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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Sep 26 1970, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - September 26, 1970, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a before 6 00 . Of you a "0 received your paper. Saturday�?2 30 . The Boone weather Clear Chance of rain in South. Partly Clady tonight sunday. His today in 50s. Vol. Xxxii no. 231, vol. Lxiv no. 304 Security agents worry Boutt rip Boone Iowa saturday evening september 26, 1970 evening except sunday Corner delivery 45c per week copy Washington apr president Nixon a european tour that begins sunday has his Security agents troubled. Besides guard ing against the usual hazards they Are expanding Protection to prevent an Aerial hijacking of the chief executives plane. As a direct result of Airliner hijackings by palestinian guerrillas All persons and baggage making the Nixon flight will have to pass rather rigorous scrutiny. Even newsmen most of them on a first name basis with Nixon a secret service bodyguard can expect their hand baggage to be searched if they Are chosen to Fly aboard air Force one As a Pool member responsible for reporting to colleagues flying separately aboard two . Attempts to discourage sub base plans Washington a by Early and Stern warning the Nixon administration is trying to discourage Moscow from building a major soviet naval base in Cuba. The Pentagon disclosed evidence Friday of what it said appears to be a submarine support base under construction in the Harbor at Cienfuegos possibly for use by missile firing Polaris Type subs now positioned in the Atlantic. Secretary of defense Melvin r. Laird said a while we have seen activity along this line As far As Cuba is concerned it is a Little Early to determine the extent of russian naval involvement there. A White House officials quickly responded by saying this country a would View the establishment of a strategic base in the Caribbean with utmost however no diplomatic representations have been made to Moscow. Officials Here immediately Drew a parallel with the 1962 cuban missile crisis when president John f. Kennedy said peace in the Caribbean could be preserved if soviet offensive weapons were removed from the area and kept out in the future. This continues to be . Policy said one White House official who declined to be quoted by name. But it is obvious the magnitude of the new naval development in Cuba is not the same As eight years ago when Russia placed offensive missiles on the Island 90 Miles from the . Mainland. At that time the soviets had no Polaris Type submarines and the United states held a Clear military balance. Today with 13 nuclear powered submarines armed with 16 missiles each and 15 More under construction the soviets can strike deep inside the United states without the need for land based missiles in Cuba. A base in Cuba would enable the soviets to keep More submarines on station for longer periods of time without the need for returning to Home ports for servicing and resupply. . Polaris subs use bases at holy Loch Scotland Rota Spain and on the Pacific Island of Guam for this purpose. Information on the russian activity at Cienfuegos came from american u2 recon Nai Sance planes the same aircraft which furnished the first solid proof of russian missiles in Cuba on oct. 24, 1962. Press chartered commercial airliners. Moreover such is the concern that even those aboard press planes hired from pan american world airways and trans world airlines must under most circumstances have their baggage at the White House ready for inspection by Early this evening. Such precautions have been taken for perhaps a decade on a a spot Check basis. This time it would seem the scrutiny will be More thorough. Air Force one and the two chartered Boeing 707 press planes will be under armed guard whenever they Are on the ground. It can be assumed that at least one Man with a loaded weapon will be aboard All three As they move to Italy Yugoslavia Spain Britain and Ireland. What will prove most unusual to newsmen who have followed presidents for years will be the care taken to make certain that potentially lethal a foreign matter is not placed in their suitcases in hotels where they will stay along the nine Day route. The secret service is prepared of course for some hostile demonstrations even riots in such cities As Rome. That sort of thing happened both in Rome and Paris and to a lesser extent in London during Nixon a 1969 european tour. However despite a mounting leftist Campaign against the Nixon visit the presidents communications director Herbert g. Klein said in Rome Friday he expects no anti american demonstrations. Klein was sent to Rome to make Advance arrangements for the visit. Or. Henry Kissinger the presidents aide for National Security affairs leaves for Paris today to Confer with . Negotiators at the Vietnam peace talks. However Nixon a schedule for the tour does not include a Paris Stop. 400 damaged in 57,000 acre Blaze fires destroy 140 California Homes Honey sunday the Boone Jaycees Are set for Honey sunday tomorrow. All told some 12,000 Jaycees from 228 chapters in Iowa will participate in the project which is a Way of earning Money for use in fighting mental retardation in the state. The co chairmen of the Boone drive Arlow Davidson left and Bob Pritchard right display the jars of fresh Honey they and their fellow Jaycees will be distributing. The proceeds Are turned Over to the Iowa association for retarded children and its pointed out that funds raised will be returned to the county they Are obtained from. News Republican staff photo by Mike Weber Madame robbed London apr thieves raided the hotel suite of Shirley Maclaine Friday night and took what the actress called a a life saving of Beautiful miss Maclaine said the antique Indian and chinese jewelry stolen was Worth a a lot of part of it was insured. Miss Maclaine was Here to appear at Cinema City an exhibition at the round House theater marking the 75th year of movies. Friday was Shirley Mclaine Day at the exhibit. May have spotted missing balloon new York a a coast guard Cutter steamed through the predawn darkness today to an area in the North Atlantic off Newfoundland where a . Air Force search plane reported sighting what May have been part of the missing balloon a the free a spokesman for the coast guard search and Rescue Center said the Cutter was expected to arrive during the morning at a Point about 500 Miles South of Newfoundland where the search plane said a a yellow object with Orange lines was seen about 4 . Friday. The object and what appeared to be a raft were believed to be remnants of the gear used by three balloonist who departed sunday from Eastern Long Island to attempt a transatlantic crossing. A Public relations spokesman for the expedition said the yellow object matched the description of the balloon which vanished monday with its three Crew members. In the Gondola were Rodney Anderson 32, a new York commodities broker his wife Pamela Brown Anderson 28, and an English aeronautical Engineer. Their last radio dispatch monday night said the balloon was at 600 feet and descending into the Ocean in a rainstorm. The coast guard was about to end the search when the sighting was reported. Twelve planes and three cutters had taken part. Egypt accuses Jordan of ceasefire violation traffic victim Greenfield a a Nebraska Man was killed Friday night in a one car Accident East of Here when his car ran off interstate 80. Dead is George Delane Spence 36, of Elkhorn neb. Highway patrol officers said Spencer a westbound car went off the interstate and then rolled Over when he tried to bring it Back on the Highway. He was dead on arrival at a Greenfield Hospital. By the associated press Egypt accused Jordan today of violating the jordanian cease fire and planning to a a liquidated palestinian guerrillas. Jordan a King Hussein said his forces had observed the truce a despite endless provocations and called on the guerrillas a to slam the door shut forever on dissension and he also announced Over radio Amman that a new government would be formed a within hours to replace the military leadership he named last wednesday the Day before the outbreak of the eight Day jordanian civil War. The military government resigned Friday. The jordanian army has been standing still around Ramatha and Irbid 550 Miles North of Amman for the past three Days the King said. The situation in Amman was Calm he added a except for scattered incidents where the armed forces were he charged that a number of guerrilla groups were opposed to the cease fire and were trying to sabotage it. The charge that Jordan had broken the cease fire agreement was made by egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser in a Cable sent to Hussein and broadcast Over Amman radio. It was sent in the names of nine Arab nations whose leaders have been holding an emergency Summit in Cairo. News reports from Jordan Friday night said the fighting had ended. The round the clock curfew which had been in effect in Amman for More than a week was lifted for five hours daily radio Amman said. Nasser charged that a a horrible massacre was going on in a a traffic toll 4 this Date 1969 559 4 4 this Date 1970. 624 4 4� increase 65 4 a Boone county a a total 1969 _ 9 a a this Date 1970 8 a City of Boone a 4 this Date 1970. 2 this Date 1969 0 total 1969 0 Jordan a in violation of All Arab and human the Cable drafted at a meeting attended by palestinian guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat said jordanian assurances that Hussein a commanders would observe the cease fire were a completely broken and devoid of any real the Cable said a delegation of four Arab leaders headed by sudanese president Jaafar Al no Mairi reported after returning from their cease fire Mission in Jordan that there was a a determination on the part of jordanian authorities to continue the fighting despite All attempts to halt the the message appeared to place Nasser and the other Arab leaders squarely behind the palestinians. Earlier libyans strongman col. Muammar Sadafi proposed an Arab police Force to supervise the truce in Jordan. Libya then severed relations with Hussein a government. The egyptian Middle East news Agency reported that Sadafi suggested the Force be formed of forces from his own country and neighbouring Algeria. Israeli sources estimated that about 20,000 persons were killed during the nine Days of fighting in Jordan including some 10,000 combatants on both sides and about 10,000 civilians. The sources said about 30, he were wounded. The figures were obtained through various channels the sources said. Sixteen hijacked airline passengers who were rescued from Captivity by jordanian forces Friday awaited word that they would be flown out of Jordan possibly today. The Hijack victims of Swiss British and West German nationality were being interrogated on their experience by jordanian officials according to capt. Kurt Herzog the Pilot of a Swissair mercy flight. Herzog said he had been told the hijacked passengers would not be flying out of Amman with him Friday. There was no word on the Fate of 38 other hostages All american held by the guerrillas since they were hijacked to the Jorda Nian desert on three planes sept. 6 and 9. Mercy flights carried 132 refugees from Jordan to Beirut Friday. One plane with 64 aboard brought 22 americans six britons seven italians six West germans nine lebanese la jordanians a yugoslav a colombian and an Indian. Another plane carried 29 czechoslovak two French two moroccans and an austrian in addition to 26 wounded jordanian women and children. Eight other wounded women and children were carried out on another flight. The first .-chartered flight thursday brought out 73 persons 32 of them americans. In other developments a Arab go e r r i 11 a s today staged their first attack on an israeli settlement since the Start of the jordanian War. The israeli military command said a rocket was fired from Lebanon at Ramot Naftali in the upper Galilee but caused no casualties. A Israel accused Egypt of continuing to build antiaircraft missile Sites near the Suez canal in a grave violation of the Middle East cease fire. A the israeli chief of staff it. Gen. Haim bar lev said King Hussein is losing his grip and Israel stands ready to combat a any state of deterioration along its Border with Jordan. A Britain a foreign Secretary sir Alec Douglas Home told a news conference at the United nations that a new Start to Middle East peace talks rests a particularly with a the soviet communist party newspaper pravda urged All countries to act cautiously in the Middle East situation and warned that any outside military intervention in Jordan could spark a War that would be difficult to end. Los Angeles apr fires blazed through tinder dry Brush today in Southern California leaving tens of thousands of acres charred and expensive Homes in ashes. Firemen faced More of the infamous fire fanning a Devil winds a hot and dry Seaward blasts from the desert which whipped the dozens of fires into fast moving infernos after they started Friday. Tax deduction for dutch Elm loss requested Washington apr sen. Carl t. Cunts. R-neb., says he would like to see Congress explore the possibility of allowing tax deductions for loss of Trees to dutch Elm disease. The disease which has been making its Way eastward across the country for Many years has virtually obliterated Elm Trees in its path. More than half of i Iowa a elms have died. It reached Nebraska a few years ago. An aide to Curtis said some authorities maintain a fully grown tree can add As much As $1,000 to property values. A i am not prepared to say that a loss of Trees from disease should be treated As a casualty loss for tax purposes a Curtis told a newsman. A i would favor having the House ways and Means committee or the Senate finance committee review the situation. To see if it has comparable economic factors with other losses such As losses from fire storm or Shipwreck for which tax deductions Are allowed a he said. In Ames Iowa Friday an Iowa state University Forest pathologist described experiments which he said made Aid in controlling the disease. Or. Harold s. Mcnabb said work is underway to develop a growth a regulating chemical which can be sprayed on the bark of a tree. The chemical he said would make i he tree resistant to the disease. He said the experiments Are continuing a and we would know within a year How Well this is going to work. A i see no reason Why this technique be used by a Home owner at reasonable Cost a he said. Weather record yesterdays figure up to 4 6 . Today 4 High a 59 4 Low a 41 4 4 temp. At 6 . A 41 4 4 proc. A .47 4 4 River level a 0.36 4 Power crisis is dying out by the associated press the Normal weekend work shutdown and expected cooler weather next week appear to have taken the steam out of the electrical Power crisis that has afflicted parts of the East coast this week. Consolidated Edison co. Reduced voltage by 5 per cent Friday in record setting 90-degree heat in new York City. Other areas in Eastern new York were similarly affected. But there was no need to repeat the blackout of selected residential areas used earlier in the week. Power company officials anticipated no cutbacks in Servic e Over the weekend when there is a major drop in the Industrial and commercial use of Power. Conditions also were improving in the Grid that serves new Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland and Delaware. Power supplies were much improved in new Jersey cities Philadelphia and Baltimore after the return to production of generators in Oyster Creek n.j., and Johnstown a. For the first time in four Days new Jersey avoided a cutback. No problems were reported in new England where a spokesman for the Power companies said a the present facilities can More than handle the requirements with an adequate More than 57,000 acres were blackened an estimated 140 Homes destroyed and As Many As 400 Homes damaged. There were numerous reports of Burns and other injuries to firemen and residents but no deaths. Actor Dale Robertson a Home was destroyed fire officials said and the blazes damaged gov. Ronald Reagan a ranch and the Spahn movie ranch. The two most destructive blazes crackled in Malibu Canyon a fashionable Scenic area on the coast about 30 Miles Northwest of los Angeles and in Western san Fernando Valley a largely residential area about 25 Miles Northwest. The Valley fire racing Seaward was within two Miles of reaching the now cooled origin of the Malibu fire which burned to the Pacific oceans Edge. A third fire around Agua Dulce Northeast of the Valley burned toward the starting Point of the Valley Blaze. It was the worst series of fires in California officials said since nov. 6, 1961 when 484 houses in the exclusive Bel air and Brentwood sections of los Angeles were destroyed. Tho three fires Friday marked out a 40-mile-Long Crescent of devastation which ranged from half a mile to five Miles wide. The cause of the blazes was unknown fire officials said. Fire fighters battled through the night aided by a drop in the temperature which reached near too degrees Friday afternoon and a lessening of the winds which gusted to 82 Miles an hour Friday. Thousands of residents who fled the flames in the two areas and in scores of other fire ravaged regions throughout Southern California spent the night in evacuation centers set up by the red Cross and other groups. Thousands of others whose Homes were spared by the flames were without electricity and Telephone service. Other major fires started in Ventura about 50 Miles up the coast from los Angeles in Redlands about 70 Miles East of Here and near san Diego along the .-Mexico Border where a health ranch was threatened briefly. Estimated acreage figures and numbers of Homes destroyed Early today were Val Ley Malibu 34,000 and 140 Agua Dulce 10,000 Ventura 1,200 and 115 Homes damaged in the City limits Border 6,000 and red lands 5,000. The Redlands fire was contained. I the Malibu fire burned onto part of Reagan a 54-acre ranch where he raises horses. Reagan spokesmen said he donned work clothes and went to the ranch for nearly two hours in the afternoon while firemen kept tho Brush fire about a mile from tho ranch House. He returned to his coastal Pacific Palisades Home near los Angeles and declared a state of emergency throughout los Angeles county. The Valley fire swept through the Spahn movie ranch onetime residence of Charles Manson who is on trial with three of hts hippie style clan members in the slayings of actress Sharon Tate and six others. Firemen said the flames damaged several of the abandoned movie set buildings where some of Manson so a family members still live. Firemen said flames destroyed several outdoor sets a i the 20th Century Fox movie i ranch in Malibu Canyon. A j ranch guard said the destruction included sets for a Torall tora tora a a $21 million epic which premiered this week. Scores of other blazes in All of Southern californians six counties left thousands More Brush and acres blackened but no major structural damage. The fires were fanned by the dreaded Santa Ana a Devil winds a which sweep through Mountain passes from the Mojave desert each fall. Flames Licking through winding valleys also caused several a fire storms in which superheated air blasts in a Tornado like swirls charring vast areas of Brush in minutes. Terrified horses dashed from the fast moving Walls of flame along with Deer and Small animals routed from the hillsides. Most of the House fires were touched off by wind blown embers and Many Homes especially those with tile roofs were spared. Colony North a subdivision dotted with Palm Trees and Homes in the $75,000 and up Range was among the hardest i hit areas in the Valley. First class mail air mail rates continue upward the first class stamp is expected to jump to 8-cents next year and postal officials Are already talking about a boost to l0-cents. This Chart traces the history of first class and air mail rates

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