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Boone News Republican Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Boone News Republican (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Boone, Iowa Weather partly Cloudy thru tues. Lows Mon. Nite in Low 40s. Cooler tues., highs Low 60s. The Boone news Republican dial be 2-1234 a before 6 30 p. In. I you have not received your paper. Saturday �?3 p. Us vol. Xxv no. 119. Vol. Lvii no. 196.Boone, Iowa monday evening May 20, 1963. Evening except sunday seven cent common Market agrees to demand historic session of legislature closes gave liquor failed taxes statement pledged full debate of i and Swine brucellosis in Iowa. Des Moines a the 1963 legislature goes Down in history As the session that legalized liquor by the drink in Iowa for the first time in 47 years but failed to find a formula for local property tax Relief. Final defeat of the property tax Relief Bill on the last Day of the session left the state sales tax rate at 2 per cent for the next two years and May have set up the major Issue for the 1964 general election. The legislature compiled an enviable record of achievement on major highly controversial issues republicans and democrats alike hailed the session As one of the most constructive in Iowa history. It also was the longest regular session Ever held in Iowa a 125 Days from the Start Jan. 14 to final adjournment shortly before 6 pm saturday. The state budget for the biennial starting next july i figures out to $206.3 million a year More than $12 million above the current spending level but Well below the $230 million budget recommended by gov. Harold Hughes. The budget is closer to the a Bare Bones budget proposed by rep. William Scherk a Hender son and sen. Mem Lisle a Clar mad in fighting any sales tax increase than to the substantially higher figure of near $245 million that would have resulted had the property tax Relief Bill passed. The Only tax increase voted was a Penny a pack increase in the cigarette Levy designed to bring in $3 million a year toward an $8 million annual appropriation for capital improvements at state Board of regents institutions. House minority Leader Ray Eveland a Kellcy looking ahead to the 1964 elections said he believes failure of the Republican dominated legislature to pass the property flax Relief Bill May have drawn the major Issue for the Campaign. He said he Hopes it will a make the democratic party the majority party in gov. Hughes. Eveland House majority Leader John Mowry a Marshalltown Senate majority Leader Robert rigor a new Hampton and Senate minority Leader Andrew from melt a Dubuque All agreed the session passed much Good legislation. A this was a hard working session that accomplished Many Good commented Hughes. But he criticized Senate failure to debate a House passed Bill to abolish capital punishment and the legislature s failure to enact a Law to equalize Assed valuations Over equalize assessed valuations Over the state. A this was the hardest working session i have participated in a said Mowry. A Long sought changes came mainly because they have been studied and understood after several years. It Wasny to because of the sen. Rigler said a a Forward looking attitude by the Republican majority was largely responsible for the sessions accomplishments. A the legislature started Early worked Long hours and kept its Calendar clean by making efficient use of the committee system a he added. Sen. Frommelt noted what he called a a marked change of attitude toward tackling major problems in the 1963 session As opposed to previous assemblies. He attributed this to an influx of younger legislators plus a the fact that the governor took Strong positions on except for the tax Bill All the 13 Points of a Republican policy statement drafted before the session opened by the legislature s Republican majority were enacted into Law. They included completion of legislative action on the Shaff plan of legislative reapportionment. A special election was set for dec. 3 for the voters to approve or disapprove the plan. Liquor legislation. The policy the liquor Issue on the floor of both houses. Appropriation of $1.68 million a year for medical Aid to the aged under the Federal Kerr Mills program with a provision that up to $320,000 a year May be added if needed from state contingency funds. Budget control of state Highway commission expenditures. The legislature appropriated $40,-062,510 a year from the primary Highway fund for the commission. It knocked out a provision aimed at preventing an interim appointment by Hughes of Don Barry Danbury Auto dealer As a member of the commission. Legislation to eradicate Bovine Home Rule for cities and towns and authority for local governments to invest at interest operating funds not immediately needed. Legislation to increase benefits under the workmen a compensation act unemployment compensation act and the Iowa Public employees retirement system. Enactment of a Law giving the Iowa Commerce commission authority to regulate rates and services of Public utilities. New system of selection and tenure of District court and supreme court judges approved by the voters last june As an amendment to the state Constitution. Officers Tell of Woodward slaying testimony was taken from two witnesses this monday morning during the retrial of Michael Faught 19, who is charged with the july 9, 1961 knife slaying of mrs. Jessie Zenor at the Woodward state Hospital school. The witnesses were Boone county medical examiner Louis Greco and Boone county sheriff Rollie Evers. Only four spectators were in the courtroom besides the jury judge de Kelley the lawyers the defendant and other court officials. County attorney Stan Simpson questioned or. Greco who described the scene in the basement of the Hemlock building where the body was found. Or. Greco told the court he found her body on one Side in a Comer of the vegetable room with a knife sticking through the Chest. Or. Greco said there was about two quarts of blood on. The floor and estimated that api my Faught told him he was eating breakfast and went Down to the vegetable room because he knew mrs. Zenor would be there Evers continued. He grabbed her and took the knife off the table and stabbed her Evers said Faught admitted. Special prosecutor Ted Doran asked Evers if he obtained the information voluntarily without promises and requests. Evers said yes. Evers told the court Faught agreed to making a statement before others knowing it could be used against him in a court of Law. Evers said the statement was taken in Lucille bristles office in the administration building with agent stump or. Cromwell. Or. Wildberger. Lucille bristle and himself present. Evers said he again advised Faught the statement could be used mrs. Zenoris body would contain about six quarts before the stabbing. In response to one of Simpsons questions or. Greco said he removed the knife by grasping the handle. During Cross examination by defense counsel Robert Mahoney Greco said he held the knife at the base of the handle when pulling it from the body. The medical examiner in direct examination said there was nothing on the knife handle but it had a Dull dirty used appearance. Greco said mrs. Zenor had bled to death As result of the knife wound. Mahoney asked Greco if he had considered the possibility of an Accident regarding the death. A i thought of accidental death As a Remote possibility but it would be unusual for someone to carry a knife in that position fall on it and drive it straight in a Greco replied. While sheriff Evers was on the witness stand he told of going to the Hemlock building viewing the body talking to officers talking to witnesses and interviewing Michael Faught Evers said he interviewed Faught in an attendants room along with special agent Warren stump and Huston Lee Evers said Faught told him about having trouble with mrs. Zenor because she complained about his work and that he had a thought about doing it a weather record a yesterdays figure up a to 8 a. In. Today. A High-70 a low�?48 a Low last night�?33 a temp at 6 a m �?36 River reading�?1.70 a precipitation Trace Security of nato meet increased Ottawa a terrorist threats to bomb Ottawa hotels brought increased Security precautions today As top ranking diplomats continued arriving in the Canadian capital for the minister Ial meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organization. Among those due in today were . Secretary of state Dean Rusk British foreign Secretary lord Home and French foreign minister Maurice Couve de Mur Ville. The meeting begins wednesday. A number of hotels received in legislation implementing the on yams letters during the weekend saying hotels housing nato delegates would be blown up. It was assumed the threats came from the Fly Quebec liberation front the underground group that wants to separate French speaking Quebec province from Canada. The Fly has claimed credit for a number of bombings in the past few months in Montreal. So far its violence has been confined to Quebec province. Ottawa is in Ontario and most of the provinces people Are of British descent. Rusk and Many of the nato ministers will be housed at their embassies. West German foreign minister Gerhard Schroeder arranged a meeting with Canadian foreign Secretary Paul Martin for this morning. The German made Clear that he will Back the proposal to set up a new nato command Structure to handle National nuclear units in the Alliance and to coordinate their operations. A Germany supports the regrouping of a part of the Alliance s nuclear capability under he said. A we believe that such cooperation will mean Progress in handling the difficult task of nuclear Rusk is to see Martin tuesday. He also will Confer with other delegates in Advance of the nato meeting. Diplomatic sources said there is Little doubt that the 15 nato countries will approve the new nuclear command. Court refuses to Speed Appeal Date the statement admitting the stabbing was Given orally to Lucille bristle who typed it Evers continued. Evers said the statement was signed voluntarily by Faught it was read to him and Faught had indicated he had read it. A piece of paper containing the alleged confession was produced by the state and shown to the jury along with some pictures defense counsel submitted. It took the jury about 20 minutes to examine the evidence and when this was finished judge Kelley called the morning recess at la of clock. A a a a a a a 4 traffic toll a a state of Iowa a a total. 1962636 a a this Date 196.3 a 198 a a this Date. 1962 160 a a Boone county a a total. 19627 a a this Date 1962 3 a a this Date 1963 i a a City of Boone a a total 19620 a a this Date 1962. 0 a a this Date. 1963. 0 a a a a a a a a Calvin views being disputed Des Moines a presbyterians. Spiritual descendants of John Calvin generally done to go along with the Way he mixed religion with government. Their View is that each should keep official hands off the other. This position contrasting greatly with the 16th Century reformers meshing of religious and political authority in Genc a was highlighted today in a report before the United presbyterian general Assembly. In probably the most Clear Cut and detailed delineation Ever projected by a Church on the american scene the proposed report Marks off some Sharp lines Between Church and state. The report up for action by representatives of the 3vi-million-member denomination deals with Many of the hotly debated Church state issues smouldering in the nation. Among other things the report i. Opposes religious observances in the Public schools including Bible readings and prayers which Are described As tending a toward indoctrination of meaningless 2. Disapproves religious displays on Public property. 3. Declares that a political candidates religious affiliation in itself. Should not be a Factor in evaluating his fitness for office. 4. Says the churches should not seek restrictive sunday Laws in order to a facilitate Christian Observance of the lords 5. Criticizes tax exemptions for churches As putting them in a potentially compromising position and says the Church should begin a extricating itself from the position of. Seeming to be obligated to the state by virtue of special tax privileges extended to 6. Opposes direct Aid to parochial schools but favors tax supported a welfare services to All whatever their schools and rugs efforts to find a creative solutions a to present parochial school problems. 7. Calls government efforts to a censor religiously offensive material a danger not Only to a True religion but to the survival of a free society other rulings handed Down Washington it the supreme court refused today to Speed up its hearing of an Appeal in which gov. Ross r. Barnett of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the criminal contempt Case pending against him. The High tribunal announced its refusal in routine fashion in a Long list of orders. The order in the Barnett Case gave no explanation. The High tribunal on april 29, 1963 agreed to hear arguments on the jury trial question but said the arguments would be heard in the courts new term next fall. It said the Case probably would be called some time during a two week session beginning october 14. Barnett then petitioned the court for a special Early Argil ment session and prompt decision. The governor and it. Gov. Paul b. Johnson of Mississippi were cited for criminal contempt by the . Circuit court in new Orleans. The officials were accused of refusing to obey circuit court orders not to interfere with admission of James h. Meredith a negro to the University of Mississippi last fall. The supreme court also overturned today the convictions of sit in demonstrators in five major cases. The cases were from Dur Ham. . New Orleans Greenville. S.c., and two cases from Birmingham Ala. The courts action was disclosed with the release of an opinion by Justice Harlan in which he concurred in part am dissented in part with the a Jonty a action. It was not known immediately who delivered the majority opinion. The court also upheld a fed eral Power commission plan to use a new area Price method for determining allowable producer prices for natural Gas. Under the plan pc would set a guide Price for All Gas produced in a particular Field. Adjustments would be made if evidence showed the Price was unfair to Consumers or to producers. Justice Haran delivered the 5-4 decision. Justice Clark dissented with an opinion in which chief Justice Warren and justices Black and Brennan joined. Under the old method. Pc studied each application to see if the Price proposed would give the individual producer a fair rate of return on his investment. This unit by unit method resulted in a big backlog of undecided rate cases. Commission adoption of the new area Price method was announced in a Case affecting Phillips Petroleum co., of Bartlesville oka., major seller of natural Gas. And the supreme court ruled that the securities Exchange act does not give the new York Stock Exchange immunity from antitrust Laws. Justice Goldberg delivering the courts majority opinion said a the antitrust Laws Are peculiarly appropriate As a Check upon anti competitive acts of exchanges which conflict with their duty to keep their operations and those of their members honest and Back to Normal a. Gordon Cooper America s newest spaceman gets Back to regular meals and takes a rest before his meeting with the president. He s shown aboard the Kearsarge. Nea radio telephoto. Cooper relaxing before More Praise Cape canaveral. Fla. A f with two Days of examinations questions and confetti behind him astronaut Gordon Cooper planned to do absolutely nothing today except relax. That something that comes easy to a Man who can doze off while perched atop a rocket set to blast him into space. Asked at a news conference sunday if he thought his flight concluded project Mercury Cooper replied that it was his personal opinion that great gain would come from an extended Mercury flight. Then he tossed the question to or. Robert c. Seaman associate administrator of the National aeronautics and space administration. A we Are faced with a decision in the next week or so on another Mercury Seamans said but said it is quite unlikely another Mercury manned Mission will be conducted. A the longer you keep Mercury personnel working on Mercury flights the longer you delay putting them on the gemini he said. The Parade ended at a Beach front Motel where the girls sat demurely and listened to their father describe his 22-orbit space flight for the Benefit of the 700 newsmen who had watched him blast off four Days earlier. In his drawl Cooper told orbit by orbit How he performed his various experiments made photographs of celestial Phenomena and also much As any other sightseer presented with a spectacular View took snapshots of the magnificent Himalayas. He told How he was Able to see minute detail on the ground More than too Miles below a boat and its Wake in a River trucks on a Highway smoke Curling from the chimneys of tibetan villages. Pickets halt Quinn Plant bulletin Birmingham Ala. Ltd it the Board of education ordered today the expulsion or suspension of 1,08 negro pupils arrested in anti segregation demonstrations. A negro Leader immediately threatened a mass school Boycott. Members of the International brotherhood of boilermakers Union at the Quinn wire and Iron works in Boone went on strike in Boone Over the weekend and tuesday the laconic oklahoman j established picket lines at the with the Huck finn Grin will re-1 Plant. Chive the National aeronaut us and As the result of the picket space administration s dist lines More than too members Guise cd service medal from presi of the production Force at the Dent Kennedy at a ceremony in Boone Plant were Idle this the White House Rose Garden. J monday. Then he will address a joint ses a negotiation session be Sion of Congress and the follow tween the Union and manage ing Day will go to new York for ment representatives was a ticker tape Parade. Scheduled for this monday of today Cooper plans Only to rest i a from the one predictable after et-1 feet of his 34-hour cosmic Advent in return ask formula for adjusting Gap Geneva apr the european common Market countries agreed today to american demands for across the Board Tariff cuts. Thia apparent reversal of position waa aimed at ending the deadlock be tween the worlds two greatest trading blocs. But at the same time the six european countries demanded that in return the United states agree to an automatic formula for adjusting gaps Between High american tariffs and lower european ones. West German economics minister Ludwig Erhard claimed credit for the new proposal which he said he thought would end the deadlock with the United states. French finance minister Valery Giscard d Estwing said Quot it s for the americans to the full session of the 73iation general agreement on tariffs and trades conference marked time while the common marketers and the americans cockeyed for position. Chairman Hans Schaffner of Switzerland called off an afternoon meeting but agreed to preside at a special evening session of the disputing sides. Crux of the situation is that ministers of the common Market countries a France West Germany Italy the Netherlands Belgium and Luxembourg a insist on reductions in individual . Tariffs they considered too High As Well As agreed general cuts. The . Delegation has insisted on equal percentage cuts from both sides with a goal of slashes As High As 50 per cent. It want to open formal bargaining sessions May 6. 1964. A common Market official said no Date could be fixed for bargaining talks until the United states and the Trade bloc agree on an approach. He said tha common Market would agree of a Date if the United states consents to handle the High Tariff problem on the same level As its proposals for across the Board cuts. Maurice Brasseau belgian min site ister of foreign Trade conveyed the Market groups decision to Christian a. Herter. President Kennedy a chief negotiator at the Gatt talks. The talks wind up tuesday. The us. Proposal Calls for a substantial equal linear Tariff reductions. With limited exceptions a in Short the United states wants nearly All tariffs slashed by the same percentage. At France s insistence the common Market countries contended that High . Tariffs should be slashed by greater amounts than Low european tariffs. American negotiators rejected this As a violation of the . Trade expansion act of 1962, which gave the president Tho broadest Powers in history to Cut american tariffs. Tune an Onrush of adulation from an admiring populace. His latest taste of it was a Homey and Heartfelt Welcome by the people of Cocoa Beach who turned out sunday along a simile stretch of Sun drenched Highway and waved flags and Bunting and Beach towels and hollered a Well done. it was one of the largest crowds Ever assembled in this Neon Hight eds and spit which the astronauts Call their Home away from Home. The astronaut accepted the plaudits from an open car waving and gunning his now famous Grin. Beside him was his wife Trudy. Two cars behind were their daughters Camala 14, and fice of Lewis c. Towers mediator for the . Conciliation service in Des Moines. Negotiations on a new contract which expired dec. 31, 1962, have been going on since roses trophy presentation Here tonight a Public program without charge will see a presentation of a trophy to the Boone High school Toreador band for its participation in the tournament of roses Parade in Pasadena will be presented this monday evening at the High school auditorium starting at 7 30 p m. The actual presentation will be made at 8 o clock by the Middle of last october. Hilles m. Bedell president of the employees have been the Pasadena tournament of working without a contract roses association to Gordon since the first of the year. Mclean director of the band. The picket lines first were established about noon saturday but were out in greater Force this monday morning. Office and supervisory personnel were allowed to pass through the picket lines. A Union spokesman told the news Republican that the Union filed unfair labor practices against the company. He said a j. Eberhart International vice president of the Jam a 13. Smiling in teen aged Union is handling the Neotia embarrassment. J Lions for the company. Or. Bedell and his wife Are on a nation wide tour visiting cities whose representatives appeared in the january i Parade. He will also show a 30-minute color motion picture of the Parade. The program Wil be preceded by a 30 minute concert by the municipal band under the Baton of or. Mclean. Or. Bedell appeared before both the Junior and senior High school in special assemblies this monday afternoon

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