your Loras i Quot you my lord Btu Ley will of course aay that it is preposterous to hold the respectable virtuous und pious clergymen of England responsible for these murders i moralities abominations amp a. By not my lord since you hold us responsible for the crimes which maddening oppression forced some very few Thuok god und would to heaven they were fewer still of the starving Irish peasants to perpetrate not i say hold your prelates and a a priests accountable Lor the corruption blood and i moralities that even you yourselves admit cover like a foul leprosy the whole face of the country you Call us a Irish l hugs a a Savages a in the name of my country and that of the Irish Priesthood i fling Back in your face my lord and in that of your column intros my f Deit that through the terror of your and menaces you would lore their Troi Tore unpacked a Job red Ilir the net a Quot a wry dts Fly. R the a stronger �11 leave it the feet of your a about opening our Mouths in f the oppressed Tenanty of so my lord you will find your expectations As vain As Idle As the passing winds. So Long As you allow our poor people to lie persecuted we Quot to complain nor desist Isom my Liall their wrongs to tho to ked shall draw or How to cast a a we shall heir oppressors the poor Man Felt stronger than he a a eth swill Esbil the poor from them that strip perhaps my lord you cute led by your slanders to detach us from the cause o our country from those duties to it which both religion and patriotism approve. Even in this my lord you will not succeed. The More miserable you have made the land of our birth the More dear it has become to us and the More decided we Are Oil Bolding by its destiny. Even when her life is gone in the words of the poet a we will cling with stronger affection to her lifeless form a and with All the enthusiastic Devotion of Rome a sternest Patriot the Irish priest will not cease to feel and express this immoral sentiment a Quot Bian mrm the compleat or Roumain Loum que Nomen Liberia e. Ihan Riu pro equal perhaps my lord you expected by blackening our barn clerk and the sacred Observance of our holy Faith to provoke hostility to both and extinguish by a new persecution catholicity in Ireland. It this expectation my lord should it be yours you will find yourself equally unsuccessful. Lilter experience should have taught you and others Inore practical lessons of Wisdom. It should have made you feel that pains and penalties and All the inventions of a fiendish bigotry were already tried upon us Ami failed. We multiplied under the Stybe with which you mowed us Down und he very torrents of the blood of our forefathers which you accumulated to submerge the Irish Ark of catholicity Only tended to elevate it and show it to the world As int perishable. In your attempts to extinguish the sacred fire of our Faith tho gift of god to us you ouly spread its Sparks around to warm tho world. You forced it to communicate its Light and its heat to other thatious that would otherwise have scarcely Ever know n its name. Hear it my lord Stanley f through your Irish persecutions it hums brightly in your colonies. It is taken under the protecting Wing of that proud Bird of the Sun which broke your Chain of tyranny and whose soaring hits already struck the Olden nations of the Earth with dismay. By endeavouring to drive it out of Ireland you drove it my lord Stanley into England to help tho faithful few there to turn their smouldering embers usher god these vile epithets which you so indiscreet a a. By living As you do in such Glass houses into a wide spreading flame and to i with All your moral filth exposed to the a round it All who in the councils of world dared to cast upon us our country should be saved and our Huly religion. We Are my lord revenged a it on you in i sincerely regret Ziy lord that you the Only Way a Christian should Ever wish forced us in self justification thus to Reta to be revenged. We Are justified my lord Lite upon you. We would lain forget our Longani mity and patient Emlu Rumoce for if allowed to do so the deeds of blood the Faith Are being justified before god and which every Page of our history exhibits men. We have made reluctant England As having been perpetrated a it on us by Send the most illustrious of her schismatic Al your country since we first came into con children to do us Justice by bowing their Nexion with you your confiscations so Heads and paying Heartfelt homage to the Liat Ioos Aud proscriptions your Oblen Faith you persecuted. With this my lord hired assassins to murder our priests it we would Buve rested satisfied hut you 5/. A head your murders of my country and such As you in your infatuation would men justified by your Laws on the plea of drive is beyond these peaceful Christian their being Mere Irish your exquisite dispositions. In this however you will tortures invented to Harrow the souls of also fail. As we have Ever done we shall our people the image of our country As continue to preach loyalty to our Sovereign you made it spat upon buffeted scourged a patience to our afflicted people mercy crowned with Borus and crucified not a to the powerful to All sign and Low that sound bit left in it from tho Crown of the they Are being accountable to almighty god who has his Day for All things when the just and the wicked shall be judged. We will Tell our people amidst their con to mules und calamities to Bow in Resigna of the Noble humane mid Lien Wicent souls Tion to the divine will and to rest with who with to sympathy of men and Chris it out fear on the Bright consoling Hope that trans Flung the Mantle of their Charity his Prophet holds nut to them and not Over our country in the hour of our Dis-1 Only to them but to All similarly afflicted Tress. For their Sake my lord All the Ami persecuted nations a a to my people wrongs you bad done us we were decided that Dweller in Sion he not afraid of the on burying in eternal oblivion but you assyrian. He shall strike tree with Hie forced them Back upon us by your san Myers Rod nil lift up his staff Over thee in the and your calumnies and your beastly pro Way of Egypt. But yet a Little while and cod bugs in your legislative assemblies. Indian Liun shall cease and my Wrath your bitter taunts your unchristian in up j shall be upon his x., nations have driven our memories Back on v. 34, 35. The thousand unbearable wrongs we Iuffer-1 perhaps in Fine my lord Yeu and others heal to the sole of the foot even All this which you in ado us endure for centuries Iva would Fain forget if not for the Sake of general England at least for the Sake intend by your slanders to Poison the cars of the glorious successor of the Fisherman the immortal Pius Ixo so As induce Hii Stu bind us Huud and foot and commit us and our holy religion to your keeping. Should this have been your mind my lord Dine will disabuse you As it disabused others. Your Golden it Ion will lie merely n Day dream. Against its realization we have ample securities securities my lord in the Sublime Virtues integrity Clear sightedness and abiding love of faithful Ireland filling the breath of that great pontiff who now rules the destinies of the Church. We have additional Security in the invincible determination of the Irish clergy and people never to permit strange fire to Burn off their altars nor the Symbol of their holy Faith which came Down to them through a Hundred persecutions intact inviolate endeared moreover to them by a Hundred recollections of their fatal sires who lost therr All to preserve it to them to pass into the bands of such trustworthy guardians is my lord Palmerston. His official note to Switzerland has effectually told us and the Catholic world what might be expected from such Tutelage. One or two words my lord by Way of counsel to you it parting. You should not by your calumnies Endeavor to turn away from their natural course of loyalty the feelings of a people Ever attached to their Kings and Queens from a sense of duty and to the present amiable Sovereign by something still As Strong a deep feeling of affection. Montesquieu wisely says a a that natural fee hangs in the subject Are sri let i Mes destroyed jew other feelings equally As Jura Loyal subject you should not in any we have Lent yourself to the superin Duclion of other feelings destructive of those Loyal sentiments which always characterised our tuition. It was my lord foolish in you to engage in such an iniquitous work at such a time especially when the oldest the Wisest und the most venerable of your warriors has but just raised his voice to warn you against approaching danger and direct your attention to the blood streaked Cloud now visible on your horizon ominous of the coining conflict on whose Issue England a glory Power and All May depend it was anything my lord but Wise in you to become our Calum Matur at such an eventful moment anything but evidence of loyally to your Lineen or devoted Ness to the Best interests of your country. 1 would my lord with All earnestness recommend that your lordship do keep for the future your hard word for England a its clergy and people where they Are at least Arf much needed and whore Oer tips they will be less harmful. Leave my lord the confessional and All its secret Ness to the Irish priest and with such sacred things it does not to come you ignorant is you Are of them to meddle and even if it did it would not be for the interest of your a Ueen or country for you to interfere with them. Loyally my lord and the confessional Hare hitherto comported Well together in Ireland. Non would not i have reason to fear endure for one month your arrogance vituperation or misrule. It would snap your Chain or perish in the attempt a preferring a Day an hour of Liberty to a eternity of you seem my lord to have a special affection for spies and informers and would introduce them to us As our household gods. The egyptian too would Send us a Crocodile the Indian a shark. We beg most respectfully to decline my lord paying any homage to such we will leave them my lord to you to Grace a Niche with them in your English pantheon. You have made us so Many presents of the sort which experience proved to be grecian gifts pregnant w Ith perjury deception treachery and blood that we Ever shudder at the Bare thought of them. Any other favors my lord but your paid per jurors and your Wanton calumnies. I now my lord Tuke my Leav Couyou by again inviting your attention to your statements and challenging you to your proofs. Bear Well in mind what you have to prove �?1st, that the clergy connived at the sanguinary crimes of the peasantry and 3d, that they abused the confessional making it Subserve the most guilty purposes. Prove these allegations against any Clergyman in Ireland and i pledge myself to Bis perpetual degradation in the Church of god Ntuli to the full concurrence of the Priesthood of Ireland in any punishment the Laws of the Laud May inflict upon him. Until you shall have done so i Bee i do not transcend the Bounds of decorum under the provocation we have received by denouncing your lordship not to death for we will not the death of the sinner a but to repentant shame or abiding infamy. 1 have the honour my lord newspaper so Ahlet to be your most obedient servant e. Maginn. Bishop of of Riposio and a Post. Attn. Of Derry. Vide or the historic facts Given above a Conrad so Blush Audinis life of calving Rose a hey no a Hist. Hist a or. Patterson in his Babel Fellers diet Hist of Holland by m. Ker Roux Robt. Creme re or. Liing a Froude cuu Ltd. De Man a Matinburg a thu anus Buchanan gush new Mpherson abbe bar Rucle Pigott sec. s Sanders or. Nelson s collection Raleigh Ling Rdv Home missionary reports and charges of English Bishop a Bish. Bar Bis i. Fret Bish. Wat a quarterly review cold. New system in chollas report on the peasantry of Donegal lord Morpeth s speech dec. Ship fever. There Are nearly 1,100 patients sick with the ship fever at the Charity Hospital new Orleans although that establishment is Only calculated for the comfortable support of about 550. Till Pilot. Boston saturday february 26, 1848. The four Bishops. W e publish to Day letters from perhaps four of the most distinguished prelates living. They Are four irishmen and Well May Ireland amid All her afflictions and sorrows lie proud of them. The first in order is archbishop Mchaley a masterly reply to lord Shrewsbury. The a Soond is addressed to lord Stanley by the a Star of the North a it. Rev. Or. Mcginn. The third is from the a Patriot Bishops of Higgin. And though last not least is the seventh letter of a your own Champion ill America the Learned Bishop Hughes. We have Given these letters to the exclusion of most every thing else. We would strongly recommend the perusal of these documents to the editors of the Christian a i Tiance tribunal and other no to Iery prints. If they fail to make an impression on their Bard hearts we have Little Hopes of them. V -i8h improvise thick. This Point it of a to appear in Book form. It will bet sed by the talented authoress Anil of dished for her exclusive Benefit or. Donahoe having Given up All right and title to it. To . . M.,�?� Lxix cos by. To thank you for your very but menu at card and shall oud Aror 10 Merit your approx Tiawon. A a its Fiir a Quot Chicago Iii. We Are not among them who think that a Union Aupuni iri Ahurn ran to accomplished through a Docu Oriun in the Culillo Pinla. Ai them moot and arrange their diff i ullars Inanc up pro Vale pique Aud meet like men Lor the Artel Loralou of their Coqui Rymun at Home end abroad. The meet important movement now on foot la the for lha Protection of Iti oae of our destitute countrymen who Are Dolly arriving among in. Lei talc he the primary object of Iriah Meu in America. An extract from Quot sep Beuve letter on the Euh Jeat will appear in our next. The article of mexican Book making from our correspondent at Washington will appear in our next. W e Ore obliged to omit the la von of Tauy correspondence until next week. Alai vols at new hoax. It a computed that of. Hit Soaad Tiniou Axon cd Tilocca arrived at new Vork from Ihil to of May �47, to Judnary 1&48. At least one Hundred thousand More have arrived at All the other port a the United state within the same time thus adding two Hundred thousand to our ranks in the abort a Pace of eight month i a Attal or this body or Sirr. Felt. The body of Captain fell of the Massachusetts Volunteer who died some Mouth since of to pub lever at Vera Crux Mexico arrived Here on sunday night in the barque Orion him new Orleans. Tub Irish in tub Fasen Armie. Colonel my Mahou to whom Abdel Kadar surrendered is a Irish Mau Aud general Lamo Riviore the be i cavalry officer in the world u the son of tui Irish lode. Lamor Cuire a about thirty fight Yean of Noble aspect and is raid to posses All the memories of i Irish ancestry. Of it Adaki Tiriro Iii exam must excuse a for omit Ting their favors this week. The Prea Aure on our apace compel of to omit the advertisement in order to make room tor the very Lute re ii us new by the last Steamer. Jeri thu Kcjr the tool of the clique. Issued another missile from i forge it week. It to equally a stupid a i other Luc bration. I prompter Are of tame and harm les a whip Spaniel. Sketch a or Lauti agitator. We Hall publish no. 9 of these interesting sketches in our be amp a the subject Quot father Tom it was written before the death of the great Champion of tho Faith. A card. The Llev. Or. Gui gratefully acknowledges the receipt of the following Suma for the Relief of Hia parishioners fun More and balls Arouty Galway Ireland. Rev. Charles d. French Lawrence City ms.910 Michael Burke esq., South Andover ma.99 the lion. W.�, Beaton mayor of washing Lon City.59 Rev. Or Wilson Taunton major Don tho Washington City. David k or Nail esq., Wilkinson it. Or donations Lor the above charitable purpose forwarded to Patrick Doha Uoc esq., Boston Pilot office Spring line Bostons to Rev. Doctor i Usu Taunton to the Rev. Cd Trica of Luilly. Woonsocket 11 1., will be transmitted to the Rev. Or. Gill to Ireland nud be acknowledged in the Boston Pilot. Feb. A 1846. A. Thomai he Okay has just issued from the press a the Means of Paoju Trig perfection a by 8t. Logo urls the Bare announcement of the sainted name of i Goon a a a indent guarantee that it will have a rapid Sale. Albany . Or. John t. Gough continues to remit Money to the Quot old country Quot and bring out passenger from Europe. The Public May rely upon or. G. In every Trana action he engages to fulfil. Ilia office in Jig Broadway. A onto and others can be supplied with a Quot Lew More Quot of last week s paper containing the first Pun of the interesting tale of Quot the Fate of the Bearc Quot tub 8 a lbs Mimosa. The examination of the arrested for the murder of James Curran a a till going on. It to a cold blooded murder and we a inc excl Bope the perpetrators of the foul deed win meet their deserts. Wasi motor february 19, 1848. Inn loss Bill the a Isidor or via mud Wasiqi Thuton s birth Davac. On thursday to House passed the a a loan which authorises the president to raise a loan of $ 16.000.000, fourteen members voting against it. Truly War la an expensive game. This is Only one item in the Bill which this country will have to pay at the Conr Luxlor of this War and How the Sui total will Ever be raised is a matter of the most serious doubt. The of Senate is still engaged in the discussion of the Best Means for prosecuting the War with Mexico. A majority of the senators have already Apo Keu on this subject sad from present indications the debate will nor be concluded before the View of All the a tubers of the Senate have been Given upon the question under discussion. There a no such thing As an Quot hour Rule Quot in this a ranch of the legislature although a some eases it might be applied wit1 a great Deal of Benefit. We understand that Bishop w ii Lar of Virginia is made Quot a requisition Quot upon the Superior of the Quot Convent of the visitation Quot for a certain number of her spiritual children whom he wishes of Lake charge of a school Whhite he is about to establish in Wheeling. This thriving City is now tho place of his episcopal residence and contains a very splendid Cathedral. The Catholic of the Quot old Dominion Quot should be get Fol to their Bishop for affording them such a excellent Means of giving to their daughter a sound religious education. The slaters will be supplied from the Convent of Baltimore. The Quot Mother House Quot has already done its duty in Quot granting no Steps have As yet been taken towards the Celebration of st. Patrick s Day. We Trust that it will not be suffered to pass by informally. The 22nd of february will be celebrated at Georgetown College that venerable nurse of Ach Lara and patriots with All the usual ceremonies. A Large number of invitation have been sent and there arc few of the Lovitch guest who will not Avail themselves of the Opportunity of being present on an interesting an occasion. We learn also that of the same Day there will be a very spirited Celebration at mount st. Mary s College. The Quot Mountaineer riflemen Quot a military company composed of the students will be out in full Force and an address will be delivered by professor c. J. Isle i whose great abilities a a scholar and an orator warrant a in predicting that it will u. To every Way worthy of that occasion. Should this paragraph meet the Eye of any old noun Tainter it will no doubt recall to his mind Many pleasant recollections connected with Celd rating Quot Washington a birth Day in Days of Quot Auld Lang it i thus that Catholic institutions instil into tha minds of their pupils. Quot the seeds of Monarch Al let it be known thut there is no protestant College at least within our knowledge which even attempts a Celebration of the 2tad of february or any other Day of National festivity. Alpha. Peace with Mexico. It is positively stated that a treaty of peace has been concluded with Mcnico. Probe venerable John Quincy Adams was not expected to live at last accounts from Washington. Married. In this City on the 21st mat by the Rev. Or. Lyndon or. John let Roan to miss Mary Kevil. Died. Another victim to fever. The Rev. John n. Smith. Pastor of st. James Church new York died of the evening of the Luth inst. He was a Nativa of the county Tyrone. Ireland whence he a Rig said u the United state upward of thirty years ago. And for More to i it i cuty years he has Becu engaged in the arduous duties of the american Mission. Another victim we have to record the death of Audi her of those truly Christian creatures Ike Sisters of Charity another victim to the typhus fever. This is the third of the sisterhood who has sunk before it in the Charity Hospital. Sister Mary Zoe Glem a non a Sattva of Ireland 28 years of age died yesterday in the Charity Hospital of typhus fever. She had not been quite lha be months in the Oslean Delta of feb. 12. At 8l. Augustine East Florida on the sold january or. Thomas Mcc Etuy in the b2od year of his age. Or. Mcc. Was a native of Ireland and migrated to this country As Early is Doe. Lie first settled in Bali a , now the first Ward of the City of Syracuse where he has Ever since resided. In 1819, he was Ornong the Al re to to March to the Northern Frontier to defend his adopted country ski Ustan inva dii g British army filled several places of Honor and Trust t was placed on the democratic electoral ticket in Imp and in 1842 represented this county in the a Tate legislature. Lie was a worthy and High la a steamed Eilken a resp ted for Bis Industry and strict integrity. In new York of the 10th of february of Commma ton. Or Thomas i nats n native of Louth Ireland. Deserters. The new York National police Gazette of the 19th inst., contains the names of eighty six deserters from the United states army whose birth places Are As follows a United states 51 Ireland 13 England 4 Scotland 1 Germany 11 France 3 Russia 2 Canada 1. Total 86. Cos Vert. J. Baxter esq., of Acomb near York England was by gods Grace received into the by Teuton of a holy Church a by the Rev. William Fisher. The Erin a Queen lately arrived at new Orleans from liver Mol with 255 passengers. The ship fever broke out during the voyage and the former Captain Donaldson and sixteen passengers died on the voyage. See last face. Gooey a a lady a Book Lor March is an excellent number. It is the most popular Magazine in the country. Dubli i real association. The receipts and expenditures of the association from aur. 31st to dec. 31st, 1847, were 7881. 10�. 7<l, which added to a balance in hand in aug. 31st, made a total of 8781.19�. 3d. The expenditure was 8701. 10s. Gd., including the payment of some old debts leaving a balance in hand on dec. 21at of 81, 8s. 6d. Notice Efthia kind hot or $1. Information wanted. Of John costello. A in Tiv of Nawur legs Parish of to Noah co. Gain so who Ortive la new v urk about 7 year ago. All Lulu Wislou Asp Cutai him will lir thankfully received by his brother. Albireo him rare of Michaw i we Viand Spinx Accel. West Kun Burn. Fin. Of dame1. And Mac libel o Connor natives of cd. Bino parity of Looi Lurl who undid in new York lost sprint. Whim lost heard lion they lived be Tecu Albany and Troy. Any information them will he thankfully received by their Notri Catherine o Connor Core of it Atner Glenr. Brown Street norms a pm Aii o Brien who left Ireland about i Rora ago a native of co. Cork Parish 4 i Anwoth. Ill Wiles name was Mary Niue. If this a he a id meet his Eye or any person Knowin him would cooler a great favor on his daughter Ellen o uric care of John Mccarthry Ltd us be buy pc Lle county in. Vol Michael 1>at.vnative of co Waterford who came a it America about 12 car ago. When last heard Ruiu <3 years since he Vraz in , Nova Scotia and App thru to be there at present or u some part of Tuut province. Any information respecting him wid in thankfully received by his brother Uwon Daly care of Mir Mel Murray Rovou Vic a. R jul Ell nub Devoy is d two children it ber Maiden name was k leu or Grad front co. Minaret Parish of new bred. They sailed Ruiu Liverpool Losili june im7 Quebec. It is supposed that tora Devoy died it grease Isle. The Elsaai child w a buy Munro Thomas Devoy axed about 9 or in cars and the of Terr a girl of nearly two years named Julia any will be thank Lully ice Leuby w Ili Iain Lia ecu West Wax Quot at bbb my Mary Byank who it the jew Rish of foil Taueu near Hook Caton co. Kosto Muon who landed in Quebec lost july. Any information re snort inc then will be Thi Momii received by their brother Michael Birne no.49 k Rederick Street Baltimore of do nah Flynn. Opu Diug Lane thur les co tio Ferary who sailed irom Liverpool on the 2sd of of loiter 1817, in the ship Patrick Henry. Any in formation of Hui will much Obi acc i daughter a la Erin Al it in or his son in Law Bartholomew of a i Van Buffalo a of Bridget Cain daughter of Darby Cain. Of co. Leitem pariah Ofril Turret. Lowland of Drun Keelin who sailed from Sligo shout 3 is ago and lauded in Quebec. Kne lived with a Man named James Robinson in Montreal. Any information respecting her win be thankfully received by bar Mathor. Mary Morto w Goa a of acc Falls . R6 Votice to Tok i blah. The Suhrai 17 Bers beg to of form the Public that they an reluctantly a tidied to publish the following facts in Couzo Quenroe of a Niota Losi Dious statement Mode in the Dublin papers it january Laai by an individual railed win j. Leosy Lair i v commenced bus Mesa at 5 Eden Quev Dublin it that be were lbs a it i Mac partners in the old established a ouse of Rochr Brothers it co Otis Fulton Street new van., and that a Tisu solved that firm on the i7lh june. Ink. Also that the Princi Eal partners who formed that firm Sod established he us Iuca have now their office at Man Iii Jume n. York r. Franklin Avreet and ppm i . Hos Toni and the principal office of Ito he Brothers a t o. Is at 90 Eden Quay Dublin. The subscriber further beg Tossy that they Nave of ran Irvion whatever with a a Raon rated Edward rot it. Dot us Basin Ras at 1� Kruiton st. Now York who was for Virny Thor clerk or with any of his agent. Lou Mim ihimm.1 new York. <1 in Kliu it Cal and Karin Law Hoa Ioa. A it

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Newspapers allow readers to step into the life and times of past decades and centuries from all over the world. Not only do they have interesting and unique articles and photos, but they also have advertisements, comics, classifieds, and more.
The NewspaperArchive collection can be searched several different ways - advanced search, browse, and publications. The advanced search offers filters to narrow your search for more precise results.
NewspaperArchive’s collection of newspapers boasts more than 85% unique content compared to other newspaper sites. In addition to big city newspapers, we have a wide variety of newspapers from small towns that hold a wealth of information about day-to-day life. Our collection dates back to 1607!