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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives Nov 16 1968, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - November 16, 1968, Boone, Iowa V j i dial 432-1234 a Leture 6 3u la Vou have not received your paper. Saturday�?3 . The Boone weather Cloudy saturday night with Snow Likely North and rain changing to Snow South. Vol. Xxx no. 272, vol. Xiii no. 41 Boone Iowa saturday evening november 16, 1968 evening except sunday Carrier delivery in Boone 40c per week 10c 8 lbs Nixon at some Odds Over immediate control a plane from the past for their present need for repairs to this antique plane brought or. And mrs. Dan Drew. Silver Springs md., to Boone recently. A news reporter for radio station a wac Drew bought the plane at a Sale then decided to Fly it to Alaska for personal visits to various colleges along the Way where he might be interested in talking a masters degree in journalism. His wife of three years Sally the daughter of or. And mrs. William a. Schworm of Ames also is a College graduate and a Pilot. So she helped him Fly the plane in Short hops of about 400 Miles a Day in Daylight hours Only. The Drews packaged in camping equipment and sleeping bags in their Small plane and so were Able to travel quite economically. Now that they have returned Home they Hope to write up their months travel experiences for an aviation Magazine. Boone news Republican photo Miami Fla. A Richard m. Nixon disclaims any Effort to make himself with jurisdiction Over foreign policy in Advance of his inauguration but he still maintains that to be valid any Long term commitments abroad need his approval. That. In essence is the position the president elect took and made Public through a top aide after president Johnson made Clear his determination to remain firmly in command until Jan. 20. Bryce n. Harlow an assistant to the president elect telephoned Johnson thursday night got a Call Hack from the president Friday. And sources said Harlow had assured Johnson that Nixon was a not attempting to presume upon the constitutional authority of the As for Johnson a Nixon associate said a the president tried to make it Clear that constitutionally there is one president of the United states there Are no co presidents with which or. Nixon is in perfect this statement came after hours of apparent discord Between Johnson and his Republican successor Over Nixon a immediate role in foreign affairs. Nixon said thursday that he and Johnson had worked out an arrangement for prior consultation on foreign policy matters. He said this was done in connection with his monday pledge that foreign policy decisions of the present administration would be honoured by the next. A in order to make this a viable arrangement it is of course necessary that there be a prior consultation on such policy decisions a Nixon that he agree to the course of Nixon acknowledged that the arrangement was not precise As to what would happen if he did not agree. Then Johnson spoke at a White House news conference Friday a the decisions that will be made Between now and Jan. 20 will he made by this president and by this Secretary of state and by this Secretary of 1 he spoke slowly emphatically and swung his hand to underscore the Point. However Nixon sources said Harlow concluded his Telephone conversations with the White House convinced that there is no misunderstanding or disagreement Between the president and his successor. These sources did acknowledge that Johnson had expressed concern at the implications of Nixon a statement i which included a comment that a it would be essential that there i be prior consultation and prior agreement on decisions in the foreign policy Field i a the was a Little concerned that the impression might have been left that or. Nixon was trying to be a co president of the United states for the next 60 Days a said a source familiar with the conversation. Associates said Harlow fold Johnson this was not Nixon a intent. They also said Harlow described the president elects position As one which put foreign affairs decisions in three distinct categories a Vietnam. A on that or. Nixon and or. Johnson Are in quite total Accord there is a common policy there is no disagreement we done to expect any a sources said. A foreign policy actions which will be initiated and completed during the remaining tenure of the current administration. There is no requirement for consultations on such items Harlow was said to have held. A decisions by the current administration which would commit the next administration to some course of action. It was in this Field Harlow was said to have held that Nixon saw consultation and concurrence As vital. A top Nixon aide put it this Way a a there a no compulsion obviously even in this area on the president but if Johnson wants to say validly the United states will do so and so if he wants to say that validly obviously he will consult with or. Nixon. Vietnam Roundup Saigon apr authority dated a Mutual agreement to Tive sources said today presi keep the Buffer zone Between Dent Nguyen Van Thieu May be North and South Vietnam free bending his conditions for Send of military activity. My a delegation to the Paris a spokesman said the planes peace talks which he has boy Anuj artillery smashed 23 North coated for two weeks. The sources said he is ready said it0 Send a negotiating team thursday a and that the president elect not Only be informed but that he be consulted and Bishops reach birth control Compromise a the Washington a nations roman Catholic Bishops have offered a measure of Freedom to married couples to use artificial birth control but Little immediate help to dissident priests who clamoured for them to take a stand. In a 16,000-word Compromise pastoral letter the Council of Catholic Bishops firmly defended Friday Pope Paul via a continuing ban on All artificial contraception. But in the Climax of a week of fierce debate they said Cou i pies who break the ban will not be turned away from the Church and communion. The Bishops suggested a circumstances May reduce moral guilt a although they did not go As far As listing any circumstances. I the pastoral letter viewed As a Compromise in the fierce Church fight Over birth control was passed by an overwhelming 180-8 vote at the Windup of a week Long conference. The Bishops statement stirred one new dispute immediately Over the Vietnam War and the draft and failed to silence another Over priests punished for Public dissent. The Catholic Hierarchy openly questioned the Worth of the War and asked a has the conflict in Vietnam provoked inhuman dimensions of suffering a the Bishops urged an end to the military draft in peacetime. And called for selective conscientious objection to military service for those who May feel Only a specific War is unjust. Gen. Lewis b. Hershey 75-year-old director of the draft said the Church was encroaching on politics not voicing a religious objection soviets urge red Summit meeting Vienna apr the soviet Unity was postponed following Union is expected to push its Low level consultations by a pre controversial plans for an Early Paratory committee in the Hun-1 communist world conference Garian capital sept. 27-oct. I. When representatives of about disagreement Over the Warsaw 60 parties Convene in Budapest pact invasion of Czechoslovakia monday. Was said to be the major Obsta the proposed world gather Cie. National i a originally scheduled for soviet party chief Leonid nov. 25 in Moscow to Cement Brezhnev faced with Strong opposition to the conference idea1 from Western parties headed by the italian communists used j the polish party Congress earlier this week As a sounding Board to reiterate the proposal. Brezhnev admitted there were differences but stressed that Moscow would seek to Complete preparations for a Summit. The italians who have been very outspoken in their criticism of the invasion Are on record As saying that a Summit is out of the question As Long As Czechoslovakia remains occupied. The big French party preciously critical has altered its i stand voiced a a agreement with i Moscow on How socialism j should be the Budapest meeting third on the inside. School news and views business notes crop canvass begins sunday in county if Washington assures it a leading role in the talks. They said he would still refuse to recognize the Viet congas National liberation front but would allow his delegation to address its remarks broadly a to the communist officially Thieu is still on record As saying he will not Send a delegation to the talks if the Elf sits As a separate negotiating entity. Sources close to vice president Nguyen Cao by reported the vice president was approached by Thieu to head South Vietnam a delegation in Paris. They said by was considering the offer. There was nothing to indicate that Thieu had changed his i stand however in an official statement released by his press aide it. Col. Tran Van Lam. Lam quoted Thieu As saying the . And South vietnamese governments Are a working to resolve our differences and eve vietnamese bunkers and triggered 32 secondary explosions and a half dozen fires indicating hits on ammunition or fuel stores. Nine enemy soldiers were reported killed. Headquarters said at least 34 enemy soldiers were killed in two fights along the lower half of the cambodian Border where the communists reportedly have massed 15,000 to 20,000 troops. Members of the . 1st air cavalry division fought off an attack by North vietnamese troops 75 Miles Northwest of Saigon a spokesman reported. Tho americans pursued the enemy after the Brief attack and initial reports said at least 24 North vietnamese soldiers were killed. No . Troops were reported killed in the action. Headquarters said to More enemy soldiers were killed about nine Miles away when air cavalry helicopter gunships fired on a moving patrol. Earlier this week . Planes sept into the Southern half of the Doz to strike at enemy Grything must be settled with bunkers and artillery units and a Boone county crop Christian Rural overseas program canvass will begin this sunday in a series of formal multiparty nov. 17. Consultations is expected to i leaders of the various town j ther agree on a Summit Date or the Man who made the repairs to the antique air plane owned by or. And mrs. Dan Drew was Leland Mcglothlen of Boone. Operator of macs aircraft repair Here Mcglothlen said his shop is one of the few in the United states operating at a Small municipal Airport that is equipped for plane repairs. He said that he especially enjoyed repairing this plane brakes and Generator service because it is like the plane he Learned to Fly Back in 1946. The books Mcglothlen is holding Are log books for the Drew a Piper cub Cruiser. The first log Book dates Back to its test hop in 1940. Ships have enlisted workers who will meet at the first presbyterian Church Chapel at 2 . Sunday. The Rev. John Thomas director of Iowa crop will be present and show films of distribution of foods and medicines to the need presently being met in Biafra. After a service of dedication workers will begin the canvass in Boone county and continue it into the thanksgiving week. Crop has been in operation in Iowa for 21 years and has pro postpone it again. No extradition Colonia. . Apr gov. Richard j. Hughes has refused to extradite Clarence Clark 58, who escaped 25 years ago from a prison in Alabama. The governor said Friday that world monetary crisis flares London apr anxiety i switching to Gold commodities Tive London financial times re about the French franc rubbed and the German Mark current off on the . Dollar and the by rated the safest of All paper British Pound today As the Money. I worlds top Bankers assembled financial commentators Here in Basel Switzerland to discuss said the Market activity was the Clark had become a Model Citi i a growing monetary crisis. Most fevered since the Pound zen since the escape from Kilby speculators rushed to get rid Sterling was devalued exactly a of francs dollars and pounds year ago despite official Assur i ances that the franc will not be ported the French Money Market was showing signs of panic with private Banks cleared out of Marks and Swiss francs. Composure and patience and in an open minded understanding american spokesmen in Sai gon also Down played the reports of a breakthrough saying there was no reason for More than cautious optimism. Meanwhile other sources said optimists within the Saigon government Are speaking of nov. 22. As the Date for a Cabinet reshuffle which would Clear the Way for the dispatch of a delegation to Paris the following week. On the military front the . Command today announced three new sightings of North vietnamese troops and convoys inside the demilitarized zone and said american planes and artillery attacked the enemy positions. Headquarters said the incidents brought to 16 the number of times this week Hanoi has divided millions of dollars in gifts a they want it so the i Dividu j 0f Foo medicines tools seed a1 can pick his War and that a a Breeding Stock and other gifts political question Quot Hershey to help people in under develop said. De areas to produce their own forty Washington priests penalized by Patrick Cardinal of Boyle for supporting a Choice of conscience on birth control hailed the Bishops statement As a Victory. Food. Crop has also helped War refugees and disaster victims. Contributions in Boone county will be made in the form of brain or Cash gifts according to there was no comment from a he Rev. Lon a Parman crop the Washington chancery. I Campaign director. Prison in Montgomery where he was serving a 20-year sentence in the killing of another prisoner. A thank god a Clark said when he heard the governors decision. A i was waiting for this Day for a Long time. But when it came it was a Shock. I still can to believe Clark who said the slaying was self defense turned himself in two months ago saying he wanted to Clear his conscience j he is married the father of four children and is employed at a j plastics firm. A a a a a a a traffic toll a state of Iowa total. 1967836 this Date 1968 755 this Date 1967 733 Boone county a total 19677 this Date 1967 0 a this Date 1968 to a City of Boone 4 this Date 1968 0 this Date 1967 0 total 19670 a a a a a a a a a the meeting in Basel was to there have been persistent rumours that the West German Mark will be revalued upward one Factor acting against the franc was fear that France May bring Back Exchange control causing the Rush to switch to other freely convertible currencies or commodities. The French finance ministry denied it was even considering Exchange control. Another Factor was the Rise in the French Cost of living now goal $46,252 from its present level of about a or a year this inevitably made the franc s purchasing Power suspect. In Paris financial sources said the French would ask for $30,000 $10,000 25 american cents and France is expected to seek massive International support for the franc. Swiss Bankers reported they were inundated with orders for i German Marks. The authority -$44,408 american artillery and naval guns fired into the zone on North vietnamese troops sighted in the area. The United states has said the air and artillery strikes were a responding to a violation of a Mutual agreement to keep the demilitarized zone North Vietnam said the american charges of Doz violations were a a smokescreen intended to camouflage the intensification of the american aggressive War in South Vietnam and illegal american reconnaissance flights Over North the . Mission in Saigon said Friday that captured documents revealed All Viet Cong agencies have been ordered to gather evidence of . A War Crims for use by a propaganda outlet in Paris. The Mission said the document dated May 18, ordered one unit to a furnish a wounded child with a hideous appearance who survived the . Crimes perpetrated Dunn the first Days of Spring vietnamese new year 1968 As a witness and Send him to Paris after indoctrinating �?$20,000 additional credits amounting to at least $1.3 billion at the Basel i meeting. J a Boone United fund drive 4 i weather record a yesterday s figure up to a 8 a. In. Today a High-43 low�?33 a temp at 7 a in. A 33 a prec. A a River level a 1.42�?� a a a a a a a

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