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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Boone, Iowa Weather considerable cloudiness occasional rain today tonight. Warmer today sunday Cloudy warmer. The Boone news Republican Call number i a by 6 30 . Of you have not received your paper. Vol. Lxix no. 223. Vol. La no. 300. Boone Iowa. Saturday evening september 21, 1957. Evening except sunday a seven cent president urges integration compliance flu spreading across country May be deadly by United press the new and fast spreading asian flu now sweeping across North America May be the forerunner of a deadly epidemic a new York doctor warned Friday. The Type of asian flu already building up to epidemic proper a tons in Mississippi Louisiana j Texas and Many other states As. Well As foreign countries is comparatively mild. But or. Perrah h. Long of new York City a College of Medicine said in Montreal that the world wide flu epidemic of 1919 and the North american outbreak in 1929 followed a i three stage pattern. I a mild outbreak causing few the first meeting of the deaths was followed by a severe Boone county education Assoc outbreak with Many fatalities. Nation was held thursday after the epidemic tapered off in the j noon at Ogden High school in third stage which was similar to which plans for the coming the first. J year were made which include a if the asian flu follows the j banquet in october and a full pattern. Long said. A More severe set of meeting dates outbreak May be expected later j in the year i John Baker Ogden president. Already More than 100,000 was a Quot charge and introduced persons have been stricken with i officers Gordon Johnson asian flu in the United states. I Boxholm. Vice president Arlene asian flu is building up toil. To a Den Secretary mrs. Epidemic proportions in Texas a Johnson. Pilot Mound treas according to state health direct Rerp int encte11 Middents. Of or Henry Holle. Ihlen it sep Stative chairman. Clair an epidemic a seems to be materializing a Holle said. Only j a few hours before Southwest Texas state teachers College in san Marcos was closed because. Of an epidemic of what doctors j were relatively sure was asian flu. All parts of the state have i been a Well seeded with the j virus Holle said. Several Public j schools in East and Southeast a Texas have closed. Vitalized with an a influenza like 1605 the men complained of j t headache muscle ache sore throats High temperature and fatigue All asian flu symptoms. Mississippi authorities feared a flare up of about 25.000 cases of the flu could be a the beginning of a Long expected nationwide epidemic. An estimated 60.000 persons in Louisiana have contracted the virus. The asian flu has swept across 22 parishes counties. In upstate new York there have been 1,145 suspected flu Abbott of Boone was named to head the professional relations committee and Merle Hove also of Boone was named to chairman the teaching Standard improvement committee. Eluded mrs. Alice Pitts and mrs. Radar tracking of icbms seen in near future Washington sept. 21 ins a a new air Force radar device capable of tracking an intercontinental ballistic missile at a distance of 3,000 Miles will be placed in operation a in the near Gen. Thomas d. White air Force chief of staff said the revolutionary detection system will permit Quot instantaneous some sources believe it would be an Advance Alert of about to to 15 minutes. It was also reported that the radar unlike present warning systems can detect the size and Speed of the 16.fw0-mile-per-hour attackers. White took the wraps off the King Haakon beloved 3 asked at Little Monarch Dies today Rock schools John Zwicky. Both of the state Quot to Clui poem in a sp11 a a defense orientation association school at Woodward Wendell Middents mrs. Arlene Rector and Baker of Ogden Rodney Schenatzki and Milam k. Schulz of Madrid Sally Marian Gordon e. Johnson and Verne r. Eck Lund. Boxholm mrs. Lila Stotts conference yesterday in which he also emphasized that the air Force has the a essential retaliatory capability to Cope with an assault. The radar loomed As an import the group voted to have a banquet in october but did no Coset a Date until a proposed and Earl Carpenter of United j am cry is a speaker has accepted. Other meeting dates Are nov. 14 and Jan. 9 at Ogden feb. 13. March 13 and april to at Boone and May 8 at Ogden. Community mrs. Loren Roe Anclena in other super weapons mrs. Edthye Johnson of can be developed some offic Mound i s expressed belief that it j would be a a Long time before anything can be done to Stop the Council members present in Baker is shown addressing the group during the session. News Republican staff photo. Biggest crop support loan British owned Plantation to i co. The congressional record. Next largest loan of 160 hundredweight of Rice. Rep. Charles b. Brownson a Jund. Who also made Public the names of individual farms receiving the largest Price support Loans in 1954 and 1955, put the figures in the record. He said cases including those at migrant the agriculture department sup labor Camps i plied the breakdown. In the mining town of Derby j England one of every three Brownson s figures also show workers in factories and offices talc reprints of the largest is in bed with asian flu. In the Loans on the nations two other South Derbyshire Coal Fields a. Major crops wheat and Corn. 1,000 miners�?20 per cent of thei they were workers Are unable to work. It �?$149,220 to Jackson amp rein Derby is a town of 100.000ort. San Luis Obispo and Mon persons in the Center of England Terey counties. Calif., for 75.143 about 5,000 of its 12,000 school j bushels of wheat children Are bedded with asian �?$138,627 to Richard Gumz. Fin. Of North Judson. Ind for 91,202 bushels of Corn. Brownson a figures also show Jed that Morrison amp quirk. Hastings neb., received Loans for both wheat and Corn totalling $243,700. The state with the highest average Corn loan was Arizona i with $7,164 Arizona also topped the average for wheat Loans with $16,646. California had the highest average Rice support loan�?$18,425. No state averages were Given on Cotton. Secretary of agriculture Ezra r Benson has contended that from Price support programs because he has the largest acreage. Under the Price support program a Farmer can turn his crop off the loan and sell the crop i himself. Brownson s figures did not in j dictate whether any portion of the individual Loans had been paid off he the it Farmer Over to the government and receive a a a loan equal to the support Price. If the Price goes Down during the marketing season. The government is stuck with the crop and the Farmer can keep the Quot loan a however if the Price goes up the Farmer can pay the marketing season ended a Farmer does not have to get a Price support loan to Benefit j from the program. Since the loan j program takes surpluses off the. Market it tends to push up the Market Price and extend a Price i umbrella Over every producer. Icbms. However the army Hopes within three years to Complete work on an a anti missile missile which could Knock Down an icbms before it reached a target. But the air Force does not appear to share this optimism. Col. Harley w. Shelton writing in the air University quarterly re a it is entirely possible that will including our own ballistic White too. Placed unusual pm increased and a Force of 450 a by the end of this year. Democratic worker expected to quit Iowa Post after disorderly conduct spotty Kain a a Sibelius Dies was famed composer Helsinki sept. 21�? ins a Jean Julius Sibelius the famed finnish composer died yesterday at the age of 91. Sibelius was hailed As one of the worlds greatest composers. He was the musical voice of Finland turning out seven symphonies and about 200 pianoforte compositions and songs he was called by some a the greatest master of the symphony j big Farmer benefits most since i his music portrayed the a t a tonal characteristics of Finland. Klucs to do its huge mysterious forces dark j deep lakes and mists and Long cold Winters. His last purely orchestra work was a Sta Piolat god of the other works that have enjoyed tremendous popularity include a Fin Landiak and a Valse triste a Des Moines sept. 21�?tup.the democratic state Central f or Nemen answered a committee was expected today Selt 0 fire Call at the hotel. To crept the resignation of i firemen St were called at Bruce Bowersox 24, Fayette Al a m a Wen in botel night party Field representative who i a an Clit so Vered a mattress on Friday pleaded guilty to a charge a us no a a Way of 10 fourth of disorderly conduct in Oska a re were a am called at 2 15 a. Rn., when hotel guests reported smelling smoke the smoke was traced to a Linen cart on the third floor which also was afire Richmond said several roomers complained they would not return to bed held sunday Madrid funeral services for mrs. Alice Frazier of Woodward who died Friday morning at the Boone county Hospital will be held sunday afternoon sept 22 at 2 30 at the Sundberg funeral Home in Madrid with the Rev. Loosa. Bowersox offered his resignation by phone to Jake More the state democratic chairman. More said a meeting will be held Here today hut indicated Friday night that the resignation will he accepted. Friday. Bowersox was fined $25 and costs on the disorderly conduct which followed a series of disturbances at the Downing hotel at Oskaloosa where he was Rooming. Police officer Jack Richmond testified he was called to the reported near Boone once again a spotted rainfall swept Over Boone Friday night. I the official rainfall in Boone i was reported at .17 of an Inch while nine Miles North it was .3 of an Inch and at 22nd and Greene streets the gauges measured .2 of an Inch South of Boone Only a tenth of an Inch was reported in unofficial readings the rain started in Earnest after a drizzle during the Day pro Western named As Thailand Premier Bangkok sept. 22 ins the Thailand National Assembly. A smiling Happy Young far with the army a approval today inter from the Netherlands today named a staunch pro Westerner was the Champion Plowman of As provisional Premier. The world he is 52-year-old Pote Sarasin i Willem de lint. 27. Of Zeven a Secretary general of the South j Bergse Hock won the 1957 world East Asia treaty organization blowing championship Here Fri seat and former ambassador to Washington the announcement of the Assembly s act was made by the army. Observers Felt that the army could not have made a a a a a a a a weather record yesterdays figures up to a 8 a. In high�?57 a low�?46 Low last night�?47 temp. At 8 a. �?47 barometer�?29.59 falling a precipitation�?.17 a a a a a a a. A a. More pro Western Choice than Rupp officiating. Burial will be of the in Sparks cemetery ten Miles i South of Boone. A survivors include four Daugh jeers. Mrs. W. H. Claybaugh and a j mrs. Clifford Williams of mad a i rid mrs. Lyle Iverson of Joice Iowa and mrs Ted Adams of a Woodward and three sons lint of Boone Roy of Sioux a i City and Glenn of Webster City. I fears in Western capitals the action was seen As an Effort to still Allied fears that Thailand was becoming a a Neutra list or anti Western nation. A bloodless army coup Over thru the strongly pro Western government last weekend giving Rise to the Day at the close of world con be r vation and blowing matches. A a a traffic toll state of Iowa a total 1956 702 a it this Date 1957 488 it this Date 1956 486 Boone county total. 19569 this Date 1956 6 a to Date 195714 a City of Boone total 19563 a this Date 1956 i a to Date 1957i a a a a a a a a a unless Bowersox was removed about 9 30 of clock Friday night from the hotel. And continued for a couple of Richmond said he found charred Linen in a suitcase belonging to Bowersox and later had to Force the Man to leave the building. Bowersox was employed by the democratic Central committee to do organizational work on the county level. Champ Plowman Peebles. Ohio sept. 21 up Oslo. Sept. 21�? ins a King Haakon Chi of Norway one of the worlds most beloved monarchs died Early today at the age of 85. He was automatically succeeded by his Only heir Crown Prince Olav. Who took the name King Olav v Haakon ruled Norway for 52 years one of the longest reigns of modern times. He became King through an election when Norway and Sweden dissolved their Union in 1905. The worlds oldest reigning Monarch had been losing his Battle against the ailments of old age for some time. A bulletin describing his death said his a condition during the night had not been particularly j disturbing. The King slept peacefully until there came signs of heart failure which resulted in his death in the course of a few an hour and a half after Haakons death Olav held his first Cabinet meeting. The 54-year-old Olav will not be crowned. The norwegian constitutional provision regarding Coronation of Kings was abolished after Haakons i vesture. Olav held his first Cabinet meeting an hour and a half after his fathers death. In a tribute to his father the new King said a this example will always he a source of strength to me. With gods help i Hope my work will be a Blessing to my people. Pray you All to give me strength to work to the advantage of our beloved Olav 54, is Well beloved by the norwegian people himself. He has been perhaps Europe a most successful Royal athlete. He is Good natured and keenly supports democracy. No Coronation ceremony will he held for Olav. Haakon was anointed and crowned in an ancient ceremony at the Cathedral of trondheim but later parliament passed a Bill abolishing the anointing ceremony. After the Cabinet meeting this morning. Premier Einar Ger Harden asked the leaders of All political parties for a truce in the election Campaign that has i been raging for the past three weeks. The election is for parliament. It will be held on oct. 7th. Olav who was formally sworn in at the Cabinet meeting will repeat his oath to the new parliament which assembles in january. The government ordered All flags in the country and on norwegian ships flown at half Mast until after Haakons funeral. The Palace announced that Haakons funeral will be on oct. 1st. Haakon considered one of the most democratic Kings in history was also one of the most colourful. He was known variously As a the Sailor King and a Uncle his direction of underground activities during world War ii won him wide admiration. Haakon was born Christian Frederik Carl Georg Waldermar Axel. Prince of Denmark at Charlotte land. On August 3, 1872. He was the second son of Crown Prince Frederik. Later King Frederik Chi. Of Denmark and Princess Louise of Sweden and Norway. He was married in Juty 1896, to Princess Maud his Cousin and daughter of Edward. Prince of Wales who later became King Edward Vii of England. Haakon thus was a great Uncle by marriage to Britain s queer Elizabeth. Haakons Only child. Olav was Horn in 1903. Princess Maud died in 1938. Haakon became King of Norway on nov. 18, 1905. When the Union with Sweden had been dissolved earlier that year the norwegian throne had been offered to him. But Haakon refused unless an election was held to see if the people wanted him. The vote in his favor was 259,563 to 69,264. He became the first King of an Independent Norway in 500years. The name Haakon meaning Hawk had been the name of j Roc Laille dust less Many Viking Kings of his n0rrtri\ week Here try centuries before Newport. R. I., sept. 21 up a president Eisenhower today counselled the people of Little Rock. Ark to comply with court ordered school integration a without the chief executive in a special statement expressed his first Public opinion on the withdraw-1 a1 of Arkansas National guards men from Central High school in Little Rock in compliance with a temporary injunction issued by Federal District judge Ronald n. Davies. The president called withdrawal of the troops by gov. Orval e. Faubus a a necessary step in the right a i am confident a he said a that the citizens of the City of Little Rock and the state of Arkansas will Welcome this Opportunity to demonstrate that in their City and in their state proper orders of a United states court will be executed promptly and without the presidents statement was issued by his press Secretary James c. Hagerty. At the vacation White House Here on Narragansett Bay. Eisenhower conferred Early today by Telephone with atty. Gen. Herbert Brownell or. In Washington and expected to talk with him again during the Day. Hagerty pointed out to reporters that the school Hoard was meeting in Little Rock today and apparently the White House and the Justice department were closely interested in proceedings. The president Learned of the troop withdrawal Friday night within a few minutes after the action was taken by Faubus. Brownell called Hagerty and the press Secretary went to the presidents quarters to Tell him of the development the president decided however. To defer Public comment until after his morning review of the situation with the attorney general. King Harkkon never had any barriers around his Palace he and his Queen would walk through the streets unguarded. They would Stop and talk with anyone who wished to speak with them. In 1940, hitlers hordes invaded Norway. Haakon remained in the country until German bombs began to fall but finally escaped to the Border mostly on foot and he and his family were taken to England aboard a British warship. There 7 Haakon continued to fight for his country a Freedom. Before Norway was invaded the germans had demanded that the King appoint Quisling j As prime minister. He refused. Mayor Earl Senholz today issued an official proclamation for the National business women a week sept 22 through sept. 28 this annual week sponsored throughout the United states by the National federation of business and professional women a clubs is set aside to pay tribute to women in business and the professions and the contribution they make to the nation. The theme for 1957 National business women s week is a Salute to women who the mayor said in signing the proclamation. Murken to seek Council Post Here Clarence Murken who has been serving As councilman at Large Friday took out Nomina Tion papers for election to that position in the november 5 City election his is the first action in the councilman at Large Field with candidates announced for All other Ward councilman jobs previously Only two members of the pre sent Council fourth Ward councilman Herb Peterson and coun Cilman at Large Harry Pulver have not indicated their intentions As vet if its old transportation Vou want David Hill 20, of Stanhope has it. Above David son of or. And mrs. Ralph Lilli is shown tacking Down the top covering on his 1927 Model t i of d. David paid the whole sum of $50 for the conveyance a and it gets him around in Fine fashion. David also owns a 1929 Oldsmobile which he put in running shape to take with him i the University of Little Rock l ittle Rock. Arkansas. David is study iou electrical engineering at hip Arkansas University. Ile graduated from Stanhope High in 1955. In August he bickered for a 1921 two door Model t l Ord. Staff photo by r p. Brown. Haggerty confident of teamster vote Washington sept 21 ins a a Chicago teamsters official was confident today that James r Hoffa will be Defeated in his bid to succeed Dave Beck As president of the Gigantic Union Thomas j. Haggerty Secre tary treasurer of Chicago local 753, told a meeting of washing ton milk truck Drivers he was optimistic about his election As president of the 1.400,000 Mem Ber labor organization

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