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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 4

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Boone, Iowa A editorials a National Bible week what paperback Book is he nations All time Best seller the answer May Surprise you. It is a Good news for modern subtitled a the new testament in today a English version and published by the nonprofit american Bible society. Released in j 1966, a Good news last May overtook or. Spock so baby and child care in total sales volume. Hardbound bibles have Long Baen the worlds Best Selling books with annual sales of 8.5 million copies. But Are they read to encourage acquaintance with the scriptures National Bible week begins this sunday. November la sponsored by the interfaith i Aymani a National Bible com 1 Mizlee. Major distribution efforts will be made in metropolitan areas which Are notoriously pm or territory for Bible sales and among the Young Many of whom claim to prefer astrology Tarot cards or a i Ching to the Bible one Bible committee and features the hirsute Rock group sea train Over the caption a look who reads the Bible a prospective Bible buyers have plenty to choose from. Besides the popular King Lames version there is the revised Standar version of the National Council of churches the new american Standard Bible and the living Bible. The Bible has been trans lated into 450 foreign languages and coded into braille in seven languages there Are Long playing Bible records reel and cassette tapes and even a multiple Choice quiz called a test your Bible knowledge a the Gideons who distribute free bibles to hotels motels hospitals schools jails and selective service centers presented president Nixon with the 100th million copy of their Bible in August. As honorary chairman of National Bible week the president called for families across the nation to begin thanks giving week with the regular practice of Bible Reading to a add a new perspective to each Days activities and to gain fresh in i sight on How better to serve both god and their fellow Dennis the menace by Ketchum a j it a styles in heroes 4 change rapidly Nar of a Uhlean saturday nov Nohrr 20, 1071 concerning books authors oni of the Best solids of re-1 the emergency room elea if v a / v. 7�?yr�?si�?s Twenty one years ago they of called Sims my $ 4n Mia i use Ohi i m Mhz Ivy Martian secrets predicting Earth a weather seems to be More of an Art than a science. Men still have so much to learn about the Complex mechanics of atmospheric Phenomena. Yet today this Early in the Brief history of the space age. We ire taking for granted daily weather reports from another planet. Mariner 9. Sent into orbit around Mars another Miracle accepted As a matter of courses not designed to function As a weather satellite. Its Mission is to scan the Martian surface with television eyes and relay photographs Back to Earth which May Tell scientists if there Are any areas on the red planet that could support life. But Little mariners arrival happened to coincide with the worst dust storm at least they think its a dust storm on Mars that astronauts have Ever observed. Thus its first assignment has been to photograph this conspicuous aspect of Martian Mariner will also record and perhaps help explain the mys Ibi. Cai Abb r by Cynthia Lowry a television Kadio writer new York a Rudolph Valentino or Tyrone ln<1 Elf Terai Power were around Hollywood squares on neg would they be As big stars of i most popular pal i show television As they were in to an it jeopardy a on Ftp Sam i lion pit hires. Network is tops in the game probably not. Styles in heroes show category change almost As fast As clothing styles. Today a to heroes Are More Likely to be doers than lookers More Likely to be family men than casanovas and More Likely to be Middle aged than Young. Tvs biggest male stars today Are flip Wilson Carroll of Connor of a fall in the family and Robert Young. Singing idol Bobby Sherman a new to series faces mid season cancellation Tony Curtis and Rod Taylor primarily film i stars Are not winning women j fans in their two series. Rock Hudson tall dark and i romantic in Many motion Pic Tures was this season s most Likely candidate As Milady favorite television visitor. Hudson a series. A Mcmillan and wife Quot is one of the three series which make up no cd so mystery movie Quot on wednesdays. The most popular Star of the Grams Are. As usual the soap i operas. A was the world turns Quot. T a a. On lbs is As it has been for cent Mon has Bury my 1 �?~�?~�?~j1 Quot or key Many seasons the top show wounded knee a it Attaie followed by no cd so Days of j history of the last of the indians our lives and a the doctors Quot Al War wl11 1 advancing americans to the West. Another Story about indians will soon be published the i irs Hundred years of Nino Cochise As told to a. Kinney Griffith. Grand kick pass Ami run Leonard Kessler. The 1 nod drug and the bad drug John s. Marr. The drinking Gourd f. N. Mon to. Indian summer e. N. Monjo. The one bad tiling about St of the great Apache chief Fahr % n in non Cochise and Nephew of Geronimo 97-year-old cuyp a a Ninon Cochise in telling his Story has contributed a significant chapter of american history and a mov from in Hor. ,o, i a Lobule 10 he african in Dian. In 1878, the of f us tuesday eve., nov. 21, 1950 or a j As stand when Nino was old he and his of r Sona i. Mention mrs. Bort w. Miller 127 s. Greene slipped and fell in front of her Home monday afternoon and suffered a fractured Pelvis. She was taken to the Boone two years Mother were among 38 Apache who stole away from the u. S cavalry troops conveying the chiral Almas tribe to the san Carlos reservation. Travelling i he Seabury took Book Eva Moore. Anis Are fun Mildred my Rick. The penguins Are coming., r. L Penney. An animal for Alan Edward county Hospital for treatment. J mostly by foot and hiding out or. And mrs. 0. I. Fey 1515 j frequently the Small band fun Benton were in Sheldon last ally found Sanctuary in the re week visiting mrs. Fey a Broth Mote vastness of the mountains ers. They were accompanied Toof Northern Mexico. Here they Sheldon by mrs. Fey a sister built a Rancheria. Learned to co miss Harriet , who has exist with certain mexicans and been visiting in the Fey Home. Yankees and staunchly fought mrs. Walter Schultz 2m South i off All others. Nino eventually Tama has returned from a 3 became their chief. Spanning Day trip to Kansas City where 1 several eras and cultures his she attended a meeting of the Story includes not Only his Illus a pm Osterv movies Trio is the aboard of Trust Eft for Central trios Indian relatives Cochise least romantic most anti heroic blew theological Seminary and be Ronten by other Lead of them All Peter Falk a she is fhe on a Mem Ltd a of the in fibres of his Tirry Short Raspy voiced fellow in an Board rom ,ow1 while her Quot Fords. Mickey free. Your Puri in Library is your in of by Abigail Van Buren dear Abby my husband of 33 years whom i have always adored was unfaithful to me. I caught him. And there was no Way out for him. He begged me to forgive him said the woman meant nothing to him and he would never see her again but i was so Hurt and numb and heartsick i went to my son and daughter in Laws Home a where i am now living and told them serious Waves of darkening which creep Down from the Martian poles each Spring. More weather in the form of some kind of pre All about what had happened donation i have thought everything of two russian probes follow hard on manner and one or both will attempt soft landings. If they Are As successful As manner we May soon be Able to say of Mars what is said of the Moon that we know More about it than we do about the Bottom of our own oceans. Editorial quote not that funny. Chicago daily news a philadelphian named Edward j. Piszek is spending $500,000 to stamp out polish jokes we Are not sanguine about hts prospects considering How far and wide the epidemic has spread but we wish him Well. Ethnic joke have gone the rounds of Irish jews italians swedes Blacks scots English not to mention texans arkansans floridians and californians. And one school of thought is that you be got to be big enough and Tough enough to take it. But these Are not very auspicious times for pointing out and magnifying and ridiculing differences Between one group lesson in. English by w. L. Gordon of americans and All the others. Lets face it the ethnic joke is rooted in cruelty a the ancient device of the put Down. There Are dumb poles As there Are dumb irishmen and frenchmen and canadians and illinoisans. But there Are poles who run Hanks and or and realize that since this has never happened before my husband deserves another Chance but my son has forbidden his father to come near me them or their children. I spoke with my minister and he agrees i should go Back to my husband. How can i my j son fells me he will have no re j specs for me if i go Back. So now i must make a Choice. Can 1 you advise me torn Paul gets angry. Tonight this Friend had the nerve to bring his shirts along and ask me to Iron them am i being a nag like Paul says or do you think i have a right to be upset alone again dear alone you have a right to he upset. Remind your husband that he has a wife and if he wants to go out on the town he should Tell his Bachelor buddy to get a girl and the four of you will go out together. And unless you put a Stop to Paul routine right now you will find yourself alone More and liking it less. P. S. Of you ironed the shirts you need More help than i can Eive you in a letter Lorn Teddy she was the guest of president Roosevelt both As colonel and and mrs. W. W. Adams of the president Pancho Villa and i r Seminary. 1 president Diaz of Mexico. Hol or. And mrs. Charles e. Red Lywood where Nino became an Field. Jr., 318 Greene will leave extra in Cowboy and Indian. Monday for los Angeles Cali movies is also seen in a now the series. Hudson is certainly Fern in d the Winter i focus attractive playing a police com or we missioner in his series hut the gloved by a painting and dec Story lines Are often tangled rating firm in los Angeles. And dangling ends Are some r Ricciuti. Catch a whale by the Tail Edward r Ricciuti. Jackie Robinson Kenneth Rodmen. Antarctica Maggie Scarf. I go to Hick Milliren Sel Sam. Lets get turtles Milliren be is am television Edward Stoddard. What is symmetry Mindel Sitomer. Elizabeth gels Well Allons undressed suit As he plays a Cigar chewing police lieutenant in the series is doing Well and a Colum boy is doing Best within times left. At any moment through the series Mcmillan and wife will drop the action at i hand to engage in a sort of idiot pers Flage meant to he witty. Too often it sounds j forced this weeks show was a wild j by complicated Story that finally got around to a jewel Rob Library notes the following new non fiction Shooks Are available for circular j i Ion this saturday november 1 20, at 10 00, in the children a j room of the Ericson Public i i Library. How to Star in swimming and diving. Charles Batterman. Madrid special Frank do you hear what i hear Milam graduated from Iowa Helen Bollen. Law enforcement Academy satellites Norman Carlisle. Brian wilds Ltha a puzzles Brian Wildsmith. Magic sorels Roie Ivler. Prove it Rose Ivler. Secrets in stones Rose Ivler. Spooky tricks Rose Wyler. In an emergency can you Stop your car in time Frank Milam Law enforcement graduate nov. 5 in Boon news Republican 1214 Keeler Street brine Low 300.1 Myrv Goldthwaite Grey cd intr end co Uher h. A. Garvey co publisher Annie Petersen. General manager Friday nov. 5. At Camp Dodge. Dear Abby when my daughter was married recently i remembered your words of Wisdom about saturday afternoon weddings in churches dear torn go Back to where janitors were not Able to teach at your husband. And Tell your son clean up the Rice and confetti Harvard and write books and that one who cannot forgive de before sunday morning services. Music and discover useful sub strays the Bridge Over which he per your suggestion i pro stances like Radium. Most of the one Day May need to pass. Video the guests with Large pack Ages of Birdseed to throw at the dear Abby there Are a newlyweds As they left the it Salvador Allan Carpenter. Panama Allan Carpenter. Nicaragua Allan Carpenter. Costa Rica Allan Carpenier. The tide Sally Cartwright. The Toad Hunt Janet Chen Ery. Poles we know have a sense of humor and can even smile at a stupid polish joke but they have to do it and in doctors living in this apartment Church. Building. They Are not hippies my daughter and her husband finite my which is to say and they Are churchgoing men yet drove to Canada for their Honey Nau Seum. Words often misused Jin he ,fin2 r00� there seems to he plenty of free Moon they entered the country love going on. They bring girls a bout incident. However when Here Day and night without any were coming Back thru apparent shame changing girls customs the officer on duty every few weeks. Even the Chil noticed the Birdseed on the floor funny Dren know something Shady is car and thinking it was going on. Marijuana he made them re with Alt this Hanky Panky go-1 a Vek Grything from the car. Ing on i ran understand Why the Quot the a a Quot a them and their us Luggage Thorold. Meanwhile Young people have become so. 7, disgusted with the older Gener m t y Alloo. T think these men should i Quot of could be in timely identified As Birdseed be asked to move. I would like Quot. A tro quid to needless to say the Bride and Way Viking Magazine who Havey or up Nion Over thirty room scared m death never consulted a doctor. Vik dear Over what people do defamed and inconvenienced my s explanation they re still behind their own closed doors is something to Tell their grand Brief comment Northwood Anchor How a Dollar can look so big when you take it to Church and so Small when you take it to the store. Minneapolis Star there Are More than 40 million americans according to the sons of nor Bery during a costume Ball. Those from Madrid attending one had a feeling that the the graduation were mayor Guy whole show was built to put. Lamb mrs. Joseph Romitti Hudson into an outsize easter mrs. S. J. Milani mrs. Pence Bunny outfit. Howard and or. And mrs. I Harry Davis. The three networks Are run mrs. Merrill Maureen John Ning a close race for the popu son will present a Demontra Larity Lead among daytime Tion on ceramics next monday j William j. Cromie. Shows with Abc slightly tuesday and wednesday on the ahead. Connie Pratt show Over Woi most popular daytime pro to Ames at 12 30 . Mark Trail a fail v a is paper a Aston Ria matter inn 24, 1s24 at the Piaf of for of Bivanes Iowa. Tinder the Arf of March 17#. Emf associated press news service v official paper of a county and City subscription rates single Conte 10c Carrier delivery and motor route delivery 50c Par week by mail within 25 mile of Boone Steven and the Green Turtle us no per year so on for a month $4 50 for 3 month $1 50 for i month i by mall elsewhere in Iowa ii no per year Jio of for s month i of for 3 month $2 of for i month by mail outside of Iowa 21 of per year St of for month Fri of for i month 12 of for i month Cherokee chief Electa Clark. All aboard Mary filing. Harvesting the sea d. X. Lenten. By id Dodd not the business of neighbors. As children maybe hut a Harrow Alley Gor by v. T. Hamlin a. Now where i been ordered to take to i v vol to the gardens wonder do not say a a it a a Long ways from Here to my say a a it a a Long Way from w0u d never make it in the big them f0 t0 move be of International Boun in Quot i a. ,.c Choc Mil us till have a hard Darie Are involved Denver Post it sort of Agos lnn8 As they do not i surb thir not Rienche of the time. A Man when the Rookie he said Nfn a go born n0 reason for so perhaps Rice is Hefter than time proving that your suspicions were Correct. Leagues is voted into baseball a sides you. Wou a have a hard Daries a i Rwy cd Hall of Fame As an old timer. Look learn by a. C. Gordon Here to my Hometown. Often mispronounced prescience. Pronounce Pree Shi ens preferred accent on first syllable. Often misspelled Tranquillity two Tranquiline Only one a a in. J i. Which one of the contiguous synonyms prejudice u. S. States has the greatest nou partiality Bias preps amount of a below Zero weath session unfairness predispose i or Tion slant intolerance Disrrim-1 2. Who was the Soldier and nation statesman largely responsible word study a use a word j for freeing South America from three times and it is Spanish colonialism let us increase our vocabulary 3. What City holds the dubious Cinderella to clean up the mess. Dear Abby Paul he a my husband has a Hest Friend who is slowly driving me crazy. We have known this Guy for about i four years now hut about a year ago he became divorced and that a when the trouble started. This Friend is Here every weekend for dinner and afterwards he and Paul go out on the town and i am left behind like t. E. In Wenatchee dear t. A thanks for the tip. And a 21-gun Salute for the officer on duty for taking no chances. A look Umpa it it. Ixxjrsrve5 it s top and i Don t Oktavec x Ooola believe it i or in confidential to Barb Ara i think you should Tell Sandy that of she is serious about wanting All the girls in her wedding party to be blonds she should select blonds. Tell her too you will gladly stand up for her hut you wont a a Dye for her. And what wrong with a wig Priscilla s pop by Al Vermeer by mastering one word each j record of having the worst tray Day. Today sword Peccadil-1 Fie jams in the world to a trifling fault. A apart 4 what is a a coup do a Tate from some Youthful peo Adil 5. What animal has the thick los his life has been blame est skin less. Answers on classified Page Paul knows How i feel about this and so does his Friend but for Abby Booklet a How to have a Lovely wedding a Send still they continue i Haven to j $1 to Abby Box 69700, los Ang Beon out alone with my husband Oles Cal. 90069. For months and i am getting fed 1971 by Chicago Tribune up. Very time f mention it j . News syn., inc. Half hitch mean flute. Backside by Hank Katcham no. You i Wood Loftt j i in would it be All 21gut if i to you a amp Peppery Captain easy Gracia it later put Vou May Pinda taxi to take you from the Airfield Back into Makau i by Leslie Turner no Hack-5 in if the Man who si6ht.0h Mil came to father maybe i can 5tir Fonceca Hospital one up Wafi Reep then my. Jaguar Hunch

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