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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Boone, Iowa Dial 432-1234 a it it for of p m of you he not received your papa .saturday�?2 30 p m the Boone news Republican weather Sal. Nit lows in mid 20s, winds . 20-30 Mph. Highs Sun. Upper 30s to lower 40s. Vol. Xxxiv no. 274, vol. Lxvi no. 44 Bonk Iowa saturday evening november 20, 1071 evening except sunday Corner delivery Doc per week 10c copy Speed up i pullout Home for Christmas Saigon a the 101st airborne division the captor of bloody hamburger Hill began phasing out of com Bat today six weeks ahead of schedule As part of an accelerated troop pullout to Send thousands of Gas Home from Vietnam for Christmas. The 101st is the last remaining . Combat division n Vietnam and its withdrawal Marks a Milestone for president Nixon a Vietnam nation program. When Nixon took office in january 1969, there were nine full . Combat divisions and separate brigades the equivalent of two More divisions operating in South Vietnam. The . Command said 1,585 troops of the 101st were pulled out of combat in today a initial phase and stood Down in preparation to phase out of the Northern Battle zone below the demilitarized zone. But some of the men wont be going Home. Only those who have completed the major portion of their 12-month tour of duty or Are being discharged Early will return to the United states. Others will be transferred to . Units still Active in South Vietnam. The first units to stand Down included the Headquarters of the divisions 3rd brigade an infantry battalion the 3rd battalion 187th infantry and an artillery battalion the 2nd battalion 319th Field artillery. The . Command also announced the phaseout of four other units outside of the 101st division which will Cut strength in service training a the four county area out reach program held an in service training session conducted by Margaret Alamger outreach supervisor thursday in Boone. The session dealt with the preparation of an annual report. Sitting left to right Are Chris Aldrich Story county Juanitta Spotti Story county Mae Stumbo Boone county Jean Hedges Boone county Margaret Al Dinger Iowa Falls Bonnie Alsdorf Boone county the rese Riordan Boone county Mary of Mara Story county and Shirley Foley Story county. News Republican photo by Bob e. Person Castro on Chile Senate Breaks Campaign Southern cruise funds feud vote monday gop governors favor Butz democrats rap a nominee puerto Montt Chile apr president Salvador Al Lende and prime minister Fidel Castro of Cuba were off on a cruise through the Scenic fjords of Southern Chile today for a private talk on the state of socialism in latin America. Chilean socialists who know Castro claim the cuban leaders visit to Chile his first foreign trip in seven years might alter his preference for violent revolution As the Best Means of establishing marxist regimes in latin America. Allende a marxist was elected president a year ago and says he intends to bring socialism to Chile by peaceful Means. Castro and Allende friends for nine years have prepared no formal Agenda for their talks but aides said two key topics would be the state of leftist revolution in latin America and the . Conference on Trade and development sched ruled for april in Santiago the capital of Chile. More than too nations will de j Bate ways of speeding up the i economic and social development of underdeveloped countries. Allende is reported to feel the session will be very Imper Tant for Chile and latin America in making known the areas views to the industrialized nations of the world. Allende Ami Castro Are meet ing in absolute privacy aboard the chilean Navy destroyer Al j Mirante Rivero. Washington apr the Senate has broken its deadlock Over a bitterly controversial presidential Campaign financing plan and agreed on monday As the Day to vote whether to add it to the $27 billion tax Cut Bill. Republican Leader Hugh Scott made the proposal Friday night for a monday vote and won the acceptance of his Republican and democratic colleagues. The agreement came after a lengthy acrimonious session which democratic Leader Mike Mansfield said a has not been one of the Senate a finest hours. A we have been dilatory we have been engaging in tactics of obstruction we have been playing politics a he said. Democrats continued to insist they had the votes to tie the plan to the tax Hill which is a key part of president Nixon a economic program. They Defeated a Republican Effort to kill the plan on a 49-46 vote thursday. Gop senators said the weekend respite would give them time to try to change enough votes to get a Senate rejection. Agreement also indicated republicans wanted to get on with the tax Bill which already is behind schedule and is stalling other major Senate business. The Senate put the Campaign financing Issue aside for today and took up half a dozen amendments dealing with Vari Ous tax benefits in the Bill. The presidential Campaign financing plan could give each major party nominee up to $20.4 million in tax funds next year. It would be particularly attractive to democrats who have had Money problems since the 1968 election. The Money in the fund would come from taxpayer checkoff designating on income tax returns that $1 of the tax payment is to be allocated to Cam j pain finances. Scott in proposing his agreement to vote late monday took anther shot at various democratic senators contending for j the presidential nomination. He declared they were voting for a a slush fund which could Benefit them personally and that speakers would be out in the Campaign a going from one end of this country to the other and pointing out this colossal conflict of a fall this does a he shouted a is to bail out a political party from its own shortcomings and from its inability to raise its own sen. John o. Pastore d r i., chief sponsor of the plan said Scott a remarks were a pure a the coffers of the Republican party Are bloated with dough a he asserted. A fall we want is a Little democrats plan party Reform Washington a the democratic National committee at least As it has been constituted since 1848, has been nudged along the Road to extinction by speakers at a joint meeting of two party Reform commissions. After hearing comments from those Al the meeting Friday rep. James g. Of Hara of Michigan chairman of the party a labor criticism at Nixon Blunt pledge Miami Beach Fla. Apr president Nixon a Blunt pledge to press wage Price controls whether organized labor likes it or not has met with brusque dismissal by a hostile Al Cio convention. I he confrontation apparently signals a major presidential Campaign clash in 1972. Labor sources expressed mixed views Over who came off Hest politically in the rare Public clash Between Nixon and president George Meany of the Al Cio at the federations convention Friday. A Nixon was speaking to a National audience a a said Peter t. Schoemann a member of the Al Cion a powerful 35-Man executive Hoard that eat Lim won weather Ricord yesterdays figure up to 8 a m. Today High a 44 4 Low a 31 temp. At 8 n m. A 42 precipitation none River level a 0 98 a a a a a a a a convention approval to refuse cooperation with Federal wage controls. A White House aide said Nixon came Here against the advice of ail his advisers. The aide pictured the convention treatment of the president As a studied Many Lalmer leaders viewed Nixon a speech before some 2,-000 delegates alternates and guests As the owning Sally in the presidents bid for re election. A the did no twin any friends Here but in a afraid its going to have a big effect in the nation Quot another Al Cio official said of Nixon a face to face showdown with labor critics. Nixon said whether he gets cooperation from labor and other groups or not a it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this program of stopping the Rise in the Cost of living the audience at Best gave scattered polite applause and laughed when Nixon contended that his 90 Day wage Prue freeze was a remarkable Success and that a if you done to think so go Home and ask your wives who go to the grocery Meany and most other labor leaders Are waiting Only for the democrats to Settle on a presidential nominee before throwing All their support that Way. Democratic presidential contender sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota got a comparatively warm Welcome in i speech backing labors pay demands. He suggested that Nixon he a phased out Quot of the White House next year. Many of the labor leaders Here talked More favourably about a democratic ticket headed by sen. Henry m. Jackson of Washington with possibly sen. Edwa re m Kennedy of Massachusetts As Jackson. Running male. A while some of you May be against me politically and some of you May be against my party i know from experience Over the last three years that when the chips Are Down organized labor is for America Quot Nixon said in one of numerous appeals that fell All but Flat. A commission on rules said a there seems to be a consensus rather remarkable among democrats that the present Structure is not Worth rep. Donald m. Fraser of Minnesota chairman of the commission on party Structure and Delegate selection agreed. Political scientist James Macgregor Burns said that the National committee a should be reorganized so that it is More representative of the Anne Wexler a member of the Connecticut democratic state committee said that if the dec is retained it should be enlarged and a used As a vehicle to build mass participation by the rank and file party members and to democratize decision making within the or. Paul t. David of the University of Virginia proposed a committee of about 150 members apportioned among the states and territories according to their representation in the National convention. Harvard a Samuel h. Beer suggested a National executive group of 40 leaders presided Over by the National chairman and a National Council of about 500, apportioned by party strength. The Council would meet by annually a to give rank and file democrats a Chance to express their views on questions of National policy a Beer said. Washington a endorsed by Republican governors or. Earl l. Butz has been denounced by Senate democrats who say he scorns presi. Dent Nix on a welfare Reform opposes consumerism and environmentalists and is unfit to head the agriculture depart i ment. Sen. William Proxmire a i wis., Friday quoted from a speech he said Butz made under the auspices of the general motors corp. In which he said the presidents welfare program is a so far out even democrats in Congress wont buy it i and described environmentalists Consumers and a do Good Erst As the chief threat of american agriculture. I sen. Fred Harris d-okla., who previously has attacked Butzu alleged Bias against Fame a in Farmers demanded the sen-1 Are agriculture committee reopen its hearings into his qualifications to be Secretary of agriculture. The Public portion of the hearings closed Friday with private committee consider Afton to resume monday. Earlier Friday the nations Republican governors had declared opposition to the a political harassment of Butz by seekers of the democratic presidential nomination and urged his immediate confirmation. Sen. Robert Dole the Republican National chairman told a newsman he counts 20 to 30 Senate votes against Butz and said All of them Are politically inspired. Meanwhile a spokesman for general motors said Butz a Purdue University Dean has been a member of that corporations speakers Bureau since 1962, giving speeches on agriculture with his fee and expenses picked up by pm. It was during one of those pm sponsored speeches la St april 26 in Minneapolis Proxmire said that Butz criticized president Nixon a welfare pro i Gram called the food stamp i program a a ridiculous and i blamed both on highly publicized Field trips made by Sens. George Mcgovern d-s.d., and Edward m. Kennedy a mass. In excerpts from the speech issued by Proxmire Butz also scorned efforts of environment taoists to blame fertilizers and Dot for water pollution. He said the nations Farmers know How to farm organically instead of using inorganic a chemical fertilizers and antibiotics. But if they did so he a said a someone must decide which 50 red lion persons must in the speech said Proxmire Butz questioned How environmentalists could say Lake Erie is a a dead when the 1970 Harvest of fish was the greatest in history. A the character of the fish have changed some i know a he said a but they Are commercially important a a let a come Down to Earth on this propaganda and agitation we re getting about the environment and be sensible about it a he said. Proxmire said that the speech revealed Butz As a Man unfit to administer the environmental and human programs of the department of agriculture. 5-week delay in Telephone probe by another 695 men. These included an air defense artillery battalion and three Engineer companies. President Nion has ordered . Troop strength Cut by 45, 000 men Over the next two months to an authorized ceiling of 139, too by the end of january. The 101st was not scheduled to begin phasing out until Early next year but its schedule was moved up after Nixon announced a week ago that he was increasing the rate of withdrawals from 14,300 a month to 22,500 a month for december and january because of the i Christmas and years holidays. The latest available summary of . Weekly strength As of nov. Ii lists 188,300 american 1 troops in Vietnam. A summary will be issued monday. . Strength is expected to j drop below the 184,000 ceiling Nixon set for the end of this month. Sources said that while the 101st has begun phasing out it Likely would be Early next year before the entire 15,000-Man division completes the move. The Start of the pullout of the 101st comes at a time when there is a reported buildup in the a Shau Valley near the laotian Border and to the North of the Valley a vast Region that the division once patrolled. The 10-Day Battle for hamburger Hill on the Western Edge of the a Shau Valley in May 1969 Cost the Joist division heavy casualties and stirred a controversy in the . Congress. The assault on the Hill was spearheaded by the 3rd battalion. 187th infantry the battalion which stood Down today. Des Moines Iowa apr a five week hearing delay has been granted in the controversial Iowa Telephone co. Rate increase Case Here because a Public consultant says he has uncovered evidence to prove the firm is entitled to the boost. Leo Steffen the Public consultant sought the delay Friday from the Iowa Commerce commission until dec. 27. Inc chairman Maurice Van Nostrand granted the recess but not before an attorney for the Knoxville firm Donald wine charged that Steffen and members of the inc had made an $867,000 error in their calculations and were seeking the delay Only to cover up their mistakes. Steffen denied the accusation and said the recess was needed to give his staff time to review evidence in the Case prepared by the Telephone company. I the Iowa Telephone co. Is seeking a $267,000 rate in a crease. The request was filed in 1967, but never acted upon until last june when the inc at i tempted to give the firm a $154,000 raise after negotiating behind closed doors. An investigation into the proceedings by gov. Robert rays office ended with the governor reprimanding the inc and the firm for the Way its business was conducted Steffens evidence is designed i to show that Iowa telephones current rates Are already too High and that the inc should reject the increase request on i these grounds. The Public a attorney said if the commission turns Down the firms rate request customers would be eligible to refunds be cause the rates have been in effect for four years under a Bond to guarantee refunds in the event of an increase denial. Jury to hear evidence in Peterson Case storm Lake Iowa apr the Buena Vista county grand jury will hear evidence in the Jeanine Marie Christensen murder Case Here tuesday. The seven jurors will decide whether to indict Michael Dean Peterson 19, Alta on a charge of murder in connection with the death of the 18-year-old storm Lake waitress. Miss Christensen a nude body was found in her apartment oct. 17 by her Mother. Authorities said the girl had been strangled and sexually assaulted. Peterson was arrested nov. S in storm Lake. He entered an innocent plea during his arraignment and has been held in the county jail since that time. Pay Board approves miners pay 3 times Over guidelines school Board meets tuesday the Boone Community Board of education will meet at 12 noon tuesday nov. 23, to give formal approval to the tentative budget. The directors will meet at the Junior senior High school building. Washington apr de spite opposition from its Public members the pay Board has approved a pay increase for striking Coal miners about three times higher than the boards own phase 2 guidelines. The action Friday sparked immediate criticism from Arch n. Booth executive vice president of the . Chamber of Commerce who called it a obviously a Elf monopolistic unions Are to continue to get preferential treatment by using the strike weapon and arrogant threats of coercion Quot Booth said Quot it is difficult to conceive How the vast majority of the american people can he expected to show the restraint necessary to make the e anti inflation program three of the five Public Mem hers of the 15-member tripartite Board said the agreement clearly run against die goal of the presidents economic stabilization Effort. The other two Public members abstained from voting but said they would have opposed the miners pay hike. The three opponents said in a statement the United mine workers of America contract signed Only 15 minutes before the wage Price freeze expired at Midnight nov. 13, amounts to a 16.8 per cent increase in hourly compensation during the first year of a three year agreement. The pay boards original phase 2 guideline called for a maximum 5.5 per cent National average wage increase. The five management members of the Board who voted their approval along with the five labor members said 4 per cent of the increase goes to make the unions welfare fund solvent and la per cent remains for salaries. They said hat was a Jerimi Tibbie Cadi up wage hike. There was no immediate explanation of the differing figures Given by the two sides. U m w a president w a a a Tony Boyle called on his striking miners to a return to work without the miners had remained on strike to await the pay boards review of their contract. The government meanwhile announced that the nations Cost of living crept up again last month despite the Price freeze. The Bureau of labor statistics said the a consumer Price Index Rose 0.2 per cent in october which it halved to 0.1 Pei cent to compensate for the fact that prices usually Rise a Little at this time of year. President Nixon hailed the in crease As Quot the lowest in four years and said it made the freeze Quot Worth democratic National chairman Lawrence f. Of Brien said the Cost Rise was Quot continued evidence of the total Lack i of Confidence across this nation in or. Nixon s ability to Cope with the economic crisis he has brought upon the along with the Price increase the announced that average weekly earnings for private non la pm jobs dropped two cents last month to $129.11. That figure appeared to Back up critics of the had said it would hold Down wages More effectively than prices. A a a a a a traffic toll a this Date 1970 813 a this Date 1971 731 a decrease. 82 a Boone county a a Tot a i 1970 17 a this Date 1971______ la a City of Boone a this Date 1971 3 a a a a a a a a

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