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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Sep 28 1970, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - September 28, 1970, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a before 6 00 . If you Nave not received your paper. Saturday�?2 30 . The Boone news Republican weather Clear not so Cool Mon. Night lows 45-50. Fair and warmer tuesday highs 80 to 85. Vol. Xxxii no. 232, vol. Lxiv no. 305 Boone Iowa monday evening september 28, 1970 evening except sunday Carrier delivery 45c per week 10c singly copy iowans to vote in november on revising state Constitution Des Moines idea iowans will vote this november on whether there should be a convention to revise the states Constitution. The question is put to a vote every ten years. Rarely in the states history has there been an organized Effort to get voters to seek a Constitution convention. The principal exception was in 1960 when a citizens committee for a Constitution convention with a Broad representative base was formed. Since re apportioning the Iowa legislature was the driving Force behind this citizens group a counter organization came into existence reapportionment by legislative action. The Iowa farm Bureau federation and Iowa manufacturers association among others opposed the calling of a constitutional convention. Voters in 1960, decided against holding a convention by a vote of 530,915 to 469,463. Later . Supreme court decisions mandated state Legislatures re apportion themselves. This year there is no Hue and cry for a constitutional convention. One of the few to speak in favor of holding such a convention is Iowa City mayor Loren Hickerson. But Hickerson is a political realist and is talking in terms of a constitutional convention in 1980, not 1970. He wants the governor or next legislature to select a dozen or so of Iowa a most Able people to draft a new Constitution for Iowa a looking into the 21st Century. Hickerson immediate past president of the league of Iowa municipalities wants this group to spend two years or More at their task and then have the proposed Constitution debated throughout the state until 1979. It would be revised by its drafters prior to the 1980 vote. He thinks such a convention could Complete its work in seven Days and believes a this modern decade of careful planning would mean a brighter Century to come for the reason people have an Opportunity to bring about Toyne elected for Aso Post forty six delegates of township committeemen convened at 9 30 ., saturday sept. 26 and elected Duane Toyne for a three year term to the Aso committee. The other order of business at the convention was to elect the positions on the county committee. Ervin Miller was elected to serve As chairman Jay Carlson was vice chairman and Duane Toyne As member to the committee. Darall Darr and Orville Nell were elected 1st and 2nd alternates to the committee. The county ask committee is responsible for local administration of government farm programs such As acreage allotments and bases Price support for eligible crops and conservation Cost sharing on agricultural lands. The vacancies were filled and the county ask committee officers named by delegates who Are newly elected ask Community committeemen. Community committees assist the county committee in farm program adj station and help keep Farmers informed of program provisions. County committeemen Are elected by the Community committeemen to serve three year staggered terms so that ordinarily one vacancy occurs each year. The county committee alternates Are elected for one year terms. The Boone county ask committee and All Community committees take office on oct. I. It a a a weather record a a a yesterdays figure up to a a a 6 Today a a a High a 65 a a Low a 40 a a a temp at 6 A 47 a a a prec. A none a a a River level a 0.35 a revision in the Constitution adopted in 1857, is because the delegates to the 1857 convention did not think the document was perfect. They recognized in article i of the Bill of rights that a fall political Power is inherent in the the annals of that Early convention held at Iowa City indicate one of the bitterest fights was Over what procedure should be followed in amending the Constitution. Jonathan Hall of Des Moines county one of the 36 delegates at the convention argued that a proposed constitutional amendment should Only have to be approved in identical form by one legislative body and then approved by a vote of the people. Other delegates disagreed saying it should have to be approved by two successive general assemblies and then put to a vote which is what was finally agreed to. The delegates reasoned that this method of legislative initiative would be used for minor amendments which did not warrant the expense of a constitutional convention. This probably was a Good Compromise As the states Constitution has been amended Only 28 times in its 113 year history. Still the door is open to holding a constitutional convention if voters give their approval. Only once in the ten times the question has been put to a vote have voters said they wanted a constitutional convention that was Back in 1920. The Iowa farm Bureau federation was concerned that it did not have Legal authority to establish Farmer cooperatives. It was feared that co Ops without capital Stock and not operated for profit would be held illegal under Iowa a Constitution on the grounds they were operating in restraint of Trade. But it was determined during the 1921 legislative session that Farmer co Ops could be set up without violating the provisions of the Constitution so the legislature passed a Law which took care of the problem. Consequently there was no big demand for a constitutional convention and the Issue withered on the political Vine and a convention was not held nor has one been held since. Iowa has had three constitutions but voters rejected the first two. Its interesting to note some of the items that were changed in the 1857 Constitution which Are part of our heritage today. The office of lieutenant governor was added the term of office for governor was reduced from four to two years supreme court judges were elected instead of being named by the legislature and the office of attorney general was created. Average age of the signatories at the 1857 convention was 40. Iowa a population in 1857 was under 600,000 with Only 81 organized counties instead of the present 99 counties. Population of these counties varied from 27,273 in Lee to Only 119 in Calhoun. Dubuque with 15,000 people was the largest City in the state. Polk county had less than 10,000 people. Regardless of whether iowans decide there should be a constitutional convention three proposed changes to the Constitution will appear on the general election ballot nov. 3. One would eliminate from the Constitution the residency requirements for voters. The Constitution now sets the residency requirements for voting As six months in the state and 60 Days in the county prior to the Date of the election in any year. The proposed amendment would set these As maximums but would permit the legislature to set Shorter residency periods to establish voter qualification. Another proposed amendment would repeal the provision that county attorneys must be elected every two years. The third proposal would require that each legislator be elected from a separate District. Iowa a Constitution has proven to be a venerable document. Visits Pope Hijack hostages Nixon follows Busy schedule Rome apr president Nix-1 where they had spent the nighty i on told italian leaders today the i United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean made an unscheduled visit to Greet freed american after being freed by palestinian guerrillas in Amman. They were to continue on to new York after refuelling but the Surprise decision by Nixon to sky Jack hostages flying Home Greet them held them in Rome a from Jordan and then met with Little longer than scheduled. Pope Paul i. Nixon said afterwards ill the president drove through think i feel As Happy As they Rome to Vatican City for his meeting with the pontiff. It was he told reporters that what the presidents first automobile the hostages went through may1 trip since arriving Here sunday mean a the possibility of this night. All his other movements happening again in the future had been by helicopter. Has been substantially re Nixon a 13-car motorcade in ter cd the Vatican through the he referred to measures that a March of the Bells after a include armed guards aboard nearly straight ride through the aircraft and Security at air Center of Rome along the tiber ports. River. A it sometimes takes an Inci at one Point along the heavily Len a this to bring Worley at guarded route several youths heaved a Cascade of leaflets at the Black closed limousine. Real tragedy a stunned Homeowner kneels on the grass in front of his burning Home As he awaits the arrival of firemen during one of several Brush fires raging out of control in the los Angeles area today. The House in the Porter ranch Section of the san Fernando Valley was almost totally destroyed As were several Hundred others. A wire photo poll shows Nixon Muskie run even in popularity by Louis Harris if the 1972 election for president were being held this month senator Edmund Muskie on the democratic line would be running dead even with president Nixon at 43-43 percent each in a race that would be almost an exact replica of the 1968 balloting. George Wallace on a third party line would poll to percent of the vote. For senator Muskie these latest results represent a breakthrough and make him far and away the strongest Democrat to be tested. In the same Survey president Nixon was also pitted against Hubert Humphrey and mayor Lindsay As possible democratic Standard bearers. Muskie runs 9 Points better than either Humphrey or Lindsay. These latest Survey results show president Nixon running into real political trouble in two Basic areas each at opposite ends of the spectrum a among suburban resident Muskie now holds a substantial annual red Cross meeting held the importance of planning before a disaster strikes was stressed by Herb Moore disaster director of Polk county at the annual Boone county chapter of red Cross meeting monday evening sept. 21, in the Hawkeye Community room. In answer to questions from the audience he stated that there Are 420 red Cross workers in Vietnam. John Lawless National representative of the red Cross who had expected to be present made a tape recording via Telephone from Corpus Christi Texas where he is helping clean up the havoc caused by Hurricane Celia. His first hand description of the devastation Laid open by Celia on aug. 3 was played for those present at the meeting and was recorded especially for the Boone chapter. Or. Lawless said a it was an eerie feeling to drive into Corpus Christi with no lights to be seen Only Auto lights. It took 5 hours to drive the last too Miles because of the rubbish and cars blown off of the roads. There were 4,400 injured and we waded through cared for the sick and injured and prepared food. There was no Power Gas or lights. On the first Days 130,000 people were fed and some slept in tents some in cars and As Many As 17 people in some Homes. The temperature was 98 degrees humidity 85. A the 35,000 cases registered by the red Cross extended too Miles along the coast to too Miles Inland. About 800 were called into service by the red Cross to put victims Back on their feet a magnanimous or. Moore concluded his taped talk by saying a the Fortun ate people Are those who done to need help from the red Cross. The Boone chapter voted to Send $600 to the National red Cross to help with Hurricane Celia. J. D. Frederick chapter chairman of Boone county conducted the business meeting. The treasurers report showed a balance of $6,634.42. An unusual Case of Home service in reverse was Given a birth notice from overseas was sent to the grandparents in Boone. Reports were Given by mrs. Harold l. Fisher on the work of the red Cross Gray ladies and men volunteers mrs. Arthur Beuchler reported on first Aid mrs. John Hansen on swimming and water safety. The nominating committee chairman ame hard presented the following roster of officers who were elected for 1970-71 As follows j. D. Frederick chairman mrs. John Wolf 1st vice chairman mrs. Arthur Buechler 2nd vice chairman mrs. Lee Caffrey sec., Jack Langmade treas. Elected to the Board of directors for 3-year terms were Dean Jordan and Loel Good Grant township Don Whitver and j. Perry Rinker yell township mrs. R. O. Jones Marcy mrs. Everett Nash Douglas mrs. Lyle Flynn Jackson mrs. Gerald Patterson Colfax Dennis Peterson Pilot Mound and mrs. Francis Paul and miss Retta Soderstrom Madrid. Coffee and cookies were served at the close of the meeting with mrs. George Croxen in charge. Mrs. John Wall presided at the Coffee service the table being decorated in the red Cross theme. 46-39 percent Lead. Only five they bore the communist Par Tyr a slogan for the Nixon visit a Nixon done to count on a police grabbed seven youths and dragged them away. In their meeting Pope Paul expressed to Nixon a once again our deeply Felt concern for the cause of the pontiff added a you Are the Leader of a nation which has such a heavy share of responsibility for the pontiff in remarks shown on closed circuit television inside the Vatican warned against the outbreak of a major War and said world peace is Tention a Nixon said adding that the reaction was one of a a outrage and one of compassion for the victims. Before visiting the hostages the president told italian leaders the United states is committed to a Strong presence in the Mediterranean which he called the a Southern Anchor of he made the reaffirmation to president Giuseppe Sara Gat at the beginning of talks seeking Means of a lasting peace in the Mediterranean. He later talked with Premier Emilio Colombo who accompanied Nixon on the trip to meet the hostages. Nixon said the hostages were months ago in april or. Nixon threatened a by the danger of a very proud of being Ameri led the Maine senator in the j such a conflict involving More cans they never lost their Spir suburbs by 54-35 percent. Among and More their slogans were a thumbs percent. Among College educated voters Muskie is ahead of the president by 48-46 percent. In april the Nixon Lead among the Best educated segment was a wide 60-35 percent. Senator Muskie also leads or. Nixon among Independent voters by 44-37 percent. In april president Nixon led among independents by 40-35 percent. Taken together these results Are solid evidence that the president is running into rough political weather with the affluent better educated Independent vote which has been normally the heartland of moderate republicanism. The current hard line of vice president Agnew does not go Down Well with this vote. By the same Token senator Muskie has always had stronger Appeal with this group than any other democratic possibility the Harris Survey has tested. A perhaps even More striking is the 41-39 percent Lead senator Muskie now holds Over president Nixon in the Border states the ring of states outside the deep South ranging from Florida through the Carolinas up to Maryland and West Virginia and extending Westward to Oklahoma and Texas. In May or. Nixon held a 7-Point Lead in the Border states and Back in april he was ahead of Muskie by a decisive 55-23 percent margin. Paralleling the Nixon decline in the Border states is an in continued on Page 2 Nixon flew to Fiumicini Airport by helicopter and met the americans on the Tarmac As they walked off a special trans world airlines plane that is taking them Back to the United states. Such was the crush around the smiling president that authorities herded the 28 Hijack victims Back into the plane. Nixon followed and addressed them inside. The americans had arrived an hour earlier from Nicosia up Quot and a they had no complaints about what happened a he added. The president spoke to reporters briefly on the ramp of the plane that was to take the hos a tages nonstop Home to new York. Nixon spoke of what he said was a dilemma faced by his administration and other officials trying to gain release of the hostages. He said that while helping to obtain their release it was not possible to move in a with massive Force for fear of hurting them. A while we showed great Power we also showed great restraint a Nixon added. He called this a a landmark cases that would influence american foreign policy in the future. His meeting with Sara Gat began Only hours after cars belonging to . Military men at two italian bases were set afire a remainder of the scattered violence that accompanied Nixon a second visit to this nato nation in 18 months. Reporting on the Nixon Sara Gat talks presidential press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler said Nixon a reaffirmed to the meeting that the United states is committed to a Strong he said Nixon praised Sara Gat for Italy a efforts toward social reforms and stated a this is one of the ways for Italy to contribute to the strength of the Alliance and defense of the two cars were burned in Verona and two at the nato base in the Naples suburb of Bagnoli which Nixon is scheduled to visit wednesday after spending a Day with the . 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean. The attacks on the cars followed a night of hit and run Battles Between police and roaming bands of leftist youths in Rome. Nixon and Sara Gat held a private meeting sunday night after a welcoming ceremony in which the president vowed that . Military strength in the Mediterranean would be kept at Levels a to preserve the peace against those who might threaten the after his visit with Sara Gat Nixon took a helicopter flight across town to the tree shaded Villa Madama a Renaissance government Palace where he met with Colombo a Christian Democrat. With Colombo representing the Center left government was socialist Deputy Premier Francesco de Martino. Winners named winners in the Boone news-1 Republican a my favorite recipes Cookbook contest have been announced. The first prize a toaster oven goes to mrs. Walter Smalley of Boone for her recipe for i Broccoli strata. The second prize a portable mixer goes to mrs. Dean Ahrens of Stratford for her recipe for chocolate revel bars. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 traffic toll this Date 1969566 a a this Date 1970. 635 increase 69 4 Boone county 4 4 total 1969 9 4 this Date 1970 8 4 City of Boone 4 this Date 1970 2 4 4 this Date 1969 0 4 4 total 1969 0 4 a a a 4 a 4 4 Rock fest Dubuque had a Rock fest scheduled thursday. Originally it was billed As a $5-a-Rock-event to break windows in the City sold Central fire Headquarters. However it was turned into a controlled no pay free for All pane breaking spree Ancone Cash was taken in. The Money collected was to have been used to help pay for moving and refurbishing the City a Century old town clock. The fire station in the Urban renewal area is to be razed. A wire photo

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