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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Oct 30 1965, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - October 30, 1965, Boone, Iowa The Boone news Republican dial 432-1234 a before 6 30 . La you have not received your paper. Saturday a 3 . Vol. Xxvii no. 254, vol. Law no. 26 Boone Iowa saturday evening october 30, 1965 Carrier delivery in Boone 40c per week copy expect heavy vote voters of Boone will go to the polls next tuesday to select a mayor seven members of the City Council and a member of the Park commission. From All indications the election will be spirited with a considerable amount of interest being generated by All three Straw vote if the three Day Straw ballot results Are any indication Karl k nod in will Lead the Way in the mayor s race in Boone next tuesday. Nov. 2. Of the total votes cast Knodle received 66 per cent while mayor . Lee received 21 per cent and David e. Mondt Stop a human wave attack civil disobedience now anarchy later Fri Boss top seven the seven finalists out of an original Field of 60 girls from across the nation for the title of miss teen age America in the Dallas tex., pageant were Cynthia Anne Byrum received la percent of the votes Center of Charlotte n.c., and clockwise from top left Colette cast. Agnes Ditke of new York City Deborah Mary Sale of Poplar a a a a Bluff to. Leanne Davidson Turner of Tulsa okla Linda Sullivan of Dallas Judy Jacob of Detroit mich., and Carol Ann candidates tor the office of May Hare of a Monjo Tox or. A the polls will be open at 7 . Tuesday morning and re j main open until 8 . That evening. Polling places Are. First Ward City Hall 8th and Allen streets. Second Ward Bryant school. 511 Cedar Street. Third Ward Page school 102 South Boone Street. Fourth Ward Nystrom motors. 709 loth Street. Fifth Ward courthouse. The Ward dividing lines Are Story Street. Eighth Street and division streets. All the area North and East of eighth and Story streets is in the first Ward All area North and West of the same dividing line is in the fourth Ward. Area South and East of eighth Saigon South Viet Nam a . Marines using pistols and fighting hand to hand from their tents beat off a a human wave Quot assault by the Viet Cong in the Early morning darkness today to Miles Southwest of Danang. A . Military spokesman said 56 Viet Cong Many of them teen agers were killed. He described casualties among the 300 marines As moderate. One Marine squad however was badly mauled. Two of its 14 men were killed and the rest wounded the spokesman said. See who i brought daddy the Viet Cong also mortared j marines said he had been Selling i Harry dowdy of Salisbury my. Trines in the Danang area since the . Special forces Camp at1 soft drinks to americans in the a they came right up to our a thursday when a Viet Cong plei me in the Central Highlands area and they found drawings i holes. We fired at a Range of to suicide squad infiltrated the and launched a flurry of new assaults in the Mekong Delta. A 13-year-old boy was among a we dropped a lot of the Viet Cong dead at a nang., Cong with pistols a said of key . Installations on his Marble Mountain air facility body. I the assault by an estimated j and destroyed and damaged 38 Viet too Viet Cong from a Force of sgt. 1400, was the second against a massive pro Viet March new York apr a Mas in Memphis tenn., the intensive demonstration of support j City Council of College students for american fighting men in i has adopted the men of the 1st Viet Nam is being marshalled brigade of the 101st airborne today on new Yorkus fifth Avenue. A turnout of 50,000 to 100,000 is estimated by leaders of the March set to begin at noon. Five holders of the medal of Honor the nations highest military decoration Are grand mar division now in Viet Nam. The Council representing six colleges and 20,000 students will act As a Clearing House for gifts to servicemen in Viet Nam. A 30-foot Telegram from More than 2,000 students and faculty members at Marquette univer shall for the demonstration i sity Milwaukee wis., has been billed As an answer to the anti-1 a intervention is ruled out Washington apr Fri director j. Edgar Hoover said today civil disobedience will increase the nations crime problem and Lead to anarchy. A sowing contempt for Law and order and promoting Pride in Law breaking among the nations youths can Only result in an acceleration of a serious crime the Fri chief said in an editorial message in the bureaus november Law enforcement bulletin. Hoover did not mention any Ami is Corx twin i groups or by it a Quot a and area South and wast of i however civil rights and pact eighth and Story streets is in third Ward. All area West of division Street is in fifth Ward. The three candidates for mayor include . Lee incumbent Karl Knodle and David e. Mondt. All three have been very Busy in Selling themselves and their program to the voters of Boone. There Are four candidates for the two Council Man a Marge posts on the Council. The four candidates Are Theodore o. Miller. Joseph h. Newland Elmer h. Ohlmann and Francis w. Vickrey. Councilmen for Ward positions Are first Ward Charles r. Gold Worth incumbent. Second Ward Ernest a. Bush incumbent Sylvester n. Fangman and Charles a. Restock. Third Ward Nelson Pollard. Fourth Ward Albert Ford and John h. Stonebrumer. Fifth Ward Robert Robertson and Forest Thompson. Park commissioner Edward c. Schroeder incumbent. Freak wind hits plane upsets it Waukon a Clifford e Fitch. Sr., 63, of Chicago Heights iii., has been flying an air plane for More than 40 years and never had an Accident he says until a Freak wind tricked him. The former stunt flier and his wife Reathel 60, escaped serious injury Friday when their Small plane a Cessna skyhawk crashed on Takeoff from the Waukon Airport. They were treated at a Hospital and re leased. Fitch said in a Telephone interview in be been flying since 1922 and this is the first plane in be Ever scratched. It was a Doggone a a traffic toll state of Iowa total 1964851 this Date 1965 639 this Date 1964 a 689 Boone county total 1964 a a 17 this Date 1964 a a a 15 this Date 1965. 12 City of Boone total 1964 i this 1964 i tvs .1965 i Salisbury Rhodesia apr prime minister Harold Wilson ruled out British military intervention in Rhodesia today As the two governments announced a Royal commission would examine the problem of Independence for the British Colony. The announcements came before Wilson a scheduled departure for London after a week of talks with prime minister Ian Smith. At a news conference Wilson said a period of time was needed before the african majority Rule could take Over in Rhodesia. This could not be measured by Calendar time he said. His remarks were reported by the South african press association. He added that he believed a democratic solution of the rhodesian crisis was possible. The White rhodesian were under self delusion he said if they thought they could escape the consequences of any illegal action he said referring to the threat of a unilateral Independence declaration by Smiths White minority government. A these consequences should not be underrated a Wilson said. The announcement of a Royal commission took much of the sting out of the dispute Over Rhodesia a future. Wilson and Smith disagreed on the exact terms of reference of the commission but it assured that talks Between Britain and Rhodesia would keep going. This would make a unilateral declaration of Independence by Smith unlikely. A statement issued by the rhodesian government said a the British government suggested to the rhodesian government the establishment of a Royal commission to Settle a Constitution and to determine whether or not it was acceptable to the people of Rhodesia As a whole. A the rhodesian government rejected this but proposed instead the appointment of a joint Royal commission to decide Only the question whether or not the 1961 Constitution with adjustments to make the country Independent is acceptable to the people of Rhodesia As a whole. Fist groups and opponents of the United states Viet Nam policy have used civil disobedience As a Means of protest. Or. Martin Luther King jr., a civil rights Leader with whom Hoover has clashed publicly has advocated use of civil disobedience by an oppressed minority faced with Laws it considers morally unjust a but Only when the group is willing to accept penalties. Hoover described the doctrine of civil disobedience As the a startling theory that ii one does not agree with a Law and believes it to be morally unjust he May disregard it to achieve a particular in some quarters Hoover wrote a it already appears that the social stigma formerly attached to lawbreakers is being replaced by sympathy for their actions and an irrational hostility to Law Hoover asked a where is the line to be drawn against the snowball effect of civil disobedience wilfully disobeying mis Demeanour statutes today and committing felonies tomorrow is a logical regression from a government of Law to an anarchic no matter what the goal of groups who practice civil disobedience Hoover said a the fact remains that a peaceful healthy orderly society cannot exist now or Ever if each individual May determine which Laws he is going to obey and which he is not. A civil disobedience and the unwillingness of Many to resolve their differences by established Legal Means will surely Lead to the destruction of the institutions which protect their freedoms. Gets decoration Washington apr the aircraft Carrier Coral sea has won a unit commendation for meritorious service during eight months of combat duty off Viet Nam. The Carrier a named for one of the great sea Battles of world War ii a and its air Wing 15, were cited Friday for a outstanding performance in action against the planes from the Coral sea flew More than 160 strikes and dumped More than 6,000 tons of explosives on military targets in North Viet Nam and the Viet Cong in South Viet Nam. Johnson City tex. Apr eighteen year old Loci Johnson and her Boyfriend Pat Nugent of Waukegan iu., Are spending the weekend at the lbs ranch amid unconfirmed reports they Are Here to seek president and mrs. Johnson a permission to marry. The reports were said to have come from a longtime family Friend in Austin tex., but White House spokesmen Here and in Washington would not verify them. All that was confirmed was that vivacious dark haired Luci and tall Blond Pat flew to the ranch together Friday afternoon aboard an air Force courier plane. That Wasny to unusual a White House spokesman said since Luci frequently brings boyfriends to the ranch. The president convalescing from his Gall bladder kidney Stone surgery was keeping to a relaxed Light schedule Ami had no weekend appointments. If the family gathering was an indication of a forthcoming engagement announcement no one at the ranch was giving out any hints. Pat about 23, has been dating Luci steadily since they met Early this summer through Mutual friends a one of them Beth Jenkins daughter of former presidential assistant Walter Jenkins. Nugent went to Lucius Surprise graduation party at the White House june i and took her to his senior prom at Marquette University in Milwaukee three Days later. Since then the dates have continued in Washington where Nugent now works in Wisconsin and his Hometown in Illinois always under the Eye of Lucius constant secret service escort. Paths father Gerard p. Nugent sr., a Waukegan investment Counselor said Friday night he knew nothing of any engagement plans. Young Nugent is a roman Catholic and Luci formerly an Episcopalian converted to catholicism on her 18th birthday last july 2. After his graduation from Marquette in june Nugent went to Washington where he got a government Job with the advisory Board on higher education. His military draft status is said to be 1a and friends report he has been considering six months on air Force Active duty which could have triggered engagement talk. Viet Nam protests two weeks ago. The Parade was new evidence of Welling support for . Policy in Viet Nam. Elsewhere other signs of support appeared particularly on the College Cam pus _ ,. T. Received the political shot in the the new York March has the he had was Tang an Ltd lbs endorses a or. Beame new York apr Democrat Abraham d. Beame has backing of mayor Robert f. Wagner and the City Council. It is cosponsored by City councilman Matthew j. Troy or. And the new York journal american. Among those scheduled to participate Are veterans groups labor and fraternal organizations youth and student associations and a number of hungarian a Freedom a a silent Vigil against the Viet Nam War will be held at the same time by several peace organizations in times Square. Old party Hunts for fresh ideas Des Moines idea a republicans Are looking for ideas. As part of a movement to rebuild the Iowa gop republicans set up an a ideas for a better Iowa Council. Iowa state University professor William Murray one time candidate for governor is chairman of this group. Republicans throughout the state were invited to make Sug hoping for a the endorsement for mayor by president Johnson. Members of the Beame team wore ecstatic smiles Friday when the word came from Austin tex., through White House press Secretary Bill d. Moyers that a emr. Beame knows the president in for him. If the president were living in new York and were Able to cast his vote that vote would go to or. Beame. Beame currently City comptroller called it a a great rep. John v. Lindsay Republican Liberal who is running and with Beame in Straw polls commented a a in la continue to run on my William f. Buckley jr., the conservative party candidate was asked if he would lose any sleep Over the presidents action. A no a Buckley replied. A i would have lost a lot of sleep if he had endorsed at a news conference Beame said that he knew die presidents endorsement was in the making. A coming on the heels of vice president Hubert Humphreys sent to american troops in Viet Nam in support of their efforts. The Telegram Cost $800 and each signer chipped in a minimum of 40 cents. At Provo Utah Brigham Young University students planned a March in support of the . Position. The City commission granted a permit to the students and mayor Verl Dixon said a i support you seventy Honolulu High school pupils Are spearheading a hawaiian drive to have each Pupil Send a postcard to a . Serviceman in Viet Nam before Christmas. In Springfield mass., the american International College chapter of Young americans for Freedom will hold a demonstration in court Square in support of . Policy. Leaders of students for a responsible stand in Viet Nam at Northern Illinois University in de Kalb plan to raise Money to run full Page newspapers ads telling american soldiers of their support. Copies of the ads will be sent to military men in Viet Nam. More smog predicted Gest ions for improving Iowa. A huge stack of ideas was receive. Edas Over 300 persons submitted i endorsement at last tuesdays dinner it is a big lift to the ideas. Now committees Are being formed to make i depth studies in Given areas such As development of Iowa agriculture education Industrial development penal affairs state Constitution taxation traffic safety state and county organization and Urban affairs. Some of the ideas submitted by individual republicans include consolidation of All Federal educational Grants through one Central office increased state Aid to schools through an improved plan of distribution military education in High schools uniform teaching requirements for teachers in Junior colleges and Board of regents institution use of income Factor in allocating state school Aid revision of the court system initiative and referendum increasing elective state offices Multi county jails compensation for innocent victims of crimes new methods of financing Young companies. Campaign a he said. Beamed a reference was to a $100 a plate democratic dinner in new York. Humphrey telephoned Beame Friday that he planned to return to new York before tuesdays election and stump for him. More workers Washington apr the Federal government employed 2, 520,724 civilians in september an increase of 59,184 Over a year ago a Senate House committee reported today. The total was 29,261 less than the August figure a decline largely caused by seasonal factors the committee said. The monthly report by the joint committee on reduction of non essential Federal expenditures said 1,471,400 were working for civilian agencies and 1,049,324 for military agencies. Los Angeles a what 1 Lappert to a City breathing smog on the fourth consecutive Day of heavy smog and the 10th straight Day of Over-00 temperatures los Angeles Friday reacted this Way doctors in the outpatient clinic at children a Hospital reported an increase in patients with chronic respiratory diseases. A nurse on an upper floor said her Young patients were unusually Cranky. Police of. Jasper Clark 44, commander of downtown traffic control said More officers than usual had fallen ill. Attendance at harness races at Hollywood Park was Down to per cent. A spokesman said the horses times were slower. The smog attack set tempers flaring on the political front As los Angeles mayor Samuel w. Yorty and gov. Edmund g. Brown argued Over who was to blame. A a in a convinced said Yorty a that if you want nothing done you have the state do the governor replied that it was the first time Yorty has shown much interest in the states fight against smog. The state has required new autos and used cars re sold to be equipped with anti smog crankcase breather devices. More smog was predicted for today. The los Angeles county a air pollution control District blamed the attack on Lack of winds which normally blow smog away before it becomes heavily concentrated. The smog hit All sections of the vast los Angeles coastal Plain. Helicopters. Danang is the site of the big american air base 330 Miles Northeast of Saigon. The guerrillas broke through the Marine defense perimeter today and overran Bunker positions. After an hours Battle the Viet Cong broke and fled. Marines and vietnamese fanned out in Pursuit. In Saigon senior . Military sources gave another indication of increased communist activity. They reported North Viet Nam has sent Waves of fresh troops into the Highlands North of the capital for what could be one of the showdown Battles of the War. The sources said to toll regiments Are roaming the area now. Seven of them were described As North vietnamese units accompanied by heavy weapons battalions. The attack on the company of marines near Danang however was made by both hardcore Viet Cong and teen agers the . Spokesman said. Marines said the youngsters had been recruited a few hours earlier at a Village and forced to join in the attack. One captured Viet Cong was quoted As saying that he belonged to a hard Core battalion of 400 men that massed in the mountains late Friday for tho assault. The Viet Cong attack opened with recoilless Rifle fire. Mortar fire followed. At the height of the clash marines engaged the Viet Cong in vicious hand to hand fighting in tents in tho Marine bivouac area. In other ground action Viet Cong guerrillas attacked the . Special forces Camp at plei me with mortar and Small arms fire Friday night. The Small arms fire continued into today. The Camp underwent a siege that was lifted Early this week after Battles estimated to have Cost the Viet Cong 750 casual ties. Drake prof. To defend Smith Des Moines apr a Drake University Law professor has been named to represent Stephan Smith University of Iowa Sophomore student charged with destroying his draft card. Prof. Craig Sawyer was named Friday by the Iowa civil liberties Union which had agreed to provide Legal representation for Smith. The student is awaiting formal hearing before a . Commissioner at Davenport. Over on sunday new York apr Daylight saving time ends at 2 . Sunday when about half the nation turns the clock Back to Standard time. St is observed in 31 states but it is not uniform. Some areas have already returned to Standard time and in some states Observance is not statewide. Iowa most of Virginia and parts of Ohio returned to Standard time last month. Weather generally fair saturday night and sunday. Continued mild. Lows saturday night 40 to 45 North 45 to 50 South. Weather record yesterdays Fure up to 8 . Today. High�?67 low�?44 temp at 7 .�?44 River reading�?1.30 floor flan of Pilot Mound s retirement Home contractors have been named and plans have been completed for the new four unit retirement Home at Pilot Mound. The retirement Home the first of its kind in this area will be built just South of Pilot Mounds main Street on land donated by Wayne Bovey. There is sufficient land for two additional units if necessary. Ogden building material company is the general contractor with Carlson construction company of Pilot Mound Buckley construction co. Of Ogden Lindholm plumbing and heating Ogden and Johnson and Davis Ogden wiring. The architect is Joe Saliger of Des Moines. It is expected to be completed by a amp Ray next Spring. It is through the efforts of the Pilot Mound Community development corp., that the Home is being built. This group headed by Darrell Johnson As president Jay e. Carlson Secretary Loren Okerblad vice president Melvin h. Lass treasurer and lieu pm Pearson director took a Survey of senior citizens and then filed an application for funds from the Farmers Home administration and sold Stock. A $36,000 loan was obtained payable Over a 49 year period at three per cent. A Check for that amount was presented this past week by Harry Ladman local Cha supervisor from Ames

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