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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Oct 19 1970, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - October 19, 1970, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a before 6 00 . If you have not received your paper. Saturday�?2 30 . The Boone news Republican weather Cloudy monday night lows in mid 40s. Sunny tuesday not much temp change High 60s. Vol. Xxxii no. 250, vol. Lev no. 16 Boone Iowa monday evening october 19, 1970 evening except sunday Carrier delivery 45c per week 1qc Sinai. Copy apply pressure state Economy group follows up its report by Harrison Weber Iowa daily press association Des Moines a idea a some state department Heads Are wondering aloud if there is a veiled threat contained in a memorandum issued by Hugh h. Clarke regarding implementation of the recommendations made by the governors Economy committee. Some department Heads Are concerned that if they do not put the recommendations into effect the governor will so ways to reduce their requests to make the saving the Economy committee said could be made. Clarke former state senator from Belmond who is in charge of overseeing that the recommendations Are implemented sent the memo to a fall department the paragraph of Clarkes letter which is being cited reads a before this office comptroller submits the Overall budget for the next biennium to the governor he asks that we review All department requests to ascertain if the executive action Economy committee recommendations have been implemented and to look for savings and budget adjustments where they in some instances department Heads contend that a recommendation of the governors economic committee could not make the savings Promise or that the recommendation could not be put into effect at All. State comptroller Marvin r. Selden jr., said the a Burden of proof is now going to be with the department involved As to Why the recommendations have not been carried out. Clarke reports that Progress on implementing the recommendations which can be taken by executive rather than legislative action has been Over 60 recommendations already Are in the process of being carried out which will result in an estimated savings of nearly $5 million he said. The report issued last Spring claims the state could save upwards of $23 million by instituting All of the committees recommendations which total about 500. Many of these changes however require legislative approval. Massive Canadian search continues special meeting the Boone City Council will meet in special session this monday night at the Council Chambers at 7 30 . After Selling Bonds on the $50,-000 tree sanitation Issue the Bond form including interest is made up. Now a Date of hearing must be set up. A firm also wishes to present a Low rent housing proposition to the Council and that matter will be discussed. Will Block Story director of Public works Pat Mccoy says that the Chicago and North Western Railroad will resurface Story Street beginning tuesday oct. 20 at 7 00 . A this work will take the remainder of the week so Story Street Between ninth and tenth will be blocked off while this work is going on a Mccoy said. Iviam Standard time begins at 2 ., sunday oct. 25. Set clocks Back an hour. Shipment to Yucatan members of the Boone regional partners of the Alliance shipped goods valued at $70,000 to their partner state late last week. The shipment which includes 5000 pounds of Garden seeds 1600 pounds of thread Hospital equipment medicines and used clothing is being trucked to Texas and then will go to Yucatan by boat. Mrs. R. William Westfall of Boone will be in Yucatan when the goods arrive and distribution will then take place. Shown is the packing and Labelling Crew. They addressed More than 400 boxes and crates. Members include standing l to r mrs. Roland Knight or. F. F. Sunstrom mrs. Sunstrom mrs. Wesley sterner or. H. C. Erbe and William Brown. Kneeling Are front to Back l. H. Thompson Walter Hinz and John Batcha. Americans definitely favor Summit meeting by Louis Harris despite the fact that chairman Kosygin May not come to new York for the United nations 25th anniversary Celebration the american people favor a Summit meeting Between the russian Leader and president Nixon by a lopsided margin of 80 to 8 per cent. The Hope for accommodation Between the worlds two superpowers is reflected in the fact that by 51-32 per cent a majority of the Public feels that it is possible for the . And Russia to come to a workable Long term agreement to control wars in the world. A nationwide Survey of 1602 families taken Between september 18 through 24, demonstrates clearly that sizable majorities of the people favor agreements Between the . And Russia in a Host of specific areas. This rather heavy endorsement for the United states and Russia to reach a wide variety of accords comes at a time when by All reports relations Between the two super Powers have notably cooled. Tensions Over the Middle East crisis the verified reports of soviet mis Siles being moved into place during the cease fire along the Suez canal a claims that the russians Are building submarine bases in Cuba a All have increased rather than eased tensions. Despite these developments american Public opinion persistently clings to advocacy of a rapprochement Between the two countries. Some of the specifics give clues As to Why this is so. Most striking is the sense of the american people that with modern nuclear capabilities any future War could Well spell the extermination of the human race. As a consequence heavy majorities favor accords to keep european nations from going to War with each other joint action Between the . And Russia to contain communist Chi nays growing nuclear strike capacity and agreement to limit anti missle defense systems which is being explored in the Salt talks scheduled to reconvene in a few weeks. It is evident that the american Public is saying that if the two super Powers cannot reach agreement to control wars in the world no decision on whether to show proof of ceasefire violations then the Hopes for survival world wide Are slim indeed. There is also substantial support for greater sharing of scientific exploration by the two countries both in space and in the oceans Depths. In addition exchanges of scholars and cultural groups once viewed with suspicion Are now widely advocated. Finally there is better than 5-to-l agreement that Trade Between the two nations should be expanded. Despite All the tensions and the Patent Lack of peace across the face of the Earth it is abundantly Clear that the Hope for peace is still probably the most popular notion among the american people. Many americans were plainly disappointed at Kosygin a initial decision to forego his new York visit next week and with it that possibility of a meeting with the president. Seek teacher taxi Driver Montreal a a massive Hunt for the terrorists who killed Pierre Laporte gave Montreal today the appearance of a City at War. The search went on for the terrorists other Kidnap victim James r. Cross. Army and police helicopters flew constantly Over the City. Local and Royal Canadian mounted police spot checked cars on the Busy streets. Roadblocks and checkpoints were set up on Bridges and routes Lead ing out of Montreal which has 11.2 million people and is Canadas largest City. Security checks were increased at the . Border particularly in new York Vermont and new Hampshire. The Canadian the mounted police and Quebec a own provincial police expanded their operations under the War measures act imposed by prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau last Friday. Trudeau himself pledged that the Law forces will find a these vicious men and bring them to Justice a in the Calm and dispassionate atmosphere of Canadian he predicted More terrorist violence but declared the government will not Back Down. The prime minister himself a Luebecker flew to Montreal sunday night to pay his respects to the family of Laporte Quebec a labor minister and to Confer with officials. He then flew Back to Ottawa the Federal capital. Warrants were issued for the arrest of Marc Carbonneau 37, a taxi Driver and Paul Rose 27, a teacher on charges of taking part in the kidnapping of Laporte oct. To and Britain a Trade commissioner Cross two weeks ago today. Laporte was shot in the head saturday and his body found Early sunday. A letter in Cross handwriting that reached authorities sunday night said he was alive but in danger of execution at the hands of the Quebec liberation front Fly. Police raided a Frame Bunga-1 Low in St. Hubert this morning a half mile from where Laportes body was found and said it May have been used by Laportes killers. There was blood on the 1 floor. Detective sgt. Albert Lisacek said it was believed Rose May have used the Bungalow but he did not say what led police to this belief. Police officials said Security i in Montreal and the surrounding areas is tighter than Ever before in history. Up to this morning 326 persons have been arrested in sweeps against the Fly which seeks Independence for French speaking Quebec through revolution. A Montreal police source said the measures being taken Are merely to help with i Vestiga a Tion of the kidnapping cases and prevent any incidents Between the Public and authorities. He said there is a no conscious Effort Quot being made to suspend or infringe on civil liberties. Rose was involved in a 1968 controversy at Perce on the Gaspe Peninsula when 25 Young people occupied a building. Abner Biard Perce mayor said the youths bothered tourists and when he and others protested he was threatened by six or seven organizations including the Fly. The abductions of Laporte and Cross both 49, signalled an escalation in the Fly a a War which began seven years ago with bombings of patriotic statues and mail boxes. New syrian ruler cracks Down on guerrilla group Beirut Lebanon a syrians new military ruler is cracking Down on the palestinian guerrillas the previous marxist regime sponsored Arab diplomatic sources reported today. The diplomats said Gen. Hafez Al Assad of the air Force syrians defense minister has closed Down the Damascus Headquarters of the Saika guerrillas and asked the Central committee of the Palestine resistance movement to suspend its membership. Saika guerrillas returning to Syria from Jordan Are being disarmed at the Border and shipped off to detention areas in Northern Syria the sources said. They reported Assad has put Syria under military control paralysing the baath socialist party government. Assad forced or. Noureddin at Assi to resign As president and Premier of Syria on saturday and today maj. Gen. Salah Jadid marxist Leader of the baath party was reported to have fled the country possibly to Northern Lebanon. Assad a coup is believed to have resulted from the syrian invasion of Jordan during the civil War there last month. Assad opposed the intervention As a result strafing jordanian planes did heavy damage to the syrian invaders. Assad report edly uncovered a plot by Jadid confidant and spokesman for to oust him and moved first. Assad is 40, a staunch Arab nationalist and has worked for closer cooperation among the Arab countries in the fight against Israel. He has the backing of the egyptians and has tried to bring about better relations with Iraq which is ruled the late president carnal Abdel Nasser. Heikal in a letter of resignation dated oct. 3, asked to be relieved of his government Post to devote More time to his newspaper and indicated he planned to write a life of Nasser. He declared his loyalty to Sadat and by a rival Wing of the baath pledged to continue to work for of Day fat Chladon Outlook to Quot above by Lewis Gulick associated press writer United nations . Apr the . Government has not decided whether to show the . General Assembly evidence of egyptian soviet violations of the Suez canal ceasefire . Officials said today. The . Decision they said will be heavily influenced by How the debate shapes up when the general Assembly takes up the Middle East situation next monday right after the .�?Ts 25th anniversary Observance. Secretary of state William p. Rogers expects to take up the Middle East Berlin and other questions with soviet foreign minister Andrei a. Gromyko tonight but Rogers has already received Gromyko a denial of soviet involvement in the Al in the . View Egypt which asked for the . Debate a is trying with soviet backing to relieve the onus of the violation charges and swing world opinion against the United states. Riad speaking on abcs a issues and answers a took the line that Washington made the charges As a pretext to break a commitment not to ship new weapons to Israel. Israeli Premier Golda Meir arrived sunday night for the . Session and said Riadi a weapons charge was not productive. A making speeches at one another never solved any problems a mrs. Meir said. A fall Riad and his government have to do is recreate the situation according to the cease fire Quot on a nday egyptian foreign agreement and talks can begin minister Mahmoud Riad denied new soviet antiaircraft missiles had been moved into the truce zone and said Aerial photos which the United states contends prove otherwise a mean nothing and prove Israel says it will not come to the proposed Arab israeli peace negotiations unless there is a missile Rollback. Rogers wants enough a a rectification of the alleged violations to bring the Mideast foes Back to the indirect negotiations. Immediately Rogers says he has spent hours going Over the . Photos a reportedly taken by u2 reconnaissance planes a and the evidence is conclusive that they have moved missiles Riad said missiles installed before the aug. 8 cease fire have been moved often for their Security and photos therefore show what look like new ones. Such work As the sandbagging of missile Sites also could look like new construction he sail. Party. Although local baathist leaders rushed to Damascus from throughout Syria trying to work out a Compromise Between military and civilian wings of the party the syrian capital was reported Calm. Army tanks and armoured vehicles have remained on their bases. Meanwhile jordanian tanks and palestinian guerrillas in Northern Jordan battled sunday for control of villages on the guerrillas Supply route from Syria. The guerrillas said 60 tanks shelled four villages Between Ramatha and Irbid 50 Miles from the jordanian capital of Amman and that they replied with mortars machine guns and rockets. Guerrillas at am Rawa said the troops Cut the Road from Ramatha to Irbid in violation of the peace agreement signed last tuesday by King Hussein and guerrilla Leader Yasir Arafat. The pact permits the guerrillas to move men and supplies along the country a roads As Long As they obey traffic Laws. But jordanian officers unhappy with the pact maintain the agreement gives them the right to re assert government control in these villages. In Cairo egyptian president Anwar Sadat announced that he had accepted the resignation of information minister Mohammed Hassanein Heikal editor of the country a sem official newspaper Al ashram and close annual Dolphin show to begin Nasser a policies. In Tripoli prime minister Muammar Mohammed Sadafi of Libya told a cheering throng that All but 27 of the country a once prosperous italian Community have departed in accordance with his expulsion order in july. Boone woman to i be president of j dietetic group j the annual meeting of the Iowa dietetic association will be held at the memorial Union on the Iowa state University Campus in Ames thursday oct. 29 and two Boone ladies will play an important part. Mrs. Ednamay Erbe is the incoming president of the Assoc a it the Boone High school Dol Phin club will present their annual show oct. 20, 21, 22 and 24 at the High school. The program j will begin each evening at 8 . And reserved seats Are available for the show from any Dolphin member. The theme for this years show is a a tribute to Ferrante j and Teicher a and the girls have arranged All of their numbers to the music of the two j pianists. Sue Manderscheid is serving As president of the club this year along with Sharon Abbey vice president Kathy Berglund Secretary Debbie Ward treasurer and sue Morgan historian. Miss Paula Engelhardt is the Dolphin club sponsor. Traffic toll this Date 1969______634 this Date 1970______706 increase 72 Boone county total 1969 9 this Date 1970_______ la City of Boone this Date 1970. 4 this Date 1969 0 total 1969 0 a a a Ednamay Erbe Tion and one of the main speakers will be mrs. Jeanette Westfall who will talk on a what volunteers Are doing to improve the health and nutrition of the citizens of Iowa a sister state the program begins at 8 00 . With registration and a Coffee. The groups annual business meeting an address by the treasurer of the american dietetic association miss Arlene Wilson and the talk by mrs Westfall will highlight the morning session. Other outstanding speakers will address the group following the noon luncheon. Adjournment is planned for 4 00 . Another area woman will to a Section chairman for the association in 1970-71. She is mrs. Elizabeth Dunihoo of Woodward who will chair the food administration Section. Weather record a yesterdays figure up to a 6 . Today High a 62 a Low a 40 a temp at 6 . A 37 a prec. A none a River level a 0.66 a

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